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The D&D Daily's Exclusive & Industry's Only
Q4 & 2022 Retail Violent Fatalities Report

2022 The Most Violent Year in America's Retail Stores Ever With 694 Fatalities

694 Fatalities Up 17% - 614 Incidents Up 17%
381 Customer Fatalities up 20%, 170 Associate Fatalities Up 10%
31 Police / Security / Loss Prevention Up 72%


Yearly Comparison
2016 - 2017 - 2018 - 2019 - 2020 - 2021 - 2022

Fatalities up 86% from 2016 & 17% from 2021 
Incidents up 73% from 2016 & 16% from 2021 



Executive Summary

As violence has surged across America and across the globe, retailers from the UK, Canada and U.S. have reported a significant increase in aggressive behavior, employee abuse and assaults, shoplifter aggressiveness, workplace violence, active shooters, and even mass shootings.

From 2016 to 2019 we've seen a steady rise of violence in and around America's retail stores that resulted in fatalities. With the 2020 onset of the pandemic, the fatality numbers rapidly rose over 35% with 318 more fatalities than in 2019 and almost double from 2016, recording an 86% increase.

With 2022 proving to be the most violent year ever in America's retail stores with 694 violent fatalities, up 17% from 2021, 29% from 2020, and 35% from 2019. Certainly showing the impact of a number of variables.

Richard Berk, University of Pennsylvania, Department of Criminology, recently wrote:

The pandemic and the public health measures that followed no doubt disrupted day-to-day life and increased substantially life’s burdens, especially in disadvantaged neighborhoods. There is good reason to think that existing resentment increased, and new resentments were created. Surges in violent crime might follow. But the timing does not work unless one focuses only violent crime increases from the middle of 2020 perhaps through 2022.

Taking the raw numbers at face value, recent increases in homicides and violent crime have been attributed to three factors: (1) COVID-19 public health measures such as travel restrictions, school closures, lockdowns, and curfews, (2) COVID-19 sickness and death itself, and (3) less aggressive police practices in response on Black Lives Matter and other organized criticisms of police use of force. Upenn.edu

While fatalities and incidents remained relatively consistent throughout all four quarters of 2022 the number of customer fatalities, 381, continues to rise significantly, up 67% since 2019. Along with the number of associates, 170, rising 51% since 2019.

Parking lots continue to be the major area at 53% and increasing by 100 fatalities, and with in-store fatalities decreasing in percentage to 43%, but remaining at the same number of fatalities at 296, as in 2021. When it was the top location for fatalities.

One consistent remains that men with guns cause 83% to 94% of all fatalities in retail. With convenience stores 32%, restaurants 19%, gas stations 8%, Grocery 6%, and Malls 5% comprising 70% of all fatalities.

Monday, Sunday, and Thursday being the top three days of the week. With Friday's continuing to have the lowest fatalities throughout the seven years of reporting.

As usual, Texas, California, Georgia, and Florida being the top states six years running. And Houston being the deadliest city for six of the seven years of reporting. With Philadelphia holding that top rank only once in 2020.

Bottom line is that, the nation's violence has indeed spilled into America's stores. And while the industry continues to focus on shrinkage, organized retail theft, and cybersecurity, this writer would suggest more be done and budgeted to safeguard our customers and associates.

Certainly, the recent and somewhat surprising and rare reports of stores closings due to crime are regretful and not without negative reviews, the harsh reality is it may be serving the communities better and saving lives. The question is, what more can be done and are the nation's retailers willing to address the problem and find solutions. With 694 deaths in 2022 and over 3,606 in the last seven years, those victims deserve an answer. What are we doing, as an industry, to make our stores safer? by Gus Downing





National Retail Federation

Send love to lawmakers fighting retail crime

New legislation to fight retail crime

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to say thank you to lawmakers working together with the retail industry to fight rising retail crime.

The Combating Organized Retail Crime Act has been introduced Congress by a group of six bipartisan lawmakers. This bill is critical to addressing rising retail crime and targets crime gangs hurting retailers and threatening public safety.

Take a moment to sign the thank you card to the six bipartisan lawmakers leading the way in the fight to curb organized retail crime.

Prosegur Security’s Loss Prevention Sustainability Program Reduces Retail Waste by 230 Tons in Two Years

DEERFIELD BEACH, Fla. (February 14, 2023) – Prosegur Security, a global leader in security technology, has reported successfully preventing 230 tons of loss prevention equipment from ending up in landfills through its refurbishment program of EAS equipment. At the same time, the company has helped retailers save between 48% and 74% on their procurement of EAS equipment through the fast-growing program which doubled in volume in the last year.  See full press release in today's Vendor Spotlight.

The U.S. Crime Surge
The Retail Impact


With Crime Rising Even More NYC's Progressive Caucus is "Falling Apart"

Even (some) NYC Council progressives get the madness of ‘Defund the police’

The City Council’s progressive circus — er, caucus — has fallen apart. Last week, nearly half the members who had proudly called themselves progressives deserted. They now see the progs’ “Defund the police” stance as a political albatross, and they’re right.

Until last week’s exodus, the progressive caucus held two-thirds of the City Council — 34 out of 51 members. Almost everybody wanted to be progressive, or pretend to be, because they feared the left. Close Rikers, stop prosecuting drug sales and shoplifting, forbid landlords from considering whether a potential tenant has a recent violent criminal record — all good. 

But the caucus went a step too far. Chairs Shahana Hanif and Lincoln Restler of Brooklyn wanted members to sign a new loyalty pledge, including this statement: “We will do everything we can to reduce the size and scope of the NYPD and the Department of Correction.” 

What does this even mean? Taken literally, it would involve the council just zeroing out the police and corrections budgets — immediately.  Something more than a dozen moderates and liberals couldn’t abide.

Suddenly, the people who make up a big chunk of voters in these districts have stopped being virtuously liberal. They’ve started saying to themselves: You know what, I’m not a bad person for wanting to stop mass shoplifting so that we can keep at least one drugstore open around here. 

A Quinnipiac poll this month found that 53% of Manhattan voters consider crime to a “very serious” problem, up from 21% in 2017.  

Through Feb. 5, felony crime in core Manhattan is up 11.6% from last year and 27.5% over the pre-pandemic 2019 number. Citywide, New York has lost 15 years of progress, with felonies back to 2006 levels. Don’t even ask about misdemeanors.  nypost.com


NYC saw record levels of felony crimes last year, most in over 15 years

More than 170,000 felony crimes were reported in the Big Apple last year — the most since 2006, when the NYPD first started making such statistics publicly available.

The data, released last week, shows a record 172,852 felonies reported in 2022. That’s up 20.4% from 2021, when 143,522 complaints were recorded.

It was even higher than 2006, the earliest year publicly available, which had 171,318 felony complaints recorded, the data shows.

Major crime continued to spike into the new year, with a 4.1% increase in complaints of the seven major felonies in January compared to the same time last year, according to NYPD statistics released earlier this month.

Criminals appear to be “more emboldened than ever,” Jack said, adding, “I feel like the police don’t have enough support to do their job properly.”  nypost.com


MASS ATTACKS IN PUBLIC SPACES: 2016 - 2020, January 2023
138 People Killed & 299 Injured as of Feb 10

Study Identifies Common Behaviors of Concern Among Mass Attackers

Updated: There have been 63 mass shootings, 96 killed and 299 injured, and 6 mass murders, 42 killed, in the United States so far this year. These attacks left 138 people dead and 299 injured, according to data from the Gun Violence Archive through Feb. 10, 2023.

The gun archive defines a mass shooting as an incident in which four or more people were injured or killed. Mass murder as FOUR or more killed in a single event [incident], at the same general time and location not including the shooter.

Researchers and government officials are continuing to track these incidents and look for trends to help communities mitigate risks and respond to potential threats.

Finding Commonalities in Mass Attacks

While no two mass attacks are the same, half of these incidents in the United States from 2016 to 2020 were sparked by personal, domestic, or workplace disputes or grievances, according to a U.S. Secret Service National Threat Assessment Center report.

The report, Mass Attacks in Public Spaces: 2016-2020, analyzed 173 targeted attacks in public or semi-public locations, such as schools, houses of worship, and businesses, and the attack types included shootings, vehicle ramming attacks, and other methods of mass violence. These attacks resulted in physical harm to 1,747 people—including 513 who were killed.

Attackers’ grievances were most often related to a personal factor (27 percent), such as bullying, stress related to health or finances, ongoing feuds with neighbors, or feelings of victimization. In 17 percent of cases, grievances were related to current or former domestic relationships; in 10 percent of cases, grievances were workplace-related. Other motivations included ideological, bias-related, or political beliefs (18 percent); psychotic symptoms (14 percent), a desire to kill (7 percent), and fame or notoriety (6 percent).

The report found that the majority of attacks (69 percent) occurred in public locations that are freely accessible, 34 percent occurred in semi-public spaces such as workplaces or educational institutions. The most common locations for mass attacks were businesses (51 percent, or 88 attacks), followed by open spaces (35 percent) like outdoor events, streets, sidewalks, and parking lots. Thirteen attacks took place at educational institutions.

In 53 percent of the attacks, the attacker had no known affiliation with the location—some appeared to open fire randomly while others selected target locations for what they represented or offered. In the remaining cases, though, the attacker was affiliated with the site—13 percent were current or former employees, and 9 percent were customers or clients.

“In some cases, attackers were affiliated with a site indirectly through another person, for example, by selecting a family member’s restaurant or the workplace of a former romantic partner,” the report said.

Based on this study examining mass attacks in public spaces from 2016 to 2020, and building on NTAC’s extensive history of studying all forms of targeted violence, the following operational implications are presented in support of developing policies and protocols for behavioral threat assessment programs.   asisonline.com

Read the whole report here:  NATIONAL THREAT ASSESSMENT CENTER - U.S. Secret Service  - U.S. Department of Homeland Security  January 2023


Fraud Prevention Tops CFO Digital Innovation Wish List

Going back nearly three years to the pandemic’s March 2020 start, most businesses across sectors tell PYMNTS that they’ve since been prioritizing investments in digital fraud prevention and risk management solutions.

That’s according to data from PYMNTS’ February 2023 playbook, “Digital Payments Technology: Investing in Payments Systems for the Digital Economy,” which also found that working capital and credit solutions were the second most common organizational tech investment.

The pandemic's effect on digitization investments
Share of companies citing reasons for investing in technologies in select areas since March 2020.

Fraud prevention/risk management tops List in all sectors
All sectors - Fraud prevention/risk management tops list - 55.8%
Retail Trade - Fraud prevention/risk management tops list - 65.8%

Businesses have transitioned through several stages of technology spending over the past three years.

For much of the early pandemic, spending aimed to give companies a buffer in riding out the COVID-19 disruptions as well as insulate them from the next-generation digital threats brought by the lockdown-era’s hyper-rapid acceleration of online commerce.  pymnts.com


New Compliance Rule & Audit Point

Loopholes will close for executives selling company stock

For the last two decades, officers and directors at U.S. public companies seeking to trade illicitly on inside information had an almost infallible get-out-of-jail-free card.

All they had to do was use prearranged trading plans when they bought and sold their companies’ shares. The odds the government would target them for enforcement actions were slim. It was an unintended consequence of a regulation adopted in 2000 called Rule 10b5-1 that academic research shows was abused by some executives.

That regime is about to change. A new Securities and Exchange Commission rule promises to remove many of the loopholes that allowed corporate insiders to hide behind these trading plans. For most U.S.-listed companies, new disclosure requirements will kick in April 1.

Among the highlights: Officers and directors will have to wait at least 90 days after starting or modifying a 10b5-1 plan before they can trade under the arrangement. The forms used to report their trades will include mandatory checkbox disclosures showing whether they were using such a plan, as well as the plan’s adoption date. The companies, too, will have to disclose the substance of 10b5-1 plans in their quarterly and annual reports. 

Some insiders were selling shares less than a month after adopting their plans, sometimes even the same day, or adopting and initiating trading plans right before earnings announcements. wsj.com


Seems Timely Given the New Rules Targeting Insider Trading Mentioned Above

US Department of Labor announces publication of interim final rule for handling criminal antitrust anti-retaliation complaints

WASHINGTON - The U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration recently published an interim final rule establishing procedures and timeframes for handling employee retaliation complaints under the Criminal Antitrust Anti-Retaliation Act, enacted Dec. 23, 2020.

The departments of Labor and Justice will collaborate to enforce CAARA to ensure protection of whistleblowers from retaliation for reporting potential criminal antitrust violations or engaging in other protected activities.

For additional details about the statute along with instructions on how to file a complaint with OSHA under the CAARA, read the fact sheet on Whistleblower Protection for Reporting Criminal Antitrust Violations.

For more information on whistleblower protections, visit OSHA's Whistleblower Protection Programs webpage. govdelivery.com

OSHA Increases Maximum Penalties and Announces Significant New Enforcement Policies

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) increased the maximum penalty amount for serious and other-than-serious violations to $15,625 per violation effective January 15, 2023. Only eleven days later, OSHA announced two new initiatives that could greatly increase the scope and impact of the agency’s enforcement tools against employers. 

First, OSHA announced that Regional Administrators and Area Office Directors can consider citing certain types of violations as Instance-by-Instance (IBI) citations for cases where the agency identifies “high-gravity” serious violations of OSHA standards.

OSHA’s application of IBI to “high gravity” serious violations is a significant departure from current OSHA policy, which only considers applying IBI citations in “egregious willful” cases.

Second, OSHA will attempt to cite more violations separately rather than “grouping” them, which would result in higher penalty amounts and more total violations for employers.  jdsupra.com


Strong News for Retail

Mastercard: In-store spending tops online in January; total sales up 8.8%

U.S. retail sales (excluding automotive) rose 8.8% year-over-year in January, according to Mastercard SpendingPulse, which reports on national retail sales across all payment types.

In-store sales were up 8.9% year-over-year and e-commerce sales increased 8.4%.

Consumer spending remains resilient in the first few weeks of 2023,” said Steve Sadove, Mastercard senior advisor and Former CEO of Saks. “Mastercard SpendingPulse insights show that the overall retail story remains largely positive with January posting a solid month of growth across the country.”  chainstoreage.com

Office occupancy reaches 50% in most major cities for the 1st time since pandemic

Walmart Shuts Curbside-Only Pickup Locations Just as Grocers Ramp Them Up

Off-Price Retailer Tuesday Morning Files 2nd Bankruptcy in 2 Years

Canadian Retailer - Showcase Opens 31 Stores in 13 States



Senior LP & AP Jobs Market

Corporate Risk Manager
*This position can be based out of Seattle, WA, Tacoma, WA or Portland, OR*

Summary of Role and Responsibilities:
  • Proactive approach to preventing losses/injuries whether they are to our employees, third parties or customers valuables. They include cash in transit, auto losses or injuries.
  • Report all incidents, claims and losses which may expose the company to financial losses whether they are covered by insurance or not.
  • Ensures the execution of established risk or operational policies and procedures associated with risk mitigation.
  • Supports field operations with risk training and development of the leadership team.

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Prosegur Security’s Loss Prevention Sustainability Program Reduces Retail Waste by 230 Tons in Two Years

DEERFIELD BEACH, Fla. (February 14, 2023) – Prosegur Security, a global leader in security technology, has reported successfully preventing 230 tons of loss prevention equipment from ending up in landfills through its refurbishment program of EAS equipment. At the same time, the company has helped retailers save between 48% and 74% on their procurement of EAS equipment through the fast-growing program which doubled in volume in the last year.

“Reducing waste on the one hand and reducing costs on the other are twin objectives that loss prevention teams are increasingly being tasked with,” said Tony D’Onofrio, CEO of Prosegur’s global retail business unit. “Over the past two years Prosegur has increased its efforts to help retailers meet these objectives by refurbishing and putting back into use over 230 tons of electronic article surveillance equipment that was destined for landfills. In this way, we have helped our retail partners strengthen their sustainability programs while also helping them reduce costs on equipment they need for everyday operations.”

According to D’Onofrio, Prosegur now has the largest and most widely used loss prevention equipment buy-back and refurbishment program in the U.S. in which some of the nation’s largest retailers participate.

“In addition to helping the environment, through this program Prosegur has also created a catalog of the largest selection of EAS solutions from different manufacturers available anywhere, including harder to find legacy equipment,” said Gus Kratzer, vice president of Prosegur Certified Pre-Owned division. “All equipment our Certified Pre-Owned program receives is inspected, cleaned, tested and refurbished to be in nearly as-new condition, and then it is offered to our retail partners at savings of up to 74% compared to new all the while carrying full Prosegur warranty for an added peace of mind. For this year our goal is to have even more retailers work with Prosegur to repurpose even more equipment and reduce waste, but also to help them capture the savings.”

More information about Prosegur’s Certified Pre-Owned program can be obtained at the company’s website.







Research suggests that when companies have turnover at the top, they are more vulnerable to cyberattacks

A change in leadership in an organization is often a time of uncertainty, confusion and insecurity.

It’s also the perfect time for cybercriminals to strike.

My colleagues and I have been investigating the cyber vulnerability of companies for many years, and our interviews with C-suite executives reveal that the chances of someone falling victim to a phishing email are higher during times of leadership change. And hackers know this: Criminals often time their attacks to take advantage of such changes, typically targeting the most susceptible.

In our research, we found at least one case where criminals even started attending local chapter meetings of industry associations under false names and fake identities. After gaining knowledge of leadership movements, the perpetrators had enough information about the targeted company, the organizational structure, and the departure and arrival of leaders to successfully target those most affected by the change.

But the truth is that such elaborate sleuthing is rarely necessary. Companies announce leadership changes, often with great fanfare, so cybercriminals need not work very hard to know when companies are most vulnerable. Perpetrators then use such a situation to their advantage. 

Why does a change in leadership make a company more vulnerable? Chalk it up to three main reasons: increased uncertainty, unsettled workplace practices and a desire to please the new boss (and sometimes the old one).  wsj.com


Economic volatility to exacerbate cyber risk in 2023

  • A broad expectation for economic headwinds and continued market volatility exacerbates risks across the cybersecurity sector, the Bipartisan Policy Center said in a report released Sunday.
  • Difficult decisions about personnel and budgets can create or increase cybersecurity risks by reducing spending or deferring costly but important updates to operating environments and corresponding controls, the Washington-based think tank said in the report.
  • Lagging corporate governance, vulnerable infrastructure and a lack of investment and preparedness are among the top macro risks most likely to impact organizations this year.  cybersecuritydive.com


How Companies Can Minimize the Cybersecurity Risk From Their Tech Vendors

Hackers can access a company’s data by exploiting loopholes in a vendor’s system

Here are five ways that cybersecurity experts say companies can guard against cyberattacks originating from vendors.

1. Set up a rigorous review process when hiring vendors 

Because vendor cybersecurity approaches are largely out of client control, vetting vendors to ensure they have processes to guard against threats is crucial.

Vendor reviews and questionnaires offer insights into vendors’ threat-mitigation efforts, she says. For technology vendors, she recommends looking at whether the vendor uses a so-called ethical hacking program to ensure systems are continually being tested for vulnerabilities. 

2. Spell out expectations in vendor agreements, including how data will be shared 

Companies and vendors should come to an agreement on how company and vendor systems will work together, including how information will be accessed and shared between the two parties.

3. Hire internal assessors to regularly brief directors on vendor cybersecurity programs and vulnerabilities 

These assessors can onboard vendors, and then continuously monitor vendors for security protocols and problems, says Ms. Hanson.  

4. Carefully guard access to company data from the vendors 

Vendors should access company systems on a least-privilege model, in which contractors are able to access systems critical for their work and nothing more, says Ms. Hanson. Two-factor authentication is a given.

5. Empower the chief information security officer and bring security expertise to boards  

A key impediment to putting in place a vendor-security program can be company politics. In many firms, cybersecurity is the responsibility of the chief information security officer, but that person often has limited influence on executive teams.  wsj.com


Plan now to avoid a communications failure after a cyberattack

CISOs should take the lead to develop a post-cyberattack communications plan that accurately informs stakeholders and instills confidence in their organizations' response.

Responses to recent cyber breaches suggest organizations can struggle to get the message right in the midst of an incident. While managing the communications around an incident is outside the direct purview of the CISO, having an existing communications plan in place is an essential element of cyber preparedness.

“Communications are a critical component of a good cyber strategy, and it should be prepared and practiced in organizations before an incident occurs,” says Eden Winokur, head of cyber at Hall & Wilcox, which helps companies with cyber incident management among other things.

Cyber preparedness should include a communication plan

Winokur’s advice is to err on the side of transparency, while ensuring accuracy when it comes to responding to a cyber incident. “Cyber is not just an IT risk. It really is an enterprise risk, and a key part of cyber preparedness includes a communication strategy within the organization and with external stakeholders.”

While there’s little official guidance provided by associations or government on developing a communication plan, the communications team in conjunction with senior leadership, legal and the CISO’s team should have input into developing the response. It needs to consider duty of disclosure requirements for privacy regulations, listed companies and law enforcement bodies.  csoonline.com

Microsoft OneNote Abuse for Malware Delivery Surges

Threat actors are increasingly abusing Microsoft OneNote documents to deliver malware in both targeted and spray-and-pray campaigns.

Organizations worldwide have been warned of an increase in the number of attacks abusing Microsoft OneNote documents for malware delivery.

Part of the Office suite, OneNote is typically used within organizations for note taking and task management, among other operations.

What makes OneNote documents an attractive target for threat actors includes the fact that they do not benefit from the Mark-of-the-Web (MOTW) protection, along with the fact that files can be attached to OneNote notebooks and then executed with minimal warnings.  securityweek.com

Walmart is closing tech hubs and bringing IT workers back to the office






Walmart shuts the door on e-commerce-only stores

  • Walmart plans this week to shut down a pair of stores in Bentonville, Arkansas, and Lincolnwood, Illinois, that offer only pickup and delivery service, marking the end of a nearly decade-long experiment by the retailer aimed at improving convenience for e-commerce customers, according to a company spokesperson.
  • The retailer has also decided to close several conventional locations in Illinois, New Mexico, Florida and Wisconsin, all of which will cease operations by March 10, the spokesperson said.
  • Walmart is opting to stop operating stores focused solely on fulfilling online orders even as other businesses are investing in the concept.  retaildive.com






Peachtree City Police find thousands in stolen merchandise, 3 arrested.

Peachtree, GA: Police have arrested three people who they say targeted Bath & Body Works stores for snatch and run shoplifting. Peachtree City Police say the Avenue Shopping Center has been hit several times by smash-and-grab robbers. Stores such as Victoria's Secret, Lululemon, and now Bath and Body Works. Police in Peachtree City credit a shopper with giving the information they needed for an officer to pull over a Camaro involved in a big snatch-and-run robbery of a Bath and Body Works store. Police shared body cam video of the arrest. Police say inside the car they found more than $2,000 in scented candles and plug in air fresheners. Investigators say the three are responsible for loading up shopping bags and simply walking out with them without paying. Police say they also found stolen merchandise from another metro Atlanta Bath and Body Works. They believe the three people arrested had targeted that store for this kind of crime. fox5atlanta.com

Burglars hit Best Buy, Home Depot stores.

Kitsap County, WA: Kitsap County detectives are investigating two overnight burglaries that happened early Monday. The first one happened at the Silverdale Best Buy store around 12:30 a.m. The second burglary happened hours later at the Poulsbo Home Depot around 3:30 a.m. The two burglars were recorded by surveillance cameras, but their faces cannot be seen. One is wearing a white protective suit, similar to what was worn in some Mason County burglaries, the sheriff’s office said. Kevin McCarty with the Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office says it appears these two suspects are prolific offenders. “They used a cutting tool to get into the Home Depot and you can see the sparks flying in the picture,” said McCarty. “It’s obvious that they’re working pretty hard, it’s fairly sophisticated to get into these businesses in the middle of the night.” Deputies said the same burglars may have also broken into a Silverdale Home Deport earlier this month. The suspects appear to be using a 2020 to 2022 Ford Ranger that is seen in surveillance photos. “What links them all together is there is the same method of operation for each break-in,” said McCarty. “Two suspects, one of them dressed in a Tyvek, protective suit, will come to a business in the early morning hours.” kiro7.com

Cleveland Police seeking 2 Suspects attempting to load $12,000 on a gift card.

Cleveland, OH: Police say on Thursday, February 9th, two men gained access to a Walmart cash register and attempted to load $12,000 onto gift cards but were only successful in loading one $400 gift card. The two men drove a rental Honda CRV with Pennsylvania plates. wtam.iheart.com

3 Thieves steal cigarettes during smash and grab

Chicago, IL: 3 Thieves steal cigarettes during smash and grab at North Side gas station, Thieves smashed the door to get inside a gas station convenience store on the city's North Side Thursday morning. It happened in the 5600 block of North Lincoln Avenue around 3:35 a.m. Three people ran inside and grabbed cigarettes but ran out quickly because an alarm went off. Police were on the scene just seconds after the thieves took off. The owner of the Marathon gas station told our non-stop news crew he never leaves cash in the register. cbsnews.com

Shoplifter with two prior theft convictions arrested at Walmart

Ocala, FL: Shoplifter with two prior theft convictions arrested at Walmart. 43-year-old woman was arrested at a Walmart in Ocala after she was accused of making a fraudulent return and stealing over $140 worth of merchandise. Jackson was arrested and is facing a felony charge for second degree petit theft (third or subsequent offense) and a misdemeanor charge for trespassing. ocala-news.com

Paducah, KY: Police seeking 2 Suspects in multiple theft totaling over $5000.

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Shootings & Deaths

Update: Baker and Activist Jen Angel Dies After Being Injured During a Violent Robbery.

Oakland, CA: Jen Angel, owner and operator of Oakland bakery Angel Cakes, died on February 9 due to injuries sustained in a violent robbery. Angel was known not only as a maker of outstanding pies and treats, but also as a longtime organizer of the Anarchist Book Fair and a member of the Occupy Wall Street movement. The East Bay activist, writer, anarchist, and entrepreneur was declared to have lost all brain function by her medical team at Highland Hospital in Oakland on February 9. She was 48 years old. sf.eater.com

Police say suspect hit female C-Store Clerk, then shot Good Samaritan who defended her.

Albuquerque, NM: Police have arrested a man they say punched a convenience store clerk and then fatally shot a man who tried to defend her Saturday afternoon. A bystander pumping gas was also shot and treated for non-life threatening injuries. Eric Ray Ford, 58, is charged with murder in the shooting of 24-year-old Michael Urioste, according to a news release from the Albuquerque Police Department.

Witnesses said a man, identified by police as Ford, was causing a scene at a Circle K located at Juan Tabo and Lomas NE Saturday around 12:20 p.m., according to the release. Witnesses told police Ford punched the store’s female clerk after she repeatedly asked him to leave.

A bystander — Urioste — intervened and wrestled Ford to the ground outside the store, the release states. While the two men struggled on the ground Ford’s wife came out of a nearby car and began to hit Urioste with a cane, according to police.

Police said Ford took out a firearm and fired multiple times, striking Urioste and another man. Urioste was taken to a hospital where he died from a gunshot wound, according to the release. The other man was treated at the hospital and then released.

Ford and his wife fled the scene, according to a criminal complaint filed in Metropolitan Court. abqjournal.com

Man Found Shot to Death in Shopping Center Parking Lot in Prince George's.

Forestville, MD: A man was found shot to death at a popular shopping center in Prince George's County, Maryland, Monday evening. Police were called after shots were fired in front of the Hobby Lobby at Ritchie Station Marketplace about 5 p.m. Police pursuit of a suspect wanted in connection to the shooting resulted in multiple crashes on Silver Hill Road near Pennsylvania Avenue. The suspect then got out of the car and ran as officers chased. nbcwashington.com

Gunfire at gas station lands man in jail for attempted murder of woman.

Memphis, TN: Kidnapping and attempted murder charges were made against a man who police said shot a woman and dragged her into a car. Selvin Membreno-Pinto, 41, was charged with attempted first-degree murder, especially aggravated kidnapping and employing a firearm during the commission of a dangerous felony, according to Shelby County warrant records. Memphis Police Department (MPD) officers responded to a Citgo gas station at about 4 a.m. at 4185 Jackson Ave. on Feb. 12, where a store clerk had witnessed multiple gunshots fired by a male. The witness also reported that the man was seen dragging a woman, who was heard screaming about her hand, into a dark-colored car.

Officers found multiple bullet casings and blood near the station’s gas pumps. Upon arrival, officers found a woman with a gunshot wound on her hand. fox13memphis.com

Robberies, Incidents & Thefts

$15.7M of Counterfeit sports merchandise seized from store at Anderson Mall.

Anderson County, SC: Investigators said they seized counterfeit sports merchandise, including Super Bowl and other championship rings, from a store at the Anderson Mall.

According to the South Carolina Secretary of State’s office, the merchandize was seized from Kirk’s Collectibles on February 8. The rings, along with other items with the logos of Clemson University and the University of South Carolina, would have had a value of more than $15.7 million if they were legitimate, according to the investigators. wspa.com

Employee hurt during attempted meat theft from Lexington Kroger.

Lexington, KY: An employee was hurt during what police are describing as a robbery at a Lexington grocery store. Police say it happened Monday around 1 p.m. at the Kroger on Bryan Station Road. According to police, a shoplifter was trying to steal some meat when they were confronted by a loss prevention officer. Police say the loss prevention officer sustained a minor injury during the encounter but didn’t have to go to the hospital.

Police say the then suspect ran off, leaving behind the meat. wkyt.com

DOJ: Florida Man Sentenced to Prison for Role in Nationwide “Felony Lane Gang” Conspiracy.

Albany, NY: Tyrone Parker, age 41, of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, was sentenced today to 57 months in prison after previously pleading guilty to conspiracy to commit bank fraud and aggravated identity theft. In pleading guilty, Parker admitted that he was involved in a fraud scheme known as “Felony Lane Gang” between 2019 and 2020. Parker was ordered to pay restitution in the amount of $132,990, and to pay a forfeiture money judgment of $7,202. Parker will serve a 3-year term of supervised release after completing his term of imprisonment. justice.gov

Car drives into Lids store at San Francisco's Fisherman's Wharf during alleged burglary.

San Francisco, CA: "On February 13, 2023 at approximately 3:36 a.m., San Francisco Police Officers from Central Station responded to the area of Jefferson and Jones Streets regarding a burglary in progress," SFPD told SFGATE. "Officers arrived on scene and located a sedan that had driven into a business on the 300 block of Jefferson Street." sfgate.com

Trio creates distraction to steal elderly woman's wallet at Massachusetts grocery store.

Medford, MA: Police in Massachusetts are asking for help in identifying three people who they say were caught on camera stealing a wallet from an elderly woman while she was shopping inside the Wegmans grocery store in Medford. Medford police said the theft happened at 3:15 p.m. on Jan. 27 and that the suspects, two men and a woman, worked in tandem to create a distraction in order to steal the woman's wallet.

The same trio of suspects then went on to commit a second theft outside in the parking lot of the Wegmans, according to police. wcvb.com

Armed robbers target people for Canada Goose coats.

Washington, DC: Police have issued a warning after a string of armed robberies targeted people wearing Canada Goose winter coats in Washington DC. There were at least seven reported robberies of people wearing the popular luxury coats between December and February. Some of the robberies took place near George Washington University, prompting the campus to issue its own advisory. The prices of the coats stolen range from $550 to nearly $1,500. Police are urging the public to stay vigilant. bbc.com




Daily Totals:
• 18 robberies
• 13 burglaries
• 0 shootings
• 0 killed

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Director of Asset Protection & Safety
Mount Horeb, WI - posted January 27
The Director of Asset Protection and Safety is responsible for developing strategies, supporting initiatives, and creating a vibrant culture relating to all aspects of asset protection and safety throughout the organization. As the expert strategist and leader of asset protection and safety, this role applies broad knowledge and seasoned experience to address risks...

Field Loss Prevention Manager
Phoenix, AZ - posted February 2
As a Field Loss Prevention Manager (FLPM) you will coordinate Loss Prevention and Safety Programs intended to protect Staples assets and ensure a safe work environment within Staples Retail locations. FLPM's are depended on to be an expert in auditing, investigating, and training...

Business Continuity Planning Manager
Jacksonville, FL - posted January 26
Responsible for developing, implementing and managing the company's Business Continuity (BCP) and Life Safety Programs to include but not limited to emergency response, disaster recovery and site preparedness plans for critical business functions across the organization. In addition, the position will develop and lead testing requirements to ensure these programs are effective and can be executed in the event of a disaster/crisis...

Region Asset Protection Manager (Ft. Lauderdale)
Fort Lauderdale, FL - posted January 18
Responsible for managing asset protection programs designed to minimize shrink, associate and customer liability accidents, bad check and cash loss, and safety incidents for stores within assigned region. This position will develop the framework for the groups' response to critical incidents, investigative needs, safety concerns and regulatory agency visits...

Region Asset Protection Manager-St Augustine and Daytona Beach Market
Jacksonville, FL - posted January 18
Responsible for managing asset protection programs designed to minimize shrink, associate and customer liability accidents, bad check and cash loss, and safety incidents for stores within assigned region. This position will develop the framework for the groups' response to critical incidents, investigative needs, safety concerns and regulatory agency visits...

Region Asset Protection Manager: Fresco y Mas Banner
Hialeah, FL - posted January 18
Responsible for managing asset protection programs designed to minimize shrink, associate and customer liability accidents, bad check and cash loss, and safety incidents for stores within assigned region. This position will develop the framework for the groups' response to critical incidents, investigative needs, safety concerns and regulatory agency visits...

Regional Asset Protection and Safety Manager (UK)
London, UK - posted January 3
Responsible for ensuring application of Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS), occupational safety, and loss prevention programs and policies at the store, region, and cross-regional levels. Works with the Team Leaders and Team Members to ensure education, communication, and understanding of safety and loss prevention policies, including how safety and asset protection contributes to profitability and business success...


Manager of Asset Protection & Safety Operations
Woodcliff Lake, NJ - posted December 9
The Manager of Asset Protection & Safety Operations is responsible for the physical security, safety compliance and reduction of shrinkage for Party City Holdings, by successfully managing Asset Protection (AP) Safety programs for all PCHI locations...

Loss Prevention Auditor and Fraud Detection Analyst
Boston - Framingham, MA - posted December 2
As a Loss Prevention Auditor and Fraud Detection Analyst for Staples, you will conduct LP operational field audits remote, virtual and in person, within a base of 60 retail stores to ensure compliance to operational standards to drive operational excellence and preserve profitability...

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