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Nedap Introduces iD POS 2: The Next Step in Frictionless Checkouts

RFID-based point-of-sale solution enables ultra-fast checkouts, real-time inventory management, and data-driven loss prevention.

Nedap, the global leader in RFID solutions, is pleased to announce the launch of iD POS 2. Nedap's iD POS 2 is an RFID-based point-of-sale reader, developed to drastically speed up checkouts. In addition, it gives fashion retailers a real-time view of their inventory, enables data-driven loss prevention, and unlocks many omnichannel concepts. iD POS 2 will be officially launched during EuroShop 2023 in Düsseldorf, Germany.


iD POS 2 has been designed with Nedap's goal to empower retailers to create perfect real-time inventory visibility with zero waste and no losses. The point-of-sale solution removes friction from physical shopping experiences and enhances customer service levels securely, enabled by RFID data. 

iPOS 2 has been extensively trialed by global retailers, including G-Star RAW and Voice Norge AS. About the new reader's bulk reading capabilities, Barry van Wijk, Head of Retail Operations at G-Star RAW, says: "Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for customers to buy, whether in our stores or online. iD POS 2 guarantees a frictionless checkout experience.  benzinga.com


The U.S. Crime Surge
The Retail Impact


Off-Duty Officer Working Store Security Took Down Gunman in 3 Minutes After 911 Call
Quick 3 Minute Response Saved Lives

1 dead, 3 hospitalized in shooting at El Paso Cielo Vista mall, authorities say

Two people are in custody after a shooting at Cielo Vista Mall killed one person and left three others injured.

Interim police Chief Peter Pacillas said the gunman was taken down quickly by an off-duty police officer who was working security at a store in the mall. He said the officer did not fire his weapon. The names and ages of the suspects were not released.

Pacillas said the 911 center received calls about the shooting at 5:05 p.m. He said the off-duty officer responded by 5:08 p.m. and immediately took the suspect into custody.

"It was a dynamic scene and it was quickly brought under control," he said, adding there was no more danger to the public after the two suspects were taken into custody.

He said Cielo Vista Mall is an active crime scene and would remain locked down until the investigation was completed.

FBI Special Agent in Charge Jeff Downey said a website, www.fbi.gov/cielovistamallshooting, was created so people can upload photos and videos from the shooting scene.

Two of the three injured were males in critical condition and were being cared for by UMC.  One person was taken to Del Sol Medical Center and was in fair condition.

Cielo Vista Mall is next to the Walmart store where a gunman killed 23 people on Aug. 3, 2019. The Walmart shooter pleaded guilty last week to federal hate crime charges in the mass shooting targeting Latinos and sentenced yesterday to life without parole in the shooting deaths.

Shoppers who were inside Cielo Vista mall during Wednesday evening’s shooting were bused by police to reunite with family members at Burges High School.   elpasotimes.com

NYC & NYPD Announce Sending Resources to Problem Areas

Shoplifting epidemic costing NYC workers their jobs, Eric Adams tells Albany in bail reform plea

The Big Apple’s shoplifting epidemic is costing retail workers their jobs, Mayor Eric Adams said Wednesday — as he endorsed Gov. Kathy Hochul’s push to give judges slightly more discretion in setting bail for criminal defendants.

During testimony at an annual Albany budget hearing known as “Tin Cup Day,” when mayors make their pitches for resources in the state budget, Adams was asked by Assemblyman Mike Reilly (R-Staten Island) about solutions to the problems of “organized retail crime” and the justice system’s “revolving door.”

So, what we can’t do is allow repeat offenders to make a mockery of our criminal justice system — and repeatedly!” he said.

“We’re losing chain stores that are closing down. People who are being employed in those stores are losing their jobs. They’re adding to our unemployment.”

Adams — whose appearance at the joint legislative public hearing was cut short by a surprise Senate vote that rejected Hochul’s choice of Justice Hector LaSalle to head the Court of Appeals — also pre-empted critics of his desire to crack down on unrepentant shoplifters.

“So, people who say that we’re criminalizing the poor — they’re wrong,” he said. “Poor and low-income New Yorkers are being unemployed because we’re losing those businesses in our city.”

Adams said there were three categories of shoplifters: those who are “part of an organized ring,” people with substance abuse problems, and “those who need basic services.”

Adams said the first group should be dealt with by the criminal justice system. But others should be given deferred prosecutions and have their underlying issues addressed by social services providers.

The mayor threw his weight behind Hochul’s plan to remove a provision of the state’s controversial 2019 bail reform law that requires judges to impose the “least restrictive” means of ensuring that defendants return to court.

In August, the NYPD released details on 10 career criminals who racked up a combined total of nearly 500 arrests since bail reform went into effect in 2020.

Adams has blamed the justice system’s practice of “catch, release, repeat” for fueling crime in the city and turning it into “a laughingstock of our entire country.”  nypost.com


News Seattle DA Promises to 'Get Tough on Low-Level Crime'

Seattle vows quicker charging decisions to deter petty crime

SEATTLE (AP) — Seattle’s elected prosecutor on Monday promised quicker charging decisions to help tackle persistent low-level crime that’s plagued businesses downtown.

City Attorney Ann Davison, a Republican who won election in November over progressive former public defender Nicole Thomas-Kennedy, said that her office will make charging decisions on all incoming cases within five business days.

Like many cities across the country, Seattle has experienced an increase in crime, especially violent crime, amid the pandemic and as the ranks of officers dwindled.

With retirements and resignations, the Seattle Police Department is down 350 officers following the 2020 mass protests for racial justice and talk of defunding police.

Davison last November was elected Seattle’s first female city attorney after a campaign in which she promised to get tough on low-level crimes. Misdemeanor prosecutions had been reduced throughout the 12-year tenure of her predecessor, Pete Holmes.

Davison’s opponent in the election, Thomas-Kennedy, took an opposite approach — saying she would work toward abolishing misdemeanor prosecutions in favor of diverting cases to mental health, addiction or restorative-justice programs.

Some downtown businesses have pleaded for increased attention to crime that has helped drive away customers.

Restaurant owner Olga Sagan told The Seattle Times that she closes her bakery at 3 p.m. now due to rampant street crime, including break-ins, graffiti, public drug use, harassment and litter.

“I don’t want my employees here or leaving here after dark,” Sagan said, adding that “businesses can’t operate unless someone does something about crime.” thestar.com


Time-Delay Safes May Shortly Be In Every Canadian Pharmacy Nationwide

Armed pharmacy robberies were up more than 131% in Toronto & 430% in Peal Region last year.

Facing wave of armed robberies, Ontario pharmacies look to time-delay safes for narcotics

In December, the board of the Ontario College of Pharmacists — the regulatory body for the profession — voted to begin the process of requiring all community pharmacies to have a time-delayed safe. An implementation plan will be presented to the board in March for final approval and the safes would be required within a yet-to-be-specified amount of time after that meeting.

Toronto police data provided to the Star shows a 131 per cent increase in armed pharmacy robberies in 2021 — to 113 from 49. Only about a third of those robberies have resulted in arrests. Elsewhere, in Peel Region, a report to the college’s board said there had been a 430 per cent increase from last year.

“There is statistically strong evidence that time-delayed safes and other security measures, including associated signage, does significantly reduce pharmacy robberies by up to 94 per cent,” Jane McKaig, the college’s manager of pharmacy practice, told the board

B.C. and Alberta have made the safes mandatory and Saskatchewan is set to implement them late next year, a presentation to the college outlined.

Shoppers Drug Mart announced at the end of November they would roll out time-delay safes in all their stores, including Loblaw pharmacies. That followed major pharmacy chains in the U.S., such as CVS and Walgreens implementing similar programs.

Data provided to the college shows more than 50% of robberies this year in Toronto involved a weapon and that a handgun was used in a third of all robberies.

Board members noted, however, that the implementation will need to happen across the province at the same time to avoid simply pushing robbers to other locations.  thestar.com


Toronto to Add 200 Police Officers in New $1.1B Budget

Five notable proposals in John Tory’s Toronto budget as he remains to see it through

In January, Tory announced a proposed $48.3-million increase to Toronto’s police budget, which would in part go toward the addition of about 200 officers, as well as programming aimed at addressing youth violence.

The boost would bring funding to just over $1.1 billion for 2023, a figure Tory’s critics have said is grossly inflated compared to other line items and underfunded social services.

Tory has said the city “could not put off the investment’’ in the police service after the force’s budget was held at roughly 1.7 per cent average annual increases over his previous eight years as mayor.


COVID Update

660.4M Vaccinations Given

US: 104M Cases - 1.1M Dead - 102M Recovered
Worldwide: 678.1M Cases - 6.7M Dead - 650.7M Recovered

Private Industry Security Guard Deaths: 362   Law Enforcement Officer Deaths: 820



CA Business Coalitions Call for California Officials to Act Now to Reduce Retail Theft

Californians Against Retail And Residential Theft and California Hispanic Chambers of Commerce Hold Retail Theft Forum

SACRAMENTO, Calif.--Californians Against Retail and Residential Theft (CARRT) joined the California Hispanic Chambers of Commerce and others in a retail theft forum.

Dozens of local Hispanic Chambers and local government representatives joined the two organizations. The forum participants discussed the impact of retail theft on California's economy.

"Retail theft continues to be an issue," said Matt Ross, spokesman for CARRT. "It is especially troublesome for small and ethnic businesses."

Recent crime reports show that three of California's four largest cities are reporting significant increases in property crime, which includes retail theft. In 2022, the Los Angeles Police Department reported that property crimes were up more than ten percent over the previous year. San Jose is reporting similar numbers. San Francisco Police Department reported property crimes were up nearly six percent. San Diego has yet to report its 2022 figure.

"Many of our small businesses serve as the backbone for the local communities," said Julian Canete, President and CEO of the California Hispanic Chambers of Commerce. "Retail theft losses may be the straw that breaks the camel's back. Something must be done before mom-and-pop stores are stolen from our communities."

A recent PPIC poll found nearly three in every four Californians believe retail theft is an issue that needs to be addressed.

California law currently states stealing merchandise worth $950 or less is just a misdemeanor, leading to those caught being ticketed and released. With little or no consequences for actions, there is fear that fewer crimes will be reported. Last session, several bills were introduced on the issue, but nothing significant was passed and signed into law.

"It's time to put an end to retail and residential theft on Main Street and in our neighborhoods," said Matt Ross, spokesperson for CARRT.

CARRT is a broad-based coalition of more than 100 business associations, local groups, and victim organizations advocating for California officials to act now and give law enforcement the tools needed to reduce theft.

CARRT has been meeting with local officials, law enforcement, and legislators to ensure that elected officials understand the true impact of retail and residential crime. CARRT aims to provide public safety officials with more tools to address this problem. For more information about CARRT, please go to the website at www.carrt.org.  


Facial recognition has been gaining popularity in self-checkout

Consumers’ Call for Convenience Could Spark Self-Service Checkout Expansion

Non-grocer retailers can seize a renewed opportunity to satisfy customer demand by exploring self-checkout as new tech options come to market.

Since at least 2018, consumers have been clamoring for self-service technology when it comes to the retail in-store checkout experience. At the time, PYMNTS’ survey data revealed that 28% of U.S. consumers said they were more likely to shop at a non-grocer merchant if self-checkout was available and 20% were interested in completely self-service stores.  

Biometrics, and especially facial recognition, have been driving more futuristic approaches to self-service checkout. Last month, Toshiba and PopID announced a partnership integrating PopID’s face-scanning biometric solution with Toshiba’s point-of-sale (POS) and self-checkout systems. Facial recognition has been gaining popularity in the MENA region, where use cases have risen amid soaring demand. That includes regional retailer Carrefour, which earlier this month rolled out facial recognition as a means of payment in its stores.  pymnts.com


How Did Starbucks Try to Quash Unionizing Efforts?  Bernie Wants to Know
Let's hope security - LP didn't play a role

Bernie Sanders hints at subpoena for Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz

Sen. Bernie Sanders hinted that lawmakers could subpoena Howard Schultz to compel the outgoing Starbucks CEO to testify in front of a Senate panel about how the coffee chain is handling its baristas’ push to unionize.    The coffee chain has been accused of unfair labor practices tied to its efforts to quash its baristas’ push to unionize. The Sanders-chaired Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee scheduled a hearing for March 9 about Starbucks’ alleged noncompliance with federal labor law.  cnbc.com


NRF Says Retail Sales Picked Up in January as Job and Wage Growth and Easing Inflation Encouraged Spending

“Despite inflationary headwinds, January retail sales show the resiliency of consumers in how they manage their budgets and make decisions on how, when and where to spend their hard-earned dollars,” NRF President and CEO Matthew Shay said.

NRF’s calculation of retail sales – which excludes automobile dealers, gasoline stations and restaurants to focus on core retail – showed January was up 1.5% from December and up 4.8% unadjusted year over year. In December, sales were down 0.5% month over month but up 4.8% year over year. NRF’s numbers were up 5% unadjusted year over year on a three-month moving average as of January.

January’s results follow a 5.1% year-over-year increase in combined November-December holiday sales to $934.7 billion. Total 2022 retail sales as calculated by NRF grew 7% to $4.9 trillion.

January sales were up in all but one retail category on a yearly basis, led by sporting goods stores, clothing stores and online sales, and increased across the board on a monthly basis.  nrf.com 



Senior LP & AP Jobs Market

Senior Director, Enterprise Risk and Compliance for LeafLink, New York, New York

LeafLink is looking for an experienced Senior Director of Enterprise Risk and Compliance to develop and implement an end-to-end risk and compliance program, including building out the risk and compliance team.  This role will report directly to the Company’s General Counsel. In this role, you will be responsible for the strategic development and implementation of comprehensive risk & compliance programs, including evolving the governance and reporting of enterprise risk, to minimize LeafLink’s risks and support broader enterprise objectives at the organization. You will be a key partner to LeafLink’s leadership team and cross-functional stakeholders to ensure program and process development is aligned with the organization’s strategy and business ventures; collaborate and drive the continued progression of risk & compliance management standard practices. 

LeafLink is the largest unified B2B cannabis platform, providing licensed cannabis businesses a suite of tools to manage their business more effectively, sell or order from their favorite brands and accelerate growth. We are one platform, one solution and we’re defining the way thousands of cannabis brands, distributors and retailers streamline their operations.   greenhouse.io



January Retail Sales the Strongest in Almost Two Years

Tuesday Morning announced a list of stores closing on its website

Coen Markets opens two checkout-free stores



Quarterly Results

Ahold Delhaize FY comp's up 5.4%, online sales 11.9%, total sales up 15.1%
Ahold Delhaize Q4 U.S. comp's up 9.3%, U.S. online sales up 17.3%, U.S. total sales up 9.2%
Ahold Delhaize FY U.S. online sales up 14.5%, U.S. total sales up 7.9%

Bloomin’ Brands


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Corporate Security Leaders Weigh TikTok Bans

Key Points:

  • Some companies, particularly those in critical infrastructure or with government connections, are assessing possible bans of TikTok to follow federal and state bans.
  • Social media apps in general can pose cybersecurity risks, as can the way devices are configured.
  • Risks will vary within companies according to the business activity. Cybersecurity heads considering a ban will need to document the risks.

Twenty-six states passed laws last year restricting or outlawing the use of TikTok on government-issued devices in addition to President Biden signing a law that does the same at the federal level. 

Faced with the risks, corporate security executives are considering whether they should follow the state and federal governments’ example and prohibit the application from the devices they own and manage to safeguard company and user data from potentially being exploited.

Some TikTok Bans Already In Place

Steven Shirley, executive director of the National Defense Information Sharing and Analysis Center, said private corporations, particularly those with ties to the U.S government or key players in critical infrastructure sectors, are closely evaluating the implications of the bans. 

He advised every organization to weigh the benefits and risks of allowing social media on work devices as they all pose a threat. He pointed out that any social media application can be a vector for malware or, in some cases, an app’s algorithm could be used to promote misinformation.

Given the numerous vulnerabilities to which all social media apps expose businesses, cybersecurity specialists say companies should examine other applications that aren’t banned and question whether they also pose an unacceptable risk.

Cyber specialists say businesses must be aware of the exact information apps are gathering, how they are doing it, the information potentially at risk and whether or not the business is comfortable with that risk. 

For CISOs who need to mitigate the risk associated with social media, Mr. Leber recommends first documenting the specific risks to the organization. He said the CISO’s role is to advocate for these policies and present a case to executive stakeholders utilizing risk-based data so that the organization can make a decision. “Buy-in from the leadership is paramount.” 

If the decision is made to block these applications, he said strategic business communications must occur, facilitated by the CISO, before enacting the administrative and technical controls to enforce this decision. wsj.com


TikTok’s charm offensive gets a chilly reception in Congress

The early reviews on TikTok’s new charm offensive in Washington are in — and they’re bleak.

In recent weeks, the social media company has dialed up its engagement with lawmakers, think tanks and members of the press as it pushes back on claims that it poses a threat to national security due to its links to China.

The effort has included private meetings between the company’s chief executive and prominent skeptics in Congress.  washingtonpost.com


Incoming Payments Fraud Poses ‘Silent Threat’ to Bottom Lines

Accounts receivable departments are especially vulnerable to financial fraud.

First thing’s first. Payments fraud, of course, runs both ways: Every scheme designed to trick companies into sending outgoing payments to someone who isn’t who they say they are is someone else’s incoming payments fraud problem.  

A Huge Problem

And, noted Barzam and Bonacci, there’s a nebulous gray area about who’s to blame when incoming payments fraud occurs: Is it the company who had their email system breached or the customer who might get some finger-pointing for not checking properly? There are no regulations (yet) governing liability, and the mistrust that’s sown out there in the field might be enough to hamper firms’ ability (or interest in) expanding as globally as they might have envisioned.

Asked by Webster just how big the problem is, both panelists summed up incoming payments fraud simply: It’s a huge problem.  And it’s a silent one.

The FBI stats show that losses tied to business email compromise scams run into the tens of billions of dollars.  

And the true scope of incoming payments fraud might be unknowable. The millions of dollars lost can permanently alter a company’s fortunes and operations.

“It’s much less visible than other fraud cases,” Barzam remarked. “The fraudsters will want to keep this as quiet as possible, so that they have as much time as possible to steal as much money as possible.” There are cases of incoming payments fraud that have lasted for years, he said.

In a bit of good news, there’s evidence that chief financial officers and fraud teams are rising to the challenge. PYMNTS data show that 85% of CFOs are shoring up their digital and tech defenses tied to incoming payments and accounts receivable processes.

“We’ve spent a lot of time with our vendors,” he said of the collaborative efforts, “trying to get them to work with us on procedures — and to help improve control environments.” 

Education is Key

There’s the need to conduct internal training and education to ensure that employees know what to look for, Bonacci said, and how to vet and onboard new vendors across several levels of verbal and platform-based digital verification.

“It’s a people issue, a process issue and a systems issue,” said Barzam.  The first step in battling incoming payments fraud “is to realize that it’s not just some abstract threat. It can happen to any company.”   pymnts.com


On-Boarding & 'Off-Boarding' Third Party Vendors

5 biggest risks of using third-party services providers

The use of third-party services can also come with significant—often unforeseen—risks. Third parties can be a gateway for intrusions, harm a company’s reputation if a service malfunctions, expose it to financial and regulatory issues, and draw the attention of bad actors from around the world. A poorly managed breakup with a vendor can also be perilous, resulting in the loss of access to systems put in place by the third party, loss of custody of data, or loss of data itself.

Reliance on third-party services is increasing

Indirect cyberattacks—successful breaches coming into companies through third parties—increased to 61% from 44% in the last several years, according to the World Economic Forum’s Global Cybersecurity Outlook 2022. One of the reasons this occurs is that many companies don't have the proper controls in place to effectively offboard third-party vendors, says Peter Tran, chief information security officer (CISO) at IT and security consulting firm InferSight. “They don't have the processes in place to control the access management rights and provisioning that these accounts have, which leaves the door open for cyberattackers who look for aged accounts that are still active,” he says.

Implementing a defense-in-depth approach to limit a third party’s access to an organization’s network is critical to preventing adversaries from gaining an escalation of privilege.  csoonline.com



Social Engineering Will Be Leading Cause of Major Cyberattacks

How Security Teams Can Protect Employees Beyond Corporate Walls

De-shaming security mistakes and taking the blame and punishment out of incident reporting can strengthen security efforts both inside and outside of the workplace.

Your boss may respect work-life boundaries, but cybercriminals don't. Bad actors are increasingly targeting employees in social engineering scams that originate on their personal networks, with the ultimate goal of compromising the workplace. This year, chief information security officers (CISOs) should focus on how they can defend and protect employees beyond the walls of corporate systems.

Social engineering will be the leading root cause of major cyberattacks for the foreseeable future, for two reasons: They're cheap to execute, and they actually work. When one path — such as corporate email — becomes more difficult, attackers shift to other communication methods, including employees' personal platforms like texts, social media, or LinkedIn profiles. In fact, according to recent Tessian data, 56% of employees said they received a text message scam in the past year.

It's clear that security needs to extend outside of corporate walls, but there's an important balance that security leaders must strike to respect boundaries on employees' personal accounts and devices. Here's what should be top of mind when building a strategy to cover risks outside of the security team's reach. 

How to Protect Employees Outside of the Workplace 

De-shaming security mistakes and taking the blame and punishment out of incident reporting can strengthen security efforts both inside and outside of the workplace. Leaders should create a security culture where employees are encouraged to flag mistakes and suspicious activity, even if a personal account is breached on a company computer.    darkreading.com

Cybersecurity Checklist for Vendor Management – Vendor Security







E-Commerce Demand for Faster Checkouts Drove 100M Buyers To Shop Pay

Shopify's Offline Volume Surges 40% as Shoppers Return to Stores

Shopify sees slowing growth ahead after logging double-digit gains in gross merchandise value (GMV) and revenues.

President Harley Finkelstein said on the call that, with a nod to eCommerce demand and faster checkouts, Shopify Plus merchants accounted for 27% of all POS activity, which was up 12% from a year ago. And Shop Pay, the company’s accelerated checkout option that lets consumers save their data with merchants, has garnered an increasing share of GMV, at $11 billion in the most recent quarter, up 25% year on year. And, as Finkelstein noted, 100 million buyers have opted into the accelerated checkout function.


Returns surged during the pandemic-fueled ecommerce boom, but some relief is in sight

When stores closed and consumer anxiety increased as a result of the pandemic, retailers emphasized free returns as part of efforts to make online shopping easy and convenient. That drove an increase in ecommerce return volumes that will remain higher than pre-pandemic levels through at least 2026.

  • Ecommerce returns growth will slow starting in 2023. Retailers are improving online product information and investing in tools to help shoppers find the right products. Consumers are getting better at in-store versus online purchase decisions, helping to slow the rise of online returns.
  • That comes after US ecommerce return volumes more than doubled in 2020. In 2021, consumer spending on goods, coronavirus outbreaks, and supply chain issues all contributed to a substantial year-over-year increase of 24.7%.
  • But ecommerce returns actually dropped in 2022. Last year marked a turning point as ecommerce returns fell by 2.5% while total ecommerce sales grew by 9.6%.    insiderintelligence.com

    Online purchases will account for a growing share of total US retail returns.

    As more consumption moves online, overall returns will increase. More than a third of total retail returns will come from ecommerce sales, even though online sales represent only about 15% of overall US retail. We forecast total retail and ecommerce return volume of $627.34 billion in 2023, a figure equal to 8.5% of overall sales for the year.

    Online sales skew toward categories more likely to be returned. More than a third of apparel and accessories sales took place online in 2022, and we expect share to rise to 46.3% in 2026.

    We also track total ecommerce returners, and that number will stay fairly steady. Following an increase of more than 9% year over year to 105.7 million in 2020, the number of digital buyers who return online purchases will increase slowly through the rest of our forecast period to around 113 million in 2026.  insiderintelligence.com






    Henrico Police looking for individuals who broke into dealership and stole $30,000 in dirt bikes

    Richmond, VA: Henrico police are looking for three people who broke into a Honda dealership early Monday morning on West Broad Street and stole three dirt bikes. It’s a smash and grab all caught on security footage showing a box truck pulling up to the Richmond Honda House loading dock around 12:57 a.m. Monday. Three people get out of the truck and smashed the door window to get inside. The individuals then load up the box truck with two Yamahas and one Honda dirt bike valued at $30,000 before driving back out on Broad Street. NBC12.com

    Truck slams into Renton Gun store during burglary

    Renton, WA: Thousands of dollars in merchandise were stolen from a Renton gun store early Wednesday morning after thieves used a truck to slam into the front of the building. The owner of Pantel Tactical told KOMO News he was alerted to the burglary when motion sensors in the business triggered the alarm system. The owner, who did not want to be identified, said he was able to watch the burglary from home and called 911 around 3:15 a.m.

    Officers with the Renton Police Department responded to the gun store, located on 116th Avenue Southeast in the Cascade Village shopping center, within 3 minutes of the 911 call. Surveillance video from the store shared with KOMO News shows two trucks drive up to the store, then one of the trucks can be seen backing up and slamming into the front of the building multiple times. Two men wearing face masks can then be seen running into the store, grabbing as much as possible and then taking off.

    The owner said around $4,000 or $5,000 in merchandise was stolen from the business, including ammo, pepper spray, night vision goggles and 10-round magazines. However, no guns or cash were stolen. KATU.com

    Update: Gunderson’s Jewelers attempted robbery suspects were part of notorious jewelry theft ring

    Fargo, ND: The two men arrested in Michigan last week for an attempted armed robbery at Gunderson’s Jewelers in Fargo had only recently been released from prison for their roles in a smash-and-grab robbery gang that operated across the country. Dajuan Marcellus and Kordaryl Cross were members of a group of more than a dozen people from the Detroit area who were charged in 2014 for robberies in nine states which involved the use of sledgehammers to steal Rolexes from jewelry stores. Parole violation documents filed against Marcellus and Cross last week provide a detailed account of the attempted robbery at Gunderson’s. The reports say the car the suspects used to get to and from the store was stolen from a Fargo residence earlier in the day. Surveillance video at the store showed five people were in the car when it arrived and the three people in the back seat approached the store in camouflage and masks. They got into the vestibule area of the store before the security guard locked the interior doors. The security guard reported seeing one of the suspects pull a handgun before they turned and fled. kfgo.com

    Convicted thief now facing felony charge of Organized fraud after reported theft at Target

    Orange Park, FL: A man who, records show, has a history of stealing from Target stores explained to an investigator how he kept pulling it off. Miles Poole, 34, of Jacksonville, is now facing a felony charge of organized fraud in Clay County after investigators said he repeatedly stole electronic items from a Target store. According to the arrest warrant affidavit, the repeated thefts happened between early April and mid-May of 2021.

    Investigators said that during every theft, Poole would pull an item off the shelf and throw it into a shopping cart then go into the restroom before walking out of the store undetected with the stolen electronic items. Once he left the store, investigators said, he was seen on surveillance video entering the same SUV and driving off. In August 2021, Poole was captured in Jacksonville where he was a suspect in multiple thefts at various Jacksonville Target stores. Following his arrest, Poole was convicted on charges of organized theft and trafficking stolen property. He was sentenced to 21 months in prison, then rearrested on Monday in connection to the thefts in Clay County. According to the arrest warrant, Poole told the detective that he kept getting away with stealing electronic items from Target by using a special key to unlock the security devices on the items while he was in the restrooms. He also told the detective that once the security device was removed, he would either throw the device in the toilet or place it in the trash. Poole reportedly told the detective that he mainly stole Fitbit watches because they were easier to sell online and on the streets.

    Arrested: Man accused of stealing $50K from Kohl's, released with promise to return to court

    Update: Mecklenburg County, NC: Officials say Guffey walked into a Kohl’s last January and smashed a glass case and then stole $50,000 of jewelry wcnc.com

    Police Investigating: $1,200 in cosmetics stolen and $1,200 in Polo shirts

    Springfield, PA: Macy’s security at Springfield Mall reported a male had stolen over $1,200 in Polo shirts and was taken into custody. Officers responded and identified Kevin Castaneda-Corredor, 20, Penns Grove, N.J. He was charged with retail theft and held for arraignment. Genet Mamo, 38, from Virginia was arrested and charged with retail theft after Target security at the mall reported she stole over $1,200 in cosmetics and other merchandise. delcotimes.com

    Memphis, TN: $6K in shingles stolen from roofing supply store


    Queensbury, NY: New York State Police arrest Queensbury man for stealing from Walmart over 20 times; totaling over $500.


    Valencia, CA: Suspect Arrested After Stealing From Valencia Home Depot Twice In One Day


    Salem, MA: Pair facing larceny charges after Home Depot incident totaling $1200


    Brooklyn thief swiped $1,000 phone from FedEx worker: cops


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    Update: Buffalo Grocery store gunman sentenced to Life without parole

    Buffalo, NY: The gunman convicted of killing 10 people last year in a racist mass shooting inside a Buffalo supermarket was sentenced to life in prison without parole Wednesday.

    On May 14, 2022, 19-year-old Payton Gendron opened fire inside Tops supermarket, wearing body armor and a helmet, which he used to livestream the attack. He shot 13 people with a semi-automatic rifle. Only three survived. All of his victims were Black.

    Judge Susan Eagan delivered the sentence, telling Gendron, "There is no place for you or your ignorant, hateful and evil ideologies. There can be no mercy for you ... You will never see the light of day as a free man ever again."

    Cielo Vista Mall shooting leaves 1 dead, 3 injured: Off-duty police officer took down suspect within minutes.

    El Paso, TX: Authorities said the suspect who fatally shot one person and wounded three others at a shopping mall in El Paso, Texas, on Wednesday, was taken down within minutes by an off-duty police officer. During a press conference Wednesday evening, El Paso Police Chief Peter Pacillas said an off-duty officer, who was not identified, was already at the Cielo Vista Mall when the shooting started.

    Pacillas said police received calls of a suspect firing off several rounds, striking at least four people, at approximately 5:05 pm and the officer took a suspect into custody by 5:08 p.m. Two people, both male, were taken into custody after the gunfire inside the Cielo Vista Mall, interim El Paso Police Chief Peter Pacillas said Wednesday night. Police have not commented on possible motives. All four people shot were male, Pacillas said. Two of the injured were brought to the University Medical Center of El Paso in critical condition, the hospital told CNN. The third injured person was also hospitalized, Gomez said, but their condition is unknown.

    Later in the press conference, Pacillas said it is unclear at this time if the suspect fired at the off-duty officer and that investigators were only just beginning to investigate the crime scene. The police chief said officers from multiple departments, including the El Paso Police Department, the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS), U.S. Border Patrol and the local FBI responded to the "dynamic scene" at the mall and "quickly brought it under control."

    Tamaulipas Mexico State Police Investigator killed at a Church's Chicken restaurant in Reynosa

    Tamaulipas, Mexico: A Tamaulipas state police investigator was killed Sunday afternoon at a Church's Texas Chicken restaurant in Reynosa, a State Attorney General's office spokesperson confirmed. José Luis Juárez Jiménez, state investigator with the domestic violence unit in Reynosa was killed, an official statement posted to Twitter. The killing happened at around 3 p.m. inside a Church's restaurant in front of an S Mart on Paseo Playa Diamante 109 in the Villa Diamante neighborhood near Hwy 2 Calle Porfirio Díaz near the General Lucio Blanco International Airport. Army personnel, state investigators and officers with the state guard arrived and cornered off the scene.

    A state attorney general's office spokesperson said they will provide more information at a later time while they continue to investigate.

    Update: Pretrial Motions Begin for Pair Accused of Killing Riverside Store Clerk

    Riverside, CA: Pretrial motions got underway Wednesday ahead of jury selection for the trial of two convicted felons accused in the robbery-killing of a Riverside convenience store clerk nearly three years ago. John Lamont Bush, 33, of Los Angeles and Roderick Lamar Grandison, 50, of Compton allegedly gunned down 28-year-old Waqar Tanveer of Fontana in 2020. Both men are charged with first-degree murder, three counts of armed robbery, three counts of gun assault, as well as one count of being a felon in possession of a firearm. Bush alone is additionally charged with a special circumstance allegation of killing in the course of a robbery, as well as sentence-enhancing gun and great bodily injury allegations. A third co-defendant, 36-year-old Marleiya Onshel Barnes of Moreno Valley, pleaded guilty in 2021 to three counts of armed robbery and was sentenced to more than 10 years in state prison. mynewsla.com

    Robberies, Incidents & Thefts

    Yonkers police sound alarm on correlation between crime increase and state's bail reform

    Yonkers police are sounding the alarm on what it says is the correlation between an increase in crime and the state's bail reform - right as state lawmakers decide on how to adjust the law during ongoing budget negotiations. According to police, two people were arrested for allegedly stealing merchandise from the Burlington store on Tuesday just hours after officials released a video showing two other robberies taking place in the same spot. Officials say a video released shows several people walking out of the Burlington on Central Avenue with stolen merchandise. In both cases, the police were not called. Local business groups say it's becoming increasingly difficult to deal with. "The businesses are asking for an increased police presence," says Sara Brody, of the Yonkers Downtown Waterfront BID. Police say there's only so much they can do and blame bail reform. "It's the same people doing the same thing knowing there aren't going to be any real ramifications from it," says Yonkers Police Benevolent Association President Keith Olson brooklyn.news12.com

    Alaska Governor proposes funding boost for public defender

    Juneau, AK: Alaska Gov. Mike Dunleavy on Wednesday said he is proposing an additional $8.3 million over two years to help address caseload and staffing concerns for the state Public Defender Agency and Office of Public Advocacy. toronto.citynews.ca

    Man Arrested in Connection with Six National Chain Store Robberies

    San Antonio, TX: DOJ: A San Antonio man was arrested in San Antonio on Monday on federal criminal charges related to his alleged robbery of six national chain stores around San Antonio between Jan. 28 and 31, 2023. Court documents allege that James Anthony Kirkwood, 68, is responsible for the robberies of two Dollar General stores; two Dollar Trees; a PetSmart; and a Big Lots, over a three-day period. He was arrested on February 6 and had remained in custody at the Bexar County Jail before the arrest on federal charges. Kirkwood is charged with robbery interfering with interstate commerce. If convicted, he faces a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison. justice.gov

    10 charged, mostly youth, in more than two dozen Toronto pharmacy robberies

    Toronto, Canada: Toronto police say they have charged 10 people, majority of those under the age of 18, in a series of pharmacy robberies after the city saw a record year for these types of robberies. In an investigation dubbed “Project Mayhem,” police announced they laid 60 charges against the accused, including weapons charges, in connection with 26 armed robberies that took place between December 2022 and February 2023.

    Police allege during the robberies a group of males, travelling in stolen vehicles, would enter each pharmacy and commit a “takeover-style” robbery.

    Investigators said they would allegedly rush in and make demands for narcotics and cash. In some instances a weapon such as a gun or a knife would be shown. In other instances, there would be physical violence to control any shoppers or employees, police allege. globalnews.ca

    Chicago, IL: Man sentenced to 8 years for trying to burn down Boost Mobile store in Chatham neighborhood.


    Santa Ana, CA: Man pulls gun on Loss Prevention as he flees Warehouse Shoe with 2 pairs of shoes.


    Houston, TX: 2 suspects sought after 1 of them was caught on video using Pickaxe to rob SE Houston Pawn shop


    New York, NY: NYPD arrests suspect linked to gunpoint robbery at Brooklyn jewelry store


    Rutland, VT: Police investigating 2 attempted gun shop burglaries; failed due to Security measures


    Olympia, WA: Fewer guns are being stolen, lost in Washington state due to stricter protocols


    Lima, NY: Businesses take extra measures to prevent smash-and-grab burglaries


    Denver, CO: Property theft rises in Denver's affluent Cherry Creek neighborhood


    Tacoma, WA: LGBTQ+ thrift store debating whether to stay open after burglary, shooting


    Melfort, Sask, Canada: Melfort RCMP, City, Chamber working together to combat recent shoplifting spike


    Wilkes-Barre Twp. , PA: Walmart employee allegedly stole over $4,000


    Las Vegas, NV: Oscar Mayer Wienermobile falls victim to catalytic converter theft during Las Vegas stop





    Daily Totals:
    • 12 robberies
    • 12 burglaries
    • 0 shootings
    • 0 killed

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