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Andy Leonard named Senior Area Loss Prevention Manager for Ross Stores
Before joining Ross Stores as Senior Area Loss Prevention Manager, Andy spent more than eight years with Kohl's in multiple roles, including Senior Manager, Remote Operations & Investigations; Manager, Remote Operations & Investigations; District LP Manager; and LP Supervisor. Earlier in his career, he held roles with Target and Meijer. Congratulations, Andy!

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Stream Episode 11 Now!
'Retail Crime Uncovered' Podcast Presented by Sekura Global

The fascinating podcast hosted by Emmeline Taylor, Professor of Criminology supported by Sekura Global. Retail theft insights from leading crime and loss experts, shop staff and policing bodies. Hard-hitting interviews with ex-offenders and retail criminals.

In this episode
of Retail Crime Uncovered, Emmeline explores the notion that theft has been decriminalised in the UK. The official figures do not make for a palatable listen. Emmeline outlines why now is the time to act to turn the tide on the shoplifting epidemic. To understand the importance of early intervention in what might be considered 'petty theft' as someone starts their offending career, she talks to a former prolific offender about her experiences from having a full-time job at a top hairdressing salon to a life of crime and addiction.

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The U.S. Crime Surge
The Retail Impact

Facial Recognition & AI Helping Retailers Fight Crime Surge

Retailers Globally Lean Into Facial Recognition to Fight Store Crime
'We think facial recognition has the potential to help by identifying repeat offenders'

Foodstuffs store facial recognition trial 'will cut down on crime'
One of New Zealand's biggest grocers
will scan customers' faces in stores to combat shoplifting and cut down on crime. Foodstuffs North Island is using facial recognition technology (FRT) in a six month trial across 25 stores as part of crime prevention measures to help keep its staff and customers safe.

Their latest retail crime statistics from around 300-plus stores show there were 4,719 separate offences recorded in the October-December 2023 quarter - an increase of 34% on the previous period. They say that FRT will help identify repeat offenders and reduce harmful behaviour in store.

Foodstuffs North Island Chief Executive, Chris Quin said:

"Everyone has the right to a safe working environment and a safe place to buy their groceries, this trial of FR in our stores is
part of our commitment to keeping our teams and customers safe. ... We have a moral and legal duty to make our stores as safe as possible for our teams and customers, and we think facial recognition has the potential to help by identifying repeat offenders when they try to come back into our stores."

The system works by matching, in real time, the faces of people who enter a store against a store's record of offenders and accomplices. If the system reaches a "90% facial match" threshold, two members of staff will also need to agree before acting upon the information.
"Verified repeat offenders" will then be approached, Foodstuffs say.

"We've been very careful about ensuring this trial gets the
balance right between providing a safe environment for our people and customers and being respectful of everyone's privacy." stuff.co.nz  1news.co.nz

Using AI to Fight a 44% Increase in Retail Crime
UK: Co-op deploys AI and secure tills amid rise in retail crime

Staff encounter multiple theft attempts weekly, with thieves targeting alcohol, cigarettes and lottery cards.

British co-operative retailer Co-op is re-inforcing its supermarket security by installing
200 secure till kiosks, locked cabinets for spirits and AI (artificial intelligence) technology to supervise self-checkouts.

The move follows a
44% increase in retail crime, equating to around 1,000 incidents daily. The UK-based grocery retailer operates a network of 2,400 stores. It reported detaining 3,361 individuals in 2023 for offences including burglary and harassment.

Co-op has already
invested £200m in security measures such as additional guards and undercover teams, but cases of shoplifting have increased by 48%, reaching 298,000 occurrences, The Guardian has reported.

In some locations,
staff encounter multiple theft attempts weekly, with thieves targeting alcohol, cigarettes and lottery cards.

Co-op food managing director Matt Hood was quoted as saying: "This is not a few opportunistic shoplifters becoming more prolific.
This is organised crime and looting. "People who are really organised can only be stopped by custodial sentences and the police. We need it to have consequences."

The retailer believes that with serious incident prioritisation and police collaboration, the issue can be addressed effectively.  retail-insight-network.com

California Gov. is Sending in More Prosecutors Amid Crime Crackdown
This week, Gov. Newsom also announced he was deploying 120 state troopers to Oakland

Gov. Newsom sending state attorneys to help prosecute crimes in Alameda County
Days after he announced he would be
sending state troopers in to help Oakland police make arrests, Gov. Gavin Newsom said he is sending prosecutors from the state to help prosecute "serious and complex" cases in Alameda County amid a crime surge.

Newsom and Attorney General Rob Bonta made a joint announcement on Thursday, describing this development as
a "partnership" with Alameda County District Attorney Pamela Price to increase the capacity to prosecute suspects involved in violent crimes, serious drug-related crimes, and property crimes - including retail theft and auto burglary - in Oakland and the East Bay.

Price has pitched herself as
a progressive with a particular philosophy of holding people accountable while also wanting to end racial disparity and mass incarceration of Black and Brown people.

But at least publicly,
she seemed to appreciate the outside prosecutorial help, even though her administration, and the past administration, has never complained that they've been short of attorneys.

"I welcome the support from the Governor in
this fight against organized retail crime and the scourge of fentanyl in our community," Alameda County District Attorney Pamela Price said in a statement distributed by Newsom's office.

The California Department of Justice
has independent prosecutorial authority and, as part of this partnership, is expected to prosecute big cases targeting major criminal networks in Oakland and the East Bay, Newsom's office said. Lawyers will be sent from the California National Guard and the state's Department of Justice.

It's Newsom's latest tough-on-crime approach. This week, he announced the
deployment of 120 CHP officers to the East Bay as part of a law enforcement surge operation, targeting auto theft, cargo theft, retail crime, violent crime, and high-visibility traffic enforcement. With so many more officers, there are bound to be more arrests, and more need to prosecute them, experts pointed out.  ktvu.com

Click here to read the D&D Daily's initial coverage of Newsom's troop deployment

Chicago's Criminal Gangs Recruiting Migrants for Crime Sprees
Chicagoland criminals expanding enterprises by training migrants for suburban crime sprees

'And the police officers are saying, "Just forget it. Why bother? Why bother even making the arrest?"' retired chief says

Criminal enterprises in the Chicago area are benefiting from the migrant crisis as they
recruit illegal immigrants to carry out crimes with little legal repercussions, a former Illinois police chief says.

Chicago and its surrounding areas have been the target of repeated migrant crimes, including quiet suburban malls seeing
groups of people who illegally entered the U.S. ripping off department stores such as Macy's.

Since August 2022,
Chicago has seen an estimated 35,000 migrants flood the city after they illegally crossed the southern border in Texas, which bussed or flew them north.

The former police chief said that before the migrant crisis exploded in northern cities,
Chicago was already dealing with 2020's crime wave that seeped into suburban towns.

"Individuals from the city, gang members, and even gang enterprises, would
send individuals out to the suburbs to commit crimes at the suburban malls or residential areas for burglaries. And they would always flee back east to Chicago. That was a pattern that happened every single week," Weitzel said of crime issues pre-migrant crisis.

Now, the pool of criminals has seemingly expanded as
some migrants land in the city and link up with criminals, gangs and criminal businesses that show them the ropes on how and where to commit crime, Weitzel said.

Migrants are dropped off at landing zones and "immediately targeted by these organizations to go out and commit crime," Weitzel said. foxnews.com

Deep Dive Into ORC Rings in Florida
How organized retail theft rings operate in Central Florida
The thieves operate in groups, stealing thousands of dollars worth of items like expensive power tools, designer clothes and beauty products-- often in broad daylight. But what cameras don't always show is what comes next.

Former Melbourne investigator Mark Jennewein says it first seemed like individual shoplifting cases. Then, investigators were able to
connect the dots-- to the suspects, the items, and then the e-commerce sites like Facebook Marketplace. They sell it at absurdly low prices.

Detective Christopher Thomas says these rings often start locally, and the longer they operate, the larger their footprint becomes. "All of a sudden, we're
crossing borders into Georgia, and then up to east coast and over to Texas," Thomas said.

The Melbourne-based ring
eventually stretched from Kentucky to Panama.

The investigators say there's larger scale groups,
some based overseas that travel to steal merchandise from Central Florida stores.

often recruit homeless people or juveniles to go into stores to shoplift and turn it over to the group for fast cash.

Theft rings in Florida have also been
connected to other crimes like money laundering and drug trafficking.

These rings are of even more concern because of all the money retailers have lost in the last couple years. Florida alone lost over $5 billion in retail theft last year. Nationwide,
the losses added up to $112 billion.

Researchers project retail theft
could cost retailers over $140 billion next year. wftv.com

D.C. Lawmakers Seek to Cut Felony Theft Threshold in Half
Business owners react to DC bill that makes retail theft over $500 a felony
In the age of smash-and-grabs and flash mob robberies across D.C., l
ocal business owners are divided on whether the Secure D.C. omnibus legislative package will help them.

One aspect of the legislation
would make retail theft a felony at $500 instead of $1,000 as it is now. Peter Wood, the Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner chairman for the Adams Morgan area, feels that change could help.

I hope it succeeds," he told 7News. "I'm just skeptical that that in and of itself will be the thing that makes circumstances better." Ifat Pridan, who owns Lili The First boutique in Georgetown, doesn't think the increased penalty will help. "Do you think the thieves are coming here and saying: 'Okay, just a minute let me think, let me keep it under $500?'," Pridan said.

She would rather have more police officers patrolling retail areas. "We need to feel safer here," Pridan said. "And if we feel safer here, most probably the thieves will not feel comfortable coming here."

$500 threshold was approved in Tuesday's vote after Councilmember Janeese Lewis George withdrew her initial amendment.

D.C. Deputy Mayor for Public Safety and Justice Lindsey Appiah is hoping whatever is ultimately approved in the coming weeks gets closer to the mayor's ACT Now proposal from last year, which
calls for the felony threshold to be ten items at $250 aggregated due to an increase in thefts of household goods and more inexpensive items. wjla.com

Rising crime is turning a once thriving city into a 'ghost town'
As violent crime continues to rise in Oakland, California, businesses are forced to close and once thriving ares are now empty.

Robberies Skyrocketing in Northern Dallas This Year

How one landmark case could change America's response to mass shootings



Red Sea Attacks Impacting Retailers
Should US Retail Worry Much About the Red Sea Shipping Crisis?
Attacks on vessels by Yemen's Houthi rebels in the Red Sea have
disrupted international trade, threatening price hikes and shipment delays. Many importers are revisiting coping strategies tapped during the pandemic. The Suez Canal is the main route for shipping from Asia to Europe and the East Coast of North America.

In December, IKEA became the first major retailer to indicate it was exploring other options to secure products after major shipping companies stopped sending vessels through the Suez Canal in response to the attacks by militants protesting against the Israel-Gaza war that started in October.

Scores of container ships at the time began rerouting around southern Africa to avoid the area, adding "up to 14 extra days to a ship's journey" from Asia to Europe.

"The situation in the Suez Canal
will result in delays and may cause availability constraints for certain IKEA products," IKEA said.

Last week,
Adidas CEO Bjørn Gulden said spot freight rates "are exploding again" due to disruptions in the Red Sea.

Daniel Ervér, H&M's new CEO, told Reuters that the fast-fashion retailer is reviewing what it needs to transport via air freight, which is more costly. H&M is also continuing to invest in nearshoring in Europe and Latin America as well as buying more in-season to mitigate the disruption.

cargo is also being shifted to arrive in West Coast ports to avoid Red Sea disruption, then shipped to the East Coast via rail. Air cargo is being used by some retailers for more sensitive and timely shipments, Gold noted, while earlier shipments are being encouraged. retailwire.com

   NRF: Imports rise year-over-year in January despite Red Sea attacks

California's Workplace Safety Push
California Labor Chair Wants Audit of Workplace Safety Watchdog
The chair of the California Assembly's Labor and Employment Committee says she will seek an audit of the state's occupational health and safety authority following a hearing where farmworkers described
regulators as understaffed, unresponsive, and out of touch.

The hearing Wednesday underscored how
California's reputation for progressive labor laws doesn't necessarily translate to protections for workers-many of them immigrants-in the industry behind some of the state's most iconic products, including its famed wine and the bulk of the world's almonds.

Acting Cal/OSHA chief Debra Lee responded that she was
"very concerned" to hear inspectors might be informing employers of upcoming inspections. She also said that her agency plans to start a unit focused on safety in agricultural work, with a hotline in multiple languages for workers and advocates to report violations.

Last year during "hot labor summer,"
unions, worker advocates and their supporters in the Legislature pushed, often successfully, for wage increases and more benefits. This year, they're focusing more on enforcing worker protections.

That was the message from an Assembly Labor Committee hearing on Wednesday, where farmworkers and their advocates complained that Cal/OSHA, the
state's workplace safety agency, isn't doing the job, explains CalMatters' Jeanne Kuang. calmatters.org news.bloomberglaw.com latimes.com

'Just Walk Out' Clone Rolled Out at Aldi
Aldi is the latest grocery store to use a rival version of Amazon's Just Walk Out tech

The technology, from startup Grabango, has been used at a Chicago-area Aldi store since November.

Aldi is the latest retailer to add in-store technology that
functions like Amazon's Just Walk Out checkout system.

The discount grocer reportedly installed a computer vision system from startup Grabango in
a store in the Chicago suburb of Aurora, Illinois, near Aldi's US headquarters, according to Grocery Dive. The system has been operational at the supermarket since November, a Grabango representative at the store told Grocery Dive.

Like Amazon's Just Walk Out, Grabango's technology allows customers to
download an app on their phone and add their credit card information. From there, they can shop around the store as cameras keep track of what they pick up. businessinsider.com

Shein to expand U.S. footprint with new supply chain office
A global fast fashion retailer seeks to support its rapidly growing U.S. business. The nearly 10,000-sq.-ft. office space at Bellevue's Key Center will serve as a hub for the company's U.S. fulfillment and logistics, as it attempts localize and support speedier delivery times for American customers.

CFO shakeup at Costco, Kroger

Foot Locker COO names 4 skills crucial to supply chain leaders

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Scale Production Module Datasheet

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In Case You Missed It

OpenEye White Paper: Video Security Hardening and Best Practices

Security is a top priority for companies doing business in the cloud, so it's crucial for companies to reduce the risk of data breaches and unwanted access to vital information within their organizations. To help with that OpenEye is sharing some resources to support your cybersecurity efforts in honor of Cybersecurity Awareness Month.

OpenEye Web Services (OWS) is a scalable and highly secure cloud-managed video surveillance solution that not only simplifies operations and management by moving these functions to the cloud, but also protects and manages the integrity of your data.

In the guide below, OpenEye provides recommendations for secure installation, configuration, and operation of the OWS platform to ensure it stays safe against all attack vectors. By making sure all of your security systems are properly in place, you can fortify your cybersecurity measures to securely protect your data and information.

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Ransomware Made a Massive Comeback in 2023
Ransomware Payments Exceed $1 Billion in 2023, Hitting Record High After 2022 Decline
2023 marks a major comeback for ransomware, with record-breaking payments and a substantial increase in the scope and complexity of attacks - a significant reversal from the decline observed in 2022, which we forewarned in our Mid-Year Crime Update.

Ransomware payments in 2023 surpassed the
$1 billion mark, the highest number ever observed. Although 2022 saw a decline in ransomware payment volume, the overall trend line from 2019 to 2023 indicates that ransomware is an escalating problem. Keep in mind that this number does not capture the economic impact of productivity loss and repair costs associated with attacks. This is evident in cases like the ALPHV-BlackCat and Scattered Spider's bold targeting of MGM resorts. While MGM did not pay the ransom, it estimates damages cost the business over $100 million.

The ransomware landscape is
not only prolific but continually expanding, making it challenging to monitor every incident or trace all ransom payments made in cryptocurrencies. It is important to recognize that our figures are conservative estimates, likely to increase as new ransomware addresses are discovered over time. For instance, our initial reporting for 2022 in last year's crime report showed $457 million in ransoms, but this figure has since been revised upward by 24.1%. chainalysis.com

'Threat actors are getting past the first line of defense'
IoT Networks Face Advancing Adversaries, Bug Barrage

Cyberattacks on critical infrastructure targeting IoT and OS networks are increasing in sophistication, while ICS vulnerabilities surge, new data shows.

AdvertisementNew telemetry data from Internet of Things and operational technology networks brings into sharp focus the risks associated with IoT and OT installations: These networks are subject to highly sophisticated attacks, while in tandem, the volume of vulnerabilities associated with each explodes. And consequently, IoT and OT networks pose even greater risks than generally acknowledged.

Data from the last half of 2023 analyzed by Nozomi Networks showed the largest portion of threats to IoT and OT networks were
network anomalies and attacks, with sophisticated tactics like TCP flood and network scans being most popular, the company said in a new report.

"These trends should serve as a
warning that attackers are adopting more sophisticated methods to directly target critical infrastructure, and could be indicative of rising global hostilities," Chris Grove, director of cybersecurity strategy at Nozomi Networks, said in a statement about the new data. "The significant uptick in anomalies could mean that the threat actors are getting past the first line of defense while penetrating deeper than many would have initially believed, which would require a high level of sophistication."

Meanwhile, tried-and-true IoT and OT cyberattack approaches like access control and authorization threats, including brute force and multiple login attacks, were up too - by 123%.

A bit of good news: There was a 12% dip in daily cyberattacks against IoT devices during the last half of 2023. darkreading.com

U.S. Under Attack By Chinese Cyberattackers
China's Cyberattackers Maneuver to Disrupt US Critical Infrastructure

Volt Typhoon is positioning itself to physically disrupt and cripple US critical infrastructure by gaining access to operational technology networks in the energy, water, communications, and transportation sectors, according to CISA.

The US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has issued a report detailing how the China-backed Volt Typhoon advanced persistent threat (APT) is consistently targeting highly sensitive critical infrastructure, with new information on the cyberattackers' pivot to operational technology (OT) networks once they've burrowed inside.

Given that the OT network is responsible for the physical functions of industrial control systems (ICS) and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) equipment, the findings clearly corroborate the ongoing suspicion that Chinese hackers are looking to be
able to disrupt critical physical operations in energy, water utilities, communications, and transportation, presumably to cause panic and discord in the event of a kinetic conflagration between the US and China.

"Volt Typhoon actors are pre-positioning themselves on IT networks to enable lateral movement to OT assets to disrupt functions," according to CISA's Volt Typhoon advisory. [We] "are concerned about the potential for these actors to
use their network access for disruptive effects in the event of potential geopolitical tensions and/or military conflicts. darkreading.com

AI chatbots are making cybersecurity work much easier

10 tips for creating your security hackathon playbook







AI Revolutionizing Retail
Personalizing the Shopping Experience Amid Rapid Adoption
The retail shopping experience is changing fast - and in big ways, thanks to artificial intelligence, generative AI (GenAI) and predictive AI.
From pricing and personalization to marketing and merchandising, it's a retail gamechanger.

But what's driving the need for this innovation? In a recent report from IBM's Institute for Business Value, researchers said the "retail landscape is undergoing a transformation, propelled by changes in consumer preferences and advancements in new technologies."

The report's authors said
today's shoppers are discerning and "expect a tailored shopping journey, complete with the convenience of product choices, detailed information, diverse payment methods and a seamless integration of in-store and online experiences that cater to their individual preferences."

"Generative AI can help address these expectations, creating retail environments as intuitive and unified as they are finely tuned to individual needs," IBM said.

In a separate survey of consumers from tech provider Intellias, researchers found that shoppers are using AI in different ways every day. The company said U.S. shoppers polled "are
increasingly expecting retailers to leverage AI to improve their buying journeys."

To address the "why does all this matter?" question, Salesforce, using its own surveys, said
83 percent of global retailers have seen operational efficiency improvements with AI. "And 63 percent of marketers say that trusted customer data is important to implementing generative AI in their businesses," Salesforce said. "Retailers need a solution that can bring all of their customer data together into one trusted platform and use it to power the most efficient, AI-driven retail experiences."

The complete integration of its solution includes
several e-commerce features such as Salesforce "Page Designer," which allows retailers and brands to customize and design pages more quickly.

"Return Insights in Order Management" is also available and
helps brands analyze data to look at patterns in return activity. It uses AI "to prompt retailers to make product display changes that minimize future returns," the company said in a statement. footwearnews.com

Amazon Blasted for More 'Union-Busting Tactics'
UK: Amazon accused of using 'union-busting' tactics at Midlands warehouses

Claim comes as GMB union prepares for three days of strike action at tech company's Coventry warehouse

The GMB has accused Amazon of resorting to
"union-busting" tactics at its warehouses in the Midlands, with workplace message boards telling staff: "We want to speak with you. A union wants to speak for you."

The claim comes as the union prepares to take three days of strike action next week at Amazon's Coventry warehouse, known as BHX4, as part of an industrial dispute that has been going on for more than a year.
Staff are demanding a pay increase to £15 an hour and the right to negotiate with the company over pay and conditions.

The Guardian has seen photographs of information boards and company newsletters the GMB said were displayed inside BHX4 and other Amazon warehouses in the region. These show messages including: "The union wants you to pay £14.37 every month for them to speak for you.
We believe having a voice shouldn't cost you anything," and: "You don't have to join a union to have your voice heard. We've got you."

Gary Smith, the GMB's general secretary, said: "Let's call this what it is:
one of the world's wealthiest companies engaged in union-busting right here in the UK."  theguardian.com

Amazon worker knifed in face in brazen NYC attack

Track your online shopping purchases with this app





Berkeley, CA: 3 arrested after stealing 75 iPhones from Apple Store
Police arrested three people in connection with the theft of 75 iPhones from the Berkeley Apple Store on Wednesday. In an update Wednesday evening, police said that one person went into the Berkeley Apple Store, at 1823 Fourth St., and took approximately 75 phones at about 12:20 p.m. "Detectives worked with CHP, OPD and Emeryville PD to successfully track the phones and take three adults into custody in Oakland," Berkeley police said in a prepared statement. "The phones were recovered. It is still early in the investigation, however, this crew may be responsible for several organized retail theft crimes" from the Berkeley Apple Store. The names of the arrested individuals, two men and a woman, were not available as of publication time.  berkeleyscanner.com

Emeryville, CA: Why a police car did not stop an Apple Store theft in Emeryville
A video making the rounds on social media this week shows a man taking phones from an Apple Store in the East Bay before walking out of the store past a police car. The Emeryville Police Department confirmed that the video happened at the Emeryville Apple Store, located at 5640 Bay St. A caption on the video incorrectly states the burglary happened in Oakland. The video shows a man wearing black clothing and a ski mask ripping phones out of their display stations and stuffing them into his pockets as customers stand and watch. It totaled 2.1 million views on TikTok and 6.7 million views on X as of Wednesday night. An EPD car was parked outside the store, and the thief was shown walking right past it. Police explained why the cop car seen in the video did not deter the thief. "The police vehicle out front of the store is the department's 'ghost car' which is parked at various locations to be a police presence, to try and prevent criminal activity. No EPD Officer was present was [sic] this crime occurred," EPD said. The theft happened at 10:27 a.m. on Monday. EPD said nobody was injured. The Apple Store had been closed for the last few months of 2023 and reopened in January, the E'Ville Eye reported. The Berkeley Apple Store has also been a target for theft in 2024. In the first month of the year, 58 iPhones and 10 laptops were stolen from that location. 

Waukesha, WI: Father in alleged family shoplifting ring being deported
The father of a Romanian family where at least three people have been charged with shoplifting from area Kohl's stores is being deported, according to court records. Danut Constantin, 35, and Gabriella Constantin, 17, were charged last summer with one and three counts of felony retail theft, respectively, with another misdemeanor count filed against Gabriella Constantin last October. Last September, her brother Andrei Constantin, 17, also was charged with three counts of felony retail theft. In a hearing Monday, Danut Constantin's attorney Kirk Redetzke reported that his client has been deported. Redetzke asked that Constantin's $35,000 cash bail be returned to the person who posted it. That person, a Colorado woman, also requested the bail be refunded to her, saying it had been borrowed from friends. Reserve Judge Paul Reilly approved that and issued a warrant for Constantin's arrest. The charges came after they allegedly committed thefts at Kohl's stores in Brookfield, Sussex, Muskego, Greenfield and Delafield. A loss prevention supervisor from Kohl's indicated the family was a well-organized group that has been active at Kohl's stores nationwide and provided authorities with
case files showing the same suspects involved in thefts in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Illinois and Indiana totaling over $36,000, the complaint said.  gmtoday.com

Wake Forest, NC: Police looking to identify theft suspects; hit Walmart and Target
Wake Forest police are asking for the public's help in identifying Walmart and Target theft suspects. Police said the subjects are wanted for questioning in connection with several thefts in recent weeks at Target (12000 Retail Drive) and Walmart (2114 South Main Street). The subjects are believed to be involved in other thefts at other locations. 

Snyder County, PA: $2.5K worth of items stolen from central Pa. Best Buy

Nashville, TN: Woman arrested, 2 got away after stealing nearly $2,500 worth of merchandise from Dollar General and Ulta

Oklahoma City, OK: Two suspects wanted in Best Buy theft in Oklahoma City


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Shootings & Deaths

Richmond, VA: Employee shot, killed after reported robbery at Latino market, restaurant in Richmond's Southside
A man was found dead with a gunshot wound at Lindo Amanecer, a Latino market and restaurant, along Broad Rock Boulevard in Richmond's Southside Wednesday morning. At 10:30 a.m. Wednesday, Feb. 7, officers with the Richmond Police Department were called to the market, located at 3020 Broad Rock Boulevard, for the report of a stolen item and a person injured. According to police, when officers arrived, the call was "clarified to be a robbery and a shooting at the location." Officers found a man, who was an employee of the business, down and unresponsive with an apparent gunshot wound. He was pronounced dead at the scene. Police did not identify the victim.  wric.com

Tourist shot in leg Times Square store; gunman at large
A Brazilian tourist was shot in the leg at a store in Times Square Thursday evening, police said. The woman was at JD Sports on Broadway when three men were stopped by a loss prevention officer for allegedly shoplifting around 7 p.m., according to authorities. Police said the guard took a shopping bag the men had and asked to see a receipt. That's when one of the men took off running, according to authorities.
The man who was holding the bag, dressed in white, pulled out a gun and shot at the security guard, according to authorities. Police said the gunman missed and hit the tourist in her left leg. She was rushed to NYC Health + Hospitals/Bellevue, officials said. The gunman then fled into a crowded Midtown, according to authorities. Police said the pursuit continued up 6th Avenue to Rockefeller Center, where the gunman tried to take off his jacket and hat to lose the officers following him. Another officer spotted the armed suspect, who was still dressed in all white, according to authorities. Police said the gunman fired shots again, causing people to duck for cover. Officers didn't return fire since the area was crowded, according to authorities. Police said the gunman was able to flee into the subway. Two of the suspects have been caught, according to authorities. Police are still searching for the gunman, described as being roughly 15-20 years of age.  pix11.com

Robberies, Incidents & Thefts

Escambia County, FL: Update: Woman sentenced to life in prison for pouring gasoline on store clerk
Florida State Attorney Ginger Bowden Madden announced Wednesday a homeless woman was sentenced to life in state prison by Judge Linda Nobles for attempted first-degree murder. The incident occurred on March 30, 2022, at Circle K at 4501 North W St. According to a release, Betty Jean McFadden poured gasoline on a store clerk and set her on fire. It was initially reported McFadden would not stand trial after being deemed mentally unstable in September 2022. McFadden entered a plea to Judge Nobles in November. The Escambia County Sheriff's Office investigated the incident. Assistant State Attorney Alvin "Trey" Myers prosecuted the case on behalf of Bowden Madden.  mypanhandle.com

Two indicted for Armed Robbery spree in Columbia, MO and KC
The federal indictment alleges that Smith, Cason, and Collins participated in a conspiracy to commit a series of armed robberies from Jan. 5, 2023, to Jan. 8, 2023. In addition to the conspiracy, they are each charged together with five counts of robbery and five counts of brandishing a firearm during a crime of violence. The indictment alleges that Smith, Cason, and Collins committed five armed robberies: Petromart, Columbia, Mo.,Breaktime , Boonville, Mo., Casey's, Oak Grove, Mo., Casey's, Joplin, Mo. Lamarti's Truck Stop, Lamar, Mo. all in Jan of 2023.  kttn.com

Suffolk County, NY: Police search for man who stole 1 sneaker from Dick's Sporting Goods at Smith Haven Mall
Suffolk County police say the man attempted to leave the store with a pair of Air Jordan sneakers. A loss prevention employee attempted to stop him and swatted the box of shoes out of the man's hands. The suspect picked up one of the sneakers and fled the store.  longisland.news12.com

Plain City, OH: Ohio brewery closes its doors after employee admits to stealing over $200,000



Best Buy - Oklahoma City, OK - Robbery
Best Buy - Aberdeen, NC - Robbery
Best Buy - Snyder County, PA - Robbery
C-Store - Hickman City, KY - Burglary
C-Store - Constantia, NY - Robbery
C-Store - Bronx, NY - Robbery
C-Store - Oswego County, NY - Armed Robbery
Cellphone - Berkeley, CA - Robbery
Clothing - Granton, WI - Robbery
Grocery - Rochester, NY - Burglary
Guns - Omaha, NE - Burglary
Guns - North Port, FL - Burglary
Jewelry - Fullerton, CA - Armed Robbery / Shots fired
Jewelry - Baton Rouge, LA - Robbery
Jewelry - St. Augustine, FL - Robbery
Jewelry - Kissimmee, FL - Robbery
Macy's - Monroeville, PA - Robbery
Restaurant - Memphis, TN - Armed Robbery
Restaurant - Madison County, NY - Burglary
Restaurant - Jacksonville, FL - Burglary
Restaurant - San Pablo, CA - Burglary
Restaurant - Memphis, TN - Burglary
Restaurant - Clay County, IL - Burglary
Sports - Redding, CA - Robbery
Target - Wake Forest, NC - Robbery
Vape - Chicago, IL - Burglary
Walmart - Wake Forest, NC - Robbery                                           


Daily Totals:
• 17 robberies
• 10 burglaries
• 1 shooting
• 0 killed


Weekly Totals:
• 98 robberies
• 42 burglaries
• 5 shootings
• 2 killed

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The Asset Protection Specialist role at Ocean State Job Lot is responsible for protecting company assets and monitoring store activities to reduce property or financial losses. This role partners closely with store leadership and the Human Resources team, when applicable, to investigate known or suspected internal theft, external theft, and vendor fraud...

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In the 1980's, it was common practice when you resigned from a company to make copies of your files and take them with you to a certain extent. Everyone knew about it and it was almost accepted behavior. Today, it's quite different and much more serious. So much more information is available to virtually everyone that, one push of a key, and certainly a well-orchestrated effort can have dramatic consequences and can bring criminal charges. In today's world, intellectual property is a critical asset to every organization and it's the responsibility of every executive to safeguard and maintain their company's intellectual property integrity. Every organization, regardless of size, can be impacted and quite frankly most have been.

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