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'Retail Crime Uncovered' Podcast Presented by Sekura Global

The fascinating podcast hosted by Emmeline Taylor, Professor of Criminology supported by Sekura Global. Retail theft insights from leading crime and loss experts, shop staff and policing bodies. Hard-hitting interviews with ex-offenders and retail criminals.

In this episode of Retail Crime Uncovered, Emmeline catches up with
Stewart Farrell, Head of Retail Loss Prevention at Next, to check in on how the busy run up to Christmas went in terms of sales and losses. Stewart talks about some of the innovations and solutions at Next that are helping them to better track product and protect from theft and fraud. As one of the contributors to Operation Pegasus we hear about the importance of collaboration across the industry, and importantly, what’s behind the door at 10 Downing Street!

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The U.S. Crime Surge
The Retail Impact

CA's Shoplifting & Burglary Surge Concentrated in a Few Regions
At the statewide level, shoplifting jumped 29% from 2021 to 2022

Testimony: Retail Theft in California

The Little Hoover Commission held the third of four hearings on Retail Theft last week, this one focused on reporting and tracking crime statistics related to Retail Theft.

PPIC policy director and senior fellow Magnus Lofstrom testified before the commission. Here are his prepared remarks.

Recent trends in retail theft vary across the state and by type of offense—but the data indicate
a rise in shoplifting, especially in the Bay Area, and a broader rise in commercial burglary among urban counties. Concentration of increased retail theft in some areas, and likely underreporting of lower value incidents, plausibly contribute to differences in how retailers and residents perceive the problem of retail theft. More comprehensive data are needed.

It is important not to limit analyses of retail theft to shoplifting, especially given that
Proposition 47 reclassified a number of property and drug offenses from felonies to misdemeanors.

At the
statewide level, shoplifting jumped 29% from 2021 to 2022 but remains 8% below pre-pandemic levels and 17% below the 2014 rate. By contrast, commercial burglary has been ticking up in recent years; the rate rose by 16% between 2019 and 2022 and is 15% above the 2014 rate.

Only 3 of the 15 most populous counties saw increases in shoplifting from 2014 to 2022. San Mateo’s shoplifting rate almost doubled (up by 95%), while San Francisco and Alameda saw increases of 40% and 9%, respectively. Relative to pre-pandemic rates, 6 of the largest counties saw increases. Between 2014 and 2022, however, shoplifting rates fell at least 20% in 6 other populous counties and in 5 of the most populous counties from 2019 to 2022.

Increases in commercial burglary in urban counties are more widespread.
Commercial burglary rose in 10 of the state’s largest counties between 2014 and 2022; the largest increases were in Orange (98%), Los Angeles (62%), and Santa Clara (61%). ppic.org

Coordination - Aggregation - Prosecution: Keys to Fighting Retail Crime?
Three Ways to Combat Retail Crime in 2024

Retail crime creates higher prices for consumers, results in stores having to close their doors, and communities left without vital goods and services.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has focused intensely on addressing retail crime since defining it as a national crisis in a letter to Congress in March 2022.

The Chamber recommends three key steps communities should take to combat retail crime:

Coordinate resources among business and law enforcement

To effectively fight rampant crime,
local businesses must coordinate and share information on criminal strikes to discern trends and effective responses. This coordination can occur under the umbrella of a local chamber of commerce like the New Mexico Chamber of Commerce’s Organized Retail Crime Association or the Ohio Chamber’s Crime Task Force. Gathering local businesses, law enforcement, and policymakers in one setting dedicated to confronting crime fosters shared solutions that can increase community detection and quicken response efforts.

Aggregate offenses to punish repeat offenders

Prosecutors like San Diego County District Attorney Summer Stephen have advised that state laws be changed to create a separate offense for the repeated stealing of certain amounts within specific time periods. By
allowing for the aggregation of offenses against criminals, we can reduce the repeated store-by-store thefts plaguing our communities and driving businesses to close their doors.

Prosecute aggressively to combat lawlessness

Crucial to any anti-crime response is the local prosecutor. District Attorneys and County Attorneys are the gatekeepers of the criminal justice system, deciding whether arrested parties will be prosecuted. Lax prosecution of crimes against businesses sends the wrong message to business owners and communities, and only emboldens criminals. The business community should support
legislation reducing the case backlog for state and local courts, thereby freeing up prosecutors’ ability to address current crimes uschamber.com

The Political Tides Have Turned on Crime
Democrats’ next crime fight: retail theft
Democrats want to talk tough on crime in an election year. Their target — shoplifting. Successfully pursuing retail theft could rob the GOP of a winning message on criminal justice and give Democrats a national roadmap for addressing the issue.

Now New York Gov. Kathy Hochul is waging her own war on shoplifters through
a mix of tougher criminal penalties and funding in her $233 billion budget proposal. She wants to create new police teams to address the matter, while offering a tax credit for businesses to help bolster security measures.

The GOP has
effectively linked Democrats to spikes in crime, and tackling shoplifting makes political sense: Voters see everyday items under lock and key or social media videos of thieves picking shelves clean. In New York, Republicans in suburban House districts like Reps. Anthony D’Esposito and Nick LaLota clinched victory in 2022 with a focus on crime. Across the country, California could be in for a change of direction, with many officials there citing retail theft as a breaking point for the state. Getting tougher policies on crime would be a departure for the state after years of rewritten sentencing laws favored by the left.

And with 213 seats up in the New York State Legislature, competitive House races throughout the state and a fierce fight underway for the White House,
party leaders believe it is crucial for Democrats to reclaim ground on the issue of crime — particularly since they are often divided over other law enforcement matters.

Retail theft, in part, could be sustaining the concerns that
voters have consistently registered with crime as Democrats in blue states have spent years trying to scale back tough-on-crime laws to expand rights to defendants in low-level infractions.  politico.com

Crime & Violence Forces Another San Francisco Store to Shut Down
San Francisco’s oldest toy store closing due to inflation, 'perils and violence' of crime downtown
The oldest toy store in San Francisco announced this week that it is
shutting down due to the rampant crime and violence in the city’s streets, and because of inflation. Jeffrey’s Toys, the downtown San Francisco toy store that inspired Pixar’s classic "Toy Story," announced on Friday that it will be closing permanently at the end of February.

The business' attorney, Ken Sterling, told The San Francisco Chronicle, "The store has been struggling for a number of years, due to the
perils and violence of the downtown environment, inflation, the decrease in consumer spending and the demise of retail across the world."

Stern added "The family is
saddened it has come to this and we’ve explored all other options to try and keep the business going." He also noted that San Francisco officials have "their work cut out for them on how to revitalize what was once a vibrant and fun downtown experience."

Last month, Jeffrey’s Toys co-owner Greg Luhn all but predicted the demise of his business, telling a local ABC affiliate in December the
store’s future would be decided by last-minute holiday sales.

Luhn had also previously expressed worry about stores like his in the city being shuttered. He told a local NBC affiliate in December, "
We’re one of the oldest family-run stores in the city, but all of them are slowly disappearing. I hope things will change, but I know that we just can’t keep covering the loss every month without help from the city."  foxnews.com

Will Small Stores Benefit from Major Retailers' Anti-Theft Measures?
Small retailers ‘will be a haven for shoppers who hate anti-theft tactics’ while major chains jump to lock up products
Major retailers may be set to lose customers to
smaller businesses that are refusing to enforce strict anti-theft measures, according to researchers.

Molly Burke, senior retail analyst at Software Advice explained that there are numerous low-cost tactics that small businesses can employ that are effective and may even
see some shoppers turn their backs on large chains for a nicer shopping experience.

Complaints about certain anti-theft measures that are being implemented at major retailers such as locked-up items and receipt checks are flooding social media.
Some shoppers have even threatened to boycott stores that implement these techniques.

While some small businesses may implement some of the other security measures like locking away items, Burke has reassured customers that
the culture of small businesses means it is unlikely to become the norm.

This means that those shoppers turning away from large chains like Walmart, Target, and CVS because of these issues
will find a haven with smaller stores more in need of customers. the-sun.com

10% of All Mass Shootings Take Place in Illinois
Illinois and Chicago routinely lead the nation in mass shootings
In the last 11 years,
Illinois accounted for close to 10% of all mass shootings in the nation, with almost 490 across the state, killing 356 people and wounding more than 2,080 others. That’s more than California, Texas, Florida, Pennsylvania and New York — all more populous than Illinois.

And perhaps not surprisingly, the data points to Chicago as the main source for the grim record.
The city saw 34 mass shootings just in 2023, resulting in 27 deaths and 143 injuries, according to GVA data, which defines a mass shooting as four or more people shot in a single event, not including the gunman.

Those totals pushed
Chicago into the top spot nationally last year, findings closely supported by the city’s own database, which showed 32 mass shootings. In the decade worth of data reviewed by the Tribune, Chicago tallied 234 deaths and more than 1,560 injuries in 365 shootings.

At a rate of
one mass shooting every 11 days, no other city in the country even comes close. The next three cities combined didn’t have as many in the same period. In fact, if Chicago were a state, it would rank only behind California in total mass events across the decade. chicagotribune.com

Four Off-Duty Security Officers Targeted and Murdered in January
According to law enforcement, t
hree off-duty California private security officers and an Ohio off-duty security officer may have all been targeted and murdered shortly after leaving work this month.

Keith Longwood, a California security guard who often
worked at nightclubs and apartment complexes had left work on January 18th, and several hours later was found dead inside his vehicle. Police say that he was shot in the head. Investigators now believe that his death was related to his work.

A second California security officer was
shot and killed in Hawthorne during an altercation outside a restaurant. A third California security officer identified as Carlos Beltran was killed in Los Angeles. His family isn't sure why it happened, and neither are police investigators.

In the Dayton Ohio area, Montgomery County Sheriff Rob Streck recently explained to local reporters why he thinks the
shooting of a local security officer who had just left work was targeted. The off-duty nightclub security guard was shot and killed inside a vehicle early Monday morning.  privateofficer.org

California Op-Ed: Retail Thievery Is a Menace to Economy

Video: What to know about the petition to amend Prop 47

Violent crime leads to travel warnings for popular US destinations



25% of Front-Line Workers Feel Unsafe
Front-Line Workers Are Quitting at High Rates
Forty-one percent of front-line employees and 38 percent of front-line managers have changed jobs in the last 12 months, according to a global survey.

Low pay was a significant reason for quitting. With the recent market trend of employers raising pay, both workers and managers largely felt they could find better-paying jobs elsewhere. They also spoke about overdelivering and sacrificing personal time off when key operational problems went unfixed.

Front-line workers feeling the weight of inflation the most were those in:

Construction (33 percent).
Logistics (33 percent).
Retail (31 percent).
Health care (18 percent).

Being understaffed was the biggest stressor for front-line managers, the second most stressful job aspect for employees and the main factor limiting job productivity, the report found.

Workplace Safety a Growing Concern Among Employees

Nearly 1 in 4 front-line workers said they feel unsafe at work, with many experiencing growing aggression from customers, according to the Beekeeper report. Employees’ need for safety and security may be poorly understood by HR and corporate staff, who rank it as a much lower priority than their front-line colleagues do.

The findings align with a 2023 survey of 1,000 front-line workers by San Mateo, Calif.-based security platform company Verkada, which found:

About 33 percent of front-line workers felt unsafe at their workplace in the past year.
40 percent reported feeling more worried about their physical safety than they were a year ago.
49 percent of retail workers said theft and vandalism are on the rise.
76 percent of employers had a security incident in the past year.

How to Retain Front-Line Talent:  shrm.org

Walmart Superstore Manager: The High Demand & High Pay Retail Job
The $400,000 Job Without a College Degree

Walmart is giving store managers higher bonuses, stock grants as the job becomes more difficult in the e-commerce era

Amazon is cutting hundreds of jobs. So are Macy’s and Wayfair. But one retail worker is still in high demand: Walmart superstore manager. Walmart is giving bigger bonuses and adding stock awards to their annual pay packages, pushing the total compensation for the best ones to more than $400,000 a year.

The retail giant has
thousands of store managers who act as midlevel executives. Each can often oversee a store with 350 workers and $100 million in annual revenue. Many start as clerks and climb the ranks without college degrees.

Store managers will now be able to
earn up to $20,000 in annual stock grants and an up-to-200% bonus each year. The average base salary for a Walmart store manager is around $128,000. That means a successful manager of a large Walmart store can earn up to $404,000 a year in total compensation.

job has become more complex in recent years, said John Furner, Walmart U.S. chief executive. Store managers are now evaluated on and responsible for e-commerce orders sourced from their stores, said Furner, who once worked as a Walmart store manager. wsj.com

Retail is Back in Business & Landlords End COVID Rent Discounts
For Retailers, Business Is Back and Landlords Say No More Rent Discounts

Landlords’ increasing leverage is sign of retail real estate’s recent strength

Retail property owners are
shedding the discounts and other concessions they offered struggling tenants during the depths of the pandemic, the latest sign that competition for retail real estate is intensifying.

Many landlords slashed rent prices as they struggled to fill empty storefronts during the first year of the pandemic. Some felt compelled to accept a portion of monthly sales instead of a fixed rent amount from tenants whose businesses collapsed because of government-mandated closures and social distancing.

These arrangements helped retailers stay afloat, and
prevented landlords from losing valued tenants. Now, landlords are having a much easier time filling prime retail space and are far less likely to agree to these concessions, said Ed Coury, senior managing director at retail-brokerage firm RCS Real Estate Advisors.

Landlords’ increasing leverage is
another sign of retail real estate’s recent strength. Store openings outpaced closures for the second straight year in 2023 after years of net closures, according to research firm Coresight Research. Consumer spending remained resilient last year despite high inflation and recession concerns, and Americans’ views on the economy are improving at the start of 2024.

This, coupled with scant new construction of retail real estate, leaves landlords
optimistic that retailers will be vying for limited available space for the foreseeable future wsj.com

2024 Could be a Mixed Bag for Retail - But There Are Positive Indicators
Consumer Spending And Retail Health Into 2024 Remains Anyone’s Guess
Retail and consumer spending news continues to be a mix of good news / bad news. For every positive indicator, there seems to be a negative one that offsets. This is true across economic indicators related to retail and consumer spending, all the way into the actions being taken by retail winners and losers alike.

The consumer scene is not settled, and retailers depend on healthy spending to be able to move ahead with confidence. However, despite continued uncertainty and conflicting news, some
retailers are simply not waiting for the dust to settle or for the take on 2024 to become clear. And ultimately, that may be the biggest difference you’ll see between a retail winner and a loser.  forbes.com

Retailers are finding more of what they want off mall

How Taylor Swift drives & influences shopping behavior

The 3 big reasons Americans are suddenly psyched about the economy

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Genetec Shares Best Practices for International Data Privacy Day

Genetec encourages businesses and individuals to use International Data Privacy Day as an opportunity to enhance their data protection.

MONTRÉAL—In support of International Data Privacy Day, unified security, public safety, operations, and business intelligence solutions provider Genetec shared best practices to help physical security leaders protect privacy, safeguard data and enable trust without compromising security.

Genetec encourages businesses and individuals alike to use International Data Privacy Day as an opportunity to evaluate and enhance their data protection strategies. By prioritizing privacy, organizations can effectively contribute to a safer digital and physical landscape for all.

“Organizations should never have to choose between data privacy and security,” says Christian Morin, chief security officer at Genetec Inc., in the company announcement. “That’s why Genetec solutions are built on privacy by design principles so that our customers can ensure the highest levels of security while respecting personal privacy and complying with privacy laws.”

Read more here

Retail DDoS Attacks Surge 127%
StormWall reveals surge in DDoS attacks on government, retail, and energy sectors in Q4 2023

StormWall’s analysis of Q4 2023 DDoS attacks reveals a sharp increase in threats, especially targeting government, retail, and energy sectors.

The government sector saw a 162% year-over-year rise in DDoS attacks in Q4 2023, making up 21% of all incidents. This
surge is mainly due to geopolitical tensions, like those in the Middle East. In Israel, 42% of attacks targeted government websites, reflecting the Israel-Palestine conflict.

AdvertisementThe retail industry experienced a 127% increase in attacks from the previous year, accounting for 17% of all DDoS incidents, StormWall data shows. This rise is linked to major shopping events like Black Friday and the holiday season. The energy sector also saw a significant increase in Q4 2023, with a 109% rise in cyber attacks year-over-year, targeting critical infrastructure like power grids and IoT devices.

Attack methods are evolving

DDoS attacks are growing more complex, StormWall’s data says, using advanced
methods like multi-vector attacks, DNS amplification, TCP direct-path, and application layer attacks.

Another worrying trend StormWall has identified is Hyper-Volumetric HTTP DDoS Attacks. These attacks exploit the HTTP/2 Rapid Reset flaw and
can reach hundreds of millions of requests per second. This volume is much more than what applications with insufficient protection can handle.

What’s more, StormWall reports
a trend towards shorter “hit and run” style attacks, which test defenses before launching more sustained offensives. The majority of DDoS attacks repelled by StormWall’s network lasted 30 minutes or less.

Israel emerged as a top target in Q4 2023, facing 10.6% of all DDoS attacks, a major increase from less than 1% in the previous quarter. Other heavily targeted countries included China (12.6%), the USA (12.2%), and India (11.7%), in first, second and third place respectively. dailyhostnews.com

Risks of Relying on Third-Party Vendors
Third-party risk management best practices and why they matter
organizations increasingly relying on third-party vendors, upping the third-party risk management (TPRM) game has become imperative to prevent the fallout of third-party compromises.

Third-party risks

SecurityScorecard recently found that
98% of organizations are connected with at least one third-party vendor that has suffered a data breach in the last two years.

When letting a third-party vendor access an organization’s network,
potential vulnerabilities become their shared problem and a compromise can have serious consequences for both. It can result in:

• Customer service disruption
• Violation of regulations or laws
• Reputational damage
• Supply chain disruption
• Financial fraud or exposure

One third-party compromise in particular marked the year 2023:
A series of data breaches occurred due to the mass exploitation of a vulnerability in MOVEit, a popular file transfer software, leading to data theft from various international government entities and businesses.

Why you must do TPRM

Third-party risk management offers numerous advantages for companies. It enables organizations to avoid business disruptions by monitoring third-party vendor availablity, thus
providing early warning signals to allow executives to take prompt action.   helpnetsecurity.com

Secret Service Cyber Investigations Committee
Secret Service to revive the Cyber Investigations Advisory Board

The federal advisory committee will offer expert and industry advice to the agency.

The United States Secret Service is
reestablishing a federal committee to advise the agency on cyber investigations, according to a notice on the Federal Register.

The Cyber Investigations Advisory Board aims to be
an industry and expert advisory panel for the Secret Service, according to the notice, which is scheduled to be officially published on Friday.

The office was first established in 2020 as
a 16-member federal advisory committee with the goal of providing “outside strategic direction to the Secret Service’s investigative mission.” The board was created in part to overhaul the agency’s investigation practices, officials said at the time.

The advisory board will be the main avenue “
through which senior industry and other experts can engage, collaborate, and advise the USSS regarding cybersecurity and cybercrime issues,” according to the notice. cyberscoop.com

Cybercriminals embrace smarter strategies, less effort
Like drug cartels,
cybergangs are forming sophisticated organizations as joining like-minded actors can be incredibly advantageous. This spans globally with countries potentially helping each other to advance common goals and interests. We’ll see more hackers for trade, crews looking to expand their monopolies, and cyberwarfare alliances.

In 2024,
enterprising threat actors may target more publicly traded companies to gain insights to cheat the stock market or plan their attacks and sell their stash before value nosedives. Rather than breach an organization and play in the underground with stolen data, threat actors could leverage data extraction and their talents in plain sight as everyday investors.

“Today, perpetrators can come from anywhere in the world and bring with them robust resources and expertise,” added Jim Steven, Head of Crisis and Data Response Services at Experian Global Data Breach Resolution in the United Kingdom. “There are many global crime syndicates and nation-backed operations, so
companies need to invest in sophisticated prevention and response methods to protect themselves.” helpnetsecurity.com

Prioritizing cybercrime intelligence for effective decision-making in cybersecurity

Global critical infrastructure faces relentless cyber activity







Tip #2:

Heighten Email Security to Counter Generative AI Impact

Protect against the impact of generative AI on email security. Cybercriminals are utilizing AI to enhance phishing attempts, impersonating high-level decision-makers. Combat this by implementing employee awareness training and maintaining a robust overall security posture.

Watch this space every Tuesday for more of
'Tom's Tek Tips - Cybersecurity Trends'




Amazon Can't Ignore the Chinese E-Commerce Threat
Amazon Can’t Afford a Race to the Bottom

Rising popularity of Temu, TikTok and Shein may nip at sales growth, but Amazon investors are more primed for profit expansion

As Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is fond of saying: “Your margin is my opportunity.” Among Amazon’s many challengers in both its retail and cloud-computing businesses are
Chinese e-commerce players Temu and Shein, which have surged in popularity globally and even on Amazon’s home turf. The Wall Street Journal reported last month that the two—which specialize in ultracheap products and apparel produced in China—are now shipping an average of a million packages a day each in the U.S.

There is also
TikTok, which has integrated online shopping into its popular social network that now claims more than 150 million users in the U.S. The company owned by Chinese tech giant ByteDance is even setting up its own warehouse and fulfillment network in the U.S., potentially giving it more muscle to compete with Amazon’s delivery speeds.

That is still a pittance compared with the $594 billion in North American GMV that Amazon is projected to do this year, according to consensus estimates from Visible Alpha. But the need to keep growing such a huge business—
Amazon is one of only three companies in the world currently generating over $500 billion in annual revenue—while also staying out of single-digit growth purgatory means Amazon can’t afford to cede much ground in what is still its core business of online retail.

Amazon isn’t ignoring the threat. Among several changes to fees for its third-party business that Amazon announced last month was a sharp reduction in the commissions charged to sellers of apparel products priced below $20. “We believe that this is an attempt to make Amazon more competitive vs low-price apparel entrants such as Shein and Temu,” Bernstein analyst Mark Shmulik wrote in a note to clients at the time.

But Amazon still has to strike a delicate balance between keeping business while also not taking down the profit margins that are now a crucial part of its story with investors. wsj.com

Amazon's Record Investment in Data Center Complexes
Amazon investing $10 billion in Mississippi data centers
The Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud computing division of Amazon is making an historic investment in Mississippi.
AWS plans to invest $10 billion to build two data center complexes in Madison County, Miss., marking the single largest capital investment in the state’s history.

In coordination with the Madison County Economic Development Authority (MCEDA), AWS will establish multiple data center complexes in two Madison County industrial parks, which are projected to
create at least 1,000 new jobs.

This is Amazon’s
fourth big investment in its cloud-computing business in the past 12 months. In July, the company said it will invest $7.8 billion by 2030 to expand its data center operations in Ohio.

In addition, in May Amazon said it would commit $12.7 billion to expand its cloud infrastructure in India by 2030, and in January said it will invest $35 billion by 2040 to expand data centers in Virginia.

“Since 2011,
AWS has invested more than $108 billion in its infrastructure across the U.S. to support customers of all kinds, and across all industries, in their digital transformation,” said Roger Wehner, AWS director of economic development, in a corporate blog post.

Since 2010, Amazon says it has invested $2.3 billion in the state of Mississippi, including five fulfillment and sortation centers, four delivery stations, five solar farms, a wind farm, and a Whole Foods Market location. chainstoreage.com

UPS announces 12,000 job cuts, says package volume slipped last quarter

Amazon terminates iRobot deal, vacuum maker to lay off 31% of staff








Chicago, IL: Thieves steal $33,000 worth of purses in daring robbery at Von Maur
The unique items that thieves in Illinois target no longer surprise me including this theft of $33,000 worth of purses. The incident happened at a Von Maur department store in Orland Park. These were brave thieves because it happened during the middle of a busy shopping day. The two bad guys walked into the building wearing all black and masks. One was armed with a baseball bat and the other was carrying bolt cutters. The thieves approached the area where the store displayed very expensive purses. They were locked up but that's why the suspects brought the equipment. They busted open the case, grabbed a bunch of merchandise, and ran off. Their getaway car was a stolen vehicle.  1440wrok.com

Coral Springs, FL: Pair accused of stealing $20,000 worth of merch from Miami Best Buy
A woman and a man are facing charges after they allegedly stole thousands of dollars worth of items off the shelves of a Miami Best Buy.
Danielle Lorini, of Coral Springs, allegedly worked with Andrew Causa since September to steal $20,000 worth of merchandise from the store along Bird Road west of the Palmetto Expressway, authorities said. The two appeared before a judge Monday after being arrested and charged with multiple counts of grand theft. They were arrested on Sunday after they were caught on surveillance video taking items off the shelves and then leaving without paying. Lorini has no prior criminal record. The judge said she is a Broward school teacher, but it's unclear where she was working. NBC6 reached out to the Broward public school district, charter schools and private schools. Causa has an extensive criminal history and a prior stint in prison, prosecutors said.  nbcmiami.com

Brentwood, CA: Police seek suspects in $7,600 theft at Ulta
The Brentwood Police Department are asking for the public’s help in identifying two females who stole approximately $7,600 in merchandise from Ulta. The incident occurred on January 19 at the Streets of Brentwood. If you have any information regarding their identity, please call Dispatch at 925-809-7911. 

Memphis, TN: Memphis comic store robbed, thief tries to resell stolen merchandise
Smashed glass and thieves ransacking a local store. It's a pattern FOX13 has been tracking for months. But this one is a bit different. The most recent incident happened at a comic book store. "The craziest part is I wasn't even supposed to be there that day," Shannon Merrit, the owner of 901 Comics and 901 Toys, said. Surveillance video shows the exact moments three thieves wearing hooded sweatshirts break into 901 Comics on Young Ave. early Friday morning.One makes their way behind the counter and unsuccessfully tries to get into the register. Then, all three leave empty handed. Four minutes later, the same thieves broke into 901 Comics down the street. "Made my way up here, beat the police here. But the people who had broken in were already gone," Merritt said. Merritt owns both stores. Later that day, he found out someone was trying to sell merchandise to his employees and to employees at another local comic shop. 

Mahwah, NJ: 2 Macy's Robberies Totaling $800 Value & Police Apprehend Mahwah Thief at The Mall at Short Hills

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Shootings & Deaths

Wichita, KS: Update: Man sentenced for shooting, killing QuikTrip Security Guard
A man found guilty of killing a security guard in 2021 at a convenience store near downtown Wichita was sentenced to life in prison on Friday. Laroy West shot and killed William Robinson during a fight outside what was then Quiktrip, located at Murdock and Broadway. Police said Robinson asked West to leave the store leading up to the fight and shooting. Paramedics rushed Robinson to the hospital in critical condition. He died two days later.
Last October, a Sedgwick County jury found West guilty of first-degree murder and two counts of criminal possession of a weapon by a convicted felon. He was found not guilty on one count of aggravated assault. West will be eligible for parole after 50 years.  kwch.com

Philadelphia, PA: Police kill suspect who shot, wounded officer at corner store
A man who shot and wounded a police officer in a corner store in north Philadelphia was killed by another officer, authorities said Saturday. Authorities were searching for another man who scooped up the shooter’s gun and fled. The shooting happened Friday night after two officers patrolling the city’s Fairhill section entered the store and approached a group of men, police said. As they tried to stop one of the men, 28-year-old Alexander Spencer scuffled with an officer and fired a shot that hit an officer in the thigh, police said. Police said the other officer then returned fire, hitting Spencer. He was taken to Temple University Hospital, where he was pronounced dead. Police said the wounded officer, who officials originally said had been hit twice, was also taken to the hospital and listed in stable condition. Police said the wounded officer has been on the force for nine years and the officer who fired has been on the force for five years; officials originally said both had been with the department for six years.  foxnews.com

Houston, TX: Update: Family Dollar store clerk shoots accused shoplifter 15 times, sentenced to 35 years
The Harris County District Attorney's Office announced Antonio E. Batres, 23, was sentenced on Friday to 35 years in prison for shooting a 49-year-old accused shoplifter, Troy Odom, in the back at a Family Dollar Store. Batres was convicted of murder by a Harris County jury in a five-day trial for the shooting on the 4500 block of Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd on April 17, 2022. Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg said."Gun violence in Harris County is out of control because of situations like this in which someone thinks they can take a life because they are mad," Ogg said. "The victim in this case had a family and was loved, and he should still be with us today." The trial revealed that Batres, a clerk at the store, and another coworker caught Odom shoplifting several bottles of motor oil, according to Ogg. A verbal argument turned into a physical fight as Odom tried to go out the front door, which an employee locked to keep him from leaving. The fight continued as the two men scuffled on the floor as Odom tried to leave. Officials say the video surveillance showed that Batres pulled a semi-automatic firearm on Odom during the fight, after which he emptied his pockets and returned the motor oil. After the front doors were unlocked, Odom left the store. As he was walking away, Batres followed him out and shot him in the back on the sidewalk in front of the store, according to authorities. The first shot caused Odom to turn around and Batres unloaded a total of 12 shots, hitting Odom in his arms, legs and torso as he raised his arms to defend himself. Heather Axline, assistant district attorney for the Trial Bureau, prosecuted the case with ADA Lindsey Pearson. Axline said, "Mr. Odom didn’t have a gun or a weapon, he was not the first aggressor, and was walking away when he was fatally shot on Easter Sunday".  fox26houston.com

Maricopa County, AZ : Shooting at Cave Creek Walmart: Suspect flees before investigators arrive on scene
A shooting at a Walmart in Cave Creek has Maricopa County Sheriff's deputies searching for a male suspect who left before investigators arrived. The shooting happened around 5:15 p.m. near Cave Creek Road and Carefree Highway on Jan. 28. "Deputies responded and after further investigation discovered that an adult male went into the store and had an argument with someone from within the store. The male then left the store and upon exiting the store, fired several shots at the store," MCSO said. No one was injured. The suspect hasn't been caught.  fox10phoenix.com

Charlotte, NC: Employee injured in shooting at Walmart in Pineville, suspect in custody
An employee was injured in a shooting near a shopping center in Pineville, according to Medic. The Pineville Police Department stated that the shooting took place around 6:30 p.m. at the Walmart on Pineville Matthews Road. According to police, Jonathan Smith was using the self-checkout station when the employee realized he did not scan chicken and dog food. He allegedly then paid for the dog food but not the chicken. The employee tried to grab the chicken and an altercation broke out, police say. Smith then allegedly left the store, came back with a gun and got into another fight. The gun, which had been in Smith’s pocket, fell out and then discharged while Smith and the employees tried to get control. One of the employees was shot in the leg. Smith was arrested and charged with assault with a deadly weapon inflicting serious injury and misdemeanor larceny of the chicken.  wect.com

Robberies, Incidents & Thefts

Delaware: Judge rejects Cabela’s attempt to move ammunition theft investigation to Federal court
U.S. District Court Judge rejects Cabela’s attempt to move the Delaware Attorney General’s investigation into ammunition theft to federal court.
State investigators believe that at least 500,000 rounds of ammunition were stolen from the Cabela’s Christiana location in less than a year - with a substantial portion of it sold to criminals in the region. Last summer, Attorney General Kathy Jennings asked Delaware Superior Court to enforce a subpoena against Cabelas after she said the company failed to substantively respond to the request after more than three months. The Delaware Department of Justice is seeking to see Cabela's records and loss prevention policies. The company attempted to move the case to federal court, but Delaware District Court Judge Richard Andrews rejected the request, saying Cabelas and its parent company “lacked an objectively reasonable basis for removal.” The investigation was sent back to the Superior Court, and the Delaware DOJ’s request for legal fees was granted. The investigation began over reports that large amounts of ammunition were being stolen from the Christiana location. DOJ says it was stored in an unsecured location and Cabela's made no apparent effort to stop the shoplifting. DOJ is investigating whether Cabela’s violated various laws, including the Keshall “KeKe” Anderson Safe Firearms Sales Act, which repeals special immunity granted to gun dealers like Cabela’s under state law.  delawarepublic.org

South Bend, IN: Thrift store a total loss to suspicious fire
The owners of a popular South Bend thrift store say their building is a complete loss after it caught fire late Sunday night. Crews were called just before 11:15 p.m. to Kingdom Closet in the 2100 block of W. Elwood Avenue. When they arrived, they said heavy fire and smoke was coming from the building. Charisse Lee has helped her community for years with Kingdom Closet, providing clothing for as little as one dollar.  wndu.com



Best Buy – Coral Springs, FL - Robbery
C-Store – Madisonville, KY – Robbery
C-Store – Rock Hill, SC – Armed Robbery
C-Store – Escambia County, FL – Burglary
Collectables – Memphis, TN - Burglary
Collectables – Memphis, TN - Burglary
Department – Chicago, IL – Robbery
Jewelry – Montebello, CA – Robbery
Jewelry – Torrance. CA – Robbery
Jewelry – Sacramento, CA – Robbery
Jewelry – Hayward, CA – Robbery
Jewelry – Daytona Beach, FL – Robbery
Jewelry – Rochester, MN – Burglary
Macy’s – Mahwah, NJ - Robbery
Macy’s – Mahwah, NJ - Robbery
Pawn – Worthington, MN – Burglary
Pharmacy – Cambria County, PA – Burglary
Restaurant – Chicago, IL – Burglary
Target – Somersworth, NH - Burglary
Ulta – Brentwood, CA – Robbery
Vape – Bay Minette, AL – Burglary                                       


Daily Totals:
• 12 robberies
• 9 burglaries
• 0 shootings
• 0 killed

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