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Axis Network Camera Frozen Below Ice Hockey Rink to Capture an Unexpected Angle

Known for its pioneering work in network technology, Axis Communications enables a smarter and safer world by creating solutions for improving security and business performance. To prove this, Axis conducted an experiment where they explored the limitations of their own technology. They did this by deploying one of their cameras in the most unexpected place - underneath the ice in an ice hockey rink.

The experiment was carried out by engineers from Axis in collaboration with a film team and ice hockey players, resulting in footage that pushes the boundaries of traditional security camera technology. The
discrete modular camera, usually seen in ATM machines, onboard vehicles and other small spaces where a tiny camera needs to fit, was now frozen inside the ice, offering a completely new angle of the action taking place above.

To capture this, a modular setup was chosen.
AXIS F2135-RE Fisheye Sensor was frozen in the ice together with a cable connecting it to the AXIS F9114 Main Unit which powered the camera sensor as well as processed the video feed coming from the sensor.

With a focus on durability,
Axis Communications' range of surveillance cameras, access control, intercom, and audio systems are engineered to withstand a wide range of extreme conditions. The cameras used in the experiment offers up to full HD/1080p at 60 frames per seconds, with an exceptional 185° field of view. Combined with good low-light performance, the cameras capture the action in color, even with temperatures as low as negative 40° degrees. securitytoday.com

The U.S. Crime Surge
The Retail Impact

ORC: A 'Huge Issue' & Hot Topic at NRF Big Show
Saks addresses organized retail crime at NRF Big Show

On day three of NRF's Big Show, retailers discussed AI applications, organized retail crime, and growing competition from Chinese brands.

Saks president Marc Metrick ended his session by addressing crime, a topic that other speakers addressed less directly throughout the show. Metrick called organized retail crime a "huge issue" facing his business and luxury ecommerce more broadly. These crimes directly impact consumer experience in a negative way, he says.

Retailers like Saks have to "put plexiglass over the experience online," he said, akin to measures taken by retailers like Walgreens in stores, where products are locked behind glass to combat theft. In practice, that means putting additional roadblocks in front of consumers for customer service help, he explained. Walgreens is No. 19 in the Top 1000.

Customer service reports of "merchandise not received" more than doubled in just a few years, Metrick said. In the past, Saks would give that customer a refund or credit for the purchase that never arrived. Now, the retailer has invested in wider fraud protections to determine if that customer has made other similar complaints or has a history of returns.

In December, the NRF retracted a previous statement on the financial impact of organized retail crime. The organization previously attributed nearly half of total retail shrink to the issue in an April 2023 report.

We stand behind the widely understood fact that organized retail crime is a serious problem impacting retailers of all sizes and communities across our nation," a spokesperson from the NRF told Digital Commerce 360 in December. digitalcommerce360.com

Watch Sessions from NRF Big Show | NRF Big show articles | NRF Big Show Pictures

To Battle Retail Theft, Calif. is Reforming the Reforms
Inside the Issues: California's divided view of Prop 47
California lawmakers are looking to put an end to the rise in organized retail theft by
reforming long-standing criminal reform laws. Commercial burglary increased by 16% from 2019 to 2022 across California, according to the Public Policy Institute of California. A driving factor for this increase is the rising of organized retail crime.

Multiple lawmakers are
focusing on Proposition 47, a ballot measure that reclassified certain non-violent property crimes under $950 of damages from felonies to misdemeanors which was passed in 2014. According to a 2022 UC Berkeley IGS poll, 59% of the people support making changes to Prop 47, while 30% don't want to see the law amended.

On the first day of the new legislative session, Assemblymember Carlos Villapudua introduced
Assembly bill 1787, a referendum to address areas of concern related to Prop 47.

"It's become kind of the norm and it should not be the norm. It's harmful. It's not just about the employees. It's not just about the businesses, but
it's been harmful for folks who have gotten injured over this," Villapudua said.

In his recent budget presentation,
Gov. Gavin Newsom criticized the idea of needing to reform Prop. 47 in order to curb the rise in retail theft.

Everyone I know is rushing to reform to raise the threshold, okay, that's not the fundamental issue," Newsom said. "That is the nature of retail theft has changed... it has become deeply organized and that's what we need to go after."

$950 felony threshold puts California as the 10th lowest amongst states. For example, Texas has the highest threshold with $2,500 needed to be stolen for the theft to become a felony. spectrumnews1.com

California Gov. Newsom Pushes Back On Effort to Lower Felony Theft Threshold
Newsom suggests ways to reduce property crime without dismantling Prop 47
Gov. Gavin Newsom said
the problem won't be solvedby changing Proposition 47, the 10-year-old law voters approved to change some felonies to misdemeanors, including thefts of items worth less than $950, which some people blame for a rise in thefts. Instead, he wants to tackle retail theft with legislation to crack down on what he called "professional thieves."

We can do it without reforming [Proposition 47] and going back to the voters," Newsom said Wednesday as he presented his annual budget proposal, which includes $374 million to combat retail theft. "I want people to know this is unacceptable. Folks need to be held to account. There's nothing right about this."

When a reporter asked Newsom about Proposition 47, he turned to the screen onstage beside him and began playing an animated bar graph outlining states' thresholds for felony theft.
Most were higher than California's $950.

"Turns out, well,
Texas, you have to steal more than $2,500 before it's a felony," Newsom said.

Though other states do have higher thresholds, critics of Proposition 47 argue that Texas does prosecute repeat offenders who have committed multiple incidences of theft.
In California, those critics say, the state does not hold repeat offenders accountable.

The Democratic governor's comments come as
some lawmakers in his own party are signaling an interest in changing Proposition 47 to address these grievances. State lawmakers praised Newsom's suggestions, but the prospect of those ideas turning into successful legislation this year remains unclear. latimes.com

ORC Impacts: Risking Profits, Community Safety & Employment Opportunities
Report: Retail Shrink & Organized Retail Crime - Mitigating Financial Losses and Lowering Safety Risks
Organized retail crime is an escalating threat that demands a coordinated response from retailers, consumers, and lawmakers.
Its tentacles reach far beyond lost profits, jeopardizing community safety, employment opportunities, and the very fabric of our society. Failure to act swiftly and decisively has dire consequences. Retailers must become proactive, investing in cutting-edge technology, empowering employees, and forging alliances with law enforcement and industry peers. We must push for robust legal frameworks that dismantle ORC networks and deter future perpetrators. This is not just an economic issue; it's a call to action to protect our communities and safeguard our shared future.

The Components and Magnitude of Retail Shrink

According to the National Retail Federation (NRF), shrink or shrinkage is the measurement of losses calculated by a retailer during a specific period of time, categorized across various means of retail loss. Measured as a percentage of sales, shrink percentage includes losses mainly caused by:

• External theft including organized retail crime
• Internal theft
• Operational errors

Shrink Rates Have Increased by 30bps Since 2017

average rate of shrink has gone from 1.3% in 2017 to 1.6% in 2022 (+30bps). While this seems like a relatively small change, it is actually massively impactful, especially when considering that shrink dollars have increased by $41 Billion or 58% over this same time period. The retail sales base is massive ($7.1 Trillion in 2022), so small increases in the shrink rate results in a large dollar impact.

Importantly, nearly all this loss is hitting stores as e-commerce (eCom) fulfillment centers are much more secure. This is creating
an outsized impact on physical retail stores 4-wall-profit. This is what several major retailers have recently been struggling with when considering the closure of stores due to unsustainable losses.

Read the full report here

'America First Policy Institute' Releases Issue Brief on Theft
Protecting America's Retailers from Theft

Key Takeaways

America's small and large retailers are facing an onslaught of theft that threatens their economic viability, places workers in dangerous situations, and damages Americans' sense of safety in their communities.

This scourge of retail crime is concentrated in large cities controlled by progressives, where prosecutors have neglected their duty to hold criminals accountable, and the local population has little confidence in the police.

To combat this crisis, policymakers should crack down on rogue progressive prosecutors, pass legislation to stymie illicit marketplaces, and restore faith in our local police.


The retailers at the heart of the American economy are struggling under a spike in retail theft. Criminals are targeting large and small retailers alike with increased sophistication, in some cases using blow torches to break through plexiglass or storming shops in large groups. From small mom-and-pop shops to large brand-name retailers, managers are
reevaluating whether operating in these conditions is feasible.

Given the retail industry's status as the Nation's largest private sector employer-providing 32 million American jobs and $1 trillion in direct labor income-any increase in closures will be devastating for American workers (National Retail Federation, 2020a). Even when stores do not close, lower sales can lead to increased prices, further squeezing consumers during a period of unprecedented inflation. Increased crime can also erode Americans' sense of safety, leading to less walk-in traffic for small businesses and a decline in community trust.

This issue brief outlines the data showing a recent rise in retail theft, examines the causes and effects of theft, and provides America First solutions to this crisis.

Click here to see the brief

Mayor Adams Exempts NYPD from New Budget Budget Cuts
NYC Mayor Adams' $109B budget spares NYPD from more cuts
Mayor Adams rolled out
a $109.4 billion budget proposal Tuesday that averts some cuts to police, sanitation, libraries and social programs, but keeps a range of other unpopular spending reductions in place even as his administration predicts city tax revenues are set to greatly improve.

The preliminary budget bid, which Adams presented in an afternoon speech at City Hall,
marks the starting point of months of negotiations between his team and the City Council before the two sides must finalize a final spending plan before the July 1 start of the 2025 fiscal year.

Citing fiscal fallout from the migrant crisis, Adams announced in November (as reported in the Daily here, here and here) the preliminary budget plan would include a so-called Program to Eliminate the Gap, or PEG, requiring all city agencies to slash their budgets by 5%. That was supposed to come on top of a 5% PEG all agencies were already subjected to in November that resulted in drastic public service reductions.

According to recent department data, there are currently about 33,500 NYPD officers - about 1,400 fewer than the department is budgeted for, and about
2,700 fewer than were on the beat in 2019.

But in Tuesday's presentation, hours after New York Gov. Hochul released her budget,
Adams said his team was able to exempt the NYPD, the FDNY, the Department of Sanitation and the city's three public library systems from the latest round of 5% cuts. As first announced last week, Adams said he's also restoring a handful of his November cuts, allowing the NYPD to reinstate a previously cancelled Police Academy class of 600 officers and the Department of Sanitation to keep 9,000 litter baskets on city streets that were initially going to be removed.

He said his administration has
managed to reduce the projected cost for caring for the tens of thousands of newly-arrived migrants in the city by $1.8 billion through the end of June 2026.  nydailynews.com   crainsnewyork.com

   RELATED: Hochul's $233B budget would spend $2B on migrants, avoid tax hikes

Crime Keeping Customers Home, Leading to Closures
Memphis restaurateurs discuss recent closings
Memphis restaurants are increasingly shuttering operations as the
struggling industry is buckling under crime, a dwindling customer base and rising costs. Numerous factors are contributing to the challenging environment facing the industry.

Among the most pressing problems is that sales and
customer counts are down by 15% to 25% from 2022 to 2023, said Deni Reilly, co-owner of Majestic Grille and Cocozza American Italian. Exacerbating the struggle is crime, which tends to cause people to stay home. And last year's near-record violence has had a tremendous impact, Reilly said.

Mike Miller, president of the Memphis Restaurant Association, said crime can happen anywhere, but he thinks the some areas are more affected than others. "Look at some of the growth in Collierville, Lakeland, Arlington, versus what's going on Downtown or Midtown, there seems to be more prevalence of crime," Miller said.

"We understand that everybody is feeling all of these pressures," Dean said. "But I do think that if more and more restaurants have to
shutter because of lack of enthusiasm or because of fear of crime, that's going to have a (harmful) effect on the vibrancy of the city."  dailymemphian.com

Schnucks reveals new anti-theft measure that will change the way you shop forever

Editor's Opinion: Congress is Running Out of Time to Pass the ORC Bill



Former Abercrombie & Fitch CEO Led 'Scheme to Recruit Men for Sex Events'
Now he's facing an FBI sex crimes investigation

Ex-Abercrombie & Fitch CEO Under FBI Investigation
FBI probes ex-Abercrombie & Fitch CEO Mike Jeffries over claims he sexually abused male models: report
The FBI has reportedly opened a criminal investigation into Abercrombie & Fitch's disgraced ex-CEO Mike Jeffries after he was accused of
orchestrating elaborate sex events to exploit and sexually abuse young male models.

The investigation is being led by FBI agents specializing in sex crimes, as well as federal prosecutors from the US Attorney's Office for the Eastern District of New York, according to the BBC, whose bombshell investigation first made Jeffries' "well-oiled machine" to "recruit" young men for sex events public.

Interviews are already underway, and potential witnesses have been subpoenaed, the BBC reported.

In October,
eight men detailed allegations of an exploitative regime led by Jeffries to the BBC, which saw the former Abercrombie & Fitch boss and his British lover, Matthew Smith, luring them to Jeffries' upscale New York residences or luxury hotels in the world's fashion capitals between 1992 and 2014.

"Recruiters" - a type of middleman alleged victims claimed misled them about the nature of Jeffries and Smith's events - received as much as $1,000 per referral, the BBC reported.

The men Jeffries allegedly abused were then
required to sign nondisclosure agreements that said they would be sued if they spoke out. They were not allowed to keep a copy of the legal document, according to the BBC. nypost.com

Read the D&D Daily's initial reporting on the sex scheme here

The 'Hook' - Victoria's Secret New York Fashion Show
Netflix Program: Ghislaine Maxwell: Filthy Rich
A number of young women/victims claimed that in recruiting them to Epstien's island
one of Maxwell's "hooks" was Epstien's relationship with The Limited's Leslie Wexner and that if he likes you, he might be able to get you involved in the annual Victoria's Secret New York Fashion Show.

In separate accounts victims mentioned that
Epstein actually "pitched himself as a talent scout" and recruiter for Victoria's Secret models. Mr. Wexner was alerted, according to the two executives.

It is unclear what if any action Mr. Wexner took in response. But the man - Jeffrey E. Epstein, a New York financier - had developed an unusually strong hold on Mr. Wexner, one of the country's most influential corporate titans.

Within years of meeting Mr. Epstein, Mr. Wexner handed him sweeping powers over his finances, philanthropy and private life, according to interviews with people who knew the men as well as court documents and financial records. And even gave Epstein his "power of attorney."

Mr. Wexner authorized him to borrow money on his behalf, to sign his tax returns, to hire people and to make acquisitions. Over the years, Mr. Epstein obtained a New York mansion, a private plane and a luxury estate in Ohio - today valued at roughly $100 million all together - previously owned by Mr. Wexner or his companies. At the same time, he drove a wedge between Mr. Wexner and longtime associates and friends.

In 1997, then 27-year-old model Alicia Arden was invited to a hotel room by Epstein, supposedly to discuss appearing in the Victoria's Secret catalog; instead, as she recalls in Angels and Demons, Epstein grabbed and tried to undress her. This took place less than a year after Epstein sexually assaulted Maria Farmer, who was working on a project for him in
Wexner's Ohio home; she testified that she "fled the room and called the police, but that Mr. Wexner's security staff refused to let her leave for 12 hours," according to the Times. netflix.com nytimes.com vogue.com

Employee Wellness Programs May Be Having Negative Effect
Workplace Wellness Programs Have Little Benefit, Study Finds

An Oxford researcher measured the effect of popular workplace mental health interventions, and discovered little to none.

Employee mental health services have become a billion-dollar industry. New hires, once they have found the restrooms and enrolled in 401(k) plans, are presented with a panoply of digital wellness solutions, mindfulness seminars, massage classes, resilience workshops, coaching sessions and sleep apps.

These programs are a point of pride for forward-thinking human resource departments, evidence that employers care about their workers. But a British researcher who analyzed survey responses from 46,336 workers at
companies that offered such programs found that people who participated in them were no better off than colleagues who did not.

The study, published this month in Industrial Relations Journal, considered the outcomes of 90 different interventions and found a single notable exception:
Workers who were given the opportunity to do charity or volunteer work did seem to have improved well-being.

Across the study's large population,
none of the other offerings - apps, coaching, relaxation classes, courses in time management or financial health - had any positive effect. Trainings on resilience and stress management actually appeared to have a negative effect. nytimes.com

Regulators Delaying Kroger-Albertsons Merger
Proposed Kroger, Albertsons merger delayed
The proposed merger between two U.S. supermarket giants is
no longer expected to be completed in March.

The Kroger Co.'s proposed $24.6 billion acquisition of rival Albertsons is now
expected to close in the first half of Kroger's fiscal year 2024 instead of early this year. The statement cited ongoing discussions with regulators as delaying the closing of the deal.  The first half of Kroger's fiscal 2024 ends on Aug. 17.

"While this is longer than we originally thought,
we knew it was a possibility and our merger agreement and divestiture plan accounted for such potential timing," the statement read.

The companies said they remain in active and
ongoing dialogue with the Federal Trade Commission and individual state attorneys general regarding their proposed merger and divestiture plan. chainstoreage.com

Amazon 'Just Walk Out' Expands with 'Badge Pay'
Amazon expands cashierless checkout to hospitals - with a new feature
Amazon has adapted its "Just Walk Out" cashierless checkout technology for use in hospitals and other health care centers.

The updated version includes a
new payment solution called "badge pay," which lets staff pay for food and beverages purchases by scanning their employee badge. The first hospital to offer the technology and the badge pay capability is St. Joseph's/Candler's Candler Hospital in Savannah, Ga. Morrison Healthcare, a national food and nutrition provider serving more than 950 hospitals and healthcare systems, operates the Just Walk Out-enabled SmartBytes store at Candler Hospital. chainstoreage.com

Survey: 'Wardrobing' contributing to retailers' returns
One-in-four U.S. consumers bought an an item with the intent to return it ("wardrobing") after use during the 2023 holiday season, according to a Harris Poll survey in partnership with Forter of more than 2,000 U.S. and more than 1,000 U.K. consumers.

TSA detects 6,737 firearms (93% loaded) at security checkpoints in 2023 - Highest total in TSA's history

Target seeing some disruption of India supplies due to Red Sea crisis

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'C' Suite Grabbing the Reigns on GenAI
GenAI Use Largely Governed By the C-Suite
CEOs, CIOs, and boards of directors are heavily involved in early generative AI efforts by enterprises, according to a study by Avasant.

A new study of nearly
200 enterprises that have already adopted some form of generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) found they have judged GenAI to be a strategic priority. As such, many have C-suite leaders involved as part of a centralized strategy of testing, deployment, and governance. But that doesn't mean these companies haven't been pushing the boundaries on use cases.

The study by Computer Economics (a service of Avasant Research),
Generative AI Strategy, Spending, and Adoption Metrics, found that 40% of the companies had put the chief information officer or IT steering committee in charge of the GenAI effort, and another 34% put the CEO or board of directors in charge. Cross-functional teams were in charge at 14% of the companies, while CFOs had lead authority at 6% of the organizations and chief risk officers at 5%.

Budget-wise, centralization also appears to be the common approach. More than four in 10 organizations (44%) said their GenAI budget was a component of their central IT budget. Another 40% said GenAI spending was housed within a different budget, sometimes within a single business unit or department.

Avasant found some exciting use cases and pilot programs occurring inside enterprises. Two companies were using AI chatbots to handle first-round interviews with job candidates. A retailer with only a small business-to-business (B2B) sales component takes B2B orders solely through a GenAI portal. A professional services company replaced their entire procurement team. And a financial services company turned over all writing of employee performance reviews to a GenAI tool.

The biggest problem with GenAI right now, said Wagner, is understanding "the art of the possible" - understanding how to govern it, what to be afraid of (cybersecurity, factual errors, results bias), and figuring out the use cases in a given industry. (See chart above.)  cfo.com

Tech CFOs Putting Money Into AI
AI ranked by tech CFOs as top 2024 investment priority

The technology also triggered concerns including the potential for data privacy risks and negative workforce impacts such as job displacement.

AdvertisementA majority (61%) of finance executives in the tech sector expect their organizations to invest in artificial intelligence this year, according to advisory services firm Grant Thornton.

In a survey of 150 industry finance leaders,
AI topped the list of areas cited as technology-related investment priorities for 2024, according to a recently published Grant Thornton report on the findings. Other such areas included cybersecurity (cited by 45% of respondents as a priority); data analytics and business intelligence (39%); data security and privacy solutions (27%); enterprise resource planning systems (25%); blockchain technology (24%); and robotic process automation (20%).

"AI technology has been around for decades, but it's recently become
a priority tool for today's business needs," the report said.

The business demand for
AI technologies has exploded since Microsoft-backed OpenAI introduced its ChatGPT tool in November 2022.

Global management consultancy firm Bain & Company reported last September that
89% of software companies were already using AI to differentiate their products - 15 percentage points higher than other sectors. The current generation of AI tools and models could help companies speed up 20% of worker tasks without a loss in quality, according to the research. cfodive.com

Sounding the Alarm Over AI Threats
NIST researchers warn of top AI security threats

State and local governments are among the organizations threatened by various exploits against AI systems, according to a recent paper.

As dozens of states
race to establish standards for how their agencies use AI to increase efficiency and streamline public-facing services, researchers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology found that artificial intelligence systems, which rely on large amounts of data to perform tasks, can malfunction when exposed to untrustworthy data, according a report published last week.

The report, part of a broader effort by the institute to support the development of trustworthy AI, found that
cyber criminals can deliberately confuse or "poison" AI systems to make them malfunction by exposing them to bad data. And what's more, according to the study, there's no one-size-fits-all defense that developers or cybersecurity experts can implement to protect AI systems.

Researchers warned that some AI training data - such as websites with inaccurate information or undesirable interactions with the public -
may not be trustworthy and could cause AI systems to perform in an unintended manner. Chatbots, for example, might learn to respond with abusive or racist language when their guardrails get circumvented by carefully crafted malicious prompts. statescoop.com

White House moves to ease education requirements for federal cyber contracting jobs

Growing pains at the Bureau of Cyberspace and Digital Policy, report finds







Heads Up - This Needs Security Attention

Who's Managing Your Travel Department? They may need additional training.
Hackers impersonating hotels on Booking.com launch aggressive phishing campaign
Amidst the ever-escalating cybersecurity arms race, social engineering tactics have manifested in a new, sinister way.
With the advent of generative AI technology like ChatGPT, threat actors can create more convincing phishing messages than ever before, and in the hospitality sector, an industry that relies on prompt customer service, hostile use of sophisticated social engineering techniques can spell disaster for even the most cyber-prepared organizations as well as the customers who rely on them.

Hackers targeting this industry have spoofed the popular website Booking.com, an online service travelers can use to reserve hotel rooms, rent cars, or book flights, to scout for victims. This threat was first detected by prevention-as-a-service company Perception Point, which found that
cyber criminals were using InfoStealer malware to access personal guest information through compromised hotel accounts on the website.

Cybercriminals using standard phishing methods may attempt to redirect hotel representatives to spoofed review websites or Extranet login pages to harvest account information. Others pose as guests asking hotels to confirm reservation details using fake Booking.com mirrors.
One method, however, is much more involved. securityinformed.com

Amazon One-Time Password 'Scam'
Grieving mother falls victim to Amazon one-time password 'scam'

Clare Buchanan left empty-handed after a MacBook Air from Amazon went missing in 'known scam'

A grieving mother was left distraught by Amazon after a laptop bought to plan her child's funeral disappeared in an alleged scam - despite the website
claiming to protect the purchase with a one-time password.

When the laptop arrived, the courier refused to release the parcel, claiming there was a problem with the one-time password (OTP),
a six-digit code that Amazon issues to customers to verify deliveries. The laptop was then recorded as delivered. Amazon refused a refund because tracking claimed it had been handed over.

Amazon issued a refund and promised an investigation after Guardian Money intervened. OTPs were launched by Amazon to provide extra security for high-value orders.
The company is the only delivery service to use the system, otherwise commonly used by financial companies to verify online transactions. theguardian.com

U.S. online grocery sales down 1.2% in 2023 year-over-year

Online Customers' Shopping Mantra: Faster Shipping, Free Returns








Newington, CT: Thieves steal thousands worth of audio equipment from business
Police in Newington are investigating after a smash-and-grab burglary at a business on the Berlin Turnpike. The thieves used an SUV to break into New England Audio and Tinting, backing the vehicle up to the window to shatter it, and then walked inside and stole equipment. "They knew how to angle their vehicle. They were here to get the products and get out," said Miriam Gonzalez, whose husband owns the shop. "They rammed their vehicle into the window, hopped right out, came right through this damage here and took amp kits, amplifiers, subwoofers. All of those products that go into audio systems." Surveillance video captured the thieves taking items out of the store one by one, and packing them into the SUV. One person was wearing a reflective vest, and the other was wearing dark clothing. "They were loading up, loading up as much as they could into their vehicle, and, I mean, one of them was even hanging off the door as they sped away. That's how much product they took," Gonzalez said.  nbcconnecticut.com

Summerfield, FL: Serial shoplifter nabbed with cartload of stolen merchandise at Walmart
A serial shoplifter was nabbed with a cartload of stolen merchandise at Walmart. Esther Sophia Holman, 26, of Belleview, was at the store in Summerfield on Sunday when she loaded her shopping cart with $455 in merchandise and pushed it out of the store without paying for the items, according to an arrest report from the Marion County Sheriff's Office. The Texas native was detained by a loss prevention agent. The incident was captured on video surveillance. She has previous theft convictions, including a 2016 arrest when she was living in The Villages and fled with merchandise from a store at Southern Trace Plaza. 

Springfield, IL: A Springfield man was arrested and is facing charges after police said he stole $3,500 worth of perfume from Ulta
Officials say Larry Coleman, 21, is awaiting formal charges from the Sangamon County State's Attorney's Office. On Friday at 6:45 p.m. Springfield Police officers responded to a report of a retail theft occurring at Ulta, 2733 S. Veterans Parkway. After viewing surveillance video of the theft, responding officers were able to identify the suspect from previous contacts. Approximately $3,500 in perfume was stolen from the business. Responding officers were in contact with a Springfield Police detective who was currently working cases involving the suspect. 

Forsyth County, GA: Norcross man charged with $2800 felony shoplifting at Target
Forsyth County deputies arrested a 41-year-old Norcross man Jan. 3 who allegedly stole more than $2,800 in merchandise from Target on Peachtree Parkway in November. Target loss prevention employees reported the suspect swiped $1,634 worth of goods Nov. 24. He allegedly returned Nov. 29 and stole an additional $1,179 in merchandise. The employee reported the suspect
shoplifted 14 electric shavers, a microwave and a cooking set Nov. 24. On Nov. 29, he allegedly swiped steaks, a coffee maker, a speaker, a Nintendo Switch controller and case, and two Lego sets. The employee said the man was previously arrested for shoplifting at Target in DeKalb County. He was charged with three felony counts of theft by shoplifting and is being held at the Forsyth County Jail on a $10,080 bond.  appenmedia.com

Salina, KS: Update: Police attempt to identify 3 seen loading stolen Target items into back of U-Haul
Police in Salina are attempting to identify three individuals seen stealing more than $1,700 in Target items and loading them into the back of a U-Haul. The Salina Police Department says that around 9:50 p.m. on Dec. 18, law enforcement officials were called to the Target at 2939 Market Pl. with reports of a theft. When first responders arrived, they said they were told three men had entered the store and took around $1,720 in merchandise without paying for it. SPD noted that stolen merchandise included multiple Lego sets, clothing items, personal care items and miscellaneous household items. 

Shippensburg, PA: Trio of Maryland residents arrested for stealing "thousands of dollars" of merchandise from Shippensburg Walmart

Auburn Hills, MI: Thieves Steal $11K Worth Of Jewelry From Auburn Hills Mall

Oak Park, IL: Sledgehammer Smash-and-Grab at Smoke Shop Nets $3,800

Danville, VA: Police looking for suspects in 5 dirt bikes stolen from dealership

Seal Beach, CA: Police Partner With Businesses to Combat Organized Theft

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Shootings & Deaths

Minneapolis, MN: Shooting at northeast Minneapolis Quarry shopping center leaves one dead
A 19-year-old man is dead and another man is in custody following a shooting at a parking lot in Minneapolis. According to police, officers responded at 3:45 p.m. Monday to the report of a shooting at 1650 New Brighton Blvd., which is a parking lot outside of a Target at the Quarry Shopping Center. When officers arrived, they found a 19-year-old on the ground suffering from a gunshot wound. He was treated at the scene and taken to Hennepin Healthcare, where he later died. Police say preliminary information has determined that a physical altercation led to the shooting. A 20-year-old man who was involved remained at the scene. After speaking with police, the man was booked in Hennepin County Jail for a pending charge of murder.  cbsnews.com

DeKalb County, GA: Gas Station clerk beaten to death, suspect in custody
A store clerk was beaten to death in DeKalb County Tuesday, according to the police department. The DeKalb Police Department said officers responded to a call about a person assaulted at the 3300 block of Snapfinger Road, which is near a Chevron gas station. Details are limited at this time. The suspect, who police identified as Julian Faulkner, was taken into custody without incident.  youtube.com

Milwaukee, WI: Update: Man charged with killing gas station clerk over ice cream cones
Prosecutors filed charges Tuesday in the killing of a Milwaukee gas station clerk shot over ice cream cones. Sunny Arimnuta, 54, was working at the Quik Mart Discount near Appleton and Hampton avenues on Oct. 20. According to a criminal complaint, a woman left the store without paying for ice cream cones, and Arimnuta followed her out. The complaint says a man who was with the woman then shot the clerk. Prosecutors charged 19-year-old Fredrick Harmon with first-degree intentional homicide and 40-year-old Denika White with harboring or aiding a felon. Arrest warrants have also been issued.  wisn.com

Augusta, GA: String of shootings at convenience store has city leaders calling for action

Robberies, Incidents & Thefts

Fayetteville, NC: Gunman among 4 sought in Fayetteville Circle K robbery Cumberland County deputies say
Cumberland County deputies are trying to identify suspects involved in an armed robbery of a convenience store in Fayetteville early Friday morning. The incident happened around 4:45 a.m. at the Circle K store at 1571 McArthur Road near the intersection with Honeycutt Road in north Fayetteville, according to a Sunday news release from the Cumberland County Sheriff's Office.  cbs17.com

Phoenix, AZ: 2 arrested in Apache County following series of shopping, armed robbery incidents
Two men were arrested in Apache County after police say they were involved in shoplifting and armed robbery incidents. On Jan. 10, the Apache County Sheriff's Office says the suspects shoplifted from a Speedway gas station and a Dollar General in Sanders, Arizona. Those incidents, investigators say, led to an armed robbery at Pizza Edge on the Navajo Nation. The suspects were in a dark gray Chrysler sedan with Ohio license plates. They were found by police when their car became disabled while heading toward St. Johns, Arizona. They were arrested and booked into jail on suspicion of armed robbery, conspiracy and shoplifting.  fox10phoenix.com

Bethesda, MD: AT&T Armed Robbery Suspect Photo Released By MoCo Police

Reading, PA: Family Dollar employee charged with $15,000 theft

Sioux Falls, SD: Shoplifting leads to weapons violation at Sioux Falls Walmart

DOJ: Fort Pierce armed robbers duo get 121 months & 87 months respectively in Fed. Prison for armed robbery of food mart store.


European manufacturers lose nearly $17.5B yearly to counterfeits
Counterfeit products cost European clothes, cosmetics and toy makers to
lose around 16 billion euros (nearly $17.5 billion) in sales annually, according to a study published Tuesday. Around 200,000 jobs have also been lost as a result of the fraud, the new research from the EU Intellectual Property Agency (EUIPO) shows. "Counterfeit goods cause real costs - for consumers, for brands and our economies. This latest study shows the very real costs in terms of lost sales and jobs in the EU," EUIPO Executive Director Joao Negrao said. Germany's toy industry is among the hardest hit sectors in the EU, accounting for a third of annual sales losses (334 million euros) due to counterfeit goods. The country most affected by counterfeiting in the clothing sector is the Greek Cypriot administration, while in the cosmetics sector, it is France. The clothing industry loses almost 12 billion euros in revenue every year or 5.2% of its total turnover. The European cosmetics sector and the toy industry also reported significantly lower sales due to counterfeit branded products: Turnover losses amounted to 3 billion euros for cosmetics (4.8%) and 1 billion euros for toys (8.7%).  dailysabah.com

Detroit Police Seize $85K in Counterfeit Lions, Tigers, Pistons Gear



Beauty - Tulsa, OK - Burglary
Beauty - Dover, DE - Burglary
C-Store - Decatut, IL - Burglary
Clothing - Albany, GA - Burglary
Clothing - Long Island, NY - Burglary
Clothing - Eagan, MN - Robbery
Electronics - Newington, CT - Burglary
Grocery - Albany, GA - Burglary
Hardware - Albany, GA - Burglary
Jewelry - Auburn Hills, MI - Robbery
Jewelry - Bay Shore, NY - Robbery
Jewelry - South Las Vegas, NV - Robbery
Jewelry - Auburn Hills, MI - Robbery
Jewelry - Valley Stream, NY - Robbery
Jewelry - Yonkers, NY - Robbery
Jewelry - Midland TX - Robbery
Jewelry - Denver, CO - Robbery
Jewelry - Florence, KY. - Robbery
Jewelry - Palmdale, CA - Burglary
Jewelry - National City, CA - Burglary
Kohl's - Suffolk County, NY - Robbery
Motorcycle - Danville, VA - Burglary
Restaurant - Winston-Salem, NC - Armed Robbery
Restaurant - Saint Johnsbury, VT - Robbery
Restaurant - Orleans, VT - Robbery
Restaurant - San Antonio, TX - Burglary
Vape - Oak Park, IL - Burglary
Walmart - Summerfield, FL - Robbery
Walmart - Sioux Falls, SD - Robbery
Walmart - The Villages, FL - Robbery
Walmart -- Shippensburg, PA - Robbery                              


Daily Totals:
• 18 robberies
• 13 burglaries
• 0 shootings
• 0 killed

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None to report.

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