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Johnson Controls releases HD Video Encoder for seamless analog and IP integration
Johnson Controls introduces the Tyco HD Encoder, an ideal solution that allows high definition (HD) and standard definition (SD) analog cameras to function within an evolving IP infrastructure. The product is supported by both exacqVision, American Dynamics and VideoEdge.

Available in one-and four-channel options, the Tyco HD Encoder allows users in networked environments to retain HD and SD cameras while adding IP cameras over time, leveraging the benefits of IP while utilizing their existing analog infrastructure. Encoder hardware adapts analog video to be sent over IP networks, helping CCTV systems upgrade to a modern IP video surveillance organization. johnsoncontrols.com

PTS Named Zebra Premier ISV Partner
Portable Technology Solutions, LLC (PTS), a provider of mobile barcode and RFID software and systems announced today that it has been promoted to Premier ISV [Independent Software Vendors] Partner status in Zebra Technologies' PartnerConnect program. The
Zebra PartnerConnect program allows hardware resellers, ISVs, and Zebra to communicate effectively and manage potential customer opportunities. The ISV track in the program is a key part of the Zebra PartnerConnect partner ecosystem, and is primarily focused on adding value and generating new opportunities with partners that create and sell innovative applications that can leverage Zebra's hardware. d-ddaily.com

Former Amazon Regional Loss Prevention Manager Claims the Company Racially Profiles Job Seekers

- Lisa McCarrick claims she was fired for refusing to profile
- Former regional loss prevention manager sues over firing from retailer

A former Amazon.com Inc. manager says she was fired after she complained to higher-ups that her supervisor told her to scan the social media accounts of prospective hires to determine their race and gender.

In a wrongful termination suit filed Monday in Alameda Superior Court in Oakland, Lisa McCarrick, a former regional loss prevention manager in California, said she knew Amazon had been criticized publicly for its lack of diversity in the workplace.

McCarrick "reasonably believed that scouring social media accounts for the purpose of ascertaining race and ethnicity was unlawful," according to the lawsuit.

The 38-year-old California woman said she was fired in November, two months after submitting the complaint, despite having earned positive job evaluations during her 16-month tenure at the company. During the termination meeting, she said she was told that her direct supervisor had admitted to using social media accounts to determine race and ethnicity.

McCarrick also claims she was paid less than her male counterparts for essentially doing the same job.

Amazon didn't immediately respond to a request for comment. bloomberg.com

Class-action case against Ring may test CCPA's private right of action

Rings Inadequate Security Increases 3rd Party Breach

On February 18, 2020, a putative class of consumers who purchased Ring's video-surveillance cameras filed a class-action complaint against the company in federal court in the Central District of California. The named plaintiff, a resident of Seattle, alleges (among other things) that his right to privacy was violated because Ring's "wholly inadequate security measures" have put him at an increased risk of "unauthorized third-party access" to his personal information.

Many of the allegations mirror those made in lawsuits previously filed against Ring in the same court in late December 2019 and early January 2020. But unlike the prior lawsuits, the more recent complaint pleads a cause of action under the new California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). The complaint alleges that plaintiffs were entitled to a CCPA notice informing them what information Ring was collecting and how it would be used-a notice that Ring allegedly failed to provide. For this alleged omission, the complaint seeks injunctive relief, as well as "actual, punitive, and statutory" damages under the CCPA.

Given the novel issues involved, this may be a case that all entities subject to the CCPA may want to closely watch. jdsupra.com

#MeToo Continues Its Impact

Another Retail Icon Falls
Peter Nygard, founder of Nygard, exits company following FBI raids in New York

"Pamper Parties" at Nygard's Lavish Bahamas Estate

Peter Nygard is stepping down from the company he forged for more than a half-century, amid mounting allegations the Winnipeg fashion mogul has run a decades-long sex-trafficking ring with the complicity of countless business associates.

On Tuesday morning, the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation and detectives from the New York Police Department raided Nygard's corporate headquarters in Times Square.

By the end of the day, Nygard announced - through a spokesman - he would step down from the privately-owned clothing firm with corporate offices in Winnipeg, New York, and Toronto.

Nygard, 78, has been under investigation for at least five months by a joint child-exploitation task force of the FBI and the NYPD, according to a report by the New York Times. The investigation is overseen by the U.S. attorney's office in Manhattan.

Read full story


Virus Panic Devastates Chinatowns From New York to Sydney
As the outbreak spreads across the world, the impact is being felt in Chinatowns from Sydney to New York and from San Francisco to Toronto. While markets are whipsawed by the crisis and economists calculate the cost to gross domestic product, the deserted lane ways and empty hotpot restaurants show the reverberations at street level and the palpable anxiety seeping through communities. bloomberg.com


UK: Facing the Same Theft Trends As North America
NFRN calls for action over crime statistics

Increasing Theft & Decreasing Legal Action

The NFRN is calling for immediate action over new statistics, which highlight a significant rise in shop thefts and a fall in police action.

The statistics were revealed following a Written Parliamentary Question by Laurence Robertson MP, who asked the Ministry of Justice to disclose the number of people who have been imprisoned for shop theft in each year since 2010.

Though Home Office figures show that incidents of retail theft have increased from 305,896 in 2010 to 382,100 in 2018, there has been a reduction of individuals which have been "proceeded against" from 72,608 to 44,795, and a reduction of cautions from 38,930 to 5,514.

The statistics also show that the percentage of shop thefts that are being dealt with by the justice system stands at 13%, down from 36%. This is at the same time that there has been an increase in incidents of 20%

NFRN national president, Stuart Reddish, said: "The answers the Ministry of Justice has given to Mr Robertson's question shows that the Home Office does not have a grip on this issue. Even using their figures on the number of shoplifting offences that are taking place, this is a worryingly small number of perpetrators that are being punished.

"If it's a reality that the number of incidents reported only stands at 15% of the true value, this is completely shocking. Our members are working on a 3-4% margin and to have an incident of shop theft can mean a business can no longer afford to function. The government needs to recognize that retail theft needs to be seen as a priority." talkingretail.com

The UK is edging closer to becoming a cashless society

The Basics & In Support of Responsible Usage
Facial Recognition Technology: Minimizing Risk in the Face of Increasing Liability

To combat the risk posed by facial template data and other biometric data, several states enacted laws that regulate the collection and use of facial template data by business entities

Illinois' Biometric Information Privacy Act ("BIPA") is considered the most stringent state law. Under BIPA, a private entity cannot collect or store facial template data without first providing notice, obtaining written consent and making certain disclosures. BIPA also contains a private right of action provision that permits recovery of statutory damages between $1,000 and $5,000.

Beyond Illinois, Texas and Washington have also enacted biometric privacy laws covering facial recognition technology, which impose similar requirements related to notice, consent, and mandatory security measures.

In addition, many states without laws regulating facial recognition technology ramped up their efforts at the start of 2020 to enact similar laws of their own.

As a starting point, companies should ensure transparency as to how they collect, use, store, and dispose of facial template data used during business operations by implementing a detailed facial recognition-specific privacy policy. securitymagazine.com

REI Agrees to Pay $5M to California Employees for Security Checks Time
Average class member would get $446. Law firm gets $1.67 million and reimbursement for court costs of up to $30,000. law360.com

Talking Politics in the Workplace: 3 Tips for Employers
Politics is a sensitive subject in any setting. Today, disagreements seem even more polarizing and divisive, even at work. How much political speech is too much at work? Can expressing a political opinion hurt your career? While the U.S. has robust free speech traditions in the public sphere, disagreements remain over whether political speech should be protected or censored in the private sector.

Who's silencing whom?

Over half of employees (54%) are comfortable with the current amount of political discussion at work. Yet, 20 percent of employees say politics has no place in the workplace. On the flip side, nearly a quarter of employees (23%) believe political groups are unfairly silenced - with over half (60%) citing peer censorship. Only 10 percent say there is too much censorship.

Do political views affect career growth?

The majority (54%) don't think expressing political beliefs has any effect - positive or negative - on career paths or growth within their company. Although those who believe their political views could hold them back are in the minority (25%), this perception may encourage people to choose companies they align with politically, potentially leading to even more polarization.

Whether conservative or liberal, the two camps express a similar level of comfort when it comes to discussing politics at work.

Here are three tips for employers to effectively handle politics at work:

- Set policies regarding what is and is not acceptable in the workplace. Many states have laws making it illegal to discriminate against employees based on political beliefs.

- Foster an environment where all employees feel comfortable being themselves while respecting and accommodating differences of opinion.

- Promote a diversity of views - even political ones. It is the recipe for corporate success. shrm.org

Glassdoor Survey: The Dos & Don'ts of Politics at Work
U.S. Politics at Work 2020 Survey
3 in 5 employees (60%) believe discussing politics at work is unacceptable.

60% of employees believe discussing politics at work could negatively impact their career opportunities

Read the full report here.

Consumers Keen On More Unattended Retail

The potential for more unattended places to buy more things is huge

Consumers who use unattended retail channels, such as vending machines, self-service kiosks, self-serve gas stations and cashierless stores like Amazon Go tend to like the convenience.

About half (49%) of them find the process faster, 35% use them due to short lines and 33% because they can take time without talking to employees, based on a new study.

There are plenty of other reasons, including a preference for new technologies (19%), better data security (10%) and lower chance of fraud (9%), according to the study, comprising a survey of 2,300 U.S. consumers by Pymnts and USA Technologies.

As many as 49 million consumers are interested in buying nontraditional items via unattended retail channels. mediapost.com

7-Eleven Expands Evolution Store Concept With Mobile Checkout to Washington, D.C. and San Diego

Amazon Go Grocery - 14,000 sq. ft. - Just Walk Out

Forever 21 Sale Finalized

Quarterly Results
Revolve Group Q4 net sales up 16%, full year sales up 21%

TJX Q4 consolidated comp's up 6%, net sales up 10%, FY20 comp's up 4%, FY20 net sales up 7%
   Marmaxx (U.S.) Q4 comp's +6%, FY20 comp's up 5%
   HomeGoods (U.S.) Q4 comp's up +5%, FY20 comp's up2%
   TJX Canada Q4 comp's up +4%, FY20 comp's up 2%
   TJX International (Europe & Australia) Q4 comp's+10%, FY20 comp's up 8%

TravelCenters of America Q4 fuel sales up 5.3%, nonfuel sales up 1.1%

Lowe's Q4 comp's up 2.5%, Q4 net sales up 2.4%, FY20 net sales up 1.2%

Red Robin Gourmet Burgers Q4 comp's up 1.3%, total revenue down 1.2%, full yr comp's down 0.6%, full yr revenue down 1.8%

Dillards Q4 comps down 3%, net sales down 5%, full yr comp's down 1%, net sales down 1.5%

Qurate Retail Group Q4 revenue down 5% and down 4% for the full year 2019
   QVC revenue up 1% in Q4, and increased 1.5% in full year 2019
   QxH revenue decreased 3% in both Q4 and full year 2019
   Zulily revenue decreased 18% in Q4 and 1.5% in full year 2019
   Cornerstone revenue decreased 6% in Q4 and 7% in full year 2019


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RSA Conference - Day 2 Recap

Opening Keynote Highlights, Cryptographers' Panel, Mathematics Award, and More

RSA Conference 2020 is in full swing! Ten keynotes took the stage throughout the day in front of packed audiences in Moscone West and South.

George Takei surprised attendees with this year's opening, asking the audience to think about their own human element. Whether a "rebel or collaborator, creator or helper," he encouraged them to "embrace similarities, celebrate differences, revel in knowing that everyone is different yet aligned."

Next, we welcomed Rohit Ghai, president of RSA. In his keynote, Reality Check: The Story of Cybersecurity, Ghai asked the audience if the humans in cybersecurity will matter once technology advances. He argued yes - the human element will always matter and what differentiates humans from machines is our ability to tell a story. We, as cybersecurity professionals, need to change the story of cybersecurity and turn the narrative toward "cyber-resilience."


Another annual crowd favorite - The Cryptographers' Panel - took place this morning. Zulfikar Ramzan, CTO of RSA, moderated the panel joined by two of RSA's founders, Ronald Rivest and Adi Shamir, along with industry experts Whitfield Diffie, Arvind Narayanan and Tal Rabin. The experts explored the most pressing issues facing the industry today like GDPR and CCPA, the ethical uses of AI, election security and the rise of blockchain.

In a dynamic keynote, Tracy Edwards MBE shared her experience as captain of the Maiden sailboat and her all-female sailing crew's race around the world. She explored the parallels between the cybersecurity industry and the adventurous world of sport, including the need to keep moving forward and the importance of building a strong team.

The second annual RSAC CISO Bootcamp also kicked off today. CISOs and deputy CISOs gathered from some of the largest organizations in the world to exchange ideas and engage in open and frank discussions in a closed-door environment. rsaconference.com

Hottest new cybersecurity products at RSA Conference 2020
The annual RSA Conference is a key venue for companies to showcase their new cybersecurity products. Here are some of the more interesting tools to check out. Slide Show of 40 new products.

Day 1 Recap: RSAC Innovation Sandbox Contest Winners, Seminars, and More

RSA Conference's Human Element Theme on Full Display During Innovation Sandbox Competition

RSA: New Product Announcement Summary

FBI: Half of $3.5B Cyber Losses in 2019 Due to Business Email Scams
The FBI's Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) reported that it received over 460,000 internet and cyber-crime complaints in 2019, which the agency estimates caused losses of more than $3.5 billion, the bureau wrote in its yearly internet crime report released earlier this month. And, about half of that is due to BEC (Business Email Compromise). Only 23,775 BEC victim accounted for $1.77 billion in losses for victims, which is on average $75,000/complaint.

Here's the breakdown by Victim Loss and by Victim Count:


Cyber Crime News

Insider Threat - From Russia With Love
Former Microsoft Engineer Convicted of $10M+ Fraud

Used accounts and passwords of other employees to embezzle digital currency

A former Microsoft software engineer was convicted today in U.S. District Court in Seattle of 18 federal felonies related to his scheme to defraud Microsoft of more than $10 million.

VOLODYMYR KVASHUK, 25, a Ukrainian citizen residing in Renton, Washington, worked first as a contractor at Microsoft and then as an employee from August 2016 until he was fired in June 2018.

KVASHUK was involved in the testing of Microsoft's online retail sales platform, and used that testing access to steal "currency stored value" such as digital gift cards. KVASHUK resold the value on the internet.

Initially, KVASHUK started stealing smaller amounts totaling about $12,000 in value using his own account access. As the thefts escalated into millions of dollars of value, KVASHUK used test email accounts associated with other employees. KVASHUK, a knowledgeable software developer, attempted to mask digital evidence that would trace the fraud and the internet sales back to him. He used a bitcoin "mixing" service in an attempt to hide the source of the funds ultimately passing into his bank account. In all, over the seven months of KVASHUK's illegal activity, approximately $2.8 million in bitcoin was transferred to his bank accounts. justice.gov

Internet Security Alliance & National Association of Corporate Directors Release Guide for Cyber-Risk Oversight
AdvertisementThe National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) and the Internet Security Alliance (ISA) released a new, updated Director's Handbook on Cyber-Risk Oversight, a guidebook to help boards navigate cyber-risk oversight.

The handbook is available on four continents and in five languages. The handbook outlines five "guiding principles" to enhance board oversight of cyber risk and includes tools with guidance on how best to oversee management of specific cybersecurity issues, including M&A due diligence, insider threats, supply chain management, incident response, personal security, model dashboards and metrics, engagement with the security team and what to expect from the government.

The Director's Handbook on Cyber-Risk Oversight was developed in collaboration with the US Department of Homeland Security and the US Department of Justice, and it is applicable to board members of public companies, private companies and nonprofit organizations of all sizes and in every industry. securitymagazine.com




Increase in liquor thefts leads to a 'challenge' for new solutions

Police offering $250,000 for entrepreneurs able to reduce liquor store thefts

A major liquor retailer is teaming up with the Edmonton Police Foundation to fight liquor store thefts. Alcanna, which operates Liquor Depot, Wine & Beyond, ACE Liquor and Nova Cannabis, among others, will provide $500,000 for the first community "challenge" under the new Community Solutions Accelerator (CSA).

The CSA wants entrepreneurs to combine integrated data, new hardware and artificial intelligence to solve the growing theft problem. Half of the $500,000 will serve as prize money for the winning entry. According to the Edmonton Police Service, officers responded to 9,565 calls for liquor thefts in 2019.

Mawji believes the majority of thefts are committed by organized crime and feed meth addictions. James Burns, Alcanna vice chair and CEO, is tired of staff and customers being threatened on a daily basis.

Edmonton-based Alcanna sells liquor and cannabis in 270 stores in Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario and Alaska. edmonton.ctvnews.ca

Cannabis store robberies prompt retailers to remove legislated window coverings

"Nobody should be in jeopardy at their work."

Retailer Nathan Mison said those window coverings compromise the safety of staff by making it easier for robbers to commit their crimes. "We've made ourselves a target by making it so someone can come in, lock the door and take all the time they want robbing a store because no one can see in," said Mison, spokesman for the Edmonton-based Fire and Flower Cannabis chain. calgaryherald.com

CBC Marketplace Investigation
We bought dozens of products from AliExpress, Amazon, eBay, Walmart and Wish. Over half were suspected fakes

"This impacts on organized crime and a lot of the funding goes to terrorism"

To test how prevalent counterfeits are online, Marketplace purchased dozens of well-known products - ranging from electronics to sportswear to cosmetics - from five popular online retailers: AliExpress, Amazon, eBay, Walmart and Wish. Each product listing seemed legitimate, with some prices that compared to retail stores and official-looking advertisements. More than half of the products Marketplace received were suspected or confirmed counterfeits, with knockoffs found on every platform.

Alarming levels of heavy metals
Some of the goods purchased by Marketplace were health and beauty products from multiple brands, including MAC lipstick, Crest Whitestrips, Kylie Cosmetics lip kits, Urban Decay's "Naked" eyeshadow palettes and Biotherm eye cream. The products were then sent to a scientific lab in the Toronto area for heavy metal analysis. Two products - both purchased from AliExpress - contained heavy metal levels exceeding Health Canada's standards for cosmetics.

Profits could be funding organized crime
The potential dangers of counterfeit goods extend well beyond makeup. Reports show that counterfeit toys, drugs, car seats, airbags and electronics have put people at risk, in some cases, even causing death. And those products that don't appear dangerous could still have severe repercussions. Toronto-based lawyer and counterfeit expert David Lipkus notes that fakes are an industry worth hundreds of billions of dollars in North America alone. "This impacts on organized crime and a lot of the funding goes to terrorism," he said.

Weeding out the fakes - 99,500 vs. 69 shipments stopped - Canada's counterfeit problem  cbc.ca

Top 10 scams that impacted Canadians in 2019



Why are so many big retail stores closing in Canada? Experts weigh in
Home decor chain Pier 1 is just the latest retailer joining a growing list of businesses closing their shops in Canada.

Other big retailers that are either shuttering stores or going bankrupt include Carlton Cards, Bench and Forever 21. Doug Stephens, founder of consulting agency Retail Prophet, and other analysts say the closures were hardly a surprise.

The "wholesale collapse of the mid-tier of retail" has been happening for the better part of a decade but in recent years there have been up to 20,000 store closures across North America, he said.

Losing Connection with Consumers

Sally Seston, founder of boutique firm Retail Category Consultants, told CTVNews.ca in phone interview, for many of these brands "they've lost touch" with their shoppers.

"They don't understand them anymore. They have no community with them. They're not meeting their needs," she said, adding that in many cases, these companies had been struggling for some time, with online shopping "kicking them in the teeth."

Online Shopping - Declaring Bankruptcy - Competition from New, More Savvy Companies

Behind CN, CP's quiet deal to skirt railway blockades and keep Canada's vital goods moving

These are the retailers closing in Canada or facing bankruptcy in 2020

Lots of losers as retailers strive to survive in 2020

Retail stores like Pier 1 'not really anything to anyone,' analyst says

Hobo Cannabis Company Announces Ontario Expansion Plan, Bringing Market Share to 15 Locations

Chinese Variety Retailer YOYOSO to Enter Canada with Plans for Multiple Storefronts

Click here to read the full 'Canadian Connections' column


(Update) SIU clears Ottawa police officers in shopping mall shooting death of Indigenous man
Ontario's police watchdog says no charges are warranted in the January 2019 death of an Indigenous man shot and killed by two Ottawa Police Service constables. Greg Ritchie, 30, was fatally shot on the morning of Jan. 31, 2019, in the parking lot of the Elmvale Acres Shopping Mall.

Police were investigating what they called a "suspicious incident" in the area when they came across Ritchie, a member of the Saugeen First Nation near Owen Sound, Ont. Audio from Broadcastify indicated a man dressed in black and wearing a baseball hat with the word "Dope" on it had been seen walking into the mall holding a knife in his hand.

Saskatoon, SK: Loss prevention officer stabbed while trying to apprehend shoplifting suspect

Regina, SK: Police arrest alleged Peeping Tom after camera found in Tim Horton's restroom

Winnipeg, MB: Off-duty police officer assaulted after he followed liquor theft suspects

Campbell River, BC: Woman charged in robbery spree; hit c-store, gas station, bank

Brampton man charged in connection with illegal alcohol store in Markham

Berlin Court Sends Three Suspects to Prison for Theft of Gold Canadian Coin Worth $4M


Robberies & Burglaries

C-Store - Campbell River, BC - Armed Robbery
Gas Station - Campbell River, BC - Armed Robbery
Marijuana Dispensary - Vancouver, BC - Armed Robbery
Retail Store - Essex County, ON - Burglary
Sports Store - Thompson, MB - Burglary

Click here to read the full 'Canadian Connections' column

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Juniper Research: Online Payment Fraud Losses to Exceed $200 Billion
Over Next 5 Years
A new study from Juniper Research has found that businesses in eCommerce, airline ticketing, money transfer and banking services, will cumulatively lose over $200 billion to online payment fraud between 2020 and 2024; driven by the increased sophistication of fraud attempts and the rising number of attack vectors.

The new research, Online Payment Fraud: Emerging Threats, Segment Analysis & Market Forecasts 2020-2024, found the increasing ubiquity of digital payments provides an ever-increasing attack surface for fraudsters. The research recommends that payments industry stakeholders focus on an omnichannel fraud approach to mitigate these challenges. This approach must encompass both strict cybersecurity at access points, as well as analytics such as machine learning, to identify fraudulent behavioural patterns.

Machine Learning Crucial to Fighting Rising Fraud

The new research found that machine learning has become a crucial tool in the fraud detection and prevention arsenal, as it enables payments industry stakeholders to analyse transaction flows in a holistic way, unlocking hidden insights on fraudulent behaviours. The incorporation of machine learning into fraud detection and prevention software will drive spending forward, reaching $10 billion in 2024, a 15% increase on 2020. yahoo.com

'Exaggerated Lion' Targeting Finance Departments in U.S.
BEC Group Favors G-Suite, Physical Checks: Report

Researchers first took notice of the group, which they call "Exaggerated Lion," in April of 2019, but the BEC gang appears to have been operating since at least 2013 and may have targeted some 2,000 enterprises over the years, according to Agari's newly released report.

The Agari Cyber Intelligence Division (ACID) has identified an African cybercriminal organization, which we call Exaggerated Lion, that has been active since at least 2013. Comprised of actors in Nigeria, Ghana, and Kenya, Exaggerated Lion was a prolific check fraud ring before evolving to BEC attacks starting in mid-2017. Since April 2019, we have conducted more than 200 active defense engagements against Exaggerated Lion actors. Our visibility into Exaggerated Lion's operations as a result of these engagements has given us an in-depth look at how their BEC attacks unfold and have evolved over time.

One of the most intriguing aspects of Exaggerated Lion's BEC attacks is their clear preference to use physical checks as a cashout method rather than wire payments, which makes them unique in the BEC threat landscape.

In the majority of cases, the Exaggerated Lion gang has focused their efforts on corporate employees working in financial departments.

During our research, we identified more than 3,000 individuals employed by nearly 2,100 companies that had been targeted by Exaggerated Lion BEC campaigns between April 2019 and August 2019. All of these targets were located in the United States, in 49 of 50 states and the District of Columbia, an indication of Exaggerated Lion's square focus on American targets.

Our research has uncovered more than 1,400 domains used by Exaggerated Lion since July 2017 that have been used to launch BEC campaigns. Domains registered by Exaggerated Lion actors comprise more than 10% of all .MANAGEMENT domains that have ever been created and nearly 75% of .MANAGEMENT domains registered with Google. inforisktoday.com

Amazon payment scam has local police issuing warning







California Fraud Ring Member Gets 4 Yrs. Federal Prison for International Mail & Wire Fraud Conspiracy

Received, Transported, & Stored Stolen Televisions Worth at Least $1.1M to $3.5M

Based on records the loss foreseeable to Saul Eady was between $1.5 million and $3.5 million.

Of the nine defendants charged in this case, six have pleaded guilty including Saul Eady. Two others are scheduled for trial next month, and one defendant, Peter Unakalu, is a fugitive.

Sentenced Saul Eady, age 36, of Los Angeles, California, to four years in federal prison, followed by three years of supervised release, for conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud, in connection with a scheme to fraudulently obtain goods using what appeared to be a military e-mail address, but was actually a registered Yahoo e-mail address. Judge Hazel also entered an order requiring Eady to forfeit and to pay restitution in the full amount of the victim's losses, which is $640,172.80. Eady has been detained since his arrest in October 2018.

According to Eady's plea agreement, a co-conspirator established and used what was purported to be a U.S. Navy e-mail address, authentic forms, titles, addresses and other indicia to pose as U.S. government contracting agents and fraudulently obtain merchandise, including large-screen televisions, specialized communications equipment, cellular telephones and computers. Much of the fraud scheme was conducted from outside the United States, including from Nigeria. Three victim companies-one that provided wireless voice and data services that was headquartered in Washington State, one that was a wholesale audio-video distributor and manufacturer's representative located in Virginia, and a defense contractor that designed, manufactured, and marketed communications equipment that was headquartered in Maryland-shipped merchandise, without prior payment, to Eady's East Coast co-conspirators. Those individuals then shipped the stolen items to Eady and others on the West Coast.

From November 2016 until February 2017, he assisted in receiving, transporting, and storing the stolen televisions by renting trucks and transporting the stolen televisions to at least three storage locations in the Los Angeles area, where Eady and other had rented storage units. Following the sale of the televisions, Eady was paid in cash for receiving and moving the televisions. According to his plea agreement, the organization obtained approximately 2,109 televisions over the course of the scheme, and the number of televisions and loss attributable to Eady is 493 televisions worth at least $1,181,290.80. justice.gov

New York, NY: Burqa-wearing man steals nearly $1 million in jewelry from Piaget in Hudson Yards
The thief, who reportedly was a man disguised as a woman, was browsing around the brand's boutique in the high-end shopping center when they stole three pieces of jewelry valued at over $800,000. According to the tabloid, the culprit was in the store shortly before 4 pm on Sunday afternoon when he asked a salesperson if he could look at a $21,000 necklace. As the sales clerk was pulling out the piece of jewelry so he could take a closer look, the clerk noticed that the man, who was reportedly wearing a burqa, was also holding on to two of the brand's watches. When the clerk asked the thief why, the man reportedly pulled out a spray bottle and sprayed an unidentified substance in the direction of the clerk. He then grabbed the necklace and ran out of the store. Police sources tell the newspaper that the robber's haul is believed to be worth $800,600. In addition to the necklace, the thief also made off with watches worth $715,000 and $64,000 respectively. nypost.com

Alabama man sentenced for stealing 900 ACER Chromebook laptops worth nearly $250,000 from tractor-trailer
On June 21, 2017, Acer Incorporated contracted with a trucking company to deliver 15 pallets of 900 Acer Chromebook laptops valued at $245,000 from a packaging facility in California to a Costco distribution center in College Park, Georgia. Due to problems with the purchase order paperwork, Costco rejected the shipment once it arrived. Gevorg Kevliyan was then hired to drive the tractor-trailer containing the laptops back to California. Once Kevilyan took control of the truck, however, he reported it to be empty. He later claimed to have traveled to Chicago, Illinois, to pick up another load of cargo before returning to California.

Contrary to Kevilyan's statement, GBI agents obtained records from a weigh-station in Ringgold, Georgia, where Kevliyan stopped on his way to Chicago. The records indicated that Kevliyan's truck weighed several thousand pounds more than would be expected for an empty tractor-trailer, consistent with a load of 900 laptops.

Gevorg Kevliyan, 51, of Decatur, Alabama, was sentenced by U.S. District Judge J.P. Boulee, to one year in prison, to be followed by three years of supervised release. He was also ordered to pay restitution in the amount of $245,000. justice.gov

Nashville, TN: 20+ guns, ammunition stolen during smash-and-grab burglary at Bass Pro Shops
Metro police are investigating after as many as 30 weapons were stolen from Bass Pro Shops at Opry Mills Mall Tuesday night. Officers were called to the large outdoor retailer around 11 p.m. Metro police said three suspects entered the store through the exterior doors at the main exit by using a hammer to break through the glass. They ran to the weapon room behind the gun counter and took five to 10 bolt action rifles and 15 to 20 handguns, in addition to weapon-mounted lasers, lights and ammunition, according to Metro police. wkrn.com

Manteca, CA: Four Suspects Arrested For Organized Retail Crime at JC Penney
Four people were arrested last week as part of the Manteca Police Department's organized retail crime enforcement. The police department said a detective was on patrol near JCPenney on Feb. 18 when he became aware of possible theft. Detective Brown caught Vivan Jasmine Aria, 30, running from the store with merchandise. Aria and three other individuals were arrested on multiple felony charges including organized retail theft, burglary, and conspiracy. sacramento.cbslocal.com

Roseville, MI: $1K Thief chases, strikes Home Depot worker after confrontation
Roseville police are searching for a man who attacked a Home Depot employee after being confronted while stealing $1,000 worth of merchandise. The incident happened about 1:40 p.m. Monday at the Home Depot. Deputy Police Chief Mitchell Berlin said the attacker loaded up the merchandise in a shopping cart and was leaving the store without stopping to pay for it. A loss prevention agent stopped the man, who pulled out a black revolver-style handgun, Berlin said. "The loss prevention agent ran back into the store with the suspect chasing him," Berlin said in the release. "The suspect caught up with the loss prevention agent and struck him several times with the handgun."

During the skirmish, the agent dropped his cellphone, which was picked up and taken by the attacker as he was leaving the store. Police said the loss prevention agent was not seriously injured during the incident. The attacker retrieved the cart carrying the stolen merchandise and rolled it into the parking lot, where he loaded the stolen goods into a car.  macombdaily.com

New York, NY: Century 21 arrest 4 for theft on $3,200 in merchandise

College Station, TX: Man helped steal more than $3,000 in lingerie from Victoria's Secret

New York, NY: Target thief flees with a vacuum and other items valued at $600

New York, NY: Duane Reade reported the theft by a man of nearly $2,000 in make-up

Brunswick Hills, OH: Three women wanted in connection to $1,000 theft at Discount Drug Mart

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Shootings & Deaths

Update: Best Buy murder suspect shows anguish in interrogation video
Jorge Dupre Lachazo is charged with first-degree murder and facing the death penalty for the murder of Evelyn Smith Udell at her Boca Raton home on Aug. 19. Jorge Dupre Lachazo carefully unbuttons his navy polo shirt, the one reading "home delivery specialists." He pulls the shirt over his head, then drops his shorts. He hands the items to Boca Raton detectives. Stripped to his underwear, he sits back down on the tabletop at the police interrogation room. And drops his head into his hands. The nearly 2½-hour video, part of a large package of trial discovery items that the Palm Beach County State Attorney's Office provided to The Palm Beach Post, brings to life previously released transcripts from the interview. It took place hours after, police say, Dupre Lachazo delivered a washer-dryer at Evelyn Smith Udell's Boca Raton home on Aug. 19, then fatally beat the 75-year-old retired librarian and grandmother. palmbeachpost.com

Raleigh, NC: Previously convicted murderer could be linked to as many as 17 Triangle fast food restaurant robberies


Robberies, Incidents & Thefts

Richmond, VA: Bill raising Felony theft threshold to $1000 heads to Governor
The House of Delegates and Senate have both passed bills to increase the minimum for felony theft from $500 to $1,000. The measure is one of Gov. Ralph Northam's criminal justice reform priorities this session. Raising it to $1,000 brings Virginia in line with most other states. Virginia raised the threshold two years ago from $200 - one of the lowest in the country - to $500. It happened because Northam, a Democrat, struck a deal with Republicans to pass the bill from Sen. David Suetterlein, R-Roanoke County. It marked the first increase since 1980. Tough-on-crime Republicans blocked efforts to raise the threshold for years. However, many Republicans are interested in criminal justice reform, and many of them come at the issue with the mindset of being fiscally smart about dealing with crime. Many of them supported the last increase. Only a few Republicans voted for the increase this year, including Suetterlein, who said it should have been raised higher last time. Retail groups that have long opposed raising the minimum spoke out against the legislation. roanoke.com

Chicago, IL: High-End Retail Crime: Gucci Store Robbery Reported Monday
A Gucci store was robbed by two masked men Monday morning on the Magnificent Mile, continuing a pattern of high-end retail robberies on the Near North Side this month. Two male suspects entered the store, 900 N. Michigan Ave., about 10:20 a.m. and implied they were armed, Chicago police said. They made off with merchandise and ran east across Michigan Avenue, police said. No one is in custody. The robbery continues a string of crime at retail stores on the Mag Mile. Last week, two masked men robbed a Louis Vuitton across the street and made off with eight handbags. The items were tracked by GPS to Bronzeville, where police located the bags in a parked car with a popped tire. That same day, five people were arrested after allegedly stealing clothes from an H&M store a block south. Officers followed the five suspects to the Red Line, and arrested them after they ran onto the tracks. fox32chicago.com
Boynton Beach, FL: Man, 27, arrested in string of cellphone store thefts totaling over $12,000

Sheetz worker steals $17,100 in lottery tickets

Antioch, TN: Lipman Brothers Warehouse Employee confesses to theft of $2,100 of Liquor

Forsyth, IL: Von Maur customer exposes himself and steals clothes he was trying on

UK: Members of Parliament urge Government to take Retail Crime more seriously

Alabama: Two Men Sentenced to Prison for Roles in 10 Armed Robberies; Auto Zone, O'Reilly's, and Dollar General stores



Providence - DCI/Decor Craft former Accounts Payable Clerk Indicted - $302k Embezzlement

Flint, MI: Man sentenced 30-plus years in fatal Liquor store shooting





Daily Totals:
• 17 robberies
• 2 burglaries
• 0 shootings
• 0 killed



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