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Kicking off the New GLPS Series
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The D&D Daily’s ‘Where are They Now' Series

Retailers Come & Go but Teams Last Forever!

Retailers Disappear & LP Exec’s Move On In Their Careers

Since 2014, the Daily’s Group LP Team Selfies have captured the essence of over 400 LP & AP Teams and literally thousands of executives along with their Team Mission Statements. A truly critical statement for every team as it lights the path they all follow and helps build industry pride.

This series is dedicated to the spirit of these teams and all the executives who invested their livelihood to this industry and the leaders who built all of these teams.

So let’s take a walk down memory lane and see what mark they left or just how good your memory is. And be the first one to name the team members, as long as you aren’t in it, and win a chance to win a pizza party for your current team, with a max 5 pizzas and drinks. And, hey, no cheating! (ha ha)

Also, once the series is over on May 15th, the official back to work date at this point, which can be extended depending on the government, one entry will win a chance to get involved in an LPNN LIVE shoot, depending on location and timing and how willing you are – hey some people are camera shy.

So let’s have some fun and strolling down memory lane. Tomorrow's picture is merely and selfishly a team that means the world to me and probably should be exempt from the game. Sorry, guys.

- Gus Downing



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Messages to the Loss Prevention Family from Industry Leaders

John Velke - SVP Risk Management
Total Wine & More

As I reflect on the last two months and look ahead even further it occurs to me that we owe a great deal of gratitude to some of our industry pioneers. While I won’t name names here, I’ll share some of the lessons I learned as a young pup that have served me well during the current world-wide pandemic. In no particular order:

1. Remain calm. No one living has ever gone through a pandemic like this. Fear can be a completely rational reaction. Our job as leaders is not to feed fear but to remain steady and calm in the face of it.

2. Be seen. Walk the talk. Lead by example. There is a time and place for Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Facetime, etc. but if your stores are open and you are staying in your office or home - you are missing the point.

3. Be studious. During a crisis some people are going to get caught up in the moment and react emotionally. Great leaders gather facts, give informed guidance, and make intelligent decisions.

4. Be decisive. You can still be inclusive, collaborative, and compromise, but understand that seeking harmony and 100% consensus during a crisis wastes time and resources.

5. Embrace technology. Paradigm shifts will encourage new ways of shopping, working, and solving problems.

6. Take time to think beyond tomorrow. More challenges are ahead. What can you do today to make it easier a month or two from now.

7. Take care of your team. They don’t work for you because of the paycheck.

8. Never say never. Who would have thought that all of the employees and customers in a liquor store would be wearing masks?

9. Keep a sense of humor. See the last point.

10. Keep perspective. It’s your career and it’s important, but it’s not more important than your family.

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On Earth Day, Sensormatic Solutions focuses on sustainability, while protecting what matters most with source tagging and recirculation programs

With over 11 billion tags recirculated to date, source tagging helps retailers worldwide remain competitive and green in today’s retail environment

With consumers now expecting more sustainable practices and products, retailers are more focused on eco-friendly practices than ever before. Embracing the tenants of Earth Day 2020, the 50th anniversary of the world’s largest environmental movement, Sensormatic Solutions' source tagging recirculation model — where hard tags are applied to garments at source and recirculated after use — is a great way for retailers to kickstart their commitment to sustainability. The program has saved over 35 million pounds of plastic, versus programs with single-use tags, with over 11 billion tags recirculated to date.

Johnson Controls announced last August that Sensormatic Solutions, its leading global retail solutions portfolio, surpassed 70 billion consumer products source-tagged to date, allowing retailers to protect today’s most sought after products, while boosting sales and profitability. As the largest source tagging program in the industry, Sensormatic Acousto-Magnetic (AM), Radio Frequency (RF) and RFID Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) tags and labels help the world’s top retailers combat the emerging threats of theft in virtually every product category, while ensuring items arrive ready for immediate placement on the sales floor.

Read more about Sensormatic's eco-friendly recirculation program here.

Check out Sensormatic's infographic in today's Vendor Spotlight below.

Earth Day and the Security Community – Why Should We Care?
Earth Day (April 22) might sound like some sort of hippy celebration around a bonfire, but thinking about the security issues related to the environment in the broadest way possible is useful for both national and global security.

From global warming to plastic pollution, each ecological crisis is creating risks that intersect with the effects of other crises. For instance, poor forestry management increases the risk of infrastructure damage due to wildfires. The real trouble comes when this risk is amplified by a particularly intense drought fueled by global warming, creating the necessary conditions for far greater damage.

And this is what the experts are warning us about, the highest risks are found at the intersection of threats posed by one or multiple threats. It is absolutely crucial to keep this in mind when designing an optimal strategy to mitigate the security risks associated with any environmental issue. What is needed is a holistic perspective that takes into consideration the different levels of cost, efficiency and feasibility for each mitigation policy that we put in place.

As the National Security, Military and Intelligence Panel of the Center for Climate and Security recently warned, it is becoming abundantly clear that very high or catastrophic security risks with environmental factors and/or causes will be witnessed during the first and especially second part of the century.

Retailers Adjust Their Earth Day Agenda This Year

Earth Day 2020 call for action: Mitigating the global food crises associated with COVID-19

Americans See Spread of Disease as Top International Threat, Along With Terrorism, Nuclear Weapons, Cyberattacks

Coronavirus Update: April 22

US: Over 829K Cases - 46K Dead - 83K Recovered

Worldwide: Over 2.6M Cases - 181K Dead - 712K Recovered

U.S. Law Enforcement Deaths | NYPD Deaths: 30
Private Industry Security Guard Deaths: 63

New Retail Layoffs & Furloughs

Casper lays off 21% of staff, CFO to exit

GameStop offers furloughs to some corp. staff or option for reduced workweek/pay program


Retail Guard Business is Thriving
Top Guarding Firm Execs Speak on Impact of COVID-19 to the Guarding Industry

Crowd Control - Social Distancing & Product Limits Driving Business

“We are VERY concerned about our receivables” (Sounds like everybody else in most businesses)

“We are actually seeing our clients willing to pay a premium on some guards to ensure they are still with us when business resumes.”

One of the CEOs I spoke with said “Some of my higher-end clients in property and retail have expressed concern on not wanting to lose the officers I put on their post and are willing to pay premium rates to keep them on my team.” This shows how essential these security officers have become to the clients’ daily operations and indicates the value they have for them.

“Even though hours have declined, we’ve been able to boost revenue with specials.”

Time and time again, this is a common theme I’ve seen for guarding firms – especially those that work in the industry sectors currently thriving, such as groceries, pharmacies and retail. Those firms are being asked for additional resources to help with COVID-19 specific special work. One CEO told me that their clients are asking for extra support in terms of adhering to specific mandates, such as social distancing and product limits sold in supermarkets.

“We have been adding specials to work on crowd control at supermarkets with things like making sure customers are keeping social distancing, or making sure they are adhering to product limits, such as toilet paper, and keeping the peace in a crazy time has brought on more officers to our locations.”

“Success is largely dependent on the type of Industry you serve.”

Those currently suffering are those who typically serve public and entertainment sectors, such as churches, schools and stadiums.

On the other side of the coin, there is much success for guard firms working in what is deemed essential areas, such as Supermarkets, GovCon and Healthcare

The firms that support the closed areas – schools, stadiums, churches – are struggling, and some may not survive.

Why storefronts are boarded up during COVID-19

Boarded-up storefronts are a stark visual reminder of the pandemic

A single store closed off might be a bit odd, but a neighborhood visually closing adds to a supernatural feeling that is evoked as cities shut down and grapple with how to support businesses but still keep local populations safe.

While closing down a business may seem like a straightforward process, there are operational logistics to consider. "It's not just setting the alarm and walking out the back door. Especially since we don't know how long this is going to last," Matt Garfield, managing director with FTI Consulting.

In part that means securing the store, talking with security, including local police departments, and ensuring parking lots are safe.

Mall-based stores conceivably have to follow fewer operational procedures because the larger building will have security protocols. But street-level stores have to independently decide how to respond to city and government ordinances to protect their property.

The decision to board up storefronts may have roots in security concerns.
Read more here

China's COVID-19 Digital Transformation and the Reopening of Retail

By Tony D'Onofrio, Global Retail Influencer

Because of the USA trade wars and subsequently COVID-19, the euphoric rise of China in being THE number one country in retail has been delayed. Notwithstanding this ascension, China continues to be the digital laboratory for the future of retail.

In this article, we explore a few of the China emerging technologies deployed during the lockdown which have a direct impact on retail. Next, we look at the digital innovation steps leading to the reopening of a "new normal" retail industry.

There's an App for That Pandemic Track
Very impressive is a recent presentation from Andreessen Horowitz on the number of apps deployed in China to fight COVID-19. Linked to the Alipay (Alibaba) mobile payment system, one of the example apps provides a color QR code on your health. Another app used AI chatbots to help individuals' self-triage against the virus. Worried about the body temperature of your delivery person for online orders? There's app for that.

AI, Drones, and Robots Assemble Against COVID-19
In China Artificial Intelligence (AI) played a role in helping respond to the health crisis. Prior to the availability of a COVID-19 vaccine, the remote temperature applications in this video are interesting, especially for retail. Drones and robots were also enlisted to assist during the pandemic.

Retail China Coming Back to Life
For the first two months of 2020, including during the very important Lunar New Year celebrations in February, China retail sales fell 20.5%. Post COVID-19, Shanghai is an example city on how the retail recovery is emerging in China. For March, retail sales soared 41.3% from a month earlier. Nearly all food stores are open. Shopping malls and the catering industry are also showing recovery with their daily turnovers returning to 56% and 78% of normal levels, respectively.

Digital Transformation Trends Favoring China Retail
"Chinese retailers and brands have brought to life 'Touchless Retail', a new way to serve their customers, eliminating or making virtual all human contact in customer service." China was already down this path as an amazing 577+ million people are already using proximity mobile payments. The COVID-19 lockdown accelerated attention to touchless delivery.

Contactless Payments Skyrocket Because No One Wants to Handle Cash
Use of contactless mobile payments -- services that once struggled to catch on in the U.S. -- is surging as people come to see their phones as the safer way to pay. They’re also using mobile apps tied to payments, such as Amazon Prime Now, to place delivery or pickup orders for groceries. The Treasury Department may even let people who don’t have bank accounts receive their coronavirus relief checks via mobile-payment services like Venmo.

“We shouldn’t be touching anything,” said Richard Crone, chief executive officer of mobile-payment research firm Crone Consulting LLC. He expects contactless payments to grab an additional 10% to 20% of transactions at stores and ATMs as the result of the pandemic. Person-to-person services like PayPal, Venmo and Zelle should benefit as well, Crone said.

COVID-19 Long Lasting Impact
Cost Cutting - Managing with Empathy & Purpose

'Changing Forever'

CFOs: COVID-19 Work-from-Home Plans May Be Permanent

Some Remote Workers Won't Be Back

When the crisis began, there was a scramble to move workers home. Now CFOs are considering making those positions permanently remote to help with cutting efforts.

Organizations tend to resist the idea of implementing it broadly across the workforce for a few reasons. The biggest one is "culture." There's a sense among executives and management that it's important for employees to be together for that sense of working for a common cause. Managers like to have their direct reports and teams nearby to make it easy to have face-to-face conversations about ongoing projects. Employees may go out to lunch together, to the gym together, or out for drinks before the weekend starts.

Yet one side effect of the coronavirus-driven movement to work from home may be a greater tolerance to the idea of remote work for the long haul. For instance, a new survey of CFOs by Gartner revealed that more CFOs are looking to shift more of their previously on-site employees to remote workers on a permanent basis. A full 74% said they intend to move at least 5% of their on-site workforces to remote positions after the COVID-19 crisis resolves. What's more, 17% of respondents to the survey said that 20% of those moved to work from home will remain as permanent remote workers after the crisis.

Read more here

NY Times: The Death of the Department Store: ‘Very Few Are Likely to Survive’

Shuttered flagships. Empty malls. Canceled orders. Risks of bankruptcy.

American department stores, once all-powerful shopping meccas that anchored malls and Main Streets across the country, have been dealt blow after blow in the past decade. J.C. Penney and Sears were upended by hedge funds. Macy’s has been closing stores and cutting corporate staff. Barneys New York filed for bankruptcy last year.

But nothing compares to the shock the weakened industry has taken from the coronavirus pandemic. The sales of clothing and accessories fell by more than half in March, a trend that is expected to only get worse in April. The entire executive team at Lord & Taylor was let go this month. Nordstrom has canceled orders and put off paying its vendors. The Neiman Marcus Group, the most glittering of the American department store chains, is expected to declare bankruptcy in the coming days, the first major retailer felled during the current crisis. It is not likely to be the last.

Mark A. Cohen, the director of retail studies at Columbia University’s Business School; “The genre is toast, and looking at the other side of this, there are very few who are likely to survive.”

Editor's Note: Attending my first NRF LP Conference, with it being Doug Wicklander's first as well in 1984, the Department Stores LP Leaders were the Titans of the entire industry. Including Walmart at the time. As the discount stores or mass merchants as they were once referred to as, were a step beneath the department stores. And boy did everyone know it. And the specialty store LP exec's trembled, as I did, in their presence and fought to get representation at the NRF for years.

But the transition came and the Mall specialty stores took the reigns for a few years until the Home Depot's, Walmarts, and Target's literally took the reigns from everyone. That is until Amazon appeared just a few years ago.

The three transitions have been interesting to watch. And now finally we're all witnessing the death of the department stores.

Retail groups push for national pandemic insurance program
In a letter to Congress, retail organizations backed a bill, the "Pandemic Risk Insurance Act of 2020" (PRIA), that would insure at-risk businesses through a pre-funded pool. The National Retail Federation, the Retail Industry Leaders Association, American Booksellers Association and more than a dozen other trade groups signed the letter.

The groups compared what would be a federally back-stopped program to an existing program insuring against terrorist acts created after 9/11.

Monthly U.S. Retail Rent Payments = $20 Billion
Fight Over Commercial Rent Gets Ugly With Default Wave Looming

Why Should I Help The Ones That are Dying

With stores shuttered, struggling retailers are skipping rent and asking for concessions, while landlords are demanding payment and having their own tricky conversations with lenders.

“More and more defaults are coming in every single day.”

Landlords have been pitching rent deferment, saying tenants can make reduced payments now as long as they pay the balance at some point. Some businesses are pushing back on that option and asking for rent cuts even after stores are open again.

U.S. retail landlords typically collect more than $20 billion in rent each month. So far, April rent collection has ranged from 15% to 30% for landlords with higher concentrations of shuttered businesses.

“The ones (retailers) that’ll die anyways, landlords will say why would I help them?”

Sony Discontinuing Majority of Video Surveillance Cameras
Sony is set to discontinue all of its branded security cameras, except the SNC-WL862 Multi-Sensor Adjustable Dome Network Camera, by December of this year.

Bosch, Sony’s partner, will continue to distribute the Sony branded video security products until December. Afterwards, the agreement on the sales cooperation will terminate, according to a Bosch rep. Bosch will continue to provide maintenance services for existing products and systems, and continue to distribute the multi-sensor dome camera.

CrimeScience Episode 41
Food Delivery Safety & Security Ft. Van Carney (Domino's Pizza)
This LPRC CrimeScience episode, featuring Van Carney, Director of Loss Prevention, Safety and Security at Domino’s Pizza, covers food delivery and its evolution, COVID-19’s effects on business, driver safety, and how companies protect their employees and customers.

View the episode here.

Jewelers Mutual Group Makes Online Safety & Security Coursework Free

These Are the Public Companies That Got Small Business Loans

Macy’s weighs raising as much as $5 billion in debt to weather coronavirus crisis

De Blasio says Macy’s July 4th fireworks show will happen amid coronavirus

LinkedIn Reports 3x Increase in LinkedIn Learning Usage Amid COVID-19 Lockdowns

A Race to the Bottom For Most
Next Round of Quarterly Results Should Be the Most Interesting in History

As a matter of reinforcing the impact we will be reporting Q2 in reverse order. As opposed to ranking by highest gains we'll be ranking by losses.

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We Fight Fraud Online Conference April 28th: Police and Ex-Criminals Team Up to Protect Businesses Against COVID-19 Related Crime
We Fight Fraud (WFF), the unique fraud prevention team, has warned businesses that the lockdown imposed as a result of the Coronavirus has resulted in a surge in attacks, which WFF believe to represent a rise of at least 25% and could be as high as 80%. To help businesses and other organisations, WFF has announced a free online conference on April 28th that brings together leading law enforcers, subject experts and ex-criminals - including, a fraudster, a senior mafia figure and a hacker to give businesses the insider knowledge they need to prevent and fight financial crime. It is believed to be the first time a group like this has appeared in public to help protect the public and business.

Keynote speakers in the team include:

Tony Sales – Tony, who was dubbed Britain's greatest fraudster. Tony now provides advice to some of the world's leading brands on their fraud and loss prevention strategies. Tony is a TV regular on BBC's Watchdog, Channel 5's Nailing the Fraudsters among other shows.

Andy McDonald - Andy was formerly Head of Specialist Investigations at SO15 Counter Terrorism Command, and UK National Terrorist Financial Investigation Unit (NTFIU). He was previously also head of the Metropolitan Police Fraud Squad at New Scotland Yard.

Solomon Gilbert – Solomon was arrested and expelled from school aged 17 when the police discovered 2 million stolen credit card numbers on his home PC. Since then he has worked with the National Crime Agency, Home Office, regional police forces, and private enterprise.

Data breach may have exposed personal information of thousands of SBA emergency loan applicants
Nearly 8,000 applicants may have seen identifiable details of other applicants before the Small Business Administration fixed and relaunched the site.

Analyzing U.S. Privacy Law Implications & Employee Contact Tracing Apps

Contact Tracing Apps Included in Getting Employers "Back on Track?"

Keypoint: If properly deployed, the use of COVID-19 contact tracing apps by employers, in combination with other measures, could be an effective way to return employees to the workforce. However, before deploying these apps, employers should take caution to fully vet the technologies being used to ensure that employee privacy is respected.

In connection with the rapid development of governmental contact tracing apps, tech companies have started to develop similar apps for employers. As of the writing of this article, a handful of employer-focused contact tracing apps are already on the market and many more are in development. Some employers are already planning to deploy these apps. For example, Ferrari recently announced that it will utilize a contact tracing app as part of its “Back on Track” plan.

The use of these apps raises numerous privacy concerns for U.S. employers. As employers begin to vet these apps, they will need to ensure that they do not unintentionally violate privacy laws or assume liabilities by deploying them with their workforce.

The United States Approach - Best Practices for Vetting Employee Contact Tracing Apps

Everyone's Working From Home Due to the Coronavirus - Is There Insurance Coverage for a Data Breach?
In the event of a breach or other incident, there may be limitations in your cyber liability insurance policy based upon the type of hardware being used. Businesses need to be proactive to protect themselves from attacks by practicing vigilant cyber safety, and also reviewing their insurance policies in detail for coverage considerations prior to the occurrence of any cyber incident.

One issue that may be overlooked is that many cyber liability insurance policies make a distinction between computer hardware owned by the insured company and computer hardware or other devices owned by company employees. This distinction becomes critical as the insuring agreements may limit or exclude coverage for computer hardware that is not owned by the named insured. The insurance policy may also have other requirements related to the use of personal devices by employees, such as requiring a formal written policy to address the use of such devices.

How to check your Windows network for vulnerabilities
If you've made significant changes to your network to support remote workers,
it's time to review what you've done to make sure everything is locked down.


PCI Updated Guidance: Responding to a Data Breach
PCI Security Standards Council recently updated the guidance document: Responding to a Cardholder Data Breach. This guide is intended to help merchants and service providers with incident response preparation. This guide also describes how and when a Payment Card Industry Forensic Investigator (PFI) should be engaged to assist.

The guidance covers:
1. Implementing an incident response plan
2. Identifying, engaging and working with a PFI
3. Understanding stakeholder roles and responsibilities in the event of a data breach

PCI: 8 Tips for Small Merchants: Protecting Payment Data During COVID-19



Canada Coronavirus Update: April 22

38,900+ Cases, 1,800+ Deaths



Click here to follow Canada's coronavirus store closings
94 brand closures in Canada (Updated Daily)

PM Trudeau on reopening economy: 'It's not happening yet'

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has a message for anyone clamoring for the economy to be reopened: "it's not happening yet."

The prime minister made the comment during a press conference last week on the front steps of Rideau Cottage. He explained that the government has to be "extremely careful" with any steps it takes towards letting Canadians go back to their offices and allowing non-essential businesses to reopen.

"It seems like over the past days, people have are talking about 'oh, we'll re-open this. We'll do this. We'll reopen that.' It's not happening yet. If we reopen too soon, everything we’re doing now might be for nothing," Trudeau warned, referring to the physical distancing measures now in place.

Canada United States border to be closed for another 30 days

Downtown Windsor convenience store owner frustrated by flagrant crime

'I feel really exhausted': Owner believes crime level is worsening during pandemic

As owner and operator of The Service Market at 480 University Ave. W., Lee expressed frustration with the crime level in his store’s area — which he feels is worsening under the COVID-19 pandemic conditions.

The Service Market’s latest incident happened on Monday around 5:30 a.m., when the store wasn’t open. Exterior security cameras were recording as a hooded man approached the store and threw a chunk of brick through a display window.

The flagrant thief then casually plucked his items of choice through the hole in the window. His arms were filled with merchandise boxes by the time he walked off. Lee said all the stolen items were cannabis accessories — several hundred dollars’ worth. The damage to the store window added several hundred dollars more to Lee’s losses.

“I feel really exhausted,” Lee said. “I’m the new owner, trying to make a living, and I experience this kind of stuff.”

Lee said it’s the second time in a year that The Service Market has been the victim of this kind of break-in theft, and at least the 33rd theft incident at the store in general since he became owner.

What makes this latest crime particularly discouraging to Lee is that he believes the culprit was at the store the previous night, unconcealed, checking out what he was going to steal.

Thefts down at Edmonton liquor stores with ID scanners: Alcanna
Edmonton liquor store thefts appear to be going down at locations with ID scanners, but the company behind the initiative says more devices can’t be installed until a privacy investigation is completed.

Alcanna, the company that owns various liquor stores including Wine and Beyond as well as Nova Cannabis, announced in January a pilot program to curb a rise in thefts by installing scanners outside of stores before patrons are allowed inside.

According to the company, thefts have started to go down at the three stores with scanners, with the hardest hit stores – Ace Liquor on 34 Street and Liquor Depot on 137 Avenue – dropping from double-digit numbers to single numbers in April.

After over 600 price-gouging complaints, B.C. introduces $2,000 fine during COVID-19 pandemic
B.C.'s solicitor general says the province will fine people $2,000 if they are found to be selling items like masks at inflated prices, or are found to be illegally selling other essential goods during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mike Farnworth announced the new measure Sunday, saying he'd been made aware of multiple complaints to Consumer Protection B.C.

"For example, an elderly, immunocompromised consumer paying 10 times the regular price for some N-95 masks, or business owners looking to purchase personal protective equipment for their workforces having to pay grossly inflated prices," he said.

With demand for protective equipment like masks soaring around the world, Farnworth was asked how enforcing agencies will determine whether a seller is simply passing on a price increase from increased demand, or is actually price-gouging.

He said Consumer Protection B.C. would be monitoring those factors along with the Retail Council of British Columbia.

'No Mask, No Service'
More Toronto grocery stores requiring customers to wear face masks

Requiring customers to wear masks is becoming a more common policy at an increased number of Toronto supermarkets.

Public health officials have now stated that wearing a mask can legitimately cut down on the transmission of COVID-19. However, the choice to wear one while out doing everyday tasks like grocery shopping is still largely in the hands of individuals.

RELATED: These are the rules for grocery shopping in Toronto right now

John Ivison: The reality about food & drug shortages in Canada due to COVID-19

“We’re a quiet army of disinfecters, spraying anything a customer might have touched”: What its like to be a grocery store worker right now

Statistics Canada for first time ever releases GDP data early — and it's the worst on record

Rules vary for lineups outside stores in Kingston

Canadian Government Announces Rent Assistance for Small and Medium Sized Retailers

Financial pressures of COVID-19 force several Canadian small businesses to close permanently

Amid Concerns of Infection, Bank of Canada Encourages Retailers in Canada to Accept Cash

1st National ‘TakeoutDay’ Launches to Support Foodservice Industry in Canada

Sobeys sees sales surge amid coronavirus outbreak

Sysco Canada goes direct to consumers with new online grocery service

Click here to read the full 'Canadian Connections' column

Nova Scotia: Suspect fatally shot at gas station after his shooting rampage left 18 dead
Canadians on Monday mourned the shocking rampage that left 18 dead in rural communities across Nova Scotia, after a gunman disguised as a police officer opened fire on people hunkered down in their homes, setting houses ablaze in the deadliest mass shooting in the country’s history. Officials said the suspect, identified as 51-year-old Gabriel Wortman, was also among the dead in the weekend attack. Police did not provide a motive for the killings.

Police initially said Wortman had been arrested Sunday at a gas station in Enfield, outside Halifax, but later said he had died. It was not clear how, and they did not provide further details, although one police official said that there was an exchange of gunfire between the suspect and police at one point.

(Update) Winnipeg, MB: Parents grieve after 16-year-old daughter fatally shot by police following liquor store robbery

Toronto, ON: Pair facing several charges after stealing hockey bags of liquor from LCBO

Woman arrested for coughing on grocery store clerk in Coquitlam

Winnipeg, MB: Grocery store security guard pepper sprayed, woman taken into custody

Click here to read the full 'Canadian Connections' column

How are we doing? We need your input & suggestions. Send to

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Filmed in January 2014 at the Daily's 'Live in NYC at the NRF Big Show 2014' event

Joe Malone, co-owner of Security Resources, tells us how the company grew from a small business in Philadelphia to a national security firm specializing in security guard and investigative solutions throughout North America. Licensed and registered in all 50 states, Security Resources utilizes a partner network of over 700 security companies to address the ever-changing needs of retailers. In this interview, Joe talks about their industry-leading process.

Note: In August 2019, Security Resources merged with Protos Security, a nationwide leader in security guard services. In early 2020, the company announced a new logo and brand identity system, reflecting Protos' expanded portfolio of managed, direct and monitored guard services.

Stay tuned as we continue to count down LPNN's All-Time Top 10 LP Leader and Top 10 Solution Provider videos. See who's made the list so far here.





Online Credit Card Skimming Increased by 26% in March 2020
With COVID-19 lockdown measures in place throughout the globe, online shopping has soared and along with it, credit card skimming. According to Malwarebytes data, web skimming increased by 26 percent in March over the previous month and the trend is expected to continue.

One trend that the organization noticed is how the number of skimming blocks is at its highest on Mondays (which happens to be the busiest day for online shopping), lowering down in the second half of the week and being at its lowest point on week-ends.

With the U.S. leading in skimming attempts worldwide since the quarantine measures took effect in mid March, with 74% of global activity.

For the full report and more information, please visit the Malwarebytes blog.

Department of Justice Announces Disruption of Hundreds of Online COVID-19 Related Scams

Hundreds of Domains Disrupted Through Public and Private Sector Cooperative Efforts

Federal authorities announced today that an ongoing cooperative effort between law enforcement and a number of private-sector companies, including multiple internet domain providers and registrars, has disrupted hundreds of internet domains used to exploit the COVID-19 pandemic to commit fraud and other crimes.

“The FBI is proud to work alongside our federal law enforcement and private sector partners to protect the American public from COVID-19 related scams during these difficult times.”

Q&A: PayPal CEO Dan Schulman says coronavirus is giving his business ‘a tremendous surge’

309 Million Facebook User Profiles Sold For $623 on Dark Web and Hacker Forums







Trussville, AL Trussville PD Shoplifting Review: 17 arrested despite statewide stay-at-home-order
The Trussville Police Department posted its shoplifting review featuring 17 arrests from March 23 – April 20, 2020. The police department warns anyone coming into Trussville to steal could end up on social media. “All arrest and arrest photos posted on (our Facebook page) are public information. All subjects are innocent until proven guilty,” the department posted on its Facebook page. To save everybody a lot of time and hassle, just don’t steal. It’s that easy.

Hagerstown, MD: Snacks provide clues to electronics thefts at Walmart Supercenter
Bags of snack chips in the infant care aisle led to a Hagerstown-area man and woman being charged with stealing electronics items from Walmart, according to Maryland State Police. Tyler Justin Kotzbauer and Sarah Jane Zeigler were both charged with five counts of theft under $1,500 and one count of theft scheme of $1,500 to $25,000.

The Loss Prevention Officer at the Walmart Supercenter on Walmart Drive, discovered the thefts of more than $4,300 in routers, headphones, and printer and camera equipment, and other items by first noticing snack-sized bags of chips in the infant care aisle on April 14. The snack chips were scattered on the floor of the infant care aisle twice more on April 15 and then one time each on April 16 and 17, the document said. The officer reviewed surveillance video that showed a man and woman pushing a shopping cart into the aisle and spending a few minutes there before going to the self-checkout area. The cart was seen to contain boxes of electronic items and two multipack boxes of snack chips, in each case, the document said. Further review of the video showed the pair would first get the snack boxes, then go to the electronics section where they would remove several items off the shelves. The man and woman would empty the snack boxes in the infant area, put the electronics in the boxes, tape them shut and then go to the checkout, the document said. Other video showed them leaving the store parking lot in a black pickup truck, the document said.

Belfast, Ireland: Shoplifter with 200 convictions jailed for six months







Shootings & Deaths

Springfield, MO: Man shot, killed outside gas station, suspect in custody
Police in southern Missouri have identified a man fatally shot outside a Springfield gas station over the weekend, as well as a man arrested in the case. The Sunday night shooting left Caelan Troy, 24, dead, the Springfield Police said. The shooting happened in front of a Phillips 66 convenience store, and Troy was taken by a private vehicle to a local hospital and later died, police said. A short time later, police arrested Austin Ball, 27, of Springfield, on suspicion of second-degree murder. Police have not given details about what led up to the shooting.

Robberies, Incidents & Thefts

Fresno, CA: 2 wanted for Armed Robbery spree at CVS and Walgreens in the Valley
The Fresno Police Department now says the two people in the armed robbery video have been connected to other similar robberies. Police believe they were involved in an armed robbery at the CVS Pharmacy on Country Club Dr. in Madera on Sunday, April 19th, where they fired shots through the door after employees locked them in. There was also an armed robbery at the El Portal Pharmacy on G St. in Merced.

Johnson City, TN: Burglary at Ross at The Crossing

Omaha, NE: Shoplifter at store gets away, but leaves behind completed Job Application

Sacramento, CA: Police Establish Registry For Businesses Left Empty During Coronavirus Crisis

Dade County, FL: Crook smashes into ATM worker’s truck, steals thousands while victim refills machine

Seattle, WA: Burglars suspected in nearly 200 cases busted on Capitol Hill

Stamford, CT: Suspected CVS shoplifter with coronavirus charged for coughing at employees

Shoplifter tries to shame security guard, throws money




C-Store – Pittsburgh, PA – Armed Robbery
C-Store – Pittsburgh, Pa – Armed Robbery
C-Store – Springfield, MA – Burglary
CVS – Fresno, CA – Armed Robbery
CVS – Stamford, CT – Robbery
Clothing – Johnson City, TN – Burglary
Family Dollar – Florence, SC – Armed Robbery
Grocery Chapmanville, WV – Robbery
Jewelry – Philadelphia, PA – Burglary
Metro PCS – Reading, PA – Robbery
Pawn – Suwannee County, FL – Armed Robbery
Pharmacy – Lyons, NY – Burglary
Restaurant – Memphis, TN – Burglary (McDonalds)
Restaurant – Hialeah, FL – Robbery
Walgreens – Fresno, CA – Armed Robbery
7-Eleven – Chico, CA – Robbery
7-Eleven – Oak Park, IL – Armed Robbery

Daily Totals:
• 12 robberies
• 5 burglaries
• 0 shootings
• 0 killed

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