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The Perfect 2020 Mobile Vision Future of Retail

By Tony D'Onofrio, Global Retail Influencer

Post-World War II, technology has been the primary engine driving the retail industry's transformation through three powerful megatrends. As we approach the perfect vision year 2020, this article summarizes the state of the third and most important megatrend: mobile communications and the smartphone.

The term 'smartphone' first appeared in 1995, three years after IBM introduced Simon which was the first phone that combined a cell calling capabilities with a Personal Digital Assistant (PDA). Simon was on the market for six months and only 50,000 units were sold.

Fifteen years after Simon, in 2007, Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone by saying, "Every once in a while, a revolutionary product comes along that changes everything." Apple and all the other competitive smartphone variations are forever disrupting multiple industries including retail.

Mobile Eats the World

According to the latest GSMA Mobile Economy 2019 research, "by the end of 2018, 5.1 billion people around the world subscribed to mobile services, accounting for 67% of the global population." Over the next seven years, 710 million people will join the mobile revolution, bringing to total to 5.8 billion (71% of the global population).

Of critical importance to retail and all other industries are the number of mobile internet users. Currently 3.6 billion people are connected to the internet via mobile and this number will surge to 5 billion by 2025. Read more here

Attorney General William P. Barr Announces Launch of Project Guardian
- A Nationwide Strategic Plan to Reduce Gun Violence

Initiative emphasizes enforcing gun prohibitions based on domestic violence convictions and mental health denials

Today, Attorney General William P. Barr announced the launch of Project Guardian, a new initiative designed to reduce gun violence and enforce federal firearms laws across the country. Specifically, Project Guardian focuses on investigating, prosecuting, and preventing gun crimes.

"Gun crime remains a pervasive problem in too many communities across America. Today, the Department of Justice is redoubling its commitment to tackling this issue through the launch of Project Guardian," said Attorney General William P. Barr. "Building on the success of past programs like Triggerlock, Project Guardian will strengthen our efforts to reduce gun violence by allowing the federal government and our state and local partners to better target offenders who use guns in crimes and those who try to buy guns illegally."

Project Guardian's implementation is based on five principles:

Coordinated Prosecution - Enforcing the Background Check System - Improved Information Sharing - Coordinated Response to Mental Health Denials - Crime Gun Intelligence Coordination. justice.gov

The 17 scariest crimes to ever hit the world of fast food
Fast food has a dark side

It's no secret that the industry has a problem with everyday violence. In November, McDonald's workers in Chicago filed a lawsuit against the fast-food giant, alleging that it failed to protect its employees from "a daily risk of violence while at work."

And that undercurrent of chaos and brutality has flared up over the years, resulting in a number of truly frightening and violent acts perpetuated against fast-food employees and customers. Not all of these crimes have been solved, but all of the incidents described are disturbing.

Here's a look at a number of terrifying cases involving fast-food restaurants: businessinsider.com

Johnson Controls releases targeted hardware platforms
for superior video management

Johnson Controls introduces the latest generation of Tyco American Dynamics victor Workstations, now with a space-saving compact option. Users will be able to choose the optimal platform for their environment from Compact, Standard, Performance, and High Performance servers.

These workstations provide scalability from small, single-site locations to enterprise-level deployments. Pre-bundled with the victor Video Management System (VMS), the hardware features high-quality processors that ensure both speed and reliability as well as support for memory-intensive applications, making them ideal for demanding deployments that thrive on install flexibility and next business day on-site service. americandynamics.net

March Networks and Spendgo Integrate With PAR Technology's
Cloud-Based Brink POS® Software

ParTech, Inc. (PAR), a leading global provider of point of sale (POS) software and integrated technical solutions to the restaurant and retail industries and wholly owned subsidiary of PAR Technology Corporation (NYSE:PAR), added March Networks and Spendgo to its Brink POS integration ecosystem.

March Networks® is a global leader in IP video surveillance and business intelligence solutions. Its Searchlight for Retail software helps quick service and fast casual restaurants reduce losses from theft, oversee operations and improve service through the integration of surveillance video, POS transaction data, and analytics. businesswire.com

Legal Brief: More Major Companies Fighting Illinois Biometrics Law
There are some favorable signs for companies like Facebook, Home Depot, Lowe's and others. Indeed, some BIPA decisions have favored the defense:

● In 2017, in a case known as Santana v. Take-Two Interactive, the Second Circuit Court of Appeals held that NBA 2K players lacked standing to pursue BIPA claims because they suffered no actual injury or harm by the video game's collection and retention of their face scans.

● In late 2018, the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois in Rivera v. Google dismissed a BIPA lawsuit against Google based on an absence of any concrete injury resulted from its image collection.

These cases demonstrate that some courts will require plaintiffs to show concrete injury - not mere procedural or technical violations of BIPA. Facebook is making this argument without success so far. If Lowe's and Home Depot can demonstrate that, despite technical violations of BIPA, their customers suffered no actual harm, then this will be a significant legal victory for these companies and an opportunity to escape the risk of substantial damages. securityinfowatch.com

CEO Turnover Hits Record High
Retail CEO Turnover Up 66% - Tops in Industry's

From January through November 2018, 1,480 CEOs have left their posts, 12% higher than the year-ago period, according to a report by global outplacement and business and executive coaching firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas. It is the highest January-November total since the firm began tracking in 2002, and only four fewer than the previous full-year high of 1,484 CEO exits tracked in 2008. In the retail industry, 55 CEOs have left their posts, up from 33 in the year-ago period.

"One is a strong economy and high demand for C-level skills are attracting CEOs to new positions. Another is the ongoing uncertainty surrounding trade and regulations while emerging technologies continue to disrupt almost every industry." 

Personal behavior is another factoring into CEO turnover.

"We are also tracking companies that are demanding accountability in their CEOs' professional and personal lives," Challenger added. "Any behavior unbecoming to a company's brand is pretty quickly followed by a resignation announcement."

The leadership shake-ups in retail don't appear to fit any particular pattern. There were carefully choreographed, harmonious baton passes, such as Best Buy Co. naming Corie Barry to succeed Hubert Joly. There were bombshells such as Steve Easterbrook's abrupt ouster from McDonald's Corp. over an inappropriate relationship with an employee. There were rebukes of poor performance, such as Art Peck's departure from Gap Inc. And there were some left-field surprises, such as Tractor Supply Co. poaching Hal Lawton from Macy's Inc.

Retail's recent bout of turbulence at the top is not such an outlier in corporate America; Bloomberg Opinion's Stephen Mihm recently noted an uptick in CEO departures overall in the past few months. But it adds a certain intrigue about which retailers will end up in the winners' circle next year.

The majority of CEOs (527) stepped down into other roles within their companies, typically to assist in the transition as a consultant, into another C-level position, or into a board member or chairperson role.

Another 355 retired, while 138 found new positions in other companies. An additional 127 CEOs resigned, while 109 left with no official reason given. Thirty-six CEOs left amid a merger or acquisition, and 22 were terminated, meaning the board terminated their employment. chainstoreage.com bloomberg.com

Target's Success - Turning the Stores Into Fulfillment Centers
Target (TGT) is operationally a vastly different retailer today than one year, two years and, of course, five years ago.

"We've made the stores the center of what we're doing in digital. They've really driven the growth. We went a little bit different path than most retailers. We went down the path of the stores are going to do the fulfillment. Huge advantage for us," COO John Mulligan.

In 2019, Mulligan reworked Target's employee staffing model in an attempt to drive more sales. Employees now have ownership of individual departments, offer more in-depth customer service and also service orders placed online. Mulligan said the shift in how Target staffs its stores has been instrumental in its impressive year. yahoo.com

Retail sales fall short of forecast in the early stages of the holiday season.
Poor omen?
Sales at U.S. retailers grow 0.2% in November

Sales at U.S. retailers rose slightly in November and mostly benefited a few merchants such as auto dealers and internet stores, suggesting the holiday season got off to a sluggish start. Retail sales edged up 0.2% last month, the government said Friday. Economists polled by MarketWatch had expected a 0.5% increase.

What happened: Internet-based retailers such as Amazon fared the best. Sales at so-called nonstore retailers rose 0.8% last month.

The rest of the retail industry lagged behind. If autos and gas are stripped out, sales were basically flat.

Sales fell at department stores, restaurants, clothing stores, pharmacies and outlets that sell sporting goods. The declines at restaurants and health-care stores were the biggest in almost a year. marketwatch.com

China accused of 'dumping' mattresses on U.S. market
Chinese companies have flooded the U.S. market with artificially low priced mattresses in recent years, saving consumers money and taking share from American brands. About five million mattresses were shipped from China to the U.S. in 2018, according to a United States International Trade Commission investigation. retailwire.com

SSN, SIA celebrate women in security
Security Systems News' 11th annual Women in Security December issue is even more special this year, as it was done in partnership with the Security Industry Association's (SIA) Women in Security Forum (WISF), with input from members of the WISF committee on who we should highlight and celebrate.

This issue has grown in status and in the number of women being highlighted over the past few years, culminating in a record 14 women being profiled in this year's WIS December issue.

Women in Security: Kerri Sutherland - Axis Communications
Diversity and inclusion initiatives are making a difference in security. For Axis Communications' Kerri Sutherland, female role models have played an instrumental role throughout her career.

"I have been blessed with many amazing role models and mentors, who helped me develop throughout my career," she said, calling out Gail Boudreau, who taught her the "importance of adjusting my communication and work style to my audience as needed. She always had facts and data to back up her opinions and initiatives, which made her highly respected by the managers and leaders at the company, who sought her opinion on a variety of topics." securitysystemsnews.com

Managing & Planning Layoffs

Kohl's prepares for around the clock holiday shopping Dec. 20-24

Kroger and Walgreens want to buy products together to cut supplier costs

In memoriam: The brands we lost in the 2010s

Dollar General Plans 1,000 Stores in 2020

Quarterly Results
Dollar General Q3 comp's up 4.6%, sales up 8.9%

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By Apprehending Merchandise,
Not Shoplifters

Hear how from Marcus Young with United Supermarkets

Hear from Marcus Young, Director of Asset Protection for United Supermarkets, on how Gatekeeper Systems Purchek, a pushout theft prevention system, protects customers and associates, stops thefts as they occur, and provides confrontation free loss prevention.

Learn how Gatekeeper can help your business apprehend merchandise, not shoplifters here.




This is War on Retailers
Cyberattacks on Retailers Could Increase 20% this Holiday Season

A new analysis of threat data suggests retailers will experience a 20% increase in attempted cyberattacks this holiday shopping season, according to VMWare Carbon Black.

Commodity malware and ransomware will continue to account for a major portion of attack volumes. But often these attacks will be just a means to attain other broader objectives, the security vendor says in a report out this week.

Retailers should be most concerned that their websites or mobile apps will be hijacked via watering-hole attacks," says Tom Kellermann, head cybersecurity strategist at VMware Carbon Black.

The other major concern is lateral movement, where attackers gain an initial foothold in a network and then expand their presence to other systems, he says. Sometimes, threat actors can attack the network of a retailer's business partner or vendor and use that access to break into the retailer's system.

VMWare Carbon Black's analysis combined data gathered from its retail customers during the 2018 holiday season, from this year, and from a recent survey of 20 CISOs and major retail organizations

The analysis shows a surprisingly high proportion of retailers already have been impacted by recent cyberattacks. More than seven in 10 organizations (73%) reported an increase in online attacks over the past year, and 40% said they had lost revenue in 2019 as the result of one.

One-third of the CISOs VMWare Carbon Black surveyed described their organizations as having experienced an attack where threat actors got into their networks by moving laterally from the network of a partner or vendor. Troublingly, one in five organizations experienced a destructive attack, such as one involving ransomware or disk-wiping malware.

The macro-level takeaway is that attempted cyberattacks against retailers tend to spike right now - during the holiday shopping season," Kellermann says. "Attacker sophistication continues to evolve across verticals," he notes.

New Trickbot Campaign Another Threat
A separate report from Cybereason, also released this week, shows another threat many retailers are going to have to deal with this holiday season: targeted attacks involving the Trickbot malware.

Retail CISOs are responding to the worsening threat environment. According to Carbon Black, more than half (53%) of the retail CISOs it surveyed plan on increasing cybersecurity staff next year. Four in 10 expect their security budgets will increase at least 10% compared to 2019. Carbon Black's survey also shows that one-third of organizations have implemented a threat-hunting capability for proactively looking for and mitigating security issues before they develop into a full-blown attack. darkreading.com

Positive Trends in Retail and Hospitality Cybersecurity
Author: Muktar Kelati, Director of Intelligence Operations, RH-ISAC

This blog is part of the RH-ISAC holiday guidance blog series. For more blogs in this series, visit https://rhisac.org/blog/.

There are plenty of things to be concerned about in the world of cybersecurity. There have been many tales of failure and frustration, and more than enough high-profile attacks and breaches to keep retail and hospitality cybersecurity executives and practitioners up at night. But there are also plenty of success stories of cybersecurity teams thwarting an attack or threat.  

The security landscape is constantly evolving, as the game of cat-and-mouse between defenders and attackers grows ever more complex. While the game is never won, and no cybersecurity professional can ever consider their organization's data truly and entirely safe, the retail and hospitality verticals have made significant progress over recent years. Here are several positive trends we've seen across the industry. Hopefully you find yourself nodding along with most of these! rhisac.org

Waking Up to Third-Party Security Risk
You can't rely on the words, intentions, or security measures of others to guard your company, customer and brand.

Third parties - including partners, suppliers, and cloud hosting services - that are directly linked to your networks are one of your largest risks for a damaging security breach. A 2018 study by the Ponemon Institute found that almost 60% of companies surveyed had suffered a data breach caused by third parties or vendors in the last year.

What's causing more third-party risk? First, the way both internal and external (customer-facing) applications are built today is very different than a decade ago. Today, applications are composed of multiple smaller services: microservices. These may be for simple internal tasks - delivering a feed of alert data - or for complicated services delivered via a software-as-a-service. All services connect, internally and externally, via APIs.

Additionally, web applications, middleware, and other code increasingly are built with third-party code components. Popular JavaScript libraries may be used by millions of sites even though the maintainers of the library are not well known. Third parties may also be tenants or customers for a cloud hosting service or a SaaS service. According to a survey of IT and security pros by Tripwire, 60% of organizations have suffered a container security incident. What does this mean? Hackers see multitenancy and services that share space or resell services to multiple customers as a viable path to a breach. darkreading.com


WHITEPAPER: Learn how Under Armour introduced
a game-changing loss prevention strategy

After establishing a new standard for electronic article surveillance (EAS) technology for its North American stores, Under Armour does have one lingering regret. "I could kick myself for not discovering this solution sooner," said Sean Donnelly, Sr. Director of Global Retail Asset Protection and Investigations for the premier activewear giant.

"My advice to other AP leaders is to not write things off by thinking that something looks too good to be true. Be open to challenging the status quo and willing to put new solutions to the test. We learned that openness pays big dividends, and it's an important part of servicing any rapidly growing business that prides itself on innovation."

Download the whitepaper here.





Staying Left of Boom!

Chris Nelson, Vice President, Loss Prevention, Gap Inc./Old Navy
Rich Giaquinto, Senior Director, Gap Inc.


"Left of Boom" is a military term referring to the timeline before an explosion. When the explosion happens (the boom), then the timeline shifts to "right of boom". Left of boom is where you want to be.

Chris Nelson and Rich Giaquinto explain how the concept applies to the retail environment - whether it's active shooters, natural disasters, or other events that disrupt the business. Learn how Gap Inc. maintains business continuity and organizational resilience by applying a "Left of Boom" approach.

Episode Sponsored By:

Quick Take 12 with Mike Lamb, VP of AP, Kroger

Mike Lamb, Vice President, Asset Protection & Safety, the Kroger Company

with MCs Joe LaRocca
and Amber Bradley


Mike Lamb talks about the opportunities and challenges he faced back in 2017 when he took over Kroger's massive AP operation, consisting of over 20 different brands. As an executive who's managed loss prevention at the highest level in a number of different store formats throughout his career, Mike talks about the complexity of managing shrink and waste in a grocery store environment.




How the new North American free trade agreement will impact ecommerce;
Could boost online sales by $332.3 million
The deal, which would be the first U.S. free trade agreement to include a chapter on digital trade, includes a few key provisions that explicitly address ecommerce and that many believe will yield key benefits for online retailers while also serving as a model for future trade deals.

"The deal should help online retailers," says Jeffrey Weiss, a partner in law firm Venable LLP's International Trade Group who previously served as the U.S. Commerce Department's deputy director for policy and strategic planning. More importantly, it is designed to serve as a template for future trade deals that should help retailers, he says.

The changes are expected to boost to cross-border shipments from U.S. online retailers to Canada by 4.6%, which translates into roughly $332.3 million in additional sales, according to an estimate by U.S. International Trade Commission. Cross-border shipments from U.S. online retailers to Mexico are expected to increase by 3.6%, which translates into $91.3 million.

USMCA could also benefit retailers by prohibiting the three countries from applying customs duties or other so-called "discriminatory measures" to e-books, videos, music and other digital products that are distributed electronically.

That stands to help the broad swath of retailers-game sellers, booksellers and others-that sell digital products both in terms of their sales to North America and in shaping global norms, Weiss says. "The deal locks in the ways business is currently done," he says. "And it can also help influence how these businesses are treated in trade deals around the world." digitalcommerce360.com

In Case You Missed It:

Trump Administration Weighs Putting Amazon Foreign Sites on 'Notorious Markets' List

Hackers Infect Hundreds Of Counterfeit Sneaker Sites To Steal Credit Cards

Reports: More people shopping, but more fraud, too
44% of shoppers buying from retail websites


San Francisco, CA: Investigators in 'Operation Focus Lens' recover more than $2 million worth of stolen goods
Laptops, tablets, phones, and purses were just some of the stolen items on display at the San Francisco District Attorney's Office on Thursday. The DA's Office along with several San Francisco law enforcement agencies revealed the results of Operation Focus Lens which disrupted a large scale fencing operation. It was the third in a series of takedowns that previously included Operation Wrecking Ball and Operation Tangled Web. Laptops, tablets, phones, and purses were just some of the stolen items on display at the San Francisco District Attorney's Office on Thursday. The DA's Office along with several San Francisco law enforcement agencies revealed the results of Operation Focus Lens which disrupted a large scale fencing operation. It was the third in a series of takedowns that previously included Operation Wrecking Ball and Operation Tangled Web. abc7news.com

Brooksville, FL: Criminal trio arrested after decades of heists,
stealing over $30 Millions in jewelry and cash

A coordinated trio of criminals has been targeting jewelry stores in Hernando County and across Florida for more than eight years, making off with about $16 million in gold, silver, jewels, and gems. They are experienced thieves whose histories of stealthy burglaries go back decades. Since 2011, investigators have been working to catch up with them, and it appears their efforts have finally paid off. Hernando County Sheriff Al Nienhuis announced Thursday the arrests of three men he says are responsible for at least 23 sophisticated burglaries across the state. These burglaries were not typical smash-and-grab thefts. Two of the suspects, Michael Ornelas and William Granims, were convicted in 1999 of robbing at least 50 jewelry stores across the southeast, and they served time in federal prison. In 2008, Ornelas and Granims were out of jail and apparently reunited to pick back up where they left off. As they prepared to rob a jewelry store in Chicago, law enforcement officers arrested them. Now they face a long list of charges and many years in prison. Over the course of many years robbing jewelers, the men are believed to have stolen upwards of $30 million worth of jewelry and cash. fox13news.com

New Canaan, CT: Members of Organized Retail Theft crime ring charged in connection with $90,000 thefts
Two people were charged in connection with a multi-state retail theft crime ring investigation. New Canaan police said that their investigation began in October after thieves stole from the local Ralph Lauren store multiple times with in days of each other. Witnesses told police that the suspects would park their car in a no parking zone, leave the car to enter the building, steal a few items, return to the car and speed away. A multi-state task forced was created due to similar crimes that occurred in Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, New York, different areas of Connecticut and Maine. Police identified Aysia Ryan,20, as a suspect. Ryan was arrested in Auburn, Mass. after a police pursuit on December 11.Police were also able to obtain a warrant for a Jahliil Parrot, who is currently incarcerated in New York. Another warrant is expected to come soon for another female suspect. The stores from over six states reported that the thieves stole nearly $90,000 worth of items. fox61.com

Saline County, AR: Five arrested in $50,000 gun store burglary
Saline County Sheriff's Office Detectives, with the assistance of special agents of the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives, have arrested five suspects in connection with a burglary that happened at a Saline County firearms dealer. Early morning on Wednesday, December 11, five suspects broke into the firearms dealer and stole over 40 assorted firearms; including rifles and pistols, with an estimated value of $50,000. Security camera footage and other evidence located at the store assisted detectives in locating the suspects. kark.com

Las Vegas, NV: Multiple suspects wanted in $900 Spring Valley shoe store robbery

Greenwich, CT: Retail scam' ends in arrests for duo at store

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Shootings & Deaths

Dillon, SC: One dead in apparent robbery at Dillon County grocery store
One person died in an apparent robbery at a Dillon County grocery store Thursday night. Multiple agencies, including SLED, responded to the incident at JW Bailey's Grocery on 301. Cpt. Cliff Arnette, with the Dillon County Sheriff's Office, said the incident was believed to be a robbery and there was an injury related to it. No arrests have been made. wbtv.com

Update: Norfolk, VA: Man says he watched his friend shoot and kill clerk at a Wawa as she begged for her life
Shonquial Hamlin testified on Thursday against his childhood friend and the man he's accused of working with to murder a clerk at a Norfolk convenience store in May. But video surveillance appears to contradict parts of his testimony - and suggests he might have played a bigger role in the crime than he admitted. Hamlin, 21, said he thought he and Andre Brinkley were just walking to a Wawa the night of May 26. But when they got there, police say, Brinkley tried to rob 37-year-old Helena Stiglets. After she repeatedly screamed that she didn't have anything to give him, he shot her, Hamlin testified. Brinkley, 21, is charged with second-degree murder, robbery, carjacking, and two counts of using a gun illegally. pilotonline.com


Robberies, Incidents & Thefts

Newton, MA: Off-duty officer stops armed robbery in-progress in Massachusetts
An armed robber in Massachusetts picked the wrong time to hold up a convenience store. It turns out, a police Lieutenant heading to work walked in just before the robber. The thief went to the counter, pulled a knife, and demanded the clerk open the register. While he was busy taking the money, he didn't notice the officer who walked up across the counter until he drew his gun. wtnh.com

Tulsa, OK: Armed Security Guard Assists In Arrest By Jumping On Hood Of Car
A Tulsa security guard jumps onto the hood of car in order to catch a man suspected in several crimes in Green Country. The Security guard said the suspect tried to run him over, so he ended up firing shots at the guy, before catching him and holding him for police. This is video taken by Jessica Ward, an O'Reilly Auto Parts employee just moments before a security guard working for a hotel tried to stop, then shot at a man wanted in a recent string of robberies and a burglary. You can see Security Guard Ty Maxwell on the hood of the car with his gun drawn, and seconds later, Murphy accelerates. Just moments after the video ends, Ty Maxwell said Murphy took out a gun. newson6.com

Miami Beach, FL: Knife-wielding homeless man arrested after standoff with Miami Beach police; Suspect clutches 10-inch knife after shoplifting from Publix
According to a Miami Beach police report, the suspect was trying to steal about $50 worth of groceries from a Publix at Alton Road and Sixth Street when he was confronted by two managers at the door. "That's when this man pulls the knife that he had taken from within the store and begins to wave it," Miami Beach police Officer Ernesto Rodriguez said. "These managers become, obviously, very fearful for their life and that man leaves, thankfully not hurting anybody." Madrazo-Rojo tried to hide in an alleyway off Michigan Court a few blocks away but was spotted by officers. local10.com

Wauwatosa, WI: Macy's employee was cited after she gave away nearly $2,000 worth of clothing to her Instagram followers
An 18-year-old Macy's employee at Mayfair Mall gave away nearly $2,000 worth of clothing to followers of her Instagram account over several days. Taylor Cross received a municipal citation for theft in connection with the incidents. Surveillance video from the store showed Cross giving away $1,853 worth of clothing during eight transactions on Nov. 23 and 29. Cross would scan one item, and sometimes no items, and would then remove the security sensors and bag up the items, the police report said. When Cross started the job, she said, she made an Instagram post in which she was wearing her work uniform. She then said "mainly boys" started messaging her, asking her if they could use her discount. However, she did not get a discount because she was still a seasonal employee at the time, the police report said. Cross then said "the boys" came to the store to talk to her. This is when she began giving away the items, the complaint said. She told police she did not get any money or favors in return for giving them the clothes. jsaonline.com

San Jose, CA: Geisha dolls arrested for armed robberies in California; responsible for 12 robberies since October

Wailuku, HI: Walmart security 'feared for our life' when man pulled gun

Manchester, NH: Man Pulls Knife on Store Employees in Mall of New Hampshire Robbery

Minneapolis, MN: Pickpocket Duo Targets 3 Women In 4 Different Apple Valley Stores

Louisville, KY: Metro Police officers surprise Walmart shoppers with gift cards


Credit Card

Hundreds Of Counterfeit Online Shoe Stores Injected With Credit Card Skimmer
Malwarebytes researchers have discovered a credit card skimmer injected into hundreds of fraudulent sites selling brand name shoes. Many of these sites have been infected with malware that skims credit card information during the checkout process. All of the sites were running outdated versions of the Magento e-commerce platform and the PHP programming language it utilizes. informationsecuritybuzz.com



Auto Parts - Tulsa, OK - Robbery/ Assault on Security
C-Store- Newton, MA - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Hickory, NC - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Winston-Salem, NC - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Chicago, IL - Burglary
C-Store - Lanham, MD - Armed Robbery
Grocery - Dillon, SC - Armed Robbery/ Clerk killed
Gas Station - Yucaipa, CA - Armed Robbery
Gas Station - Martinsburg, OH - Burglary
Guns - Saline County, AR - Burglary
● Jewelry - Davenport, IA - Robbery
● Jewelry - Ontario, CA - Robbery
● Jewelry - Daly City, CA - Robbery
Marijuana - Roseburg, OR - Burglary
Office Supply - Lanham, MD - Armed Robbery
Pawn - Rock Hill, SC - Burglary
Restaurant - Palm Coast, FL - Burglary
Restaurant - Palm Coast, FL - Burglary (2 of 2)
Shoe - Las Vegas, NV - Robbery
Walgreens - Lake Worth, FL - Robbery
Walmart - Wailuku, HI - Armed Robbery
7-Eleven - Charlotte, NC - Armed Robbery
7-Eleven - Cranston, RI - Armed Robbery
7-Eleven - Yucaipa, CA - Armed Robbery



Daily Totals:
• 17 robberies
• 7 burglaries
• 1 shootings
• 1 killed



Weekly Totals:
• 111 robberies
• 32 burglaries
• 3 shooting
• 3 killed

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None to report.

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