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Steven Bova named Director, Loss Prevention for Petco

Prior to being named Director, Loss Prevention for Petco, Steven spent nearly four years with Taco Bell as Director of Asset Protection, Safety & Security. Before that, he spent nearly 13 years as Director - Partner and AP - Americas for Starbucks and over 10 years as Senior District LP Manager for Lord & Taylor. In his new role with Petco, he will be overseeing Corporate Security, Filed and DC Loss Prevention, Safety, Physical Inventory, E-Commerce Fraud, Business Continuity and Executive Event Protection. Congratulations, Steven!

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2019 GLPS - Group LP Selfies

Your Team - Your Pride - Our Industry
Building Industry Pride - One Team Selfie at a Time

Old Navy LP Team for North Carolina
in the Mid Atlantic Region

"Together We Protect"

Pictured (left to right): Monica Dotson, Tyrrance Miller, Kim Smith, Will Waddell, Brittany Beck, Patrick Swann, Gil Espada, Michael Chambers, Brandon Blankenship, Tracy Tessener, Garrett Rodriguez, Chris Matthews, Shannon Malphurs, & Bobbye Banks

Thanks to Garrett Rodriguez, Regional Loss Prevention Manager-Mid Atlantic at Old Navy, for submitting this GLPS.


OpenEye Announces Maxxess eFusion Integration with OWS

OpenEye, a leading provider of cloud-managed video surveillance solutions, announces the addition of Maxxess eFusion security management software into the OpenEye Web Services ecosystem.

eFusion is a security management software that enables security personnel to more precisely monitor and assess potential and emerging threats and respond quickly to emergencies. This integration enables the Maxxess monitoring software to retrieve video from OpenEye video surveillance systems through OpenEye Web Services (OWS) and allow users to view it natively in eFusion. Users can view both live and recorded video in reference to access control events. eFusion establishes a connection to recorders using OpenEye Web Services' Web Connect technology, improving connection reliability and eliminating the need to manually manage connection settings or forward ports.

"We are excited to provide users of the Maxxess eFusion security management software the reliability of Web Connect enabled video verification of events on their platform," said Ian Siemer, OpenEye VP Product and Marketing. "Video verification is a crucial tool for providing situational awareness as well as reducing false alarms and improving response time." Read more here


A National Epidemic
90,000 Packages Disappear Daily in N.Y.C. - Is Help on the Way?
1.7M Stolen Daily = $25M Loss Daily Nationwide
Package theft has also soared in cities like Denver and Washington. The increase has frustrated shoppers and led to creative measures for thwarting thieves.

Corporate mailrooms in New York and other cities are overwhelmed by employees shipping personal packages to work for safekeeping, leading companies to ban packages and issue warnings that boxes will be intercepted and returned to the senders.

A new start-up company is gambling that online shoppers who are worried about not getting their packages will be willing to pay extra to ship them to a home-based network of package receivers in Brooklyn.

In New York City, where more orders are delivered than anywhere else in the country, over 90,000 packages a day are stolen or disappear without explanation, up roughly 20 percent from four years ago.

About 15 percent of all deliveries in urban areas fail to reach customers because of package theft and other less frequent issues, like deliveries to the wrong house, according to transportation experts.

Around the country, more than 1.7 million packages are stolen or go missing every day - adding up to more than $25 million in lost goods and services. Nearly 1 in 5 respondents nationally reported having had a package stolen.

Yet the extent of package theft has been largely underestimated because most cases are not reported to the police. Customers have little incentive to do so when online retailers typically refund or replace items for free, often with few questions.

Most police departments do not track package thefts, but those that have examined the problem have reported notable increases.

Package horror stories have become so common that some state lawmakers are taking aim at thieves. In Texas, package thieves could face up to 10 years in prison under a new law. A South Carolina bill, called the Defense Against Porch Pirates Act, would make package theft a felony. nytimes.com

DOJ Announces Update to Policy on Use of Unmanned Aircraft Systems
UAS Model For Law Enforcement in U.S. - Can LP Use it?
The Justice Department announced today the publication of its updated Policy on the Use of Unmanned Aircraft Systems. In light of advancements in unmanned aircraft system (UAS) technology, and lessons learned from the Federal Bureau of Investigation's limited use of UAS, the Policy enables the Department of Justice's law enforcement components to safely and responsibly employ UAS technology within a framework designed to provide accountability and protect privacy and civil liberties.

"Our new policy promotes the responsible, appropriate, and effective use of UAS by the Department and can serve as a model for our state, local, tribal, and territorial public safety partners as they develop their own UAS programs and best practices."

The publication of the updated policy can be found here. justice.gov

Chicago's "Coddling of Shoplifting Felons" Policy May be Coming to an End
'Beleaguered' Democrat ILL. States Attorney Faces Democrat Opponent Bob Fioretti in Democrat Primary March 17, 2020

Controversy-plagued Cook County State's Attorney Kim Foxx for the office in the March 17, 2020 Democratic Primary election. Foxx is best known for bending to political favors to drop charges in the Jesse Smollett hoax, embarrassing the Chicago Police Department (worse than Police Chief Eddie Johnson has done). Foxx has also declined to prosecute individuals involved in retail theft of major businesses whose crimes are under $1,000.

Fioretti appears to be the strongest challenger to unseat Foxx whose office missteps have been an embarrassment to Cook County taxpayers. Her biggest blunder is the mishandling of the Jesse Smollett investigation.

In announcing his candidacy, Fioretti asserted that Foxx "is in way over her head" in the county's top prosecutorial office. Fioretti strong support of law enforcement will restore "the dignity of the office."

The long time civil rights attorney said the people of Cook County are less safe due to Foxx's policies of "coddling of violent criminals, shoplifting felons, and campaign contributors show a jarring and unacceptable disrespect for victims, business owners, taxpayers and police officers who put their lives on the line to make us safer every single day."

Let's be honest. Kim Foxx has been a disaster. Its time for her to go. She's in way over her head. suburbanchicagoland.com

Biometrics and the future of payment transactions
Mobile Biometrics Authenticating $2 Trillion in Payments Annually by 2023

New research from Juniper Research found that mobile biometrics will authenticate $2 trillion worth of in-store and remote mobile payment transactions annually by 2023.

Benefits of biometric authentication for payments - Top 5 reasons to authenticate payments using biometrics

The future of biometric and payment authentication
There is no doubt that biometric authentication for payments is the way the world is heading. Whilst the USA and Europe are often seen as innovators, it's actually India who lead the way when it comes to biometric adoption for payments. They currently have over 1 billion consumers who have established a digital identity with the government. Fingerprint and iris recognition captures are kept on file along with an image and this is then used for the collection of social welfare payments.

Visa are also rolling out new payment cards through Mountain America Credit Union and Bank of Cyprus which will feature an on-card biometric sensor for contactless payments. The card will test the use of fingerprint recognition as an alternative to PIN or signature to authenticate the cardholder during a transaction.

A recent blog post by NEC New Zealand analysed the future of facial recognition and what this might look like in 2020. One such area is the use of facial recognition for complete contactless payment. Your credit card details will be associated with your facial recognition profile and payment will be made simply by presenting your face. This is already under development in Taiwan and Japan at 7-Eleven stores who are rolling out staffless stores where customers can do everything from accessing the store to making a payment using their facial recognition profile.

Conclusion: As we head towards 2020, we expect to see an even greater roll out of biometric technology as a way of authenticating payments. biometricupdate.com

Credit card fraud analysis: which states are most at risk?
Analyzing different types of fraud

Each year, the FBI's Internet Crime Complaint Center publishes an annual report(1) which details the instances of different types of cybercrime, broken down at a state-by-state level.

By analyzing four of the most prominent types of online crime - credit card fraud, identity theft, personal data breaches, and phishing - we have built a Risk Index to identify the states which may be most at risk of suffering cybercrime.

Full report. cardconnect.com

Atlanta man gets 7 yrs 8 months for million-dollar diamond & high-end jewelry fraud scheme

Conning Diamond & Jewelry Dealers, Wholesalers, Retailers Nationwide

Over the course of his scheme, Smith attempted to defraud these companies of nearly $1.2 million in diamonds and jewelry and successfully obtained nearly $570,000 in merchandise.

Cory Smith and his 'runners' conspired to defraud diamond and jewelry retailers and wholesalers by taking advantage of the fact that many transactions in the industry are done by "memo financing."

Memo financing is a type of consignment arrangement under which diamond or jewelry dealers will borrow diamonds or jewelry from a supplier (typically another dealer or wholesaler) and will pay for the merchandise only after they are sold (or otherwise return the items unsold). The use of memo financing is widespread in the diamond and jewelry industry and has been used for generations.

Smith took advantage of this "memo financing" system by contacting jewelry and diamond suppliers across the United States and falsely representing that he was employed or affiliated with a well-known or established diamond or jewelry dealer. Smith would then direct that the merchandise in question be sent to an actual jewelry store in Georgia or elsewhere and typically provide the actual address of the detailer/retailer he was falsely purporting to represent. After receiving the tracking information for a particular shipment, Smith would then contact the shipper (i.e., UPS, FedEx) and have the shipment re-routed to a residential address or a FedEx or UPS facility or retail store near where the actual diamond/jewelry dealer he was falsely purporting to represent was located. Smith would thereafter arrange to have "runners" pick-up the shipment from the FedEx or UPS location or residential address. Smith facilitated this process by making travel arrangements for the runners to travel from Atlanta to out-of-state locations, including North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia, to pick up the packages containing the diamonds/jewelry. Over the course of the nearly two-year scheme, Smith defrauded more than a dozen diamond and jewelry wholesalers and retailers nationwide. justice.gov


Thanksgiving Holiday & Cyber Monday
The Numbers - The Dollars - The Trends

NRF: Thanksgiving weekend draws nearly 190 million shoppers, spending up 16%
Black Friday tops the Holiday Weekend & Cyber Monday as the busiest day
End of the Day: More Shopped Online Then in-Stores

A record 189.6 million U.S. consumers shopped from Thanksgiving Day through Cyber Monday this year, an increase of 14 percent over last year's 165.8 million, the National Retail Federation and Prosper Insights & Analytics said today.

Shoppers spent an average $361.90 on holiday items over the five-day period, up 16 percent from $313.29 during the same period last year. Of the total, $257.33 (71 percent) was specifically spent on gifts. The biggest spenders were 25- to 34-year-olds at $440.46, closely followed by those 35-44 at $439.72.

The survey found that 124 million people shopped in stores while 142.2 million shopped on retailers' websites; demonstrating today's seamless shopping world, 75.7 million did both. Consumers who shopped in both channels spent an average $366.79, spending at least 25 percent more than those who shopped in only one or the other.

For the first time, Black Friday topped Cyber Monday as the busiest day for online at 93.2 million shoppers compared with 83.3 million. Saturday followed at 58.2 million, Thanksgiving Day at 49.7 million and Sunday at 43.1 million.

Black Friday was the busiest day for in-store activity, with 84.2 million shoppers, followed by Small Business Saturday (59.9 million), Thanksgiving Day (37.8 million), Sunday (29.2 million) and Cyber Monday (21.8 million). Of those shopping on Saturday, 73 percent were likely to shop specifically for Small Business Saturday.

Thirty-nine percent of consumers looked to emails from retailers for information on deals and promotions, edging out conventional advertising circulars, which were tied with online search at 38 percent. Mobile devices played a significant role, used by 75 percent to research products, compare prices or make purchases, up from 66 percent last year. nrf.com

International Council of Shopping Centers - ICSC
Target, Best Buy and Lululemon were Thanksgiving weekend retail winners, analysts say

About 160 million people went to stores over Thanksgiving weekend, spending an average of $504, up 50% from last year, according to data from the International Council of Shopping Centers.

Online shoppers spent $4.2 billion on Thanksgiving, the first time the final tally exceeded $4 billion. Black Friday reached a record $7.4 billion in online sales, and broke the average order value record, hitting $168. And Small Business Saturday drove big business, reaching a new record $3.6 billion in online sales.

For the month of November, online sales totaled $68.2 billion, with 11 days surpassing $2 billion in online sales. marketwatch.com

Coresight Research
Holiday 2019: US Black Friday Sees Companies Promote More Heavily,
Shoppers Continue to Migrate Online
This year's Black Friday saw retailers promoting more heavily than last year, consumers continued to migrate to online platforms at the expense of brick-and-mortar shops.

• Brands and retailers in the US hit $7.2 billion in digital revenue on Black Friday, up 14% from last year.

• The intensity of promotions was modestly higher than last year.

• Coresight Research's store visits showed Walmart and Target enjoyed strong foot traffic, and both had a solid lineup of store-only promotions. Trends were more mixed at other retailers.

• The five brands with the most social callouts on Black Friday from across the globe were PlayStation, Nintendo, Apple, Xbox and Google.

With Thanksgiving falling six days later than last year creating the shortest possible number of days between Black Friday and Christmas, retailers began holiday promotions early, increasing advertising and deepening discounts seeking to drive foot traffic and sales. Consumers responded by spending more-but more spend went online this year, continuing consumer migration to digital platforms. coresight.com


A Nation of Returners
This year, 77% of consumers plan to return some of their gifts and nearly 20% expect to return more than half, according to a survey by Oracle of 15,800 consumers. Experts say the thought process behind purchasing gifts has shifted.

As gift-returning has grown, shoppers are more likely to go to stores that have generous return policies so the recipient can take back the gift if they choose. cnbc.com

Assistant Director of Loss Prevention for The Trump Organization in Miami, FL

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Fast-Growing ADT Commercial Adapts Solutions
For Each Customer

ADT Commercial has grown organically in double digits since 2016, in addition to growing through 15 acquisitions completed since the merger of ADT and Protection One. Acquisition of integrator companies such as Red Hawk Fire and Security and Aronson Security Group have expanded ADT Commercial's presence geographically to more areas of the country.

Most of the employees of the acquired companies have stayed with ADT and "helped to create a corporate culture and a good place for employees to work," says Dan Bresingham, Executive Vice President of ADT Commercial. Happy employees ensure good customer service.

Enterprise resource planning

"We adapt to where our clients want us to be," adds Joe Sanchez, Senior Vice President of Customer Operations of ADT Commercial National Accounts. "We take a strategic approach as we determine how adaptive our customers are going to be to the new technology." I caught up with ADT Commercial at the GSX trade show in Chicago.

Bresingham tells me ADT Commercial has benefitted from the caliber and breadth of leadership talent that have come along with the various acquisitions, including Mike McWilliams of Red Hawk, Bob Dale of Protection One, and Phil Aronson of Aronson Security. The transitioning of internal systems such as enterprise resource planning (ERP), billing and customer repair software will further steamline the ADT Commercial operation in the next several months. Bresingham will lead ADT Commercial as it becomes a separate business unit in 2020.

Providing new opportunities for regional integrators

Additional acquisitions are also likely; in fact, growth is likely to accelerate. ADT Commercial offers a national footprint that can provide new opportunities for regional integrators it brings into the fold. New acquisitions will continue to fill out ADT's skillset requirements in specific geographic areas where more expertise is needed.

Read full article here

Read our D&D Daily 'Spotlight on Leadership' article by Dan Bresingham, Executive Vice President of ADT Commercial, titled "A Fresh Approach to Commerical Security" here.





More Info on: "Consumer Online Privacy Rights Act" (COPRA)
A digital privacy bill has been introduced into the U.S. Senate which would require businesses to obtain permission from citizens to collect and share biometrics and other sensitive data, and grant individuals a right of private action if companies fail to do so, CNBC reports.

Federal Trade Commission (FTC) would gain new oversight powers to enforce the protections, which would also include a right to request information held by companies, and then to correct it or request its deletion. Companies would also be required to collect only information needed for their business functions. A new bureau would be created within the FTC to enforce digital privacy rules.

The proposed "Consumer Online Privacy Rights Act" (COPRA) is unlikely to pass the Republican-controlled upper house, however, having been tabled by Washington Senator Maria Cantwell, the Senate Commerce Committee's top Democrat, let alone be signed into law.

Mississipi Senator Roger Wicker, a Republican, said the proposed legislation indicates Democrats' position, but would need bipartisan support to pass. CNBC quotes Wicker as saying. "I expect that we will have a bill to discuss at next week's hearing." biometricupdate.com

The VDP Initiative
CISA to Improve Vulnerability Disclosure Practices
See Something - Say Something to Those Who Can Fix It

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) issued a draft binding operational directive, BOD 20-01, which will require federal civilian executive branch agencies to publish a vulnerability disclosure policy (VDP).

"A VDP allows people who have "seen something" to "say something" to those who can fix it. It makes clear that an agency welcomes and authorizes good faith security research on specific, internet-accessible systems," CISA says. In preparing the directive, CISA worked with several agencies that have VDPs and made an effort to align the directive with federal guidance, international standard and good practices.

"But this directive is slightly different from others we've issued, where agencies are directed to take an action and then CISA verifies the action has taken place. Here, while agencies must maintain VDPs and are the beneficiaries of vulnerability reports, it's the public that will provide those reports and will be the true beneficiaries of vulnerability remediation," says CISA. They are also seeking public feedback before issuance. securitymagazine.com

Following Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency Crime for 2019 Cost $4.4 Billion
Cryptocurrency theft and scams stands at $4.4 billion, the lowest it has been in two years, according to the Ciphertrace Q3 2019 Cryptocurrency Anti-Money Laundering Report.

After two years of large, high-profile exchange hacks and exit scams, there has been a significant reduction in cryptocurrency crime, says Ciphertrace. Still, even with the lowest quarterly cryptocurrency thefts and scams in two years, 2019 still experienced a massive spate of crypto crimes-more than $4.4 billion to date, says the report.

In addition, the research results revealed that more than two-thirds (63 percent) of exchanges have "Weak" or "Porous" Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures, which are required by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), an intergovernmental organization that standardizes global legal, regulatory and operational measures for combating money laundering, terrorist financing and other related threats. Only 37 percent of exchanges has "Good" KYC procedures. securitymagazine.com

What the CFO's Are Reading:
The 5 Biggest Trends In Cryptocurrency For 2020

Speculation is at the heart of the cryptocurrency market. Obviously, price speculation is present across all assets, but most thriving cryptocurrencies have survived largely thanks to speculation about their anticipated applications and promised potential.

Of course, this speculative quality has also been at the heart of the volatility in the crypto market. Bad actors and shady token schemes flood the space, new blockchain or contract technology is overhyped or undelivered, financial markets struggle to figure out what crypto means for them, all lead to the kinds of massive spikes and dips that the market has come to be known for.

While 2020 might not calm the crypto market down, it does promise to deliver some important developments that will help the new asset mature and provide a sense of how it might become a core feature in the future of finance.

Benzinga has compiled a list of five of the most notable cryptocurrency events, trends, and developments that are likely to shape the digital asset market through 2020.

The Halvening - Enter Libra - The Feds Step In - The Market Consolidates - Crypto and Fintech Hook Up cfo.com

FBI Warns FaceApp Could Pose Counterintelligence Threat
The viral app and similar products could be exploited by the Russian government, federal authorities say.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation warned that certain Russian-made software, including the viral hit FaceApp, pose a potential counterintelligence threat and could put Americans' private data at risk.

The FBI expressed the concerns in a letter sent to Chuck Schumer (D, N.Y.) that was released by the Senate minority leader on Monday.

FaceApp is a free mobile app that lets users upload photos of people's faces they can alter to appear older or younger. wsj.com


How to Quickly Refresh Your Browser

Don't waste your time by clicking the refresh icon in your browser. If you need to refresh a web page, skip the click and just hit the F5 key on your PC keyboard or Command + R on Mac. The browser will refresh the current page you are on.



Gatekeeper Systems

Using Technology for #DramaFreeLP at the Door

Robert Harling, CEO,
Gatekeeper Systems


As shoplifter apprehensions have turned more violent in recent years, Gatekeeper Systems, the international leader in cart containment and Pushout Theft solutions, has stepped up to address this dangerous problem. CEO Robert Harling explains how Gatekeeper's Purchek anti-theft solution not only reduces retail employee injuries and shopping cart replacement costs, but also helps avoid violent shoplifter confrontations that statistics prove are becoming more prevalent.

Quick Take 4 with Hanwha Techwin America

Miguel Lazatin, Director of Product & Channel Marketing
Jordan Rivchun, Leader, Retail Solutions & Strategy

Hanwha Techwin America


Hanwha is a global Fortune 500 company and now one of the fastest growing security manufacturers in the world, driven by customer-led product design and development. Jordan Rivchun tells us why these reasons and more led him to join Hanwha Techwin America after years working on the retailer side of the business. And Miguel Lazatin shares some of the exciting new solutions they're bringing to the market.




Amazon Customers Shop at Record Levels Again This Holiday Season
Cyber Monday 2019 Becomes the Single Biggest Shopping Day in Company History

Amazon Customers Worldwide Order Hundreds of Millions of Items Between Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday

Record-breaking Black Friday for Amazon this year - the best-ever Black Friday in the company's history

Amazon today announced that Cyber Monday was once again the single biggest shopping day in the company's history, based on the number of items ordered worldwide. Customers all around the world shopped at record levels across a wide selection, with hundreds of millions of products ordered worldwide between Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday, alone. Customers purchased millions more Amazon Devices compared to the same period last year in Amazon's Stores globally and the best-selling items were Echo Dot and Fire TV Stick 4K with Alexa Voice Remote. businesswire.com

Cyber Monday sales up nearly 17% from 2018
Shoppers hit a record $9.2 billion, Adobe says

Shoppers are expected to ring up a whopping and record $9.2 billion online on Monday, up 16.9% from a year ago, with people spending an estimated $11 million every minute from 11 pm E.T. to midnight, according to Adobe Analytics, which tracks the web transactions of 80 of the top 100 internet retailers in the U.S.

Monday is also expected to become the first day in history where consumers spend over $3 billion, in a 24-hour window, via their smartphones.

Online deals, coupled with the fact that promotions are moving earlier in the season, have lessened Black Friday's clout. Many analysts and onlookers said traffic was lighter at malls and stores this year. Black Friday sales for bricks-and-mortar shops dropped 6.2%, after shopping on Thanksgiving Day rose 2.3%, according to ShopperTrak data released this past weekend.

Meanwhile, shopping online on Black Friday hit a record of $5.4 billion, up 22.3% from a year ago, Adobe said. Spending on the web on Thanksgiving Day surpassed $4 billion for the first time ever. cnbc.com

Forbes: Social Media And The Holiday Shopping Season
Ellen Davis of the National Retail Federation Coined the Phrase "Cyber Monday" in 2005 NRF Press Release

"Cyber Monday" is now one of the biggest online shopping days of the year. The term was coined by Ellen Davis of the National Retail Federation, and first used in 2005 in a Shop.org press release highlighting the importance of the Monday after the Thanksgiving holiday.

According to a study from Afterpay younger shoppers relies heavily on their mobile devices and social media while shopping. The study noted that 92% of Millennials and 97% of Gen Zers now use social media as a top source when making a purchase. Both groups rely more on how products are trending on social media or marketed through various platforms than on input from friends or family - with 80% of Millennials and 78% of Gen Zers saying they'd listen to advice from those close to them.

Social media is certainly driving sales, but is coming at a cost - not for consumers, but for the retailers. Increasing impulse buying and thus returns with a 63% return rate. forbes.com

How does Amazon's record weekend compare with Singles' Day?

Amazon's automated screening system fails to catch Auschwitz Christmas ornaments put up for sale




Bismarck, ND: Organized Retail Alliance takes down Shoplifter who pulls knife, later attempting to Pawn stolen goods
A Bismarck man who allegedly stole items from stores in Bismarck and Mandan and pulled a knife on one store employee was arrested Friday as he tried to pawn those items. Cody Bauer, 31, was arrested at North Sky Pawn after a manager notified police that Bauer was trying to pawn stolen items. The manager is part of a messenger group made up of loss prevention officers at area stores. He used information from the group to identify Bauer and the stolen items. A manager at Runnings in Mandan later identified Bauer as the man who on Nov. 26 pulled a knife when confronted about shoplifting a $100 range finder, police say. Bauer was charged Monday with felony robbery, terrorizing and possession of drug paraphernalia, along with misdemeanor theft. bismarcktribune.com

Edmond, OK: Credit card theft ring hits yoga studio, over $10,000 spent on gift cards
Four suspects from Arkansas were arrested Nov. 21st after they allegedly went into an Edmond yoga studio, stole several wallets and credit cards and purchased nearly $11,000 in gift cards and merchandise. After the initial report was made officers were called to OU- Edmond hospital where the wallets were found in a Walmart bag outside the hospital. Officers found several receipts for Target, Walmart, and Sonic inside the bag with the wallets. The wallets were still missing all the credit cards and any cash inside. Target and Walmart were able to provide photos and video of the suspects making fraudulent charges on the stolen credit cards and the car they were in. okcfox.com

Update: Harrisburg, PA: Police say pair stole $21K worth of Victoria's Secret underwear
Police in Pennsylvania have identified two suspects accused of stealing $21,000 worth of Victoria's Secret underwear last month. Lower Allen Township police say an 18-year-old woman and a juvenile they aren't naming entered the store at the Capital City Mall near Harrisburg on April 7. Police say the juvenile acted as a lookout as Aida Melcado took panties from a table and from drawers and stuffed them in a bag. Police say the two were identified by officers performing a drug investigation in Fairfax, Virginia, less than two weeks later. Melcado and the juvenile also were in possession of stolen merchandise from a Victoria's Secret store in Bethesda, Maryland, and both were charged. An arrest warrant was issued Friday for Melcado involving the Pennsylvania theft. stockdailydish.com

Amador County, CA: Nearly 300 Amazon Packages Stolen From NorCal Post Office
Nearly 300 Amazon packages were stolen from the Pioneer Post Office after a driver dropped them off over the weekend while the post office was closed. The Amador County Sheriff's Office reports a deputy was called to the post office Monday after the postmaster reported the theft. The postmaster says a driver for an Amazon courier service left four pallets behind the post office Sunday. The Pioneer Post Office is closed on Saturdays and Sundays. Instead, the driver was meant to deliver all 297 packages to the Jackson Post Office, according to the sheriff's office. "This is the second time the delivery company for Amazon did this," said Amador County Undersheriff Gary Redman. ktla.com

Bozeman, MT: Man accused of stealing $2,000 worth of merchandise from Walmart

Danvers, MA: Trio lands in jail after failed plot to steal $1,200 of clothing from Kohl's

Bloomington, IN: Woman steals $1,000 worth of perfume, electronics and clothes from Kohl's


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Shootings & Deaths

Berkeley, MO: Man shot and killed inside Waffle House overnight
A man was shot inside the Waffle House on James S. McDonnell Blvd, around midnight, according to St. Louis County police. Authorities believe the shooter was outside of the restaurant when the fatal shot was fired. The shooting victim, believed to be around 20-30 years old, was taken to the hospital and pronounced dead. kmov.com

Cleveland, OH: 73-year-old Maple Heights Laundromat employee shot and killed during argument
David Brown died in the shooting that happened about 1 a.m. at the Wash-N-Dry Laundromat on Broadway Avenue, according to police. A "person of interest" was taken into custody, but formal charges have not been filed in the case, according to police. msn.com

Hinesville, GA: Convenience Store Clerk Shot, Killed Robbery Suspect
Authorities in Georgia say a convenience store clerk shot and killed a man who reportedly tried to rob the store. Hinesville police Capt. Tracey Howard says a man entered an area Kwik Way Food Mart Monday night and attempted to rob the store but was stopped and shot by a male clerk. Howard says it's unclear if the suspect shot at the clerk. An investigation is ongoing. usnews.com

China: Hong Kong Police open fire during street arrest of suspected Jewelry Store Robbery gang in Ho Man Tin
Hong Kong police on Tuesday opened fire while arresting seven suspected members of a smash-and-grab gang in Ho Man Tin. Officers seized five knives, a sledgehammer, face masks and gloves from the two vehicles. Wong said police investigations had indicated the gang was on their way to carry out another hold-up in Hung Hom. The gang is believed to be involved in a series of attempted robberies in the city, as well as a hold-up on Sunday, when thieves smashed into glass cabinets to steal HK$2 million (US$255,000) worth of gold ornaments at a jewellery shop in nearby To Kwa Wan. scmp.com

Fayetteville, NC: Fort Bragg soldier named 'hero' after saving man shot during pawn shop robbery


Robberies, Incidents & Thefts

St Paul, MN: Man burglarized 80+ restaurants, coffee shops, grocery stores in the Twin Cities
A St. Paul man is facing numerous felony charges after being accused of more than 80 burglaries during a crime spree that began August 2018 and lasted through late October 2019. Deondre Ramon Cush, 35, is facing 17 counts of burglary in Ramsey County District Court, according to a 28-page criminal complaint that includes investigative details from police departments in Anoka, Bloomington, Edina, Mankato, Mendota Heights, Minneapolis, Mounds View, New Brighton, North Saint Paul, Richfield, Roseville, St. Paul, West Saint Paul, White Bear Lake, Oakdale, Ramsey and Richfield. Cush is suspected of burglarizing at least 69 different restaurants, coffee shops and grocery stores in the Twin Cities. bringmethenews.com

Chicago, IL: Man dressed as Chicago cop robbed Currency Exchange kiosk on Mag Mile
Chicago police said a man wearing a police uniform and a surgical mask robbed a Currency Exchange kiosk inside The Shops at North Bridge on Michigan Avenue. Police said around 7:40 p.m. Monday, a man entered the Currency Exchange on the 500 block of North Michigan Avenue wearing a Chicago Police Department uniform, including a baseball cap, long sleeve button-up, and reflective vest. The man was also wearing a surgical mask, police said. The man approached a 22-year-old employee of the Currency Exchange and implied he had a weapon and announced a robbery. The woman surrendered $2400 worth of euros and British pounds inside a bag and gave it to him. The man then left. No one was injured. wgntv.com

Storm Lake, IA: Man Accused Of Trying To Start Fires At Movie Theater, Walmart

Long Beach, CA: Man arrested on suspicion of 20-plus armed robberies at stores across Los Angeles, Orange counties

Richmond, VA: Man Sentenced to Prison for Role in 2017 Armed Robbery

Greenbelt, MD: D.C. Felon Sentenced to 33 Years in Federal Prison for Committing Two Armed Robberies in Prince George's County

UK: St Albans, England: Shoplifter broke back of Tesco supermarket worker in getaway; sentenced to 3 years

UK: England: Gang armed with weapons carry out robbery at Currys PC World at Birstall retail park


North Conway, NH: Judge finds blind Walmart shopper guilty on two charges
A judge has found a blind shopper guilty of willfully concealing a can of corned beef hash and a bath towel while using the self-scan checkout last year at the Walmart in North Conway. Andrew Airey, 39, was cleared of three misdemeanor charges of taking a frozen pizza, toothbrushes and oyster crackers. Conway District Court Judge Michael H. Garner, who presided over Airey's Nov. 5 bench trial, released his order last week. Airey is to be sentenced on Dec. 10. Garner said in his order that the hearing may be waived if Airey and the Conway Police Department agree upon what he called "an appropriate sentence," adding that the court "will likely ratify it."

Airey became completely blind a decade ago as the result of juvenile macular degeneration. At his trial, Airey and his attorneys argued that Walmart's self-checkout terminals were unfriendly to the disabled and that the married father of four must wear binocular glasses and use devices to help him "see." The defense team said the Conway man had no intention of taking anything from the Walmart without paying for it. Matthew Colella, a loss-prevention officer at Walmart, testified that he observed videos of Airey bagging some items without scanning them on five separate occasions between May 4, 2018 and July 3, 2018. Airey was taken into custody at the store on the July 3 visit. On the last occasion, Colella said Airey was determined to have 37 items, valued at almost $148, that had not been scanned and that he did not pay for before leaving the Walmart. In his defense, Airey said he heard the audible note that signaled an item had been successfully scanned, but did not see the red or green lights on the checkouts that indicated the start and completion of the process. Conway police prosecutor William Strong told Garner at Airey's trial that there were "far too many mis-scans" by Airey to dismiss them as accidental. Garner said Airey, who has no criminal record, has the right to appeal his conviction. unionleader.com



Animal Rescue - Springfield, MO - Burglary
Auto Dealership - San Francisco, CA - Burglary
Bakery - Montgomery County, MD - Burglary
Burlington Coat - Blaine, MN - Robbery/ Assault on LP (Pepper spray)
C-Store - Atlanta, GA - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Manchester, NH - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Baltimore, MD - Robbery
C-Store - Little Rock, AR - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Richmond, VA - Burglary
C-Store - North Charleston, SC - Armed Robbery
Clothing - San Bruno, CA - Burglary
Currency Exchange - Chicago, IL - Armed Robbery
Dollar General - Black Hawk, SD - Armed Robbery
Family Dollar - St Clair County, IL - Armed Robbery
Family Dollar - Huber Heights, OH - Armed Robbery
Family Dollar - Miami Gardens, FL - Armed Robbery
Gas Station - St. Clair County, IL - Armed Robbery
Grocery - Roseburg, OR - Robbery / Assault on LP
Home Depot - Corpus Christi, TX - Robbery / pulled knife on LP
Jewelry - Springfield, VA - Robbery
Jewelry - Fort Wayne, IN - Robbery
Jewelry - Los Altos, CA - Burglary
Marijuana - Seattle, WA - Burglary
Pharmacy - Montgomery County, MD - Burglary
Restaurant - Voorhees Township, NJ - Armed Robbery
Restaurant - The Woodlands, TX - Burglary
Target - Garden City, KS - Burglary
Thrift - St Louis, MO - Burglary



Daily Totals:
• 17 robberies
• 11 burglaries
• 0 shootings
• 0 killed


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The Loss Prevention Investigator is part of a fast-growing, ever changing environment that partners with Store Operations to ensure we provide the best experience to our internal and external customers. With a focus on internal cases, the Investigator takes complex investigations head-on through establishing solid partnerships with store and LP leadership...

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