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Javier Leal promoted to Vice President of Asset Protection & Security for Vallarta Supermarkets

Javier has been with Vallarta Supermarkets for nearly 22 years when he started with the company in 1998 as Director of Loss Prevention. Prior to his promotion to Vice President of Asset Protection & Security, he served as the company's Director - Corporate Security & Asset Protection for nearly 13 years. Congratulations, Javier!

Richard Gutierrez promoted to Director of Asset Protection and Security for Vallarta Supermarkets

Richard has been with Vallarta Supermarkets for nearly 13 years, starting with the company in 2007 as a District Loss Prevention Manager. Prior to his latest promotion, he served as Internal Audit Manager - Loss Prevention for over a year and Asst. Director - Corporate Security & Asset Protection for more than 10 years. Earlier in his career, he held LP positions with National Stores Inc. and Curacao. Congratulations, Richard!

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A Threat Against Times Square on Reddit, and Police Are Mobilized
Early on Sunday morning, the New York governor's office received a concerning message from law enforcement officials: Someone had made a threat on the online chat forum Reddit to detonate a bomb in Times Square.

It was deemed that the threat was not credible, officials said. But soon after receiving the news, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo released a statement at around 10 a.m. calling for increased police presence in Times Square and an investigation into the online post. The
unusually public response to a threat police deemed not credible underscores officials' sensitivity to the security of New York City landmarks and Mr. Cuomo's eagerness to appear proactive in addressing them.

"The bomb threat made against Times Square is a despicable and cowardly act meant to instill fear and panic in our community, and New Yorkers will not tolerate these scare tactics," Mr. Cuomo's statement read, and added that "there is no indication that this threat is credible."

In response to the post, the New York Police Department said they had opened an investigation and had increased police presence in the area, although they would not specify how many additional officers were deployed.
The iconic New York City area has been the target of terrorist plots at least twice in the last decade, both of which were foiled by the authorities. nytimes.com

NYPD's Security Operation for Thanksgiving Parade Comes with a Big Price Tag
Every year as the end of November draws near, New York City prepares for its annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, a holiday staple since 1924. For 2.5 miles and roughly three hours, colorful balloons, floats and performers dazzle crowds as they march through Manhattan, beginning at 77th Street and Central Park West and meandering through the city before ending at Macy's landmark store in Herald Square.

According to The Smart Shopper's 2016 report, the average total cost to hold
the parade itself is $10.4 million to $12.3 million, with costumes alone coming to about $2 million and property taxes amounting to another $138,573. Logistics and coordination of the event run from $1.5 million to $3.4 million, covering workers, parade supplies and helium for the balloons. Although helium prices and parade staffer salaries cost a pretty penny, the real money goes to security.

No major event can be held in post-9/11 New York City without a massive police presence. Out of all of the city's yearly events, including the St. Patrick's Day Parade, the New York City Marathon and the NYC Village Halloween Parade,
the Thanksgiving tradition is the police department's biggest in terms of security, according to the New York Times.

Officials have been tight-lipped about the cost, but with thousands of police officers, bomb-sniffing dogs, and rooftop snipers, it isn't cheap. In fact, the cost of the department's parade-related work was high enough that in 2010, the city required that the parade be kept under five hours and its route reduced by 25 percent, which slashed the overall price for police presence by $3.1 million, according to the New York Times report.

The procession that year cost the city $192,000 in police overtime alone, according to the New York City Independent Budget Office. Five years later, former Police Commissioner William Bratton said more than 2,500 officers were deployed along the parade route, breaking the department's record for the largest number of officers ever assigned, NBC News reported. foxbusiness.com

The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade may be without balloons this year
It's a sight millions of Americans wake up to see each Thanksgiving morning. Parade floats passing by television cameras, performances from some of the top acts on Broadway and Hollywood. But this year's Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade could lose one iconic sight - the balloons. It's not because of budget problems or some catastrophe with the parade organizers - it's
due to Mother Nature.

A strong storm system is expected to move into the northeast Tuesday night and throughout the day on Wednesday. While the system will push out to sea by Thanksgiving Day, the cold front that brings in much colder and drier air will also usher in some very windy conditions.

Back in 1997, on a very blustery Thanksgiving Day morning in New York City, the iconic Cat and the Hat balloon got caught up in some strong wind gusts. The balloon handlers couldn't control it and it blew into a lamppost, injuring four spectators. The city took steps the following year, instituting a rule that states
balloons cannot fly if sustained wind speeds are in excess of 23 mph or wind gusts exceed 34 mph.

While we still have several days to go leading up to the storm system and Thanksgiving Day itself, computer models have been consistently saying that winds will exceed these values Thanksgiving Day morning. wwmt.com

Thanksgiving weather: Snow, wind could snarl travel in central, eastern USA
as 55 million clog roads, airports

Like 55-million holiday travelers, a sprawling winter storm is expected to be on the move in the run-up to Thanksgiving, bringing the threat of snow, rain, strong winds - and major travel headaches - to central and eastern sections of the country. Wintry conditions are expected not only to delay travelers on icy, crowded Interstates, but also disrupt air travel with strong, gusty winds at key airports.

"At this time, enough snow to create
winterlike travel is anticipated from central and northeastern Colorado to much of Nebraska, northern Kansas, much of Iowa, northwestern Missouri, northwestern Illinois, southeastern Minnesota, central and eastern Wisconsin and northern Michigan," AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Brett Anderson said.

Forecasters expect Tuesday into Wednesday to bring the worst conditions in the
Midwest, with strong, gusty winds battering such key airports as Chicago's O'Hare International Airport. AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Alex Sosnowski said winds are expected to increase around the eastern Great Lakes and become strong and gusty over much of the Northeast from Wednesday afternoon into Thanksgiving Day.

Depending on the storm's midweek track, the frontal system on Wednesday will likely bring rain along the Interstate 95 corridor in the
mid-Atlantic, with snow expected in parts of the Great Lakes and interior Northeast, according to The Weather Channel.

AAA says the 55 million who plan to go at least 50 miles or more from home for Thanksgiving mark an increase of 2.9% over last year - the
second largest number since the association began keeping tabs in 2000. For the 49.3 million people traveling by automobile, major delays should peak on Wednesday with trips taking as much four times longer as commuters mix with travelers, according to INRIX.

A separate storm could also bring coastal rain and mountain snow to the
Pacific Northwest both on Wednesday and on Thanksgiving Day.

Across the southern tier of the country, rain is expected from
California to Georgia on Wednesday, with potential delays on the travel corridors. usatoday.com

TSA expects record-breaking 26.8 million Thanksgiving air travelers

Stores Open on Thanksgiving Day 2019

Stores Closed on Thanksgiving 2019

Black Friday Store Hours for 2019

Deloitte: For Retailers it is the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Seventy-nine percent of consumers will shop for holiday gifts during the Thanksgiving period

● This Thanksgiving period (between Thanksgiving Thursday and Cyber Monday), shoppers are expected to spend an
average of $415 per household.

● Of the shoppers who plan to shop this Thanksgiving period,
87% plan to shop in-store and 94% plan to shop online.

● Mass-merchant stores and online retailers dominate preferred shopping venues.

● Almost all of respondents said they planned to spend the same or more when compared to two months ago (91%); one-third (38%) plan to spend more. prnewswire.com

Gift Cards: Everyone's Favorite Gift, Especially Criminals
In the U.S., gift cards represented a $160 billion market in 2018. And in 2019, gift cards remain the most popular item on wish lists, requested by 59% of those surveyed, according to the annual winter holiday survey from the National Retail Federation.

Because gift cards are widely accepted, equivalent to cash, and mostly anonymous, the industry is the target of many criminal schemes. Gift card fraud can range from physical theft to cloning to exploiting programming errors on the merchant side.

Card-cloning - The most common form of gift card fraud involves thieves tampering with cards inside the retailer's store before the cards are purchased by legitimate customers.

Sham second-hand cards - The continuing proliferation of gift cards means that many gift cards go unused. These unused cards are often sold online, often at a fraction of their face value.

Phishing attacks - An emerging gift card scam is the Business E-mail Compromise (BEC) attack. This is when a cyber-criminal hacks into a corporate e-mail account and impersonates the organization's owner or senior leader to trick the company or employees into sending digital gift cards to the fraudster's account.

Hacking accounts - The sequential numbering systems used for gift cards can make it relatively easy for a hacker to guess at available numbering. Alternatively, a fraudster may purchase stolen account numbers from one of the Dark Web's black market sites.

Fallback Fraud - Fallback fraud is a low-tech workaround that bypasses protections against counterfeit card use. To perpetrate this type of fraud, criminals tamper with the card's chip or the card reader itself, causing technical issues and rendering enhanced security features obsolete. cpomagazine.com

SensiGuard offers tips to combat cargo thefts during Thanksgiving holiday
As the number of cargo theft incidents and loss values rise ahead of the holiday shopping season, one industry group is encouraging the transportation industry to adequately prepare for a spike in thefts that tends to coincide with the long Thanksgiving weekend. "Holiday weekends are of notoriously high risk for manufacturers and logistics-related organizations," according to a security bulletin from the SensiGuard Supply Chain Intelligence Center. "Organized cargo theft rings will be extremely active in the coming days, as more shipments are left unattended for extended periods of time due to the upcoming holiday."

In the bulletin issued to logistics professionals, the group urges the industry to ensure security protocols are up-to-date. In addition, they suggest confirming a receiver's hours of operation for the holiday weekend are consistent with scheduled delivery times in order to mitigate the risk of theft while a load is at rest. Truck stops, highway rest areas and distribution centers are at greater risk for theft during holidays, according to SensiGuard's research.

On Thanksgiving weekends between 2014-18, SensiGuard recorded just under three thefts per day, a rate 51% higher than throughout the year. These thefts primarily targeted electronics (18%), food and drinks (15%) and miscellaneous (14%). Additionally, facility thefts accounted for 5% of total thefts during the previous five Thanksgiving holiday weekends, a rate 7% higher than the rest of the year. landline.media

Should Starbucks stick with its open bathroom policy?
A joint study from the University of Texas and Boston College found that Starbucks' stores experienced a 6.8 percent decline in traffic per month compared "to other nearby coffee shops and restaurants" since shifting from a customer-only to an open bathroom policy in May 2018, following a high-profile racial incident at a Philadelphia store.

Bathrooms appear to remain a headache for all QSRs. A Business Insider article last year indicated Starbucks was installing needle-disposal boxes in bathrooms in 25 U.S. markets to address workers' safety.

Not many laws require businesses to provide bathrooms to customers. Stores not offering bathrooms avoid loitering or improper activity that may occur in them, tasking someone to clean them and the risk of earning a reputation for dirty facilities. For food establishments, many laws require businesses to provide restrooms for customers if they have a specific number of customer seats, for example, more than 19 in New York City. retailwire.com

Bad Move for Proactive-LP Customer Service?
Sephora offers shoppers the choice of being left alone

In at least some European markets, Sephora offers shoppers two basket options: a
red one indicating "I would like to be assisted" and a black one indicating "I would like to shop on my own."

News of the beauty chain's move went viral in early November after a Sephora shopper traveling from Seattle tweeted an image of the colored basket options and wrote, "There is a fellow introvert on the Sephora customer experience team who deserves A RAISE RIGHT NOW."

Replies to the tweet were nearly unanimously positive. Many fumed about being asked multiple times if they need help in stores such as Bath & Body Works, Victoria's Secret's, Best Buy, Apple and Home Depot. The benefit of avoiding awkward encounters with sales associates was also cited. Many wanted to ask for help when they needed it rather than be prompted. retailwire.com

Editor's Note: From the first day of an Associate's training, engaging the customer with friendly eye contact and a simple welcome has been a staple of Guest Service. We in Loss Prevention also believe that this first interaction also deters 'some' from shoplifting. Finding that fine line between friendly Guest Service and an over-zealous Used Car salesperson approach will be learned from experience and probably some negative interactions with customers.

Historic Luxury Sector Deal:
Luxury Giant LVMH to Buy Tiffany for $16.2 Billion

LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton, the world's largest luxury goods company, said on Monday that it would buy the jeweler Tiffany & Company for $16.2 billion. The agreed deal, the largest ever in the sector, would give LVMH a bigger presence in the United States.

The acquisition would add a prominent American name to the LVMH stable of brands, which includes Dior, Givenchy, Fendi, Dom Pérignon and Bulgari. The deal would help propel the French luxury company beyond traditional soft luxury goods like clothing and handbags and into what is known as the hard luxury sector, which includes watches and jewelry. nytimes.com

Amazon rescues the Macy's Christmas star in Seattle
Macy's Christmas star has been a landmark of downtown Seattle going back to the 1950s. After Macy's decided to close the store, there were questions as to whether the ornamental lighting would survive. As it turns out, Amazon.com, which now occupies the top six floors of the old Macy's department store, is paying around $250,000 to repair and strengthen the star so it can once again be displayed on the building's roof. seattletimes.com

Retail Veteran to Lead RILA Public Affairs
The Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA) today announced Michael Hanson will join the association as senior executive vice president for public affairs. Hanson will be responsible for identifying the industry's top public policy challenges and working with both leading retailers and key stakeholders to elevate the industry in Washington D.C. and across the country. rila.org

Last week's #1 article --

Inside Home Depot's efforts to stop a growing theft problem at its stores


Theft pressures profits

During the first three quarters of 2019, Home Depot reported that an increase in "shrink" hurt its financial results. "There's been pressure to our margin from shrink, which was the highest contributor to the decrease year over year," Home Depot CFO Richard McPhail said in the third-quarter earnings call Tuesday.

Scott Glenn, Home Depot vice president of asset protection, said he has seen a correlation between higher rates of organized retail crime and areas of the country where the dollar amount for felony thresholds have been raised. The felony threshold is the dollar value of goods stolen that determines if charges are a felony or a misdemeanor. It varies widely by state - from $200 in New Jersey to $2,500 in Texas.

Glenn said the opioid epidemic fuels organized retail crime in many cases, and e-commerce amplifies its reach.
With the rise of e-commerce, it is easier to sell items quickly online than in person at pawnshops or other methods. 
Read more here

In case you missed it --

McDonald's employees in Chicago sue over workplace violence

Macy's Customer Payment Info Stolen in Magecart Data Breach

Dollar General Agrees to Pay $6 Million for Alleged Race Bias in Hiring Process

House committee approves landmark bill legalizing marijuana at the federal level

Amazon Go Supermarkets, Pop-Up Stores Coming In 2020



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eBay's PROACT Team Partners with Retailers to Fight ORC


Did you know that eBay has a dedicated team to partnering with retailers to combat Organized Retail Crime (ORC)? eBay's PROACT (Partnering with Retailers Offensively Against Crime & Theft) team was founded in 2008 to join the fight with retailers and law enforcement against the growing issues surrounding ORC. We have investigators in North America and Europe who are dedicated to investigating cases of stolen property, and providing support to retailers in their investigations. PROACT conducts several trainings and presentations annually at various conferences, Organized Retail Crime Associations (ORCAS), and online webinars to law enforcement and retail partners to better collaborate and combat ORC.

Outside of investigations, the team itself is directly engaged across several industry organizations through sponsorships, presentations, trainings, and board positions to provide insight and support to the broader community of investigators and law enforcement personnel:

Long time annual sponsor of the National Retail Federation's Fusion Center at the NRF Protect Conference
Hold active board positions at the following organizations: Loss Prevention Research Council (LPRC), Coalition of Law Enforcement and Retail (CLEAR), International Association Financial Crimes Investigators (IAFCI), and the Utah Organized Retail Crime Association (UTORCA)
Longtime Sponsors of the Loss Prevention Foundation (LPF) - Includes regular donations of LPC Certification Course sponsorships to industry partners and law enforcement interested in furthering and specializing their education.

To obtain additional information on the PROACT program, please contact proact@ebay.com. We look forward to working with you!





ALL-TAG Develops Customizable 31x32 mm SuperLabel Combines Security with Omni-Channel Marketing

- ALL-TAG, an American manufacturer of RF Labels, and a leading supplier of AM Anti-theft Security Tags, Security Labels, and other loss prevention products, announces the development of a customizable 31x32 mm SuperLabel®, a multi-purpose security label that will increase source tagging compliance by allowing Consumer Goods Manufactures (CGM) to promote their brand and enhance merchandising.

ALL-TAG's customizable security label offers many printing options, such as brand logos, slogans, and QR Codes. CGM's and other retail merchandise vendors that are required to source tag their merchandise for various retailers can now use the security label as an additional tool that will keep shoppers informed and ultimately increase sales of their products.

Our 31x32 mm SuperLabel is also equipped with patented technology that boosts the detection performance of the label. Therefore, users of this smaller label will not be sacrificing performance. The smaller footprint allows it to fit on more retail product packaging, does not conceal important printed content on the outside of the packaging.

"We're thrilled to have added new machines in our South Florida factory that enable us to produce this product in the US," commented ALL-TAG's Vice President of Sales, Andy Gilbert.

"Source taggers can now satisfy their source tagging requirements, but also make the security label work for them as well." Gilbert continued, "This is a win for everyone because it will increase source tagging compliance, decrease shrink, and increase sales all at the same time."

To find out more about the product listed in this release, please visit all-tag.com.

ALL-TAG is an American manufacturer of 8.2 MHz Radio-Frequency (RF) Labels, and supplier of Accousto Magnetic (AM) labels that are used to source tag retail merchandise. ALL-TAG also supplies RF and AM Hard Tags, Ink Tags, and other Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) solutions that are fully compatible with Checkpoint® and Sensormatic® brand products. ALL-TAG has been manufacturing its RF Labels for source-taggers and retailers throughout the world since 1992. Our manufacturing facility is located in Boca Raton, Florida. The company also has subsidiaries in the United Kingdom, Mexico City, and Hong Kong, to service our customers throughout the world.





Cybersecurity Workshop at NRF Big Show in NYC
Wednesday, January 15 / 8:00am - 1:30pm / New York Marriot Marquis

This workshop will provide retail business leaders and information security professionals with strategic insights on cybersecurity threats and how they can mitigate cyber-related risks to the retail enterprise through in-depth discussions of the major cybersecurity challenges facing the retail sector.

In partnership with:

1.2B Records Exposed in Massive Server Leak
A single server leaked 4 terabytes of personal data, including social media profiles, work histories, and home and mobile phone numbers.

Security researchers have discovered an unsecured server containing 4 terabytes of personal data - 1.2 billion records in total - exposed and easily accessible online, Wired reported.

The open server held profiles of hundreds of millions of people. Leaked data includes home and cellphone numbers; social media profiles for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Github; work histories seemingly pulled from LinkedIn; nearly 50 million unique phone numbers; and 622 million unique email addresses.

It didn't contain sensitive data such as credit card numbers, Social Security numbers, or passwords, which are considered relatively more valuable to attackers. darkreading.com

Cyber risk increases at all layers of the corporate network
The growing popularity of cloud and DevOps environments will continue to drive business agility while exposing organizations, from enterprises to manufacturers, to third-party risk.

"As we enter a new decade, organizations of all industries and sizes will increasingly rely on third party software, open-source, and modern working practices to drive the digital innovation and growth they crave," said Jon Clay, director of global threat communications for Trend Micro.

"Our threat experts predict that this fast growth and change will bring new risks of supply chain attacks. From the cloud layer all the way down to the home network, IT security leaders will need to reassess their cyber risk and protection strategy in 2020."

Attackers will increasingly go after corporate data stored in the cloud via code injection attacks such as deserialization bugs, cross-site scripting and SQL injection. They will either target cloud providers directly or compromise third-party libraries to do this. helpnetsecurity.com

It's Holiday Time:
Does Your Company Know Its Retail Privacy, Data Security Risks?

The "ching ching" sound from cash registers has been replaced by the silent sound of the internet and ioT devices that envelop your credit card and all your shopping history into the vacuum of data collection that has been pushing through retail for years. Shoppers don't even need to leave their homes to connect to their goods and the data savvy are using discount codes and e-coupons to save more than their brick-and-mortar bound peers.

But how is this all possible in 2019, one year after the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) went into effect and within months of the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) coming out in force? How can retail compete? How can they keep up with the fascinating barrage of ioT technologies when they must integrate the new and seemingly endless restrictions around data privacy that would appear to impede their ability to use the data they collect?

Data privacy is not the end of retail as some might predict, but there are issues that companies must be keenly aware of as they adopt new technologies and adaptive revenue models in today's highly consumer focused data privacy environment. bloomberglaw.com

Taking Stock of Your Data Security to Deliver a Happy Holiday Shopping Season
According to the 2019 Thales Data Threat Report-Retail Edition, 62 percent of U.S. retail organizations say that they have been breached at any time in their history, with 37 percent breached in the last year alone.

With shoppers chasing the deals and cybercriminals following the money, below are some recommendations to help ensure this shopping season is not just merry and bright, but safe and secure.

Fundamentals first: When it comes to data security, companies should start with the fundamentals - encrypt and control user access to sensitive data- and truly bake security into their brand.

Modernize: Invest in modern, hybrid and multi-cloud-based data solutions for modern architectures.

Do more with less: Look for solutions that allow you to do more with less. To keep costs and resource usage in line with IT budgets, while delivering the level of security needed, use a platform and service-based approach.

Prioritize compliance issues: Compliance requirements often apply to very limited data sets - leading to strong protections for some sensitive data, but weak for others. Employ solutions that can help you achieve, and maintain compliance, while improving your security and managing your risk.

Pay attention: Focus on all threat vectors - both internally and externally - and partner with a security vendor that can customize solutions tailored to your organizations' threats. securitymagazine.com

'Tis the (Holiday Retail) Season for Cybercriminals to Infiltrate the Supply Chain
For retailers, a cyber disruption in the supply chain can fundamentally disrupt operations, causing catastrophic harm to brand reputation, financial performance and regulatory repercussions - and the stakes are even higher during the make-or-break holiday sales period. Here are some important steps retailers can take now to mitigate supply chain cyber risk this holiday season and beyond.

Step 1: Inventory Your Supply Chain
Step 2: Take Control of Your Third-Party Accounts
Step 3: Assess Your Suppliers' Security Posture
Step 4: Continuously Monitor for Changes



'Live in NYC' at The NRF Big Show 2019
Opening Comments

Today's Leaders Teaching Tomorrow's

Introduction with

Gus Downing
, Publisher & Editor, The D&D Daily and LPNN


LPNN's 11th LIVE Season - filmed on Jan. 14, 2019 at the NRF Big Show in New York City - kicks off with another jampacked schedule featuring today's LP/AP leaders teaching tomorrow's. Follow along in the coming weeks as we bring you the LP industry's only LIVE digital conference, designed to help you increase your knowledge, broaden your vision, and deliver better results in today's rapidly changing retail world.

What's In Store For the Day

Quick Take Opening with MCs:

Joe LaRocca
, VP & Senior Advisor, Loss Prevention, RetaiLPartners

Amber Bradley
, Owner & Brand Strategist, Calibration Group, LLC


LPNN's dynamic duo Joe LaRocca (@laroccaj) and Amber Bradley (@mycalibration) are back at it again, kicking off the fun with a preview of what's to come in our latest marathon 8-hour LIVE broadcast. Tune in for their "Quick Take" videos with special guests throughout the day, as they bring their signature blend of laughs, facts, and everything in between.




4 Black Friday scams to avoid while you shop this Thanksgiving weekend

Online gift exchanges, digital card skimmers and other traps are set and waiting for you.

As always, your best armor against these schemes, scams, frauds and cons is the knowledge you need to sniff them out. Here's everything you need to know about (not) getting duped this holiday season.

Avoid the 'Secret Sister' gift exchange -- it's a pyramid scheme
Originating on Facebook sometime around 2015, this gift exchange among internet strangers plays off the popular workplace practice of "Secret Santa," a game where each person buys a present for one other, randomly-selected person without anyone sharing their giftee. Instead, it's a pyramid scheme dressed up in holiday clothes, according to the Better Business Bureau. The "Secret Sister" exchange invitation promises you'll receive about $360 worth of gifts after purchasing and mailing a $10 gift for someone else.

Fake websites and fraudulent apps go 'phishing'
In a phishing scheme, the victim receives an email or text message directing them to enter payment information or other personal details on a fraudulent website, which is often designed to look just like a legitimate site.

Credit card skimming goes all-digital
Credit card skimmers that steal your personal information when you swipe a credit or debit card at the ATM gas pump, or other payment kiosk have been around for well over a decade, but October's attack on Macy's is an example of that same technology deployed digitally.

'Juice-jacking' fears may be overblown
The Los Angeles County District Attorney's office published a blog post earlier this month advising citizens not to use USB charging ports in public places like airports and shopping malls, warning hackers could install "juice-jacking" software that downloads malicious code on connected phones and tablets, granting the thieves access to your personal information. cnet.com

Security experts find Black Friday scams cost shoppers an average of $850
Watch out for 'too good to be true' deals on electronics

With a rise in the number of shops offering Black Friday bargains, security experts say scammers are capitalising on the trend in the hope of conning shoppers. Experts say fraudsters are becoming 'more sophisticated' in their attempts to con people out of their hard earned cash, making it harder to spot scams. Nearly a quarter of people aged 18 to 34 in the UK say they have fallen for a scam linked to online shopping, with some losing thousands of pounds.

Cyber-security researchers say scammers are using multiple avenues to convince people to part with their money, including fake emails and false social media posts that link to websites that steal their credit card information. Scams include emails that promise 'unmissable Black Friday deals' and cheap TVs, laptops and designer goods, say researchers. Hackers and scammers also target employees of retail firms in the hope of gaining access to internal systems.

A survey for Barclays found that people who had fallen victim to a shopping related scam lost an average of £661 with 12 per cent losing more than £2,000. Meanwhile, security experts from Proofpoint found that only 15 per cent of the top 20 Europe-wide online retailers are actively blocking fraud emails from reaching customers. dailymail.co.uk

Beware of Black Friday email scams, say experts



Ardmore, OK: Man accused of stealing $200,000 worth of iPhones from Best Buy Distribution Center
An Ardmore man is facing embezzlement charges after police say he stole around $200,000 worth of iPhones from his employer. Police arrested Jeciaro Hicks, 33, on Thursday. Hicks is accused of stealing the phones from his job at the Best Buy distribution center of Prarie Valley Road in Ardmore. kxii.com

Idaho Falls, ID: Charges reduced for 3 employees accused of $6,000 from TJ Maxx
Prosecutors reduced charges as part of plea agreements for three TJ Maxx employees accused of stealing thousands of dollars of merchandise. Amended charging documents show Lissette Galvan, 18, Sonia Castro, 20 and Angel Cisneros-Ambers, 19, are charged with misdemeanor petit theft for their alleged involvement in the scheme, unraveled by the company's district loss prevention manager in Utah. The trio was originally charged with felony grand theft after the employees admitted to management and Bonneville County Sheriff deputies to stealing or helping steal items over several months. The exact amount taken remains unknown but could be upwards of $6,000, according to an affidavit of probable cause. Galvan, Castro and Cisneros-Ambers were scheduled for preliminary hearings on Wednesday to determine if prosecutors had enough evidence to move the previously felony cases to the district court. The plea agreements reducing the charges came before the hearing. Since the three are now charged with misdemeanors, the cases will stay at the magistrate level. eastidahonews.com

College Station, TX: Woman charged with the theft of 71 items from Pink/Victoria's Secret
A Navasota woman has been arrested in connection with stealing in College Station. She is one of three women accused of taking nearly four thousand dollars of clothing earlier this month from a store at Post Oak Mall. The College Station police arrest report indicates nine officers and staff members have been involved in the investigation of the November 6th theft of 71 pink brand clothing items from Victoria's Secret. According to the arrest report, the women were caught on surveillance video stuffing into black plastic bags, 34 bottoms, 23 tops, and 13 bras. The store's security officer was able to follow a trail of items left in the parking lot to the suspect's car. 18 of the items were recovered. One of the three women has been arrested. 19 year old Skylett Duffie of Navasota was charged with felony theft and criminal trespassing. Duffie is also awaiting four trials in Brazos County District Court on misdemeanor charges from the last two years. those charges include assault causing bodily injury, making a false alarm or report, evading arrest and possessing marijuana, and theft. navasotanews.com

Stockton, CA: 4 arrested amid holiday crackdown on 'snatch and grab' thefts
Stockton Police Strategic Community Officers conducting special enforcement with Weberstown Mall security and JC Penney loss prevention staff Thursday arrested four people, two who already were on probation for shoplifting-type crimes, and recovered some $4,000 in stolen merchandise taken from seven stores. recordnet.com

Chicago, IL: 4th Smash-and-Grab Burglary reported at Lincoln Park Cellphone store

Tulsa, OK: Women steal $1,500 worth of vitamins from Natural Grocers


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Shootings & Deaths


Lowndes County, AL: Alabama Sheriff shot and killed while responding to a C-Store call
An Alabama Sheriff was shot and killed Saturday. Lowndes County Sheriff "Big John" Williams was responding to a call at a convenience store and gas station when he was fatally shot. Details on the shooting weren't immediately clear, but Williams was apparently killed around 8 p.m. local time at a QV gas station in Hayneville, Alabama. William Chase Johnson, the 18-year-old suspected shooter was taken into custody shortly after midnight. Johnson initially fled the scene but returned to the convenience store to turn himself in several hours later. wkrg.com


Robberies, Incidents & Thefts

Update: Pleasant Prairie, WI: Felony charges for 4 men accused of over $30,000 retail theft during North Face 'flash mob'
Several people charged in a "flash mob" retail theft in Pleasant Prairie are now facing new felony charges for an earlier theft at the same mall. On July 1, a group of men rushed into the North Face store at Pleasant Prairie Premium Outlets, grabbing armfuls of coats and other expensive clothing, leaving the store with more than $30,000 in merchandise. The group was in and out of the store in 30 seconds With the attention gained by the video, nine of the 10 people seen in the video were identified by people who tipped off Chicago Police, leading to charges against them. Two of the nine, Clifford Field, Jr., 27, and Jerrod Brim, 25, have already entered guilty pleas and are awaiting sentencing.

This week, four of the defendants in that case were charged with felony retail theft for an earlier theft at the outlet mall, a "grab and go" theft at the True Religion store. In that theft, which occurred April 26, five men ran into the store and in less than one minute grabbed 75 pairs of jeans valued at more than $7,500 combined. Three of the men, both Strattons and Green, are also charged with a theft that happened at the mall June 19. Pleasant Prairie Police Chief David Smetana said the detective on the North Face case went through security video and social media posts tied to the suspects in the original case to see if the men could have been involved in earlier thefts at the mall.

"Our detective did an incredible amount of work on social media and linking people back to events that they talked about on social media," Smetana said. He said the department is also working with other jurisdictions to see if the group is tied to similar thefts elsewhere. "We're not the only place victimized by this crew," Smetana said. journaltimes.com

Queens, NY: Videos show hundreds of schoolchildren punching and kicking each other at a mall after rumors of a fight spread on Snapchat
A fight involving hundreds of teens who were scrambling to grab fake dollar bills which they thought was real money at a Queens mall prompted police to shut down stores while officers removed the rowdy kids from the area. The chaos at the Queens Center in Elmhurst involved some 200 schoolchildren who descended on the mall after being let out of class early on Friday. In the early afternoon hours, a crush of schoolchildren gathered in the Queens Center food court after rumors of a fight began circulating on Snapchat. Inside the mall, someone began throwing fake dollar bills over a railing from an upper level, though it is unclear why. Police were called to the scene at around 1pm. abc7ny.com

Memphis, TN: Security guard allegedly helps thieves burglarize trucks he was protecting
A security guard is out of the job after allegedly helping vandals steal from the place he was supposed to protect. Police said 20-year-old Deonte Shelton admitted to stealing hundreds of dollars of items from the trucking company he was working for. According to court documents, surveillance footage shows Shelton, who was the security guard at the time, on the phone describing the truck yard at KLLM Transport Services. He can be heard telling someone which trucks had what merchandise. Memphis Police said Shelton helped someone break into 11 trailers and take several electronics including TVs and laptops. Security footage also shows Shelton frequently leaving the guard shack with gloves. He later told police the gloves were used to hide fingerprints. Shelton also confessed that he himself stole one TV and laptop worth more than $700. Shelton is facing 11 counts of burglary and theft. He posted his $12,000 bond and was released. wreg.com

Apex, NC: Target cashier, security specialist save elder from gift card scam
"This is a perfect example of how we should look out for each other and that NO legitimate agency will EVER ask for gift cards," wrote the Apex Police Department on Facebook. According to Apex police, on November 15, 2019, a Target cashier alerted a store security specialist that a shopper was purchasing a large number of gift cards. Nothing that unusual about that, especially close to the holidays. But the man was a senior, and police say the security worker, Kenneth Jeffers, was able to help him understand that he was about to be the victim of a scam by persons who had manipulated him into thinking that he needed to buy the cards.

It's a relatively common scam, usually undertaken by phone, in which deceivers prey on the vulnerable, often the elderly, convincing their victims that they need to buy large numbers of gift cards to settle a utility bill, bail for a loved one, or in connection with a hacked account. Since gift cards are involved, the crime leaves no trace, and victims are out of luck. An officer bought a gift for Jeffers, to recognize his efforts in helping a vulnerable member of the community. We'd like to thank the cashier, too. wral.com

Stamford, CT: Man charged with Robbery in shoplifting incident at Target; pulled a straight razor on LP

Novato, CA: Police Robot with a vape pen ends 6-hour standoff at a gas station; man charged with attempted Arson and Vand

Grove City, OH: Authorities crack down on shoplifting before holiday shopping season

Bloomfield Township, NJ: Thieves flee Target store, injure teenager

Springfield, OR: Man charged with C-Store and Taco Bell Robberies

Longmont, CO: Business owners take precautions as burglaries rise

Mexico deploys Army to secure oil facilities & stop nationwide fuel theft

Baxter County, AR: Outdoor Sports employee charged with theft of $124,000, forging company checks


Mobile, AL: Man receives 147 months for Armed Robbery of 8 businesses; Waffle House, Domino's, CEFCO and others

Beaverton, OR: Man convicted of $250K jewelry heist in 2018



C-Store - Springfield, OR - Armed Robbery
Clothing - Overland Park, KS - Robbery
Dollar General - Macon, GA - Armed Robbery
Dollar General - Youngstown, OH - Armed Robbery
Gas Station - Williamsburg, VA - Armed Robbery
Grocery - Denver, CO - Burglary
Hotel - Macon, GA - Armed Robbery
Jewelry - Smyrna, TN - Robbery
Jewelry -Downey, CA - Robbery
Jewelry - Sevierville, TN - Robbery
Jewelry - Yorktown heights, NY - Robbery
Pawn - Kahului, HI - Robbery
Pharmacy - Clarksville, TN - Armed Robbery
Restaurant - Tulsa, OK - Burglary
Restaurant - Springfield, OR - Robbery (Taco Bell)
T-Mobile - Chicago, IL - Burglary (1 of 2)
T-Mobile - Chicago, IL - Burglary
7-Eleven - Bainbridge, OH - Robbery
7-Eleven - Williamsburg, VA - Armed Robbery


Daily Totals:
• 15 robberies
• 4 burglaries
• 0 shootings
• 0 killed


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