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Robert Oberosler named Senior Vice President of Loss Prevention for Dollar Tree Stores - Family Dollar

Robert is a veteran of the LP industry. Prior to being named SVP of Loss Prevention for Dollar Tree Stores - Family Dollar, he served as Vice President of Sales Marketing for VOLO. Before that, he spent more than 9 years as Group Vice President - Asset Protection for Rite Aid. Prior to that, he served as President & Chief Operations Officer for Universal Capital Management, Inc. for two years. Earlier in his career, he served in VP roles at Pathmark Stores (10 years), Lowe's (five years), and Robinsons May Department Stores (four years). Congratulations, Robert!

Meredith Plaxco, LPC promoted to Senior Director, Loss Prevention and Safety for PetSmart

Meredith has been with Petsmart for more than 22 years since she began with the company as a Store Manager. Prior to her promotion to Senior Director, LP and Safety, she spent more than a year as Senior Director of LP & Safety - Field and Strategy & Operations. Before that, she was a Director of LP & Safety - Strategy, Operations and Field. Earlier in her career with PetSmart, she served various roles including Project Manager, Store Operations, Manager of Store Communications and Manager of LP & Safety Operations. Congratulations, Meredith!

Craig Gage named Director of Safety & Security for HelloFresh
Before being named Director of Safety & Security for HelloFresh, Craig spent two years with Chewy as Director of Safety, Loss Prevention, Food Safety & Workers Compensation. Prior to that, he spent more than two years as Director of Loss Prevention, Safety and Risk Management for Brown's Super Stores (ShopRite). Earlier in his career, he held LP roles at Sears, Amazon, The Home Depot and Target. He also served in the United States Marine Corps. Congratulations, Craig!

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Checkpoint Systems Increases Their Commitment to the LP Foundation

The Loss Prevention Foundation (LPF) announced that Checkpoint Systems has advanced its support of the LPF by becoming the most recent Bachelor level partner. The Bachelor level partnership secures certification course scholarships and complimentary LPF memberships for Checkpoint to distribute to those in the loss prevention industry.

Headquartered in Thorofare, NJ, Checkpoint Systems, a division of CCL Industries, is a vertically integrated RF/RFID solution provider for retail. Their intelligent retail solutions are built upon 50 years of radio frequency technology expertise, innovative high-theft and loss prevention solutions, market-leading software, RFID hardware and comprehensive labeling capabilities to brand, secure and track merchandise from source to shelf.  Read more in today's Vendor Spotlight column below.

Yellow vest protests: 147 arrested as violence returns to Paris
Police in Paris arrested more than 100 people as protests to mark the first anniversary of the anti-government yellow vest movement turned violent. Yellow vest (gilets jaunes) rallies took place nationwide on Saturday, a year after they first erupted.

Tear gas and water cannon were used by police in Paris, where thousands of protesters thronged the streets. Rioters unleashed some of the worst violence the city has seen in months. With many clad in black and wearing masks to hide their faces, rioters in parts of the city burned barricades, vandalised banks, set rubbish bins on fire and hurled cobblestones at police.

By Saturday evening, Paris police said 147 people had been arrested across the capital.

The nationwide protests were intended to send a message to French President Emmanuel Macron, whose government has been accused of ignoring the needs of ordinary citizens. bbc.com

Protesters Shut Down Luxury Department Store Galeries Lafayette in Paris
Protesters in Paris entered the Galeries Lafayette Sunday, causing the famous department store to be evacuated, reports WWD.

Numerous brands including
Armani, Balenciaga, Burberry, Louis Vuitton, and Prada have stores within the historic building.

The protests that took place in two of the city's main retail centers, including Galeries Lafayette, were sharing specifically anti-consumerist slogans.

Luxury storefronts on the Champs-Élysées became the target of violent protests earlier this year and Vice reported that during the first wave of demonstrations last year, exclusive stores boarded up their windows in preparation for violent protests. highsnobiety.com


Michael Bloomberg Pushed 'Stop-and-Frisk' Policing. Now He's Apologizing.
Ahead of a potential Democratic presidential run, former Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg of New York on Sunday reversed his longstanding support of the aggressive "stop-and-frisk" policing strategy that he pursued for a decade and that led to the disproportionate stopping of black and Latino people across the city.

"I was wrong," Mr. Bloomberg declared. "And I am sorry."

The speech, Mr. Bloomberg's first since he re-emerged as a possible presidential candidate, was a remarkable concession by a 77-year-old billionaire not known for self-doubt: that a
pillar of his 12-year mayoralty was a mistake that he now regrets. It was also, in some ways, a last word on an era of aggressive policing in New York City that began a generation ago under former Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani - though the fallout on neighborhoods is still felt to this day. nytimes.com

Starbucks' open bathroom policy may be hurting foot traffic, new study finds
Starbucks' changes to its bathroom policy appear to be impacting foot traffic for the coffee giant, despite sales that have outpaced expectations, according to recent data.

Since opening its bathroom doors to the public
in the wake of a controversial incident in Philadelphia, the coffee giant has seen a 6.8% drop in store attendance per month relative to other coffee shops nearby, according to the findings of a joint study from the University of Texas at Dallas and Boston College.

"When you throw open the policy to let people come in and just use the bathrooms and the tables, maybe people come in and find the bathrooms are dirty, and the tables are crowded," David Solomon, Assistant Professor at Boston College Carroll School of Management, told YFi PM. "And so they don't buy the coffee as well... The results in our study highlight the difficulty companies can have when trying to engage in different forms of socially responsible behavior."

Back in May 2018, Starbucks vowed to implement a
"Third Place Policy," meaning anyone could use the coffee chain's facilities without having to make a purchase. starbucks.com

What should I do to reinforce security measures at this time of year?
Here's some advice from Jewelers UnBLOCKed:

● Create obstacles. Use display cases and holiday décor to block thieves from running straight in and/or out of your store. All areas that contain valuable merchandise should be visible to both customers and staff. Avoid any blind spots.

● Stay under the radar. If you're planning a vacation, don't advertise your absence; refrain from posting vacation pictures until after you return. Posting while traveling makes your store, employees and even your home susceptible to invasions, crimes and thefts.

● Double and triple check seasonal employees. Even if they're temporary, you need to ensure that all employees are trustworthy. Don't forget to perform background and reference checks.

● Limit the number of pieces that can be presented to a customer to between one and three pieces of jewelry or watches at a time, and post signage of this policy. If a customer complains, sales associates can point to the sign and mention its store policy. Deter potential thieves from trying to take off with a stockpile of jewels.

● Keep store windows clear. A cluttered window blocks criminal activity from being seen outside. instoremage.com

Four Tactics to Mitigate Workplace Conflict
Whether it's your staff facing a workplace conflict or tension between you and a coworker, it's worth validating the tension-and understanding why it's there.

For leaders, it might turn you into a referee of your own staff sometimes. And you might even run into a conflict like this yourself. So what do you do to clear the air? A few thoughts worth considering:

Consider the importance of the battle. Sometimes the small stuff will be just too small to really give your time. In a guest post for the website People Matters, motivational speaker and leadership coach Abhinav Goel suggests that workplace conflicts often carry different levels of weight, and that weight means that there will be small stuff in the mix. He notes that it's important to see the bigger picture, including broader cultural issues at play. In terms of trivial fights, he writes: "Every time you encounter a situation where you feel like picking up a battle, ask yourself-'Is this battle even worth my time?' You will realize that, more often than not, you will walk away from a simmering yet insignificant situation with your head held high."

Don't pretend the tension isn't there. But ignoring small conflicts doesn't mean letting the tension fester. Writing for Forbes, WebFX Founder William Craig noted that ignoring underlying tension that comes with office environments simply makes things worse. "Refusing to meet workplace conflicts head-on, and patiently-or being ambivalent or playing favorites by not taking one of the parties seriously-is a quick way to sour the tone and trustworthiness of your workplace," Craig writes. "If people don't feel they can be candid with you about their conflicts and disagreements, and expect a patient ear in return, they'll stop trying."

Consider the root causes. Frustrating personal interactions often can go deeper than what's on the surface, and it's ideal to know how a person's position, their values, or their personal life could be affecting their response. "When we're interacting with a difficult person it's so easy to focus on counterpoints and deflating their arguments and noticing their flaws," Inc. writer Scott Mautz noted. "Instead, put your energy into saying more thoughtful things and asking better questions to get to a deeper knowledge of where they're coming from."

Don't be afraid to mediate. Leaders may not necessarily be involved in every workplace debate, but they may need to step in to clear things up, depending on the scale, notes Mike Kappel of Patriot Software Company. "You might need to guide the conversation. And if hurt feelings run high, it's likely you'll need to redirect the topic so your employees return to the real problem," Kappel writes for Entrepreneur. "If you're in a position to give advice on next steps, highlight the positive aspects of the process and suggest related topics or actions they can work through after the meeting." And depending on the size of the conflict, you may have to mediate more than once. associationsnow.com

ISCPO 360 Security Podcast
Episode 8 - Conversation with Ryan Yost of Avery Dennison

Ryan Yost is vice president/general manager for the Printer Solutions Division (PSD) for Avery Dennison Corporation. He was appointed to this position in April 2017, after serving as director of Commercial.

In his role, Ryan is responsible for worldwide leadership of and strategy for the Printer Solutions Division, focused on building partnerships and solutions within the Food, Apparel and Fulfillment industries. As the general manager of PSD, Ryan is also responsible for the core business functions for the division, including operations, marketing, finance, human resources, communications, legal, and information technology. iscpo.org

CEO confidence wanes under Trump
CEO confidence, which leapt in Trump's early days, has since plunged to levels not seen since the darkest days of the financial crisis in 2009.
"The Trump administration lost the C-suite in 2018," says Douglas Holtz-Eakin, a Republican who ran the Congressional Budget Office from 2003 through 2005 and now heads the American Action Forum, a center-right think tank. "I think the cause is mainly trade."

Small-business owners rejoiced when Trump won, but their optimism, as surveyed by the National Federation of Independent Business, began to slump substantially a year ago. Hundreds of industry associations, from the tiny American Down and Feather Council to the huge National Retail Federation and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, are publicly opposing his policies on trade, immigration, or both. The fear among many businesspeople is that, after a strong start, he's now doing more harm than good and has no significant policy levers left to pull. fortune.com

NRF: October retail sales grew 4.2% over last year
Retail sales in October increased 0.2 percent seasonally adjusted over September and were up 4.2 percent unadjusted year-over-year, the National Retail Federation said today. The numbers exclude automobile dealers, gasoline stations and restaurants. nrf.com

U.S. Commerce Dept: October retail sales up 0.3% over last month
The Commerce Department said on Friday retail sales increased 0.3% last month, excluding automobiles, gasoline, building materials and food services. Data for September was revised lower to show the so-called core retail sales slipping 0.1% instead of being unchanged as previously reported. cnbc.com

WeWork to cut over 4,000 jobs
WeWork is planning to cut roughly a third of its workforce, according to a New York Times report that cites anonymous sources. Between 4,000 and 6,000 jobs worldwide could go as the company attempts to recover from massive losses that "led it to the brink of collapse." The cuts, expected to be announced this week, will draw widely from WeWork's operations, with the core subletting business accounting for roughly 2,500 of the lost positions. The office-sharing company recently dropped plans to go public after investors lost confidence. nytimes.com

Walmart names Kathryn McLay as Sam's Club CEO

Trump reverses course on flavored e-cigarette ban over fear of job losses

Allied Universal Acquires Louisiana-Based Vinson Guard Service, Inc.

Five Below starts selling products for more than $5

The eBay community raises more than $1 Billion for charities globally

Senior LP Job Postings Removed from Website:

Director of Loss Prevention, Safety & Security - Al J Schneider Company - Louisville, KY
Dir. of Loss Prevention Operations - Nike - Beaverton, OR
Director of Risk Safety - Super Valu - Providence, RI

Last week's #1 article --

From LP to Mayor:
Barry McDonnell, Regional LP Manager for Sephora,
Elected Mayor of Camas, Wash. as a Write-In Candidate

Barry McDonnell launched his write-in campaign to be the new mayor of Camas just a little over a month ago - but he won more than 50% of the vote, beating incumbent Shannon Turk.

The 41-year-old married father of 4 moved his family to Camas just a few years ago from Colorado. He's a loss-prevention manager in charge of Sephora locations across several states.

McDonnell was largely inspired to try for the political office due to a controversial $78 million bond on the ballot to build a new pool and community center. The measure lost by 90%. Many residents, including McDonnell, felt the public's voice wasn't heard at City Hall. The new mayor credits his yard signs, mailers that stated "I am not a politician" and social media conversations for helping him win the election on Nov. 5.

McDonnell walked into Camas City Hall on Thursday to start learning the ropes. He said his management experience will be helpful in his new role but he also plans to take a class. He'll be sworn into office in December. koin.com

In case you missed it --

First Vendor Caught:
U.S. Security Manufacturer Selling Chinese Tech Claiming it's Theirs - $88M Fraud

Bad News for Bay-Area Prosecutions:
Chesa Boudin, son of infamous Brink's truck robbers, elected San Francisco DA

El Paso, TX Walmart, where 22 were killed, reopens with added security on site

Target expands active-shooter training for hundreds of thousands of employees across the US

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eBay's PROACT Program Continues to Support Retailers'
ORC Investigations

Did you know that eBay has a team that is not only dedicated to assisting law enforcement with criminal investigations, but also retail partners as well? This is known as eBay's PROACT program (Partnering with Retailers Offensively Against Crime and Theft), and it started in 2008 to assist retailers who are investigating Organized Retail Crime cases.

To date, eBay has enrolled hundreds of retail partners globally into the PROACT program, and we have investigators in the US and UK that are able to assist retailers on their investigations. We are able to provide information on individual accounts as well as volumes associated to those accounts. We also maintain a rolodex of thousands of law enforcement contacts around the globe, so we can assist our partners in getting in touch with the correct law enforcement agency for their investigation.

To obtain additional information on the PROACT program, please contact proact@ebay.com. We look forward to working with you!





Checkpoint Systems Increases Their Commitment to
the Loss Prevention Foundation

Checkpoint supports LPF by becoming Bachelor level partner


Matthews, NC - The Loss Prevention Foundation (LPF) announced that Checkpoint Systems has advanced its support of the LPF by becoming the most recent Bachelor level partner. The Bachelor level partnership secures certification course scholarships and complimentary LPF memberships for Checkpoint to distribute to those in the loss prevention industry.

Headquartered in Thorofare, NJ, Checkpoint Systems, a division of CCL Industries, is a vertically integrated RF/RFID solution provider for retail. Their intelligent retail solutions are built upon 50 years of radio frequency technology expertise, innovative high-theft and loss prevention solutions, market-leading software, RFID hardware and comprehensive labeling capabilities to brand, secure and track merchandise from source to shelf.

"We are delighted to announce that Checkpoint has chosen to increase their partnership level with the LPF," said Terry Sullivan, LPC, president of The Loss Prevention Foundation. "By continuing and advancing their partnership with us, they are demonstrating their on-going commitment to continued education for loss prevention professionals. LPF partners, like Checkpoint, are what make it possible for us to fulfill our mission and advance our LPQualified (LPQ) and LPCertified (LPC) certification initiatives and we are glad to have Checkpoint's continued and advanced partnership."

"We are honored to continue our support of LPF and the work they do with the LP community," said Stuart Rosenthal, Vice President of Sales for Checkpoint's Alpha High-Theft Solutions. "By providing ongoing education for our retail partners, LPF energizes and advances LP/AP professionals throughout their careers."


Interrogation Implications

When conducting an investigation, interviewers are focused on obtaining reliable information and additional evidence in effort to find resolution to a case. In the loss prevention industry, the "victims" of a "crime" may be a company and their profits, a customer, or a fellow employee. Often during the subsequent interviews, investigators become biased as they intend to represent the victim and rely on the information gathered from their investigation. Unfortunately, the "evidence" that is obtained can sometimes be wrong, eyewitnesses may be mistaken in their recall of an event and an interviewer may be headed in the wrong direction. Regardless, if the subject of an interview confesses to these accusations - innocent or guilty - the confession is likely seen as the strongest piece of evidence by the decision makers. Truth be told, when interviews are done improperly they have devastating consequences.

Read more here





How Retailers Can Defend Against Cyber Skimmers
There's a new form of cyberattack hitting online businesses that has security experts in retail and other industries working overtime to protect their companies.

Variously called "formjacking," "web skimming" or "Magecart," the bad news is that there are an average 4,800 websites compromised by such attacks each month, according to cybersecurity firm Symantec. But the good news is that 3.7 million attacks were blocked last year.

It was October 2018 when RiskIQ first identified Magecart, which attacks ecommerce sites running outdated and unpatched versions of shopping cart software. Rather than attacking consumers directly, Magecart, allegedly the work of a group of Eastern European criminals, gets malicious code into sites run by businesses and uses it to steal card information.

The code can be difficult to detect, and once a website is infected, payment card information is "skimmed" during a transaction without the merchant or consumers being aware that the information has been compromised, according to the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council.


The National Retail Federation is playing a major role to help retailers battle against Magecart.

The topic has been "on our radar screen" for over a year, says NRF Senior Director for Retail Technology and Cybersecurity Christian Beckner, "Every time there is a public report about [a Magecart attack], we share this with our members."

NRF circulated an in-depth report on the subject to retailers earlier this fall. More informational outreach is being developed, including sessions on cyberattacks and a cybersecurity workshop at NRF 2020 Vision: Retail's Big Show, the association's upcoming annual conference in New York City in January.

In tracking cyber threats, NRF separates them into two groups, according to Beckner. First are those directed at any IT system in the private or public sector, such as ransomware or email phishing. Then there are the threats directed toward customer-facing businesses such as retail, hospitals, transportation and hospitality.

When asked how retailers can protect themselves against Magecart threats, Beckner echoes many other cybersecurity experts: "Monitor third parties on your website. It's almost a governance issue - keep track of them."

"It is definitely in the top five," Beckner says in ranking Magecart among cyber threats. "Among consumer-facing businesses, it is in the top three," falling behind only attacks on point-of-sale systems and account takeovers. stores.org

Trusted certificates make phishing websites appear valid
There has been a rampant growth of look-alike domains, which are often used to steal sensitive data from online shoppers. Venafi analyzed suspicious domains targeting 20 major retailers in the U.S., U.K., France, Germany and Australia and found over 100,000 look-alike domains that use valid TLS certificates to appear safe and trusted. According to the research, growth in the number of look-alike domains has more than doubled since 2018, outpacing legitimate domains by nearly four times. helpnetsecurity.com

Attackers' Costs Increasing as Businesses Focus on Security
Companies that focus on continuously testing their security through automated means and regular penetration testing roughly double the cost to attackers of finding exploitable vulnerabilities in their systems, according to data from security assessments and red-team engagements collected by crowdsourced security firm Synack.

The findings suggest that companies that incorporate security into their development and operations are succeeding in hardening their systems, says Anne-Marie Chun Witt, a director of product marketing at Synack. "You are seeing fewer vulnerabilities and/or taking longer to find them. It is taking more effort to find them and they are having to find more complex stuff. So they [companies focused on security] can say they are increasing the costs for attackers."

The data underscores that security efforts do result in measurable improvement in the security posture of companies that undertake them. Overall, companies that automated security testing - conducting it on essentially a continuous basis - had a 43% higher measure of security using Synack's proprietary metric.

Most companies - 63% - remediated vulnerabilities in less than three months. Among the laggards were e-commerce companies, retailers, and state and local government and education. darkreading.com

Target Sues Insurer For Coverage Of 2013 Data Breach Claims
Target Corp. sued units of Chubb Ltd. in federal court Friday for allegedly denying coverage for claims brought by banks whose customers were affected by the massive 2013 data breach against the store, saying the replacement of compromised credit cards triggers policy coverage for tangible property.

Target says that after millions of customers' credit card data and personal contact information was stolen in the breach, the store reached settlements with banks and major credit card issuers totaling $138 million, at least $74 million of which was for the costs associated with the banks replacing compromised credit cards.

Target alleges that its liability for the costs of reissuing the banks' credit cards is covered by general liability and excess policies with Ace American Insurance Co. and Ace Property & Casualty Insurance Co. for the period of February 2013 to February 2014, adding that the insurance policies underlying the excess policy have been exhausted. law360.com

Illinois man who operated DDoS criminal service sentenced to 13 months prison
Sergiy P. Usatyuk, a 21-year-old resident of Orland Park, Ill., has been sentenced to 13 months in prison, followed by three years of supervised release, for his role in running illegal booter services responsible for millions of DDoS attacks. Usatyuk was also ordered to forfeit $542,925 and dozens of servers as part of the sentence. darkreading.com

Senior Job: Sr. Director Security Compliance Data Privacy for Brooks Brothers in Enfield, CT

5 Cybersecurity CISO Priorities for the Future

Sam's Club adds alcohol to Scan & Go

Apple bans vaping apps from the iOS App Store



Enterprise Risk Management

Managing Total Risk
ASIS' New Worldwide Mission

Rosamaria Sostilio, VP of LP, Barnes & Noble


The American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS), the largest security association in the world, recently broadened its scope worldwide to that of Enterprise Security Risk Management - a holistic approach to security that goes beyond traditional organizational structures. Rosamaria Sostilio, Vice President of Loss Prevention for Barnes & Noble, shares her own experience in overseeing Enterprise Risk Management for a former retailer. Learn what it's like to manage security-related risks across an entire enterprise.

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53 Years Later, Se-Kure Controls
is Still Driving LP Innovation

Founded in 1965, Se-Kure Controls continues to develop and manufacture innovative asset protection systems that maximize ROI for their retail customers. John Mangiameli, Executive VP of Business Development, and Greg Saputo, Director of Sales - Southeast, tell us about Se-Kure Controls' new website (www.se-kure.com), recent organizational changes, and the expansion of their international distribution network.

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How Amazon's quest for cheaper products has resulted in a flea market of fakes

Former executives say e-commerce giant, which last year spent $400 million fighting fraud and abuse, has prioritized its broad selection over anti-counterfeiting

Amazon executives have publicly lamented the scourge of counterfeits, saying they have spent hundreds of millions of dollars and hired thousands of workers to police its massive market of third-party firms that use the e-commerce site to sell their goods. But as the availability of the fake Hermès bracelet shows, Amazon's system is failing to stanch the flow of dubious goods even with obvious examples of knockoffs.

The continued abundance of counterfeit goods on the site is the result of Amazon's decisions to prioritize a broad selection of products and cheaper prices over the deployment of aggressive technologies and policies that could further stem the problem, according to former executives and outside consultants.

Amazon relies on brands to let the company know about frauds, but even when the company has custody of counterfeit items, it doesn't always take action. Scads of counterfeit products, including the Hermès bracelet, land in Amazon warehouses before they're shipped to consumers. But Amazon very rarely inspects them for authenticity.

The Seattle-based e-commerce giant keeps a roughly 15 percent cut of the sales of third-party sellers regardless of whether the product is counterfeit. But losing out are not just luxury brands - many of the counterfeit products include safety items, baby food and cosmetics, according to recent testimony to the Commerce Department, which is probing counterfeit sales online. washingtonpost.com

Nike just 'tip of the iceberg' of companies ditching Amazon and selling directly to consumers
Nike's decision to stop selling merchandise to Amazon is just the "tip of the iceberg" of brands opting to go directly to consumers, internet entrepreneur Tim Armstrong told CNBC on Friday. "The direct-to-consumer movement will be the replacement for the retail issues and commerce issues that are going on because of the platforms," said Armstrong, founder of the dtx company, which aims to disrupt online shopping.

"If they have the option to go direct, they are going to go direct," said Armstrong, former CEO of AOL and ex-Google ad chief. Brands are often fearful that by partnering with Amazon they will lose control over how they're represented on the site.

On Wednesday, Nike confirmed to CNBC that a pilot program, launched in 2017, to sell a limited product assortment to Amazon, in exchange for stricter policing of the Nike brand on the platform, will end. Nike said it's shifting focus to its direct-to-consumer business, which brings in about 30% of annual sales. In its last fiscal year, Nike's direct-to-consumer sales totaled $11.8 billion.

When announcing the dtx company earlier this year, Armstrong said he sees the economy transforming away from a "one-way, wholesale distributor relationship," thanks to technology around social media and payments, in particular. cnbc.com

Aldi launches same-day alcohol delivery nationwide via Instacart

"Pipka" JavaScript Skimmer Discovered by Visa Targets Ecommerce Websites


Lubbock, TX: 5 arrested, 2 officers injured during incident at Kohl's late Saturday; engaging in organized crime and robbery
The incident occurred Saturday evening around 11:00 p.m. at Kohl's, located on 98th Street. A store employee told LPD that a group of individuals were in the store who were previously observed stealing merchandise. The employee said they fled the store via the fire exit during the previous theft and into a get-away vehicle. Officers surrounded the store and waited for the suspects to exit. The police report said the suspects were observed stacking merchandise by a fire exit. One of suspects, identified as a the get-away driver, exited the store and was detained by officers. Police said a short time later, the four other suspects were observed attempting to leave a fire exit with merchandise. LPD said all four suspects were eventually apprehended but resisted arrest, which lead to the officers being injured. The officers were taken to University Medical Center where they were treated and released. everythinglubbock.com

Saratoga Springs, UT: 3 men, 2 juveniles arrested after allegedly stealing $11K in electronics from Utah Walmarts
Three men and two juveniles have been arrested after allegedly stealing more than $11,000 in electronics from Walmarts in Saratoga Springs and South Jordan. Desmion Hodo, 18, Myriel Edgar, 20, and Jaquan McElroy, 20, who are listed in Utah County court documents as being from Flint, Michigan, are facing charges of retail theft, a second-degree felony, retail theft, a third-degree felony and contributing to the delinquency of a minor, a class B misdemeanor.

"A vehicle search yielded a large amount of various high-priced merchandise and electronics, including Hero GoPro video recorders, PS4 Pro PlayStation game consoles, Xbox One X game consoles, and several HP PC laptops," the statement said. Officers also located all the items that were allegedly acquired at the Saratoga Springs Walmart, including Apple watches, PS4 Pro PlayStations, and Apple iPad Airs. The total value of the thefts in that case was $2,700. South Jordan police subsequently said the same males were at the Walmart in their area and used similar tactics to fraudulently purchase approximately $8,900 of items including multiple laptops, gaming consoles, GoPros and other items. gephardtdaily.com

Phoenix, AZ: Pair stole over $10,000 from Sprouts Farmers Market locations in Phoenix-area
Court documents indicate 24-year-old Timothy Becker and 50-year old Jolanta Krashowska shoplifted from Sprouts locations in Avondale, Glendale, Mesa, Peoria and Scottsdale between Nov. 8 and Nov. 10. Becker and Krashowska allegedly took over $3,300 from those Peoria stores alone. The other locations and amounts were not disclosed. When taken into the custody, the pair admitted to shoplifting vitamins and other merchandise at five stores in a single day. Officers found stolen items in a rental car they were using and the suspects admitted to selling merchandise on the internet for profit. Becker and Krashowska were taken into custody for organized retail theft and shoplifting charges. azfamily.com

Red Wing, MN: Four arrested in $1,700 Red Wing Walmart theft
Four St. Paul residents were arrested early Thursday morning after allegedly stealing $1,700 worth of merchandise from Walmart. our St. Paul residents were arrested early Thursday morning after allegedly stealing $1,700 worth of merchandise from Walmart. rivertowns.net

Thousand Oaks, CA: Deputies say 2 tried to steal $2,500 in items from beauty store


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Shootings & Deaths

Duncan, OK: Three dead, including shooter, outside of Walmart store
The Duncan Police Department is beginning the investigation into what happened at the Duncan Walmart on Monday morning. Police were initially dispatched just before 10 a.m. Duncan Police Chief Danny Ford tells us that three people were killed outside the store near a vehicle. One of the people killed is the shooter. Two were killed inside a vehicle. Ford says the gun used was a handgun. All of Duncan Public Schools were placed on lock down but have since been given the all clear by police and have been taken off lock down. kswo.com

Benson, NC: Authorities seek Scotchman convenience store murder suspects
The Johnston County Sheriff's Office and Garner Police Department are joining forces to capture two suspects in the Nov. 12 murder of a man at the Scotchman convenience store.. Sheriff's Capt. Jeff Caldwell said deputies responded to the store in reference to a robbery and shooting at 1:30 a.m. Thursday. Caldwell said deputies arrived to find a man dead at the scene. "The active investigation has determined the victim was not an employee of the store," said Caldwell. The sheriff's office hasn't confirmed the victim's identity. Authorities believe the perpetrators committed two earlier armed robberies in the area. johnstoniannews.com

Chicago, IL: Man Shot And Killed At Subway Sandwich Shop In East Side
A man was shot and killed in a 24-hour Subway sandwich shop early Sunday in the East Side neighborhood. Police late Sunday said the shooting was the result of a gang feud. Police said a 22-year-old man was inside the Subway at 106th Street and Avenue B shortly after 2 a.m. A group of five or six men approached him and they got into a quarrel. One of the men in the group pulled out a gun and shot the 22-year-old man in the head. He was left to die in the store. chicago.cbslocal.com

Palmview, TX: Trial date set in the 2016 H-E-B killing
A 28-year-old Mission man charged with opening fire inside a Palmview H-E-B in late 2016 is scheduled for trial in late January. Raul Lopez is accused of murder, three counts of criminal attempted murder and a count of attempted capital murder of multiple persons after the Nov. 28, 2016 shooting inside the store. themonitor.com

Clarksville, TN: Rumored Active Shooter reported at Governor's Square Mall
The Clarksville Police Department responded to a rumored active shooter report at Governor's Square Mall on Saturday. Police said they received a call of a fight in progress near the mall's front entrance. Two officers were already at the scene while others, who were still en route, received a call from dispatch saying someone saw a gun at the scene. However, there was never a discharge of a firearm reported. Officers at the scene monitored the people coming out but never saw anyone carrying a weapon or acting inappropriately. fox17.com

Tucson, AZ: 2 Dollar General Armed Robbery suspects in custody after gunfire exchanged with Pima County Deputies

Robberies, Incidents & Thefts

UK: Western Australia: State Government launch $5m funding boost for WA Police to tackle summer crime spike
WA police officers will be called on to work extra shifts as part of a $5 million boost to resources over the summer period. Operation Heat Shield was launched this morning by the State Government and WA Police and will involve extra funding for 55,000 additional policing hours from next month. The operation will increase the visible police presence in Perth's suburbs and the CBD and target major shopping centres, entertainment precincts and transport hubs. It will also allow officers to do more proactive operations targeting burglary, retail theft and family violence. WA Police Minister Michelle Roberts said the operation would run through summer until the end of May. perthnow.com.au

Chicago, IL: Easy Targets: Why thieves steal from gun stores

Milwaukee, WI: Popeyes fires seven employees after they were caught on camera fighting each other in between tables in front of horrified customers

Lower Pottsgrove Township, PA: Manager charged with deposit theft from Thrift Store; Ministries serves the Inmate populations of Montgomery County Correctional Facility


Lake County, IN: Gunman Acquitted of Attempted Murder in NW Indiana Walmart Lot Shooting
A man who claimed he was acting in self-defense when he fired 16 shots outside a northwestern Indiana Walmart store has been acquitted of the most serious charges against him. A Lake County jury convicted 27-year-old Alex Hughes of Gary on a criminal recklessness charge Friday for the September 2018 shooting in Hobart but found him not guilty of attempted murder and two other charges. Authorities say Hughes shot toward a group of rival gang members who left the store shortly after Hughes and his girlfriend. One man was wounded four times while another man in that group shot toward Hughes, wounding a 9-year-old boy in the parking lot. Shots from Hughes shattered windows inside the store. Hughes' sentencing is set for is scheduled to be sentenced Dec. 18. nbcchicago.com

Center Moriches, NY: Man Sentenced To 16 years for Attempted 7-Eleven Robbery
Joseph Allgood, 50, was convicted by a jury in June of two counts of second degree attempted robbery, the DA said. Due to his criminal history, he was deemed a mandatory persistent violent felony offender by the court and was sentenced by Suffolk County Court Judge Philip Goglas. On October 31, 2018, Allgood entered the 7-Eleven on Main Street, lunged at the clerk and demanded money from the register, the DA said. During the fight, Allgood pulled out a box cutter and began to stab and slice the attendant. Another employee came to help and Allgood began stabbing and biting both employees. One of the two picked up a pizza cutter and used it to cut Allgood's head until he finally released the box cutter. patch.com

Yorktown, VA: Woman gets 40 years for killing wife in York County Walmart parking lot in 2018

Horry County, SC: Two-strikes law lands Georgetown man Life Sentence; on parole when he committed Armed Robbery of a Dollar General

Credit Card

Greenwich, CT: Police Extradite Woman from NY for 72 Counts of Credit Card Fraud

Newark, NJ: Atlanta woman pleads guilty to using NBA player's stolen identity to apply for $2.5M loan



AT&T - Comstock Park, MI - Robbery
C-Store - Manchester, NH - Burglary
C-Store - Petersburg, VA - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Sioux City, IA - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Jackson, MS - Armed Robbery
CVS - Lima, OH - Robbery
Dollar General - Macon, GA - Armed Robbery
Dollar General - Jackson, MS - Armed Robbery
Dollar General - Chula, GA - Armed Robbery
Dollar Store - Tucson, AZ - Armed Robbery
Family Dollar - Macon, GA - Armed Robbery
Family Dollar - Topeka, KS - Armed Robbery
Gas Station - Riverside, IL - Burglary
Jewelry - Napa, CA - Burglary
Jewelry - Tempe, AZ - Robbery
Jewelry - Las Vegas, NV - Robbery
Jewelry - Glendale, AZ - Robbery
Jewelry - Edina, MN - Robbery
Lowe's - Wilkes-Barra Township, PA - Burglary
Pawn - Lauderdale Lakes, FL _ Robbery
Restaurant - Palos Park, IL - Burglary (Subway)
Restaurant - Lima, OH - Robbery (Little Caesars)
Restaurant - Fort Wayne, IN - Burglary
Verizon - Fairfield, CT - Robbery
Walgreens - Atlanta, GA - Armed Robbery
7-Eleven - Chino, CA - Robbery/ Assault
7-Eleven - Hampton, VA - Armed Robbery
7-Eleven - Yakima County, WA - Armed Robbery


Daily Totals:
• 22 robberies
• 6 burglaries
• 0 shootings
• 0 killed


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Chris Kelly
promoted to Regional Investigations Manager - Canada for Nordstrom

Jonah Lindzius named Asset Protection Manager for Louis Vuitton

Nikki Esguerra, LPC named Asset Protection Solutions Partner for Walgreens

Omar Nuhoglu named Head of Security & Loss Prevention for
The Iconic (Australia)

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Regional Loss Prevention Manager
Greater Toronto Area, Canada

Become the Newest Member of the VF Family. As the Regional Loss Prevention Manager, you will have the critical function to support an entire region of stores and serve as the subject matter expert in loss mitigation. You will have the great responsibility to own and oversee all matters and investigations of internal and external theft...

Senior ORC Investigator
Boca Raton, FL

The Senior Investigator is part of a fast-growing, ever changing environment that partners with Store Operations to ensure we provide the best experience to our customers. The Senior Investigator is responsible for assisting with implementing a strategy to combat organized retail crime and external theft across the TJMaxx and Marshalls brands...

Loss Prevention Investigator
Seattle, WA

The Loss Prevention Investigator is part of a fast-growing, ever changing environment that partners with Store Operations to ensure we provide the best experience to our internal and external customers. With a focus on internal cases, the Investigator takes complex investigations head-on through establishing solid partnerships with store and LP leadership...

Loss Prevention Investigator
San Jose, CA

The Loss Prevention Investigator is part of a fast-growing, ever changing environment that partners with Store Operations to ensure we provide the best experience to our internal and external customers. With a focus on internal cases, the Investigator takes complex investigations head-on through establishing solid partnerships with store and LP leadership...
Area LP Manager
San Jose or Fresno, CA

The Area Loss Prevention Manager (ALPM) drives shrink improvement and asset protection programs for two (2) to four (4) Districts which contain approximately 25-65 Ulta Beauty Stores. The Area Loss Prevention Manager is responsible to assess store procedures, promote awareness and methods to prevent, protect and control losses...

Area LP Manager
Sacramento, CA

The Area Loss Prevention Manager (ALPM) drives shrink improvement and asset protection programs for two (2) to four (4) Districts which contain approximately 25-65 Ulta Beauty Stores. The Area Loss Prevention Manager is responsible to assess store procedures, promote awareness and methods to prevent, protect and control losses...

Regional Asset Protection Manager (North East)
Boston, MA

The successful candidate will be responsible for the management of the Asset Protection function in their assigned area. Guide the implementation and training of Asset Protection programs, enforcement of policies and procedures, auditing, investigations and directing of shrink reduction efforts...

Loss Prevention Operations Specialist
Tucscon, AZ
The Loss Prevention Specialist will oversee the Burglar/Fire Alarm and overall Physical Security function for stores including CCTV for all new stores, renovations, acquisitions, closing, existing stores and warehouses. In addition, this position supports the security/property control component for the Corporate Headquarters main campus...

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