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eBay Global Security Team Arrested by FBI Follow-Up,
eBay Former CEO & Corp. Communications Respond,
& Allied Universal Officer Jailed $600k Theft

NEW: eBay's Former CEO Denies Any Link to Cyberstalking
But Did Want to Create a Competitor to Challenge Her

Devin Wenig says he had "no knowledge, no private understanding, no tacit approval" of the harassment campaign.

Former eBay CEO Devin Wenig, who led the company at the time, tells Recode that he was shocked to hear details of the campaign this week and that he gave "no direction" nor "tacit approval" for it.

But the former eBay chief executive was at times so frustrated with coverage from the news website in question that he on several occasions floated the idea internally that eBay should create its own competitor publication, multiple former eBay insiders told Recode.

"On Monday, I read the charges along with everyone else, and was shocked and outraged," Wenig told Recode in a statement. "It is important for me to reiterate, and an independent investigation confirmed, that I had nothing to do with and no knowledge of the activities alleged to have occurred. There was no direction, no knowledge, no private understanding, no tacit approval. Ever."

Still, the fact that eBay's security team allegedly felt comfortable executing such a campaign against the blogger and her husband suggests that the leadership team had, at best, problematic blind spots.

In court documents, copies of text messages showed Wenig twice instructing his communications chief, Steve Wymer, to "take her down," referring to the EcommerceBytes owner and writer Ina Steiner. On Thursday, Wenig told Recode in a statement that those texts "have been wildly misinterpreted and taken completely out of context in some media reports."

Wymer also sent text messages with an aggressive tone such as: "We are going to crush this lady."

Court documents also include an exchange between Wymer and the security chief Baugh in which Baugh references an unspecified "Plan B" in relation to the EcommerceBytes couple. Wymer expressed a willingness to manage any fallout internally, but the messages do not indicate that Wymer had any knowledge of what the "Plan B" entailed.

Neither Wymer nor Wenig has been charged, and authorities did not name them in the affidavit; instead, the two were simply referred to as Executive 1 and Executive 2.

eBay Clarifying Update on Federal Charges
eBay's Two Efforts - Separate & Independent
Asset Protection & Global Security

Given the recent events and regretful actions on the part of the Global Security team it's important to note that Asset Protection is a separate team and function at eBay.

With their Asset Protection team reporting into the legal arm and absolutely committed to the professional standards and ethics that we associate with any other well grounded and focused function and team.

Having worked with the team directly now for a number of years we at the Daily can attest to their professionalism, as can a number of colleagues who attend the Asset Protection's team annual collaborative conferences.

eBay Response: Global Security Team Fed. Charges
eBay's Corporate Communications Team - Additional Points

In an email to the Daily, eBay's communications team wanted to add a few points the industry should be aware of and hear officially:

• This was an aberrational incident involving unacceptable conduct by former employees.

• In addition to terminating those responsible, since learning of these events, eBay has worked to rebuild the GSR team, including appointing an experienced and well-regarded new leader in that area.

• eBay is confident that his leadership will ensure that the GSR team will fulfill its important responsibilities while acting at all times with integrity and consistent with eBay's Cultural Values and Code of Business Conduct & Ethics.

• eBay holds its employees to the highest standards of conduct and ethics and will continue to take appropriate actions to ensure these standards are followed by all employees.

In Case You Missed It... Here's the Daily's coverage from last week:

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June 15: Former Senior Director of Safety & Security & Other Global Security Team Members Arrested, Facing 5 Yrs Prison & 3 Yrs Supervised Release & $250,000 Fine

June 15 Special Report: "Emotionally & Psychologically Terrorizing Middle-Aged Couple"

June 16: What They're All Saying - The Story Behind the Story - eBay's Former CEO Directed His Rage?: eBay Cyberstalking Makes All Major News Outlets

June 17: 1st Cyberstalking Case Ever on a Global Security Team - eBay Federal Charges Follow Up: EBay's Former PR Chief Is 'Executive 2' in Cyberstalking Indictment

June 18: Having a Prosperous LP Career Without Compromising Ethical & Moral Standards - Op/Ed article by John Velke, SVP of Risk Management & Loss Prevention, Total Wine & More

Allied Universal Guard Charged
In $660K Worth Of Rental Cars Stolen

Two charged in theft of 28 rental cars at BWI Airport

A man and woman were arrested Monday and charged with stealing at least 28 rental cars from BWI Thurgood Marshall Airport over six weeks in 2019.

Police said Shakierra Scott used her position as a security officer with Allied Universal Security Services, a company contracted by rental car companies at BWI, to allow Travis Scott to drive the rental cars from the secure facility without a contract. They then sold the rental cars, police said.

Transportation Authority Police, which has jurisdiction at the airport in Linthicum, said they conducted a lengthy investigation into the thefts from the BWI rental car facility in Hanover between May and July 2019. The vehicles had a combined value of more than $660,000.

Shakierra Scott was initially arrested in late July by the MDTA Police Special Operations Division and charged with stealing a single vehicle. Prosecutors opted not to take those charges to trial in September.

Both Scotts are being held without bail in the Anne Arundel County Detention Center on Jennifer Road. Neither has an attorney listed for them in court records.

Coronavirus Tracker: June 22

US: Over 2.3M Cases - 122K Dead - 980K Recovered
Worldwide: Over 9M Cases - 471K Dead - 4.8M Recovered

Fallen Officers From the COVID-19 Pandemic: 49 | NYPD Deaths: 45 |
Private Industry Security Guard Deaths: 150

Re-Closing Stores Due To COVID Spikes
Apple to re-close 11 stores in 3 States

The closures include all six of Apple's stores in Arizona, along with two in Florida, two in North Carolina and one in South Carolina.

Apple, which has about 270 U.S. locations, has been reopening stores it closed during the COVID-19 crisis, with enhanced safety measures in place.

Mass Data Theft - The Big COVID Consequence
Mass Layoffs Risk Exodus Of Corporate Data, Experts Warn

The suspension of office work followed by mass layoffs were devastating consequences of the COVID 19 virus once it took hold in the United States in February. Mass data theft may be the next.

As corporations across industries rush to trim their payrolls and stay afloat financially, they are inviting data loss on a large scale, as millions of departing workers take sensitive company files and other data with them on the way out the door, experts warn.

A Spike in Data Exfiltration

Many of those departing employees will not leave empty handed, experts warn. "We've seen an enormous spike in exfiltrated data," said Joe Payne of the firm Code 42.

"The first thing we noted as COVID hit was a surge in VPN activity," That has meant a loss of visibility.

COVID's Double Whammy - Nothing says "I'm Leaving" like a ZIP File - USB Sticks - Close Collaboration with HR

Read full article

Some Are "Too Far Gone To Be Saved"
Coronavirus Driven Tidal Wave of Bankruptcies Is Coming

Experts foresee so many filings in the coming months that the courts could struggle to salvage the businesses that are worth saving.

Already, companies large and small are succumbing to the effects of the coronavirus.

Edward I. Altman, the creator of the Z score, a widely used method of predicting business failures, estimated that this year will easily set a record for so-called mega bankruptcies - filings by companies with $1 billion or more in debt. And he expects the number of merely large bankruptcies - at least $100 million - to challenge the record set the year after the 2008 economic crisis.

Even a meaningful rebound in economic activity over the coming months won't stop it, said Mr. Altman, the Max L. Heine professor of finance, emeritus, at New York University's Stern School of Business. "The really hurting companies are too far gone to be saved," he said.

The flood of petitions from the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression could swamp the system, making it harder to save the companies that can be rescued, bankruptcy experts said.

Union Demands Food Retailers Reinstate Hazard Pay

G4S Announces Expansion of Return to Work Assurance Program to Help Organizations Meet Compliance Requirements During COVID-19 Reopenings

Protests/Riots Update

Seattle: Shooting reported in Seattle's 'CHOP' zone for second straight night
At least one person was shot on Sunday night inside Seattle's autonomous protest zone, where demonstrators have settled during the civil unrest sparked by the death of George Floyd at the hands of police officers.

The "CHOP zone" refers to the so-called Capitol Hill Organized Protest zone, which was originally created as a space for nonviolent demonstration but has descended into violence for a second straight night.

On Saturday, a 19-year-old man was killed after a shooting took place inside the zone.

VIDEO: Former Minneapolis officer Kueng confronted at food store
One of the four ex-officers charged in the death of George Floyd is out of jail. A woman spotted former Minneapolis Police officer J. Alexander Kueng shopping over the weekend at Plymouth Cub Foods store.

Portland: Downtown protest ends with officers firing 'munitions,' apparent foam-tipped projectile shot to the back of a person's head

Richmond: Protesters say Richmond police used tear gas to disperse 'unlawful assembly' near Confederate statue

Los Angeles: 600 protesters face off with deputies in Compton after shooting death of 18-year-old

Des Moines, IA: Hy-Vee responds to list of demands provided by DSM Black Lives Matter

'RIP Taco Bell': People tweet homemade recipes to boycott chain, show support for employee who says he was fired for Black Lives Matter mask

Police Reform/Defunding

The Race to Reform Police
19 States race to reform police practices in wake of George Floyd's death

Legislatures in 19 states and the District of Columbia have introduced more than 160 bills in the three and a half weeks since the killing of George Floyd.

Many of the bills up for debate are broad efforts to overhaul police department procedures to hold officers to greater account. Others are more narrowly targeted, banning chokeholds or the use of tear gas and rubber bullets during protests. Still more implement new training regimes meant to cut down on the number of police interactions that end violently.

Legislators in Minnesota have introduced 53 different measures, including bills to ban so-called warrior-style training and weapons.

Police Reform Core Objective - Restricting 'Use of Force'
Legal Discussion on 'Use of Force' Movement

California Ahead of #8CANTWAIT Police Reforms

In the past week, Campaign Zero's "#8CANTWAIT" was launched in response to George Floyd's killing and the outcry for police reforms that followed. The campaign is a push for eight police use-of-force reform measures and a database that tracks how these eight policies, meant to curtail police violence, are employed in major cities. Campaign Zero and its advocates have urged and challenged state and local political and law enforcement leaders to implement these eight policies.

According to the Campaign Zero website, the fundamental basis for the #8CANTWAIT reforms is a large correlational study of the relationship between cities' demographic characteristics, their use of force policies and their level of police killings of civilians. The results, the group claims, are very clear: Adopting these policies is statistically associated with a lower level of police killings, whether judged per person or per arrest.

The eight policies are:

1. Require "de-escalation"

2. Require a warning by officers before shooting

3. Require officers to intervene when excessive force is being used

4. Require comprehensive use of force reporting

5. Ban chokeholds and strangleholds

6. Ban shooting at moving vehicles

7. Establish and require "use of force continuum"

8. Require that all alternatives be exhausted before shooting

President Trump Signs Executive Order on Safe Policing for Communities - Police Certification & Credentialing Guidelines

DOJ - FBI Protests/Riots Follow-Up Arrests

Seattle, WA: No arrests in shooting in Seattle protest zone that killed 1

Portland, OR: Several arrests early Sunday after protest turn violent at Portland's Justice Center

Minneapolis, MN: Woman Charged With Arson Of St. Paul Car Rental Agency

Philadelphia, PA: FBI uses 'Good "new"-fashioned police work' to arrest suspect for Arson of 2 Police cars

Davenport, IA: Police charge man in shooting death of woman at protest

Louisville, KY: 7 face Federal charges from civil unrest in Louisville

FBI trawled Facebook to arrest protesters for inciting riots, court records show

San Bernardino, CA: Two men arrested after tracking $9,000 of stolen cell phones in looting of T-Mobile store

Florissant, MO: 3 arrested after protesters clash with officers outside Florissant police headquarters

Evansville, IN: Three Arrested in Evansville for Attempting to Start Riot outside Walmart

Philadelphia, PA: Man Charged for Blowing Up an ATM and Illegal Possession of a Firearm during Protests

Philadelphia, PA: Police Release Surveillance Video Of Germantown Avenue Jewelry Store Burglary

NYC Retail Reopens - Phase 2
While NYC 'Bail Reform Not Working'

39 Shootings in 36 Hours
NYPD Detective Union President: Bail Reform Not Working

Weekly NYC Shootings Soar 358% Over Last Year, Data Shows

Two victims died in at least 21 shootings across four NYC boroughs between Friday and Saturday, officials said.

A total of 74 people were wounded in the 55 shootings, at least 19 of them injured in more than a dozen shootings across the five boroughs on Saturday alone. Most of that gunfire was in the Bronx; four of those shootings were in Brooklyn, two in Queens and one in Manhattan, the NYPD said.

The rise in shootings has exceeded a troubling trend that started earlier this year and comes on the heels of NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea disbanding an anti-crime plainclothes unit that had focused on stopping people and searching for guns. On Monday, Shea reaffirmed his commitment to disbanding the anti-crime unit, telling NY1, "We cannot stop our way out of this problem."

NYC shootings skyrocket as court closures let pistol perps walk free
We have over 1,000 people that have been indicted on a gun possession charge, where the cases are open, and they are walking around the streets of New York today," Chief of Crime Control Strategies Michael LiPetri told The Post.

That tally doesn't include about 800 additional defendants who are charged with illegally packing heat but have yet to be formally indicted when the courts ground to a halt, LiPetri said.

"This isn't the DAs' fault. I get it," LiPetri said. "They do have a very tough situation."

"We've never seen a higher percentage of parolee-involved incidents with shootings, since we've been tracking it in '05," he said.

LiPetri also observed that of the 110 people shot between June 1 and June 18, 24 percent had an open court case for gun possession.

NYPD cops encouraged to 'strike' on July 4 to give city its 'independence'

Nordstrom to Reopen NYC Stores June 24th

Reopening America

NRF's Operation Open Doors
Guidance for retailers on safely reopening stores

Operation Open Doors - Path to Reopen Retail, led by NRF and Seyfarth LLP, is providing guidance and tools that NRF members can use as they navigate opening stores after this international health crisis. Areas for guidance on gradual reopenings include logistics, social distancing and safety issues, and how to bring employees back to the workforce.

OSHA Recommends Hazard Assessments For Each Job
New OSHA Guidance Clarifies Return-to-Work Expectations

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has issued guidance for reopening businesses that recommends each establishment conduct a hazard assessment for all jobs. It also clarifies OSHA's positions on temperature checks, coronavirus testing and face masks.

"This is fairly consistent with guidance that OSHA has already issued and posted on its website," said Cressinda D. Schlag, an associate at Jackson Lewis in Austin, Texas. "The challenge is how to work this guidance in with the patchwork of orders and other guidance" from federal, state and local governments and health authorities.

Among the key takeaways in the return-to-work booklet:

 - Employers should conduct a thorough hazard assessment that examines the potential COVID-19 exposures for each job category and outlines protective measures.

- Employers may perform daily temperature checks and health assessments of employees, so long as the checks are administered transparently and fairly and anyone performing the checks is protected from possible infection.

Masks On? What Employers Need to Know About Face Coverings at Work
The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) offered some guidance on June 10, noting that "millions of Americans will be wearing masks in their workplace for the first time" as businesses reopen and offices repopulate after months of stay-at-home orders. "OSHA generally recommends that employers encourage workers to wear face coverings at work," the agency said, but it added that employers can decide not to, "based on the specific circumstances present at the worksite."

Malls in New Jersey to re-open on June 29

AMC reverses controversial mask policy: Now all guests must wear masks

Flash Report: Masks Now Required Everywhere in California

OSHA Warning: Oregon OSHA enforces safe workplaces amidst pandemic - Issuing Fines

Industry News

ASIS International Announcement:
Global Security Exchange 2020 Transitions to Fully Virtual GSX+

New virtual experience delivers world-class security education, networking, and marketplace all over the globe

ASIS International, the world's largest association for security management professionals, today announced its decision to move Global Security Exchange (GSX) 2020 to a fully virtual experience, titled Global Security Exchange Plus (GSX+), which includes more than 80 industry-leading education sessions, a robust exhibition marketplace, and unique peer-to-peer networking opportunities.

Previously scheduled to take place 21-23 September in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, the new online GSX+ will bring together a global audience with live and on-demand features from 21-25 September.

Priority Express Courier, a Capstone Logistics Company is the latest to be ISCPO Carrier Certified
The International Supply Chain Protection Organization (ISCPO) is pleased to announce that Priority Express Courier, A Capstone Logistics Company has been officially awarded the ISCPO Carrier Certified designation, as part of the ISCPO's Carrier Security Audit & Certification program. The regional transportation carrier has achieved full compliance with ISCPO Carrier Security Requirements, which includes a comprehensive due diligence process and analysis of various security standards necessary to ensure the integrity of goods flowing through the carriers and their clients' extended supply chain.

2020 TMA Monitoring Center Excellence Awards Winners Announced

Affiliated Monitoring Named Winner of 2020 TMA/SSI Monitoring Technology "Marvel" Award

Subway to add 50,000 workers

New York & Company Looking to Close All Stores

Bed Bath & Beyond Lays Off Hundreds - 148 @Corp & 220 @Ocoee, Fl., Contact Center

Brookfield & Simon Properties Suing Gap Over Unpaid Rent & Refusing to Open Stores in TX

Airlines Threaten Ban Travelers Refusing to Wear Masks

Carnival Loses $4B Amid Ship Lockdowns

Quarterly Results

Canada's Sobey's parent Empire Co. LTD. Q4 comp's up 18% excluding fuel, sales up 12.7%
Canada's Sobey's parent Empire Co. LTD. FY comp's up 5.7% excluding fuel, sales up 5.7%

Hudson's (airport stores etc) Q1 comp's down 22.5%, net sales down 23.4%

At Home Q1 comp's down 46.5%, net sales down 38%


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PPS Debuts Product Line to Keep Customers and Employees Safe for Retail, Restaurants, and Grocers

Product Protection Solutions (PPS), a leader in retail security, is pleased to announce the latest addition to their Keepsafe series of protection tools, the Sentinel Shield, the Aeroglove and the LED Blue Light.

The PPS Keepsafe Sentinel Shield is an easy-to-mount solution that provides high-level results protecting associates and customers alike. PPS offers multiple versions including a free-standing version that requires no screws to mount as well as a version that can be hung from the ceiling or mounted to checkout counters via screws.

In an ever-changing environment, no one knows what threats may emerge. The PPS Keepsafe series is designed to protect people and profits, prevent Loss, and secure your bottom line.

“The very foundation of PPS has always been built on being agile. We solve the needs of our customers with quality solutions quicker and more reliably than any other solutions providers serving the retail and restaurant industries,” said Chris Cox, Chief Executive Officer of PPS. “The COVID-19 pandemic has created a challenge for retailers and restaurants worldwide, and we believe we have a duty to help these industries get back on their feet as quickly as possible. The Keepsafe Sentinel Shield will help them adapt quickly to our new normal.”

General Use and Application: Retail check-stands and lanes, C-Stores, Grocery, Restaurants, Customer service areas/desks, Return/Service desks, Pharmacy counters, Drive-thru activities

Keepsafe Sentinel Shield - Now that the U.S. Government has issued their three-phased approach for reopening the economy, PPS stands ready to meet the needs of retailers and restaurants we face our new challenges together. The Sentinel Shield is an easy-to-mount POS solution that protects both associates and customers. PPS offers multiple versions including a free-standing version that requires no screws to mount as well as a version that can be hung from the ceiling or mounted to checkout counters via screws.

Keepsafe Aeroglove by Hankscraft – The patented Aeroglove dispensing unit provides users the ability to safely put on poly, nitrile or latex gloves without contamination from touching the outside of the glove or box.

Keepsafe LED Blue Light – The LED Blue Light is a cost-effective way to sanitize specific areas and reduce the spread of bacteria and reduce illicit drug use in specific spaces, providing key benefits in safety and loss prevention.





Police Being Attacked From All Sides
BlueLeaks: Data from 200 US police departments & fusion centers published online

Activist group DDoSecrets published 296 GB of police data on Friday, June 19.

An activist group has published on Friday 296 GB of data they claim have been stolen from US law enforcement agencies and fusion centers.

The files, dubbed BlueLeaks, have been published by Distributed Denial of Secrets (DDoSecrets), a group that describes itself as a "transparency collective."

The data has been made available online on a searchable portal. According to the BlueLeaks portal, the leaked data contains more than one million files, such as scanned documents, videos, emails, audio files, and more.

DDoSecrets claims the leaked files contain more than ten years-worth of files belonging to more than 200 police departments and law enforcement fusion centers from across the US.

"Ten years of data from over 200 police departments, fusion centers and other law enforcement training and support resources. Among the hundreds of thousands of documents are police and FBI reports, bulletins, guides and more. [LINK]" - Tweet from Distributed Denial of Secrets (@DDoSecrets) June 19, 2020

DDoSecrets claims it received the BlueLeaks data "courtesy of Anonymous," the infamous hacktivist group.

Cybersecurity Leadership: The Future Is Now - So, How Will You Secure It?
CEOs, CISOs on Identity, Visibility and Defending in the New Threat Landscape

How will global enterprises in 2021 validate identities, defend networks without perimeters and secure a permanent remote workforce? A panel of CEOs and CISOs shares strategies.

Participating in the latest in a series of Information Security Media Group cybersecurity leadership forums are:

CEOs: Nicole Eagan of Darktrace and Karim Toubba of Kenna Security;

CISOs: Dan Bowden of Sentara Healthcare, Don Cox of MEDNAX, Betty Elliott of Mercer and Gary R. Hayslip of Softbank Investment Advisers.

In this video discussion with Information Security Media Group, the panel discusses a variety of strategic cybersecurity issues, including:

Risk management, controls and compliance for the remote workforce;
Visibility into networks that have no perimeter;
The new cybersecurity roadmap as we eye 2021.

Amazon Prime Video CISO on Slimmed-Down Budgets
CISO Dialogue: How to Optimize Your Security Budget

Brett Wahlin on how can CISOs understand how best to optimize their limited pool of security budget?

"There are many different approaches to managing a security budget, and CISOs organize and prioritize uniquely based on the company, industry, and threats. Three consistent areas of spending are identity and access management (IAM), global risk and compliance (GRC), and security operations," Wahlin told me, notiing:

IAM is always a mess because no one wants to deal with access management, passwords, access sprawl, and so on.

GRC is difficult because there are always new regulations to remain compliant with; privacy, in particular, is an ongoing challenge.

With security operations, levels of effectiveness vary. Wahlin posed several questions for consideration. "Is it in-house? Are you outsourcing to an MSSP? How are you measuring effectiveness? It's an area where I often have to retool from a people, process, and technology standpoint."

ROI? No So Fast - SOAR and SIEM: Worth It? - Top Tips for New CISOs

Wahlin concluded with a breakdown of the most important things he would recommend a new CISO look at, both budgetary and beyond:

Microsoft confirms acquisition of CyberX to boost security in its Azure IoT business

Zoom to Offer End-to-End Encryption for All Users










This is a Lot of Potential Fraud & Fraudsters
We Expect 7.4 Million New Digital Buyers in 2020 as Pandemic Alters Behaviors

Key is Keeping Up with the Pack & Pace

We estimate that this year, more than 204 million people ages 14 and older will make an online purchase, two-thirds of which will be 45 and older. Our updated forecast, which factors in the pandemic's effects, anticipates a 5.8% increase in the number of digital buyers 45 and older, up from 3.2%. This equates to nearly 5 million new users.

All Alone & Staying That Way
Off-Price Power Hitter Says Nope Won't Go There

TJX Doubling Down in Stores - Will Not Look to e-Comm as Major Leveraging Point

TJX gets just 2% of its sales from e-commerce and shut its websites during the lockdowns. Even now, it is fulfilling online orders at a slower-than-normal rate, frustrating some shoppers, as it adheres to safety standards that require social distancing in its warehouses.

Mr. Herrman said e-commerce is complementary to stores, but added: “With more attractive financial metrics in brick-and-mortar versus online, we plan to continue growing e-commerce strategically.”

There are also economic reasons for the aversion to e-commerce by TJX and other off-price retailers such as Ross Stores Inc., which doesn’t sell online, and Burlington Stores Inc., which stopped doing so earlier this year, according to analysts. It is hard for discount retailers to turn a profit when factoring in the cost of shipping and returns. Moreover, some brands that sell to discounters don’t want their items online where shoppers can easily search for deals, analysts say.

Amazon Ups the Counterfeit Fight & Joins Fashion House Suit
Valentino, Amazon File Joint Lawsuit Against N.Y.-Based Counterfeiter

This is Amazon’s first joint litigation with a luxury fashion brand and Valentino’s first such litigation with an online retailer.

The Italian couture house and the Seattle-based e-tail giant said Thursday they were jointly
suing the Buffalo, N.Y.-based Kaitlyn Pan Group LLC and New York resident Hao Pan for counterfeiting. With the support of U.S. Customs authorities, Valentino over the past three years seized more than 2,000 counterfeit products.







Santa Monica, CA: Woman arrested for allegedly stealing, selling merchandise from Santa Monica businesses in connection to looting
A woman was arrested Thursday after allegedly stealing clothes during looting incidents last month and selling the items online. Amanda Van Dusye, 30, was arrested on suspicion of grand theft, burglary, and burglary during a state of emergency, according to the Santa Monica Police Department. She was identified through surveillance video from a Patagonia store, officials said. Detectives found that she was selling stolen items from the store on OfferUp and Poshmark websites. They then served a search warrant at her Los Angeles home and found thousands of dollars' worth of merchandise allegedly stolen from Santa Monica businesses. Dusye was arrested Thursday morning, officials said, but was released later that afternoon on $100,000 bail. Police were able to recover a large quantity of clothing taken from the Patagonia store.

Riverside, CA: 3 arrested in $200,000 takeover robbery of Daniel's Jewelers
Three men were arrested after a smash-and-grab takeover robbery of a Riverside jewelry store on Thursday, June 18, in which $200,000 worth of merchandise was stolen. About 2:40 p.m. Thursday, the men entered Daniel's Jewelers in the Riverside Plaza, threatened the employees and hustled the staff into a back office, according to Riverside Police.

Philadelphia, PA: 3 arrested after robbing retail store in Center City

Lawton, OK: Dillard's shoplifter busted with almost $4,000 in merchandise

Charlotte, NC: $25,000 of merchandise stolen from The Hearth and Patio store; suspect smashed down fence with pickup truck

Woodstock, IL: Four arrested for theft of thousands of dollar in equipment from Blain's Farm & Fleet

UK: London: U.K. police seek burglars who allegedly stole over $84K in Saffron

Colorado Springs, CO: Police look for man who stole a cart full of tools, pulled out gun at Home Depot

Richfield Springs, NY: NY State Police charged 3 with felony larceny at Price Chopper










Shootings & Deaths

Jonesboro, GA: Woman shot, killed while waiting for order at Waffle House
A woman was shot and killed Friday morning as she waited for her to-go order outside a Jonesboro Waffle House, police said. Witnesses told police another woman walked up to the victim's black SUV in the parking lot of the restaurant, which is located on Tara Boulevard north of Ga. 54. The shooter opened fire, hitting the victim multiple times in the upper torso. The woman was dead when officers arrived about 4 a.m. She was found slumped over in the passenger seat. Police said the shooter has not been identified. After the shooting, "witnesses stated that the shooter returned to her vehicle and drove away," he said.

Los Angeles, CA: LA County Deputies shot and killed a young Security Guard Who Ran From Them

Macon, GA: Security guard charged with killing Bibb 911 dispatcher in dispute outside a bar

Chicago, IL: Charges dropped against man accused of killing 4 in 2017 South Shore restaurant shooting

Stamford, CT: 3 Charged in Robbery That Left Jewelry Store Owner Dead

Columbia, SC: Suspect arrested in deadly Family Dollar shooting

Cleveland, OH: Man gets life sentence in 2019 fatal shooting at Cleveland Gas Station

Nashville, TN: 88-year-old Liquor store owner charged in shooting: 'I was defending myself'

Goldsboro, NC: Juvenile Arrested For Shooting Incident At Berkeley Mall


Robberies, Incidents & Thefts

Flint Township, MI: Victim of 'unprovoked' Macy's beatdown is an employee
The white man pummeled to the floor in a viral video taken at a Macy's in Michigan after allegedly using the N-word is an employee who was assaulted in an "unprovoked" attack, company officials said. Footage of the brutal beatdown Monday at a Macy's in Flint Township showed a white man being knocked to the floor by a black man at the Genessee Valley Center mall.

'Terrified': Black Kansas couple says they were racially profiled at Walmart
Bracey Myles was loading groceries into his trunk Wednesday evening when two police cars pulled up next to his car. The 26-year-old Black man said he put his hands in the air as police told him and his fiance, Alfreda Lange, 20, that they'd been accused of stealing from the store. The encounter in the parking lot of a Holton, Kansas, Walmart went on for about 20 minutes, Lange said, while their infant son was left in the hot car. When police told Lange she couldn't turn the car on to keep her son from overheating, Myles said, he started recording. The couple had stopped at the only Walmart in town to get food for dinner and formula for their son. They used self check out and left the store without any employees approaching them, Lange said. When police pulled up to their car, they said, both were surprised and scared.

Santa Fe, NM: Update: Video Released: Police shoot suspected shoplifter armed with a large knife

Lubbock, TX: 2 Deputies stabbed while confronting a Walmart Shoplifter

Sioux City, SD: Suspect in two Walgreens Armed Robberies arrested



DOJ: White Collar 'Menace'
Madison, WI: Baymont Inn & Suites Hotel Owner Gets 87 Months - Using Employee Credit Card for $500K in Hotel Purchases - 110 55" TV's
Judge Peterson stated that Patel stood out from other white collar defendants because of his lengthy criminal history. Judge Peterson noted that a significant sentence was necessary to specifically deter Patel and to protect the public from his crimes and labeled him a 'menace'.

Charlotte, NC: Two Sentenced to 10+ years for Armed Robbery of 2 Cell Phone Stores




C-Store – Philadelphia, PA – Armed Robbery
C-Store – Colorado Springs, CO – Armed Robbery
C-Store - Tulsa County, OK – Armed Robbery
Clothing – Philadelphia, PA – Burglary
CVS – West Islip, NY – Armed Robbery
Dollar General – Richland County, SC – Armed Robbery
Dollar General – Davenport, IA – Armed Robbery
Family Dollar – New Castle, DE – Burglary
Furniture – Charlotte, NC – Burglary
Gas Station – Dover, DE – Burglary
Gift – Charleston, SC – Burglary
Grocery – Stockton, CA – Burglary
Guns – Pekin, IL – Burglary
Hardware – Woodstock, IL – Burglary
Home Depot – Colorado Springs, CO - Armed Robbery
Jewelry – Riverside, CA – Robbery
Liquor – Nashville, TN – Robbery/ suspect shot
Liquor – Carbondale, IL – Burglary
Marijuana – Choctaw County, OK – Armed Robbery
Men’s Wearhouse – Philadelphia, PA – Burglary
Old Navy -Philadelphia, PA – Burglary
Restaurant – Rochester, NY – Burglary
Restaurant – Batavia, NY – Burglary
Restaurant – Dover, DE – Burglary
Restaurant – Dover, DE – Burglary
Restaurant – Dover, DE – Burglary
Pharmacy – Bronx, NY – Burglary
Pharmacy – Brooklyn, NY – Armed Robbery
Walgreens – West Jordan, UT – Armed Robbery
Walmart – Lubbock, TX – Armed Robbery/ 2 Deputies stabbed
7-Eleven – Riverside, IL – Armed Robbery


Daily Totals:
• 14 robberies
• 17 burglaries
• 1 shootings
• 0 killed

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Jake Crank named District Asset Protection Solutions Manager for Walgreens

Joseph Shea promoted to Investigations Manager for The TJX Companies

Adam Howard promoted to Global Investigator III for Walmart

Christle Floissac Lewis promoted to Organized Retail Crime Investigator for The TJX Companies


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District Loss Prevention Manager
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The District Loss Prevention Manager ensures shrinkage control and improves safety in the stores through proper investigation and training. This position is responsible to provide feedback, guidance and protection for our Team Leaders and Associates. This role has oversight and responsibility for approximately 8 to 10 store locations...

Physical Security Leader
Corte Madera, CA

Responsible for leading and execution of the Protection and Prevention tiers of the Profit Protection strategy for all RH locations including our Corporate Campus in Corte Madera, CA - PROTECTION - Access Control | Alarms | CCTV | Guards - PREVENTION - Awareness | Audits | P&P | Training...

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Dir. Safety/Risk Mgmt. Goodwill of SE Louisiana New Orleans, LA April 2
Assoc. Dir. Safety & LP HelloFresh Grand Prairie, TX June 5
Dir. of Loss Prevention Mapco Franklin, TN June 2

Dir. of Security

Maggie's Farm Marijuana

Pueblo, CO

June 2

Dir. of Loss Prevention

Parker's C-Stores

Savannah, GA

June 3

Sr. Dir. Security & Threat Mgmt PayPal New York, NY June 8
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Dir. Emergency Response Verizon Irving, TX June 9

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Corp. Mgr. Security Operations Carvana Phoenix, AZ April 6
Sr. Loss Prevention Manager Gap Inc. San Francisco, CA Oct. 29

Senior Manger, Asset Protection

Home Depot Atlanta, GA Feb. 18
Dept Head, AP & Associate Safety Ocean State Job Lot North Kingstown, RI June 12
Manager, Asset Protection Solutions Supply Chain Walgreens Windsor, WI Mar. 25












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