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California preparing sweeping workplace violence prevention regulations
The proposed regulations would require significant resources dedicated to training, prevention, emergency response and record keeping.

In the wake of recent mass shootings in Gilroy, El Paso, and Dayton, national attention has turned its focus yet again to the highly charged debate over gun control, mental health and terrorism. These attacks happened not only in places open to the public (a festival, a large-chain retailer, and a bar), but also places where people work. While the country struggles to address seemingly random violence in public spaces, these areas are workplaces too. California is responding with workplace violence regulations for every employer in the state.

In the last few years, California's response has been to push through laws and regulations aimed at preventing workplace violence of all types, including "active shooter" incidents. The most recent set of proposed regulations, which
could become final as early as later this year, is holistic and requires an interdisciplinary approach and a true partnership between workers and employers. As a result, it also will require significant resources dedicated to training, prevention, emergency response, and record keeping. These California regulations are set to be a model for similar laws in states across the country as well as under the federal Occupational Safety and Health Act.

While still subject to further revision, the most recent draft includes the following primary components for workplace violence prevention programs:

  • A written workplace violence prevention plan containing various elements (unlike the Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP) standard, there is no exception for small employers). Some of the elements mirror the requirements of the IIPP standard (identifying, evaluating, and investigating hazards; employee communication; and procedures for reporting concerns). The proposed regulations, however, also include additional requirements like addressing methods that an employer should use to implement the plan in conjunction with other employers on multi-employer worksites, as well as procedures to respond to workplace violence emergencies, including active shooter threats. Further, the plan must be reviewed periodically and after any workplace violence incident that results in an injury.

  • A violent incident log, which must describe in detail each and every incident, post-incident response, and workplace violence injury investigation.

  • Implementation of a comprehensive training program and various other record-keeping requirements. benefitspro.com

Webinar: OSHA Inspections: Understanding Your Rights and Navigating the Process to Minimize Your Citation Risk
Every employer dreads a knock on the door from an OSHA inspector. But an inspection doesn't need to be your worst nightmare. If you take proactive steps to find and fix hazards, develop a detailed plan for handling an inspection, understand and exercise your rights, and operate in good faith throughout the process, you can significantly reduce your chances of damaging citations and fines.

While OSHA and its state counterparts cannot inspect every facility, that doesn't mean you can afford to be complacent about the risk of an inspection. The facilities that receive visits from OSHA are far from random, and the combination of your industry, your history of violations, and your injury and illness rates can significantly raise your inspection risk. With a single willful or repeat violation now carrying a maximum penalty of $132,598, being unprepared for an OSHA inspection can be more costly than ever.

Join us for an informative webinar that will provide guidance on planning for an OSHA inspection, navigating the inspection process, and proactively managing safety compliance to reduce your chances of citations and fines.
Register for the Oct. 10th webinar here: ehstoday.com

DHS Announces Plan to Combat Domestic Terrorism
Acting Secretary of Homeland Security Kevin K. McAleenan announced the new DHS Strategic Framework for Combating Terrorism and Targeted Violence at the Brookings Institution, during an event cohosted by the Heritage Foundation. The Acting Secretary explained that the new strategic framework will make it clear that the Department is committed to addressing the threat posed by terrorism and targeted violence at home, just as it is committed to continuing to aggressively pursue the foreign terrorist organizations it has denied entry to the United States for nearly 17 years. securitymagazine.com

Walmart to quit selling e-cigarettes amid vaping backlash
The nation's largest retailer said Friday that it will stop selling electronic cigarettes at its namesake stores and Sam's Clubs in the U.S. when it sells out its current inventory. Walmart said the move is due to "growing federal, state and local regulatory complexity" regarding vaping products. It also comes after several hundred people have mysteriously fallen ill after vaping, and eight have died.

Walmart's decision is the latest blow to the vaping industry, which has tried to position its products as healthier alternatives to smoking cigarettes, which are responsible for 480,000 deaths a year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. But the industry has come under increased scrutiny after the deaths and illnesses - along with a surge in underage vaping.

Walmart is not the first major retailer to halt sales of e-cigarettes.
Rite Aid, one of the country's biggest pharmacy chains, said in April that it would stop selling vaping supplies, and in August, Dollar General, one of the fastest-growing retailers in rural parts of the country, also pulled the products from its stores. And Costco pulled all e-cigarette products from its shelves about two weeks ago, the company said.

One of Walmart's largest competitors,
Target, has never sold vaping devices and took cigarettes off its shelves in 1996. But as the largest retailer in the country, Walmart often sets an example for others in the industry. abcnews.com nytimes.com

   Walmart CEO a 'woke' leader?

Ex-Overstock.com CEO Sells $90m In Shares, Says 'Deep State' Out To Get Him
Patrick Byrne's dramatic exit from Overstock.com Inc. had a surprise second act last week, as the former chief executive sold his large stake in the company and blamed the Securities and Exchange Commission, which he referred to as "the Deep State's pets."

In an SEC filing Wednesday afternoon, Byrne disclosed the disposal of his roughly 4.8 million shares in Overstock shares during the past three trading sessions, with all but 87,000 shares sold on the open market for roughly $90 million. The remainder was given as a gift to an undisclosed recipient.

The longtime chief executive left Overstock in late August after proclaiming in a corporate news release that he had an affair with a convicted Russian agent and had provided important information to the U.S. Justice Department about Russian involvement in U.S. politics. marketwatch.com

Posted in the Daily 8-23-19: Patrick Byrne Resigns After Disclosing Romance With Russian Agent

The Top 10 Global Brands of 2019 in Retail, Apparel, and Luxury

By Tony D'Onofrio, Global Retail Influencer

In today's increasingly complex world, branding is critical to lasting success. Every year, I look forward to the latest BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Brands study. This article summarizes the nearly 200-page report with a focus on retail, apparel, and luxury.

"Consumers expected superior customer experience, including rapid delivery. More mindful about the health and wellness of themselves and the planet, they also demanded a high level of responsibility and ethical behavior from brands. To meet consumer expectations, brands become more sophisticated about gathering and analyzing data, increasingly applying the insights across multiple businesses and ignoring category borders to create integrated brand ecosystems."

The Top 10 Retail Brands - Digitization Transforms Shopping Experience

"It was not a surprise, but it was not inevitable. Amazon this year surpassed Apple and Google to reach the No. 1 rank in the BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands. With a 52 percent year-on-year increase, Amazon achieved a brand value of $315.5 billion."

"To meet - and shape - consumer expectations for frictionless shopping, retailers rebalanced and integrated their online and offline operations. Walmart, with a legacy of physical stores, invested in improving online presence, and e-commerce leaders Amazon and Alibaba added physical locations."

Retail was one of the fastest growing brand value categories at +25%. Over the last 13 years of the report, retailers' brand value has increased 378% and the top 20 are valued at $721 billion.

Five Retailers Earn 'Best Workplaces for Women' Recognition
Fortune, along with its research partner Great Place to Work, has analyzed feedback from 4.6 million U.S. employees and company data to determine 75 of the Best Workplaces for Women. Five retailers made the list:

 3. Wegmans Food Markets
11. Publix Super Markets
39. Burlington Stores
58. Sheetz
73. Cumberland Farms

Global retail leaders to explore future perspectives of retail at NRF 2020 Vision: Retail's Big Show
The National Retail Federation will gather the biggest leaders in retail, technology and business at its 109th annual convention in New York City in January to offer their forward-thinking ideas to 38,000 retailers from nearly 100 countries.

"Retail continues its ongoing, fast paced transformation, evolving in order to meet changing expectations of customers, incorporating new technologies, creating jobs and investing in the future," NRF President and CEO Matthew Shay said. "NRF 2020 provides a platform for attendees to understand the vision and hear insights from retail's most talented leaders on how to succeed in business through innovative thinking and smart investments." nrf.com

Retailers shutter doors in solidarity with climate change strike
On Friday, Patagonia, Lush and several other retailers shuttered stores in solidarity with students leaving classrooms to stage demonstrations in support of climate change action. Lush also closed its U.S. retail and e-commerce operations for the day, according to a company blog post and information emailed to customers.

In a Sept. 12 LinkedIn post announcing the move, Patagonia CEO Rose Marcario had strong words for companies that don't take meaningful action. "The plain truth is that capitalism needs to evolve if humanity is going to survive," she wrote, calling on JPMorgan Chase & Co., Amazon, General Motors "and other members of the Business Roundtable" to "follow through and walk the talk." retaildive.com

First Look: Apple is back - bigger than ever - on Fifth Avenue

Best Buy expands lease-to-own program, joining growing number of retailers

HBC to close stores in the Netherlands



Last week's #1 article --

How Gap Inc.'s LP leader also helps preserve the planet

Keith White has a unique title and position. As the executive vice president of loss prevention and global sustainability at Gap Inc., the skills and knowledge acquired through a career in loss prevention help him look at the bigger picture - much bigger than just himself or the company. "I feel like there's a better nexus between global sustainability and loss prevention," he says: In one way he's charged with the responsibility to protect the planet, in the other he's working to preserve it. On this episode, White joins the Retail Gets Real team to discuss emerging trends in the loss prevention world and how the apparel retailer is taking corporate social responsibility to the next level.

White sees three emerging trends in LP. First, active shooter and other emergency incidents are a growing threat. He stresses the importance of proper training for retail stores, team members, corporate headquarters and everyone on the supply chain so they are prepared to respond appropriately in emergency incidents. The opioid epidemic is "driving people who are educated and have access to wealth to make decisions or to do things that they typically wouldn't do," White says, "whether it's shoplifting behavior or it's violent behavior." He urges those in loss prevention to understand the effect the drug has on their businesses. nrf.com

Click below to listen to the podcast


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Interrogation or Negotiation?

The amount of times an LP/AP professional has to perform as a sales person is greatly underestimated. I'm not referring to interviewing, although that is sometimes considered in the same framework as a negotiation or sale. I'm describing the incredible uphill battle of selling a new shrink reduction strategy, the need for additional payroll or technology investment, a persuasive debate with human resources, or most importantly - the value that their role brings to the organization. Truth be told, any investigator that conducts interviews has the upper hand when it comes to strategic preparation of these "sales". Here are some simple translations from the interview room - to the board room.

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WeWork's Wi-Fi Exposed Files, Credentials, Emails
For years, sensitive documents and corporate data have been easily viewable on the coworking space's open network.

WeWork's weak Wi-Fi security has been leaving sensitive data accessible on its open network for years. That may have compromised both organizations that work in WeWork spaces as well as those that have never entered WeWork but do business with companies that use its offices.

A Fast Company report back in August highlighted poor security practices by the real estate firm, which rents out coworking spaces to mostly small businesses. A new report from CNET takes a deeper dive into the extent of WeWork's oversight and implications for its customers.

The findings come from Teemu Airamo, who according to CNET evaluated WeWork's Wi-Fi security in 2015 before moving his digital media company into one of its Manhattan offices. He was able to view hundreds of other companies' financial records and devices on the building's network; upon alerting the community manager, he found out WeWork already knew this was possible. Attempts to bring the Wi-Fi security issue through the ranks to WeWork's upper management proved fruitless. darkreading.com

Target CISO & Cyber Intel Team to Speak at the Retail Cyber Intelligence Summit
Target's CISO and Cyber Intelligence Team will be presenting during three different sessions at the upcoming Retail Cyber Intelligence Summit taking place September 24-25, 2019 at the Four Seasons Hotel in Denver, Colorado.

Speakers include a wide variety of perspectives, from CISO Rich Agostino, discussing industry benchmarking to analyst Kyle Davis talking about building a threat intelligence program, and senior analyst Derek Thomas discussing how to track cyber threat actors. You won't want to miss out what on Target has to say during these three sessions. rhisac.org

The Retail Cyber Intelligence Summit is tailored for strategic leaders and cybersecurity practitioners from both physical and online retailers, gaming properties, grocers, hotels, restaurants, consumer product manufacturers and cybersecurity industry partners. The full conference agenda and information on how to register is available here: https://summit.rhisac.org/agenda/

CyberInt and Retail & Hospitality Information Sharing and Analysis Center Collaborate to Enable Members' Risk Cyber Risk Assessment
CyberInt, a leading provider of cybersecurity solutions for retail and ecommerce, is collaborating with the Retail and Hospitality Information Sharing and Analysis Center (RH-ISAC) to drive RH-ISAC members' resiliency with a risk profiling scorecard tool tailored to retail and hospitality providers.

Leveraging this unique risk profiling scorecard, CyberInt is launching a packaged solution for retailers and ecommerce players to address the specific cybersecurity and fraud challenges they face to ensure business operations and continuity and protect their customers and employee data as well as brand reputation.

The RH-ISAC operates as a central hub for sharing sector-specific cyber security information and intelligence, connecting information security teams at the strategic, operational, and tactical levels. rhisac.org

Amazon Web Services is on a mission to move retailers, even Amazon, to the cloud
Chain Store Age recently spoke with Phil Thompson, worldwide tech leader, and Tom Litchford, head, worldwide business development, retail, AWS, about the unique role their unit plays as the cloud services technology provider for Amazon. AWS provides cloud infrastructure and technologies to thousands of retailers worldwide, including Nike, J. Crew, Zola, and of course, Amazon.

At Amazon, AWS has been responsible for developing leading-edge, cloud-based technology such as the computer vision and Amazon Kinesis video streaming solutions used in Amazon Go cashierless stores, as well as the Amazon Forecast demand forecasting and Amazon Rekognition video recognition systems.

"We developed the algorithms for the computer vision technology used in Amazon Go over six years," said Litchford. According to Litchford, AWS bases its technology approach on three pillars - obtaining a complete view of the retail business with data, getting data out of silos, and transforming customer engagement. chainstoreage.com

Sr Manager - IT Security & Fraud Operations for J.C. Penney - based in Plano, TX
The Sr. Manager is responsible for managing operational procedures and activities related to monitoring and handling of Security and eCommerce Fraud incidents. Within his role, he/she collaborates closely with other groups within JCPenney Technology team and business partners, both onshore and offshore. The role requires technical competence and experience managing diverse teams. Additionally, the role requires familiarity with recent threats and adversarial techniques, as well as the ability to quickly understand complex environments. The Sr Manager will contribute to the company IT security & fraud strategy and roadmap. He/She is expected to be an excellent communicator at both the staff and executive level. linkedin.com

Some IT teams move to the cloud without business oversight or direction

Senator Warner seeks "grand alliance" to protect against surveillance threat from China's tech dominance




LPNN On Location with Sensormatic

Joan Sparks, Director of Marketing, Retail Solutions for Americas, Sensormatic
Rich Marshall, Sr. Industry Solution Manager - TrueVUE Software, Sensormatic
with LPNN MC Amber Bradley

Sensormatic is helping retailers move to a future of unified commerce where all the sensors in your stores are well connected, empowering associates with real-time information readily available through the cloud.

Joan Sparks and Rich Marshall tell us about Sensormatic' new TrueVUE inventory intelligence, its ShopperTrak offering for traffic and people counting, and LP solutions like SMaaS (Shrink Management as a Service).

Learn more at www.sensormatic.com


Online Marketplaces And The $1.8T Counterfeit Problem
Illicit and counterfeit goods make up a multibillion-dollar fraudulent industry, with merchants suffering $323 billion in total losses from counterfeit products in 2017. Online sales of such products are projected to reach $1.8 trillion by 2020, presenting a problem for third-party marketplaces that allow individual sellers onto their platforms.

Fast Speeds, Smaller Packages and Online Counterfeiting
The increase in counterfeit goods on such marketplaces can be attributed to different factors, one of which being that it can be difficult to determine counterfeit listings from legitimate ones. Marketplaces like Amazon have reportedly been reticent to share information about how they detect counterfeits, creating knowledge gaps that prevent crackdowns on fake listings.

The demand for next-day delivery is also creating new opportunities for counterfeit sellers. Many online marketplaces are starting to see significant issues arise from this. Amazon is among them, struggling to prevent counterfeiters from taking over existing listings, falsifying reviews or finding other ways to distribute their goods on the site.

Solving the Counterfeit Problem for Online Marketplaces
Marketplaces that wish to significantly decrease counterfeit activity will need to work closely with government agencies and consumers, said Gianopoulos. The latter need to be vigilant and report counterfeit products when they encounter them, and consumers should also ensure that everything from the marketplace to the payment method is safe and secure. pymnts.com

Amazon Workers Pressure Jeff Bezos to Make Online Shopping More Environmentally Friendly; Demanding Zero Carbon Emissions by 2030
Amazon undoubtedly has a massive climate footprint: It sells and delivers more than 10 million items daily to Prime members alone. It controls nearly half of all U.S. e-commerce, and 5% of the entire retail market. That makes Amazon's choices uniquely important, especially as e-commerce continues to grow.

Miguel Jaller, co-director of the Sustainable Freight Research Center at the University of California at Davis, says Amazon's size gives it a unique responsibility for the overall sustainability of online shopping. "Whatever they do, either good or bad, will have a huge impact in the overall system."

Amazon has already committed to making half of its shipments carbon neutral by 2030. But for the 1,400 employees who now say they'll join the walkout, that's not good enough - they're demanding that Amazon aim for zero emissions across the business by 2030. fortune.com

Amazon's Bezos pledges to meet Paris climate pact 10 years early

FedEx Takes Hit At Hands Of Amazon And Trade War



Fontana, CA: Two arrested in connection to a National Fraud Case; $900,000 in merchandise / gift cards seized
The investigation began on Sept. 4, when a male victim received a "cold call" from a scammer impersonating the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). The caller threatened to arrest the victim if he didn't pay the caller $2,200 worth of Target gift cards. The unsuspecting victim purchased the gift cards, furnished them to the caller, and later reported the incident to the Fontana P.D. Fontana detectives tracked the redemption of the cards to a Target store in in the Los Angeles area. Detectives and Target's loss prevention team worked together to locate surveillance video of the transactions. The detectives worked extensive leads and were able to identify two suspects, identified as Ailing Lu, 25, of Los Angeles and Ji Hyun Lee, 25, of Gardena, according to police. They conducted surveillance on suspected locations and vehicles in the Los Angeles area. Detectives stopped several vehicles during the surveillance and located items purchased with the gift cards. Detectives then served search warrants on two locations and located about $900,000 in new goods, including electronics, gift cards and other items purchased with gift cards from unsuspecting victims. fontanaheraldnews.com

Ocala, FL: 2 men arrested for stealing $16,000 of 'Magic' cards from gaming stores
Two men who law enforcement officials said burglarized gaming stores in multiple places, including Ocala and Gainesville, have been arrested for allegedly stealing pricey cards worth thousands of dollars. According to Detective Michael Coughlin of the Ocala Police, when Pasco County Sheriff's Office deputies and a Gainesville Police detective served a search warrant at the homes of both Ronald Christopher Hasty and Daniel David Grant in New Port Richey, they recovered what was described as "tens of thousands of dollars worth of magic cards, magic related items and approximately $10,000 in cash." From Hasty's residence, officials found multiple masks. One mask discovered matched the one used in the burglary of Goblin King Game store in Ocala. Goblin King Game store was burglarized three times, Ocala police officials said. The burglaries occurred June 2 and 10 and Aug. 10, Ocala detectives said. In the burglaries, more than $16,000 worth of "Magic: The Gathering" gaming cards were stolen, the detectives said. Damages to the store in all three break-ins were close to $4,000, authorities said. ocala.com

Broward County, FL: Trio distracts a Jeweler at Oakland Park Flea Market; stealing right in front of him
The three suspects approached Zeina Jewelry at the Oakland Park Flea Market and began looking at items. While the two woman spoke with the employee, the male suspect used sleight of hand to steal a cross from the jewelry box. After taking it, video shows him examining the cross and putting it in his pocket. miamiherald.com

Mount Pleasant, WI: Local Cell Phone store employee steals 30 phones

Clearwater, FL: Tampa women accused of stealing $3K in merchandise from Target, using kids as lookouts

Oswego, IL: $1,200 In Baby Formula Stolen From Jewel; no description of the suspect

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Shootings & Deaths

Long Beach, CA: 7-Eleven Armed Robbery Suspect Killed in Officer-Involved Shooting
An 18-year-old armed man wanted for a series of robberies in Long Beach was killed in an officer-involved shooting at a 7-Eleven, police said Friday. Detectives were conducting surveillance of a Nissan Altima believed to have been used in several robberies earlier this week when they saw Jordan Michael Griffin of Long Beach get out of the car and walk into the convenience store around 11:30 p.m. Thursday. "Detectives proceeded to enter the business and directed the suspect to drop his firearm multiples times," according to a police statement. "The suspect failed to comply, and an officer-involved shooting occurred." mynewsla.com

Lee County, MS: Gunman opened fire in a small-town convenience store, Mississippi Off-Duty Officer kills shooter
Lee County Sheriff Jim Johnson told local news media that the two shootings happened shortly before 6 a.m. on Thursday morning at Griggs Grocery and Deli in Shannon, Mississippi, when a woman entered Griggs Store screaming for help. A man followed the woman into the store and fired several shots, killing her. An off-duty Shannon police officer was in the store at the time and fatally shot the man. m.thebl.com

Daytona Beach, FL: Man Charged in Fatal Stabbing at Gas Station
A Daytona Beach felon is being held on a second-degree murder charge after the fatal stabbing of a man at a Citgo gas station early Saturday morning. The suspect, Joe McCants, 50, was booked into the Volusia County Branch Jail in Daytona Beach on Saturday evening. McCants has a criminal past that includes serving time in state prison from December 2005 to October 2008 for aggravated battery and cocaine possession. The victim was Thebese Rankin, 27, no motive has been identified for the murder. mynews13.com

Bradenton, FL: UPDATE: Two more arrests for murder during Armed Robbery at smoke shop
Two more men have been arrested and charged with second degree murder in connection to a robbery at a Bradenton smoke shop. James Brewer, 19, and Michael Hepner, 21, were taken into custody Friday for the murder of 23-year-old Mohammed Hamed. The Manatee County Sheriff's Office says on Tuesday around 11pm, Brewer was driven to the Green Galaxy Smoke Shop by Hepner and entered the store in an attempt to distract Hamed. Deputies say a short time later, Amado Zeppi and a fourth suspect exited the same vehicle and entered the store armed with an SKS rifle and a bayonet with their faces covered. After entering the store, deputies say Brewer fled out the front door and got back in the car with Hepner. The sheriff's office says Zeppi and the fourth suspect ordered Hamed to go into the back of the store and open a safe. Deputies say they packed a bag full of items and the fourth suspect exited through the back of the store. They say Zeppi continued to point his weapon at Hamed and then, unprovoked, swung the firearm hitting Hamed with the bayonet end. That's when deputies say the weapon went off, killing Hamed. mysuncoast.com

Portland, OR: Two wounded in shooting outside The Home Depot
The shooting happened Friday afternoon outside the store on Northeast Glenn Widing Drive. Police say a loss prevention officer was confronting a shoplifting suspect outside the store when another person walked up and started arguing with the suspect. The altercation culminated with the suspect and the other person drawing their guns and shooting each other. Both were rushed to a hospital with injuries. kbnd.com

Everett, MA: Argument leads to shots fired outside a Hookah Bar, one man killed

Detroit, MI: Man shot and killed during hold-up outside Liquor Store

Robberies, Incidents & Thefts

Los Angeles, CAL Fight Causes Panic at Culver City Shopping Mall
A fight at a shoe store in the Westfield Culver City shopping mall on Saturday triggered a panic, authorities said. Some shoppers thought breaking glass and other noises caused by the commotion were gunshots when the fight broke about 6 p.m. out inside a Foot Locker store at the mall. But Culver City Police Department officials said no shots were fired. No arrests were made, police said. ktla.com

Bakersfield, CA: Man accused of touching girl after posing as Loss Prevention officer pleads not guilty
A man accused of posing as a loss prevention officer and inappropriately touching a 14-year-old girl pleaded not guilty Friday. Steven Waldo, 65, is charged with kidnapping, false imprisonment with violence, lewd or lascivious acts with a child 14 or 15 years old and annoying a child under 18. On Tuesday, the 14-year-old told police she was shopping at the Target at Valley Plaza mall when a man approached her and her sister and told them he was an undercover loss prevention officer. The man accused them of stealing and escorted them to a restroom where he questioned them, the girl told police. The sister raised the 14-year-old's shirt to show they weren't hiding any stolen items, according to the girl's statement in the police report. Then the man, later identified by police as Waldo, patted down the 14-year-old over her clothing on her ribcage and inner thighs, according to the report. Police say in the report Waldo admitted to posing as an undercover officer and touching the girl. He is not employed by Target and is currently homeless. kget.com

Athens, GA: Employee steals $6,900 from Your Pie

Ocala, FL: Man allegedly steals Snickers bar and tells Walgreens employee to call police


Norfolk, VA: Six men charged in eastern Virginia gas pump skimming scheme
The Department of Justice said they men are from southern Florida. They are accused of placing skimming devices on gas pumps located in the Eastern District of Virginia. In April and May 2018, using the stolen card information, the defendants are accused of traveling between Harris Teeter store locations, among other destinations, to withdraw money from the victims' bank accounts and purchase prepaid debit cards. wtkr.com



AutoZone - Tulare County, CA - Armed Robbery
Auto Parts - Franklin County, MO - Burglary
C-Store - Hill County, TX - Burglary
C-Store - Longmont, CO - Burglary
C-Store - Center, TX - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Gloversville, NY - Burglary
CVS - New London, CT - Armed Robbery
Family Dollar - Little Rock, AR - Robbery
Farm & Fleet - Dodgeville, WI - Burglary
Florist - Lakewood, OH - Burglary
Gaming - Ocala, FL - Burglary
Jewelry - Findlay, OH - Burglary
Jewelry - Lorain, OH - Robbery
Jewelry - Harker Heights, TX - Robbery
Liquor - Milwaukee, WI - Burglary
Luggage - Seattle, WA - Burglary
Metro PCS - Ambridge, PA - Burglary
Motorcycle - Dearborn County, IN - Burglary
7-Eleven - Tampa, FL - Robbery
7-Eleven - Hopewell, KS - Armed Robbery
7-Eleven - Trenton, NJ - Robbery
7-Eleven - Long Beach, CA - Armed Robbery



Daily Totals:
10 robberies
12 burglaries
0 shootings
0 killed




Hannah Barton promoted to Business Analyst, Loss Prevention for Amazon

Kim Gillespie promoted to Loss Prevention Project Manager for American Golf (UK)

Dmitri Luppov promoted to Central Investigations Manager-Internal Investigations for JCPenney

John Engle promoted to Field Asset Protection Manager for T-Mobile

Jim Pringle promoted to Central Investigations Manager for JCPenney

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Organized Retail Crime Manager
Houston, TX
Oversee organized retail crime (ORC) interactions within a defined region, execute against ORC initiatives and respond to cases involving executive protection, critical incidents, threat analysis, and threat assessments. Identify, exploit and lead investigations related to ORC and other assigned investigations...

Manager of Loss Prevention & Security
Wawa, PA
The Manager of Loss Prevention and Security serves as the subject matter expert in the area of Loss Prevention and Physical Security for the Company with focus on developing and driving solutions that will create an optimum associate and customer experience in a safe and secure environment...

Profit Protection Analyst
Corte Madera, CA
As a Profit Protection Analyst, you should have strong analytical skills, be a quick learner, and drive to innovate with both technology and processes...

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While most people try to avoid risk and corporate America actually labels it to be avoided at all cost ultimately life is filled with it. Risk taking is something everyone is faced with and without it life would become somewhat stagnate. Taking a risk once in a while is a healthy thing. It pushes people to do sometimes their most creative work and reach new levels. The problem becomes the fear of risk and hesitation. It seems like our society has become so risk avoidance driven that people are applauded for not taking it. When in actuality it is those who take risk that pave the road for all others to travel. As Joseph Campbell, a famous American mythologist once said, it is the darkest path in the woods that holds the most treasure. Next time you're faced with taking a risk give it some thought who knows your career may take off!

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