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The LP Industry deserves it's own News Network and the Daily is well positioned to deliver it. With over 28 years of interviewing and gathering LP information we can deliver broadcasts that educate, inform and instill a sense of community.

We're dedicated to producing broadcasts & series that stimulate growth and development. In our Leadership & Development Series and The First Six Months Series we'll be interviewing the industry's leaders and groups that provide the viewers with valuable and realistic information that gives them the opportunity to see and hear exactly what made these executives successful. LPNN will also be filming sessions and interviews at various LP conferences nationwide, including the LAAORCA conference, IOBSE Spring Conference, and the NRF's LP Conference.

The Power of Information & Hearing it Straight from the Experts

The Vendor community can play a vital role in making sure the youth of this industry sees and hears these broadcasts by sponsoring them and at the same time getting the exposure that your company needs to grow in the future.

Sponsor a broadcast or series and your company logo will appear throughout the video and a 30 second commercial. First published on the Daily and then archived on LPNN's website. For more information on how you can impact the entire LP industry contact us. Prefer .mov format. Fees do apply

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In our "Leadership & Development" Series we'll be covering topics with executives that until now have only been written in articles or books. Our broadcasts will bring them to life - showing everyone the actual executives in the LP industry that are subject matter experts in their fields and can make a difference with each viewer. We all know the power of hearing it from the experts, and the Daily's LPNN is dedicated to delivering just that. Choose an Exec and Sponsor their Video Shoot.

In our "The First Six Months" Series we'll discuss how a senior LP executive has approached his new senior role in the first six months of taking the job. What he did – How he did it – and how he prioritized getting it all done in the first six months. The biggest step is the first one and in this series we’ll learn from some of the leading LP executives in the industry how they were successful from the very start. That first impression and your first 90 to 180 day plan of what you’ll do in a new job is critical and this series will help you develop yours for your next job. Join us as we show you the blueprint for the "The First Six Months." . Choose an Exec and Sponsor their Video Shoot.

Solution Providers - Post Your Videos
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Whether it's a new product roll-out, press release, or just your commercial, post your company's videos and develop your brand by sharing it with the entire LP community every day 24/7. In today's world of total access anytime anywhere make sure the LP community sees your videos in the one place they all go - the D&D Daily.

"Seeing is Believing" and YOUR LP is all about providing a platform for the solution providers of the Loss Prevention industry to share their stories, news, an products and services in video so the entire LP community can see for themselves exactly what they are all about 24/7.  Upload your video to YouTube or Vimeo and share it with LPNN at lpnnNetwork@gmail.com. Once submitted, your video will be reviewed and you will be contacted about publishing them in the Daily's LPNN.*

*fees do apply - first published on the Daily and then archived on LPNN's website - for more information on how you can impact the entire LP industry contact us.

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Bring in our team to film your broadcast and conduct in-depth interviews with your leaders, share your success stories, show them your product lines - your corporate offices - your R&D facilities, and give them total access. Share your company's story and let them see for themselves the value you bring to the LP community from a non-partial third party prospective.

Communicating with the retail industry in today's world of right-now, real-fast, let-me-see-it, is all about utilizing the power of the net and our Daily's LPNN can make sure they see your brand every day 24/7. And the next time you're on the phone introducing yourself just tell them to click here and they'll see everything they need to invite you in.

*Fees do apply - first published on the Daily and then archived on LPNN's website - for more information on how you can impact the entire LP industry contact us.

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