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About LPNN

In March of 2010 Downing & Downing, Inc., the executive search and consulting firm specializing in the retail loss prevention industry, our parent firm, launched the D&D Daily e-newsletter -- the first-to-market and only daily e-newsletter specifically designed and dedicated to the retail loss prevention and safety industry in North America, taking the 28 years of experience, information, and knowledge we had acquired and focusing it onto one channel, a new vehicle that can educate, inform, and instill a sense of community for our industry. Over the last two years it's been extremely successful and now reaches over 10,000 direct readers, and 175K through LinkedIn every business day.

The D&D Daily has become the Loss Prevention industry's news source, and with it comes a great responsibility on our part to deliver the news, the stories, and the issues facing our industry that can help broaden the scope and impact the knowledge base of our readers. Taking that into consideration, and wanting to continue to evolve this industry tool, we launched this year the Loss Prevention News Network, a new column of the Daily. The LPNN is focused on delivering:

the news,
interviews of industry leaders,
industry panels debating far reaching topics,
special series on career development and leadership skills,
solution provider interviews
event coverage,
OUR LP - a platform designed to allow retailers to post their videos
YOUR LP - a platform designed to allow solution providers to post their videos
MY LP - a platform designed to allow LP executives to place their videos

LPNN is professionally filmed & edited, published on the D&D Daily, and archived here on the LPNN website.

With the technological advancements of today's world and understanding that the youth of today wants to see, hear, and touch quickly and at any time 24/7, we're confident that the LPNN concept will increase knowledge sharing and engage the youth, thereby allowing LPNN to make a bigger impact and actually increase performance industry wide. As we all know, hearing it and seeing it makes a bigger and longer impression than reading it. At the end of the day it's all about motivating the youth of today in order to have a bigger impact tomorrow

The LP News Network is dedicated to adding value to the industry today
and developing the youth for tomorrow.

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