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The D&D Daily's 'Where are They Now' Series
Retailers Come & Go but Teams Last Forever!


Retailers Disappear & LP Exec's Move On In Their Careers

Since 2014, the Daily's Group LP Team Selfies have captured the essence of over 400 LP & AP Teams and literally thousands of executives along with their Team Mission Statements. A truly critical statement for every team as it lights the path they all follow and helps build industry pride.

This series is dedicated to the spirit of these teams and all the executives who invested their livelihood to this industry and the leaders who built all of these teams.

So let's take a walk down memory lane and see what mark they left or just how good your memory is. And be the first one to name the team members, as long as you aren't in it, and win a chance to win a pizza party for your current team, with a max 5 pizzas and drinks. And, hey, no cheating! (ha ha)

Also, once the series is over on May 15th, the official back to work date at this point, which can be extended depending on the government, one entry will win a chance to get involved in an LPNN LIVE shoot, depending on location and timing and how willing you are - hey some people are camera shy.

So let's have some fun and strolling down memory lane. Tomorrow's picture is merely and selfishly a team that means the world to me and probably should be exempt from the game. Sorry, guys.

- Gus Downing

Rules summary: 1st person to name all team members in a picture gets entered into the drawing. Once we reach 10 correct answers, we'll pick one winner for a GLPS team pizza party with drinks - delivered to your door by Domino's. All parties must be for retail LP or AP teams.

Follow along below as we take a stroll down memory lane!

Who are these folks?
Can you name these teams of the past?

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Team Pictures Submitted August 2014

Pic #1 (left): Wow, look at this great lookin' group of folks. I wonder if any of them appeared in the famous catalog...

Pic #2 (right):
There is absolutely nothing "blue" about this "special" loss prevention team.


Team Pictures Submitted December 2015

Here's some hints:

Pic #3 (left): They're all long gone now - But the name lives on.
Didn't know they were trained to cook on the real stuff.

Pic #4 (right): Oh well, another one for the history books & they call that casual...
The horses are gone too - because someone left the door open.

Team Pictures Submitted in January & March 2016

Here's some hints:

Pic #5 (left): Talk about a loyal group. Some of these exec’s played around at that company forever and a day. Hey more power to them!

Pic #6 (right): This team went thru new owners and were quite the authority in one retail sector. Only to reach the fate of losing the game like so many others.

Team Pictures Submitted in July & August 2014

Here's some hints:

Pic #7 (left): I guess the polar bears got this group. But, hey, I'm sure they swam off to calmer seas.

Pic #8 (right): Nice lookin' boat, I wonder if they owned or rented it. Word is the captain took a dive off the poop deck.

Team Pictures Submitted in May & November 2015

Here's some hints:

Pic #9 (left): The artist on the far left may have ridden off into the sunset with another "family," but he continues to be an industry leader... rite up until now.      

Pic #10 (right): You can bet you'll get a work-out when you hang out with this bunch, no matter what time of day it happens to be!

Team Pictures Submitted in December & April 2016

Here's some hints:

Pic #11 (left): Look at this great lookin' bunch. Some are still there and some have left, but one thing's for sure: There's no gap in leadership with this group.   

Pic #12 (right): Multiple leaders from multiple teams appear in this shot. It won't be easy to get it on the nose.

Team Pictures Submitted in November 2014

Here's some hints:

Pic #13 (left): Check out this team enjoying some golf. Wonder if they're swingin' it north of the border, where it all began.

Pic #14 (right): Nothin' like a night at the ballpark - especially if you have a free truck rental to take your team there.

Team Pictures Submitted in April & December 2015

Here's some hints:

Pic #15 (left): This team was known for going above... and beyond.

Pic #16 (right): Gosh! Now THIS looks like a fun party.

Team Pictures Submitted in September & December 2016

Here's some hints:

Pic #17 (left): Now this is a prime group of folks - seen here giving back to their community. 

Pic #18 (right): This team ditched their tool belts for a night of fun.

Team Pictures Submitted in October & November 2014

Here's some hints:

Pic #19 (left): This loss prevention team has to be one of the craftiest in the industry. 

Pic #20 (right): This group won't let you leave one of their stores without saying 'yes'

Team Pictures Submitted in
November & December 2015

Here's some hints:

Pic #21 (left): Given where these folks work(ed), you think they'd have some chairs - or even a couch - to sit on.  

Pic #22 (right): Looks like this group left the horses and hay back at the office when they stepped out to volunteer.

Team Pictures Submitted in May & December

Here's some hints:

Pic #23 (left): Take a look at this group of gems!  

Pic #24 (right): Go long! Of all the LP teams out there, this one might just be the sportiest.

Team Pictures Submitted in November

Here's some hints:

Pic #25 (left): This loss prevention team is from Florida, but their colleagues up north certainly know how to throw a good parade.

Pic #26 (right): Can I get an amen for this group?!

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