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Epifanio Suarez promoted to Senior Director, Asset Protection for The 99 Cent Stores
In this role, Epifanio will head the organization's AP team for Stores, Corporate Offices, DC’s, and Special investigations (ORC). Before his promotion to Senior Director, Asset Protection, he served as Director, Asset Protection, Regional Director of Asset Protection, and Regional Asset Protection Manager. Earlier in his career, he held LP/AP roles with dd's Discounts, PETCO Animal Supplies, The Sports Authority, The Marmaxx Group, and Mervyns. Congratulations, Epifanio!

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The Ultimate Guide to Investing in a Retail Security Camera System

A comprehensive security camera system can be a game-changer for retailers, offering peace of mind and a wealth of actionable data. By closely monitoring their stores, business owners can identify potential threats, prevent losses, and ensure the safety of both employees and customers. In addition, a well-designed security system can go beyond physical security and help retailers analyze customer behavior and employee performance.

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• Automated health monitoring
• Point-of-sale integration
• Streamlined clip sharing

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The U.S. Crime Surge
The Retail Impact

Retail Theft & Fetanyl Crises Top Priorities in California
State senators respond to fentanyl and retail theft crises with new legislation
A bipartisan group of lawmakers in the California senate on Monday announced a package of legislation to address the growing fentanyl crisis and untamed outbreak of organized retail thefts.

The senate’s action comes after Assembly leaders this month presented their plans to remedy the issues, an indication that the drug and theft crises will be priorities this legislative session — and in California’s 2024 election.

The set of 14 bills announced by McGuire and other Democrat and Republican Senate leaders takes a sweeping approach. The legislation, if passed and signed by the governor, would increase access to treatment, enhance addiction services for those in the criminal justice system and penalize criminal trafficking of xylazine, or “tranq,” a horse tranquilizer laced in fentanyl.

Among those bills is SB 1144, authored by Sen. Nancy Skinner (D-Berkeley), which will tighten regulations to help prevent stolen goods from being sold online.

Hollins said the package is needed “in an environment where special interests are gaslighting Californians with destructive and ineffective rollbacks.” She was referring to law enforcement agencies that have lobbied for changes to Proposition 47, a contentious ballot measure that reduced certain retail theft and drug offense charges to misdemeanors.

Contra Costa County Dist. Atty. Diana Becton called for a strategic approach that strays from a one-size-fits-all approach to public safety.

“I have seen firsthand the need to reimagine our approach to criminal justice,” she said. “To reexamine and reproach it through a lens of racial and socioeconomic disparity, with an eye to restorative justice programs and rehabilitation programs for nonviolent offenses.”

Business Coalition Supports California's Prop 47 Reform Effort
Californians Against Retail and Residential Theft Endorses Proposed Initiative To Reform Proposition 47
Californians Against Retail and Residential Theft (CARRT) today announced its support for the proposed initiative called the Homeless, Drug Addiction and Theft Reduction Act.

“The initiative focuses on repeat offenders of retail crime. It provides an opportunity for those with substance abuse and mental health problems to seek help through diversion programs. At the same time, it also ensures that there are real consequences for individuals who continue to break the law.”

“Moreover, this initiative is a significant step towards putting an end to retail and residential theft in both Main Street and neighborhood areas.”

According to data from the Public Policy Institute of California, there has been a significant increase in commercial shoplifting, with a 28.7% rise in 2022 alone. Commercial burglary and robbery have also seen an increase of 5.8% and 9%, respectively. Furthermore, a recent survey revealed that 88% of retailers are experiencing more aggressive and violent shoplifters compared to the previous year.

CARRT is a diverse coalition consisting of over 200 business associations, local groups, and victim organizations. Their main goal is to advocate for California officials to take action and equip law enforcement with the necessary tools to reduce theft. Prominent members of the coalition include local Chambers of Commerce, California Asian Pacific Chamber of Commerce, California Business Roundtable, California Black Chamber of Commerce, California Grocers Association, California Peace Officers Association, Crime Victims United, Klaas Kids Foundation, and the National Federation of Independent Business.

CARRT has been engaging in discussions with local officials, law enforcement, and legislators to ensure that they comprehend the true impact of retail and residential crime. They aim to provide public safety officials with additional resources to effectively address this problem. For more information about CARRT, please visit their website at

Calif. Governor & Senate Leader Calls Prop 47 Untouchable
CA Senate leader opposes Prop. 47 changes. Here’s how he wants to tackle theft
California’s new Senate leader on Monday came out against changes to Proposition 47, instead advocating for tools to target organized retail theft and help those dealing with opioid addictions.

I do not believe that this state needs to touch Prop. 47 to be able to help make our communities safer, full stop,” said Senate President Pro Tem Mike McGuire, D-Healdsburg, during a press conference.

That stance puts him in line with Gov. Gavin Newsom, who stated his opposition to altering the 2014 ballot measure during his January budget presentation. Assembly Speaker Robert Rivas, D-Hollister, said last week he was not yet ready to take a position on reworking Proposition 47.

Republicans and moderate Democrats have been pushing for changes to the measure amid concerns about retail theft and fentanyl overdoses. Proposition 47 made some nonviolent crimes misdemeanors, including shoplifting of items worth $950 or less and certain drug possession offenses.

The Public Policy Institute of California in September reported 2022 crime data showed shoplifting rates were lower that year than they were in 2019, prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, commercial burglary and robbery rates increased during that time period.

Voters approved Proposition 47 as part of a larger effort to reform punitive state sentencing laws of the 1980s and 1990s. A panel of federal judges in 2009 ordered California to curb prison overcrowding, resulting in a series of ballot initiatives and legislation to reduce the number of inmates in state facilities.

McGuire instead laid out a series of Senate bills meant to increase access to drug treatment and addiction services within the legal system and address large-scale retail theft. The Senate leader’s bill package comes on the heels of a similar proposal from Rivas.

NYC Government to Pay Stores to Boost Security?
Small biz would get cash for security amid retail theft spike, under NYC Council bill
New York City supermarkets, bodegas and other small retail businesses would be eligible for cash grants to beef up their security systems under a bill set to be introduced in the City Council this week in response to a local surge in shoplifting.

The Small Business Protection Act, authored by Bronx Councilman Oswald Feliz, will be formally introduced during the Council’s stated meeting on Wednesday, he said in a recent interview.

The legislation, a copy of which was exclusively provided to the Daily News, proposes to create a city government program that would dole out grants to small retail businesses for purchasing security equipment like cameras, plexiglass windows and panic buttons. Any retail store that operates on the ground floor of a commercial space and qualifies as a small business under federal regulations would be eligible for the grants, according to the bill.

Feliz’s measure doesn’t include a dollar figure for how much money a small retail business owner would be able to receive under the program. The bill also doesn’t spell out which city agency would be tasked with administering the program. He said those omissions are by design, as he envisions such specifics will be hashed out in the legislative process.

For his part, Feliz said it’d be reasonable for the city program to cover half of what it costs a business owner to do security upgrades, with a cap on the total allowable amount. He said he has spoken to bodega owners in his district, which covers Morrisania and other Central Bronx neighborhoods, who’d be able to install top-notch security camera systems in their stores for about $8,000.

Mayor Adams’ support would likely be required for Feliz’s bill to become law.

New York City saw a 64% spike in shoplifting offenses in 2023 as compared to 2019, the largest increase out of 24 major U.S. cities surveilled in a study by the nonprofit Council on Criminal Justice.

Another D.C. Leader Facing Recall Amid Retail Crime Surge
2nd Dem faces recall effort in crime-ridden city after business owner endures violent robberies

DC business owner launches recall effort against Democratic councilmember, says violent crime has 'shattered lives,' 'eroded trust'

Concerned Washington, D.C. residents and small business owners have banded together to oust a Democratic councilmember during an ongoing crime surge, marking the second recall effort launch in the district in months.

The recall effort against Councilmember Brianne Nadeau launched Tuesday over her relaxed criminal justice reform policies as the district grapples with skyrocketing crime in recent years, leaving some business owners in turmoil and many residents feeling unsafe. The announcement echoed a push to remove fellow Councilmember Charles Allen, which has attracted support from Democratic political fundraisers and congressional staffers who have helped raise over $56,000 for the campaign.

Alvarez, who owns a small business in Nadeau's district, said she was driven to launch the campaign after her smoke shop endured three violent robberies.

"My employees were terrorized, and my security costs have become astronomical," she said in the statement. "I know that I am one of many people and businesses in this dire situation."

As crime has dropped in some major cities across the country, the nation's capital ended 2023 with a 26-year high in homicides with 274 murders, according to Metropolitan Police Department data. Robberies and thefts spiked 67% and 23%, respectively, and motor vehicle thefts nearly doubled.

419 Security Officers Murdered Since 2020
Less Than 15% of Security Officers Shot or Killed Were Armed
419 on-duty security officers have been murdered since the beginning of 2020. Hundreds of others have been shot.

Using police and news reports, data collected from workplace injury and death websites, shooting death websites, and internally by Private Officer International, conservative figures show that at least another 700 security officers were shot and wounded during the same period.

From the data collected, and in many instances confirmed by news and police reports of the incidents, the security officers who were shot were mostly unarmed.

The data shows that less than 15 % of those shot were armed and of those, the majority survived their wounds and their assailants were either wounded or killed by the security officer. Another aspect of the study concentrated on less-than-lethal weapons.

During the past four years, security officers armed with other non-firearm type weapons were able to fend off assaults and in two incidents, attempted carjackings of their vehicles. However, the data does not conclusively show that overall, security officers were safer with less lethal weapons.

As in previous studies, a defining fact showed that most security officers still are not equipped with two-way radios, GPS safety devices, or other methods to alert someone that they are either under attack, injured, or need emergency assistance.

Hundreds of gun shops monitored by ATF for weapons traced to crimes

Funny: FBI Brutally Roasted Over Picture Choice For Tweet About Theft


DOJ Slaps Family Dollar With $41.6M Fine for 'Insanitary' Warehouse
The plea agreement also requires Family Dollar and Dollar Tree to meet robust corporate compliance and reporting requirements for the next three years

Family Dollar agrees to pay $41.6M for rodent-infested warehouse in Arkansas
Family Dollar Stores, a subsidiary of Dollar Tree, pleaded guilty Monday to holding food, drugs, cosmetics and other items under “insanitary” conditions at a now-closed, rodent-infested distribution center in West Memphis, Arkansas, federal prosecutors said.

Family Dollar faced one misdemeanor count of causing FDA-regulated products to become adulterated while being held under insanitary conditions at the facility, the U.S. Department of Justice said in a news release. The company entered into a plea deal that includes a sentence of a fine and forfeiture amount totaling $41.675 million, the largest-ever monetary criminal penalty in a food safety case, the department said.

“When consumers go to the store, they have the right to expect that the food and drugs on the shelves have been kept in clean, uncontaminated conditions,” said Acting Associate Attorney General Benjamin C. Mizer. “When companies violate that trust and the laws designed to keep consumers safe, the public should rest assured: The Justice Department will hold those companies accountable.

A company spokesperson said it cooperated extensively with the DOJ’s investigation.

The plea agreement also requires Family Dollar and Dollar Tree to meet robust corporate compliance and reporting requirements for the next three years, the DOJ said.

In pleading guilty, the company admitted that its Arkansas distribution center shipped FDA-regulated products to more than 400 Family Dollar stores in Alabama, Missouri, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Tennessee. According to the plea agreement, the company began receiving reports in August 2020 of mouse and pest issues with deliveries to stores. The company admitted that by January 2021, some of its employees were aware that the unsanitary conditions caused FDA-regulated products held at the warehouse to become adulterated in violation of federal law.

According to the plea agreement, the company continued to ship FDA-regulated products from the warehouse until January 2022, when an FDA inspection revealed live rodents, dead and decaying rodents, rodent feces, urine, and odors, and evidence of gnawing and nesting throughout the facility.

Subsequent fumigation of the facility resulted in the reported extermination of 1,270 rodents.

Retailer's 'Second Chance Program'
Giant Food meeting workforce needs with incarcerated people

Second Chance Program filled a role few individuals wanted and gave a now-former inmate a fresh start.

Since Giant launched its initiative to bring Dorsey Run inmates onto its payroll, known as the Second Chance Program, the retailer has hired about 30 inmates at the correctional center, Petway said. That number includes people who are currently incarcerated as well as employees who, like Davis, have completed their sentences but still work at the warehouse.

Workers who participate in the program can have no more than 18 months left to serve in prison and must have prior work experience, such as handling kitchen duties at Dorsey Run, to be eligible. They also need a high school diploma or proof that they are working toward such a certification.

People who join Giant though the Second Chance Program receive the same pay and benefits as other associates and are unionized, Petway said, adding that the Ahold Delhaize-owned company’s goal is to convert workers to permanent status, typically within a year and a half after they start.

The program has proved effective in helping Giant reduce its reliance on third-party staffing companies, which can charge twice as much per worker as the retailer spends on workers it directly employs, according to Petway, a 26-year Giant veteran who proposed the initiative to the company’s leadership after arriving at the fresh food facility in 2022. Giant also sees the program as a way to demonstrate its commitment to the neighborhoods where it does business, she said.

'Hands-On' Safety Training is Key
The Continuing Evolution of Safety Training

High-tech tools and an emphasis on individual learning are improving the effectiveness of safety training.

Thomas Pitts, Schneider Electric’s director of safety and environment for Services and Solutions Group in North America, said: “People learn more when training is hands-on,” Pitts says. “This [augmented reality] method allows people to understand specifically what happened in an incident and what could have been done differently.”

“What has changed over the past few years, in terms of technology, is that people are able to be trained on a variety of devices, such as computers, tablets and smartphones. They can train however and whenever they want—even on their own time, if they would like.”

This move toward individualized training is part of an overall company strategy. “Since COVID, there are two words that describe our training strategy: tailored and efficient,” explains Pitts.

Dutch Bros to open 150 to 165 shops in 2024

Playa Bowls to open 75 new shops in 2024

Costco opening a different kind of store with plans for more

Biggest storm of the year to bring up to 10 feet of snow and “near to impossible” travel conditions to Sierra this week

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ORC Subject Vetting

The Zellman Group is a fully vetted and authorized user of several research products that allow us to see behind the curtain. With our access, we are able to provide full due diligence on current physical assets, past and present addresses, past and present phone(s), including cell phone, court records, email, work associations, relatives, liens, judgments bankruptcies and various other background details.

Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT)

Open-Source Intelligence is data collected from publicly available sources to be used in an intelligence context. "Open" refers to overt or openly available. However, just because it is openly available doesn't mean it is easy to gather. Often there is too much information and skill is required to determine what information is actually valuable. Information does not need to be secret to be valuable. Information sourced from blogs, market places and social media can provide an endless supply of information which contribute to our understanding of a situation or may provide detail for an investigation. Our experienced Intelligence Analysts research and gather information from e-commerce communities, classifieds, social networks, Dark Web and criminal data to identify persons suspected of being involved in ORC theft.

Organized Retail Crime Recovery (ORC)

Organized Retail Crime (ORC) Claims may include recovery of reasonable attorney fees, and investigation and litigation expenses as permitted by law, incurred as a result of collection efforts by The Law Offices of Michael Ira Asen. Zellman and Asen shall take all reasonable measures in their collection efforts of ORC Claims.

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In Case You Missed It

Keynote Speakers Announced for RH-ISAC Cyber Intelligence Summit

Rich Agostino: Rich Agostino is a senior vice president and the CISO at Target. In this role, he is responsible for the company's cybersecurity and infrastructure organizations, enabling Target's enterprise strategy. Rich has extensive experience in IT, risk and compliance, and driving enterprise technology initiatives across large global organizations. Previously, he held various executive roles in information security, technology risk and audit at GE. Rich serves as chair of the board of directors for the Retail & Hospitality ISAC and is a member of the PCI Security Standards Council board of advisors. He will give the opening keynote on April 10.

Jayson E. Street: Jayson E. Street is a world-renowned social engineering expert. His career has focused on work as a simulated adversary for hire and has led him to successfully rob banks, hotels, government facilities, and biochemical companies on five continents. Jayson is the author of the "Dissecting the Hack: The F0rb1dd3n Network" book series, and he currently works as the chief adversarial officer at Secure Yeti. Grab a drink and strap in for an entertaining presentation from this hacker as he closes out the day on April 10!

Andy Greenberg: Andy Greenberg is a renowned journalist and author, widely recognized for his insightful coverage of cybersecurity and technology issues. With a keen understanding of the evolving cyber threat landscape, Andy has consistently delivered in-depth analysis and investigative reporting on high-profile cyber incidents, making him a trusted voice in the field. During his closing keynote on April 11, Andy will share his unique perspectives on the current state of cyber threats facing the retail and hospitality industries.

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Guarding the Retail Fortress
Cybersecurity Challenges and Network Interruption Risks
In the last several years, retailers have increased the speed with which they have built online and mobile app presence. With this evolution into digital sales and the increased use of data mining, retailers are facing unprecedented challenges in digital security.
Cyberattacks and network outages can disrupt operations and erode customer loyalty.

Robust Security Protocols

Retailers should establish and maintain strong security protocols such as:

Secure socket layer (SSL) encryption
Systems intrusion detection systems
Multi-factor authentication protocols
Complex password requirements
Segmentation of systems

Regular System Audits and Risk Assessment: Conducting regular audits of systems will help identify and address vulnerabilities before they are exploited by cybercriminals.

Employee Training: Training is needed that goes beyond stating rules and consequences. It should also be focused on ethical considerations as well as emphasizing the impact of cybersecurity breaches on personal and professional relationships.

Advanced Cybersecurity Technologies: Investing in advanced technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) can help in the early detection and response to cyber threats by analyzing patterns to predict potential breaches. According to a McKinsey & Company report, the integration of AI-driven security systems in retail has brought about a notable decline in the incidence of cyberattacks.

As the retail industry continues to navigate an evolving digital landscape, the importance of robust cybersecurity measures is key.
Understanding the threats, assessing the potential impacts and implementing a comprehensive strategy can safeguard operations, protect customers and maintain reputations. This proactive approach to cybersecurity is an essential component of sustainable business practice in the landscape today.

'Compromising Valid Accounts'
Hackers using stolen credentials to launch attacks as info-stealing peaks

Abusing valid accounts: the most common entry point into victim environments in 2023.

Attackers prefer compromised valid accounts over phishing or any other infection methods to gain access into victim environments, according to an IBM report.

“As defenders increase their detection and prevention capabilities,
attackers are finding that obtaining valid credentials is an easier route to achieving their goals, considering the alarming volume of compromised yet valid credentials available — and easily accessible — on the dark web,” IBM said in the report.

The report, which is based on IBM X-Force’s penetration testing data from incidents in 2023, also found
security misconfigurations and poor authentication enforcement as top application security risks opening organizations to identity-based attacks.

Additionally, the report identified
a drop in enterprise ransomware incidents as organizations either had tools to prevent such attacks or were prepared to refuse payment in favor of rebuilding infrastructure if attacked.

AI Has More Benefits for Defenders Than Attackers - For Now
Feds say AI favors defenders over attackers in cyberspace — so far

Officials from the FBI and DHS say generative AI has so far yielded more benefits for cybersecurity practitioners than malicious hackers.

As large language models and other artificial intelligence tools have proliferated more widely, researchers remain divided on whether highly
capable AI tools will provide an advantage to attackers or defenders in cyberspace.

According to two U.S. officials on the frontlines of securing American computer systems,
so far AI is giving an advantage to the defender — for now.

“Right now, there are
probably more cybersecurity benefits from using AI than there are threats from our adversaries using it. But that’s a precarious balance, and something we at the FBI are not taking for granted,” Cynthia Kaiser, deputy assistant director for the FBI’s cyber division, said Tuesday during a speech at the Trellix Cybersecurity Summit.

Five Eyes nations warn of evolving Russian cyberespionage practices targeting cloud environments

White House: Use memory-safe programming languages to protect the nation



Retail Secure Conference | March 21, 2024, Int'l Centre, Mississauga
Top retail loss prevention experts and security and law enforcement professionals are gathering on March 21, 2024 at Retail Council of Canada’s Retail Secure Conference.

The full agenda includes retail loss prevention leaders and industry experts such as:

✔ Mike Lamb, Vice President of Asset Protection & Safety
✔ Chris Nelson, SVP and Head of Asset Protection, Gap Inc.
✔ Sharon Bauer, Privacy Strategist & Founder, Bamboo Data Consulting
✔ Dr. Larry Barton, Risk Management Consultant
✔ Mark Dapat, Deputy Chief of Community Safety and Well-being Services Command, Peel Regional Police

Don't miss out on Canada’s premier event for retail loss prevention professionals! To view the full agenda and buy tickets, visit


RCMP Hit with Cyberattack
Royal Canadian Mounted Police targeted in 'alarming' cyberattack

The RCMP has launched a criminal investigation into the breach.

Canada's national police force was hit with a cyberattack Friday that was of
an "alarming" magnitude, according to the agency.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) is
now launching a criminal investigation into what happened and how their systems were able to be breached, the agency said in a statement to ABC News.

There is
no known impact to safety and security operations, RCMP says.

"While a breach of this magnitude is alarming,
the quick work and mitigation strategies put in place demonstrates the significant steps the RCMP has taken to detect and prevent these types of threats," according to the statement.

The RCMP says it is working with other Canadian government partners to continue "
assessing the breadth and scope of the security breach and hold those responsible accountable."

Canada's Organized Crime Crackdown
16 charged, 18 arrested in major operation targeting organized crime in Quebec
Sixteen suspects have been charged and 18 have been arrested in what authorities call
a large-scale operation targeting organized crime in Quebec City this weekend.

About 100 officers from specialized units from various police forces including the RCMP were deployed. Led by the Sûreté du Québec (SQ), raids began Friday evening at
multiple establishments in and around the capital city targeting those involved in conflicts between drug-dealing street gangs and more established biker clans.

The ongoing conflict has resulted in
a worrying uptick in violence. Incidents included a hostage-taking on Monday in St-Malachie, Que., south of Quebec City. Two people with ties to the Hells Angels were allegedly kidnapped and tortured and a third person was killed.

Authorities say
the violence is linked to a drug-trafficking territory war in the Quebec City area, the Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean region, the Lower St-Lawrence and the North Shore.

$2.5M Dollarama Settlement
Dollarama reaches $2.5M settlement in class-action suit over pricing

If approved, members of class-action lawsuit may be able to claim $15 gift card

Dollarama customers who purchased products subject to an eco fee — such as batteries, electronics, light bulbs or toys with batteries — may be eligible to claim a gift card.

The Montreal law firm of LPC Avocats Inc., announced Tuesday that the proposed national settlement has been reached in a
class-action lawsuit about prices advertised and charged by Dollarama for products subject to an Environmental Handling Fee (EHF). It's subject to court approval in April.

The plaintiff in the lawsuit alleged that the Montreal-based retailer
did not properly display the price of products subject to EHF and charged a total price or EHF higher than displayed or allowed by law.

Canadian Retail Sales Dip: Year-End Drop In Discretionary Spending
2023 Canadian retail sales ended in a lackluster way,
growing only 0.9% YOY for All Stores in December. Discretionary spending decreased in December, decreasing -1.0% YOY for All Stores Less Automotive, Food, and Pharmacies. The year-to-date sales grew in 2023 over 2022 to 2.1% and 0.4% respectively. The economic conditions in December were not ideal considering inflation remained high, and there were numerous layoffs announced at the end of the year.

Opinion: Crime is rising in Canada, and Liberals can't seem to find a solution

Canadian Consumers Willing to Switch Grocery Stores while Seeking Bargains

(Update) Details emerge in Surrey jewelry store robbery that left man shot
New details are emerging about a terrifying armed robbery at a Surrey jewelry store that left one man seriously hurt. The incident happened around 6:30 p.m. on Sunday at Impact Plaza, near 152 Street and 101 Avenue. The store’s manager, who Global News is identifying only as Maz for safety reasons, said the crew of robbers sent a fake customer in first, in order to get them through a set of double security doors. “When she left, she managed to keep the doors open and they rushed in,” he said. An employee, Maz’ business partner and her husband were inside the store at the time. Maz said the
group of robbers appeared to be four men and one woman.

“They came in with a gun ready for shooting in their hands, so my partner’s husband, who happened to be here … he saw them coming in, he attacked them right away.” A fight ensued, and the husband was shot, Maz said. “He chased them out, and they shot him again,” he said. “
He had four bullets in his legs. All within 30 seconds, in and out.” Surrey RCMP spokesperson Cpl. Sarbjit Sangha said the victim remains in hospital and is expected to survive.

Police investigate after shots reportedly fired into closed Scarborough business
Toronto police are investigating after a gunshots were reportedly fired into a Scarborough business on Sunday evening. The incident happened near Steeles Avenue East and Ashcott Street, which is just west of Brimley Road. Toronto police said they were called to the area shortly before 8 p.m. Police said that the business was closed at the time. No injuries have been reported. The investigation is ongoing.

Teen Mall Robbery Crew Busted
Four teenagers arrested after robbery at Fairview Park mall: police
Four teenagers were arrested after a robbery at the Fairview Park mall. Waterloo regional police were called to the Kitchener mall Saturday night at 5:45 p.m. They were told two victims inside the mall were surrounded by four teenage boys and robbed. Officers arrested four suspects and a baton was seized. Three 15-year-old boys and a 17-year-old boy have been charged with robbery.

5 charged in smash & grab Markham jewelry store robbery attempt, including 3 youths
Three youths and two 18-year-olds are facing charges following an alleged attempted smash-and-grab robbery at a jewelry store in Markham earlier this week.

RCMP investigate shooting that killed one man in Sicamous, B.C.

Armed robbery in Waterloo sees suspect pull trigger, no one hurt

Oshawa jewelry store targeted a second time by hammer-wielding suspects

Lac La Biche RCMP seek public assistance identifying suspect in liquor store robbery

View Canadian Connections Archives







Cart Abandonment Surges
Why Is Online Cart Abandonment So Stubbornly High?
Surprise shipping fees, lengthy delivery, security concerns, and a cumbersome checkout process are just some of the long list of reasons for online cart abandonment.

Statista reports that online cart abandonment has been climbing steadily since 2014, reaching 70% in 2023 for the first time since 2013 and up from 60% in 2006.

Last year, Baymard Institute found that the top reason U.S. online shoppers had abandoned a cart within the previous three months was “
I was just browsing/not ready to buy,” cited by 47.8%. At checkout, the top five abandonment issues were the extra costs were too high (shipping, tax, and fees), cited by 47%; the site required the creation of an account, 25%; delivery was too slow, 24%; not trusting the website with their credit card information, 19%; and the checkout process was too long or complicated, 18%.

Ranking lower, the remaining reasons in the top 10 were not being able to see or calculate the total order cost upfront, 17%; unsatisfactory returns policy, 16%; the website had errors or crashed, 14%; inadequate payment methods, 11%; and their credit card was declined, 6%.

Baymard Institute said in the study, “Unlike the ‘just browsing’ segment, a lot of these issues can be resolved. In fact, many of them can be fixed purely through design changes.”

A survey of 350 retail shipping professionals from OneRail, a provider of software that optimizes last-mile deliveries, found the top causes of online cart abandonment to be missing inventory/out of stock, cited by 40%; long delivery times, 32%; high shipping costs, 25%; lack of coupons and discount codes, 20%; and shortage of payment options, 18%.

A survey of U.S. consumers last year from third-party logistics provider Radial found
the security of the website being shopped on (48%) and concerns about the use and security of personally identifiable information (45%) to be two sizable culprits for increasing cart abandonment rates.

Small Businesses Impacted By E-Commerce Boom
2024 increase in online shopping threatens small businesses
As road traffic increases for delivery drivers,
foot traffic tends to decrease for small businesses.

According to a 2024 Statist report,
20% of shopping takes place online. By 2027, e-commerce is predicted to amount to a quarter of all retail transactions.

A leading cause of rising internet sales is the
lower prices offered online relative to those in store. According to Forbes, online stores do not have to account for the same overhead costs that in-person stores do.

How Zara is taking on Shein, one of the biggest Chinese online shopping website

After doubts about Alibaba's future, co-founder Joe Tsai says: 'We're back'







Stockbridge, GA: Thieves steal $17,000 worth of alcohol from liquor store
Stockbridge police are looking for two burglary suspects accused of stealing thousands worth of alcohol from a liquor store. Officers said two suspects burglarized the Stockbridge Bottle Shop on North Henry Boulevard at around 6:30 a.m on Saturday. In total, the suspects took $17,000 worth of alcohol before leaving the store, according to police.

Four Masked Suspects Stole Firearms, Ammo From Route 70 Gun Shop
The Evesham Township Police Department (ETPD) is asking for the public's help with its investigation into a burglary of a Route 70 gun shop that took place this week in the middle of the night. The incident occurred in the early morning hours of Monday, February 26. Evesham patrol officers responded to Urban Tactical Firearms, located at 65 E. Route 70, at about 2:30AM for a report of an activated burglar alarm and found that the business had been burglarized and the suspects had fled the scene. ETPD Detectives processed the scene and collected evidence and found that multiple firearms and various types of ammunition were stolen from the business.

Redmond, WA: Suspects ram stolen Kia into pot shop in Redmond 'crash-and-grab'
Three suspects used a stolen Kia to break into a Redmond cannabis shop Tuesday morning, causing "major damage to the storefront," police say. The "crash-and-grab burglary" occurred around 4:25 a.m. at Hashtag Cannabis, on the 7800 block of Leary Way, according to the Redmond Police Department (RPD). The three suspects rammed the Kia into the business, the RPD said. Surveillance video captured the suspects entering the pot shop through the broken front door and leaving "with product from the store a few minutes later," according to the RPD. The suspects fled in a second stolen vehicle and have not been found, police said.

Fairfield, NJ: 3 arrested for stealing over $2,000 worth of vacuums at Target
A trio was arrested Friday in Fairfield after being accused of stealing
more than $2,000 worth of Dyson vacuum cleaners. Police say 43-year-old Hamza Attawwab, of Queens, New York; 45-year-old Tory Kindred, of Bangor, Maine; and 43-year-old Tiffany Kindred, of Brooklyn, New York, were arrested for shoplifting. The incident happened around 12:30 p.m. Police say when they arrived at the store, two of the three individuals exited the store without any merchandise. They say Attawwab and Tiffany Kindred were both detained for further investigation. Security stated they saw Tory Kindred run from the store, police say. They say he was found a short time later in a wooded area near Little Falls Road where he was detained. Authorities say Tiffany Kindred and Attawwab also shoplifted from the store on Feb. 21. Both of them allegedly entered the store on that date, removed security tags from Dyson vacuums, and left the store with the stolen merchandise. The total amount shoplifted in that incident was $1,679.97, according to police.

Gwinnett County, GA: Man steals $2,000 in vape pens from Gwinnett County store






Shootings & Deaths

Fontana, CA: Man armed with saw inside Home Depot shot and killed by police
Terrifying moments unfolded inside a Home Depot in Fontana on Monday night when a man armed with a steel jab saw was shot and killed by police, authorities said. Officers with the Fontana Police Department were called to an area near Sierra and Jurupa avenues, around 6 p.m. The department had received multiple 911 calls saying that a man was acting erratically and intentionally trying to get hit by a car on the road. When officers got to the scene, officials said the man ran into the nearby Home Depot, located in the 16700 block of Santa Ana Avenue. Officers followed him inside, and that's when they said he armed himself with a carbon steel jab saw, initially described as "an edged weapon." Fontana PD officials said two officers aimed to de-escalate the situation as the suspect posed a threat to them as well as civilians at the scene. Officers made multiple verbal demands. However, the suspect refused to comply. Officers then used less-lethal force that was unsuccessful and then opened fire.

Brooklyn neighborhood terrified after deli worker executed over $2 cigar: ‘Can’t just live a normal life’
A Brooklyn neighborhood is on edge after a bodega worker was executed by a gunman allegedly upset over being denied a free cigar — as one resident railed “you can’t just live a normal life anymore.” “It’s sad. He didn’t use to bother anyone,” Crown Heights resident Barbara R., 62, said Tuesday, a day after 37-year-old Nazim Berry was shot in the back of the head by a killer who remains on the loose.

Berry had worked at Amin Deli as a clerk and was often seen cleaning up outside or stocking shelves, Barbara told The Post Tuesday. But on Monday at around 4:15 p.m. he was shot during an argument that was set off when he refused to give a crazed customer a free Black and Mild cigar that sells for about $2, according to cops and family.

The customer had left the store and come back with a gun and shot Berry in front of the store, according to the victim’s mother Hollie. The shooting left residents like Barbara concerned about violence in the city. “It’s getting so that you can’t just live a normal life anymore,” Barbara said. “Somebody comes up and asks you for a dollar, you have to wonder is this person going to kill me if I say no?”

Chicago, IL: Man charged in shooting death of Family Dollar store Security Guard on Chicago's West Side
A man has been charged in the shooting death of a Family Dollar store security guard last week in the Austin neighborhood on the West Side. Chicago Police Supt. Larry Snelling said 36-year-old Rodgerick O'Neal had been charged with first-degree murder in the death of 43-year-old Loyce Wright. Around 1:40 p.m. on Friday, Wright was in the Family Dollar store at 5410 W. Chicago Ave. when O'Neal came up and shot him several times, police said. Wright was taken to Stroger Hospital of Cook County, where he was pronounced dead. "He was simply at the store, doing his job, when his life was tragically taken from him," Snelling said. Police said a tip helped them identify O'Neal as the gunman and track him to Dolton. Detectives also obtained surveillance video footage of O'Neal near the scene of the shooting.

Sapporo, Japan: Suspect in Sapporo Convenience Store Incident, Which left 1 Dead and 2 Injured, Says He Had No Grudge Against Victims

Robberies, Incidents & Thefts

Vallejo, CA: Vallejo sideshow ends with looted 7-Eleven
On a violent Sunday night in Vallejo, a sideshow led to a shooting, a fire, and looting at a convenience store in the area. People who witnessed the rash of crime say it was chaos. Not only was a man shot, but a pick-up truck was intentionally set on fire at the sideshow, and then people looted a 7-Eleven. People who live in the area say it’s disappointing to see this kind of lawlessness in their neighborhood. Surveillance video (above) shows dozens of people running into the 7-Eleven at the intersection of Springs Road and Rollingwood Drive in Vallejo and raiding the store fridges and shelves. The manager of the 7-Eleven says no employees got hurt, but thieves took off with $8,000-$10,000 worth of goods. Police say the crowd came from a sideshow that was happening nearby. “I saw a lot of them running towards my house, and they were getting into a vehicle. They had bags of chips, random items,” said a witness who chose to remain anonymous. The woman says sideshows happen there often, but she could not believe all the crime that she witnessed afterward.

North Smithfield, RI: Man arrested, banned from Walmart following alleged assault on 80 year old
A North Smithfield man was arrested last month and ordered not to visit Walmart for two years following an alleged assault on an 80-year-old man. Joshua Laliberte, 41, of Hanton Road, North Smithfield was charged with felony assault on a person over age 60 causing bodily injury and misdemeanor disorderly conduct following the incident on Tuesday, Jan. 16. According to the arrest report, police responded to the Dowling Village store for a report of a disturbance, and the victim told police he was operating a motorized scooter, but was unable to get past two kids playing in an aisle. The 80-year-old man told officers he said, “heads up and watch out,” to the kids in attempt to pass. He said the mother of the children responded to him by saying, “they are not your kids, don’t be telling them what to do,” to which he replied, “just control your kids.”

Rantz: City of Redmond rejected Security request, then car drove through storefront
A month after the city of Redmond rejected a business owner’s request to install better security measures, a stolen car was driven through its storefront. Hashtag Cannabis has three locations across the Puget Sound. Because of the frequent crime, particularly at the location in Redmond, the business owners wanted to install bollards in front of the storefront. In December, a car drove through the storefront, causing over $35,000 in damages the business had to pay for out of pocket. (Bollards are short and sturdy posts that act as physical barriers capable of stopping cars driving through them.) These bollards, however, would minimally encroach on the sidewalk, which is city property, requiring permission from the city of Redmond. The city said no, without any explanation. A month later, on Feb. 27, a stolen Kia was driven through the storefront during another burglary. The bollards would have prevented this.

Greensboro, NC: Guilford College student tackles robbery suspect at C-store

Port Angeles, CA: Deputies searching for man wanted for burglary, stealing two FedEx trucks

Baltimore, MD: Crew indicted for crime spree involving killing, shootings and dozens of carjackings

Palo Alto, CA: Woman steals Amazon work van because she 'just needed to get back to San Jose'

Ann Arbor, MI: Women dine and dash, run over Ann Arbor restaurant employee's foot while fleeing

Dublin, Ireland: Shoplifter jailed for headbutting JD Sports security guard who stopped him

Netherlands: Uniforms and equipment meant for training of Ukrainian soldiers in UK stolen during cargo transport



C-Store – West Caldwell, NJ – Robbery
C-Store – Vallejo, CA – Robbery
C-Store – Burbank, CA – Armed Robbery
C-Store – Waynesboro, GA – Armed Robbery
C-Store – El Cajon, CA – Robbery
C-Store – Greensboro, NC – Robbery
Dollar – Unicoi County, TN – Robbery
Gaming – Springfield, MO – Armed Robbery
Grocery - Venice, CA – Burglary
Grocery – Pontiac, MI – Armed Robbery
Grocery – Exeter Township, PA – Robbery
Guns – Marlton, NJ – Burglary
• Jewelry – Atlanta, GA - Robbery
Jewelry - Lake Grove, NY – Robbery
Jewelry – Buford, GA – Burglary
Jewelry – Nashville, TN – Robbery
Liquor – Buford, GA – Burglary
Marijuana – Redmond, WA – Burglary
Pharmacy – Mogan Hill, CA – Robbery
Restaurant – Ann Arbor, MI – Robbery
Restaurant – Montgomery County, MD – Armed Robbery / Dunkin
Target – Fairfield, NJ – Robbery
Vape – Greenville, SC – Burglary
Vape - Gwinnett County, GA - Robbery
Walmart – Clarkston, WA – Burglary                                                                           

Daily Totals:
• 18 robberies
• 7 burglaries
• 0 shootings
• 0 killed


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