Evolving Perceptions of Value within Loss Prevention Departments

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There’s no doubt that the loss prevention/asset protection industry has changed drastically over the years. Once viewed as a security force or “bad guy catchers,” LP professionals are now viewed as active and valued members of business leadership.

Read the new report released by Agilence that aims to measure the value of Loss Prevention departments to their respective businesses in four categories: Perceptions, Measuring Success, Process, and Technology. Responses were collected from approximately 100 Loss Prevention professionals of every level and operating in various industries (including Retail, Grocery, Quick Service Restaurants, and more).

Topics covered in this research report include:

• Whether outdated perceptions are still relevant
• What are and aren't (yet) responsibilities that fall to LP
• How modern LP teams measure success
• The true value LP offers businesses back to the bottom line
• Which technologies have the power to increase departmental value
• And more...

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