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During the four weeks leading up to Christmas, an estimated $1.84 billion in merchandise will be shoplifted this year according to the Global Retail Theft Barometer, which was sponsored by Checkpoint. That's up about 6 percent from $1.7 billion during the same period last year. "It's really a question of need versus greed," says Joseph LaRocca, senior advisor of asset protection for the National Retail Federation trade group. An estimated one in 11 Americans shoplift, according to the National Association of Shoplifting Prevention. Theft of all kinds – including shop lifting, organized retail crime, employee theft and vendor fraud – cost retailers more than $119 billion worldwide up nearly 7 percent from the same period in 2010. That's the biggest gain ever recorded by the Global Retail Theft Barometer since it began the survey in 2007 and it represents about 1.45 percent of retailers' $986 billion in sales. And here's the "Buzz" on the top 10 things stole during the Holiday's - (source

Police pepper spray rowdy shoe shoppers in Seattle Police reportedly used pepper spray to break up fights among shoe buyers who pushed and shoved outside a Seattle area mall to pick up some of the first Nike retro Air Jordans that went on sale early Friday. (Source Associated Press)

M-commerce next on criminal hit lists? Retailers should prepare for the time when mobile devices and m-commerce sites become targets for criminals. Everything that happened in the PC world will and is starting to happen in the mobile world, says Avivah Litan, an analyst at Gartner Inc. The proliferation of mobile devices means retailers have even more work ahead of them to ensure safe mobile commerce. If they can control the handset, they can change the banking controls." (Source

Consumers are
expected to return $46.28 billion in merchandise purchased during the 2011 holiday season, according to the National Retail Federation, a trade group. That's up 4.25 percent from the $44.39 billion in goods returned after last season. Joe LaRocca, Senior Advisor to the NRF, said. Stores need to strike the right balance between preventing coordinated theft and fraud and making returns easy, seamless and even pleasant so that shoppers will return. The problem: criminal rings that steal merchandise then manage to return it for cash or store credit. Some even generate counterfeit receipts and present them at store registers, LaRocca said. Then there are the individuals involved in more run of the mill fraud such as "wardrobing" and "closeting." That's what retailers the practice of buying a holiday dress, wearing it to a weekend party, then returning it to the store with the receipt. Fraudulent and criminal return activity is expected to cost retailers $14.4 billion this year, up 5.8 percent from $13.6 billion last year, according to the trade group's data. (Source

Thieves annually steal 8.4 million credit-card numbers in the U.S. alone How do cyberbandits, who have turned hacking into a volume business, unload all those numbers? A lot like (AMZN), it turns out. And one European hacker is selling them on his site CVV2s for $3.50 each and he says "The main thing in any business is honesty" and "underworld buyers have come to trust the quality of his goods," he says. Customers on CVV2s can search for card numbers by bank, card type, credit limit and zip code, loading them into a virtual shopping basket as they go. CVV2s even has an automated feature that lets clients validate the numbers in real time, to make sure the bank hasn’t canceled the card. Hundreds of millions of dollars in stolen data are bought and sold in underground’s chat rooms and forums every year, a fencing operation that becomes more robust annually, according to RSA, the security division of EMC Corp. (Source

Cyberthieves steal data worth $114 billion a year. By comparison, the Federal Bureau of Investigation said the take from all bank robberies in the U.S. in 2010 was just $43 million. The global market in cocaine is an estimated $85 billion, according to the United Nations. "The problem is getting worse faster than we’re getting better," said Tony Sager, chief operating officer of the Information Assurance Directorate at the National Security Agency, which includes some of the U.S. government’s best cyberexperts. "We’re not keeping pace." And remember in years to come your biggest internal threat may be changing their profile and it may be the geek sitting a few offices down from you. (Source

Second suspect arrested for Aldi security guard murder A second man has been charged in connection with the November robbery of an Aldi grocery store in Chicago, where a security guard was fatally shot. (Source

Suspect Arrested In Attempted Kidnapping At Asheville Mall, NC
Police say Barney Eugene Wooten tried to abduct a 4-year-old girl who was seated near her father as he worked at a Kiosk at the mall. The father, said the suspect sat down next to his daughter and then forcefully grabbed her arm and pulled her towards him. As the father called to his daughter, the suspect continued to get the child to go with him. When the dad approached the suspect Wooten ran away. Mall Security made the statement that they had received reports earlier that a male suspect was seen following young children.

UK Consumers are the world leaders in online shopping Brits are turning to the internet to fulfill their online Christmas shopping needs more so than any other nationality, new research has revealed. UK consumers are set to spend a total of 350 million hours online this festive season searching for gifts for loved ones. Well they're famous for all the rain. (Source

Operation Holiday Hoax nabbed $84M, hit 66 U.S. Cities, 55 Mexican Cities and more in Seoul, South Korea with 33 arrests in the U.S. U.S. and Mexican agents have seized about 350,000 counterfeit items worth about $84 million in an operation targeting fake goods, Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Also of Special Note: This major operation is making all the papers in numerous cities with stories of what store was hit and the people arrested in their respective locations. From swap shops in Florida to small mom and pop retailers they really made a huge impact throughout the entire U.S. with over a dozen articles in various cities. (Source

It's just like drugs. As long as the demand is there for counterfeits, people are going to manufacture it. "Don't buy counterfeits," Kingsland said. "It's really the only solution" - according to one private investigator in Columbus, Ohio who helped make an $8M counterfeit bust this past October in a raid. (Source

Chinese Hackers Breached U.S. Chamber of Commerce and went undetected for 6 months Chinese hackers broke into computers at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and had access to everything on its systems including information on about 3 million of its members, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal. Discovered and shut down by the FBI in May 2012, after possibly a year of operating, the organized group of hackers thought to be with the Chinese government knew whom to target and what data to go after. (Source

Go Daddy Faces Boycott Threat From SOPA Opponents Internet domain registrar Go Daddy is facing a boycott threat after it figured in a list of supporters of the controversial Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA). Ben Huh, CEO of Cheezburger, which runs humor websites, said in a Twitter message: "We will move our 1,000 domains off @godaddy unless you drop support of SOPA. We love you guys, but #SOPA-is-cancer to the Free Web". (Source

You better watch out - Santa's watching - and so was 25 Deputies! A Shoplifter was busted for 6th time during Shop with a Cop event Running out of the Wal-Mart electronics department little did this shoplifter know that there was 25 deputies and 75 underprivileged children holiday shopping with Santa all of which were watching. He now faces 10 to 60 years in prison for his 6th time in jail for shoplifting and other charges. (Source

A Message to our Readers: We'd like to thank each and every one of you for following along and reading our D&D Daily this past year. We consider it an honor and a privilege to be able to present these news story's, industry events, and executive moves. Our objective each and every day is to publish a Daily that adds value to your day - in your job, in your career, and with your company. Our goal is to hopefully make a difference and help this industry grow thru the power of information and also to hopefully inspire you to expand your vision and increase your knowledge. Because as Edward Deming, the founder and author of Total Quality Management (TQM) once said - Knowledge is the ability to predict future behavior. And if the Daily can help you accomplish that then everything we do is well worth all the effort. Once again, thank you for the time you give us and we're dedicated to earning that each and every day. We'd like to wish all of you and happy and safe Holiday Season!

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eBay Global Asset Protection Wishes You Merry Christmas

eBay Global Asset Protection team would like to take this opportunity to wish our valued retail loss prevention and law enforcement partners, and their families a very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy New Year. We look forward to continued success in 2012! Enjoy!

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ORC suspect busted who had been shipping his loot to Argentina and hitting stores in multiple states. Identified by an LP officer at a Von Maur store in Bloomington, IL, police apprehended 18 yr-ol Miguel Garcia who had been hitting other Von Maur stores in Iowa. Police found $8,000 in stolen merchandise and 60 pairs of jeans, receipts for mailed packages from Iowa to Argentina, Von Maur hangers, boxes and packing tape. Also they found a list of shopping malls and retail stores. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement has issued an order to detain Garcia, who also is wanted on burglary and retail theft charges in Florida and California. Was he working alone? (Source

ORC Ring of 3 busted for hitting 9 Target stores in Florida Three people are under arrest for their involvement in a retail theft ring. The Osceola County Sheriff's says the suspects, 25-year-old Ramel Frost, 23-year-old Orrissa Sermon, and 24-year-old Sean Davis, stole electronics from nine Target Stores in Orange and Osceola counties. Deputies were able to recover several thousands in stolen property. (Source

Shoplifting and ORC is up 36% this holiday season in Savannah, GA The Savannah-Chatham police reported shoplifting on the southside was up a little more than 36%. In April, under the Southside Precinct’s then-captain Richard Zapal, officers established a secure website where loss-prevention officers and police post photos of shoplifters banned from stores. The site also helps them identify shoplifters caught on camera but not arrested. Also in April, Simmons, Southside detectives and loss prevention officers from the precinct’s malls and stores began meeting once a month. The goal was better communication, and they worked on things like standardizing the way they give descriptions of fleeing suspects and how they fill out forms and also talk about shoplifters recently seen in stores. According to a report compiled by the Savannah-Chatham police department’s data analysts, more shoplifting has been reported at Macy’s than any other store in recent weeks, with nine instances of theft reported between Nov. 13 and Dec. 12. J.C. Penney is the next-most-popular store for shoplifters, with four thefts reported. Oglethorpe Mall has had more shoplifting than Savannah Mall, according to the report, with 38 such thefts there, compared to 15 at Savannah Mall. Friday has been the most popular day for shoplifters, with 24 percent of the thefts that occur all week happening on that day. (Source

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D&D Daily Canadian Push

Influx, expansion of international chains in Canada shows no signs of slowing Given the challenges in the global economy, it may appear at first glance to be a less than ideal time for retailers to expand operations. But many of the recently launched chains had plans in the pipeline months — and even years — before opening in Canada. Trendex North America president Randy Harris said U.S. retailers also have had the benefit of seeing other chains succeed in Canada, giving them a confidence they may not have had two or three years ago to enter the market. And companies won't just be battling for dollars. Baer foresees more competition for retail talent like personnel to fill management and head office positions. A number of the U.S. retailers that do enter the market are deep-pocketed so they can afford to pay, and they'll probably pay — overpay, in fact — to try to get some talent initially to help them run their Canadian operations," he said from Montreal. Great article and a must read if you really want a global retail prospective of what's going on in Canada. (Source

The High-Tech fall out is still spiraling for a few Canada's record shop HMV is just about to wrap up its last Xmas and going out of business sale at the same time and prices are in free fall at the biggest retail outlet HMV operates in Canada. There will no longer be a major retail outlet in downtown Vancouver where you can actually shop for music and films. And in the UK this week HMV reported sales falling just as drastically as their Canadian counterparts. And on another front while Blockbuster has closed more than 400 stores in Canada now their Canadian counterpart Rogers is closing 40% of their stores leaving only 93 and reporting sales declines of 46% this year. And on a side note their Post Office is basically going thru some of the same problems the U.S. Postal Service is going thru just not on the same level. (Source

The PATH is coming and it will be the biggest underground shopping complex in the world! More than a century after Toronto’s first underground pedestrian walkways were built. The system, which joins subway stations, business towers and food courts, now contains more than 1,000 stores. With about 100,000 commuters passing through every day, nearly $1.5-billion in sales revenue is generated each year and they're planning to expand it to the waterfront and beyond. Over the next decade consumers will be able to freely move throughout the city regardless of weather and travel and shop to their hearts content. If you don't have a store there now you might expect one in the next few years. (Source

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Manager, Business Continuity Winn-Dixie Jacksonville, FL Winn-Dixie

Corp LPM of Analytics & Exception Reporting



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The Home Depot

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Asset Protection Manager The Home Depot Metro Northern NJ The Home Depot
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Regional LP Director Confidential Los Angeles, CA Downing & Downing


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Regional AP Director Toys R' Us McDonough, GA Toys R' Us
Regional AP Mgr Babies R' Us Flanders, NJ Toys R' Us
District LP Mgr Marshalls Carolina, PR The TJX Companies, Inc.
Loss Prevention Mgr Kmart Belleville, NJ Sears Holdings Corp.
Market AP Mgr Walmart Nashville, TN Walmart
Asset Protection Mgr Sam's G1 Southfield, MI Walmart
Loss Prevention Mgr Macy's Alton, IL Macy's

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Vector Security False Alarm Reduction
Permit Compliance Coordinator Named 2011 FARA Associate Member of the Year

Recognized for her outstanding contributions in the effort to reduce false alarms, Vector Security’s False Alarm Reduction – Permit Compliance Coordinator, Kristina Walker, added "2011 FARA Associate of the Year" to her growing portfolio of achievements. Ms. Walker received the W. Rex Bell Associate Member of the Year award at the False Alarm Reduction Association (FARA) annual symposium held in San Antonio, TX.

Gerry Miller, President of FARA, comments that "Ms. Walker’s award demonstrates her commitment to attacking the false alarm problem head on." The W. Rex Bell Associate Member award is one of the highest honors given to deserving individuals who demonstrate a significant commitment and contribute the most to their department or company, the community at large and FARA. "Not only has Kristina worked hard to bring many FARA projects to fruition, but she also helped to reduce false alarms by 52% at her own company’s National Accounts Division." The person, for whom the award is named, W. Rex Bell, has even more to say about its value and symbolism. "The reason why Vector Security is one of the most highly respected alarm companies in America is because they truly place protection first and foremost in their business philosophy."

Ms. Walker manages Vector Security’s false alarm reduction and permit compliance program for its National Accounts Division. She works diligently to ensure that Vector Security’s national retail customers maintain the lowest possible false alarm rates, while remaining compliant with the ever growing list of alarm management regulations currently on the books in a high number of cities, towns and boroughs across the United States. "False alarm reduction has been etched in my mind since I joined Vector Security," says Walker. "Our false alarm reduction program, which was championed by our former president, John A. Murphy, has received national acclaim. When no one was talking about the short- and long-term impact of uncontrolled false alarms, we were out there instructing our customers about the need to reduce them."

Vector Security’s commitment to improving communications includes other organizations in addition to FARA. Pamela J. Petrow, Vector Security’s current president and CEO, began working with the Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials (APCO) International in a program to improve the level, accuracy and timeliness of alarm dispatching information from private central stations to national 9-1-1 centers. Ms. Petrow and the Central Station Administration and ISG departments of Vector Security worked to help produce the first American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standard for "Alarm Monitoring to PSAP – CAD External Alarm Interface Exchange program." In fact, Petrow was honored by APCO as the 2009 recipient of APCO’s President’s Award. "We’re indeed honored to see that a growing number of Vector people are carrying the false alarm reduction torch," says Petrow. "Kristina, however, has shown exceptional assertion and motivation in continuing the commitment."

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Craig Releford was named Regional Loss Prevention Manager, Region 21 for Burlington Coat Factory.

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Make Time for Time Most of us will spend more than one-third of our lives and more than half of our waking adult hours in our workplaces. A natural concern, and one worthy of a New Year's reflection and resolution, is how can we be better, more honest and more efficient with that time. (Five gut-check questions)

5 Leadership Tips for 2012 With only a few days left until we usher in the New Year, you're going to be bombarded with lists of things to do and not to do. Most of them will contain the same tired rhetoric from years past while offering little new in the way of helpful thought. Here are five key items to focus on if you're serious about becoming better leaders in 2012. (Make sure to read the bonus item!)

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