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Hope - Joy - Peace of Mind. Wishing you safe & happy holidays. Alpha High Theft Solutions
News Brief - Sponsored by WG Security Products

Michael LambMike Lamb was named Senior Director Operations Support - Asset Protection US Stores for Walmart. Michael's retail experience spans over 30 years. Prior to joining Walmart, he served as the Vice President of Asset Protection for The Home Depot, where his department was named fifth best global Loss Prevention Department by Security Magazine. Michael got his start at Home Depot in 1999 as the Corporate Manager of Investigations. Prior to Home Depot, he was the Loss Prevention Director for Federated Department Stores. Michael has served as an Advisory Board Member of the Loss Prevention Research Council (LPRC); Executive Member of the Enterprise Risk Council for The Home Depot; Editorial Board Member of Loss Prevention Magazine; Board Member of the Loss Prevention Foundation; LP Steering Committee member for the Retail Industry Leadership Association (RILA) as well as Chairperson for RILA’s Asset Protection Leaders Council (APLC); Member of the Atlanta Security Council and serves as a board member on the Atlanta Chapter of the Foundation Fighting Blindness. Congrats Michael!
Lisa LaBruno was promoted to Sr. Vice President, Retail Operations for RILA. Lisa has been at RILA for nearly three years, serving as VP of Loss Prevention & Legal Affairs. Prior to arriving at RILA in March 2010, Lisa was a practicing attorney for nearly 20 years. She came to RILA from The Home Depot where she served as in-house attorney for eight years. Prior to The Home Depot, Lisa was a corporate litigation attorney at the Archdiocese of Newark (New Jersey), assistant prosecutor in the Hudson County (New Jersey) Prosecutor’s Office and associate attorney at Hannoch Weisman. She has also served as an adjunct professor at Seton Hall University. Lisa earned a BA from Penn State University and her JD from Seton Hall Law School. Congrats Lisa!
Garth Gasse, CFI was named Director Retail Operations, Asset Protection for RILA. Garth comes to RILA with a wealth of asset protection experience, having worked in the retail AP industry for twenty-six years. Most recently, Garth was a Regional Asset Protection Manager at Toys R Us. Prior to Toys R Us, Garth assumed various AP roles at Victoria’s Secret Stores, CVS and Garfinkel’s Department Store. Garth is a graduate of University of North Carolina and is a past member of the Loss Prevention Foundation LPQ/LPC coursework committee. Congrats Garth!

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Tricky thieves target stores during holidays - Verisk Crime Analytics and Target's Forensic Lab - center stage  Great story and video a must watch! Covers the lego thefts, underringing, ORC, and roof top burglary's another day for Verisk Crime Analytics to take center stage. With Target's forensic lab up front and center as well. It's making all the rounds in the papers. (Source

The internet - Amazon - online retailers - same day shipping - has the brick and mortars using stores themselves as shipping hubs and shoppers can expect the trend to continue  Everything is changing and logistics is becoming more and more important. Retailers are increasingly focusing on speed. Following Amazon's lead, other retailers are experimenting with regional warehouses to get the product closer to potential customers. Nationwide, the final retail push on Friday and Saturday is expected to yield $34 billion in total sales, accounting for roughly 8 percent of the $400 billion in December sales. (Source

Amazon's CEO and founder, Jeff Bezos awarded NRF's Gold Medal Award
for serving the industry with distinction and achieving a national reputation for excellence. Recipients of this award have displayed creative genius and inspirational leadership and won the respect of fellow merchants for their devotion to the retail craft, according to NRF. (Source

Discounts Abound as Stores Try to Salvage Season - will it be enough? For a few no!  With poor November sales and disappointing sales after the Thanksgiving weekend push retailers are slashing prices to get that last minute shopper. Aeropostale has slashed prices on everything in its stores by 60 percent. Saks Fifth Avenue is cutting prices on some designer clothing up to 60 percent. And Children's Place is offering up to 75 percent off on its website. February is going to be very interesting. Store closures, payroll cuts, re-organizations. How many will there be? (Source

PayPal’s ambitious plans for stores 
Pilot projects in development with 16 retailers. At more than a dozen retail chains including The Home Depot Inc., Guitar Center and Toys ‘R’ Us Inc., PayPal is rolling out payment terminals that let consumers pay by either entering the same login and password they use for PayPal online, or by swiping one of three payment cards co-branded by PayPal and MasterCard: a debit card or prepaid card linked to a consumer’s PayPal stored-value account, or a PayPal Express MasterCard credit card, which is issued by GE Capital Retail Bank. Another project focuses on making PayPal the way consumers pay in stores with their mobile phones. In this arena, PayPal takes on payments processor Square Inc. (Source

Counterfeit goods to hit between $1,220B to $1,770B by 2015 in G20 countries
In 2008, Paris-based International Chamber of Commerce, in a report, had said the impact of counterfeit products on G20 countries was estimated at $455 billion to $650 billion. This impact is estimated to rise to the tune of $1,220 billion to $1,770 billion by 2015. One day this too will be a part of every Loss Prevention executive's job responsibilities. The internet has brought so many together with so many tools that counterfeiting is everywhere and impacting every brand. And not to far off in the future corporate America will have to include it in the job responsibilities of every Loss Prevention executive. (Source
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ID theft devices getting smaller & more advanced  Nearly 200 law enforcement officers gathered in Hunt Valley in a two day seminar to learn the latest techniques in identity theft from the experts at LifeLock. Interest has doubled on the part of law enforcement to learn the new techniques as crime spirals. (Source

A Federal Grand Jury in Memphis has indicted 15 former FedEx workers, charging them with stealing from U.S. mail.  The theft of mail and obstruction of correspondence charges stem from cash, gift cards and drugs being stolen from U.S. Postal Service mail moving through the Memphis FedEx sorting hub. The U.S. Attorney's Office said gift cards from Walmart and Target were filched from letters, cash was stolen from greeting cards and in one case more than $2,000 in cash was taken from a package. The thefts occurred between November 2010 and January 2011. (Source

Cybercrime spikes during the holidays - "The January Effect"
There is agreement that holiday season vacations are a factor. "There are more people logging into company networks from home computers, which are not as secure as corporate computers, during the holiday season, and cybercriminals know that there are few IT staff working during the holiday," said David Nevin, vice president at TaaSera. "So, it's a good time to launch an attack. It's not really a January Effect, it's a Global Holiday effect." (Source

Over 1,000 counterfeit Otter Box phone cases are seized in a Biloxi, Mississippi Mall.  Agents from ICE / US Customs made a raid on a mall vendor in the Edgewater Mall. Agents were seen seizing over one thousand fake Otter Box cell phone cases. No arrests were made, federal charges could be pending. (Source

Phoenix area women accused of passing thousands in counterfeit bills in area stores for the last four months.  Authorities say 23-year-old Amanda Jo Friederich was arrested Tuesday on suspicion of 23 counts of forgery as she was leaving a Target store in Mesa. Friederich was identified on surveillance video at both Walmart and Target stores in Mesa, Gilbert, Scottsdale and Phoenix; it is believed she has been at this since September. The counterfeit $50 bills had the face of Abraham Lincoln; many had the same serial number. (Source

Finish Line Store near Memphis robbed as the associate opens for the day.  An armed gunman approached the opening store associate on Wednesday morning at the Finish Line Store in the Southhaven Mall. The armed suspect went to the rear of the store, opened the back door to let a second gunman into the store. Money and merchandise were taken; the associate was taped at the wrists and ankles but was unharmed. The Southhaven Police SkyCop parking lot video system was not able to assist in the investigation because the getaway car was always waiting behind the building. (Source

Criminal charge filed over a pistol lost in a theater in Tillamook, Oregon; recovered by a 7th grader.  The man who lost his gun in a Tillamook movie theater had his concealed handgun license revoked and he will now face criminal charges. A deputy went to the home of Gary Quackenbush, and revoked the license. On Thursday, the Tillamook County district attorney filed a reckless endangering charge against Quackenbush. Police said two seventh-grade boys found his gun during a field trip to see The Hobbit. They told a school staff worker who called police. Officers took possession of the small caliber, fully loaded, semi-automatic pistol. Police said the safety was off and there was one round in the chamber. (Source

Colorado man gets 20 years for bomb device he planted in a mall last year.  In June of 2011, David Lawless broke into several businesses in the Colorado Mills Mall. When Lawless got into the Borders store he planted two homemade explosive devices and a third device was later recovered from a mall trash can. State Police later arrested Lawless for DUI, during the apprehension, Lawless is accused of attempting to stab the trooper, and bomb making material was recovered from his vehicle. Yesterday, Lawless was sentenced to 20 years. (Source

Huntsville, Alabama Police deploy pepper spray on unruly crowd waiting on Nike shoe release.  Over 100 people were waiting not for the actual shoes, but for one of 36 bands which means you could get the new Air Jordon’s at a later date. Some waited for the Thursday morning band hand-out since Wednesday night inside the mall. When the mall doors opened Thursday morning, the crowd grew and then got unruly according to police. Huntsville Police denied spraying the crowd, but said they did deploy the pepper spray ‘in the general direction’ of the crowd. (Source

Belk’s loss prevention catches two suspects attempting a cash office burglary in Kingsport, Ohio.  Kingsport Police were called to the Belk Department store after two suspects were attempting to gain access to the cash office using two large screwdrivers. The suspects were detained until police arrived and both will be charged with attempted burglary. (Source

Cross Iron Mills Mall shooting investigated by RCMP near Calgary.  A 42-year-old man has been hospitalized after what RCMP is calling a targeted shooting at Cross Iron Mills Mall south of Airdrie. The Cross Iron Mills Mall shooting occurred on Wednesday, Dec.19 just after 6 p.m. Calgary RCMP says they became aware of the shooting after the 42-year-old victim was driven by a friend to the Hospital in Calgary. Calgary Police responded to the hospital and began the initial investigation into the shooting before handing the case over the RCMP. Police then determined that the shooting occurred near the Cross Iron Mills Mall, over 30 miles from the hospital. Airdrie RCMP responded to the mall and secured several possible crime scenes. (Source

Two Walmart associates in New Orleans booked for theft: iPads and merchandise valued at over $4500.  The Grocery Manager and an associate worked together to steal thousand of dollars in merchandise from a Walmart in New Orleans. Walmart loss prevention and police were able to recover $1500 of merchandise for the home of one suspect. Upon conducting a search several other electronics items were found. The suspect admitted that he had been stealing for the past six months. (Source

Books a Million LP Associate threatened with a knife by Robbery suspect in Huntsville, Alabama.  Quincy Harris now faces first degree robbery charges following a stop by Loss Prevention for theft. Harris was just arrested last month for theft of property (under $500) in Madison, Alabama. (Source

Quarterly Same Store Sales Results

Bed Bath & Beyond Q3 up 1.7% with total sales up 15.3% due to two acquisitions
Rite Aid Q3 down 1.5% with sales down 1.2% and a profit of $61.9M - the first profitable Q since Q1 2008

Happy Holidays & Thank You for reading

We at the Daily would like to thank all of you for reading and supporting the D-D Daily. It's been our honor to provide you with the information and news that makes this industry so critical in today's world. All of us here are absolutely committed to making sure you have the information, news, and job postings that can help you with your jobs, your careers, and your companies. If there is ever anything we can do to help you please don't hesitate to let us know and if you have an idea or suggestion about how we can improve, once again just let us know. We spend 20 labor hours a day producing this and our passion is your individual development and our sponsors help us and allow us to do just that. So we'd also like to thank them as well. For it is the solution providers - the vendors - that also help solve your issues, your challenges, and your shrinkage problems. And if it wasn't for them the Daily would not be here. So please take a minute to remember that the next time one of them calls you as they are the ones who deserve the credit for the Daily being here.

We'd like to wish all of you a wonderful holiday season and stay well until next year as we continue on our mission of informing, educating and instilling a sense of community for the Loss Prevention industry.

Thank You
Gus Downing, Publisher & Editor
Gordon Smith, Contributing writer
Heather Freeman, Digital Manager
Katie Tuttle, Content Manager
Jan Nejedlik, Web Developer


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Responding as a Community - Our Obligation

With the holidays upon us and families waiting it's hard to put aside all of what's happened in the past few months. The multiple shootings, increased violence, and the news yesterday that there's been a run on bullet proof vests, ammunition and guns. How do we separate it from the joy of Christmas? As adults and parents we show our strength to our families and children. But as mere humans we all wonder and fear that something may lay ahead in a store, a mall, a theater, and now even a school function. We look at our children and spouses and search to give them the answers they need but yet have we really found the answers we need for ourselves. For the first time in my life, I'm not afraid to admit that yes I am worried, that yes when I walk into a store I may be looking a little more intently around me and at others I may deem suspicious. Not from my LP profile prospective that I've spent my whole career doing, but from the prospective of a mere human being looking for safety and wanting to feel that comfort of just enjoying being out in the public and being able to people watch without fearing someone may steal that away and bring that terrible reality, that so many have experienced over the last year, slamming right into my world.

Right now, this very minute literally hundreds of families are facing their first Christmas without a loved one, without a child, without a parent, or brother or sister. This to me is the most tragic of all losses. And while all of us struggle to find the answers that will never come, the safety that is forever lost, part of the public is arming themselves and part is wearing bullet proof vests. Do they have the answers? Or are they merely the most scared of us all? Regardless of our response to them we still can not be judgmental, we still can not retreat into our own corners and allow this to mask the beauty of the holidays, the beauty of our families, and beauty of an outstretched hand giving help to someone in need. For it is that beauty that gets us all through these horrific tragedies. It's that beauty that we must force to prevail and it is that beauty where all the answers lie.

I for one have been changed this year. At first it was a gradual evolution that was slapped awake in Colorado with its terrible Toronto connection, came crashing in my front door in Chardon, where our own Content Manager here at the Daily lost friends from her High School, and now Connecticut, where every parent on the planet felt the loss. Am I even the one qualified to even speak of such things? Or is it such events that end up changing a nation's perceived core belief that the right to bear arms is actually a guiding principal of freedom. Are we that lost in our pursuit of freedom that we jeopardize the lives of hundreds of men, women, and children every year? And more importantly; do we allow this to continue?

In a society addicted to the internet, with games glorifying death, and young men pitifully lost in their own dark minds what do we do? How do we help? How do we contribute as individuals, as executives, and as a Loss Prevention community? Because quite frankly in many regards we are the first responders in many cases and one of our primary objectives, although it's never been as highlighted as it is now, is the safety of our associates and customers - the people - the human beings in our stores and in our offices around the world. And in this writer's humble opinion it's time to do something. It's time to over react. And it's time where the Loss Prevention community can help lead and can give an outstretched hand to every human being in the retail world.

2013 should be the year that every retail employee is trained and certified on how to react and how to safeguard themselves and the customers from these horrific tragedies. This must become a priority of every retailer no matter how large or small. Because it's going to happen again and it's our responsibility to help save lives. This goes beyond petty political differences of what internal department is responsible for what. It goes beyond merely making sure we audit signed training sheets that show they've been trained. What we've seen this year alone, if indicative of a trend, has signs that could be blinding for all of us.

Now certainly I am not the person qualified to even make this suggestion to all of you. But as a fellow human being and as a Loss Prevention executive, although some of you may question that claim, I ask you to at least consider it. Because if this continues a number of you will be facing that horrible question - What if?

Lastly, let me apologize for leaving all of you with such a dramatic article going into the holidays. But quite frankly I've been struggling with this all week as most if not all of you have been as well. And while I've prided myself of being able to report the news daily without becoming personally attached this time I've found a weakness where I'm compelled to share my thoughts. I only hope that my point is not merely lost on this page.

Thank you for reading this

Gus Downing

Gun deaths to surpass deaths in traffic accidents by 2015 - Every day in the U.S., 85 people are shot to death, more than half by suicide  Gun deaths are on the rise, and in three years, more Americans will die from gunshot wounds than in car crashes, a report found. By 2015, shootings are likely to surpass car crashes as one of the leading causes of non-medical deaths in the U.S. In 2010, 31,328 people died by killer weapons, up from 28,393 in 2000. And in three years, Centers for Disease Control numbers forecast nearly 33,000 shooting deaths, compared to 32,000 traffic deaths, the report said. This proves seat belt mandates and safety laws have made driving safer than ever, experts said, while lax gun control laws may have contributed to a bump in shooting deaths. “We haven’t had a year like 2012 for mass shootings before, with each one being more disturbing than the last,” Daniel Webster, director of gun policy research at Johns Hopkins, told Bloomberg News. “It’s harder to chalk this up to random acts than to flaws in our gun laws.” (Source


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USS - The Family that Stays Together Saves Together. Mini Patriot FamilyLas Vegas gang caught stealing a trailer of merchandise from Target; $250,000 recovery.  A brazen gang of four men were arrested by Las Vegas Metro Police stealing a truck/trailer from the Target parking lot. The thieves hit the jackpot with $250,000 worth of electronics, food and cleaning supplies, which they had planned to sell at their own store also in Las Vegas. (Source

Trio arrested in counterfeit money scam hitting Toys R Us stores in California
Three suspected thieves were busted this week for a counterfeit money scam at a Pinole Toys 'R' Us store. A security officer at the store told police that a suspect was attempting to return merchandise that had been purchased using counterfeit money earlier in the evening at a San Rafael Toys "R" Us location, Janke said. The security officer recognized the suspect as someone who had made fraudulent purchases at the store using counterfeit money in the past. Further investigation revealed the three suspects were also linked to similar cases at Toys 'R' Us locations in Vallejo and San Rafael," Janke said. "It is likely the suspects engaged in similar fraud activity at other retail stores within the Bay Area. Another nearby business in Pinole, the Big Five Sporting Goods store at 1572 Fitzgerald Drive, encountered a counterfeit. (Source


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Over the river and through the woods - consider these safe travel tips this holiday season. Depending on road conditions, weather, and your dedication to routine vehicle maintenance, you may be in for more than you bargained for when it comes to holiday travel. Here are some tips to keep you safe when you travel, whether it be during the holidays, or on a regular basis.  (Source


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Vendor Spotlight


Best and Worst of Retail in 2012 part 3

By Adam Creamer
Agilence, Inc.

The previous two posts of this series we discussed the best of mobile technologies and social media, and the worst credit card scams and strategies. In this, part 3, I focus on some of the culture around the retail industry. This year has seen many ups and downs, and this post show just how well retail made the best of a bad situation. I also discuss how parents sometimes take advantage of the people at their disposal. Read part 1, part 2

Best: Retailer’s Response to Hurricane Sandy

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again kudos to all retailers and their response after Sandy. Being located in south Jersey, we witnessed our friends and neighbors further north get hit hard. Retailers in this area came on strong with their relief efforts after the storm, and in some cases helped the first responders by supplying them with food, water, and equipment. This isn’t only limited to those retailers in the tri-state area (NJ, NY, PA) either, all of those who shipped in supplies the night after the storm also deserve a big thank you. Your supplies helped the retailers here help those in need. You all showed what we can accomplish when we come together, thank you for helping the community.

Worst: Bad Parents

This may sound like it has nothing to do with retail, but you would be surprised. It seems like during the summer months there are stories on a weekly basis of parents leaving their children in cars while they decide to go shopping. This year the issue was made bigger with parents leaving their kids in the car during the winter as well. Leaving their kids in the car isn’t the only thing bad parents do either. In 2012 more and more parents used their children to steal or commit fraud. Cases ranged from parents using their children as distractions, to parents making their children actually carry the stolen goods out of the store while the parent waits in the car. It’s amazing what people will do to steal, and it’s sad that they are willing to use their children.


All of us here at Agilence would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year! We hope that 2013 continues the resurgence of the economy and the growth of retail. And as always, allow us to keep an eye on your stores in the new year.

Derek Rodner
VP, Product Strategy
856-366-1200 x500


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Mark DuncanInternal Theft

By Mark Duncan
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as published on July 12, 2012

Internal Theft: Store Management miss the restitution boat time and time again by focusing on what actions the internal thief just did. Sometimes the focus is so strong that word gets out, the internal thief gets word that they may be caught. Coach, Teach, Train Store Management the importance of not necessarily worrying what the internal thief just did. Show store management that they should express care through the means of communication and report, but ensure store management has a full understanding of the importance regarding what actions has the internal thief done more of. It is important to use facts, evidence, and witness statements regarding what the internal thief just stole, to support the final outcome, but true investigations focus on past tense. Successful interviews are based not what the internal thief recently stole but rather what they stole more of. Restitution comes with the large voluntary admission.

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Global Director of LP Nike, Inc. Portland, OR Nike, Inc.
Director, Loss Prevention Lumber Liquidators Toano, VA Lumber Liquidators
Director, Security Major League Soccer New York, NY Major League Soccer
Director - Loss Prevention Vans Cypress, CA Vans
Mgr, Loss Prevention Office Depot Boca Raton, FL Office Depot
Corporate LP Manager Eddie Bauer Seattle, WA Eddie Bauer
Asset Protection Director Macy's Secaucus, NJ Macy's
Dir LP Systems & Tech. Sears Hoffman Estates, IL Sears Holdings Corp.
Dir of Loss Prevention Confidential Northern Midwest Downing & Downing
AP Specialist Winn-Dixie Columbia, SC Winn-Dixie

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AP Mgr in Training Walmart Xenia, OH Walmart
AP Mgr in Training Walmart Lexington, KY Walmart
AP Mgr in Training Walmart West Brownsville, PA Walmart
AP Mgr in Training Walmart Fremont, MI Walmart
District LP Mgr Kmart El Paso, TX Sears Holdings Corp.
Loss Prevention Mgr Kmart Raleigh, NC Sears Holdings Corp.
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Mike Lamb was named Senior Director Operations Support - Asset Protection US Stores for Walmart.
Lisa LaBruno was promoted to Sr. Vice President, Retail Operations for RILA.
Garth Gasse, CFI was named Director Retail Operations, Asset Protection for RILA.
Joey Bourgoin was promoted to Partner & Asset Protection Manager for Starbucks.

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How to Prepare for 2013 at Work Whether you have a few days off or you're working right through the holidays -- there are a few things you'll want to do around the office before 2012 comes to an end. All professionals, no matter their role, can use this time to do a little bit of wrapping up and preparation for the new year. (2013)

'More Than Coffee Chats and Emails': Sustainable Networking Requires Effort, Authenticity It's a common refrain in the business world: Networking is the key to success. Building relationships is pivotal. It's not what you know, but whom you know. Yet successful networking goes far beyond handshakes and business cards. (Get real)

Practical Steps to Keeping Your Employees Safe: Tips From a Security Expert The tragedy at Sandy Hook raises important questions about workplace violence. Michael O'Neil, a founder of the NYPD Counterterrorism Division, weighs in on keeping employees safe. (Think)

"The best way to spread Christmas Cheer, is singing loud for all to hear."
- Buddy the Elf, Elf

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Sometimes when you're moving so fast and dealing with the mistakes of the day, the frustration levels peak and one can tend to forget that sometimes you've just got to stop, listen and take a breath and maybe talk to a friend about it all. If it's a good friend, they'll bring you back into focus and make sure you don't react too aggressively and make the mistakes even worst. There aren't many friends like that nor ones that you can absolutely trust. But if you've got a couple, make sure you thank them as well for taking the time.

Just a Thought,

Gus Downing

Gus Downing

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