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Richard Koloski was promoted to Vice President of Loss Prevention, Exchange HQ for Army and Air Force Exchange Service.
Koloski began his career with AAFES in December 1983 as a store level LP Associate. He quickly worked his way into an Area level position and HQ LP position before going into retail operations in 1994 where he held Store and General Manager field positions. He returned to the LP career cone in 2000 and was quickly promoted into Regional LP Manager. In Jan 2007 Koloski was promoted to the Associate Director-LP slot having responsibility for all field-level LP operations. He replaces Gerald Danish who is retiring after 29 years of service at the Exchange. Congratulations Rick!

Naomi Fritt was promoted to Director of Loss Prevention for H&M stores.
Naomi started in 1996 as a General Manager for H&M.  Most recently she was a District Manager for H&M before her latest promotion. Congratulations Naomi!

In New York City women in retail are making $9.77 per hour while men are making $10.64 per hour for the same job. According to new study by the Retail Action Project. There might be more women working in retail, but they're getting paid a lot less than their male counterparts. "Even in a female-dominated industry, women are earning less than men," read a statement from Stephanie Luce, a CUNY professor involved in the study, which surveyed 435 New York City retail workers over the last two months. The report also noted that women are less likely than men to receive benefits or promotions from retail employers. A sad commentary about the state of retail as the gap continues. (Source

Black Monday, the day after Christmas, is expected to generate $29B in sales

20+ multi agency law enforcement officers raid Saturday's Market in Londonderry Township, PA and seize up to $800,000 in counterfeit merchandise
Saturday, county CID and adult parole officers, as well as state troopers, Dauphin County deputy sheriffs, Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials and private investigators arrested 14 vendors from Harrisburg, Lebanon, Philadelphia and New York. (Source

China's online search engine Baidu removed from U.S. 'notorious markets' list for pirated music. A U.S. government office has removed China's largest search engine Baidu from its latest list of the world's "notorious markets", which identifies major offenders for supporting or selling pirated and counterfeit goods. The Office of the U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) released the list on Tuesday, stating that Baidu was one of several previous offenders that took action to stop the illegal spread of pirated and counterfeit products. Earlier this year, the company entered into agreements to start paying U.S. record companies and copyright holders to legally distribute their music. (Source

Contract Security Guard Manager stationed at OfficeMax Powermax distribution center in McCalla, AL, pleads guilty to stealing and selling $600,000 of computer software from the facility. According to his plea agreement filed in federal court today, Skrobak worked at the OfficeMax Powermax facility in McCalla as a contract security guard and was the security company's head guard at the distribution center from August 2006 to December 2010. Between October 2008 and November 2010, Skrobak stole at least 1,600 units of computer software, such as Microsoft Office Professional and Windows Vista software, and sold them, via PayPal, to a party residing out of state, the plea agreement states. (Source

Southern Calif. 21 yr-old sentenced to 1 yr 1 day for manufacturing and passing counterfeit $100's at retailers He and his female companion printed $100 bills and used the counterfeit money at local retail businesses to purchase goods. Martinez received genuine currency as change from making the purchases and kept both the genuine currency and the purchased goods for himself causing a loss of more than $17,000 to retailers. (Source




Doug Marker
Vice President
LP, Risk and Audit
Michael Stores, Inc.

Stephen O'Keefe
Loss Prevention and
Risk Management
Wal-Mart Canada

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Kelly Gorman
Vice President LP

LP Program Spotlight
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Richard C. Hollinger, PhD



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eBay Owned StubHub Launches its First International Site

The plan to expand eBay Inc owned StubHub outside of North America was first announced in early 2011 and since then more than 100 StubHub employees have been awfully busy, traveling back and forth between London and Dublin. The team created a branding strategy, developed the new site, opening centers in the UK & Ireland and hiring team members. But it all came together on Dec. 15, when StubHub UK celebrated their first sale, a pair of tickets to see Rihanna, which sold for £160. "We expect to see inventory, traffic and transactions grow and scale. The soft launch is a time to test and learn - both about our business in the UK and how StubHub's international playbook works, and we've already applied some learning’s towards how we approach launching in our next country, Germany." Said Lauren Chan StubHub Business Strategy Manager. Click here and check out the excitement:  Click here for full article.

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Washington DC area retailers see spike in thefts & ORC Clerks at the Tysons Corner Center over the past month have tipped police off to a man with $20,000 in stolen merchandise in his car, four people alleged to have been stealing from high-end stores in Tysons for a year-and-a-half, and a couple believed to be responsible for more than $1 million in theft from across the country. (Source

Small ORC group arrested at West Towne Mall, in Madison, Wis., Monday night A trio of women found to have nearly $1,000 worth of stolen merchandise in their possession were arrested on theft charges Monday night at West Towne Mall. Police said that mall security had been on the lookout for one or more of the women because of past retail thefts. An arresting officer said the three suspects appeared to be working together in a somewhat sophisticated fashion," police spokesman Joel DeSpain said in the release. A manager of one of the stories identified Watkins as being one of the people who stole clothing from Abercrombie & Fitch on Saturday. (Source (Source

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Manager, Business Continuity Winn-Dixie Jacksonville, FL Winn-Dixie

Corp LPM of Analytics & Exception Reporting



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Director of Loss Prevention



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National Account Sales Mgr


Chicago, IL

Downing & Downing

Asset Protection Manager

The Home Depot

Phoenix, AZ

The Home Depot

Asset Protection Manager The Home Depot Metro Northern NJ The Home Depot
Asset Protection Manager The Home Depot Sacramento, CA The Home Depot
Asset Protection Manager The Home Depot Salem, OR The Home Depot
Regional LP Director Confidential Los Angeles, CA Downing & Downing


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Kmart Terre Haute, IN Sears Holdings Corp.

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Sears Massapequa, NY Sears Holdings Corp.

Loss Prevention Mgr

Sears Nashua, NH Sears Holdings Corp.

Store LP and Safety Mgr

Lowe's Mt. Pocono, PA Lowe's
Asset Protection Mgr Home Depot Warwick, RI Home Depot
Area LP Mgr Ross Stores Phoenix, AZ Ross Stores
Area LP Mgr Ross Stores St. Louis, MO Ross Stores
Area LP Mgr Ross Stores Hawaii Ross Stores
Area LP Mgr Ross Stores Atlanta, GA Ross Stores
Area LP Mgr Ross Stores Baltimore, MD Ross Stores
Area LP Mgr in Training Ross Stores Denver, CO Ross Stores
Area LP Mgr in Training Ross Stores Chicago, IL Ross Stores
Area LP Mgr in Training Ross Stores Central FL Ross Stores
Asset Protection Mgr Sam's G1 Denham Springs, LA Walmart

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The New Face of Crime

By Gary Fraser, Director of North American Sales, Vector Security, Inc.

While we're all dealing with the "routine" types of criminals, including dishonest employees, professional and amateur shoplifters, return fraud specialists, and slip-and-fall actors (to mention a few), organized retail theft and crime rings have become one of the newest concerns. But since many groups are covering this more recent criminal phenomena, I’d like to speak about some newer and even more controversial types of criminals who I’ve seen enter the scene as of late.

While flash mobs are one of the newer challenges retailers are contending with, there are groups of even more dangerous criminals who are more talented and inventive about how they are defeating contemporary electronic security systems, and leaving with larger inventory and cash takes.

When you look at the new faces of crime, here’s what you see!

Today’s modern criminals:
Are more sophisticated
leverage new technologies to defeat systems
circumvent older detection technologies
defeat communications pathways
take drastic measures to get the job done

These criminals are after:
high-value goods
large volumes of goods (Flash Mob actions)
precious and semi-precious metals
copper, bronze, fuel and heavy equipment
publicity for their cause (Eco-Terrorists)
cargo shipments
drugs, cosmetics and electronics
baby formula and basic family consumables

These types of individuals are now driving the bus when it comes to where you need to take your loss prevention services programs in 2012. Simply stated, they’re also changing the face of protection, when it comes to the selection of new detection and apprehension technologies.

Here’s one for Ripley’s believe it or not!

Take the case of a retailer, who this year was successfully burglarized over a dozen times. In each case, the perpetrator’s target was the safe located in a rear storage area of the building.

1. While this retailer had three existing forms of security – a general building alarm, safe alarm and video surveillance system – the thief developed a way to minimize his infrared signature to avoid detection by the dual-tech infrared – microwave units located in the safe area.
2. He broke into a non-protected adjoining retail space and burrowed through the wall to enter directly into the safe area, thereby avoiding any door opening sensors. He carried a series of tools, including diamond-tipped saws and drills, in a backpack that he also shielded from detection.
3. The video system captured this criminal as he slowly crawled across the floor towards the object of his interest. He ever so carefully opened the safe (covering it with a cloth of some type to help screen
movement) and patiently worked to empty the safe of its contents.
4. He then rose up quickly and exited the location through a rear door, knowing full well that the building and safe alarms had in fact detected him. But by the time the police arrived, he was long gone and the video clips of him performing the successful burglary were relatively useless since his appearance was completed cloaked from view.

This story actually has a HAPPY Ending!

Given what I just described, how could this story ever have a happy ending? Over a dozen successful break-ins; a large amount of money taken; the defeat of two existing security systems and a video system; and a thief who was so good that he got away with it each time?

Add the fact that this retailer decided to hire guards to stay overnight in each store location within the geographic area the thief was hitting, and you get the idea what type of money this was costing the retailer (not to mention the actual monetary losses from each burglary).

Enter Vector Security’s Instant Eyewitness Services!

Feeling exasperated, this retailer contacted us and asked if we could provide a solution since his existing vendors could not solve the problem. Vector Security was able to offer a new solution: Instant Eyewitness services. Here’s the final outcome. During the first night when our Instant Eyewitness services were operating at 61 of this retailer’s locations, the thief decided to break in. Instant Eyewitness detected him, not by movement, but by slight changes in the pixilation of the Instant Eyewitness camera lens. Instant Eyewitness then began transmitting live video to our Central Station.

Our operators relayed all information to the 9-1-1 center handling the dispatch. The responding officer teams knew everything they needed to know about the thief’s disposition, location, activities, and possession of arms. Our central station operators advised the police exactly where he was likely to exit. When he did, he was welcomed by a large number of police with their weapons drawn.

Case Closed!

For more information on our Instant Eyewitness services, contact me at (720)281-6150 or We will demonstrate the complete Instant Eyewitness program.

Gary Fraser, Director of North American Sales, Vector Security, Inc.

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Richard Koloski
was promoted to Vice President of Loss Prevention, Exchange HQ for Army and Air Force Exchange Service.
Naomi Fritt was promoted to Director of Loss Prevention for H&M stores.
Eric Bieghler was named Director on the Board for Washington State Organized Retail Crime Alliance.
Dan Goodlund was promoted to Senior Group Manager, Enterprise Organizational Effectiveness-Canada and Target Technology Services for Target.
John Pool was promoted to Manager, Assets Protection Standards and Ethics for Target.
Barry McDonald was promoted to
Group Loss Prevention Manager for Bloomingdale's.
Melissa Wacha, LPQ was named Market Asset Protection Manager for Walmart.

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Be Humble or Else Humility is made of two things: wisdom and courage. Although not strictly confined to these two descriptions, wisdom is the capacity to listen deeply and neutrally and courage is being willing to do things that are personally uncomfortable for you if it will benefit the enterprise. In order to manage something successfully, you need to be able to fulfill both of those. (Is this your "wake-up moment?")

Why Every Manager Should Think and Act Like a CEO
Every manager in an organization must embrace the "CEO mindset" and must "think and act" like a CEO. Every manager must develop a broader perspective and run their units the way a CEO runs the company, by continuously monitoring the organization. (Think like a CEO)

How to Manage Different Generations Managers are increasingly grappling with generational differences in their work forces. Problems can arise from differing mindsets and communication styles of workers born in different eras. The frictions may be aggravated by new technology an work patterns that mix workers of different ages in ever-changing teams. (Unite your Baby Boomers, Gen Xs and Gen Ys)

Management Lessons from Ebenezer Scrooge Between Ebenezer Scrooge's soliciting business and Mr. Fezziwig's warehouse business, the classic holiday story A Christmas Carol can teach us a thing or two about exceptional workplaces. (Don't be a Scrooge)

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Selecting the companies you want to work for is harder than you think. It may not be the obvious list when you take into consideration geography, organizational structure, and success of the retailer, growth plans and growth opportunities for your own career. Do some research on each company and open your mind to the small companies. They have just as many opportunities as the rest. They're harder to get in and communicate with, but if it's done right, you may be surprised. One executive years ago sent a letter to a company president who didn't have an LP program and made some bold commitments. He went on to build a very successful LP program there. Be aggressive!

Just a thought,
Gus Downing

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