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"It's the most wonderful time of the year"...for criminals featuring Verisk Crime Analytics Johnny Custer The Today Show on NBC did a special investigative report on shoplifting this morning, highlighting some new techniques that shoplifters have been carrying out in recent months. The report is done by Today's national investigative correspondent Jeff Rossen and includes an interview with Johnny Custer, retail crime analyst for Verisk Crime Analytics. (Source

Online shopping up 13% and hits $35B
Another report shows big growth for consumer electronics and home goods. Online shoppers in the United States spent approximately $35.0 billion between Nov. 1 and Dec. 16. (Source

CVS alerts stores nationwide after money stolen in money transfer theft in Indianapolis  The nation's largest pharmacy chain is alerting thousands of its stores nationwide after an Indianapolis employee was duped into wiring nearly $1,000 to a caller pretending to upgrade the store's money transfer software, police said. The CVS worker told police she answered the phone and a very convincing man told her he was employed by MoneyGram, a wire transfer service that allows people to send money around the globe. The caller said he needed her help to install some new software that would keep the CVS computers in tune for all future wire transfers that customers may send or receive at the store, the worker told police. The worker kept punching buttons on the stores computer and cash register system, following every detailed step that the caller was giving her. When the caller told her to punch one more button to complete the upgrade, her cash register door popped open. Police said the employee knew right away she had fallen for a con because the cash register only pops open in that fashion when a sale is completed. (Source

Online cybercrime today more and more mirrors commercial business activity
With middle management and entry level jobs out there for the taking and easy to get in the black market underground forums. Governments around the world have found it very hard to stop the cybercrime wave and it's growing. There's a lot of third-party technical assistance that includes crime consultants to help aspiring crooks with the botnet "rent, buy or lease" question or specialized middle-management services that help "bulletproof" botnet operations by registering oft-changing IP addresses worldwide. (Source

RILA wants Obama to take action on the port strike
. RILA president Sandy Kennedy sent Obama a letter Wednesday, asking him to take action to prevent work stoppage at the East and Gulf Coast ports. The letter followed the negotiations on December 18 which didn't produce a resolution, foreshadowing a shutdown of the ports by the end of the year.  (Source

Toys R Us CEO: This Is Going To Be One Of The Biggest Weekends In History For The Retail Industry. Toys 'R' Us CEO Jerry Storch went on CNBC's Squawk on the Street and said that this last-minute weekend is going to be a gigantic one for the retail industry. "Every report says it's going to be one of the biggest weekends in history for the retail industry," said Storch. Storch said his stores are going to stay open nonstop from 6 a.m. on Friday to 10 p.m. Christmas Eve. What is the hottest toy of them all? Furby. (Source

Forget shoplifters, this year retail's worst enemy is their own employees.  Employee theft has always been known to pick up more during the holidays. In 2011, U.S. retailers lost $34.5 billion to shrink, 44% of it from internal theft. But this year, with the labor market on the rocks, retailers could see more internal theft than ever. (Source

Sales of Bulletproof backpacks triple.  Amendment II is a Salt Lake based company that specializes in body armor for law enforcement and military use, but over the last week the bulletproof school backpack is flying off the shelves. The backpack is designed to be used a shield between the victim and the gunman. The backpacks cost $300. (Source

Sam’s Club and Target Execs team up at RadioShack.  Former Sam’s Club SVP and GMM Huey Long and former Target EVP of stores Troy Risch have joined forces to right the ship at RadioShack. Long will serve as EVP of strategy and consumer insights and be responsible for RadioShack’s marketing, business development and omnichannel while Risch will serve as EVP of operations and oversee the company’s network of 4,700 stores and 1,500 wireless phone centers in the United States and 1,100 dealer and other outlets worldwide. Both will report to Dorvin Lively who was named RadioShack’s interim CEO after James Gooch resigned from that position several months ago. (Source

JCPenney hires yet another former Abercrombie executive
JCPenney has hired Brandon Tonniges, a former VP at Abercrombie, to be the new director of visual merchandising. The grand total of ex-Abercrombie execs working at JCPenney is now at three.  (Source

Bottled water manufacturers sued for repackaging tap water.  
Nestlé Waters North America is being sued by the Chicago Faucet Shoppe over allegations that "Nestlé Waters' failure to disclose this critical fact caused consumers to purchase five-gallon jugs that they wouldn't have otherwise purchased ... and caused consumers to pay more" than the pennies per gallon that tap water costs.

Biggest seizure of counterfeit goods in Hawaii ever - worth $2M 
Federal agents are calling it the most significant seizure of counterfeit goods in Hawaii to date. On Tuesday authorities confiscated thousands of counterfeit bags and wallets from a Chinatown business. (Source

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Officers arrest 55 for shoplifting at Cool Springs mall  Franklin, Tenn., police are arresting shoplifters at a staggering rate. In the 26 days since Black Friday, the Franklin police flex unit assigned to the Cool Springs Galleria has arrested 55 alleged shoplifters. (Source

Winston-Salem Walmart robbed at Gunpoint.  
Today at 4:30 am and armed suspect entered the Walmart store, posing as a customer. When the suspect approached the register with his merchandise, he drew a handgun and demanded all the money from the register. The suspect left the store with the cash and merchandise. Now injuries were reported. (Source

Silverdale, Washington jewelry vendor robbed at gunpoint in mall parking lot
Two jewelry vendors were waiting to enter the Kitsap Mall when a suspect approached their van at gunpoint. The robber walked to the rear of the van and removed a lockbox containing jewelry. The suspect placed the lockbox in his truck and drove away. No one was injured. (Source

Portland police arrest suspect in Kohl's armed robbery. 
A 31-year-old suspect in an October armed robbery at a Northeast Portland store was located Monday and arrested. He's the same man who was run over by a police cruiser last month as he was on the ground in custody, after he fled from police who approached him for jaywalking. On Monday morning, Portland police recognized Jimmy Miles Duffey from a robbery bulletin distributed by detectives. Detectives identified Duffey as the suspect of the armed robbery thanks to a tip that came in to Crime Stoppers. Officers spotted him walking out of a convenience store on Monday. Duffey ran from officers and was caught several blocks away. (Source

Sales Manager at Macy’s in Twin Falls, Idaho Arrested for Stealing $20K.  
Robert Bordwell of Twin Falls, was arrested for processing 60 fraudulent returns totaling $10,906 as well as admitting to stealing nearly $10,000 in clothing. Bordwell conducted the fraudulent refund scam over a period of five months. (Source

Moundsville, Ohio police are investigating a $20,000 burglary at the RadioShack store.  Monday night, the Radio Shack store in Moundsville, Ohio was broken into, $20,000 of televisions, cell phones and electronics were stolen. A witness reported a radio shack merchandise item found in the parking lot near the CVS which lead police to believe the thieves dragged the merchandise through the parking lot. (Source

Amarillo Police Searching for Suspect in Family Dollar Store Armed Robbery.  
On Monday night Amarillo Police were called out to the Family Dollar Store responding to an armed robbery. Officers learned that two female employees were in the store at the time of the robbery, when the robber entered through the front door. The suspect approached the employee behind the counter with a gun and demanded money. The employee gave him all the available cash. The man put the money into some type of white bag that he brought with him and then walked out of the store. No one was injured and there have been no arrests. (Source

Louisiana Shoplifters die in head on collision following a high speed chase: Sheriff speaks out against Police.  State police say a high-speed police chase that started with a theft from a Gonzales Outlet Mall ended with a wreck in Iberville Parish that killed the two people fleeing authorities. The crash happened around 11:15 a.m. Tuesday on La. Highway 30 in St. Gabriel. Trooper Jared Sandifer says 25-year-old Kevdrinka T. Williams, of Baton Rouge, was trying to evade Gonzales police when Williams' car hit a pickup head-on. Williams and her passenger, 20-year-old Tremaine R. Wickem, of New Orleans, died in the crash. Troopers say the pickup driver and his front seat passenger sustained moderate injuries. Ascension Parish Sheriff Jeff Wiley said “enough is enough” to a department he said has seen at least five deaths as a result of fatal high-speed chases in the past six months alone. (Source

Click to view videoPhiladelphia police are asking for help in identifying the man responsible for multiple burglaries at a Giant Dollar Store in the city's Germantown section.  According to investigators, the man was captured on video breaking into the Giant Dollar Store numerous times between December 7 and December 15. Surveillance video shows the man gaining access to the inside of the store through the roof. Once inside, the suspect takes various cartons and loose packs of cigarettes, as well as an undetermined amount of money. (Source

Spokane robbery suspect tackled, caught on tape
. Instead of letting a robber get away Monday, a witness to a convenience store stickup in Spokane, Wash., caught the armed man and held him for police. The surveillance camera at the G & B Grocery shows a man wearing a ski mask, threatening the clerk and other people in the store, including three children. He grabs the money and is trying to run out of the store when one of the customers chases him. He tackled the fleeing man just as he was going out the door. Officers arrived a few minutes later and arrested a 25-year-old man for investigation of robbery, assault and possession of a stolen firearm. No one was injured. (Source

Shreveport Police arrest Dollar General robber
. Chadrick Louis, 25, of Shreveport was arrested at his home without incident. He was wanted for the armed robbery of the Dollar General Store on Tuesday. Louis’ handgun was recovered during a search of the home. No one was injured during the robbery. (Source

Police in Freeport, Illinois are investigating a ghost burglar. Police know two break-ins occurred at the Lincoln Mall, they just don’t understand how the burglar gained entry into the mall and then into the stores. Stores were secured with gates, the mall security is to check every hall and restroom prior to closing, yet somehow a burglar was able to commit two burglaries in the mall overnight. (Source



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Retail sales rose for fourth straight month in October 
Statistics Canada says retail sales edged up 0.7 per cent to $39.4 billion in October, the fourth straight monthly increase. Food and beverage, clothing and accessories and general merchandise merchants also reported higher sales for the month. However, sales at furniture and home furnishings stores and electronics and appliance stores were down. October sales rose in six provinces, led by Quebec. (Source

Boxing Day Canada's Black Friday: 62% of Canadians expect to shop Dec. 26  
A new study says men are more likely than women to hit the stores on this country's biggest shopping day of the year — Boxing Day. Alberta, Atlantic Canada and Ontario were expected to see the most spending activity on Boxing Day — 76, 72 and 69 per cent respectively. "Boxing Day is treated by many as a shopping holiday in Canada and is as big as Black Friday in the U.S.." (Source

Three arrested and five being sought in $30M Maple Syrup heist in Quebec 
The theft happened between July 2011 and August 2012. Two-thirds of the 10 million pounds of maple syrup was recovered. Police said Tuesday that they had seized vehicles that were used to transport the stolen sticky stuff as well as carts, lifts, scales and kettles. They said their investigation of the thefts covered the provinces of Quebec, New Brunswick and Ontario as well as the northern United States. Almost 300 people were interviewed as part of the investigation, police said. As much as 80% of the world's maple syrup comes from Quebec, the federation says. (Source

In $18 Million Theft, Victim Was a Canadian Maple Syrup Cartel 
It was an inside job of sorts. Thieves with access to a warehouse and a careful plan loaded up trucks and, over time, made off with $18 million of a valuable commodity. The question is what was more unusual: that the commodity in question was maple syrup, or that it came from something called the global strategic maple syrup reserve, run by what amounts to a Canadian cartel. Both the size and the international scope of the theft underscore Quebec’s outsize position in the maple syrup industry. Depending on the year, the province can produce more than three-quarters of the world’s supply. And its marketing organization appears to have taken some tips from the producers of another valuable liquid commodity when it comes to exploiting market dominance. It's like OPEC with the ability to adjust the quantity and price. (Source

Saskatoon Armed Robbery of a video store has police searching for the suspect. The man entered the Video Store, picked up a few items then pulled a gun on the cashier demanding all the money in the register. Police have video and a good description to go on, the investigation continues. (Source

Greater Vancouver Security Partner's ForumGreater Vancouver Security Partners' Forum
Emerging Security Trends: Cybersecurity, Social Media and PIPA

Monday January 28th, 2013, Time: 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM
Hilton Metrotown 6083 McKay Avenue, Burnaby, BC

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Georgia's ORC Effort - Past, Present, and Future

By Katie Tuttle
Content Manager

(Continued from yesterday)

The Future of GRALPC

With the addition of GRAORCA and the database, the Council continues to thrive.

Although the database is currently free to all qualified/vetted loss prevention executives and law enforcement agencies, the Council continues to seek qualified, dues-paying GRA members, Law Enforcement and Community officials in order to expand.

“The Council does great work, and we need great people to further our mission,” Liberatore said. “The GRALPC and GRAORCA are just small examples of the many benefits of membership to the Georgia Retail Association.”

Active members of the GRALPC include:

Dave Magersupp – Verizon Wireless
Chad McManus – T-Mobile
Adam Fulton – Gamestop
Sharla Jackson – Fulton County District Attorney’s Office
Ronnie McCaskill – Macy’s
Deb Lussier – The Home Depot
Joe Milton - WalMart
Mike Liberatore – Saks Fifth Avenue

More information on the Atlanta Community Teen Coalition can be found at

For more information on the Atlanta Police Athletic League, please go to their website -

For more information on the PEW study, go to

For more information on the Georgia Retail Association, GRALPC, or GRAORCA,
please go to the GRA website


USS - The Family that Stays Together Saves Together. Mini Patriot FamilyRochester, NY police working with local retailer, developing shoplifters info website to fight ORC  Police Capt. Paul Toussaint said retailers such as Kohl’s, Kmart, Walmart, and Lowe’s have shown interest in participating in the new initiative, which would be available to the businesses at no cost. The website would enable participating retailers to share information on shoplifting incidents at their establishments, including descriptions of suspects and their vehicles, as well as license plate numbers. (Source

Spartanburg, SC couple busted for $78k credit card fraud   58 year old Rhonda Dixon McSwain and 48 year old Calvin Lewis Ross made 35 unauthorized transactions at an electronics store between Dec. 1 and Dec 13. Buying computers, video game systems, cameras, and gift cards with stolen credit cards. (Source

Two women ORC gang busted in Detroit hitting Target stores 
Fenton police arrested two Detroit residents for retail fraud on Dec. 14. the chain of stores had been on the lookout for two females from Detroit who were allegedly walking out of stores with merchandise that they had not paid for. Aro said in similar incidents, the women would load up carts with store merchandise and push them past the checkout and out of the stores. The women, one 19, the other 24, were arrested for retail fraud and transported to the police station for processing. The women admitted to stealing the merchandise to sell for profit in order to pay their bills. (Source

Marshall’s Associate Investigated for Gift Card Scam in Temple, Texas. 
Temple Police and Marshall’s Loss Prevention Team are putting together the fact behind a $1500 gift card scam by one Associate. The Associate has not been arrested at this time, but police believe they will very soon. (Source

Two females shoplifters nabbed at Lord and Taylor; $1500 recovered
The women were arrested stuffing clothing into a shopping bag, then exiting the store. Loss Prevention in Eastchester made the apprehension; the two now face felony larceny charges. (Source


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3VR and ATM Skimming Experts Offers Winning Strategies to Reduce Financial Fraud

Company Leads Yet More Innovation to Prevent Fraud with Proprietary CrimeDex


3VR, the leading video intelligence company, today released an on-demand webinar with innovative fraud-fighting tips and best practices. The speakers included Mark Solomon, detective for the Greenwich Connecticut Police Department, and Jim “Gator” Hudson, VP of 3VR’s CrimeDex Services. In this previously recorded presentation, experts discussed how intelligent video surveillance platforms such as 3VR and its proprietary CrimeDex solution can be an effective tool for banks to find skimmers quickly, particularly if the platform is integrated with a financial fraud detection system.

Solomon, assigned to the department’s Criminal Investigation Division, has in-depth knowledge on this subject and has provided numerous lectures on ATM skimming and identity theft crimes to law enforcement and the private sector. “In my 18 years in law enforcement, I've investigated my fair share of ATM skimming incidents,” said Solomon. “ATM fraud is one of the banking industry’s fastest growing crimes, with high-tech criminals using increasingly sophisticated methods to skim customers’ credit card data and PIN numbers at teller machines in order to access and remove funds from victims’ accounts. 3VR’s CrimeDex can play an important role in all fraud detection, not just ATM skimming.”

3VR’s CrimeDex is an online network database of economic crime information that includes shoplifting, organized retail crime, and other white-collar crimes. It is integrated with 3VR’s video management software (VMS) and allows law enforcement, fraud and loss prevention professionals to share, search and leverage information on security and financial criminals. Using CrimeDex, members can solve cases faster with access to information on over 15,000 crimes and suspects nationwide.

Brainstorm Effective Strategies for Tackling ATM Fraud

Cybercrime and ATM skimming pose a significant threat to businesses and financial institutions in the United States and around the globe. World over, law enforcement is seeing higher instances of this organized crime, a man in Europe was recently convicted of skimming 9,000 ATM pins that would have allowed him to steal more than $4.8 million from his victims. Law enforcement is working to put effective strategies in place to combat it and prevent billions of dollars of losses.

ATM skimming, a type of fraud where criminals install card readers at ATMs to save a customer’s card number and pin code for counterfeit purposes, is a prevalent global crime.

The modus operandi is becoming more sophisticated with technological advancements, for example, Bluetooth-enabled wireless skimmers are becoming readily available and are now being widely used by criminals.

“Criminals work full time to find new ways to steal information, forcing security and law enforcement professionals to think outside the box in order to come up with strong and preventive security measures,” said Hudson. “CrimeDex, allows information sharing with banks, law enforcement teams and retail stores through a searchable database of known and suspected criminals.”

3VR’s CrimeDex is designed to provide information on wanted criminals to groups large or small, link criminals to more than one open case using powerful search and watchlist capabilities, collaborate more effectively between the private and public sectors, and share video and images with other CrimeDex members to maximize the utility of their 3VR appliance.

3VR’s Long History of Financial Services Fraud Prevention

3VR’s VMS has a long history in financial services fraud prevention. It allows leading financial services organizations around the world to solve crimes faster using fewer resources than is possible with traditional DVRs, a key advantage of 3VR’s patented search technology. Customers are better protected against fraud, check kiting, and card skimming using 3VR’s real-time monitoring, alerting, and investigative capabilities. The company also works closely with their customers to drive business growth by improving customer service and branch operations with 3VR’s video analytics.

To Learn More on How to Use Video Intelligence to Combat ATM Skimming:

To learn more about how to use video intelligence to combat ATM skimming, email to request a recording of the presentation.


Mark Solomon
Detective, Greenwich Connecticut Police Department

Detective Mark Solomon is an 18-year veteran of the Greenwich Connecticut Police Department. For the past 11 years, he has been assigned to the department’s Criminal Investigation Division. Det. Solomon has provided numerous ATM skimming and identity theft lectures to law enforcement and the private sector, including lectures for the International Association of Financial Crimes Investigators and the American Bankers Association.

Jim “Gator” Hudson
VP of 3VR’s CrimeDex Services

Nicknamed “Gator” by his first police chief, Jim is a decorated 23-year law enforcement veteran and nationally recognized white-collar crime expert. Seeking to improve the collaboration between law enforcement, financial and retail sectors, Jim Hudson co-founded the Amcrin Corporation in 2000 to create the CrimeDex network. Jim is a member of numerous crime and fraud investigation associations.


Influent Communications
Monika Raj, 415-794-6592


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Mark DuncanExternal Theft

By Mark Duncan
Regional Loss Prevention Manager
Burlington Coat Factory

as published on July 11, 2012

External Theft: Let's not focus on what the potential thief just did, let's focus on what they are going to do more of. Teach, Coach, Train store employees/management to not worry about what they just saw, empower them to release their frustrations in immediately killing that potential thief with kindness, empower store employees to treat the potential thief like royalty. This mental kindness will allow for the potential thief to leave the store without further incident. Communication: Recognize the employee/management for their efforts in only having one or two unpaid for items leave the store unpaid for vs. large potential loss, multiple items, from leaving the store unpaid for. Coach, Teach, Train the importance of employee quick response and empowering employee and management mental kindness against the potential thief and individual units will win.

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Gregg Greer was promoted to District Loss Prevention Manager for Sports Authority.

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4 Ways to Be a Leader Who Matters Everyone has seen leaders who want to achieve greatness, but find it hard to break free from the insistent demands of the urgent, to focus on the quieter needs of what is important and lasting. Here are four steps to take to become a leader who makes a difference. (True greatness)

Top 10 Qualities That Make a Great Leader Having a great idea, and assembling a team to bring that concept to life is the first step in creating a successful business venture. While finding a new and unique idea is rare enough; the ability to successfully execute this idea is what separates the dreamers from the leaders. (Key qualities)

What Will You Do Before the World Ends? According to the ancient Mayan calendar, the world will cease to exist on December 21, 2012. If correct, that means you have just one more day to take out your bucket list and start marking things off. Fast. Seriously, f you knew the world was ending, what would you do? (Get off the couch)

3 Career-Damaging Holiday Pitfalls...and How to Avoid Them Regardless of your personal feelings about the season, there are definitely some career minefields scattered throughout the end of the year. Here are 3 big ones, and some ideas for steering around them. (Some "don'ts")

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Gus Downing

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