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Security guard charged with shooting at Fashion Island Mall and linked to another shooting last year  An Orange County man accused of opening fire from a parking lot at Fashion Island during the holiday shopping rush has been linked to a similar shooting barrage at the Newport Beach shopping center last year. Nobody was struck by gunfire in either incident, police said, though two shoppers were injured in Saturday's incident as alarmed patrons at the center scrambled for cover. (Source

Wal-Mart Continues Bribery Investigation
In the wake of a New York Times investigation published Tuesday Wal-Mart said it was cooperating with the Department of Justice and the Securities and Exchange Commission on the matter and continuing its own investigation. At this point, the investigation is still ongoing and we have not yet reached final conclusions. A thorough and independent investigation will take time to complete. "We wish we could say more but we will not jeopardize the integrity of the investigation," David Tovar, Wal-Mart’s vice president of corporate communications, said in a statement. "We are committed to having a strong and effective global anti-corruption program everywhere we operate and taking appropriate action for any instance of non-compliance." (Source

Returns to reach record levels this year
According to UPS estimates, package shipment volumes will reach a record level of 520,000 returns to retailers on January 3 and total return volume will reach two million packages the first week of January. UPS said it expects to ship an estimated 135 million packages worldwide this week with approximately 28 million deliveries are forecast to occur on Thursday, December 20. "We’ve seen a 15% increase in retail returns over last year," said David Sisco, UPS retail marketing director. "UPS research shows that 63% of online shoppers review a retailer’s returns policy before making a purchase." (Source

Dillard's stores agrees to $2 million settlement for requiring medical information from employees  Department store chain Dillard's Inc. is paying $2 million to settle charges that it illegally required workers who took sick leave to reveal confidential medical information. The EEOC said thousands of current and former Dillard employees who sought sick leave were forced to submit a doctor's note explaining not just that they were being treated, but the exact nature of their medical condition. The commission says workers who didn't feel comfortable disclosing details of their treatment were fired, even when doctors advised them not to reveal private medical information. (Source

Mayor of Lancaster, California wants to shame Retailers who Don’t Prosecute Shoplifters.  Lancaster’s Mayor R. Rex Parris is said to be anything but politically correct, and yesterday’s speech on Retail Theft may have some thinking this time he may be right. The Mayor wants the Sheriff’s Department to put together a list of what retailers do not prosecute shoplifters, and if possible the dollar limit or bench mark that is used to determine if and when they do. Mayor Parris who is also an Attorney, feels that it is the responsibility of the retailers to press charges and they are doing a disservice to each other by selective prosecution. Mayor Parris plans to publicly announce the retailers who do not prosecute, essentially announcing to criminals that it's open season on their shelves. (Source

3 Wal-Mart stores evacuated after shooting threats in Gladstone, MO  Police have a man in custody after the threat of a shooting forced the evacuation of several Wal-Mart stores in the metro. Three area Walmart stores, located in the Northland and Independence, were evacuated after the man made the threats of violence sometime after midnight Wednesday. According to police, the man would call to make a threat, and once police arrived and found nothing suspicious, he would call and make a threat at another location. (Source

Masked gunmen brazenly stormed a busy Wal-Mart on Monday afternoon in San Leandro, CA.  When police arrived, the armed suspects had already fled the store. Witnesses told officers that two suspects wearing bandanas over their face entered the store and demanded the store's money at gunpoint. The store's employees cooperated and the suspects fled from the front doors of the store heading north. (Source

Online Pawn: a Booming Business Luring Upscale Customers
Pawn shops are moving from the seedy side of town and going online to compete with the likes of Amazon and eBay. Just as Amazon and eBay pioneered online shopping and are now the biggest players, online pawn shops are jockeying for position, hoping to get the largest slice of the pie. The pawn industry as a whole has swelled to $7 billion, helped by the combination of a stagnant economy and reality TV shows. And nowhere is it growing faster than online. Online pawn shops are aspiring to go upscale. They cater to the so-called luxury pawn market whose customers often can put up collateral -- sometimes to the tune of $1 million. Here we go, another way to unload stolen goods pops up in 2011. (Source

RSA OPENS NEW RSA Anti Fraud Command Center (AFCC) with Purdue University  The RSA AFCC is a 24x7 services operation staffed by expertly trained fraud analysts who work to detect, track, block and shut down phishing, pharming and mobile-app based attacks perpetrated by online fraudsters. (Source

Fed's bust 21 individuals across Springfield and Joplin, Ms., area for selling synthetic drugs - k2 - in 13 retail outlets  The news release stated the indictments are a result of a large-scale investigation by local, state and federal law enforcement agencies into the distribution of K2, the slang term for synthetic cannabinoid products. Stores owned and operated by individuals that are being charged include Good Vibes Convenience Store, A Head of Our Times and Karma’s Bazaar in Springfield; Ray’s Country Store in Mountain Grove, Mr. Nice Guy in Webb City and Joplin. (Source

Counterfeit Bill Alert in Twin Ports, MN
Duluth, MN., Police Department is reporting that people have been passing counterfeit currency in denominations of $20, $50, and $100 bills. (Source

Shots fired-armored car robbed in Houston at a Randalls grocery store
Police say that an armored car employee was filling an ATM inside a southwest Houston grocery store when the robbery suspect held a gun to his stomach and robbed him in broad daylight Tuesday at around 2:30 p.m. Police said shots were fired but didn’t say if anyone was injured. The robber escaped. (Source

Pine Bluff, Ark., enacts ordinance requiring security cameras in fast-food restaurants, gas stations, convenience stores and package stores  The measure was prompted by the shooting death of Muhammad Islam. Islam had been on the job for just three weeks at the Big Red Food Mart in Pine Bluff when he was killed during a September robbery. All businesses affected by the ordinance also will have to post “prominent” signage stating that the site is being monitored by security cameras. (Source

Cricket Store robbers busted after their third robbery
Two brothers went on a small robbery spree of two stores and one hotel in Aberdeen, Md. (Source

Massachusetts I-Team Reporter tracks shoplifting arrest during the Holiday Season.  Holyoke Police have arrested 30 people for shoplifting at the Holyoke Mall since Black Friday. The 30 shoplifters arrested were by police undercover officers, working with the smaller retailers in the mall. The total number of shoplifting arrests and citations issued is much higher with the help of the larger store’s Loss Prevention staffs. (Source

Smash and grab at a GameStop store in Walnut Creek, California, may be connected to the Radio Shack burglary on Sunday.  On Tuesday at 4 am, the GameStop store in Walnut Creek was turned into a drive –thru as a car was used to smash down the front doors of the store by burglars. The store suffered severe damage and thieves made off quickly with an undetermined amount of merchandise. Earlier this week, the Radio Shack was hit by overnight thieves; the stores are only two miles apart. (Source



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On December 10th, we suddenly and tragically lost our friend Marshall Monroe. Marshall was the Vice President, Strategic Alliances - Americas at Verint Video Solutions, where he worked for the last six years. Previously he worked for GE Security and Checkpoint Systems.

Marsh’s Memorial service is Thursday, December 20: 1pm visitation, 2pm service
Wayzata Community Church
125 Wayzata Boulevard East, Wayzata, MN 55391

Bring a picture to share and leave with the family.

Jim Clark who Marsh used to work with at Kalatel and GE, has very graciously taken the time & effort to set up an Educational Trust for the benefit of Addison & Tyler Munroe.

Please check out the website at:




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Georgia's ORC Effort - Past, Present, and Future

By Katie Tuttle
Content Manager

(Continued from yesterday)

Incorporation of GRAORCA into GRALPC

In February of 2012, Rick Freese, who at the time was a field LP executive with Target, approached the GRALPC with a plan to implement an Organized Retail Crime Alliance (ORCA) in the Atlanta market. “It quickly made perfect sense to all involved that Atlanta needed an ORCA and that it was a perfect complement to the already-established Council, and the objectives aligned with our mission statement,” said Liberatore.

With the blessing of Rick McAllister, the President of the Georgia Retail Association, the GRAORCA was founded days later. Freese immediately took a seat at the Council and sub-chaired the GRAORCA.

Freese and Rory Stallard, Market Investigations Manager at Toys “R” Us, got things moving quickly, enlisting members and establishing monthly meetings at Alpharetta PD headquarters. Within a matter of weeks, the group closed their first ORC investigation.

“We were able to shut down an ORC enterprise that involved merchandise for drugs which netted three arrests and impacted $350,000 in laundry detergent losses from four Metro retailers,” said Stallard. “Due to the collaboration of multiple retailers and multijurisdictional LE involvement and cooperation, we were able to quickly investigate and successfully close this case.”

Since then, the GRAORCA has grown considerably. “What started as one or two retailers has evolved into multiple retailers and several law enforcement agencies,” said Stallard.

Freese, who recently left the Council and joined a new company, began the process of shopping for a database that would better enable GRAORCA members to share intelligence with law enforcement.

Sherri Dindal, Central Investigations with Home Depot, whose recent experience while at Mejer included playing a leadership role in the implementation of a similar database project in Ohio, volunteered to assist in the efforts underway in Georgia. Soon thereafter, and working with the Council, Netsential was chosen to develop the GRAORCA database.

GRAORCA.ORG was officially introduced out at the GRALPC’s Law Enforcement Only Conference in September, and upwards of 100 Law Enforcement and LP professionals immediately signed up for the service.

Dindal said the database is a great way to quickly send information.

“It also allows law enforcement to look at trending and patterns,” she said. “It allows members to share information across the entire state; it’s not pinned down to a certain area or city.”

Dindal said it is the group’s hope that they’ll be able to drive a lot more information to the website, so that more and more Loss Prevention and Law Enforcement professionals will naturally gravitate to the database.

Despite the push for, Dindal said they still plan on using the website and the monthly meetings equally.

“We can still benefit from both,” said Dindal. “Having the face-to-face and having the opportunity to network is still critically important to our success.”

Overall, the group of retailers can see only positives from the creation of GRAORCA; positives for the retailers, the law enforcement members, and the general public.

“It’s a collaborative organization that allows us to go out and solve crimes together,” said Dindal.

Continued tomorrow: final segment

USS - The Family that Stays Together Saves Together. Mini Patriot FamilyShoplifting gangs stealing $252,541 U.S. of goods an hour in Ireland  There has been a surge in thefts of luxury goods including designer clothing, expensive toiletries and toys this year. Shoplifting will cost retailers $358M U.S. this year, with $72M U.S. of goods being stolen at Christmas alone, the Irish Small and Medium Enterprises Association said. There was also a rise in gangs checking out more remote shopping centres in places such as Nenagh and Roscrea, and then sending down a couple of cars to do a quick shoplifting blitz. "A lot of these people are well known to stores in Dublin so they are turning to more remote outlets where they can go in and out very quickly and hit a load of places," said Mr Fielding. Alcohol, electronic goods, toiletries, clothes and food were the most common items targeted, with a surge in targeted thefts of luxury brands this year. (Source

New Hampshire Police working with Retailers on Shoplifter Website.  The No Cost web site has received the attention on Kohl’s, Lowe’s, Kmart and Walmart in the Rochester area. The website is designed to share information about shoplifting incidents including descriptions of suspect and vehicles. With the increase of Organized Retail Theft, the city has also seen a 37% increase in shoplifting cases, a 24% increase in shoplifting arrests. (Source

Four boys and a man on a shoplifting spree arrested in Portland; $6000 in merchandise recovered.  Four boys all under the age of 18 were found in a car with a man in his 20’s after hitting the Hollister and Tommy Hilfiger stores in Portland and Troutdale. Upon a search of the car, $6000 worth of merchandise was recovered. (Source

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Best and Worst of Retail in 2012 part 2

By Adam Creamer
Agilence, Inc.

As 2012 comes to a close I looked back on the year that was and came up with the best and worst of retail in 2012. It is, of course, in list form because everyone loves a good list this time of year. In part 1 of this four part series I discussed the best of mobile technology and the worst of credit card scams. In this, part 2, I cover the best of social media and the worst of strategies. I’m willing to bet that many of you will disagree with me on the strategy part, but read it through and think about it because it does make sense. The next two parts are still to come, so keep checking in for additions! Read part 1, part 3, part 4

Best: Pinterest

Is your company using Pinterest? If you answered no, why not? Pinterest is designed to share ideas and products. They also recently created pages specifically for businesses. So what’s all the hub-bub about, you can do this stuff on Facebook and Twitter, right? Yes you can, but Pinterest does it in a beautifully simple way that makes the whole experience feel more personal. I can’t tell you how many people I know who have boards on their Pinterest accounts that are titled “things I want.” Many of these items currently link to third party sites, so why not supply the content yourself and link directly to your site? Pinterest is quickly becoming a place where people get ideas for what to buy – second only to Facebook in this category but expected to surpass Facebook at some point next year – so why not join in?

Worst: Price Matching

I’m sure most of you reading this have just gotten a little confused or angry, but hear me out. Price matching is a great way to draw in customers, but as I mentioned in a previous post it is not a strategy, or at least not any more. Almost every major retailer has offered some sort of price matching this year, and when everyone uses the same strategy it’s no longer a strategy. I’m not saying that price matching is a bad idea (because that’s not true), and by all means include price matching in your plan, but your strategy should be something different. A good example of this is Target. They include price matching in their plan, but their strategy was to partner with Neiman Marcus. Like I said, price matching is a good idea, just not a good strategy because it no longer provides a competitive advantage.


All of us here at Agilence would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year! We hope that 2013 continues the resurgence of the economy and the growth of retail. And as always, allow us to keep an eye on your stores in the new year.

Derek Rodner
VP, Product Strategy
856-366-1200 x500


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Going from Law Enforcement to Asset Protection

By Curtis Bridges

In the last issue of LP Magazine, Joseph Alvino gave his personal account of making the transition from a career in Asset Protection to law enforcement.

After reading Joseph’s personal account, I thought it might be interesting to share an article which addressed the opposite side of his journey as a comparison for those currently involved in this occupation.

When I graduated from Eastern Michigan University, back in the Vietnam War era, you were offered only four job choices: fireman, teacher, policeman and soldier. Hard to believe; but true.

I was fortunate to have both a law enforcement and teaching offer in part due to the shortage of available men. Having always wanted to join a well established department, I was sworn in with Ann Arbor Police a mere 10 days after college graduation.

I worked around the station at various jobs until the academy started several months later.

Upon completion of a three month program provided in teaching the basics of law enforcement I hit the streets and was soon confronted with almost two solid years of student and race riots.

Long days and weeks of never ending tension shared by patrolling the streets with three other officers in the same car watching for the next rock or missile thrown our way.

Finally when things settle down, I became a fatal accident investigator and later the recruitment and background verification officer.

Although more fulfilling than pushing around a patrol car around for 8 hours, the desire to excel brought me to the Lakewood Police Department in Colorado where a college degree and three years of experience was a basic requirement.

Here I joined an elite group of men and women who to date have provided more police chiefs in the United States per capita than any agency.

I found the completion to achieve rank extremely intense and slow deciding to take a turn into the field of criminal justice planning eventually running a 28 agency crime prevention program housed at the Colorado Bureau of Investigation.

Like Mr. Alvino, I had experience a job in Asset Protection as a security executive trainee with the J.L. Hudson Company in Detroit. I thought this was an exciting field, but I knew that if I had accepted a full time position upon college graduation, my draft exemption would disappear and next stop would have been the induction center.

Upon leaving Colorado state government, I secured a position as Manager of Security Services for the Denver Dry Goods.

At the time DDG was a 90+ year old high end retailer who was looking for a back up person to train under the current Director of Loss Prevention.

Finally, advancement was at hand when 7 years later DDG was bought by May Department Stores and closed.

I had learned many things about the private sector of law enforcement in those 7 years. I learned the importance of looking and acting like a businessman at all times which required wearing a suit and white shirt. I learned the real importance of profit and loss and return on investment. I changed the focus of the department from shoplifter apprehension to that of investigating employee theft. Goals and objectives along with the importance of annual reviews, proper hiring and termination all became a major focus in my new career choice. Far different indeed from acting as a solo unit patrol the city streets responding to citizen complaints and request for assistance. I liked the difference and wanted to make Asset Protection my career.

Upon the closing of the Denver Dry Goods, I was recruited by a new company called PACE Membership Warehouse to become their first Vice President of Corporate Security. All of a sudden I found myself using the management the skills learned at DDG as invaluable in establishing a new Asset Protection program for this $320 million dollar Denver based company.

This is when the law enforcement side prevailed in that I called the department Security—big and bold operating in a clearly different segment than the upscale department store industry. Additionally, I was not responsible for the audit and safety functions within the company, thus security was indeed a more appropriate title for the area I was responsible for on a daily basis.

Establishing hiring standards not really scene in this industry before: all applicants were required to have ten years of experience and a college degree.

With the help of Downing and Downing, I was able to grow the department to over 35 members in a $4 ½ billion company reaching from Puerto Rico to Alaska.

The job of a life time indeed. Unlimited support and financial backing from the president along with being voted the best department in the entire organization. How could life be any better?.

I guess the true success of the program resided in the fact none of the security department employees ever left and the recovery dollars approached total dollars spent for the security operation prior to being purchased by Wal-Mart in 1993.

As my career continued I worked as a Regional Director for Kmart and later as the Executive Director for American Coin/Coinstar.

As I reflect back over this wonderful career, I was very fortunate to have experienced, like Mr. Alvino, the opportunity to serve in both the public and private side of law enforcement.

As for me, I totally enjoyed being part of the management team and setting polices which had a direct bearing on the bottom line. I was fortunate to realize my goal of establishing a Asset Protection/Security department from the ground floor while understanding the importance of providing measurable results to gain recognition.

Being an active participant in NRF and the relationships that resulted more than compensated for those days of riding around with three other officers in a patrol car waiting for the next call for service.

When it’s all done and you feel satisfied with the career you have chosen---then I guess that is personal success.

For those leaving a career in public law enforcement and joining the Asset Protection field, your opportunities are many. Yes, there are many differences but the skills learned in protecting the public and investigating crimes will be invaluable in the career with many option which lies ahead.

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Corporate LP Manager Eddie Bauer Seattle, WA Eddie Bauer
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Loss Prevention Mgr Macy's North Bend, OR Macy's
Loss Prevention Mgr Avis Budget Group Virginia Beach, VA Avis Budget Group
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Area LP Mgr Bed Bath & Beyond Las Vegas, NV Bed Bath & Beyond
Area LP Mgr Bed Bath & Beyond Salt Lake City, UT Bed Bath & Beyond
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LP, Safety & Risk Mgr Tween Brands Service Co. New Albany, OH Tween Brands Service Co.
Regional LP Mgr CVS Caremark Kapolei, HI CVS Caremark
Loss Prevention Mgr Sears Peabody, MA Sears Holdings Corp.
Loss Prevention Mgr Sears Santa Clarita, CA Sears Holdings Corp.
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Loss Prevention Mgr Sears Riverside, CA Sears Holdings Corp.
Loss Prevention Mgr Sears Brooklyn, NY Sears Holdings Corp.
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Sears Holdings Corp.

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Office Holiday Party Etiquette Your company's holiday gathering is just around the corner -- time to let loose and party with your coworkers after a long year, right? Wrong. According to business etiquette expert Hilka Klinkenberg, here are some pieces of advice to ensure a smooth, enjoyable evening. (Still about business)

10 Tips to Survive Your Office Holiday Party Sure, lots of people are cutting back and not throwing extravagant bashes for Christmas and those other winter events this year, but almost every company is going to have some sort of Holiday Party. Here are some rules to get you through yours and not get fired. (Tricky middle ground)

5 Etiquette Tips For Holiday Office Parties The holiday season can be a mixed blessing for many office professionals. Aside from the normal stress incurred while juggling family and business demands, there are the office parties. These annual gatherings have taken on almost mythic proportions.
Climb or crumble)

Building Relationships at the Holiday Office Party Relationships with clients and prospects is obvious, but equally important are the relationships you build with your co-workers and your boss or manager(s). At this time of year, you have one of the best opportunities: the office holiday party. (Enhance relationships)

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Just a Thought,

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