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Jamal Evans was promoted to Sr. Director of Loss Prevention for Ashley Stewart. In his new role he will responsible for overseeing LP for 189 stores across the US, the Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico. Jamal has been with Ashley Stewart since March 2011, when he was hired as an RLPM. Prior to working for Ashley Stewart he worked for Macy's East starting out as a Security Manager, working his way up to Security Director. Jamal also worked for Sears Holdings Corp holding the the title of District Loss Prevention Manager and was also Director of Security for The Newark Museum. Congratulations Jamal!

Gunman shoots one in San Antonio movie theater parking lot  Sheriff's officials say a man opened fire in a San Antonio movie theater parking lot, wounding one person before an officer shot him inside the theater. Bexar County sheriff's spokesman Louis Antu says the incident started about 9:30 p.m. Sunday when the man fired shots inside a nearby restaurant. It's not clear what led to the shooting. Antu says the man headed toward the theater and shot a male in the lot. The age and condition of the victim wasn't immediately known, but Antu says his injuries did not appear life-threatening. The gunman entered the theater. Antu says the man fired a shot but struck no one. An off-duty sheriff's deputy working security then shot the gunman. (Source

Wal-Mart has spent $100M this year alone and hired hundreds of lawyers, investigators and forensic accountants who are examining all 27 of its foreign markets  It has already found potentially serious wrongdoing, including indications of bribery in China, Brazil and India. Several top executives in Mexico and India have been suspended or forced to resign in recent months. Wal-Mart has also tightened oversight of its internal investigations. It has created high-level positions to help root out corruption. It is spending millions on anticorruption training and background checks of the lawyers and lobbyists who represent Wal-Mart before foreign governments. "We are committed to having a strong and effective global anticorruption program everywhere we operate and taking appropriate action for any instance of noncompliance," said David W. Tovar, a Wal-Mart spokesman. (Source

Walmex used bribes to open 19 Mexico stores: NY Times
In the new report published on its web site, the Times detailed specific instances in which Walmex allegedly paid off officials to expand in Mexico. The alleged payoffs often related to zoning laws and environmental permits that would have otherwise prevented Walmex's opening of new stores. In a statement Monday night, Wal-Mart spokesman David Tovar said the company was already looking into the allegations in the Times article regarding the permitting and licensing process for the Teotihuacan store, as part of a broader internal probe that Wal-Mart began over a year ago into potential violations of the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. (Source

Silent Since Shootings, N.R.A. Could Face Challenge to Political Power
The National Rifle Association wields one of the biggest sticks in politics, but some opponents argue the Newtown tragedy may provide the N.R.A. its first genuine test in over a decade. And it's about time and according to one source Fox news has given the order not to bring up the NRA in any news column or discussion. Interesting how political pressure and politics itself would even come into play when we're talking about our children's long term safety. (Source

Dick's suspends sale of certain guns out of respect for last week's shootings
Dick's Sporting Goods, one of the largest sporting goods retailers in the world, says it has removed all guns from its store nearest to Newtown, Conn., and is suspending the sale of certain kinds of semi-automatic rifles from its chains nationwide. (Source

Bushmaster AR-15 Pulled From Walmart Website, Manufacturer To Be Sold
Though Walmart has pulled the weapon off its webstore, the chain sells the rifle in-store at 1,700 locations, reports The Nation. Additionally, the private equity firm Cerberus has put the US firearms maker Freedom Group, the maker of Bushmaster AR-15, up for sale following the Sandy Hook shooting. (Source

Clackamas Town Center shooting: Nordstrom will pay employees for days off after shooting  Nordstrom spokeswoman Tara Darrow said that the Seattle-based retailer has decided to pay its employees for the days the store was closed following the shooting last week at Clackamas Town Center. (Source

Bangladesh Finds Gross Negligence in Factory Fire
Bangladesh — Criminal charges for “unpardonable negligence” should be brought against the owner of the Bangladesh garment factory where a fire killed 112 people last month, according to a preliminary report from a government inquiry submitted Monday. (Source

"The battle is under way" for more and more retailers to be open around the clock in the last week of Christmas shopping  Next year we could see a group joining Macy's, Toys R Us, and a host of others. It's a trend that won't stop now that we have online competition for sales. (Source

56 gang members of credit card factory- skimming card fraud ring arrested in Europe  During the successful operation, the key suspects involved in the organized crime group were arrested and an illegal payment card factory, in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, was raided. In Bulgaria alone, more than 300 police officers were involved and in total 400 officers were active on the day in an operation spanning several European countries. Their modus operandi (skimming) involved stealing people’s credit and debit card numbers and PIN codes by implanting card reading devices on ATM machines. It is estimated that this criminal group realized about $1.98 million U.S. monthly through their illegal activities - equal to $66,000 U.S. per day. This was done by conducting illegal transactions overseas - mainly in the Dominican Republic and Peru – using the skimmed cards’ details. (Source

Chinese online marketplace Alibaba has become the largest ecommerce company in the world  Alibaba’s gross merchandise volume of $157 billion, for just two if its sites, adds up to more than Amazon and eBay combined shows China’s exponential growth into the world’s biggest retail market and reveals just how much retail traffic is moving online. These spectacular figures, bring in to focus the growing threat of counterfeit products available online. (Source

Cyberespionage on 'relentless upward trend' and up 75% from fiscal years 2010-11  Defense Security Service (DSS) agency's annual report, "Targeting U.S. Technologies: A Trend Analysis of Reporting from Defense Industry," said industry reports of attempts to steal sensitive or classified information and technology increased by 75% from fiscal years 2010-11. While the percentage of attacks from different regions of the world remained relatively stable, "the only stability in the data is the relentless upward trend," the report said. During fiscal year 2011, the persistent, pervasive, and insidious nature of that threat became particularly noteworthy, and the pattern became even more firmly established," Sims wrote in the introduction to the report. (Source

The 2012 Cost of Cyber Crime Study: United States - Benchmark Study of U.S. Companies - published by Ponemon Institute October 2012  We are pleased to present the 2012 Cost of Cyber Crime Study: United States, which is the third annual study of US companies. Sponsored by HP Enterprise Security, this year’s study is based on a representative sample of 56 organizations in various industry sectors. While our research focused on organizations located in the United States, many are multinational corporations. The average annualized cost of cyber crime for 56 organizations in our study is $8.9 million per year. Cyber attacks have become common occurrences. The companies in our study experienced 102 successful attacks per week and 1.8 successful attacks per company per week. The most costly cyber crimes are those caused by denial of service, malicious insiders and web-based attacks. (Source

Review of Notorious Markets - December 13, 2012 - Executive Office of the President of the United States  Trademark counterfeiting and copyright piracy on a commercial scale continue to thrive around the world in part because of the presence of marketplaces that deal in goods and services that infringe intellectual property rights (IPR). The Notorious Markets List identifies selected markets, including ones on the Internet, that are reportedly engaged in substantial piracy and counterfeiting, according to information submitted to the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative (USTR). (Source

Subway gains on Dunkin' as NY's biggest chain
With nearly 500 stores Dunkin' Donuts is still number one, but its lead has thinned to 30 locations. A showdown is brewing out on the streets of the city between sandwiches and coffee. While Dunkin' Donuts remains the largest retailer in New York City, ranked by number of outposts, for the fifth year in a row; Subway is gaining fast. (Source

Amazon to build 1 million square feet warehouse in Du Pont, Washington
Expecting to spend at least $100 million on the distribution center, and hire hundreds of full-time workers there. There will be over a dozen Loss Prevention and Safety jobs as well. (Source

5 tips to retain great security talent
Career experts offer advice on retaining your highest-quality talent so they don't leave to work for your competitor. First, figure out whether you have the right team. Second, Evaluate your pay structure. Third, Provide training and education. Fourth, Offer opportunities for growth. And fifth, Avoid burnout. While this comes out of the newsletter it seems all the advice is the same regardless of what sector of the security industry you're in. (Source

Errors in background checks cost job seekers
Sharon Dietrich, who co-authored a study this year by the nonprofit National Consumer Law Center in Boston, said inaccuracies increase when screeners rely on bulk record databases from courts and other sources. Screening companies often don't double check or update this data, she said. Increasingly, background checks are entirely computer-generated, sometimes matching records with the wrong person. These include inconsistencies in ages, addresses and even names. Databases sometimes include sealed or expunged criminal records; omit crucial information, such as charges being dropped; or include misleading information, such as listing a single charge multiple times or reporting a misdemeanor as a felony. (Source

Taylor Swift and Rolling Stones among the largest counterfeit CD bust in the UK.  Over one tone of counterfeit CD’s was stopped by Border Force officers at the Manchester Airport from being smuggled into the UK. Described as car MP3’s on the official documents accompanying the freight, it is estimated that the captured goods have a street value of nearly $400,000. BPI Director of Anti-Piracy David Wood said the investigation had smashed an international crime operation which is littering the UK with fake goods, especially music CDs and DVDs. (Source

Frankfort, New York Police seize $9K in bogus goods from a store.  
Authorities have charged a central New York man after police say they seized thousands of dollars in counterfeit goods from a former store. State police say troopers and local police on Monday raided the former Mr. L's store in the Herkimer County village of Frankfort and seized more than 250 counterfeit purses, North Face jackets, Ugg footwear and other clothing. Police say the bogus goods had a value of $9,000. Officials say police also seized 18 cartons of untaxed cigarettes worth about $1,000. Authorities say they've charged 64-year-old Robert Lavalla of Frankfort with trademark counterfeiting and criminal tax fraud. (Source

Another Brockton, Mass. counterfeiter busted; $35,000 of sports jerseys seized.  Last week we reported on the Brockton Police Department busting a counterfeiting operation seizing $126,000 of knock off purses of Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Michael Kors and others at a hotel which had hundreds lined up for the sale. This week, Brockton Police turned their sights on a merchant who was selling counterfeit NFL, NBA, NHL jerseys which he claimed were authentic for over $200 each. The jerseys turned out to be counterfeit and $35,000 of fake product was seized. (Source

Lakeland, Florida, Police investigate string of armed robberies
Lakeland Police are investigating three armed robberies that occurred within the last week that are believed to have been committed by the same group of suspects. Police say the suspects are three black males that come up to a business at closing time with faces concealed, approach a store employee, force them back into the business, and rob the business. On Dec. 11, around 12:15 a.m., at the Bed Bath and Beyond on Town Center Drive, store employees were leaving the store when they were forced back inside by two armed suspects. The suspects fled with an undisclosed amount of cash. The victims were not harmed. On Dec. 14th a Buffalo Wild Wings and on Dec. 17 a Cracker Barrel. (Source

$2M - 7,000 Nintendo Wii gaming consoles stolen from SeaTac warehouse in Seattle  Employees there said the theft occurred sometime between 9 p.m. Saturday and noon on Sunday. The suspects used forklifts on the premises to load up two 53-foot-long trailers and a box van with at least 64 pallets of Wii game consoles. Detectives believe the suspects drove two tractor trucks to the warehouse and used forklifts inside to load up the trailers and box van with the pallets of Wii games. Detectives estimate the value of property stolen including the vehicles is over $2 million. Both trailers are white in color and have the name “McKinney” on the side. One trailer has a California license plate number 4HB3365 with a trailer number 533457. The second has California license plate number 4EA5521 with trailer number 531841. (Source

St. Louis County, newly-opened Family Dollar store robbed.  An armed robbery occurred at the Family Dollar store in Afton, Mo just a few months after the store opened for business. Police say two armed men robbed the Family Dollar at Mackenzie and Gravois just after 10 p.m. One suspect, armed with a pistol, struck the female manager leaving one other employee unharmed. No customers were in the store at the time of the robbery. The suspects were able to flee the scene with an unknown amount of money. It is still unclear on how they fled the scene. The injured manager refused medical treatment at the scene. (Source

Two very patient thieves in Fort Wayne made off with $13,000 in video games over a 3 month time frame.  Justin Anderson and Jacob Barkley have been charged with theft and corrupt business influence, both felonies. Back on July 9 Anderson and Barkley stole a key from the Meijer store video game showcase display; over the next three months the two were able to steal $13,023 worth of video games and electronics from 16 Walmart store displays in Indiana and Ohio. (Source *story contributed by Lt. Tim L. Selvia, Fort Wayne PD

San Juan County, New Mexico's 'Operation Safe Shopping' leads to 8 shoplifting arrests in a week.  'Operation Safe Shopping', is underway for the holiday season, lead by the San Jose Sheriff’s Department. Using both undercover and uniformed officers, the task force is working with retailers and store Loss Prevention to deter shoplifting incidents. (Source

Knox County Sheriff’s Department 'Safe Holidays Task Force' has over 200 arrests since November 21.  Recently the Task Force assisted with the apprehension of a husband and wife who were pushing $600 of merchandise out of the Farragut’s Grocery Store, and assisted Loss Prevention with a stop at Kohl’s. (Source

BBC News focuses on the increased shoplifting in the UK.  Christmas time for some breeds desperation for many who are struggling to make ends meet. The increased shoplifting for many comes from those just trying to get by, still jail time is no way to spend your Christmas holiday. (Source

Fort Wayne Check scheme hits four local stores for a total of $14,210.  Eleven people have been charged in a payroll check cashing scheme which hit Kroger, Sav-a-Lot, Summit Market, and Walmart for $14,210. The 29 checks were cashed between June and September, averaging between $450 to $500 per check. The group is accused of stealing payroll account information from several local businesses to create the counterfeit checks. Angela Fett who worked at one of the local business, stole the payroll account information, organized her accomplices’ and even helped drive them store to store to cash the check and divided up the money. Fett has a previous conviction for forgery from back in 2004. (Source *story contributed by Lt. Tim L. Selvia, Fort Wayne PD

Former employee robs a Sonic restaurant in Albuquerque, terminated days before.  Eddie Shirley apparently didn’t take his termination well; days later he showed up with an accomplice and held up the restaurant with what appeared to be an AK-47 rifle. Shirley and the accomplice, which is believed to be a female, are suspected of grabbing $400 and fleeing according to the FBI who was conducting the investigation. No one was injured during the robbery. (Source

Jewelry Store Burglary suspects arrested in Cleveland, Texas after a high speed chase.  Four suspects were apprehended by police following a high speed chase in which speeds hit over 100 miles per hour. The Cleveland Jewelry store’s front door glass was smashed out and thieves quickly smashed out showcases in the overnight burglary. Police were able to recover all of the $30,000 in merchandise. (Source

Altercation with store employees leads to multiple charges for a Sacramento pair. Two women, who had a previous altercation with employees in the Premium Outlet Mall in Vacaville, made a lasting unwanted impression. The two women came back to the mall on Sunday with their children and again caused an incident which lead to the police being called. Upon a search of the suspects and their car, they found several items which were shoplifted, the driver had a suspended license, they were in possession of marijuana and both currently on probation. Both were taken into custody and booked into Solano County Jail on suspicion of commercial burglary, possession of stolen property, probation violation, possession of a controlled substance and child endangerment. The two children were taken into protective custody and released to Solano County Child Protective Services. (Source

Jewelry thieves hitting four Walmarts in Central Texas, Police believe these two suspects may be the connection.  Surveillance video is all police have to go on at this time, but they believe that these two suspects may have been involved in similar thefts in Killeen, Copperas Cove, Lampasas and other locations. The men have been breaking into the jewelry showcases; in November one store lost $20,000 in merchandise. (Source

Shoplifting Mom leaves children behind at Macy’s in Visalia, California.  Investigators say a California mother left her two young daughters behind at a Macy's department store when employees caught the woman shoplifting. The 28-year-old woman ran from the store and was found hiding in a car in the Visalia Mall parking lot. Visalia police say the woman was in Macy's on Sunday night with her 1-year-old and 2-year-old daughters and two adult friends when she was spotted shoplifting. Employees tried to stop the woman but she broke away, leaving the youngest daughter in a stroller and the older girl behind. The woman was arrested and booked for investigation of burglary, child endangerment, possession of methamphetamine, being under the influence of a narcotic and an outstanding felony warrant. (Source

Quarterly Same Store Sales Results

Books-A-Million down 3.6% with sales up 10.9%



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Georgia's ORC Effort - Past, Present, and Future

By Katie Tuttle
Content Manager

(Continued from yesterday)

Recent Success

In early 2012, the Georgia Governor’s office reached out to Rick McAllister, President of GRA. They were looking at implementing the recently-published PEW Study on Criminal Justice Reform that included upping the felony shoplifting threshold from $300 to $1500, and they wanted to get the retailers’ perspective and perceived impact.

McAllister quickly recognized the concern, and he invited members of the Council to participate in a meeting with key stakeholders, including representatives from the Governor’s office as well as members of the PEW foundation, who authored the study. Included in the meeting was Loss Prevention and Legislative Affairs representation from Target, Macy’s and the Home Depot. Sharla Jackson, Senior Assistant District Attorney also participated in the meeting. Jackson looked at theft by shoplifting convictions and was able to provide statistical information to help make the argument against raising the felony threshold. She said one of the biggest concerns regarding this bill is that it would adversely affect small businesses.

“We were concerned about neighborhood stores who could not afford to suffer a $1500.00 loss,” she said.

Liberatore, who was also in attendance, provided empirical data that showed most felony shoplifting cases were plea-bargained to misdemeanors and therefore the criminals never served any jail time.

“We were able to show that upping the threshold would only adversely affect the retailer and would have little or no impact on opening prison beds at the state penitentiary, which is the thrust of the PEW study,” Liberatore said.

Ultimately, through the Council’s involvement and the GRA’s strategic lobby efforts, legislation passed that moved the shoplifting felony threshold to only $500, which represented a $200 increase instead of the proposed $1,500 increase.

“The credit for the success of the bill should be given directly to the Georgia Retail Association for representing the retail loss prevention community and getting our message across. It was a big win for Georgia and should serve as a benchmark for similar efforts across the country,” Liberatore said.

Continued tomorrow

Chillicothe police arrest alleged serial shoplifters
A Columbus, Ohio, couple was arrested Tuesday during an investigation into multiple recent shoplifting reports. Maria E. Dilisio, 30, of Columbus, was charged with felony receiving stolen property, misdemeanor possession of drug abuse instruments and possession of drug paraphernalia. Jeremy L. Dabney, 33, also of Columbus, was charged with driving under suspension and served warrants on two counts of theft connected with recent shoplifting incidents. (Source


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Best and Worst of Retail in 2012 part 1

By Adam Creamer
Agilence, Inc.

2012 was a roller coaster of a year, especially for retailers. The fact that we saw a crippling superstorm and record Black Friday weekend sales in a three week span shows just how volatile the year has been. Even with all of these ups and downs the retail industry, as always, pulled through. As 2012 comes to a close I looked back on the year that was and came up with the best and worst of retail in 2012. It is, of course, in list form because everyone loves a good list this time of year. The items covered range from hard facts to interesting observations. Some of it is serious and other parts are meant to be funny, and the entire list is subjective. That being said someone is bound to disagree with me, so I suggest making your own list. It’s a nice way to review the year, and it can help you plan for 2013. The list will be revealed over the next four days, so keep checking in for additions! Today focuses on mobile technologies. Read part 2, part 3, part 4

Best: Mobile

Mobile can mean many different things in retail, so what was the best about it? Almost everything. The year started with many retailers creating apps for every major operating system, if they haven’t already. This has allowed customers to compare items and even shop on the go. Another mobile technology retailers have jumped on this year is QR codes. This technology has been out for years now, but retailers are utilizing them more often. Whether QR codes are used to provide a coupon code or to actually buy the product, retailers are realizing the power of QR codes. Mobile technologies aren’t just being utilized for customers either; mobile work stations, mobile POS, and mobile big data applications are all starting to be used by retailers, and that is a very good thing.

Worst: Credit Card Scams

I’m not talking about the typical skimmers or identity theft out there, I’m talking about mobile credit card scams involving card readers. Mobile credit card readers – such as the intuit goPayment, Square, or the PayPal here – are amazing for small businesses, but there is a glaring issue with them. The problem is it’s not that difficult to deposit the money from a transaction into a personal account. Say you own a small retail outlet and utilize one of these readers; someone off the streets can easily imitate an associate and complete a transaction with a customer. The biggest scam I have heard of so far involved the Square reader. A man who taught martial arts at a gym set up his square reader to deposit transactions directly into his personal bank account, not the gyms. Over 10 months he racked up $42 thousand before being caught.


All of us here at Agilence would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year! We hope that 2013 continues the resurgence of the economy and the growth of retail. And as always, allow us to keep an eye on your stores in the new year.

Derek Rodner
VP, Product Strategy
856-366-1200 x500

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Store Loss Prevention Culture

By Robert Martin
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as published on July 10, 2012

Our industry in Loss Prevention is being pressed more and more to rely on our store personnel to carry out and be mindful of the Loss Prevention effort while maintaining a culture of customer service. Simple answer; combine the two. It's efficient and effective. In house programs that promote Loss Prevention culture and customer service culture into one single effort are as important as any Loss Prevention function. The difficulty is in "buy in" from each store associate and manager. By explaining the benefits of sales and preventing loss leading to increased profits resulting in pay increases, promotional opportunities, merit bonuses and a positive work environment can introduce and instill a customer service/Loss Prevention environment in each individual store. The Key- Continuous reinforcement for a period of at least 13 weeks of consistent behavior to establish the culture. Once a culture has been instilled it will be maintained. It's a win/win for sales and saving. Establish awards on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual basis for maintaining the culture and your company succeeds! Working together is the key to success.

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How to Be a Great Leader in a Time of Change What makes a great leader? Erika Andersen -- a Forbes contributor and author of Leading So People Will Follow -- says we have an almost instinctive knowledge, thanks to thousands of years of evolution "For most of history, who you chose as a leader was a life-and-death decision. That's deep wiring." (More than a hundred years)

5 Ways to Lead a Meeting: Make 30 Decisions in 30 Minutes Time is our most precious asset, yet many don't know how to manage or value it. The workplace demands that we multi-task; employees lose focus and become disorganized, making it difficult to make good decisions and build momentum. (Add Substantive value)

Go With the Flow: How to Feng Shui Your Workplace Work can be crazy at times. Your duties can stack and you can feel like your workplace is in sheer chaos.  One of the best ways to avoid a hectic schedule and a piling workload is to increase your productivity. The more you get done, the less you have to stress about. But how do you increase productivity? (Your environment)

"Santa Claus has the right idea. Visit people once a year."
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