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Best Buy founder backs off till the end of the year - to see results before finalizing offer for Best Buy  Schulze will have the entire month of February to present an offer and then the board will review the offer within 30 days to determine if it is in the best interests of shareholders. Remember his first offer was close to $8B and in three short months that offer decreased to around $5B to $6B. Wonder what it'll be in Feb.? After all the showrooming who knows. (Source

Apple sells 2 million iPhone 5s in China in first 3 days.  Today, Apple said that it sold more than two million iPhone 5s in China in their first three days of availability, setting a record for that market. IPhone 5, which launched in China on Friday, will be available in more than 100 countries by the end of December. The phone first went on sale on September 21 in the US, Germany, France, Japan and five other countries, with more than five million of the phones sold in the first three days. That sales tally also set a record, but only beat last year's iPhone 4S launch by a small margin, falling short of some analysts' expectations. Apple shares hit an all-time high of US$705.07 that day, but in the months since the stock has plunged about 28 per cent. (Source

At least 50 shots fired at Fashion Island, Newport Beach, CA., Shoppers started screaming and scrambling  One person is in police custody after "at least 50 shots were fired" near the eastern Macy's store entrance at the crowded outdoor mall, said Kathy Lowe, Newport Beach Police spokeswoman. No one was hit by the shots, Lowe said. One person suffered a minor injury running in the aftermath of the shooting, but they were treated and released at the scene, Lowe said. She said a 42-year-old white male was in the parking lot firing shots into the air and into the ground. The shooter put the gun down, and was intercepted and arrested without a struggle by two Newport Beach bike officers, Lowe said. (Source

Two Kansas Police Officers fatally shot outside a Topeka grocery store.  Authorities say two Topeka police officers were shot outside a grocery store and died later at a hospital. The officers were shot when they were responding to a report of a suspicious vehicle. They were identified as 50-year-old Cpl. David Gogian and 29-year-old Officer Jeff Atherly. Gogian had been with the Topeka department since September 2004 and Atherly since April 2011. The suspect was shot by police this morning and appeared lifeless as he was taken from his home.  (Source

"Operation Holiday Hoax" in full swing as Fed's bust counterfeit goods coming into LAX airport  Seizing counterfeit goods in San Francisco and LAX in Los Angeles the Feds are busy trying to stop the flow during the holidays. (Source

Exacting a price: "The Safer Holidays Task Force" Task force clamps down on shoplifters in Knoxville, Tenn.  Nearly 200 apprehensions recorded since the group hit the streets Nov. 21. Retailers for years have known who the thieves are in their stores. Until Knox County Sheriff Jimmy "J.J." Jones opted to embrace retailers' concerns, they didn't have a pipeline to law enforcement to see that knowledge yield arrests. Before I got into this and talked with people, I had no clue to the number of people who shoplift for a living," the sheriff said. "Some of these folks are very sophisticated," Knox County District Attorney General Randy Nichols said. Area merchants have been so impressed with the efficiency of the local task force that they're selling the concept to other law enforcement agencies. "We're taking this concept and developing it in the Tri-Cities," Fryar said. "Law enforcement is just becoming educated to the problem." (Source

Sydney, Australia Police arrest 102 shoplifters in Christmas crackdown.  In one week, New South Wales Police have arrested 102 suspects on 135 charges. High priced merchandise such as jewelry and electronics seem to the biggest target. Police state the campaign has recovered over $30,000 of merchandise. (Source

Shopper murdered in robbery attempt in the Sunrise Mall, Corpus Christi, TX.  A 60 year old man was found dead, apparently beaten to death in a restroom at the Sunrise Mall. Police have arrested a 39 year old suspect who is being charged with capital murder. Police were able to respond to the scene and make the arrest quickly because of increased holiday police patrols. (Source

Cincinnati Shoplifter sends Kmart $1000 for crimes 30 years ago.  A shoplifter in Sharonville, Ohio wanted to clear his conscience for shoplifting 30 years ago, so he sent the President of Kmart, Ron Boire a money order for $1000. The money order attached to a letter of apology describing his remorse. Kmart will take the money and in the Christmas spirit, place it towards layaways of the less fortunate at the Sharonville store. Click here to read the letter. (Source

Mall Valet in Denver the victim of a shoplifter attempting to flee.  The incident began as a woman exited the JC Penney store at the Park Meadow Mall. The woman was suspected of shoplifting, exiting the store with an undetermined amount of merchandise, she jumped into a pick-up truck near the doors. The Valet who was working in the area was struck by the truck as it fled the scene, the Valet was no seriously injured. The driver was pursued by police, but the chase was called off due to high speeds. The suspects are still at large. (Source

Robbery suspect at a Kroger in Charleston, WV quickly apprehended.  The suspect was able to sneak into the office area and steal $1000 from a cash drawer. The suspect jumped the service counter and quickly escaped, no injuries or threats were made. The suspect was quickly apprehended by the South Charleston Police with information obtained from several witnesses. (Source

Apple Store in Dallas hit for a third time in December.  An estimate $3900 worth of iPhones were stolen Saturday afternoon from the Apple Store on Knox Street in Dallas, Texas. Two suspects grabbed the iPhones from the display, pulled off the security cables and ran. This is third incident the store has had since December 1, when someone broke through a wall and stole $25,000 in laptops. (Source

Burglary suspect steals a $6000 bicycle in Tulsa, OK now facing two felony charges.  Tulsa Police arrested a 51 year old man for burglary after he broke into a bicycle shop and stole one bike valued at $6000. When police went to apprehend the suspect he refused to cooperate and then spat at an officer. Now the suspect face two charges, felony theft and throwing human wastes which also is a felony. (Source

Lehigh Valley Mall Nike shoe release causes Police response.  Whitehall Township Police were needed to respond for crowd control as shoppers lined up outside the Champs store at 5am Sunday morning. The release of the Nike Jordan Retro sneaker was available at two stores in the mall. Mall spokesman said no incidents were reported. (Source

Sunday barricade situation in Matteson, IL ends without arrests or injuries. Around 6:45 p.m. yesterday, police were called for an armed robbery at a Radio Shack. Two armed and masked robbers fled the store with a bag filled with electronics and cash. Canine teams tracked the robbers to a nearby Home Depot, where they lost the scent.  (Source

Two Women used minors to steal from Wal-Mart in Monroe, N.C.
Police have arrested two women after officials said they used an eight and 10-year-old to steal from Wal-Mart. Keyocea Covington-McLaurin and Jeanette Mary Covington loaded up a shopping cart and had the children push it out of the store. (Source

Kitten abducted during pet store robbery in North Dakota gets a safe return.  When somebody broke into Animal Kingdom in Bismarck. N.D., early Tuesday and hit the pet store for $300, they also made off with an orange tabby kitten. Apparently the fun of pet thievery soon wore off, and the unnamed kitty was discovered abandoned in a supermarket. A deliveryman who found the kitten, and granddaughter ended up returning the abducted kitten, keeping Animal Kingdom's record perfect. All pets previously stolen were either returned or paid for, though this was the first cat burglary. (Source

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Walmart Shoplifter uses a Stun Gun to get away in Casselbury, Florida.  The suspect was trying to leave the garden center of the Walmart with a $290 air compressor in a cart, till he saw two Loss Prevention Associates waiting for him. The suspect dumped the cart with the compressor in the store and walked out the front entrance. When the LP Agent went after the suspect he turned and shocked the agent with a stun gun disguised as a cell phone. The suspect, Travis McNeal was captured down the street from the store and has three prior charges for retail theft. (Source



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How to encourage safety ownership. If you go to a company that is average (or poor) at safety, and you ask the employees "who is responsible for safety?" their answer will probably be "The Safety Manager." However, if you go to a high-performing company and ask the same thing, the staff will most likely say "I am."  (Source

Six ways to get your office party started... without starting a lawsuit
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Georgia's ORC Effort - Past, Present, and Future

By Katie Tuttle
Content Manager

One of the newest members to the ORCA scene, the Georgia Retail Association’s Organized Retail Crime Alliance (GRAORCA) was founded in early 2012. However, despite its recent creation, the group itself has actually been around for much longer.

History of the GRALPC

In July 2009, the Georgia Retail Association held an open meeting in the Georgia State Capitol building to discuss the rash of afterhours smash and grab burglaries that were plaguing the Atlanta market. From that meeting, a group of retailers, Atlanta area law enforcement officials, and the Fulton County Community Prosecutor, under the auspices of GRA, formed a coalition whose primary objective was to draft and pass legislation that would stiffen penalties for involvement in Smash and Grab burglaries with emphasis on those recruiting juveniles to commit such acts. Eight months later, with minutes left in the 2010 legislative session, the Georgia Smash and Grab Act was passed.

Once the bill had passed, the coalition evolved into the Georgia Retail Association’s Loss Prevention Council (GRALPC). “We quickly recognized the power in numbers and the positive impact that the coalition had on the community, so forming the Council was the obvious next step,” said Mike Liberatore, who has chaired the GRALPC since its inception.

The group’s first order of business was to quickly establish and publish their mission statement which reads: “The mission of the Georgia Retail Association’s Loss Prevention Council (GRALPC) is to provide guidance to its membership and our Law Enforcement partners in the areas of Education, Professional Networking, Legislative Initiatives and Community Outreach.”

The Council’s membership currently includes LP representatives from Macy’s, Verizon Wireless, GameStop, T-Mobile, Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Saks Fifth Avenue, Target, as well as The Fulton County District Attorney’s office and the Atlanta Police Department.

The group has made tremendous strides over the last few years, hosting two annual retail crime conferences with more than 300 in attendance for each. Additionally, on September 13th, the Council trained over 150 police officers and investigators at their Law Enforcement Only Conference hosted by The Home Depot at their corporate headquarters in Atlanta.

The Council has been very involved in community outreach, donating proceeds from their first conference in 2011 to the Atlanta Community Teen Coalition, a non-profit organization committed to directing inner city youth away from gang life and aiming them towards academic success and entrepreneurialism. At the Council’s second annual conference which was held at America’s Mart in Downtown Atlanta, the Council announced that a $3000 donation would be made to the Atlanta Police Athletic League.

“When it was all said and done, PAL received a $5000 check from GRA,” said Liberatore.

Continued tomorrow

USS - The Family that Stays Together Saves Together. Mini Patriot FamilyAlbuquerque police say shoplifting has evolved in the last few years into a more violent and organized crime  On Wednesday night, an Albuquerque Police Department detective was sent to the hospital after a shoplifting suspect hit her with a getaway car. Andy Lugo is Albuquerque Metro Crime Stoppers fugitive of the week after police say he and his mother were caught shoplifting at Coronado Mall. "Shoplifting has evolved quite dramatically," Roseman said. "It has become quite dangerous for the loss-prevention officers who work at the different retail establishments in the city. "What it has become is more organized, and the criminal elements are looking more to make it a commercial crime." (Source

Suspicious vehicle check results in ORC arrests in Houston, TX  A deputy saw a suspicious vehicle at 3040 College Park Drive on Dec. 9. While conducting an investigation, numerous items were located inside the vehicle. The deputy later determined that all the items inside the vehicle were stolen from area merchants. The man and the woman inside of the vehicle, both of Shepherd, were arrested and charged with organized retail theft. They were transported to the Montgomery County Jail. (Source

Organized Retail Crime Detail at Gurnee Mill Mall north of Chicago pays off with four arrests.  The Organized Retail Crime Detail is made up of eight plainclothes Gurnee Police and two Lake County Metro Enforcement Group who teamed up with Mall Security and Loss Prevention Departments. At 8 pm on Friday, four suspects were taken into custody recovering nearly $4000 worth of merchandise. (Source


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When I began my LP career, as a store detective, I thought that the end-all be-all was shoplifters. I thought the more shoplifters you catch, the greater impact you'll have. Overtime I learned that the apprehension of a shoplifter, in and of itself, will have minimal impact on your shrink. If I catch 100 shoplifters a year, but 500 exit with merchandise, what impact did I have? When you layer on a program that includes education/training as well as deterrents, i.e. sensors, PVMs, CCTV, etc., then you start to see results. Your impact becomes 100 shoplifters caught, 200 shoplifters deterred through education/training of your people and 100 shoplifters deterred by sensors, PVMs, CCTV, etc., leaving you with an impact of 80% or more on your external program. From this I shifted from stat driven to results driven, and as a results driven LP professional, you can't have tunnel vision, you have to be able to see the big picture and learn the business of loss prevention. Don't get me wrong, you still have to catch cases, but you can't live on just steak, you have to have your veggies too.

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5 Biggest Leadership Lessons From 2012 It's been quite a year for leadership  lessons. Any one of a multitude of events in 2012 would provide a case study in how to lead -- and sometimes, sadly, how not to. What a year, right? This article includes Les McKeown's personal top five leadership lessons from 2012. Check out what events should help shape your leadership goals for 2013. (The Personification)

The "Loose Reins" Approach to Management Sometimes, the best management is little or no management at all. Sometimes, effective order and engaging experiences can be achieved with the most simple rules. Take "shared space" urban design. In these schemes, motor vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists all share the road equally, with the only rule being "all due respect to the most vulnerable." Look around the corporate world and you'll see organizations also taking the shared space approach. (collaborate and innovate)

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The Buddha: 10 Quotes for Leading (and Living) Well Many of the qualities that the Buddha describes as being properties of a 'wise and skillful person' are very similar to the qualities pointed out as being qualities of awesome leaders. The core of what makes a good and followable leader is truly timeless: it transcends culture, era and religion. (Leadership wisdom)

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