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Clackamas County Sheriff says preparation and training helped reduce number of fatalities at Tuesday's mall shooting  "Law enforcement has learned through past tragedies that we can’t wait for SWAT teams, and teams need to deploy immediately," said Sheriff Craig Roberts during a news conference. "Many people have asked me why there were so few victims during this incident ... I believe it’s a combination of factors that led to this outcome." The factors Sheriff Roberts mentioned include the evidence that the suspect’s rifle jammed, the mall had a lockdown procedure and it was implemented successfully, a large number of officers arrived on the scene quickly, and that all 10,000 people in the mall kept a level-head. "Taking together these four factors limited the suspect’s access to potential victims and gave him less time to harm others," Roberts said. (Source

"Fear of organized crime" drove the invention of the Bar Code 60 years ago  It was born on a beach six decades ago, the product of a pressing need, an intellectual spark and the sweep of a young man’s fingers through the sand. The man on the beach that day was a mechanical-engineer-in-training named N. Joseph Woodland. With that transformative stroke of his fingers — yielding a set of literal lines in the sand — Mr. Woodland, who died on Sunday at 91, conceived the modern bar code. Mr. Woodland was a graduate student when he and a classmate, Bernard Silver, created a technology, based on a printed series of wide and narrow striations, that encoded consumer-product information for optical scanning. Their idea, developed in the late 1940s and patented 60 years ago this fall, turned out to be ahead of its time, and the two men together made only $15,000 from it. Had Mr. Woodland not been a Boy Scout, had he not logged hours on the beach, and had his father not been quite so afraid of organized crime, the code would very likely not have been invented in the form it was, if at all. (Source

Toymageddon 2012 begins Dec. 21 at Toys“R”Us - opening its doors for 88 consecutive hours at most stores  The toy store retailer ran a similar campaign last year, opening its doors for 112 consecutive hours, from 6 a.m. Tuesday, December 20, 2011 to 10 p.m. Christmas Eve. This year, however, the flagship store at the iconic Times Square location in New York opened its doors at 7 a.m. Sunday, December 2 and will keep them open until 10 p.m. Christmas Eve, for a staggering total of 543 consecutive hours. Around the clock shopping. (Source

California judge orders Walgreens to pay $16M for dumping hazardous waste at 600 stores  The settlement announced Thursday stems from a lawsuit filed in June by district attorneys around the state. The legal action followed inspections of trash bins at Walgreens stores. It accused the stores of illegally handling and disposing pesticides, bleach, paint, pharmaceutical waste and other items. The stores were also accused of unlawfully disposing of customer records containing confidential medical information. Walgreen Co. spokesman Jim Graham said the company did not acknowledge any wrongdoing and settled the case to avoid protracted litigation. (Source

Best Buy founder expected to make offer for Best Buy by mid-December  His original offer in August was for over $8B and now the offer is for $5B to $6B after the stock has continued to plummet with disappointing sales results. Last month Best Buy reported a decline in same-store sales for the ninth time in the last 10 quarters. (Source

Criminal Justice degree is employer-friendly according to new study by "Hard Times"  If you have the yearning to "dig" for the truth and like the idea investigating facts, a bachelor's degree in criminal justice is a more employer-friendly way to satisfy your curiosity. It might satisfy employers a little more, too, at least according to the "Hard Times" study. It found that recent criminal justice grads had a 7.6 percent unemployment rate. As a criminal justice major, the College Board says you'll study everything from how terrorism affects society to the role of drug rehabilitation to every aspect of the law. (Source

"Project Blitzkrieg" coming to a bank near you this spring with your account being the target  Is it an FBI sting or a real Russian driven threat? McAfee says it's the real deal. An organized attack on customers of 30 U.S. banks using a Trojan program in development since 2008 and bigger and better than any attack in history. A cybercriminal using the nickname "vorVzakone" announced the plan back in September on a semi-private Russian-language underground forum and invited others to join the project. The goal was to create a network of separate cybercriminal gangs that work together using the same malware and resources for a cut of the profits. The malware can detect when victims access banking websites and steal log-in credentials and other data associated with their accounts and targets a list of websites belonging to U.S. national banks, investment banks and credit unions. They also believe it's already started. Good luck. (Source

China's e-commerce giant website Taobao removed from U.S. government's list of world's most "notorious markets"  The report from the Office of the United States Trade Representative said Taobao “has worked with rights holders to significantly decrease the listing of infringing products for sale through its website, and has committed to continue working to streamline its complaint procedures to further reduce listings of counterfeit products.” (Source

"Operation Holiday Hoax" - The Fed's are hard at work at San Francisco's International Airport 7 days a week looking for counterfeit goods  And if they find any then you won't be getting your order if it was made online and it's counterfeit. As all they do is destroy it. Scrutinizing 40,000 packages a day in the San Francisco International Airport facility all the seized merchandise in this operation will become part of a criminal investigation or it will be destroyed. If you bought it online you’re out of luck. You won’t be getting the merchandise you ordered in the mail. (Source

Get it while it's hot - First time ever sale - at the FBI office in Manhattan Dec. 20 for four hours only  Just in time for last-minute holiday shoppers, one of the most exclusive flash sales yet is about to hit Manhattan. On Dec. 20, for the first time in its history, the Federal Bureau of Investigation will open its New York store at 26 Federal Plaza to federal employees for a limited time. Selling a full line of FBI-branded clothing and merchandise—hats, t-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, patches, pens and coins—the store will only be open a brief four hours, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. (Source

Vehicle hits, kills Wal-Mart shoplifter in Muhlenberg, Pa.  A man trying to get away from Wal-mart security was hit by two cars. The pants he stole were in the street as he gasped for air. "He was shoplifting at Walmart, was approached by loss prevention in the vestibule and after he was approached that's when he took off from loss prevention through the parking lot to get away," said Officer Sam Calabria of the Muhlenberg Police Department. Police said he ran across the grass right into oncoming traffic. After he was hit, police said they found him lying on the ground gasping. Dying later at the hospital. (Source

Stores Loss Prevention and police team up to stymie shoplifters in Springfield, IL  For retailers, loss prevention is a year-round job, and for the last several years, local businesses have teamed up with each other and law enforcement to catch shoplifters. Detective Don Larson of the Springfield Police Department said the team approach has worked well. "There are a fair number of people in the loss-prevention community who have been in the business a long time — just like us. So we have long-term relationships with them," Larson said. To combat the problem, stores share surveillance video with each other and police when they run into a serial shoplifter who has been able to take items without being caught. The videos are sent back and forth via e-mail, and it’s not uncommon for detectives or loss-prevention employees from other stores to recognize the people in a video. "After you look at the video, you’ll get an e-mail five minutes later saying it’s so-and-so, and I arrested them on this date," Larson said. "It’s also not unusual for two or three other stores to pop up and say, 'That looks like somebody who was in here last week." Stores and police officers also get together on a quarterly basis to share information on shoplifting trends, and police let them know about other issues that could be pertinent to their businesses. (Source

Two Salisbury,PA Police Officers injured during shoplifting apprehension at Bon-Ton.  Bon-Ton Loss Prevention called police after seeing two shoplifters grab a stack of polo shirt and entered the fitting room. As the suspects exited the store they were greeted by the Salisbury Township Police. Both shoplifters attempted to flee and resisted arrest, one of the suspects and one of the officers required medical attention at the area hospital. Officers and a k-9 unit from another department were also involved in the apprehension. Both suspects now face charges of retail theft, criminal conspiracy, resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, receiving stolen property and criminal mischief. (Source

"Captain America" Robbery Suspect Arrested In Modesto at Rogers Jewelers after robbery spree  The "Captain America" Modesto robbery suspect was arrested Wednesday when he tried to strike again hitting Rogers Jewelers with a baseball bat. After hitting a number of businesses with a Captain America mask he now faces multiple felony charges. (Source

Possible group of suspects hitting Pharmacies in Northern California.  Six pharmacies have been hit in the last 36 hours in Pleasanton and Dublin California. The description of the suspects are no where near the same, leaving Police to believe it is more than one person responsible. The suspects claimed to be armed, but no weapon was displayed. CVS and Rite Aid have both been targeted, while no one has been injured. (Source

Stolen car recovered, used in smash and grab of a Jewelry Store in Arroyo Grande, CA.  The front doors were smashed out of the Broadway Jewelers in Arroyo Grande Village on early Thursday morning. Police were able to use the village security camera to obtain the vehicle’s license plate, but the car turned up abandoned later in the day. No information has been released on the value of the merchandise or the total of the damage to the store. (Source

Three thieves behind bars in Eau Claire, Wisconsin because of chewing gum and DNA.  Three suspects are now custody because of some great police work, all three suspects are from out of state. The three suspects broke into the MacMan computer store back in September and stole $12,000 worth of computers and iPads. In the store police recovered a bandana and rubber gloves left behind. The suspects then hit another store leaving behind gloves and used chewing gum. A week later Menomonie Police were called to a Walmart and checked out a van with four suspicious people, inside the van they found an iPad, rubber gloves and a crowbar. Those items have all been traced back to the original burglary at MacMan. DNA evidence took awhile to be obtained, but the gum and gloves came back to one of the three suspects. (Source

South Florida Jeweler releases video of burglary hoping the public can help.  Dana Munsey of Rotunda Jewelers in Palmeeto Bay, Florida is hoping releasing the video will help solve his Thanksgiving morning burglary. Munsey believes the three suspects got away with over $5000 of merchandise from his store after smashing out the front window with a brick. (Source

Church’s Chicken robbery suspect on the loose in Kansas City; admitted to burglaries while on probation.  Damon Leonard is being sought by Police, weeks ago he plead guilty and was placed on probation for another burglary he committed in Jackson County. Leonard and two other suspects attempted to rob a Church’s Chicken, but the manager was able to disarm one of the suspects, the three suspects fled. One of the suspects is in custody, but Leonard is considered armed and dangerous. (Source

New Hampshire woman tasered because of language barrier and Apple’s store policy. Xiaojie Li was attempting to purchase an iPhone on Monday at the New Hampshire Mall, she was told because she had purchased two iPhones on Friday, and she had reached her limit. The store manager asked Li to leave the store, Li’s 12 year old daughter who was with her serves as her interpreter. Li began to film other customers purchasing more than two phones, that is when the store manager called police. Again Li was asked to leave, when she refused or didn’t fully understand, she was tasered and arrested. (Source

Vermont Burglar falls asleep behind the store.  Richard Light didn’t get far, after breaking into the Killington Sports Outfitters. Vermont State Police were called buy a security guard to the store after Light had broken the front window of the store. Upon arrival, the Vermont State police noticed Richard Light sleeping behind the building. Light happened to also be wearing a new a new jacket, shirt and hat, valued at $350 he had stolen from inside the store. (Source


Georgia's ORC - Past, Present, and Future

Starting next week, be on the lookout for our series on the evolution of the ORC efforts in Georgia. Focusing on the Georgia Retail Association, the Georgia Retail Association's Loss Prevention Council, and the Georgia Retail Association Organized Retail Crime Alliance, the article interviews some of the three groups' top members. The series will be in four parts: History of the GRALPC, Recent Success, Incorporation of GRAORCA into GRALPC, and the future of GRALPC.



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Survey shows 53% of senior-level IT and physical security professionals say insufficient budget is biggest organizational obstacle to moving their security organization forward in the next 12 to 18 months.  These budget concerns are down from 2011's 81%, but elevated from 2010's 31%. 72% of this year's participants say the ability to have a proactive, risk-focused approach that ensures greater overall security with a holistic view of the enterprise is "Important" (45%) or "Extremely Important" (27%). (Source

Target's arrival in Canada a game-changer for retailers at home and afar
Canadian retailers may be reticent to publicly name that bull's-eyed American foe pushing north next year, but many are revamping, cost-cutting and restrategising ahead of the arrival of Target. The sky is not going to fall on all other retailers, (Target is) really going to make everybody else that much sharper, that much better," says Jim Danahy, CEO at CustomerLAB and a veteran retailer himself. (Source

Thieves steal 400 tonnes of corn in bold Quebec farm heist
Months after a massive maple syrup heist, agricultural thieves in Quebec are at it again. Thieves using at least a dozen large trucks struck at a farm in central Quebec overnight Tuesday, making off with an estimated 400 tonnes of the product valued at $140,000. (Source

Greater Vancouver Security Partner's ForumGreater Vancouver Security Partners' Forum
Emerging Security Trends: Cybersecurity, Social Media and PIPA

Monday January 28th, 2013, Time: 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM
Hilton Metrotown 6083 McKay Avenue, Burnaby, BC

PIABC is sponsoring a one day conference in cooperation with the Greater Vancouver Security Partners Forum (GVSPF).

The speakers are:

Honorable Howard A. Schmidt, CISSP, CSSLP
Former Special Assistant to the President and Cybersecurity Coordinator. Former Chief Security Strategist for eBay Inc.

Elizabeth Denham
Information and Privacy Commissioner for British Columbia, Canada

Bill Daniel, CPP
25 year Security Professional; ASIS International Canadian Pacific Chapter 190 Chair for 2013 and member of the Editorial Advisory Board Member for SP&T Magazine

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USS - The Family that Stays Together Saves Together. Mini Patriot FamilyChicago police arrests two men using Gift Cards in a large-scale fraud operation hitting Target stores  The arrests come as part of an ongoing fraud investigation coordinated with Chicago, Cook County, Secret Service and Target Corporation personnel, Chicago police said. (Source

One small business owner and Social Media takes on 5 shoplifters in Manteca, CA. Danette Jarred is the owner of Monogram Magic, earlier this week her store was hit by a group of four females and one male shoplifter who stole nearly $2000 of merchandise. Jarred reported the crime, but also release photos of the group on her Facebook page and sent it to over 1000 people. Her post became so popular that even the Manteca Police received it. One of the suspects called the store and claimed a she was going to file a lawsuit against Jarred and the Store. Police are looking at this group who may have been responsible for theft at both JC Penney and Target in the area on the same day. (Source


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Tyco Retail SolutionsTyco Retail Solutions Showcases Integrated In-Store Experience at Annual NRF Convention

Helping Retailers Deliver Consistent, Differentiated Customer Experiences
Across All Channels

BOCA RATON, FL--(Marketwire - Dec 13, 2012) - Tyco Retail Solutions (, a leading global provider of retail performance and security solutions, today announced plans for the upcoming NRF 102nd Annual Convention & EXPO, on January 13-16 at the Jacob K. Javitz Convention Center in New York City. As a leader in the Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) market for over 45 years, with over a decade of expertise deploying large scale RFID-based solutions, Tyco addresses retailers increasing need to make the store more relevant with innovative omni-channel technologies designed to deliver a differentiated customer experience.

Tyco Retail's two story booth (#2611) will feature an in-store environment showcasing its integrated suite of store performance and security solutions including loss prevention, inventory intelligence, traffic intelligence and store execution. Attendees will have the opportunity to walk through a guided demo of the store environment and speak directly with executives and subject experts to learn more. Live demonstrations of Tyco's store technology convergence will include EAS anti-shoplifting and Traffic Intelligence, EAS and RFID based Inventory Visibility, as well as Video Analytics and Inventory Visibility.

Tyco Retail Solutions is also a proud sponsor of the Retail Orphan Initiative (RetailROI) Super Saturday analyst event for the second consecutive year and will also feature its inventory visibility solution in the Avery Dennison booth (#143). A charitable foundation, RetailROI raises awareness and provides real solutions for the more than 400 million vulnerable children worldwide.

WHAT: NRF's 102nd Annual Convention & EXPO, Retail's BIG Show 2013

WHERE: Jacob K. Javitz Convention Center, New York City, Booth #2611

WHEN: January 13-16, 2013

WHY: As consumers armed with smart mobile devices become increasingly savvy, retailers are charged with identifying and adopting technologies capable of connecting the dots to drive efficiencies across all entities -- customers, inventory, store and workforce -- to ensure a winning in-store experience, build shopper loyalty and make the store more than just a showroom for online sales. As the largest gathering of retail executives in the industry, NRF is an ideal venue to demonstrate the value Tyco Retail Solutions' delivers to forward thinking retailers today for improving the in-store experience and competing in an omni-channel world.

Jim Caudill
Tyco Retail Solutions
+1 (561) 912-6066
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Attune Communications
+1 (781) 378-2674

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Understanding the Why behind the What

by Joe Troy, Jr.
Market Asset Protection Manager

When I accepted my position at Wal-Mart almost 5 years ago as an Asset Protection Associate I never knew that my moral compass and ethical code instilled in me by my parents would be tested. After working in retail for close to 10 years now I was always familiar with Loss Prevention or Asset Protection but did not know the extent to which they had an impact on the lives of people decisions they made had on individuals. True, individuals that find themselves sitting across my desk have stolen, broken policy, the law and have displayed actions that are detrimental to running a profitable business that can continue to provide customers with the prices they come to expect at a retailer that prides itself on "saving people money so they can live better." What they do not prepare you for is the why behind the what.

I have the opportunity to talk to associates in an interview format that allows the associate to explain the why behind the what. I already know the when, the how, the what, and the value of what I have on video. When I sit down with someone it is important for me to understand the why for a couple reasons:

1. It will determine what the next step will be.
2. If someone made a "mistake"
3. Do we have a training breakdown?
4. Control breakdowns that could have minimized the opportunity for an associate to make the wrong decision.
5. The associates decision-making process - this to me is the most important as it allows us to put corrective actions in place to be able to help people make better decisions.

From time to time I sit down with individuals that made the wrong choice based on a lack of understanding of benefits that are available to all associates. It is important to remember and easy to forget that just because someone makes a bad decision it does not make him or her a bad person. Sometimes we are conditioned to thinking that people do not deserve a chance to explain. I do not agree with that. Therein lies an ethical dilemma.

Understanding the why behind the what will sometimes lead to an ethical dilemma and in this line of work it's that understanding that dictates the decisions we make. It also helps to understand why people make the decisions that they do. It's easy to think that people just steal because they want to, and it's easy sometimes to get numb to it, but it's truly when you have an understanding of people that you realize that the dilemma was there for them too. They just made the wrong choice.

The Thought Challenge Review 2012 begins Dec. 1st. It's not too late to submit yours! December 31st deadline.

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