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FBI & federal prosecutors subpoena Big Lots info on CEO's $10.3M stock sale before negative corporate announcement  In a Wednesday Securities and Exchange Commission filing, the Columbus, Ohio, company said that it received a grand jury subpoena from the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York on Nov. 29 requesting information on trades by CEO Steven Fishman. The SEC has also begun its own probe on the matter looking at whether Fishman had sold $10.3 million in stock in March based on an insider's knowledge of a coming negative corporate announcement. Stock slumped 10% over last three days. (Source

Retailers Feeling Pressure for Longer Store Hours, as Macy's Announces 48-Hour Openings  Macy's announced most of its stores will be open continuously in the 48 hours leading up to Christmas Eve, some 65 hours straight, putting pressure on other retailers to expand their own hours or promotions. It began keeping its doors open 24 hours with Macy's Queens Center in New York in 2006. Eventually, 14 locations were open 24 hours leading up to Christmas. Most of Wal-Mart's 4,000 stores are open 24 hours a day. Apple's only 24-hour retail store is on New York City's famed shopping street, Fifth Avenue. You can expect a few to follow. (Source

Delhaize America "major shakeup" at the top to revive flagging sales at their Food Lion banner  A new president at Food Lion and a new CEO at Delhaize America are part of a "major shakeup" at Delhaize America and a prolonged effort to revive flagging sales at the Food Lion. They also own Hannaford Brothers, Sweetbay, and Bottom Dollar Food. (Source

Green Monday, the second Monday in December hopes to echo some of its Cyber Monday success  An emerging online shopping holiday known as Green Monday is today. (Source

Shopper traffic in November increased 18% compared to October and 6% over ly Nov.  Black Friday — historically the busiest day of the retail year — played a major role in attracting shoppers to stores in November. Consumers spent an estimated total of $11.2 billion on this date — a decrease of 1.8% compared to last year. Retail foot traffic rose 3.5% to more than 307.67 million store visits. ShopperTrak predicts the week before Christmas — starting Dec. 16 — to be the largest retail sales and traffic week of the year, with some consumers waiting for retailers to reduce prices prior to Christmas for last-minute deals. (Source

Fraudulent returns of online purchases trouble stores with 4% fraudulent
86% of the 60 retailers participating in the National Retail Federation’s 2012 Return Fraud Survey say they accept returns in their stores of goods purchased online. 19.3% of all retailers in the survey say they’ve encountered return fraud with e-receipts. 45.6% of retailers say they’ve had consumers use counterfeit receipts to return merchandise over the last year. 64.9% say they’ve had consumers return used, non-defective merchandise. (Source

After two fires in factories & 374 deaths the "Social Accountability International" nonprofit org. falls under scrutiny.  Founded in 1997, Social Accountability International receives fees and membership payments from industry giants like Gap, Gucci and H&M, but it also obtains money from labor unions, governments, foundations and nongovernment organizations. It created the SA8000 to certify factories around the world that meet basic requirements in eight areas, including health and safety, wages, working hours and child labor. The September factory fire that killed 262 workers in Pakistan was given a "clean bill of health" 3 weeks before the horrific blaze. These elaborate systems look good on paper, but the actual work is often delegated to largely unsupervised subcontractors eager to drum up more business. The company that certified Ali Enterprises, as in many other cases, never visited the factory, handing off the job to a local inspector it dealt with by telephone or at meetings outside Pakistan. Certification systems like the SA8000, said Khalid Nadvi, an expert on monitoring at the University of Manchester in England, are "very patchy and in many cases totally ineffective." (Source

BYOD security concerns are mounting
According to a survey by the Ponemon Institute, 25% of IT managers see mobile devices as a rising security threat to the enterprise. And security firm Sophos is warning about the explosive growth of malware targeting Android devices. They identified three security hurdles for enterprises to overcome when transitioning to BYOD: First, the right of users to use capabilities of their personal mobile devices can conflict with the enterprise's need to implement security policies, increasing the risk of data loss and the exploitation of security vulnerabilities. Second, user freedom to select their own devices, regardless of security considerations, makes it difficult for enterprises to secure devices at the workplace, as well as keep track of device vulnerabilities and updates. Third, the user's ownership of the mobile device and personal data raises privacy concerns, which could inhibit an enterprise from taking aggressive security action. (Source

Majority of businesses not adequately protecting payment card data
SecurityMetrics study shows 70% of merchants store unencrypted payment card data on their business network and directly violate Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) requirements and are more likely to be exploited by thieves. "Hackers proactively search for unencrypted card data because it takes less effort to steal," said Gary Glover, director of security assessment at SecurityMetrics. "Whether a business stores unencrypted card data because of an improperly configured payment application, or because employees handle data improperly, storing card data without encryption is against industry regulation." (Source

U.S. and Mexican governments on Friday announce "Operation Holiday Hoax"
Operation Holiday Hoax will target stores, flea markets and swap meets involved in the importation, distribution and selling of counterfeit products on both sides of the border. And is scheduled to run until Dec. 26. (Source

Police seize $425,000 in counterfeit merchandise from a Birmingham, Alabama Flea Market. Local, State and Federal Authorities seized 3,500 counterfeit items that add up to a retail price of $425,000 at the Bessemer Flea Market in Birmingham Saturday morning. Agents with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement's Homeland Security Investigations targeted 35 vendors selling counterfeit designer clothing, counterfeit CDs/DVDs and counterfeit sportswear. Bryan Cox, public affairs officer for ICE, has said agents were only targeting vendors in the bust, not the flea market itself. (Source

Anonymous hackers aren't always ideological, some are just crooks hiding in sheep's clothing  Self-proclaimed Anonymous spokesperson indicted for stealing 5,000 credit card numbers, associating Ids, and Card Verification Values (CVVs) from the Stratfor Global Intelligence database hacking he did. Brown acted as the public face of Anonymous during its rise to fame, but he left the group in May 2011. In September, Brown was arrested by FBI just hours after he posted a YouTube video called “Why I'm Going to Destroy FBI Agent Robert Smith.” If convicted of these latest charges, the US Attorney's Office in the Northern District of Texas says that Brown faces maximum sentences of 15 years for the trafficking charge, 10 years for the device fraud charge, and a 2 year sentence for each of the identity theft counts, "in addition to any sentence imposed on the trafficking count." (Source

Grinch-like bandits following U.P.S. and FedEx trucks nabbing gifts
and others driving through residential neighborhoods looking for packages. UPS alone will deliver 500 million holiday packages with many of them being left on doorsteps, and thieves are hitting. (Source

Security guard shoots armed shoplifter at Love's truck stop in Memphis
W C Hampton, 32, pulled a knife on a security guard early Thursday morning who stole three jackets out of the store. The guard saw Hampton and attempted to stop him. That’s when police said Hampton pulled out a knife. The security guard felt threatened and shot Hampton in the leg. (Source

Canada -Burnaby RCMP’s strike force unit takes down 8 in armed robbery attempt  On a routine stakeout at the West Vancouver mall conducting surveillance last Thursday evening they spotted a man holding the Birks jewelers clerk at gunpoint and busted him along with two others in the store and five other men in two getaway cars. (Source

Armed robbers hit G4S guards delivering money to Tesco Express supermarket in London, UK  Two men, brandishing what police described as "bladed weapons" targeted G4S guards who were delivering money to the cash point outside the Tesco Express store in London. A spokesman said the two security guards were not hurt during the raid, but have been offered counseling. He said: "The psychological impact that attacks of this nature can have on individuals should not be under-estimated." (Source

Dearborn, MI Police seek 3 Smash and Grab suspects from Macy’s store robbery.  Police are looking for three men who smashed a display case and stole jewelry at Macy’s in Fairlane Town Center. The men entered the fine jewelry department at about 7:45 p.m. Dec. 1 and one pulled out a blunt object, possibly a hammer. He smashed the display case, and all three took jewelry out of the case, then fled. Police believe that the theft is connected with incidents in other communities. Two were wearing gray hoodies, blue jeans and Timberland boots; the third was hearing a black hat, black hoodie, blue jeans and black shoes. (Source

Hit and Run smashes a UPS Store in South Carolina.  The manager of the UPS Store in Florence, South Carolina got a phone call from police saying they found a Ford pick-up truck inside his store. The driver of the truck was no where to be found and police will charge him or her with hit and run once apprehended. The damage to the building is extensive, but the mail and parcels of customers were saved and taken to the Florence Mall location. (Source

Radio Shack store in Buckhead, GA smashed by U-Haul truck. A U-Haul truck smashed down the front doors of a Radio Shack early Monday morning in Buckhead, Georgia. Police recovered several flat screen TV's and computer equipment from the truck they found abandoned a few miles away. The suspects are still at large. (Source

UK adds 280 Police Officers to the force for $40 a piece.  South Yorkshire had seen budget cuts of police officers since 2008, and the number of officers has dropped from 3289 in 2008 to currently 2900. The 280 cardboard police officers are believed to have reduced crime by 50%. The mind set behind the reduction is that retailers and business are working closely with the police department and may not be the best place to target for a crime. Thirteen Police Departments in the UK are currently using the cardboard police, one store in Leigh believes it has reduced shoplifting 75%. (Source

Alleged shoplifter hits 3 pedestrians as he flees from Toronto Police.  Toronto police have identified a suspect in an alleged hit-and-run that saw three pedestrians injured when a vehicle went onto a sidewalk. Police say a male suspect stole several items from a retail store in the city's midtown area around 1:30 p.m. Friday. They say the suspect then jumped into a stolen SUV and fled when a police officer pursued him. It's alleged the suspect tried to hit the officer before driving up onto the sidewalk, striking three people, one of whom was sent to hospital with minor injuries. Police say in a release that 47-year-old Steven Brunswick is sought on charges of attempted murder, theft of a vehicle, dangerous driving and failing to remain at the site of a collision. (Source

Three female ex-cons arrested at Old Navy in Naperville. Old Navy Loss Prevention apprehended three women last week for shoplifting, not knowing that two of the women had just gotten out of jail, one of them had served two years for felony retail theft. Laquana T. Moore was released from the Illinois Department of Corrections in Springfield just two months ago, her accomplice; Darlene Moore was just in jail in May for shoplifting. The third female is Ruby Bowles. All will be charged with felony burglary and attempted retail theft. (Source

Dallas Petland smash and grab, loss of 8 puppies valued at $12,000. Petland store manager says they realize the value of the eight puppies is $12,000, but they are more concerned about the animal’s welfare. The smash and grab comes only two months after the same type of break ins took place at Petland stores in Plano and Frisco. The puppies are all micro chipped so any potential buyers should have their new puppy scanned. (Source

Ex-convict says he got himself arrested to get prison health care.  A 56-year-old ex-convict says he purposely got arrested for shoplifting to get prison health care for his leukemia. Frank Morrocco of Amherst said that he stole shoelaces and other items from Wegman's as "an act of desperation" because he can't afford health care. He was released from federal prison a year ago after serving 20 years on drug charges. He was getting cancer treatment as an inmate. Now he's having second thoughts about shoplifting his way back to prison, because a relative and two friends say they'll pay for his health insurance. Federal marshals told Morrocco Friday that they have a warrant for his arrest. He says he'll turn himself in on Monday. The judge will decide whether to send him to prison for violating parole. (Source

Albertson’s employee in Roswell, N.M., finds a handgun packaged in frozen meat. A supermarket employee in Roswell, N.M., found an unexpected item in a case of frozen meat this week: a loaded handgun. The Albertsons worker was unwrapping the meat, which had been shipped from a packing plant in Colorado, when he discovered the firearm, along with seven rounds of ammunition. The employee brought the Rock Island Armory .38 super semi auto handgun, along with the ammo, into the Roswell Police Department. Where the gun came from is a mystery to police. It was entered into the National Crime Information Center database, but no reports of it being stolen came up. (Source

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Comedian Katt Williams slaps a Target employee in Sacramento. After Williams lead police on a chase driving his three-wheeled motorcycle, he stopped into a Sacramento Target store to cause an altercation. The video shows Katt Williams getting into a confrontation with the Target employee. There’s no audio, but in the video, something clearly enrages Katt, as he winds up and slaps the employee in the face. At that point, the employee pulls out a cell phone, presumably to call 911. Katt Williams appears to be in a downward spiral. Just last week, Williams was sued by his own fans in a class action lawsuit. Fans of Katt were angered that, after paying high ticket prices to see one of his shows in person, Williams allegedly came out on stage for just ten minutes before promptly exiting. (Source


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New 2011 food safety law used to halt operations
at the country's largest organic peanut butter processor. Cracking down on salmonella poisoning, FDA officials found salmonella all over Sunland Inc.’s New Mexico processing plant. After 41 people in 20 states, most of them children, were sickened by peanut butter manufactured at the Sunland plant and sold at Trader Joe’s. The suspension will prevent the company from distributing any food. (Source

5 Strategies to Combat Workplace Bullying 
Workplace bullying can take various forms. Bullies may constantly criticize their peers or their subordinates, they may yell at employees in front of other colleagues or they may gossip about, pick on or ignore certain workers. Regardless of the form bullying takes, company leadership must prevent such behavior and make the workplace a safe place for all employees. 1. Help others understand what bullying looks like among adults 2. Establish a zero-tolerance policy. 3. Train staff members on appropriate ways to handle conflict and criticism. 4. Build self-confidence and capacity in employees. 5. Make sure you're not the bully. (Source


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In this five part series LPNN talks with Joe LaRocca, senior retail partner and former senior advisor of Asset Protection for the NRF, Scott Sanford - the Director, Investigations & Training - Loss Prevention for Barnes & Noble and one of the founders of the ORC Solutions - ORC Workbench - the fastest and most successful online organized retail crime detection and prevention tools, Denny Dansak - Kroger's Corporate Manager, ORC, Nelson Harrah - The Gap's Director of Organized Retail Crime, and Deb Lussier - Home Depot's Senior Manager of Central Investigations. In this series you'll learn exactly how these retailers are addressing Organized Retail Crime and how they've built their models. They discuss what they look for in staffing ORC positions and how they measure the effectiveness of their program. This is a great opportunity to see exactly how four major retailers have responded to the ORC problems facing the nation.




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Kohl's LP Exec., Michael DeMeo busts Trio who plead guilty to being involved in a massive nationwide identity theft and check counterfeiting ring  Two of them had been sought by Wal-Mart security officials for two years for cashing more than $370,000 worth of counterfeit payroll checks. "Their method of operation was to be on the road," Tilton Police Chief Robert Cormier said. "Sometimes they didn't know which state they were in. They'd just follow the GPS to the next block of stores." Their cases reveal new details about the scope of the conspiracy, including what records they kept of others' personal information and the dozens of fake IDs they're accused of carrying. Wal-Mart security officials say 270 people had their identities misused on checks the retail giant cashed, according to West's plea agreement. Their scheme unraveled when an off-duty loss prevention investigator from Kohl's department stores who was on vacation in New Hampshire and shopping with his wife happened to be in line behind the men when a Brooks Brothers clerk challenged the identification being used. The investigator, Michael DeMeo, became suspicious and called Tilton police. He continued to monitor the men until police arrived. (Source

"Skimmers" discovered "all over the place" across San Bernardino County, CA  and hundreds of people have been victims of identity theft according to a detective who said two suspects were arrested. A boyfriend-girlfriend team that's thought to be part of a larger organization was arrested on suspicion of involvement in the crimes this week, but multiple police agencies are looking for more suspects. They're all over the place. A lot of these restaurants have these devices outside the drive-thru. You don't want to use those either," Stringer said. "The gas station thing is off the chart right now." (Source

ORC? Three wanted in retail theft at Hershey outlets in Hershey, PA  Police are seeking help from the public in identifying three men involved in a retail theft incident at the Tanger Outlet Mall in Hershey. One of the thieves distracted a store clerk Tuesday while the other two stole more than $1,400 in merchandise. The men were described as well dressed white or Hispanic males. One was in his mid-20's to early 30's while the other two were older, possibly in their mid-40's, police said. (Source

Four detained at Kohl's, accused of running shoplifting ring in Live Oak, TX  Police in Live Oak caught up with four suspects at a Kohl's Department Store in the Forum Shopping Center on Friday afternoon. The group is accused of shoplifting a number of items. Officers found more stolen merchandise in the suspect vehicle. Investigators are trying to determine whether the same group is responsible for a similar incident just hours earlier at a Macy's at Rolling Oaks Mall. Live Oak police will attempt to identify the owners of the stolen property. (Source

Trio ORC box-stuffing gang hits Best Buy for 40 iPads and MP3 players worth $200 each in Evansville, IN  The thieves walked into Best Buy through the front door, careful to make staggered entrances in what Police Sgt. Jason Cullum called perhaps the most sophisticated shoplifting operation carried out in Evansville this year. They were buying larger items — like, they'd buy an item that came in a bigger box but they would put multiple iPods inside that box. (Source

Police nabbed three members of Felony Lane Gang in Naples, FL.  Three members believed to be part of the "Felony Lane" organized crime gang were arrested Saturday following two car burglaries and attempted fraud at an East Naples Walmart. Collier County sheriff's deputies started their investigation after two victims reported their car windows smashed and several items, including credit cards, stolen. Deputies asked the victims to call their credit card companies, which said purchases were being made at an East Naples Walmart. Deputies located the suspects, made arrests, and reviewed surveillance video, an arrest report said. A suspect tried to make a $600 purchase with one of the victims' stolen credit card, but it was declined. A second suspect successfully bought a $300 gift card, which he then used to pay for an Xbox video game system. During a search of the suspects' vehicle, several illegally obtained items were found, including two iPads, two Xbox consoles and a spring-loaded window punch. (Source


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See Something, Say Something

By Catherine Willse Stasiowksi
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as published on April 26, 2012

We've all seen the phrase, "see something, say something", posted on the metro, at the airport, or in other public areas. This government awareness act is also important in loss prevention. When I walk my stores, I often see things that might be considered "odd" in our store environment. I have found that when I ask the right questions, I often get a lot more information than I thought possible from my initial observation. I've also learned that when I don't say something or analyze the oddity, I find myself down the road realizing I had ignored a valuable clue and probably could have already solved the problem.

I teach my managers to be aware of their surroundings, constantly challenging their store conditions and team member performance. Most importantly, I try to teach them to speak up right away when something doesn't make sense. A team possessing a culture that constantly challenges each other positively impacts productivity and quickly solves problems.

They become accustomed to asking questions and getting answers. When a person on the verge of making a poor decision contemplates their next move, we want them to consider their risk. Hopefully, we've helped to create an environment where they know someone might see something and most certainly feels comfortable saying something.

The Thought Challenge Review 2012 begins Dec. 1st. It's not too late to submit yours! December 31st deadline.

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Axonify - Pep Boys Case Study

Pep Boys is a full-service automotive aftermarket retail chain, headquartered in Philadelphia, PA. Operating over 700 stores do-it-yourselfer, do-it-for-me (service) and buy-for-resale (sales to professional garages) who have come to rely on Pep Boys for high-quality, name-brands, low prices, convenience and un-matched service.

The Challenge
Pep Boys has always focused on delivering safety and loss prevention messages down to the associate level. Similar to other retail organizations, they had instituted a fairly robust store level awareness program that included posters, monthly manager-led meetings and when required, impromptu huddles.

"The most surprising benefit of the Axonify solution was how well it was received and continues to be received by our employees." Bryan Hoppe, VP of AP, Pep BoysPep Boys found that although they were doing a variety of things around awareness training, they weren’t seeing the reductions in inventory shrink and safety incidents that they expected. Issues such as back injuries and internal theft were still plaguing the organization. They often saw their incident and shrink rates start to fall and then quickly rise again with no discernable pattern.

The team at Pep Boys hypothesized that their lack of sustainable success was largely due to the fact that their employees were not retaining and operationalizing their learning. Associates would get the message and shortly thereafter return to their prior habits with no long-term change in behavior. With over 19,000 employees being trained, it was virtually impossible to track who the message was getting through to and who it wasn’t. It was even more challenging to understand who was actually applying learning to their job.

The Solution
In 2009, Pep Boys implemented the Axonify solution as part of an overhaul to their loss prevention and safety awareness programs. The goal was to reduce their shrink and safety incident rates. Via the Axonify platform, associates now receive daily reinforcement of monthly training they’ve received through their LMS system. Employees answer targeted, quick questions related to risk, loss prevention, safety and operational policies and procedures that they need to know. If they answer correctly, they play a slot machine game titled “Quiz to Win” for a chance to win cash prizes. If they demonstrate a knowledge at various intervals until the employee demonstrates adequate information retention. It takes 30 - 90 seconds a day and is
done either at the beginning of the associate’s shift or during downtime throughout the day.

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13 Ways to Fix Your Worst Meetings Meetings get a bum rap. The Young Entrepreneur Council asked 13 successful young entrepreneurs how they keep their staff meetings lively and productive, week in and week out. Despite the fact that they're probably younger than you, and less experienced than you, you may learn a thing or two about meetings from their best answers. (Not have them?)

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4 Powerful Words Employees Need to Hear There are lots of ways to make a positive impact on your staff. But the best involves four words. These four simple words, used correctly and with the right intent, can make a powerful impact on your business, your life, and other people. (Here's how)

5 Habits of Highly Effective Communicators It's no secret that good leaders are also good communicators. And the best leaders have learned that effective communication is as much about authenticity as the words they speak and write. Indeed, communication and leadership are inextricably tied. (Clear, credible and authentic)

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