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Deputy shoots and kills a fleeing Walmart shoplifter in Houston; Deputy was nearly run down.    An off-duty Harris County sheriff's deputy fatally shot a suspected shoplifter during a confrontation late Thursday in the parking lot of a north side Houston Walmart. The deputy, working as a part time Loss Prevention Associate, was apparently trying to apprehend a woman accused of shoplifting about 10:15 p.m. at the store along the North Freeway near West. She allegedly got into her car and began to drive away when the deputy tried to pull her out. According to early reports, the deputy fired while the woman was dragging him through the parking lot, officials said. The woman fled and drove to an apartment complex about a mile away, where she died. It wasn't clear if the deputy was injured, but officials said he was not transported to the hospital. The Harris County Sheriff's Office and the Harris County District Attorney's Office are investigating the fatal shooting. (Source

Done Holiday Shopping Already? Post-Black Friday Retail Lull Sets In
Shopping fatigue may have already hit American consumers, and there are still nearly three weeks left until Christmas. There is always a shopping lull after the frenzied Black Friday weekend. This year’s lull was substantial. The retail research firm ShopperTrak estimates that for the week of November 25 to December 1, there was a 28.8% decline in foot traffic and a 22.4% falloff in in-store retail sales compared to the week before (Black Friday week). (Source

Apple's decision not to include NFC chipset in iPhone 5 impacts NFC payments technology in North America    In fact, the decision is so important that NFC will now have lower visibility and cause fewer opportunities for consumers to make payments, which could lead to "NFC indifference" in the short term, the research firm concluded. "While many vendors have introduced NFC-enabled smartphones, Apple's decision is a significant blow for the technology, particularly given its previous successes in educating the wider public about new mobile services," said Dr. Windsor Holden, author of the report. "Without their support, it will be even more difficult to persuade consumers -- and retailers -- to embrace what amounts to a wholly new means of payment. (Source

Tesco to sell or close all 199 Fresh & Easy stores on the west coast
Earlier they said they were considering options and now they've gone all the way in their comments with saying they may close all of them if they can't locate a buyer. Fresh & Easy largely failed to capture the imagination of American consumers unaccustomed to British-style ready meals, self-service cash registers and unorthodox store layouts. (Source

Survey: Companies increasingly using public cloud for business-critical applications; security concerns are fading    Big data might very well be the catalyst that will push adoption of public cloud into overdrive,” says Roman Stanek, CEO of GoodData Corporation. “Real-time scalability will be key and a secure cloud will be the enabler.” 4 out of 5 companies are using some sort of cloud infrastructure, whether it’s public, hybrid or private. 70 percent more people are planning to use public cloud environments for temporary workload/big data in 2013 as compared to 2012. Cloud security concerns are fading. This year, just 23 percent said they’re concerned about the lack of perimeter defenses and network controls in the public cloud. Are your security app's in the cloud? (Source

Cybercrimes - #1 worry of publicly traded U.S. companies, in terms of potential litigation & financial losses    63% of the respondents said they were most concerned with losing customer or employee data through an electronic security breach. In 2011, the typical data breach resulted in $5.5 million in organizational costs. In the U.S., 90% said their employers had suffered at least one data breach. Companies increasingly fear that cybercrimes will land them in civil court. In a global economy, driven by electronic commerce, it is essential that all necessary steps are taken to ensure consumers are protected from an unintentional release or criminal theft of their personal data. (Source

IT Security industry is booming - with 45% seeing increases in budgets next year
for security projects and personnel between 2011 and 2012. On average, respondents said budgets for security initiatives and programs increased from $1 million to $1.5 million over the past year. Forty-seven percent of those polled expected their budget to increase again in 2013, with only eight percent predicting a decline. Mobile device management is among the top projects professionals planned to allocate their funds toward next year. (Source

18 Chinese sentenced to more than 46 yrs in prison for manufacturing and selling counterfeit Crocs    Seventeen individuals were convicted of counterfeiting, and two of the 17 also were convicted of offering bribes. An 18th individual also was convicted on bribery charges in connection with production of counterfeit Crocs shoes. (Source

Homeland Security in Florida continues to focus on Counterfeit Goods. The Immigration and Customs Enforcement is the largest investigative branch of The Department of Homeland Security, they are working hard to control the flow of counterfeit goods in time for Christmas. Cyber Monday the Department of Homeland Security shut down 130 counterfeit merchandise website and this year the department has made 691 arrests and recovered $896 million in counterfeit merchandise. (Source

Long Beach gang targeted over alleged tax fraud and identity theft scheme, 11 arrested. Authorities arrested 11 people and seized piles of cash, guns and vehicles Thursday following an investigation into an alleged $1 million tax refund fraud scheme operated by the Baby Insane Crips, as well as family members and acquaintances. The investigation involved more than 200 local and federal authorities, including the IRS, U.S. Secret Service and the U.S. Postal Inspection Service. Law Enforcement Agents stated that the money was used to purchase guns, cars and electronics, as well as a powerboat and trailer, much of those items have been seized, including the $50,000 boat. (Source

Yakima, Washington Retailers are losing thousands per week to alcohol thieves. Retailers are taking additional measures to control the theft of liquor which is now readily available at grocery and other stores due to the change of the law. Once controlled by State Liquor stores, retailers are now seeing the cost of carrying top shelf brands. The most popular expensive brands are the highest target, Crown Royal, Grey Goose, Jim Beam and Jack Daniel’s. (Source

Suspected Walmart shoplifter dies in police chase in West Virginia.    One person is dead after a single vehicle crash that happened just after 11 a.m. Thursday morning on I64 EB near the Hurricane rest stop. According to Putnam County Sheriff's Department, the driver, Jan Dennis Perry, 44, was a felon suspect wanted for armed robbery, who was to be extradited from any state. Police say the chase began in the Walmart parking lot in Hurricane, after the suspect stole a TV and dog food. Perry fled when the police were called. The chase continued onto I64. Police attempted to avoid an accident by discontinuing the pursuit as the driver entered the rest stop. Perry slid sideways as he was exiting the highway and crashed into the back of a tractor trailer parked at the rest stop. The truck driver had just stopped and was still sitting inside the truck. He did not see it coming, just heard it and felt the impact. (Source

GameStop Manager’s foot is run over by fleeing shoplifters in Columbus. Two men entered the GameStop in Dublin, Ohio and grabbed two X-Box systems and ran out the door. The Assistant Manager gave chase into the parking lot, and had his feet run over by the suspect's van as it fled the parking lot. The two suspects were traveling in a blue minivan and the GameStop Manager was able to give police the license number of the vehicle as well as a description of the suspects. The Manager did not require any medical attention. (Source

Shoplifting three times at the same Walmart goes poorly for a woman in Waco. Police say 29 year old Bridget Coker walked into the Walmart grabbed a backpack and filled it up with hygiene supplies and over the counter medicine. Employees reportedly had no problem catching her, as she was wearing a court ordered ankle bracelet to monitor her whereabouts after she was caught stealing from that very same Walmart, busted by the same employees, twice before. Loss Prevention recognized her and quickly made the apprehension. Bridget Coker admitted to police that she had also hit two other Walmarts in Waco. (Source

Robbery spree in Louisville, Ky., and southern Indiana over with arrest
Hitting KFC, Rally's, Speedway, Waffle House, and a number of others the robbery spree in Louisville is over. (Source

Off Duty Kansas City Officer working Loss Prevention at Walmart delivers a Baby.    A Kansas City police officer working off duty at a Walmart delivered a baby girl outside the store last Saturday. Officer Matt Phelps, a seven-year KCPD veteran and father of four, encountered a woman outside the grocery entrance at the Walmart whose water broke. The woman was in labor and about eight minutes later gave birth to a baby girl on a bench. The mother, Marsheanna Clark, and baby are doing well. (Source



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Rona to sell non-core assets - there are no "sacred cows"
Trying to return to profitability the new president is taking a dispassionate look at the business and looking to get Canada's #1 home improvement retailer back to growing earnings per share. They'll be streamlining and cutting budgets and closing underperforming stores. With Lowe's knocking at the door, Home Depot growing and Target coming Rona has a lot of work to do. (Source

Walmart Canada unveils 200th Supercentre
Today, Walmart Canada has supercentres in six provinces and 373 stores nationwide serving more than eight million customers each week. The company opened its first supercentres in Ontario in 2006. (Source

Sony Store and Visions Electronics burglarized in Calgary.
The unsuccessful attempt at driving a truck through the doors of a Sony Store in the WestJills Shopping Center leads to the arrest of one suspect. The Ford F250 truck driven by the suspect was used to smash down the doors in at least three burglaries including Vision Electronics. Police made the arrest of the suspect before the any inventory was lost at the Sony Store. Police are still looking for the second suspect who escaped the scene in a white Range Rover. (Source

Quarterly Same Store Sales Results

Canada's- Dollarama 3Q up 6.6% with sales up 14.4%


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The Big Box & Specialty Store ORC Leaders
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In this five part series LPNN talks with Joe LaRocca, senior retail partner and former senior advisor of Asset Protection for the NRF, Scott Sanford - the Director, Investigations & Training - Loss Prevention for Barnes & Noble and one of the founders of the ORC Solutions - ORC Workbench - the fastest and most successful online organized retail crime detection and prevention tools, Denny Dansak - Kroger's Corporate Manager, ORC, Nelson Harrah - The Gap's Director of Organized Retail Crime, and Deb Lussier - Home Depot's Senior Manager of Central Investigations. In this series you'll learn exactly how these retailers are addressing Organized Retail Crime and how they've built their models. They discuss what they look for in staffing ORC positions and how they measure the effectiveness of their program. This is a great opportunity to see exactly how four major retailers have responded to the ORC problems facing the nation. Stay tuned Monday for the final part.




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Wrentham police bust counterfeit theft ring - hit 31 stores at Wrentham Village Premium Outlets in one day    Police say the suspects are responsible for passing at least $3,100 in counterfeit bills at the Wrentham mall, but police are investigating whether they are linked to similar crimes at the Auburn mall and elsewhere for losses estimated at up to $10,000, McGrath said. The suspects collectively made purchases from the stores, selecting relatively inexpensive items and paying with $100 bills to get cash change. The Secret Service responded immediately and assisted with the investigation, during which police determined the bills were of high quality and produced overseas. (Source

Growing trend in ORC - a car-load of stolen steaks and ribs - in Rochester, NY    Surveillance footage of two men tells the story. They're in a grocery store in Wayne County to do a little shopping. They go directly to the meat aisle, filling their shopping cart with select cuts. But after nine minutes in the store, they walk out with no cart, no bags and no groceries. The two men were in and out of at least three supermarkets along Route 31 when police in Macedon got suspicious and looked inside their parked car. There in plain view, the entire back seat was full of meat, $450 worth. Arrested and charged with criminal possession of stolen property was one of the men in the surveillance video, 55-year old Richard Lupo of Auburn. Police say the man with him was also taken into custody on an outstanding warrant but will be charged in connection with the stolen meat thefts as well. In the meantime, The National Retail Federation is pushing for federal legislation that would toughen sentencing for organized retail thefts. (Source

ORC gang hitting Wal-Mart stores in Brownsville, Arkansas and Mississippi busted    Tyrone Bernard, 19, and Daniel Robinson, 18, were identified in a news release Thursday. Officials believe the men could be responsible for up to 15 other thefts and that the value of the merchandise the men stole could exceed $100,000. One of the men showed a pistol when confronted by store employees at a Batesville, Miss., Wal-Mart, investigators said. They turned themselves in earlier this week for smashing in several Apple display cases in Wal-Marts across Northeast Arkansas. (Source (Source

Serial Shoplifter in Columbus, Ohio arrested, has 20 Aliases, 3 Socials and 9 different birthdates.    Rebecca Joyce White was arrested by Columbus Police, but she could be found under many other names, most last names of Smith, White or Wilson. White was taken into custody following a shoplifting spree that included Macy’s, Sears and JC Penney’s at the Eastland Mall, total of the merchandise is $1640.00. White's criminal record includes more than a dozen prior theft charges, placing her on the city attorney's list of "serial thieves"; she admitted that she sells the merchandise in order to fund her drug addition. (Source

Police release surveillance video - three shoplifters at a Target that triggered a police shooting in FL.    Eugene Foster, 49, Nemiah Covington, 42, and Rubie Mosley, 58 were arrested after Foster, Covington and another woman stole two flat-screen televisions from the Target at 16901 Miramar Parkway on Wednesday evening. A parking lot surveillance camera shows Covington walking to a green Toyota followed by what appears to be Foster pushing the cart with the flat screen TV boxes. They load them into the car and leave. Police went in pursuit and a police officer fired at the vehicle which was headed straight for him. Three of the four suspects were arrested. (Source

ORC - Woman hitting Sunglass Hut multiple times in Lower Merion, PA.
Police got a report of the theft of sunglasses from the Sunglass Hut on Saint James Place in Ardmore that took place over a period of time. According to police, security footage shows a woman entering the business on three occasions over the course of a few weeks and taking $4,000 worth of sunglasses. Store security reviewed the video of the store and saw the woman taking the glasses Nov. 2, Nov. 3 and Nov. 23. The glasses were higher-end designer sunglasses. Police described the woman was a black female in her mid-30’s. (Source

AT&T Wireless stores & Verizon store in Lower Merion, PA., getting hit by same suspects    The first report came in to Lower Merion police Nov. 27 at 12:30 p.m. when two men were seen entering the AT&T Wireless store on Lancaster Avenue in Bryn Mawr and taking four phones. The men exited the store and were last seen running toward Haverford. A short time later, two men with the same description entered the Verizon store in Ardmore about 10 minutes later and each one took an iPhone and ran from the store. (Source

Police searching for credit card fraudster hitting Kmart and Food Lion stores in Newport News, Va.    27-year-old Endris Fuentes Torres re-encoded a victim's credit card onto another card to purchase gift cards at K-Mart and Food Lion. The gift cards were purchased at K-Mart, 401 Oriana Road and Food Lion, 467 Oriana Road in Newport News and Eley says as of Tuesday, Nov. 27, more than $2,000 has been used from one victim's card to purchase gift cards. Police say Torres was observed on surveillance camera using several credit cards, leading them to believe there are more unknown victims. (Source


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Thought Challenge

Thought Challenge Review

Darren Jackson
If the Public Only Knew The Truth

by Darren K. Jackson, LPC
Retail LP Professional

as published on April 24, 2012

The Ripple Effect of ORC and the impact it has on our communities, cities, counties, and states, as well as retailers, associates, and consumers. Texas retailers lose a combined $2.5 billion in losses as estimated in 2009. With this said if sales tax is an average of 8 1/2 % this equates to more than $200 million in sales tax revenue losses. If a law enforcement officer makes $25,000 a year this amount alone would fund well over 8,000 police officers to help fight crime on the streets. Of course this depends on the average salary of an officer, etc. The difference between ORT and ORC is that ORT is strictly theft, and ORC includes theft as well as all financial crimes combined. The loses suffered by both of these equate to almost double that of all other property crimes combined to include burglary, auto theft, etc. The way the cities, counties, and states lose sales tax revenue is when merchandise is originally stolen there is no sales tax paid for it which is a sales tax revenue loss. When merchandise is sold online, typically in some states sales tax is not charged which is another sales tax revenue loss. These sellers typically buy the merchandise for 30 to 50 cents on the dollar and turn around and sell it for 70 cents on the dollar, which creates unfair and illegal competition to business and retailers because people have to have jobs in order to survive. When stolen merchandise is returned to the retailers and full price is given back, the sales tax is given back also to the criminal which is another sales tax revenue loss. They make no investment, just steal, and make a huge return on zero investment or risk.

How is this fair to all of us who are hard working Texans that are doing everything we can to make ends meet, and take care of our families? As a result of these staggering losses, retailers and businesses have to raise prices to primarily cover these losses, or to offset the increased expenses caused by the losses, and this is a two edge sword, because if you aren't competitive on price, no one buys your merchandise. If no one buys your merchandise, you don't have sales. If you don't have sales, you don't have associates, therefore additional taxes aren't generated. When there are no jobs, no money is being spent in the economy therefore no sales tax is being generated. No sales tax being generated means there is no city, county, or state government. No government means no police on the street to fight crime, and no fireman to fight fires, and no city, county, or state services. Businesses become less profitable due to these losses as they have to pay for payroll, rent, utilities, etc. and spend tons of money to protect their merchandise so that the doors stay open, there is merchandise to sell, and so that cash can be put in the register to pay for all of these, therefore retailers have to do a lot to stay in business. Those that simply can't afford it don't stay in business very long, which once again causes sales tax revenue losses.

When merchandise is sold at a flea market or swap meet, etc. often times sales tax is not charged which is a sales tax revenue loss also. The majority of these transactions are cash. The Comptroller's Office only has so much manpower to enforce whether the state gets sales tax revenue or not, as flea markets and swap meets are not as regulated as they need to be. Retailers and businesses pay large sums of money on taxes, but the criminals and their enterprises don't. They typically pocket every cent. ORC is driven by greed just like other crimes. It has been shown that ORC has connections to drugs, prostitution, human smuggling, guns, terrorism, etc. Anything of value is traded for cash. Merchandise, store credits, gift cards, etc. The reason for this is because they all have street value, and are all typically exchanged for dope, sex, etc. for the tools to commit the crimes, which funds almost every single criminal enterprise. Drug enterprises are now moving into the ORC arena because it's high profit, and less risky.

Then there's health risk of selling expired or left in extreme heat or conditions. In this day and age, the differences between law enforcement, and retail investigators needs to be put aside, in order to develop strong partnerships and communication through synergy is extremely crucial in order to work jointly to successfully dismantle these criminal enterprises. Taking their money and assets, as well as having strong penalties for their crimes is the key! Asset forfeitures also have the potential to add even more money back to the cities, counties, and state also.

The Thought Challenge Review 2012 begins Dec. 1st. It's not too late to submit yours! December 31st deadline.

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