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Senate approves anti-counterfeiting defense authorization act amendment Senate approved by unanimous consent an amendment to the Senate's version of the fiscal 2012 defense authorization bill (S. 1867) that would require contractors to actively monitor for counterfeit parts in their supply chains. The amendment would permit the Defense Department to make a list of "trusted suppliers" as well as a list of "untrusted suppliers," and require defense contractors whenever possible to buy parts either from trusted suppliers or directly from original manufactures and their authorized dealers. This is in response to the increasing counterfeit parts flooding our defense industry. (Source

Operation Bell Bottoms II in LA arrest 10 and seizes $446,000 in counterfeit goods and $23,000 in cash. A six month multi agency investigation led by the Loss Angeles City Attorney's office resulted in busting counterfeiting groups that were selling goods out of stores in the Fashion District and Santee Alley. Counterfeiters, who don't pay sales taxes, cost the retail industry $2 billion in losses and $5.2 billion in overall lost revenue to L.A. County in 2005, according to the L.A. County Economic Development Corp. Internet piracy and movie bootlegs have caused the loss of 106,000 jobs across nine sectors, for a total of $4.4 billion in lost wages annually in L.A. alone, according to the LAEDC. "The crime of counterfeiting and piracy exposes consumers not only to health and safety risks," City Attorney Carmen Trutanich said, "but it also impacts legitimate businesses, employment, and believe it or not, public safety. (Source

Nearly $20 billion and counting Consumers so far this holiday shopping season have spent more than $19.57 billion with online retailers, up 15.1% from the more than $17.00 billion spent at the same point last year. And these sales numbers are impacting the brick and mortar stores. (Source

Sears serial burglar arrested after a swat team-police dog operation finally caught him after 12 hours. Police said the early burglary investigation indicates that Grant was in the White Oak Sears store Sunday night, and hid from employees until the store closed. He managed to hide from police for almost 12 hours in the store while a SWAT team and police dogs searched the building and finally captured him when he exited the store at 12:34 pm. Police say Grant had pried open cash registers and removed cash. Grant has been charged with second degree burglary and theft. Police say he will also be charged for a burglary at the Sears at Lakeforest Mall in Gaithersburg, MD on November 23rd, and for a burglary at a Sears in Columbia, MD last weekend. (Source (Source

What to do in the event of a data breach? So what's a company to do? Do you hide the fact that your network has been hacked or do you make that information public immediately to try to minimize damage in the court of public opinion? We have two experts who recommend taking different tracks, with one advocating that you don't say anything until forced to and the other insisting doing so is a critical first step. (Source

Verizon Cites Security Issue for Nixing Google Wallet while Sprint already supports it. On the surface, it looked like the kind of scenario that net neutrality advocates had long feared: a big incumbent carrier using its network to snuff out apps that compete with its own services. Verizon Tuesday denied that it is blocking the availability of Google Wallet on its smartphones and says that it's ironing out some technical issues with Google to make the application secure to use on its phones. This is going to slow the mobile payment movement down some but not too much. (Source

The Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) isn't gaining support from the group you'd think would support it. Kaspersky Lab deserves a high five from the security community for quitting the Business Software Alliance (BSA) over its support for SOPA. The CSO publication says "the Internet blacklist legislation known as PROTECT IP Act in the Senate and Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) in the House is a security threat that must be stopped." We have to seriously question the scruples of any organization that supports this ridiculous legislation, which takes a reasonable desire to stop online piracy and takes it way too far by giving the government power to trample on our freedom of speech." (Source

The "Breakroom Bandit" in Denver apprehended after hitting Denver area stores and now faces 22 felonies. Geoffrey Landers, 26, stole purses then used stolen credit cards to purchase gift cards. In one case he took car keys and stole a car. He was arrested last week in Boulder. (Source

Deloitte's head of US retail practice says retailers "are going to have to continue to do the kind of 'come on' pricing that you saw on Black Friday" to keep it up. People have been shopping more than ever this holiday season, largely because of a flood of sales. But Americans have become so used to deep discounts in the weak economy that they expect each sale to be bigger and better than the last. That means retailers will likely have to keep slashing prices, which could hurt their bottom line. (Source Associated Press)

The ICSC reported that chain store sales declined by a steep 2.7% from the prior week, but still managed to post the 2nd-strongest year-on-year growth (3.8%) in four months. (Source

One of the world's largest Apple stores is opening at the landmark NYC's Grand Central Terminal. The 23,000-square-foot (2,140-square-meter) personal electronics business will start selling to the public on Friday. (Source Associated Press)

Pep Boys 3Q reports same store sales down 0.4% with total sales up 5.2%

ORC Workbench 2.0 Now Available

ORC Solutions LLC today announced the latest release of the ORC Workbench 2.0, the premier investigative tool for loss prevention professionals. Version 2.0 of ORC Workbench contains three major productivity improvement features; Auction Strike; Seller Blocking List; and CaseWatch.

Using Auction Strike, an investigator can end an auction and maintain an audit trail. This automated process enables an investigator to quickly end an auction that is in violation of a companyís legal rights. With the Seller Blocking List feature, an investigator can select sellers to be excluded from search results. By omitting legitimate sellers, an investigator can focus a search on suspicious sellers. CaseWatch is a collaboration feature enabling an investigator to quickly see that a seller is already under serious investigation within the firm. This exciting new feature also enables an investigator to also see sellers that are under investigation at other companies!

Working with Retail industry leaders, ORC Solutions continues to enhance and improve the ORC Workbench. To find out more about ORC the Workbench 2.0, contact John Magrini at, or visit our website at




Doug Marker
Vice President
LP, Risk and Audit
Michael Stores, Inc.

Stephen O'Keefe
Loss Prevention and
Risk Management
Wal-Mart Canada

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Kelly Gorman
Vice President LP

LP Program Spotlight
eBay's PROACT Team



Richard C. Hollinger, PhD



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eBay Partners With Family Giving Tree Enhancing Kids Christmas Dreams

For more than ten years, nonprofit Family Giving Tree has been making childrenís wishes come true. Working with more than 250 social service agencies, Family Giving Tree gathers the names and wishes of children from low-income families and a wish card is then created for each child, detailing his or her age, gender, first name and gift wish. These cards are distributed to participating companies. This year, for the first time, Family Giving Treeís holiday wish cards will be hosted on eBay marketplace site. By bringing the wish card system online, eBay is helping the Family Giving Tree scale up their organization nationally. If you havenít picked up a wish card yet, consider making your choice online this year at via the link below. Click here for full article.

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CVS and Rite Aid shut down two fences in Atlantic City, NJ Six people were arrested after an investigation found stolen items were being sold in two stores, police said. CVS and Rite-Aid representatives alerted the police when they saw what they believed were their stolen items on the stores' shelves, Sgt. James Sarkos said. After a five-month investigation, the found that Asia Bazaar on South Kentucky Avenue and Kings Food & Gifts at 1638 Atlantic Ave. were buying stolen items from people who came in off the street - then re-selling them. More than $500 in items were seized from the stores, along with a total of $21,000 believed to be the proceeds of illegal activity, Sarkos said. Most of the items were stolen from the CVS and Rite-Aid. The stores' mercantile licenses have been suspended. In addition to the goods allegedly being "fenced," police also found Asia Bazaar had six cable boxes reported taken from a Comcast truck in the city on Nov. 26. The store also had 498 Viagra pills, 132 doses of emergency contraceptive pills, 96 bags of synthetic marijuana, a stun gun and numerous novelty lighters. King's also was allegedly selling synthetic marijuana along with 15 bags of imitation cocaine known as "bath salts," 15 counterfeit handbags and 32 pirated CDs.

Arrested at the Asia Bazaar were Tariq Mehmood, 44, and Tariq Naeem, 23, both of Egg Harbor Township. Both were charged receiving stolen property and conspiracy to receive stolen property. Mehmood was also charged with trafficking stolen property and various crimes, including possession of a stun gun and possession of prescription legend drugs with intent to distribute. Arrested from King's were Mohammed A. Shardar, 50, of Egg Harbor Township, and Shamsol A. Khan, 67, of Galloway Township, along with Atlantic City residents Mohammed S. Rahman, 37, and Suraj Bairagee, 52. All were charged with receiving stolen property and conspiracy. Shardar and Khan were additionally charged for trafficking, as well as selling counterfeit items and pirated music, and possession of the "bath salts," including within 500 feet of a park and within a school zone. (source

Identity thieves hit Lucky Supermarkets and skim the VeriFone card readers in Northern California Scores of employees and customers of a supermarket chain have had their account information compromised after thieves tampered with debit and credit card readers in self-checkout lines in Northern California. Lucky Supermarkets, which disclosed the breach Monday, said some 300 customers were affected at 23 of its San Francisco Bay Area stores, and some had money stolen from their accounts. Lucky Supermarkets is part of Modesto-based Save Mart Supermarkets, which operates more than 233 stores in Northern California and Northern Nevada. Police in Petaluma said at least 57 people reported money being stolen from their bank accounts after using a self-checkout line and using VeriFone card readers. The average loss appeared to be about $500, and the money was withdrawn throughout California, including in the San Francisco, Santa Barbara and Northridge areas, and Reno, Nev., police said. Alicia Rockwell, a spokeswoman for Lucky Supermarkets, said 1,500 inquiries had come into the company's call center as of Tuesday. She said of those, about 300 customers were claiming that they either had some unauthorized activity on their credit or debit cards, or some attempt of unauthorized activity. Stephen Ackerman, chief financial officer of Save Mart, said the U.S. Secret Service Electronic Crimes Task Force is investigating the clandestine data "sniffers" attached to the card readers. "All the devices are now down in Tulsa, Okla., at the Secret Service lab, (where they're) trying to read the data on the chips," Ackerman said. "The VeriFone people said it was the most sophisticated device they've ever seen so far as a sniffer." (Source Associated Press)

Identity theft ring busted in Paramus N.J. at Fashion Center after one arrested suspect gets a text that says "DIP" - meaning get out of there. Police busted Omar Hemmings using a fake drivers license to secure credit cards and buying over $2,246.94 worth of merchandise. While he was being detained the suspect received a text that said "DIP" meaning "make a quick exit" so police in the parking lot noticed an SUV driving suspiciously and found two more suspects in the vehicle with 13 fraudulent driver's licenses from Kentucky, New Jersey, and Virginia, 14 stolen credit cards, and credit reports of 12 victims of identity theft. They're being held in Bergen County jail in lieu of bail presently. (Source


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Store LP and Safety Mgr Lowe's Columbus, OH Lowe's
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District LP Mgr Gap, Inc. Danbury, CT Gap, Inc.
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Thought Challenge Month in Review Today we are posting two Thought Challenges, as they appeared, in a countdown to our Awards Committee's selection of the "Top 3". Read well and make sure you vote on the last day!

'Objects in the mirror may be larger than they appear'

Submitted by Ken Rayca
Director, Loss Prevention, Liz Claiborne, Inc.

April 8, 2011

It is true that the windshield on a car is multiple times larger than a rear-view mirror because seeing where you're going is much more important than seeing where you've been. But remember, 'objects in mirror may be larger than they appear.' Many of us have all been focused for so long on where we want to get to in our careers, or making that 'next step' that we often forget to look back at the people along the way who have been so crucial to our success. This is vital because they weren't obligated to do this for us. Or were they? Did they FEEL a sense of obligation to invest in us personally because someone did the same for them? Is that how our little professional community survives, thrives and grows? When we have 'arrived' or even while we're still 'enroute,' don't we have the same obligation to make those same kinds of personal investments that every one of us can point to in our own careers? When we take a moment to look in that mirror, how much 'larger' do those images appear in retrospect? Shouldn't we all strive to be one of those 'images' in someone else's mirror someday?

"Over qualified?" "Not enough experience?" "Not a good fit?" REALLY!?

Submitted by Ken Gladney, CFI
Loss Prevention Manager, United Supermarkets

April 8, 2011

Recently, I was watching one of many sports talk shows on TV today. One of the conversations spoke of how many previous head coaches that were fired from various teams are now employed on teams with younger head coaches. The sports casters talked about how the new generations of young head coaches are actively going after these older, experienced and knowledgeable coaches. One newly hired head coach stated that it was a no brainer to hire these types of individuals. Because, they bring not only their experience but, their wisdom, leadership, confidence and, proven success records with them.  Not to mention the intangible qualities that comes along with life experience. Who wouldnít want that type of person on their team?

How does this relate to our industry? It's quite simple really? In December of 2010, one of the most respected professionals in our industry, Jim Lee, wrote an article in LP magazine about the same exact topic. Here are just several quotes from Jim's article.

∑ "One of the areas where we have done a poor job is hiring those who are out of work who are "overqualified." No one would admit this, but I think it does happen that "mature workers" don't get jobs because of their age."

∑ "Look around. In many other fields, experience is a "valued add." Look at the assistant coaches in sports."

∑ "I think loss prevention needs to take a "deeper dive" in evaluating the positives of hiring some of these older, experienced LP professionals."

My point is simply this; we have a lot of great, talented superstars sitting on the bench waiting to get back into the game again. All they ask is for the chance to show what they can do. But, unfortunately due to the current economic climate and the job market, the hiring process has become more subjective rather than based on qualifications and experience. And, when did being experienced, proven, and successful become a negative attribute in seeking a job?

So, before you tell a prospective candidate that they are "overqualified" or "they won't be a good fit," remember that person sitting in front of you has probably walked in your shoes and has dedicated their professional life to this great industry of ours so you can be in the position you're in. Don't break their spirit.

Lastly, I agree with Jim, "value the experience and don't feel threatened" or intimidated by the superstar LP professional sitting in front of you. He or she may be exactly what you're looking for.

Just my thought.


The Changing Role of The National Service Center

Has your LP services provider successfully made the change?

By Michael Grady, Executive Vice President, Vector Security, Inc.

It may not be as visible as a video surveillance camera, EAS pedestal or alarm control panel, but the quality and efficiency of your LP vendorís national service center (NSC) will become an even more important consideration in 2012. So, after reading this introduction your first question may be, "Whatís different about todayís NSC capabilities, and why should it be important to me?" Thatís a great question that I will answer in the following paragraphs. The NSC of today can no longer be just an alarm monitoring facility. That limited role was perfectly acceptable in the past, but as the retail industry grew, the complexities of its needs and requirements grew in proportion to its expansion. NSCs are now called upon to provide solutions for a growing list of LP management challenges. In response, todayís NSCs need to be enhanced with additional functionality that complements their monitoring services. Hereís why. Emerging crime, compliance and sustainability challenges require retailers to take an even more proactive role in protecting and preserving their employees and customers, physical assets, inventories and management data. A list of new responsibilities has become apparent, that is in addition to  contemporary requirements like 24/7/365 call center-based technical and service support.

Todayís needs include disaster preparedness planning and execution, national permit compliance, and tracking and reduction of false alarm fines and fees. Communication is the key, and the NSC is now the key component in communicating efficiently and effectively with all levels of loss prevention, store operations and IT departments. In fact, properly equipped and managed NSCs can even become a retailerís onestop emergency communications management facility.

One last thought! Supporting specialty retail loss prevention products and services is also the responsibility of the new NSC model. Highly trained technical teams are needed to support video surveillance, electronic article surveillance (EAS), IP video systems and even managed network services, as these newer technologies become more widely integrated into a retailerís LP platform. The NSC also needs to become a virtual testing laboratory and proving ground for LP technologies, where systems can be set up and tested before deployment. When you consider how retailersí needs have changed, you can easily see why the NSC needs to become an integral part of your LP ROI plan! If my thoughts have captured your interest, then contact me for more details and perhaps even a personal tour of a new NSC model. You can now see a National Service Center that has been built from the ground floor up with all of these considerations in mind -- heeding the noted line from Fields of Dreams, "Build it and they will come!"


Michael T. Grady
Executive Vice President
Vector Security, Inc.

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How Not To Behave At The Office Party The office fete is not the place for unconstrained chatter. Itís also not the place for personal confession, expressions of frustration or speechifying about what youíd do with the company if you were in charge. Instead, remember that you are at a professional function and behave that way. (There's always one)

Developing Executive Presence Presence is not some innate quality that you either have or do not. It is a set of learned behaviors that enable you to command attention. And when you are fully present, it inspires others. (Critical)

Learning to Be the Boss Trial and Error Is the Norm As New Managers Figure Out How to Relate to Former Peers. It's an experience all too familiar to new managers. Employers often promote strong individual performers to supervisory roles with little instruction. But people who excel among the rank-and-file don't automatically have the skills or knowledge to manage well. (Moving Up)

Innovation Is Everyone's Job
To what extent are you responsible for innovation in your company? The reality is that unless they're in research or product development, most people in organizations don't think of themselves as innovators. In fact, many managers discourage their people from inventing new ways of doing things ó pushing them instead to follow procedures and stay within established guidelines. But organizations require innovation on all fronts including yours. (You Might Be Surprised)


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Managing your career upwards sometimes has to do with the exposure you get to new executives and new responsibilities. The easiest way to get that exposure is to volunteer for projects, assignments, or new rollouts. Going above and beyond your current job description is always a way to gain respect and be noticed. The only issue there is that you've got to perform at a high level and deliver results because the worst thing one can do is volunteer and not pull it off.

Just a thought,
Gus Downing

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