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Organized crime ring could be responsible for "terrorizing" Los Angeles County & stealing millions in cargo - the highest spike ever in LA. Millions of dollars of cargo has been stolen throughout Los Angeles County over the last year and have included baby furniture, toys, electronics, beer, pharmaceuticals and copper. "These guys are just terrorizing Los Angeles County by stealing all these big rigs with valuable freight," said Detective Marc Zavala. The thefts are mostly committed in the San Fernando Valley where criminals have been caught stealing container loads from parked trucks, containers parked at various locations and unsuspecting shippers. Six men so far have been arrested but police believe many more are part of the cargo theft ring and they've never seen it this bad in over 20 years. (Source

H&M, TSS, SEARS, TCHIBO, Global Merchants, GAP Inc, Nike Inc, LEVIS, Kappahl, Carrefour and Primark demand fast "realistic" action to ensure the safety of Bangladeshi textile workers a week after a plant fire killed more than 100 people, a senior industry official in the country said on Saturday. Rights groups have called on big-brand firms to sign up for a fire safety program, The Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association to form a task force next week to uphold safety regulations at individual plants. The companies recommended an independent auditing company to oversee fire safety, a review of firefighting facilities, a revision of the building code, a review of the issuing of licenses for running factories and more training for workers. (Source

Identity Theft Resource Center Names New CEO, Eva Casey Velasquez - former chairman of the Consumer Fraud Task Force for 13 years and she spent 21 years at the San Diego District Attorney’s Office. The Identity Theft Resource Center® (ITRC) is a nationally recognized non-profit organization established to support victims of identity theft in resolving their cases, and to broaden public education and awareness in the understanding of identity theft. It is the on-going mission of the ITRC to assist victims, educate consumers, research identity theft and increase public and corporate awareness about this problem. Victims may contact the ITRC toll-free at 888-400-5530 or visit us online at (Source

About 27 million people in America—that's 1 in 11 people—are shoplifters, according to the National Association for Shoplifting Prevention More than $13 billion in goods each year is stolen from retailers, which represents more than $35 million per day. Shoplifters put retailers in the red by nearly $51.5 billion in 2011, and many stores reported actual and attempted shoplifting was up, according to the Center for Retail Research. Crimes affecting retailers' inventories plus their investments to prevent them pull at the purse strings of American families to the tune of nearly $200 a year, according to CRR. That's more than $66 per individual. (Source

Striking clerical workers dramatically slow cargo movement at 10 terminals in LA & Long Beach ports With only four terminals out of 14 operating on the west coast - the nations busiest cargo complex - the problem could impact stores shortly. However November generally is a slower time for the ports because most holiday goods already have been handled. The walkout involves clerical workers from a chapter of the International Longshore and Warehouse Union, who typically make more than $160,000 a year. Dockworkers are a separate unit of the same union. There were a handful of picketers at each terminal on Friday. At issue is the union's contention that terminal operators have outsourced local clerical jobs out of state and overseas — an allegation the shippers deny. (Source Associated Press)

A look at the life of Billionaire Amancio Ortega, founder of Zara. The 76-year-old Spaniard is the 3rd richest man in the world with a net worth of $47.4 billion. He started Zara in 1975 with his then wife Rosalia. Ortega now owns 1500 stores in 70 countries around the world, yet keeps his personal life very private. (Source

The math behind Jos. Bank’s ‘buy one get 7 free suits’ sale. We have all heard the ads, Jos. Bank has made a name for itself in men’s suits based a great deal on a very successful advertizing campaign. How could a company make any money selling one suit and giving away seven? Well analysts have tested the math and Jos. Banks continues to come out a winner, gross profits have trended up from 58% to 62% over the last five years. (Source

Google launches BufferBox to compete with Amazon’s lockers. Google made the recent acquisition of BufferBox, Inc to provide users with temporary lockers in central locations which can accept packages sent by online retailers. Users sign up for a BufferBox address, which is provided to the online merchant. When a parcel arrives at one of BufferBox’s self-serve kiosks, the user receives an email and can pick up their package using a one-time-use code. The locker can then be used to store a package from another user. (Source

IBISWORLD updates its Security Alarm Services in U.S. Industry Market Research Report While the recession caused businesses to reduce security budgets, revenue will recover over the next five years. Revived disposable incomes will encourage investment in low-cost monitored security systems, and industry players will increasingly take advantage of new technology, including biometrics. Furthermore, heightened fire and security regulations will positively affect growth. For these reasons, industry research firm IBISWorld has updated a report on the Security Alarm Services industry in its growing industry report collection. (Source

Workplace violence caused nearly 17% of all fatal U.S. work injuries in 2011 according to Bureau of Labor Statistics. The 2011 Census of Fatal Occupation Injuries (CFOI) found that there were 4,609 fatal working injuries in the U.S. in 2011, of which 780 were attributed to a result of "violence and other injuries by persons or animals." Of the 780 fatal work injuries that were the cause of violence, 458 were homicides and 242 were suicides. (Source

Former General Motors engineer with access to the automaker's hybrid technology convicted Friday along with her husband of stealing trade secrets for possible use in China. Du faces up to 10 years in prison, while her husband faces up to 30. No sentencing date has been set. Prosecutors told jurors that GM trade secrets were found on at least seven computers owned by the Oakland County couple. Du and Qin, both U.S. citizens, had been under scrutiny for years after GM accused them of theft. The U.S. Attorney noted that the agents kept an eye on the couple after searching their home in 2006 and watched Qin dump shredded documents in a grocery store dumpster. (Source Associated Press)

Alabama lawmaker is again pushing legislation that would let employees take handguns to work State Sen. Roger Bedford, D-Russellville, says his bill is aimed at increasing personal safety. A similar bill has been introduced twice before, but it failed despite support from the National Rifle Association. The Business Council of Alabama opposes the measure, said President Bill Canary. The bill would prevent most employers from barring workers from transporting and storing firearms at work. Employees who bring weapons to work would be required to keep their guns locked up and out of sight. (Source

Dollar General Store double murder Friday night with suspect lose and considered armed and dangerous in Wichita, Kansas Wichita Police have issued an arrest warrant for a man in connection with a double murder Friday night at the Dollar General store. The victims have been identified as 22-year-old Zackary Hunt, an employee of the store, and 79-year-old Henry Harvey, a customer. Heimerman said both men were killed inside the business. Two other employees and one other customer were inside the store at the time, but they were not injured.  (Source

Suicides-workplace violence increase during holidays be on the lookout While most of us will never know who these people are because they have found ways to hide their sorrows and despair and publicly will never show those areas, others will cross our paths and reveal themselves. Just since the Thanksgiving holiday weekend there have been more than a dozen violent workplace incidents involving assaults, shootings, stabbings and murders.

1) Security officers working in areas with public access such as shopping malls, entertainment venues, schools and office buildings should take note of individuals who seem disoriented, those acting aggressively toward spouses, co-workers or the general public, employees who are usually happy and talkative who suddenly become quiet, withdrawn or whose personalities have gone to the other extreme of being loud and defiant.

2) Officers should also be on alert for arguments between an employee and an unknown person in parking lots,
office lobbies or unauthorized or restricted areas that are loud, aggressive, threatening, and disruptive or look out of place. The employee may also show signs of being afraid, agitated, cornered or signal you for help.

3) Being observant is part of the basic duties of private and public officers and knowing the signs of potential trouble, depression, changes in an employee’s habits, routines, personality or associates and assessment and immediate response could help to thwart a workplace incident or the loss of life.

Though there are many signs that someone may have suicidal thoughts or may be in the process of planning to take their own life, not everyone will reveal themselves in the same manner and some not at all. While most officers are not trained in mental health emergencies or workplace violence; common sense, alertness, sensitivity and informed response will help guide the officer to making the appropriate assessment about a particular situation or person and taking the right steps to get immediate help. Many times after workplace violence or a suicide incident, co-workers and family members report seeing abrupt changes in a person's daily routine or demeanor, signs that were there but not seen until it was too late. (Source

Former Jefferson County Constable who shot a suspected shoplifter at Walmart received his sentence Friday The shooting happened in the parking lot of the Walmart on Raggard Road on November 2 of 2011. That's when Whitlock told police he tried to stop an alleged shoplifter as she was driving away, but she ran over his foot. Whitlock said he drew his weapon and fired one shot that struck the woman in the arm. David Whitlock's attorney presented Whitlock's resignation letter as constable to the judge. That was part of his plea deal last month where he pleaded guilty to charges of assault and wanton endangerment. He will not serve any time in jail if he completes a one year diversion program. (Source

Food Lion robber - fake cop gets 45 years in prison. June of last year, Kenneth Thomas Jones pretended to be a police officer when he entered the Food Lion cash office checking for counterfeit bills. Once inside, Jones pulled his gun and robbed the staff of $6230. Jones, 42, of Pasadena, was sentenced to 45 years in prison last Tuesday for armed robbery and first-degree assault. (Source

A study finds that shoplifting and fraud will cost UK retailers the equivalent of $1.6 billion USD over the Christmas holiday
. The monetary amount was split up between shoplifting, employee theft, and vendor and distribution losses. The study says this amount could add up to the equivalent of $61 USD to each UK family's shopping bill.  (Source

Click to view video
Rite Aid customers step in to stop a robbery in Hartford, Conn
. A customer heard the screams of a robbery in progress, and then saw the store manager n an altercation with the robber. Lamonte Barnes could not just stand and watch so he grabbed the suspect and tackled him to the ground. The suspect was able to draw a knife and stab a second customer in the leg who was trying to assist Barnes. The suspect was taken into custody, the customer who was stabbed was taken to a local hospital, condition unknown. (Source

Salvation Army store robbed at gunpoint near Harrisburg. Two female employees of the Salvation Army in Lower Paxton Township were robbed at gunpoint in the parking lot just before 10 p.m. Saturday. Lower Paxton police say the robber took a bank bag with cash from the store while the two women were walking to their cars. A patrol unit saw a man matching the description running into a van. Police stopped the van and saw the bank bag and a gun on the back seat. Three occupants of the van were taken into custody. (Source

Three Richmond women arrested after shoplifting from Kohl's and hitting a patrol car
. Saturday evening, two of the women went into a Kohl's store on Admiral Callaghan Lane and began grabbing items. Because they were acting suspicious, they attracted the attention of store security, who also noted that a third woman was parked outside in a silver Volvo. When they women tried to leave, police boxed them in the parking lot, causing the driver to run into a patrol car.  (Source

Kohl’s Store Manager nearly run down chasing after shoplifter in Santa Fe. Eduardo Gonzales the Store Manager of the Kohl’s in Santa Fe chased after two women who he believed shoplifted nearly $200 of merchandise. In the parking lot the two women jumped into their car and deliberately tried to hit Gonzales in an attempt to get-a way. The two unidentified women are still at large, but Gonzales was able to capture a good description and plate number from the vehicle. (Source

Burglars steal $25,000 worth of laptops from Dallas Apple Store early Saturday morning. Burglars made away with 15 laptops worth $25,000 from a Dallas Apple Store early Saturday morning. Video surveillance showed one person entering the Knox Street store through a hole in the south wall of the building shortly before 6 a.m. The suspect was able to gain access in an adjacent building under construction. The suspect was in and out of the store in less than five minutes. Dallas police believe the person had an accomplice acting as a look out based on evidence found at the scene. Police received a call about alarms going off at the store at 6:05 a.m. The damages from the hole in the wall are estimated to be $3,500. An Apple Store manager would not comment Saturday evening on whether that hole had been fixed since the burglary. (Source

Four men sentenced to prison for armed robberies at T-Mobile and Radio Shack stores throughout NE Ohio “This group barged into stores with guns, tied up workers and stole thousands of dollars worth of smart phones. Thompson, Bobbitt, Ports and McGee robbed several electronics stores between December 2010 and October 2011. While pointing a gun, the men restrained employees with duct tape. they robed 4 Radio Shacks and one T-Mobile store. All four were sentenced to 15 to 20 years in prison and ordered to pay collectively $188,126 in restitution. (Source

$20k stolen in play station 3's stolen from Amazon distribution center in Murfreesboro, Tenn. and a similar incident happened at their Chattanooga, Tenn., location as well the next morning. Just opened a few weeks ago they are investigating and don't know if it was an internal job. (Source

Click here to view video
Dallas CVS store smashed for an ATM. A group of men failed while attempting a smash and grab robbery at a Dallas CVS pharmacy overnight Friday. Dallas police said that when a group of men backed a truck into the CVS store on the 8000-block of Walnut Hill Lane they actually backed over the ATM, trapping it. Police aren't sure how many people were involved in the attempted smash and grab, but they are hoping surveillance video from the store will help them track down those responsible. (Source

Armed smash and grab jewelry thieves hit in Los Gatos, California, may be connected to other crimes. Two armed men wearing masks that robbed a jewelry store Tuesday and remain at-large may have pulled similar heists in other local cities according to police. Los Gatos police are cooperating with law enforcement agencies, such as in the city of Santa Cruz and Alameda County, where similar robberies have been reported to catch the thieves. The other localities also experienced recent armed thefts of jewelry shops involving a pair of male suspects who acted quickly, smashed jewelry cases and left as fast as they came. The robbery of the Los Gatos store, Blacy's Fine Jewelers occurred around 12:10 p.m., when the two thieves held employees up with black semi-automatic pistols and demanded jewelry. Police found the stolen get-a-way car abandoned a few minutes later several blocks away. (Source

Click here to view videoComedian Katt Williams slaps a Target employee in Sacramento. After Williams lead police on a chase driving his three-wheeled motorcycle, he stopped into a Sacramento Target store to cause an altercation. The video shows Katt Williams  getting into a confrontation with the Target employee. There’s no audio, but in the video, something clearly enrages Katt, as he winds up and slaps the employee in the face. At that point, the employee pulls out a cell phone, presumably to call 911. Katt Williams appears to be in a downward spiral. Just last week, Williams was sued by his own fans in a class action lawsuit. Fans of Katt were angered that, after paying high ticket prices to see one of his shows in person, Williams allegedly came out on stage for just ten minutes before promptly exiting. (Source

Arrest made in Zeller’s attempted child abduction in Welland, Canada. Police have arrested a man for allegedly trying to take away a five-year-old boy while the youngster was holding his mother's hand. The incident occurred Sunday afternoon in the toy section of Zellers at Seaway Mall in Welland. The mother was holding her son's hand as she was shopping for Christmas gifts when she felt tugging on her grasp. The mother turned to find a male pulling on her son's other hand in an attempt to take him. The mother yelled at the man. The man fled but was captured by the child's father. The father turned the man over to Zeller's management, who escorted him out to the parking lot. Police said management did not handle the situation well, allowing him to get to a place where he could get away. The suspect took advantage of that, fleeing on foot. Police put out a police notice of the incident including an image of the suspect and a description early Sunday evening. At around 1:20 a.m. Monday, police notified media that a suspect, a 44-year-old Pelham man, had been arrested and charged with abduction of a person under 14. (Source

Uk’s Transportation Asset Protection Association (Tapa) says 2012 set new records for Cargo Thefts. In 2010 the average cargo theft incident was $85,000, in 2012 the average incident of cargo theft was nearly $400,000. In September the record number of cargo theft incidents in a single month hit 59, one of the cases that pushed the dollar limit to its highest average ($694,000) was a cell phone theft in Hungary which totaled a loss of $6.5 million. (Source

Toronto Police seize $3.5 million in counterfeit goods. Toronto Police are expected to announce more details on Monday morning about a major haul regarding counterfeit goods sold in the city. Police aren't saying much about the investigation, dubbed Project Consumer Safety, but reports suggest that the value amount of the goods is about $3.5-million. This is believed to be the largest seizure of counterfeit goods in Toronto's history. (Source

Two arrested in Orlando, accused of trying to pass counterfeit money. The suspects made their first mistake pulling into the valet area of the Premium Outlet Mall. They paid the valet with what was a noticeable counterfeit $100 bill and the valet called police. Because of the increased Holiday patrols, it took only seconds to track down the two suspects who had $1800 in counterfeit money on them. (Source

Western Connecticut State University does not believe the records of 235,000 people were inappropriately accessed. Western Connecticut State University is in the process of notifying students, their families, and other constituents that their personal information may have been exposed to unauthorized access by a computer system vulnerability that has since been corrected. WCSU has found no evidence that records were inappropriately accessed. The vulnerability existed from April 2009 to September 2012 and potentially exposed information, including Social Security numbers, of about 235,000 people whose records were collected by the university over a 13-year period. (Source

November Same Store Sales Results

Party City down 0.6% with sales down 1.4%

Quarterly Same Store Sales Results

Conn's Q3 up 12.6% with revenue up 11%

Last week's most popular news article --
Georgia police launch probe after accused Wal-Mart shoplifter dies Georgia police have launched an investigation after an accused shoplifter died following a confrontation with two Wa-Mart employees and a security guard. When police arrived to handcuff the suspect, he was unresponsive and was bleeding from the nose. He later died at an area hospital. According to other reports the suspect died after Wal-Mart employees tackled him. Two employees and one security guard hired by Wal-Mart confronted the man, and a "physical altercation" took place after the suspect walked out of the store with two DVD players he hadn't paid for on Saturday. Wal-Mart placed the two employees on leave and fired the security guard, according to the AJC. A spokeswoman for the company released this statement: "No amount of merchandise is worth someone’s life. Associates are trained to disengage from situations that would put themselves or others at risk." (Source (Source (Source

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3 Simple Steps to Improve Safety Culture

By Marie-Claire Ross
Digicast Productions

High performance companies integrate safety into every company decision. This is because they realise that the safety of their staff is an important part of how they do business, but also that by looking after safety, staff morale, productivity and even profitability improve.

When it comes to high performing organisations, there are three inter-related core areas that are constantly kept in balance, in order to create the right environment for safety and productivity. By default, these areas also create a healthy workplace culture of which safety is a component.

These are Unity, Compassionate Leadership and Communication. By keeping these areas in check, organisations hit the sweet spot for trust (which is when people feel safe).

The goal in creating a high functioning culture is for staff to trust their senior leaders and to feel safe.

As Simon Sinek says in “Start with a Why”, “only when individuals can trust the culture of an organization as a whole, will they take personal risks to advance the company. Great organisations become great because the people inside feel protected”. And this desire “to feel safe” is two-fold, it means feeling safe to excel and take risks in your career, but also knowing that you are protected from getting injured at work or from being bullied or harassed by colleagues.

3 Simple Steps

To get to "Trust", companies need to align themselves with the following three inter-related factors that are driven from the top, but are orchestrated at every level:

1.Unity - High performing workplaces are unified and have every-one working together as a team. There is no “Us versus Them” mentality.

Humans have a very strong and instinctive desire to be part of something bigger than themselves. It's the same at a workplace. Staff want to be part of a group and a successful one that’s going somewhere. It’s important for companies to cultivate a strong sense of group identity. This means that all communication uses the terms “we” and us" and that clear goals are set.

Staff must also be encouraged to take individual ownership of safety (see 5 Ways to Encourage Safety Ownership), as well as for the own career goals.

2. Compassionate Leadership - We all need to feel loved and appreciated. It’s important that companies convey this to their staff. Not just through words, but through the right actions.

Staff and even visitors, to your workplace, will look for visible signs that staff are highly valued to the organisation.

This means looking for evidence of:

-- A tidy, clean kitchen and toilet area,
-- Clean workspaces,
-- Operational equipment,
-- Clean PPE, and
-- Happy staff working together.

By ensuring a tidy work environment and operational equipment, leaders ensure that subtle messages are given that only productive and safe behaviours are tolerated.

Other more intrinsic signs are that staff ’s personal needs are considered important and that they are listened to, if they have any concerns.

3. Communication - Finally, we have the final step that communicates the other two areas but in a transparent, predictable manner. This is where communication connects staff emotionally to the information by using stories and metaphors.

Communication must be regular and honest. Woe betide any CEO who dares to announce that safety is important, but in a later announcement declares that due to poor sales, the safety budget is going to be cut. Messages must always be free from hypocrisy and believable.

They must also include:

Unity messages that working at the company is a team effort, that group goals are achievable and that looking out for teammates is required, while being responsible for your own safety.

Compassionate messages that the company wants the best for staff, that staff contributions are welcomed and that safety is a priority.

Communication is also open at all levels and staff can offer feedback that is actioned rather than ignored.

By ensuring that these three factors are in balance, organisations ensure that there workplace is highly functional and cohesive, with trust being the centrepiece of how the organisations operates.

Want to improve your safety culture? Download a free 12 page report here.

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Ringleader of a $1.63M U.S. smash and grab gang "plaguing" the West End of London convicted along with his gang Jewelry, designer handbags and iPads were stolen in a series of raids on stores including Dolce & Gabbana, Anya Hindmarch, Loewe, Dior, Hush Jewellers and the Apple Store in Covent Garden. The gang terrorized London between April and October 2011, arriving on stolen high-powered bikes before looting the shops and speeding away. Police say they drove so fast and recklessly it took them just four minutes to travel from the West End to homes in and around Islington. Detectives believe the group were behind most smash and grab raids in London last year. After their arrest there was not a single raid in the capital for three months. Detectives say there is evidence the gang stole to order, often targeting new ranges of merchandise. The arrests were the climax of an extraordinary 100 night stake-out of West End stores by specialist undercover officers. Detectives from Westminster’s Crime Squad lay in wait for the gang in an elaborate surveillance operation on suspects’ homes and their possible targets. Detective Sergeant Alan Stimson, of the Westminster Crime Squad, said "These convictions are the result of a huge operation to tackle smash and grab raids in London and we believe the people of London are significantly safer as a result." Four members of the gang were convicted today of 46 raids on designer stores in London in the summer of last year. They face sentencing next month. Three others pleaded guilty at earlier hearings. (Source

Senior Citizens? - ORC traveling ring of four men hits Best Buy Stores in Pittsburgh, PA. Ross Township Police say a group of men at least 60 years of age, are pulling off a pretty elaborate heist. Surveillance video from Best Buy shows four men browsing through the store, in no hurry. Two of the thieves surround a case of expensive cameras, and fill up a backpack. That’s when another of the men comes and takes the backpack. After they’ve got the goods, the backpack goes under a jacket, and the two make their slick getaway. Police believe the suspects are from out of state, and are professional criminals who have been doing the same thing in our state, and others along the East Coast. They’ve stolen nearly ten-thousand dollars so far in their heists. They are an organized ring. We believe they're traveling throughout Pennsylvania, possibly even the East Coast," Dripps said. (Source (Source (Source

Apple devices again the target of thieves at an Arkansas Wal
mart. At 5:45 a.m. on Saturday, two suspects smashed out the glass under stock area of an iPad display at the Walmart in Paragould, Arkansas. No one was injured, but a threat was made towards one Walmart associate. Police believe these are the same suspects who hit the Jonesboro Walmart on Tuesday. Police have identified the two suspect and warrants have been issued. (Source

Pittsburgh Louis Vuitton store robbed Thursday; five suspects are likely part of an ORC ring. The five people, ranging in age from 20s to 30s, walked into the Ross Park Mall store at 8 p.m. last Thursday and were there for all of 30 seconds before leaving. "They pretty much just took the bags and walked out of the store," Ross police Detective Brian Kohlhepp said.  (Source

USS - The Family that Stays Together Saves Together. Mini Patriot Family

San Diego thieves hit Victoria Secret’s for 300 pairs of panties
. The two male suspects were only in the store for a very short time, but worked together quickly to empty displays. As one suspect held the large shopping bag, the other suspect simply swiped up the merchandise and threw it in the bag. (Source

Click here to view video

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Finally, a way to make your loss prevention message stick. Axonify
Thought Challenge

Paul McGinley
Regional Loss Prevention Mgr
Dollar Financial Group

I, like many of you, still watch too many reruns of Seinfeld. One of my favorite moments is when George is learning about (or attempting to learn about) risk management. A narrator for a book on tape begins: "In order to manage risk we must first understand risk. How do you spot risk? How do you avoid risk and what makes it so risky?" I find this entertaining on many more levels than the writers intended, but it also got me thinking (a dangerous thing, according to my wife).

We all have our own methods that we use to identify risks. We can, most likely, off the top of our heads tell our management which locations keep us up at night and why they do. But is that enough?

I ask that question because of the varying characteristics of how we respond. We can audit, train, utilize technological countermeasures (reporting, cctv, alarm upgrades, etc.), and physically be present. Excluding installation new equipment, all these are easy and seemingly free. In reality, they all have a cost.

Those costs can be definable (ex. fuel to get to the site), or undefinable (ex. your time auditing at site A rather than training at site B). Though we may not see it, it is highly likely that those costs are being calculated somewhere in your organization. Critically, they may not be calculated by someone that understands your true operational environment.

Let's consider a possible equation to bridge this gap.

Risk = (Threats x Assets) - Mitigation

Using an equation (such as the above), lets you present risk in a way that may be easier for those that do not view risks everyday to understand. For example, let's consider a scenario where we have a plate of fresh baked cookies that we will leave in a room of toddlers, alone. First, our threat is (obviously) a room of hungry toddlers. Our assets are cookies. We have no mitigating factors.

Risk = (Hungry toddlers x Cookies) - 0 mitigating factors

Looking at it this way, we know exactly what will happen. When we come back in the room there will be a room of toddlers sitting quietly... and a plate of empty cookies. It makes the risk clear and obvious, even to someone that may not be familiar with cookies or children. It also makes it clear that the mitigating factor of an adult in the room might be worthwhile, depending on the value of the cookies.

The larger point is the one I made earlier: it is critical to be able to clearly communicate risk to those that have no basis or grounding to understand in your field environment. If you cannot effectively communicate that risk, in whatever fashion you choose, chances are you will lose access to your mitigating factors or techniques.

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Vendor Spotlight

Universal Surveillance Systems Foundation Donates Bicycles to 300 Low Income Children in Ohio and Michigan

Rancho Cucamonga, CA – November 30, 2012 – Following last year’s tradition, the Universal Surveillance Systems Foundation (USS Foundation) donated 300 new bicycles to low-income children in Michigan and Ohio through the foundation’s second annual Adopt-A-Bike program events on Nov. 27 and 28, 2012.

One hundred students each at the Barber Focus School and Henry Ford Academy in Highland Park, Mich., and 100 students at Belden Elementary School in Canton, Ohio, received the bikes just in time for the holiday season. The students were selected based on good citizenship, academics and attendance. Funding was provided through the generosity of donors and businesses while local Walmarts provided bike discounts and Two Men and a Truck moving services transported the bikes at no cost.

"These children have high hopes for the future and it is important to help them achieve their dreams," said Adel Sayegh, founder and CEO of the USS Foundation. "Unfortunately, the economy has made it difficult for some children to receive transportation to and from school and that is the reason behind our Adopt-A-Bike program. We want to give children the means of transportation to school. Our children are the future and we have to instill in them the importance of education."

The USS Foundation plans on continuing this tradition with upcoming donations in Missouri, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and New York. "Growing up in poverty, I understand the circumstances and resonate with those struggling in this economy," continued Sayegh. "I cannot allow a lack of transportation to hinder a child’s chances at a better life and I will continue to fight for a brighter future."

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Scott Richardson
Corporate Communications Manager
Universal Surveillance Systems

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