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The online sales tax debate heats up as Congress holds hearings to consider legislation. The bipartisan bill called the Marketplace Fairness Act would let states that have simplified their sales tax collection rules to require online and catalog retailers that take in at least $500,000 in annual sales to collect taxes from customers in those states. The act would enable states to collect taxes even if the retailers don’t have a physical presence in those states, a requirement born of a 1992 U.S. Supreme Court decision. The debate is heating up with online retailers obviously fighting and brick and mortars fighting back. Long term however it's inevitable that the playing field will be leveled and the cash strapped government will get their sales taxes. Its just a matter of when. (Source

Is shoplifting increasing nationally? Dartmouth, Mass., Police say "It's been horrible" this season already. It's almost an everyday occurrence," said Detective Robert Levinson, public information officer for the Dartmouth Police Department. The mall and Target and Kohl's seem to be the key locations. Ryan Kearney, general counsel for the Retailers Association of Massachusetts, said the recent thefts in Dartmouth seem to indicate an organized effort. "Someone is at the other end saying, 'This is what I need; this is what you need to get,'" he said. Kearney said a trend at the state level is that thieves are actually stealing from stores twice — once when they shoplift an item, then a second time when they boldly return the stolen goods for cash. The thieves often are taking advantage of retailers' liberal holiday policies, which permit returns when there is no receipt, he said. Kearney noted that nationally, return fraud amounts to $3.48 billion in losses annually. Items not brought back for cash are either being sold from the backs of thieves' cars or on the Internet or at flea markets, Kearney said. Levinson, who attributes the rise in thefts to the region's economic woes and drug problem. (Source

Shoplifting may be increasing as well across the pond as Wales cracks down on thieves. THIEVES in Blackwood are being targeted as part of a specially-designed campaign to crackdown on shoplifting. More than 25 businesses have teamed up with Blackwood Neighbourhood Policing Team to launch the ‘Blackwood Retail Partnership’ which aims to reduce incidents of crime by improving information sharing between shops, businesses, the police and council. Mark Smith, Blackwood Neighbourhood Team Inspector, said: "Retail theft is a major problem for all businesses, both large national retailers and smaller independents." Mr. Smith said he was already increasing patrols in the town centre of uniformed and plain clothes officers as well as employing a series of other tactics to catch thieves. "Arrests have been made, with their homes searched for other stolen property and numerous individuals receiving banning notices from the town’s Retail Partnership stores." (Source

Near field communication (NFC) by credit card companies in the US a "security disaster," according to Trend Micro's global CTO, Raimund Genes. And he also says "I call the public Cloud the dark Cloud because of how much cyber crime is conducted in it," Genes said. "As long as we use our current ecosystems, it will get worse." The United States has "no sense" about data security while public Cloud adoption is facilitating cyber crime. Speaking to Computerworld Australia on his recent visit to Australia, Genes said US track record with Cloud adoption and online banking show it has serious security flaws. "The US has no sense about data security, and I could be very brutal there," he said. "I see this with everything in the US like Cloud computing," he said. "Everyone was talking about how it was cheaper and no-one was asking where the data was stored." (Source

Cybercrime is now the third biggest crime problem experienced by UK businesses behind only asset theft and accounting fraud, the PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC)Global Economic Crime Survey has found. The main cybercrime worry in the UK was reputational damage which belies the fact that only 57 percent reported having a media or PR plan in place to respond to data loss incidents. "Reputational damage strikes an organisation at its core. The effects can seriously damage the perception of a brand, leading to loss of market share," said PwC director of cybersecurity services, William Beer. "As society becomes less tolerant of unethical conduct, businesses need to ensure they place a premium on building public trust." The PwC survey respondents are right to fear reputational damage as our research has found 87 percent of the UK public would actively avoid interacting with an organization that had suffered data loss as a result of cyber crime." (Source

Operation Robin Hood says "We have already taken Chase, Bank of America, and CitiBank credit cards with big breaches across the map. We have returned it to the poor (the TRUE 99) who deserve it" and the retailers could end up paying for it. Hacktivist groups Anonymous and TeaMp0isoN have joined together in a new campaign that involves compromising credit card details and using them to donate money to charities, homeless people and anti-government protesters around the world in their response to and support of the Occupy crackdown. Operation Robin Hood is going to return the money to those who have been cheated by our system and most importantly to those hurt by our banks," p0isAnon said in a statement released on Monday." The politically motivated hackers implied that their actions won't hurt cardholders because credit card fraud victims are generally reimbursed by banks. However, this might not be true in all cases, because the laws regulating fraud liability vary around the world. Even if in most circumstances card holders might not be liable for costs resulting from fraudulent transactions, merchants can be. "Ultimately the money is lost by either the issuer bank or the acquirer/merchant depending on the chargeback rules and processes followed/not followed," Kornbluth said. For example, if p0isAnon members use the stolen credit card information to buy blankets for Occupy Wall Street protesters, the affected banks could initiate chargebacks to recover the money from merchants, who could be left to cover their losses if they didn't follow all the procedures correctly. (Source

In 2010, the average American purchased 195 restaurant meals, including takeout and on-premise eating. It was the lowest number of per-capita restaurant visits in at least a decade, and it has devastated the LP jobs in that industry. Of all the retail sectors this one has been the most effected by the recession since 2008. With store scopes ranging from 200 to 275 stores per LP field executive now we're looking at 300 to 500 units per LP executive. And with the grocery industry selling more and more prepared foods Harry Balzer, chief industry analyst and vice president of the NPD Group says "In fact, we're still looking for the bottom in the number of meals being bought." Will this industry ever come back as it relates to the number of jobs for LP? Probably not. (Source

Syringe Scare in Wal-Mart store in Georgia sticking 4 times in recent days in clothing. A Wal-Mart Stores Inc. spokeswoman says the retailer will pay for any valid medical expenses for customers harmed as a result of syringes found in clothing at one of its north Georgia stores. Wal-Mart spokeswoman Dianna Gee tells The Atlanta Journal-Constitution ( that company officials believe the syringe scare is isolated to its Cartersville store. Authorities say syringes have been found in clothing sold at the Walmart in Cartersville four times in recent days. Bartow County sheriff's Sgt. Jonathan Rogers says that in two of the cases, hypodermic needles have pierced the skin of customers, who required emergency medical care to prevent the spread of disease. Patricia Headrick told the newspaper she fears contracting a disease such as hepatitis after being stuck by a needle while shopping for women's clothing. (Source

Retailers are reporting strong sales gains in November, boosted by a discount-fueled spending binge for the start of the holiday shopping season last weekend. Now, the challenge is to keep shoppers spending throughout the most important selling period of the year. (Source Associated Press)

An estimated 8.6 million households had at least one person age 12 or older who experienced identity theft victimization in 2010 up 33% from 2005's 6.4 million. The unauthorized use of an existing credit card accounted for much of the increase in household identity theft from 2005 to 2010. The number of households experiencing the misuse of an existing credit card rose from about 3.6 million in 2005 to 5.5 million in 2010. With $13.3 billion in direct financial losses to identity theft in 2010 the average loss was $2,200. 30% of which was misuse of personal information to open new accounts which the average loss was $13,200. The misuse of existing credit cards accounted for 32% of the total financial loss while this type of identity theft represented 54% of such victimizations overall. These findings are based on data from the National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS), an annual survey of about 46,000 households nationwide that collects information on crimes reported and not reported to the police. (Source

New Bill would allow private companies to share cyber-threat information with U.S. intelligence agencies. A bill introduced by senior members of the House Intelligence Committee would allow intelligence agencies to share classified cyber-threat information with approved U.S. companies, while encouraging companies to share their own information. The Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act, introduced Wednesday, is a "significant first step" toward protecting the U.S. government and businesses from constant cyberattackers, said U.S. Rep. Mike Rogers (R-Mich.), the committee chairman. "There is a cyberwar that is going on today," Rogers said during an event to announce the bill. The bill would direct the U.S. director of national intelligence to set up a process for intelligence agencies to share cyber-threat information and for granting security clearances at organizations that want to receive the information. Businesses that receive the classified information would generally be limited in their use of the information to protecting themselves or their customers. The bill would also give lawsuit protection to companies that use the information to protect their networks or share cyber-threat information. The bill would allow companies to share cyber-threat information anonymously through an undefined process or restrict those with whom they information, including the government. "If we're going to win this fight, we have to have more sentries on guard," Rogers said. "What this bill will do is leverage every private IT security operation in every company in America to be on guard." (Source

December sales results
Saks Fifth up 9.3%
Limited Brands up 7%
TJX Companies up 4%
Dillard's up 3%
Target up 1.8%
JCPenney down 2%
Stein Mart down 4.6%
Talbots down 5%
Catco down 5%
The Gap down 5%
Kohl's down 6.2%

3Q sales results
Lulu Lemon 3Q reports sales up 31%
Kroger 3Q reports revenue up 10%
Pier 1 3Q reports same store sales up 7% with revenue up 8%
Express Inc. 3Q reports same store sales up 5% with revenue up 8%
Barnes & Noble 3Q reports revenue down 1% with a loss of $6.6 million
Talbots 3Q reports same store sales down 4% with a loss of $22 million, they will be cutting 9% of corporate jobs and closing struggling stores.
Coldwater Creek 3Q reports revenues down 19% with a loss of $29.9 million



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Police Open Van Used In ORC Shoplifting Spree ROSS TOWNSHIP (KDKA) PA. – A cargo van, which was used to store items which were stolen during a multi-state shoplifting spree, was opened by police Wednesday morning. Theresa Warner, 40, her son, and 39-year-old Christopher Dimaio were arrested on retail theft charges in Ross Township. They were arrested nearly two weeks ago after a seven to 10-day shoplifting spree ended at the K-Mart in Ross Township. Their rented Enterprise van was towed to a fire hall Wednesday morning so investigators could sort out the case. Police had already retrieved a notebook the suspects used to target stores in New York, Pennsylvania and Ohio. The van was stuffed with toys to the point that some of the merchandise fell to the garage floor when police opened the doors. At that time, representatives from Toys R Us, Walmart and K-Mart began sorting it all out. "We have had estimates from people in retail that range from $20,000 to $50,000. So, I would assume it’s somewhere in that vicinity. As far as the number of stores, we believe 91 stores were hit," Ross Township Police Sgt. Ben Dripps said. Both adult suspects are at the Allegheny County Jail, while the juvenile is at the Schuman Center. Toys that cannot be specifically traced to a store will be donated to charity. (Source

Woburn, Mass., Burlington Mall Bra Robbery May Be Linked To Out-of-State ORC Shoplifting Ring Three people were arraigned Wednesday for allegedly stealing several jackets and bras at the Burlington Mall. Police arrested LaTonya Gorden and Yasheeka Grant Tuesday afternoon, accusing them of stuffing jackets in their shopping bags at Macy’s, with the jacket security tags wrapped in tin foil. Grant also has outstanding warrants in Holyoke. At around that same time, police went to Victoria’s Secret, where Cory Adbiaziz (also known as Hector Green) was arrested for stealing bras. Prosecutor Carrie Spiros told the judge that the three may be part of a larger, out-of-state shoplifting ring. "The investigators have indicated to our office that they may rise to the level of organized retail crime. We do believe that the three have been working together as part of a shoplifting ring," said Spiros. Spiros added they could face more enhanced charges at a later date. All three posted bail and are due back in court on Jan. 30. (Source

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Loss Prevention Mgr Rite Aid Detriot, MI Rite Aid
Territory Loss Prevention Mgr Nike, Inc. Los Angeles, CA Nike, Inc.
District AP Mgr Kmart Pensacola, FL Sears Holdings Corp.
Loss Prevention Mgr Sears Newport News, VA Sears Holdings Corp.
Loss Prevention Mgr Sears Florence, SC Sears Holdings Corp.
Asset Protection Mgr Home Depot Downey, CA Home Depot
Loss Prevention Mgr Kohl's Bernardino, CA Kohl's
Store LP and Safety Mgr Lowe's Tigard, OR Lowe's
Store LP and Safety Mgr Lowe's N. Springfield, MO Lowe's
District LP Mgr Old Navy Sacramento, CA Gap, Inc.

The way you spend your days, is the way you spend your life.

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The way you spend your days, is the way you spend your life. What you do each day speaks about who you are as a person. Take some time each day to do what really matters to you in your life and your career. If focusing on customer service is your ambition, make sure to focus on giving good customer service EACH and EVERY day. It could be as simple as personally greeting all of the customers that walk by as you go on with your tasks. If deterring internal theft is your goal, plan 5 minutes to greet and get to know all of the employees you encounter every day. If developing yourself and advancing in your career is your goal, spend 5 minutes a day reading industry magazines or blogs. Make each day count and make sure to include something that's important to you. If today wasn't the best day, remember that tomorrow is right around the corner. Tomorrow is another opportunity to start fresh and move forward. There are 365 opportunities this year for you to accomplish what matters most. How many opportunities have you had this week? This month? This quarter? How many opportunities have you had today? What does your day say about you?


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Being in a slump is an absolutely scary place where your brain does more damage than your actions or lack thereof. More mental than anything else a slump happens to all of us and getting out of it can look like the longest darkest tunnel you've ever experienced. But remember there's always light at the end of every tunnel and getting focused on that light is the key. And turning it always begins with getting back to basics. Forcing yourself to find that focus and using the basics to get out of the slump is the only way out. Lean on your basics and trust you know them well enough that the old performance will start showing itself because once they do, you'll find yourself having fun and out of that slump.

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