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Today marks the start of Rich Mellor's new job as Vice President of Loss Prevention for the NRF. Rich, has been an active member of the NRF LP Advisory Council for many years, including his tenure as Chairman of the Council from 2002 to 2005. He is truly an industry veteran, with more than 30 years of retail security and loss prevention experience – beginning at the Pennsylvania-based John Wanamaker Stores and continuing his prestigious career Woodward & Lothrop, Macy’s East, The Bon-Ton Stores and Helzberg Diamonds. In 2005, Rich was NRF’s Silver Plaque award winner, which recognizes his leadership and influence on the retail LP community. Rich will be responsible for directing the NRF's loss prevention initiatives, including the Loss Prevention Conference and EXPO, the LP Advisory Council and the NRF Investigator’s Network. We would like to welcome Rich to his new role in the LP community.

Final numbers for Cyber Monday shows 33% increase Online sales yesterday increased 33% compared with a year ago, according to IBM Corp.’s SmarterCommerce unit that tracks data from 500 retailers. 10.8% of shoppers used a mobile device to visit a retailer’s site on Cyber Monday, up from 3.9% a year ago. (Source

JCPenney, Apple and Macy’s take the prize for best Cyber Monday site performance The quickest-loading e-commerce sites of top e-retailers on Cyber Monday. (Source

New Pennsylvania bill would lower shoplifting felony offense from $2k to $1k. State Rep. Todd Stephens will introduce the bill next week to stiffen the laws and increase the penalties because of the increased activity and comes in conjunction with dismantling a major theft ring recently in his area. The ring that recently was dismantled targeted stores across 11 counties, including Montgomery, by using fake UPC labels to purchase items well below cost. The stolen products were then resold online. "Organized retail theft in Pennsylvania is a sophisticated crime and a growing problem that in just 2010 cost our commonwealth an estimated $60 million in sales tax revenue," Stephens said. "There’s a reason the New Jersey man charged with running the recent organized retail theft ring chose Pennsylvania for his operation." "We must deter criminal organizations from targeting Pennsylvania retailers and our weak penalties," Stephens said. (Source

How Effective Is Justice Department Crackdown on Counterfeit Goods Dealers?
A great PBS News Hour telecast and a must watch.

The Justice Department used Cyber Monday, the biggest online shopping day of the year, to shut down 150 websites that were allegedly peddling fake shoes, sporting goods and handbags. Gwen Ifill discusses the crackdown on counterfeit goods with author Larry Downes and Steve Tepp of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. (source

U.S. Judge Demands Counterfeit Luxury Goods Sites De-Indexed from Facebook, Google & Twitter A federal judge yesterday in Nevada ruled in favor of luxury goods maker Chanel in a battle against websites trafficking counterfeit luxury goods. The court can now seize all questionable domain names, transferring them to a US-based registrar GoDaddy. The judge has also ordered that Internet search engines and social media websites Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Bing, Yahoo and Google all "de-index" the domain names. This would completely remove them from all search results. (Source

One in every 11 shoppers who enters a store will shoplift meaning retailers will bleed $119 billion this year due to shoplifters. Michael Creedon, North American vice president of retail sales for ADT Commercial Security, told AdWeek that "the economic environment has led to stealing for need-based purposes." "Seventy percent of shoplifters tell us they didn't plan to shoplift," Barbara Staib, spokesperson for the National Association of Shoplifting Prevention told AdWeek. And shoplifting jumped 6% in 2010, reports AdWeek. (Source

Wal-Mart burglary in Topeka, KS, Saturday at 3:12 am after Black Friday sales netted robber between $200,000 and $500,000. A stocky white man with a shaved head, who wore glasses and a Carhartt jacket, breached store security early Saturday to steal more than $200,000 from Wal-Mart and got away. Store security video tape captured the thief walking into the office and walking out. The theft hasn't been traced to an employee. (Source

The National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC) and the Bureau of Justice Assistance, Office of Justice Programs, U.S. Department of Justice announce a new public education campaign to combat intellectual property (IP) theft. Based on newly released research from the National Crime Prevention Council, home of McGruff the Crime Dog, the campaign will confront the public belief that intellectual property theft is a victimless crime. "Intellectual property (IP) theft hurts real people," said Ann M. Harkins, NCPC President and CEO. "It damages the global economy. It helps fund international organized crime and domestic gang activity -- including child labor, drug trafficking, and violence. Reducing demand for counterfeit and pirated products is what this campaign is all about -- educate the public that IP theft is just that -- theft, like robbery or shoplifting. NCPC is pleased to be working with the White House, the U.S. Department of Justice, and our important IP industries to prevent intellectual property theft." (Source

More violence and injuries reported on Black Friday with newspapers around the country picking up the story's. As reports of shopping-related violence rolled in this week from Los Angeles to New York, experts say a volatile mix of desperate retailers and cutthroat marketing has hyped the traditional post-Thanksgiving sales to increasingly frenzied levels. With stores opening earlier, bargain-obsessed shoppers often are sleep-deprived and short-tempered. Arriving in darkness, they also find themselves vulnerable to savvy parking-lot muggers. (Source

Dick's Sporting Goods expanding westward with a new DC and 160 stores over the next 5-10 years. Dick's Sporting Goods took another step in expanding out West with the announcement that it will build a distribution center in Goodyear, Ariz. The distribution center will be designed to ultimately support approximately 160 stores as Dick's Sporting Goods grows its store base in the Western United States over the next 5-10 years. (Source

Consumer confidence up in November as holiday shopping gets in full swing Heading into December, consumers are feeling more confident about the economy after six months of steady declines. Consumers in November had a much better attitude toward the next six months. This explains the same store sales increases in spit of the European doom and gloom and the federal government budget issues. The consumer may just be tired of listening or has just gotten use to it. Regardless it's good news for the final six weeks. Lets hope it keeps up. (Source

Save Mart Supermarkets removes tampered credit/debit card readers in 20 stores in California The company said it discovered the units had been tampered with during routine maintenance, but had not been notified of any reports that customer accounts had been compromised. "Steps were taken immediately to remove the tampered card readers in the affected stores, as well as enhanced security to every credit/debit card reader in all 234 stores in our company," Save Mart said in a statement. (Source

200+ arrested at Occupy Los Angeles, 50 in Philly More than 1,400 police officers, some in riot gear, cleared the Occupy Los Angeles camp early Wednesday, driving protesters from a park around City Hall and arresting more than 200 who defied orders to leave. Similar raids in Philadelphia led to 50 arrests, but the scene in both cities was relatively peaceful. Occupy is becoming Defy which at the end of the day means it's Goodbye (Source Associated Press)

'We have come to take the 99%'s money back' Anonymous and other hacktivists have joined together to launch an attack on banks in response to recent crackdowns against the Occupy protest movement. TeaMp0isoN and Anonymous are joining forces to run OpRobinHood, which will involve using stolen credit details to donate to charities and others, supposedly at the expense of banks. "In regards to the recent demonstrations and protests across the globe, we are going to turn the tables on the banks. Operation Robin Hood is going to return the money to those who have been cheated by our system and most importantly to those hurt by our banks. Operation Robin Hood will take credit cards and donate to the 99% as well as various charities around the globe. The banks will be forced to reimburse the people there [sic] money back." (Source

FCC had 'questions of fact' on AT&T - T-Mobile merger A report by the staff of the Federal Communications Commission says AT&T Inc. and T-Mobile USA provided flawed information to justify AT&T's planned $39 billion acquisition of its smaller rival. The report, released Tuesday, says the companies' application left open "material questions of fact." For instance, the staff did not see reason to believe AT&T's claims that the merger would create jobs rather than eliminate them. The FCC staff also rejected AT&T's assertion that it would not have reason to build out its new wireless data network fully if it was not allowed to buy T-Mobile USA. They noted that AT&T competes with Verizon Wireless, which is pursuing a full network buildout. The report found the companies failed to show the deal was in the public interest, echoing conclusions by the Justice Department, which sued three months ago to stop the acquisition. The combination of the No. 2 and No. 4 cell phone companies in the country would reduce competition and likely lead to higher prices, they say. Analysts now believe the Dallas-based company has virtually no chance to get the deal approved. (Source Associated Press)

Tis the Season for increased shoplifting. StopLift's CBS news interview at Big Y supermarkets with Maureen Fuller, LP field Manager in Boston. Mass. (source

Tiffany's 3Q reports same store sales up 16% with total sales soaring 21%.
JoS. A. Bank Clothiers 3Q reports same store sales up 14.6%
American Eagle Outfitters 3Q reports same store sales up 5% with total revenue up 11%

High end retailers are all soaring with international growth plans that are unparalleled.






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eBay Asset Protection & Technical Investigation Groups Assist Romanian Police

eBay & PayPal Global Asset Protection and internal partners within Technical Investigation team worked closely with Romanian law enforcement authorities leads to multiple search warrant execution and arrest of twenty-five fraud suspects. Police searches were organized in 21 counties across Romania to catch the 25 suspects, accused of having defrauded over 120 victims with fake internet auctions. A previous FBI investigation, also supported by eBay investigators led to the dismantling of three Romanian gangs who managed to steal 20 million dollars from e-commerce website users, claiming they were American soldiers. The gangs stole 20 million dollars from clients of e-commerce sites, like and, where they posted fake ads selling cars, motorcycles and boats. Click here for full article.

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3 Arrested In Multi-State ORC Shoplifting Spree There are new details involving an upstate New York couple that targeted dozens of stores during a shoplifting spree. Theresa Warner, 40, her son, and 39-year-old Christopher Damaio were arrested on retail theft charges in Ross Township. Ross Township Police Sgt. Ben Dripps told KDKA-TV there were more stolen toys in the van than in Santa’s sleigh. Wednesday morning, police will take inventory of the van at a local fire hall. Police say the couple started their shoplifting in Little Falls, NY and then went west to Rochester, Buffalo, Erie and hitting several stores in Ohio before ending up in Ross Township. They even kept a diary detailing some of their stops, recording details about which stores had the best merchandise, the aisles where the merchandise was displayed and where the security cameras were located. They hit some of stores more than once. Police plan to hold a press conference at 10 am Wednesday. Warner is currently being held in the Allegheny County Jail, Damaio is at Allegheny General Hospital and the juvenile is at the Schuman Center. (Source

Does stealing 90 pairs of jeans from Kohl's constitute ORC? Cottage Grove, MN Nov 30 2011 Local police busted three women and two girls for stealing nearly 90 pairs of jeans. Police say Caswana Miles, Antenese Baker, Lasonya Miles and the two girls were caught stuffing jeans into shopping bags at the Cottage Grove Kohl's store Nov. 17. Police stopped the women after they left the store. Officers say the women told them they were stealing the clothes for family members. In total, the jeans cost more than $4,700. Washington County prosecutors filed one count of aiding and abetting-theft against each of the three women. (Source

Habitual shoplifter and accomplice using booster bags busted at Rhode Island's Emerald Square Mall A Rhode Island man, Russell C. Alves, 45, described in court as a convicted habitual shoplifter, allegedly sprayed Mace at a bystander who attempted to stop him from fleeing a store at Emerald Square mall during a busy holiday shopping weekend. Police recovered more than $1,000 in clothing from the Victoria's Secret and American Eagle stores and arrested an alleged accomplice, Florence E. Pompey, 26, of Providence. Pompey is accused of helping steal from clothing stores and driving the getaway car, police said. The pair allegedly used "booster bags," shopping bags designed to foil security systems, to steal the clothing until a store clerk at Victoria's Secret discovered them and chased Alves out of the mall. (Source

ORC 'grab and run' thieves and fence in Houston get busted after two week run. Over a series of what Houston police called "grab and runs," Perry Jamah White, 32, and Diamond Matthew Nelson, 22, allegedly managed to steal 337 pairs of pants, 117 shirts and 14 pairs of shorts from various retail stores around the city in recent weeks. The merchandise was swiped from more than 20 stores and totaled more than $20,000. On Monday White and Nelson were charged with engaging in organized criminal activity, according to court records. Police also charged 35-year-old store owner Morris Jones Jr. with the same felony crime, accusing him of being the "fence" that bought and sold the stolen clothes. Police learned of the crimes after they were contacted by a manager for Stage Stores, a company that owns retail businesses such as Palais Royal. The manager showed officers surveillance videos of some of the "grab and runs" and provided them with the license plate of the getaway vehicle used in the crimes, court records state. With this evidence officers located White. He admitted to his role in the theft operation and led police to Nelson, who also allegedly admitted his involvement in the crimes. Court records state White also told police that the pair would sell the stolen goods to a man named "Big Boy," later identified as Jones, who ran a store called Fresh White Tees in west Houston. After executing a search warrant, police found clothes that matched the description provided by the manager and recovered about $30,000 worth of stolen merchandise at the store - most of which appeared to be provided by Nelson and White. None of the men have yet been arrested, according to court records. (Source

Second in Command of nation wide ID theft ring pleads guilty and tells all. For $5,000 to $7,000 customers got a legitimate Social Security card in someone else's name, escorted to various states to get out-of-state driver's licenses, open new bank accounts, and "build-up teams" would boost the credit scores associated with the identities allowing the customers to get credit cards and commit fraud. With 53 suspects arrested last year as a result of a multi-agency investigation triggered by a 2008 triple-murder, half of them have already plead guilty. Estimated to have reached well over $4 million through a variety of schemes. (Source

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Loss Prevention Mgr Video Products Distributors Folsom, CA Monster
Loss Prevention Mgr Best Buy Distribution Center Dinuba, CA Monster
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Store LP and Safety Mgr Lowe's Silverthorne, CO Lowe's
Loss Prevention Mgr Kmart Lancaster, SC Sears Holdings Corp.
Area Loss Prevention Mgr Ross Stores Orlando, FL Ross Stores
District LP Mgr Big Lots Orange County, CA Big Lots

Mike Luby, CFI was named District Loss Prevention Manager for Walgreens.
Brendan Eberle was named Regional Loss Prevention Manager for Gap Inc./Banana Republic.
Brian Kirby, CFI
was named Loss Prevention Field Manager for Columbia Sportswear.

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Five Steps to Assess Your Strengths Your personal value proposition (PVP) is why an employer should hire you or promote you over someone else. It's the foundation of your career strategy. And only works if it's true — if you have the strengths required. So the first step in developing a winning value proposition is self-appraisal to assess your strengths. (Self-Reflection)

Forgiving Makes You More Important Honestly, you'd like to beat the other person over the head with your briefcase. Actually, you force a smile, avoid eye contact and tell the client-supervisor-operator, through gritted teeth, that you look forward to getting their feedback. Ideally, you detach for a moment, taking in the measure of the man, smile graciously, extending your hand and saying you'll be interested to see how things progress. (Dignity)

How To Prepare When You Only Get One Shot At Persuasion Much of what is written about persuasion addresses the challenge of building influence over time. But when you have only one shot, you need to prepare differently. Here are 8 tips to help you prepare for your next One Shot presentation.
(It's all in the Prep)

The Difference Between a Manager and a Leader There is a big difference between managers and leaders. Managers are those who come to work, make sure all subordinates are getting the necessary tasks done, then leave at 5:00, never to really make a difference. Leaders are the ones who form and grow a company. Leaders try as much as possible to kill any bureaucracy and allow each member of their team to speak their mind. Leaders know that collaboration keeps employees engaged. It makes them feel important. (Leadership)

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