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Linda Pearthree was named East Coast Security Director for Performance Team Freight Systems. Previously, Linda worked at Saks Fifth Avenue in Baltimore, MD for four years as, first the Manager of Asset Protection, then the Senior Manager of Asset Protection. She has also worked with companies such as QVC, RSK Distributors, AEXGroup, GAP Inc, the US Army, and Windfields Farm. Congratulations Linda!

Sales on 'Cyber Monday' Jump by Double Digits up 18% from a year ago, according to data from IBM Benchmark. Meanwhile, sales from mobile devices were up 7.4%. Over the weekend 38% of all purchases were made online this year, up from 31% to 32% last year. (Source

Black Friday Sales up 9.1% according to the NRF. With some experts scrambling to declare the beginnings of a large-scale consumer comeback. (Source

Craigslist ad linked to attempted murder hopefully will lead to changes at Craigslist. Police believe two deaths are connected to the Craigslist help-wanted scam but haven't said whether another body found Friday is linked to it. A fourth man who said he answered the same ad survived a shooting, while a fifth man says he interviewed with Beasley for the fake job as a farm hand but decided not to take it. The mother of an Ohio teenager charged with attempted murder in connection with a phony Craigslist job scheme that proved deadly says her son is not a monster, but a "scared little boy." The 16-year-old high school student from Akron, Ohio was arrested on Nov. 16 after being questioned by the FBI regarding a South Carolina man who said he was led out to the woods on Nov. 6 after answering the Craigslist ad and shot in the arm before escaping. Hopefully these incidents will lead to Craigslist making some much needed self regulation and opening up their listings to the investigative community which they have kept under lock and key. (Source Associated Press)

"Still occupied" For now, Wall Street protesters camped out on the Los Angeles City Hall lawn still have their tent city after defying a deadline to pack up and clear out. "Still occupied," read the sign of a protester up in a tree. Hours after emerging from a possible confrontation with police largely unscathed on Monday, demonstrators turned to the federal courts to keep officers away. They are arguing that the City Council had passed a resolution in support of Occupy Los Angeles and that the city's mayor and police did not have the authority to evict them. Until there is a decision, the tent city's inhabitants are left to wonder if and when police will push them out ó and if there will be the kind of violence that has engulfed evictions in other cities when they do. City officials say they will only move in on the camp when conditions are safest not just for protesters and officers but also the roughly 100 homeless people who had joined the encampment. (Source Associated Press)

Elderly man returns cash stolen from Sears in '40s The manager of the Sears store in downtown Seattle says an elderly man has repaid ó with interest ó cash the man says he stole in the late 1940s. The man hand-delivered an envelope Monday addressed to "Sears manager." Inside were a note and a $100 bill. Manager Gary Lorentson says he thinks the man's conscience "has been bothering him for the past 60 years. Store security cameras recorded the man, but Sears officials said they don't know who he is and they won't release the video. The store plans to put the money toward helping needy families in the holiday season. (Source Associated Press)

Pa. ID thief who romanced bank workers gets prison A Philadelphia man convicted of running an ID theft ring with the help of girlfriends at several banks has been sentenced to 15 years in prison. Federal prosecutors say 35-year-old Miguel Bell romanced bank workers to get them to pass on customer information. He must also pay $1.7 million in restitution after Monday's sentencing. Fifteen others pleaded guilty in the case, including a PNC bank branch manager, Wachovia Bank teller and Colonial Penn Insurance Co. employee. Authorities say the scheme ended when Bell crashed his car into a tree ó leading police to a cache of fake credit cards and driver's licenses inside. (Source Associated Press)

Retailers expect return fraud increase this year The retail industry is expected to lose $3.48 billion to return fraud this holiday season, down 6.7 percent from the $3.73 billion retailers lost to the crime last holiday season, according to the survey results, which are based on the responses of loss prevention professionals at 103 major retailers. Joe LaRocca, senior advisor for asset protection at NRF, told Security Director News that the expected drop in return fraud during the holiday season is due to retailers tightening their return policies, such as requiring a customerís identification when they donít have a receipt during the return process. While the holiday season is not expected to bring an increase in retail fraud, the annual numbers point to a total increase. In 2011, return fraud is expected to cost retailers an estimated $14.37 billion, a 5.2 percent increase from the $13.66 billion loss in 2010, the survey revealed. The fact that overall return fraud increased in 2011, but is expected to decrease during the upcoming holiday season, surprised Joe LaRocca. Itís an "inconsistency" that is uncommon, he said. Overall, LaRocca said 2011 has not been a heartening year for retailers. "Weíve seen a rise in organized retail crime, shrinkage is on the rise, and now return fraud is on the rise for the full year." (Source






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Trio arrested in Ross suspected in theft spree that included stops at 80 to 90 stores and crossed state lines in New York. Ross police suspect a New York woman, her lover and child went on a theft spree that crossed state lines and included stops at between 80 and 90 stores. Police arrested 40-year-old Theresa Lynn Warner, 39-year-old Christopher Frances Damaio and Ms. Warner's underage son, whose name has not been released, earlier this month on charges of retail theft, receiving stolen property and conspiracy. Sgt. Benjamin Dripps said police arrested the New York trio on Nov. 16 after detectives suspected they stole $500 worth of merchandise, including six boxes of baseball cards, from an area Kmart. During their investigation, detectives discovered a notebook listing dozens of stores in New York and Pennsylvania and the dates from which the three allegedly stole items. Sgt. Dripps said the rental van the three used will be opened Wednesday morning at the Berkeley Hills Fire Department. They expect that "once the van doors are opened, items will fall from the van to the ground," revealing an estimated $35,000 in stolen goods. It could take hours or days to sort through the goods, he said. The police department has invited security guards from several local stores the three visited to help them sort through the items. Ms. Warner was in the Allegheny County Jail Wednesday night and her son was in the Shuman Juvenile Detention Center, Sgt. Dripps said. Mr. Damaio was in Allegheny General Hospital receiving treatment for an unrelated health condition. (Source

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Fredrik Nilsson, North American GM for Axis Communications appeared on New England Cable News (NECN) on Black Friday

What do Filene's Basement, Armani Exchange and 7-11 all have in common? They've all been victimized this year by "flash robs." Take a look at what happened in a 7-11 earlier this week in Silver Spring, Maryland. At least 70 young people connected via social media and then met at the 7-11 to simultaneously shoplift in the store. It's the evolution of the flash mob, and retailers are on alert this holiday season for this new and bothersome trend in retail crime.

Also watching this trend closely are the people in the surveillance business. Fredrik Nilsson, North American general manager for the Chelmsford, Massachusetts based Axis Communications, a major maker of surveillance cameras, joined us to talk about protecting against flash robs.

How big of an issue are flash robs from Nilssonís communication with his clients? "Theft in retail has been an issue for a long time. It seems like the people who want to steal from stores just find new ways to do it in better ways. Unfortunately, they are using the latest technology," said Nilsson. "Itís pretty amazing. They gather 70 people in the store to do the robbery. Thatís very difficult from retailers to protect themselves from." If you look at retail in general, three to five percent go toward loss, which is basically theft, internal or external theft, said Nilsson. "That means that you and I as shoppers have to pay more for the goods, so they want to do anything to prevent themselves from being hit by those kind of things."

One of the big advances in cameras is that they are better. New cameras feature HD TV and make identification easier. Watch the interview to learn more about flash robs and surveillance technology used against it. (source

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Linda Pearthree was named East Coast Security Director for Performance Team Freight Systems.

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