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News Brief - Sponsored by WG Security Products
NY Gov. Cuomo declares Sandy was "more impactful" than Katrina economically Saying the recent storm would cost New York State nearly $42 billion. Sandy had had a greater economic impact because of the dense population in the New York City area. He said Hurricane Sandy had destroyed or damaged more units of housing, affected more businesses and caused more customers to lose power. Mr. Cuomo said he believed it would cost nearly $33 billion to pay for storm cleanup, including more than $15 billion in New York City, and an additional $9 billion to prepare for future storms. New Jersey estimates its cost at nearly $30 billion. (Source

Cyber Monday - "The biggest day ever for e-commerce" according to IBM with a 30.3% increase in sales "It officially became the biggest online shopping day ever," says Jay Henderson, strategy director, IBM Smarter Commerce. IBM, drawing on data from retailer clients, reported today the following about Monday's online sales: •Shopping peaked at 11:25 a.m. Eastern time. •More than 18% of traffic to retailer web sites came from smartphones and tablets, a 70% increase over Cyber Monday 2011, and mobile devices accounted for nearly 13% of sales (58.1% from smartphones, 41.9% from tablets). The iPad accounted for 90.5% of traffic from tablets. •The average online ticket dropped 6.6% from Friday to $185.12, but the number of items increased 14.1% to an average of 8.34. (Source

Police report on Walmart shoplifter death said security guard put suspect in choke hold and told to tap when he couldn't breath The wife of a shoplifting suspect who died after a fight with security outside a suburban Atlanta Walmart says she thinks store employees used too much force to subdue him. A police report says Vidal Calloway was wrestled to the ground Sunday by three store employees. One of them, a security guard, put Calloway into a choke hold and told Calloway to tap when he couldn't breathe. Detectives are awaiting autopsy results to determine how Calloway died. Wal-Mart Inc. says two workers were suspended with pay and the security guard will no longer work at the store.  (Source

Police: Man killed at DeKalb County Wal-Mart was "serial shoplifter" Arrested just this September for shoplifting, records show Calloway was in and out of jail at least 16 times since 1996 for crimes ranging from shoplifting to drug charges. As Calloway left, the police report said manager Michael Burton chased him out. Burton, employee Phille Roberts and a third-party security guard, Jaiviere Pruitt, reportedly scuffled with the suspect. The police report said Burton "grabbed him by the hoodie and slammed him down to the ground. After that, Burton told police Calloway "punched him on the left side of the face, neck, and chest area." The incident report goes on to say that Calloway was then knocked to the ground by Burton and Pruitt, but continued fighting. It went on to say that Pruitt "placed the suspect in a choke hold and told the suspect to tap when he can't breathe." By the time DeKalb County police got to the scene, Calloway was bleeding from his nose and wasn't breathing. (Source

Confetti from police files tossed at Macy's Thanksgiving day parade Shredded Long Island police records that landed on spectators at Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade were brought by a department employee who tossed the confidential confetti with his family. It contained easily identifiable arrest records, incident reports and personal information and that identified undercover officers, phone numbers, social security numbers, and license plate numbers. For the record, Macy's is not guilty. The parade sponsor said it uses "commercially manufactured, multicolor confetti, not shredded paper." (Source

Walmart embraces 'showrooming' The key is to give customers reasons to use Walmart’s app while they’re in a physical store. Walmart’s stores are "geo-fenced," said, so the location-aware app enters "store mode" when a customer enters through the door. Once their phones are in store mode, customers are given an interactive version of the weekly on-sale circular for that store. Customers can see what’s new in the store and can scan bar codes with the phone’s camera for prices and lists of everything in a shopper’s cart so they know their total before getting to the checkout. points out that Walmart has effectively lured customers into two stores at once as the Walmart app interface lets you "flip" between the two stores–physical and digital. (Source

Attempted child abduction suspect escorted off Fashion Square Mall property by Mall Security without getting his name and without contacting police "On Saturday between 2:00 and 2:30, at the Fashion Square Mall, there was an attempted abduction. Right now, we're trying to figure out whose responsible for that and make sure that person is brought into custody," said Albemarle County Police spokeswoman Carter Johnson. "We were contacted hours after the original incident and we were contacted by the family who wanted to make sure an investigation was ongoing," Johnson said. The Albemarle County Police Department says that a 2-year old girl was walking with her parents through the mall when a man picked her up and started walking away. Her dad then ran after the man and rescued her. Police tell us mall security escorted the suspect off the property without getting his name and that they did not call the police to investigate. (Source

And the hackers think they're above the law - Anonymous offshoot group's LulzSec, 27 yr old hacker faces 30 years to life in prison Turned in by a fellow hacker turned FBI informant, Jeremy Hammond, a LulzSec-Anonymous hacker, hacked into a Texas-based international intelligence broker stole 860,000 subscribers info and data from about 60,000 credit cards and ran up at least $700,000 in fraudulent charges. Now he's in jail without bail and the Judge told him he faces 30 years to life due. Anonymous is supporting him and attacked the Federal Judge last week. And now they're saying "If you physically broke into Stratfor and stole all of that information, you'd get 90 days maybe," he said. "But when it becomes a computer crime, suddenly it goes way up. I don't understand why electronic crimes are getting so much longer sentences than physical crimes." With no mention of the $700,000 he fraudulently spent or the 5 million internal emails he leaked to WikiLeaks. They may start getting the point now. These hackers have hit our industry as well with CLEAR's website hacked and Go Daddy this year. The Go Daddy hack actually took down a number of security solution providers that we all know and depend on. And it won't stop there. We'll see them again in our industry. All this writer can say is that it's about time they get the message. (Source

Identity Thieves Prey on Gas Station Patrons When most gas pumps were manufactured decades ago, their locking inner compartments came with a single, universal key. And even with the new swipe technology most pumps stayed the same with the same universal key. Identity thieves have been obtaining and duplicating those universal keys from sources within the gasoline industry, police say, then sneak "skimmer" devices into the machines to harvest credit card information. Some are so sophisticated that they only need to be installed once, wirelessly beaming information out to receivers nearby from positions deep inside the pumps' inner works. (Source

At least 10,000 identity fraud rings operating in the United States according to a 3 1/2 year study by ID Analytics. "When you look at where the fraudsters are, they tend to live in urban locations, where there’s a higher likelihood they can act without being noticed. While a substantial amount of identity theft is still being operated by organized crime groups in major cities such as New York, Detroit, Washington, D.C. and Tampa, the number of scammers operating in rural America has also exploded. We were surprised to find just as many were mom and pop operations. The neighbors next door." (Source

Ohio State Troopers recover $75,000 in counterfeit cologne. Three individuals were pulled over on the Ohio Turnpike for speeding, inside the van the three suspects had cartons filled with 1497 bottles of counterfeit cologne and perfumes valued at over $75,000. If convicted, the three could face up to three years in jail and up to a $10,000 fine. (Source

Retiring Minnesota Grocery Store owner gives his company to his Employees. Nearly 400 employees will benefit from the gift of retiring owner Joe Lueken. Lueken who operates two grocery stores in Minnesota and one in North Dakota is giving his stores away instead of selling the company for himself. The 400 employees of Lueken’s Village Foods will be given shares of the company based on length of service and salary. Lueken believes his employees were the reason for his success in life and just wants to give something back. The new CEO of Lueken’s will be Brent Sicard who started with the company in 1998 as the overnight janitor and worked his way up. (Source

Roof Top Burglar hits AT&T Reno store for $50,000. Overnight Tuesday a burglar cut through the roof and entered the AT&T store in Reno, Nevada making off with over 100 phones and a couple tablets valued at nearly $50,000. The thief was able to outsmart the physical security system, bypassing the interior motion alarms. Police believe this thief or group may be tied to similar rooftop burglaries. These guys came prepared with battery powered drilling tools, saws, a video scope, video cameras for surveillance and a police scanner. (Source

"Duffle Bag Bandits" hit the Sprint Nextel in Panorama City, $52,000 of iPhones still missing. In the second attempt on Monday, thieves left empty handed, but are believed to be the same two that got away with $52,000 in iPhones on November 21. Police believe this may be an inside job, because the thieves have the alarm code and a key to the safe. The thieves make a very dramatic entrance for someone who has the keys and alarm codes, using ropes to repel in and out of the store through the roof. Monday’s attempt, the thieves left behind the duffle bag with the phones and tablet computers. (Source

Philadelphia burglar has a tough time with the register. Thanksgiving morning a single burglar breaks out the front door glass of a downtown Philadelphia Radio Shack store. Once inside the thief broke into the register stealing just over $300. The thief had to struggle for over a minute just to get the drawer off the counter. (Source

Parking space disagreement leads to two shot in Walmart parking lot in Tallahassee, Fla. Two couples arguing over a parking spot when one man pulled out a gun and shot the man and woman. Neither have suffered life-threatening injuries, say police. No arrests were immediately made, but police were searching for a dark green Toyota Camry in connection with the case. (Source

Robbers flee after shootout in jewelry store San Jose police are looking for two would-be robbers who were involved in a shootout when they tried to hold up a jewelry store called Joyeria Store Vanessa in San Jose, Calif. yesterday. The two men fired shots at a woman working in the store and she pulled out her own gun and started firing back. They fled and got away. (Source

Toys R Us armed robbery suspects rob Denny's as well and get busted in Pima County, AZ A man and a teen were arrested Sunday night in connection with two armed robberies. Widmer said Cuevas was arrested on suspicion of committing armed robberies at a Denny's restaurant, 1510 W. Valencia Road, shortly before 6 p.m., and at Toys R Us, 4525 N. Oracle Road, shortly before 7 p.m. (Source

The typical robbers profiles are changing and now we're seeing middle aged men and women involved in armed robberies of jewelry stores A recent development according to one industry expert. For decades the profile was a male between the ages of 20 to 27 and now we're seeing middle aged men and women involved. A sign of the economic times.

Plastics thieves operating in plain sight cost Southland, Calif., firms millions The L.A. County Sheriff's Department has formed a five-person task force to track tens of thousands of pallets and crates that are stolen from businesses, shredded, recycled and resold to the firms from which they were taken. (Source

Tampa Police use Social Media filming a light hearted PSA to combat Holiday vehicle break-ins. Warning, you may find yourself singing this song to yourself later in the day. Members of the Tampa Police Department filmed a Public Service Announcement to remind people to "lock it up" when it comes to leaving gift or valuables in their cars. Tampa Police have increased patrols and are employing RNC mobile cameras to prevent crimes in many of Tampa’s shopping districts. (Source

This is what Coca Cola thinks security cameras should be installed for - what do you say?


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eBay Investigators Support Investigation into thefts at NBC Studios

eBay Global Asset Protection investigators continue to support law enforcement into the investigation related to theft of furniture from the NBC studios in New York, resulting in an arrest of employee. A 39-year-old mailroom worker at 30 Rock went into business for himself, allegedly stealing more than $7,000 in office furniture from NBC Studios law- enforcement sources said. The suspect sold the furniture to buyers around the world, and added insult to injury by using the peacock network’s mailroom to ship the items, the sources said. Over the past month, "a great deal of office furniture valued over $7,000 was missing from the building located at 30 Rockefeller Plaza in New York County," according to the criminal complaint. "The defendant admitted to taking the furniture, advertising the furniture on eBay, and selling the furniture to various individuals around the world without permission or authority," the complaint says. He was still on probation at the time of his arrest — for a similar shipping scam when he worked for a mailing contractor for Polo Ralph Lauren. He pleaded guilty in December 2010 to petit larceny after going into private business shipping packages from Brooklyn to Trinidad. In all, he shipped 292 packages of various sizes and from various locations all the while racking up $58,000 on Polo’s FedEx account. Click here to read full article.

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ORC News - Sponsored by Universal Survellience Systems

Two Bangor suspects hit Cabela’s on numerous occasions. Two Bangor, PA residents are accused of stealing nearly $7,000 in merchandise from Cabela’s. Police said 31-year-old Clint Allen and 29-year-old Jacquelyn Ann Stewart were arrested Friday for allegedly stealing merchandise with a value totaling $6,946. The alleged thefts took place on numerous occasions from Nov. 10-23. Allen and Stewart were both charged with criminal conspiracy, retail theft, possessing instruments of crime and receiving stolen property. Both were arraigned and committed to Berks County Prison on $15,000 bail. Police said the investigation is continuing. (Source

Mastermind of a five member ORC gang on the run for five years busted and locked up in Orlando, Fla. Susana Castillo was funding a store in Ecuador with over $100,000 worth of merchandise she is believed to have stolen from the Premium Outlets in Orlando. The gang worked 12 hours day shoplifting from major retailers. The ring was busted in 2007, but some of the alleged crooks were only recently caught, including Castillo. According to detectives, the group had two hotel rooms: one to store their stolen merchandise and one to sleep in. The group was followed to the Premium Outlets, where they allegedly shoplifted for 12 hours a day, blending in with tourists. The group also rented a storage unit. When detectives busted in they said they found bags of clothes. Detectives said the ring had stolen 3,500 garments from more than two dozen stores. One member of the gang is still on the run. (Source

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Thought Challenge

Sandy Chandler

Traits of Great Leaders and Mentors

Submitted by Sandy Chandler, CPP, LPC
Regional Director, Asset Protection
Rite Aid Corporation

With the holidays fast approaching (Q-4 sales and shrink potential) I think now is the best time to reflect and give thanks.

When I look at my career progression and what I have learned throughout the years, my hope is that I have taken on some of the traits of my great mentors and leaders.

Below are a few traits that come to mind when thinking about who has really contributed to my personal growth and development over the years.

Great Leaders and Mentors:
Ask the right questions. Mentors show you how to get results by asking the right questions and gaining insight on the current challenges.
Listen. Great mentors do more listening vs. talking. They have conversations with everyone they come in contact with. One of my best mentors will talk out loud about a situation, offering solutions and steps for follow-up. He also asks others for input so other team members can learn, and we provide the best solutions possible.
Care. Great mentors want to know all about you. Expressing general interest in your well-being.
Are humble. Great mentors do not have to celebrate their successes; they have earned the respect and recognition over the years through doing the right thing.
Have un-ending energy and passion. Great mentors have energy and a passion for their job. They love what they do, and their passion inspires others to do the same.
Are industry experts. Great leaders and mentors contribute to the well-being of the industry.
Admit their mistakes and let others make some as well. Great leaders admit their mistakes which in turn builds our trust, which helps others learn.
Recognize others. Great leaders recognize others through positive reinforcement, and do it often.
Lead by example. Leaders love to learn and share their knowledge with others.
Are great communicators. Great leaders communicate their clear focus and vision regularly, so there is never one doubt about where we are, where we need to be, where we are going, and what we want to accomplish.
Embrace change. Great leaders embrace new initiatives and execute.
Mentor others. Great leaders inspire their team members to be the best, and challenge us to learn and improve.

This thought challenge is dedicated to all of those great leaders and mentors out there (you know who you are) who continue to help us on our career paths.

I choose to take on these traits, because I see the positive results and how we can all make a difference in the lives of others. I challenge myself to be better.

Who inspires you? Have you thanked them lately for all that they do for you?

Just a thought

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Asset Protection

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Whether you’re in the retail space, a financial institution or in a distribution center, protecting your company’s assets is a demanding, full-time job. It’s estimated that in the US retail sector alone, shrink causes over $35 billion in losses every year.

Axonify can help turn that loss into profit.

Today, Axonify is being used by organizations as a key component in their loss prevention strategy. Typically, new employees receive initial training around the role loss prevention plays in overall performance and the consequences of theft. The problem is – after 30 days, employees retain less than 10% of training. Although ongoing LP initiatives (such as posters, hotlines, quiz cards and honesty incentives) support initial education, companies are finding that this is not enough to change long-term behavior.

To maximize positive cultural shift and financial savings, retailers are turning to Axonify. With Axonify, employees follow a personalized knowledge map to ensure they are learning, retaining and implementing training.

Employees receive a continuous flow of questions and short training bursts on a variety of LP topics, chosen by you. If your store incurs shrink due to high internal theft, you can customize Axonify to address dishonesty. If receiving errors are a main cause of shrink, include extra training on vendors and procedures.

Axonify training actively engages your employees, and when you leverage its gaming and reward components, engagement and program buy-in surge. With Axonify, you’ll know exactly what knowledge gaps exist and who exhibits them. Content can be managed dynamically, so any change in focus or message can be pushed out to employees immediately. And with Axonify, training doesn’t have to interrupt workflow anymore.

Find out more about the Axonify solution.

Peggy Nitsche

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Feeling Negative? How to Overcome It Because you're a human being, you're going to feel emotions while you're at work. It's hoped that the bulk of your emotions will be positive, such as excitement, wonder, gratitude, and joy. However, it's inevitable that you'll also feel some negative emotions. (Handle your emotions)

Overcome the 5 Main Reasons People Resist Change Leadership is about leading, but it's also about implementing change. While many people like to joke that the only constant in business is change, change has an interesting way of affecting people that can often result in resistance. (Uncovering resistance)
4 Subtle Ways Leaders Can Lose Control of An Organization We say "subtle" in the title because there are a number of ways leaders can lose control of organizations that are quite dramatic. But while the dramatic ways can make headlines and receive attention, they're actually a lot less common than more prosaic issues. (Undermined authority)

How Much Poor Performers Cost You Ever feel that dealing with underperforming employees is a huge suck? You're not alone. Chances are, you're spending too much time on employees who don't deliver. Here are seven tips to swiftly get the problem under control. (That 17%)

 "She should go far. The sooner she starts, the better." - Unknown

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It's always the basics, the simple things.

The simplest things can always have the biggest impacts. From having a firm hand shake, turning off your cell, not chewing gum, shining your shoes, cleaning your briefcase, having multiple copies of your resumes, getting business cards from everyone you interview with, taking the water they offer, stopping by the facilities merely to clear your head, making direct eye contact, and making sure you wear a smile and you're upbeat with everyone you meet. These are the basics of every successful interview. And it seems that many great executives lose opportunities because they don't practice the basics.

Just a Thought,
Gus Downing

Gus Downing

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