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November 26, 2012 SUBSCRIBE

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News Brief - Sponsored by WG Security Products
Black Friday weekend hits gold with $59.1b in sales - a 13% increase over 2011. A record 247 million shoppers visited stores and websites in the post-Thanksgiving Black Friday weekend this year, up 9% from 226 million last year, according to a survey by the National Retail Federation released Sunday. The number of people shopping in stores climbed 3.5% from last year to more than 307.67 million. "The only way to describe the Thanksgiving openings is to call them a huge win," said NRF President and CEO Matthew Shay. (Source

It's become a "Black Weekend" affair with Black Friday itself seeing a slight 1.8% decrease over last year. Black Friday "is certainly not dead," said Matthew Shay, President and CEO of the NRF, but "it’s starting to spread out." "The early promotions and early openings on Thursday drew some of the sales that would normally land on Friday into Thursday," said Bill Martin, founder of ShopperTrak. "What we’re going to start looking at is the ‘Black Weekend,’ a four-day weekend." About 28% of people surveyed by the federation who said they were shopping over the weekend started at midnight or earlier on Thanksgiving. In 2009, when major retailers started experimenting with Thanksgiving openings, that figure was just 3% (Source

E-retail sales jumped 29.3% for Thanksgiving day and Black Friday. E-commerce emerged as the winner on those two shopping days, making big gains. For Thursday and Friday, combined e-retail sales increased 29.3% to $1.675 billion from $1.295 billion, reports comScore. (Source

In response to the disasters of Black Friday in 2011, Walmart came up with a new strategy to prevent chaos. With doors opening at 8 p.m. and promotions staggered to prevent stampedes, employees and a police officer were on guard to prevent everyone rushing in at the same time. Another change this year was that customers who wanted larger items, such as TVs, were put on a first-come, first-serve list and given a ticket.  (Source

Wal-Mart India unit suspends CFO and others pending probe as it investigates alleged violations of U.S. anti-bribery laws. "The suspension is a routine global practice followed in such investigations," an official at the Indian unit said, declining to be named. "We cannot carry out a fair investigation when the people we are investigating are in office. What we must not forget is they are innocent until proven guilty," the person added. (Source

OUR Wal-Mart group's planned Black Friday strike fizzles with only roughly 50 employees participated in the events Thursday and a "few dozen" took part Friday nationwide "It was proven last night — and again today — that the OUR Walmart group doesn't speak for the 1.3 million Wal-Mart associates," the company said in a statement. In Paramount, Calif., authorities arrested nine people, including three Wal-Mart employees, for blocking a busy street outside a store there. The nine taken into custody told deputies beforehand they planned to be arrested and didn't offer any resistance. The efforts seemed to do little to keep shoppers away though — Wal-Mart Stores Inc. said it was its best Black Friday ever. (Source

Dubai to build world’s largest shopping complex, they already hold the #1 spot. Emaar Properties PJSC and Dubai Holding LLC will together build a district called "Mohammed Bin Rashid City," named after the Persian Gulf emirate’s ruler. The new complex near central Dubai is to include 100 hotels, residential areas and green spaces 30 percent bigger than London’s Hyde Park. Dubai already has bragging rights to the biggest emporium by total area, Dubai Mall. (Source

The International Organization of Black Security Executives announces their Spring 2013 Conference May 8-10, 2013 and is hosted this year by Limited Brands in Columbus, Ohio. Hosted in 2012 at Sears Holdings Corporation corporate offices, the conference was a huge success. For more details on how you can get involved, visit their website.

Electronic Article Surveillance Product Manufacturing in the US Industry Market Research Report now available from IBISWorld. Industry firms experienced only minimal growth in the past five years due to subdued downstream demand from retailers. High unemployment levels reduced per capita disposable income and decreased the amount consumers were willing or able to spend in stores; consequently, demand for the industry's products fell as the retail sector suffered. Likewise, a reduction in the crime rate reduced the impetus for stores to invest in anti-theft and inventory monitoring systems. Revenue growth is anticipated to stabilize in the next five years, however, as demand from retail rebounds. For these reasons, industry research firm IBISWorld has added a report on the Electronic Article Surveillance Product Manufacturing industry to its growing industry report collection. (Source

"Operation Cyber Monday 3″ & "Operation Transatlantic," 132 domain names seized from websites selling counterfeit merchandise around the world. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Homeland Security agency, along with the European Police Office, conducted the crack-down. (Source

Truck Driver in Bridgeport, CT faces 111 charges for the Theft of Cargo, Handguns stolen. A shipment of Smith & Wesson handguns was picked up for a local delivery by Elliot Perez of Pace Motor Lines; the shipment never made it to it intended destination. Police are now charging Perez and another man in connection with selling the handguns on the streets of Bridgeport. Only 28 of the 111 handguns were recovered. (Source

"Square" theft is here and it will grow - retail manager steals $42,000 of customer payments and swipes the credit cards through his personal "Square" credit card reader on his smart phone. A Wilmette martial arts studio employee who allegedly used his smart phone to siphon thousands of dollars in company revenue for personal use is scheduled to appear Nov. 6 in Cook County Court, Skokie, ILL., to face a felony theft charge. Hong acknowledged making over 30 thefts from the business between January and October of this year. Instead of running a customer’s credit card payment for services through his employer’s credit card machine, he would swipe the card through a "Square" credit card reader he’d attached to his own smart phone. (Source

Georgia police launch probe after accused Wal-Mart shoplifter dies Georgia police have launched an investigation after an accused shoplifter died following a confrontation with two Wa-Mart employees and a security guard. When police arrived to handcuff the suspect, he was unresponsive and was bleeding from the nose. He later died at an area hospital. According to other reports the suspect died after Wal-Mart employees tackled him. Two employees and one security guard hired by Wal-Mart confronted the man, and a "physical altercation" took place after the suspect walked out of the store with two DVD players he hadn't paid for on Saturday. Wal-Mart placed the two employees on leave and fired the security guard, according to the AJC. A spokeswoman for the company released this statement: "No amount of merchandise is worth someone’s life. Associates are trained to disengage from situations that would put themselves or others at risk." (Source (Source (Source

Fire Kills 112 Workers in Bangladesh Making Clothes for US Brands The 100-plus workers who died in a fire late Saturday at a high-rise garment factory in Bangladesh were working overtime making clothes for major American retailers, including Wal-Mart, according to workers' rights groups. Officials in Bangladesh said the flames at the Tazreen Fashions factory outside Dhaka spread rapidly on the ground floor, trapping those on the higher floors of the nine-story building. There were no exterior fire escapes, according to officials, and many died after jumping from upper floors to escape the flames. (Source

Northridge Mall female security guard run over and critically injured after trying to detain a man who appeared to be drunk in public in Salinas, Calif. Around 9:00 pm on Saturday, security guards at Northridge Mall noticed a heavily intoxicated man parked outside Old Navy, playing loud music. The police attempted to detain 21 year old Jose Luis Rangel, and take his keys. The security guards placed the keys on the roof of his car, and encouraged him to call for a ride. A struggle took place, and Rangel jumped back into the car, trying to speed away. In the process, he knocked both security guards to the ground, and one female officer sustained a head injury. (Source

Strip shopping center fired security guard shows up on location and murders his replacement - shooting him three times in the head in Houston, TX. The sheriff's office said the suspect was employed by Texas Pioneer Control Officers as a security guard but was fired three weeks ago. He continued to show up for work at the meat market after being fired and came in Saturday around 2 p.m. and shot his replacement three times in the head at the La Veracruzana Carniceria and Taqueria. (Source

Retail fraud (shoplifting) cases drop 4.5% in Michigan between 2007 and 2011 Police recorded a state total of 26,713 retail fraud offenses in 2011, according to the latest figures available from the state police's Michigan Uniform Crime Report. That compares with 27,975 in 2007, or a 4.5% reduction. In Metro Detroit, Oakland County had the largest decline in shoplifting offenses, a 12.9% drop. Retail offenses in Macomb County slid 5.7%. However, Wayne County's retail fraud offenses rose slightly — 2.8%. However nationally shoplifting offenses have risen nearly 20 percent from 785,228 in 2007 to 940,903 in 2011, according to the FBI's Uniform Crime Reports. (Source

San Antonio Man Pulls Gun On Line-Cutting Black Friday Shopper A man pulled a gun on a line-cutter who punched him in the face waiting in line for Sears' Black Friday sales in San Antonio South Park Mall. The man who pulled the gun was not charged because he had a concealed handgun license. Shopping resumed shortly after the incident. (Source

Black Friday brawl caught on tape in Roseville, California. The mall brawl at a Victoria’s Secret was caught on tape. Fists flew during a Black Friday fight at the mall, as three men traded blows and knocked down a display, and the whole incident was caught on a cell phone camera. Police believe the men were fighting over a pair of shoes. It happened in the middle of the Westfield Galleria, as families watched in horror. The sea of chaos was the last thing Lawrence Corpus thought he'd see while Black Friday shopping with his family. But when fists started flying, Corpus pulled out his iPhone and began recording. (Source

From Oklahoma City to Tampa to Georgia, Black Friday frantic crowds cause problems for Police and Store Operations. Mayhem describes the Black Friday events at a few retail locations around the country. In Moultine, Georgia, police actually called off the sale of one electronics item which caused crowds to punch, kick and bite their way to a great deal. (Source

99 Cent Only Store Burglar shot by LAPD. Two police officers suffered minor injuries, and a suspected burglar was shot and wounded outside a 99 Cents Only store in North Hollywood on Sunday. The officers were injured when they were attacked with a "wooden object" by a burglary suspect, who was subsequently shot by one of the officers. The officers were treated at the scene and released. Paramedics rushed the burglary suspect to an area hospital, where he was listed in stable condition. One of the burglars attempted to run away from the scene and was chased down by two police officers. During the chase the suspect picked up a "wooden object" and tried to attack the officers. (Source

Armed Robbery at Target in Union Township NJ after Black Friday sales. Two armed robbers robbed a New Jersey Target in Union Township after the store had closed on Black Friday, and now police are questioning whether they had help. The two men blended in with a Vauxhall store filled with Black Friday shoppers, and hid in the bathroom until the time was right to make their move. reported that the suspects forced three employees into the cash room and tied them up after the store had closed. The masked men stole an undisclosed amount of money and left before the other store employees realized what had happened. One employee wondered whether the suspects had gotten inside information. "You would think that somebody would have to know the right time to come, and the right time that they would be pushing the cash to the safe,". (Source

Teen Stabbed Outside Jordan Creek Town Center in Des Moines. West Des Moines, Iowa police are investigating a stabbing outside Jordan Creek Town Center Friday morning. A fight broke out between two groups of people and a 17 year old man was stabbed several times. The victim went to the hospital for treatment for his wounds. The hospital contacted West Des Moines Police. The victim's name has not been released. He is expected to recover. Police do not have any suspects. (Source

Last week's most popular news article --

Mass-Murder averted - Southwest Missouri man confessed last week to plotting to shoot up a "Twilight" showing and a Wal-Mart store His Mom turned him in after he bought assault weapons and 400 rounds of ammunition. His mother contacted the police. (Source




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Person charged in Salvation Army $2M toy thefts in Toronto The Salvation Army warehouse boss in Toronto recently dismissed after $2 million worth of donated toys and other goods vanished now faces three criminal charges. David Rennie surrendered to police Monday morning - three days after officers there seized 146 pallets of toys, food and other items from a Brampton, Ont., warehouse. Rennie was the executive director of the Railside Rd. facility until fired recently after an internal audit revealed toys went missing over the past two years. Police said the seized skids of items, which required three transport trailers to remove, will be returned to the Salvation Army eventually. (Source

Black Friday creeps north as Canadians join the four day frenzy The hype surrounding Cyber Monday and Black Friday is spreading north of the border, and some experts predict the weekend-long sales binge could soon surpass Boxing Day as the busiest shopping period of the year in Canada. The largely U.S. phenomenon is creeping north as more U.S. competitors set up shop here, the high Canadian dollar makes cross-border buying more attractive, and Canadian retailers work harder to keep shoppers from pursuing bargains south of the border. Several major Canadian chains advertised Black Friday specials in Canada, even though it was a work day for most Canadians. (Source

Quebec vows to make hostile bids for companies like Rona more difficult American home renovation retailer Lowe's attempted last summer to acquire Rona through a $1.8-billion proposal but retreated in September in the face of staunch opposition from Rona's board and Quebec politicians. But with Rona's CEO's recent departure and one major shareholder in favor of looking at Lowe's bid Quebec looks like they may be determined to stop it. (Source

Canadian retailers to lose $5B to U.S. retailers as Canadian head south of the border for holiday shopping While retailers like Hudson's Bay Co., Canada's oldest company, are advertising Black Friday deals of their own, higher duty-free limits, lower U.S. prices and a currency near par with the U.S. dollar will lead to at least a 25 percent increase in lost sales abroad in November and December, said Douglas Porter, deputy chief economist at the Bank of Montreal. He says the sales drain will total just over $5 billion. (Source

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Two-way radios can play a large role in workplace safety
. One of the largest factors in promoting workplace safety is communication. It is important to communicate the rules of your business so all employees know them, but it is also important to communicate with one another to help prevent safety issues. In all of the instances mentioned in this article, having two-way radios can help everyone. (Source

When driving this holiday season, whether for work or for leisure, remember these safe driving tips
. Last week, millions of people headed over the river and through the woods to celebrate Thanksgiving. As the holiday season continues on through January 1, The American Society of Safety Engineers has offered these driving tips to keep us safe this holiday season. (Source

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Make Black Friday a Profitable Friday with the Mini Patriot Family
Three women arrested after van full of stolen merchandise is found in Madison, Wisconsin. Three women arrested last Saturday for alleged shoplifting were involved in a "professional level retail theft operation," Madison police said. The three were arrested on the city's west side after police got a report from an employee at The Buckle at West Towne Mall. The employee was almost hit by the suspects' van after he followed them out of the mall. Not only was there a large quantity of merchandise in the van with tags still attached and with no receipts, there were also more than 300 empty shopping bags in unused condition. Bags found in the van were from Aeropostale, Toys R Us, Express, The Children's Place, Walgreens, and Bed, Bath and Beyond. (Source

Des Moines, Federal Way men arrested in alleged Centralia shoplifting ring A 20-year-old and a 19-year old from Federal Way and a 16-year-old from Des Moines were arrested Friday for allegedly operating a shoplifting ring in Centralia. According to the Centralia Police Department, the three men were arrested near the Centralia outlet mall while running from a store after being confronted by employees. An investigation revealed the three men had shoplifted from numerous stores, and officers recovered more than $1,200 in stolen property, according to Centralia Police. (Source

Shoplifting crews busted in Orland Park investigation Twenty-two people were arrested earlier this month in Orland Park, ILL., after police targeted crews of shoplifters. Orland Park police worked in conjunction with the Cook County state’s attorney’s regional organized crime units as well as 12 different police agencies in the state. About $18,970 worth of stolen property was recovered in the operation, which was conducted Nov. 8 and 9. (Source

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Thought Challenge

Life Lesson

by Jon Grander
Vice President, Asset Management
Brown Shoe Company

On November 5th, 2012, I lost one of the most important and influential people in my life, my Dad. His name was Lloyd George Grander and he had a great 82 years, and I was able to enjoy my life by being part of his. As my sister and our families met with the Pastors to prepare for his Funeral, we naturally migrated to all of his accomplishments. Whether it was his Masters degree from Rutgers University, his 30 plus years of being treasurer of the local Rotary Club or being a principal and educator for over 40 years, we were proud of what he did. When we had exhausted everything we could about his career, memberships, and other accomplishments, the Pastor asked two simple questions:

1. What do you remember most about your dad, in other words, what are you going to miss the most?
2. What makes you smile when you think of him?

Those two questions had a profound impact on me and my thoughts shifted. Two things came to mind when I thought about the first question. First was his faith. My parents were both very active in our church throughout their lives. This was more than just attending Sunday service. They were involved in making our place of worship a better place. He did whatever it took, and sometimes, just whatever my mom wanted. He was service oriented and even though he touched so many lives, he was always very humble. Second was his love. My parents were married for 56 years. They truly were that couple that still held hands every day. Although years had put wrinkles on their faces and skin, they still looked at one another like it was the first time. The love they had for one another was beyond something I could put into words. His love for my sister and I, as well as our spouses and children was something I’m not sure everyone gets to experience, but wish we all could. The love that he had was also shared with the relationships he had with people he came into contact with. As we were telling people about my dad’s passing, I had the opportunity to contact his college roommate, (My dad graduated college over 60 years ago but maintained this relationship). Of course his roommate was sad about the news, but shared some memorable stories I had never heard before.

As I thought about the second question, it was obvious that my dad’s sense of humor was the thing that made me smile. He had a very funny sense of humor and would use it to tease people. While some things he said may be considered unfiltered, people that were receiving the teasing loved it because it came from dad. Not sure how he got away with some of the things he said, but I came to realize that they knew how much my dad cared for them, so it was never taken as offensive or in a manner that made people feel badly. Back when he was a Principal, his students would go out of their way to pass my dad in the hall so they could get teased. It made them feel special and connected with him. At my dad’s funeral one of the nurses at the Assisted Care Center he resided stated that my dad always asked how she was doing. She acknowledged being teased relentlessly by my dad, but followed up by saying that each time he asked her a question like how she was doing, he meant it in the most genuine manner. I also found out after his death he was known to give his treasured flashlight collection, generously to night shift nurses so they’d be safe going to their cars at night.

Like many of you, I have read countless books and articles on leadership, management, and personal development. Sometimes the most meaningful things in life don’t come from books but from experiences and people that you interact with day to day. When I think of my dad’s life, he lived the life I aspire to live. He had faith, love, integrity and purpose. He valued people and genuinely cared about the people he interacted with.
Imagine how differently we would conduct our day to day business with questions similar to the ones the pastor’s asked me... what do you enjoy most about the people you work with everyday? Do you ever tell them that or would you wait to eulogize them when clearly it’s too late? What makes you happy about your job and life? Do those two things compliment or conflict one other?

My dad was a great man, and I will miss him greatly. As he was a teacher in his career, he also taught me some of the most important things about life. To pay his life forward, it’s an honor to share some of his memories with you and our LP Community. My thought challenge for you is to reflect on the two questions above as it relates to you. How do you want people to remember you and what do you want them to smile about when thinking of you? What’s your life lesson?


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BOCA RATON, FL — November 19, 2012 —Tyco Retail Solutions (, a leading global provider of retail performance and security solutions, affirms today its Sensormatic brand technology and innovative loss prevention solutions continue to deliver the robust, proven protection world class retailers trust to maximize profits and enhance the shopper experience. Tyco Retail Solutions has led the industry in Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) systems for over 45 years. In fact, a global research firm recently recognized Tyco’s decades of industry leadership, customer commitment and quality service with its "2012 North American Customer Value Enhancement Award" for EAS solutions.

Tyco Retail Solutions offers a wide range of integrated Loss Prevention and Store Performance solutions that work together cohesively and seamlessly - all backed by the genuine Sensormatic guarantee of quality and security retailers have come to trust. All genuine Sensormatic solutions meet stringent quality and engineering standards. This commitment to quality is important as less expensive, poorly constructed stand-alone components may compromise a retailer’s investment due to subpar performance. Additionally, these solutions comply with global regulations delivering the consistent performance and reliability retailers around the globe depend upon.

The Tyco Retail Solutions Loss Prevention portfolio includes:

•  Full EAS suite covering detection, deactivators, detachers, labels, sensors, designed to help retailers address high-theft, high-velocity categories for comprehensive store inventory protection.

•  EAS Intelligence solution enabling retailers to maximize their investment in existing EAS infrastructure, to capture and consolidate data from multiple EAS hardware devices and link to other operational data through the Tyco Store Performance Platform giving retailers insight into operations at the store level and across the organization.

•  Traffic Intelligence solution, powered by Tyco’s Store Performance Platform, connects critical data points for retailers to better understand shopper conversion and enhance Loss Prevention efforts while helping optimize store performance and drive incremental revenue.

"We are committed to helping retailers drive profitable sales and navigate an increasingly competitive and dynamic global marketplace," said Nancy Chisholm, vice president and general manager, Tyco Retail Solutions. "Retailers rely on our genuine Sensormatic loss prevention solutions to safeguard their entire store inventory. When protecting what matters most, retailers can’t afford to sacrifice the quality and high performance Sensormatic solutions offer in helping combat theft and enhancing their customers' in-store experience."
Jim Caudill
Tyco Retail Solutions
+1 (561) 912-6066
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5 Reasons Your Top Employee Isn't Happy Not sure why your top performer is unhappy? It happens all the time. A freewheeling, autocratically managed company has room for (frequently maddening) visionary mavericks until, one day, it doesn't. Check out what the most brilliant (yet difficult) employees hate about company culture. (Essential life principles)

How to Criticize Employees: 6 Rules Even if you're an experienced executive, it's likely you often find it very difficult to tell other people where they need to improve. Praising a good performance is easy; everyone likes to receive a compliment. But what do you do when a kick in the butt seems more appropriate than a pat on the back? Here's how to do this effectively. (The behavior, not the person)
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You're Going to Screw Up: Here's How to Do it Well Some of us fail well, and some of us fail badly. Failing well may sound like an oxymoron -- what it means is that some people seem able to take failure in their stride, to learn and grow from it, while for others even small failures seem devastating. Failing well boils down to three things. (And they are...)

Resilience: What You Can Learn from a High School Quarterback When I look for lessons in leadership, 17-year-old high school quarterbacks are typically not high on my list. That is because until now I have not been paying attention to the young man who lives across the street from me. (Wise words)

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As all of us progress in our careers, we carry our past with us. And as one pointed out in response to last Wednesday's tip, that past is written in "indelible ink" that can't be simply erased in the process of attempting to reinventing ourselves. On the contrary, it must be recognized, accepted, and critically reviewed for any of us to successfully reinvent ourselves. Self-reflection and self-assessment is a difficult task for all of us, however, without it how are we to truly grow. Reinventing one's self is not a transaction, it's a process that continues through life and can only happen if we're honest with ourselves and truly willing to make changes. But in paraphrasing a famous 20th century philosopher, Joseph Campbell, he said we are today what our yesterdays made us, but we can be tomorrow whoever we wish to be as long as we start being it today. It may not be simple, but it does start with a first step.

Just a Thought,
Gus Downing

Gus Downing

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