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Strong arm robbery charge for the adult get-away driver. Three juveniles were arrested later for shoplifting, but the adult, 22 yr old Brandi Williams will face additional charges following her struggle with Wal-Mart Loss Prevention. The 3 juveniles were caught but later escaped from the LP officer, ran out of the store to the awaiting get-away car. (source

NYC couple nabbed for large-scale shoplifting at Hollister in New Hampshire. Arrested with nearly $2000 in merchandise, Loss Prevention believes this is at least the third time the couple has hit this store location. (source

Suspect in Aldi Store security guard murder commits suicide in jail. Devolt Bradford was charged Wednesday night with the murder of a 54-year-old security officer at an Aldi Store in Chicago, Thursday morning he was found dead in his cell. Bradford apparently hung himself with his pants. Bradford and the security officer struggled during a robbery attempt on Nov. 10th, the officer (Reginald Lanier) was shot several times and died at the scene. (source

Australian Senator cleared of shoplifting, but guilty of assault on a store security officer. The Senator was stopped with $92.00 of merchandise outside a grocery store, but attempts to apprehend her failed as the Senator slammed the security officer’s arm in the car door several times. The Senator was later arrested, claiming she was not stealing the items, simply had a panic attack inside the store. The judge dropped the shoplifting changes, possibly saving the Senator's career. (source

$246,450 in counterfeit goods confiscated in a South Carolina Sting. Four suspects have been arrested and nearly a quarter of a million dollars in DVDs and CDs have been confiscated in West Columbia, South Carolina. Along with the 6,300 pirated DVDs and CDs, counterfeit apparel, handbags and shoes with the designer brand logos were also recovered. (source

JC Penney prepares for new COO, Michael Kramer will start on Dec. 5 with a base salary of $1 million + 750,000 in stock grants. Kramer also will receive a $4 million sign on bonus. Kramer was the prior executive vice president and chief financial officer at Abercrombie & Fitch from 2000 to 2005, he was the former chief financial officer of Apple Retail. (source

Gap Inc. profits down 36 percent in 3rd Quarter. Last month plans were announced to close 21% of the 'Gap' stores, increased costs and lower margins are still the focus of concern, hoping for a strong holiday rebound. Gap is looking to expand its market share in China, opening 15 new stores next month, 45 in 2012. (source

Ross Stores Q3 up 18.6%. Revenue increased 10 percent to $2 billion with a net income of $144 million. Ross also announced a 2 for 1 stock split which will be paid as dividends on Dec 15th. (source

Dollar Tree posts 12% earnings growth for Q3. (source

Ann Taylor posted 49% increase in earning per share, net income increased to $32M compared to $24M same quarter last year. (source

Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA) updates its Transportation Security requirements to curb $10 billion in worldwide cargo theft. TAPA has over 700 global members including manufacturers, global supply chain and insurance partners. (source

Having a bad day, a woman arrives at a court appearance in a stolen car. The woman was in court for 2 prior charges, fleeing police and reckless driving. The car was reported stolen with an On Star GPS device and police tracked it to the police department/ court parking lot. (source




Doug Marker
Vice President
LP, Risk and Audit
Michael Stores, Inc.

Stephen O'Keefe
Loss Prevention and
Risk Management
Wal-Mart Canada

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Vice President LP

LP Program Spotlight
eBay's PROACT Team



Richard C. Hollinger, PhD



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eBay Supports Criminal Investigation Leads to Conviction

eBay Global Asset Protection investigators supported law enforcement investigators into the sale of stolen military laptops, satellite navigation systems and night-vision goggles leads to conviction. The investigating law enforcement agency was able to leverage the technology of eBay via Law Enforcement Portal, commonly referred to as LEP, to immediately extract necessary transaction information related to the sellers activity. The suspect admitted to four (4) counts of handling stolen goods and nine charges of converting criminal property. The stolen items were three Panasonic Toughbook laptops, six Qioptic night-vision sights, six satmap active GPS systems, three Leupold scopes and a projector. The court heard that when the laptops were originally stolen, they contained "military hard drives" – which made them each worth £17,000 – but by the time the defendant received the laptops, these had been removed. His home was searched but the drives were not found. There are still 15 inquiries into suspected crimes ongoing. Click here for full article.

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D&D Daily Canadian Push

Andy Buchanan, Associate VP Asset Protection, Marks -

ORC in Canada is a Plague We Can Mitigate –
Learning From Our US Peers

Whether you are Loss Prevention, Asset Protection, Profit Retention or any other of a myriad of names we as practitioners are identified by, you have been a victim of Organized Retail Crime (ORC) if you are in the bricks and mortar style business of buying and selling goods. As the economy bobs and buoys worldwide these groups grow in numbers due to need, greed or circumstance. In many cases we find that individuals we previously identified simply as perpetual offenders have now teamed up in an organized fashion with others and taken partners on to form their own little ongoing criminal enterprise. Unfortunately Canadian Law lags significantly compared to that of our US Counterparts when it comes to recognizing and dealing with such ORC issues. There are as many types and forms of ORC groups now as there are tactics they employ against us in our pursuit of profitability. We regularly see booster groups, fraud rings, organized addicts and alcoholics and a plethora of other forms of groups travelling the country as organized bands attacking our businesses while making a healthy living slipping through the cracks in Canadian Legislation. When reaching out for Police assistance in these cases, most if not all of us have been faced with the brick wall that is jurisdiction and the ever prevalent phraseology "what can we prove happened here in my city, not country wide but right here right now."

In the US there is State and Federal legislation specifically written and geared for ORC but in Canada we still rely on outdated modalities and belief structures. In July 2008 after years of lobbying by retailers and trade associations, legislation was introduced in the US Congress which spoke to the specifics of retail organized crime. The answer there as it is here was a combined industry approach with a unified vision. The Canadian battle cry to date has been very generic and singular in that the industry has cried out for recognition of this plague through such channels as the RCC Legislative Lobby asking for ORC legislation or specific retailers have made a plea for attention. The RCC Working Committee has others issues it is pursuing on its agenda and as such the ORC pursuit becomes an add on issue. By forming a specific lobby group and working with the RCC on this sole specific issue, we as an industry gain laser focus and one loud voice, we can define exactly what we would like to see and leverage the learnings and successes of our US Counterparts. With this we can forge forward with our desired mandate being spoken from this one industry voice. Any one individual retailer lacks the strength but together we can leverage our combined commerce and visibility pushing for one outcome and will be able to move mountains.

Section 467.1 of the Criminal Code of Canada deals with Organized Crime but as you read through the statute you will find that it was clearly written to battle such things as Motorcycle Gangs and has not proven very effective so far even in that application. The legislation speaks to wearing badges or having Words or Club names to identify themselves thus putting us outside that scope. The legislation required would take national scope into consideration and would deal with the specifics of retail crime. The links have already been proven between terrorism, drugs, money laundering and retail crime, what we need now is a defined legislative tool to battle this menace. Whether organically Canadian or an import from the south, I would urge my counterparts in the leadership roles within the industry to become an advocate and vocal proponent of such a lobby and together we will find success in our efforts.

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Baby formula thieves arrested in Massachusetts. The couple arrested is believed to be behind recent losses at two Target stores, totaling nearly $2000 in just the past month. One of the arrested had five outstanding warrants from New Bedford for larceny and forgery. (source

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Energy is the primary force behind success and without it mediocrity or failure is almost guaranteed.  The ability to move things forward and influence change requires energy and there's a direct correlation to the amount of it and to the degree of success.  It's great to start off energized and gung ho about a project or initiative, but it's critical to maintain the energy thru to completion.  As one senior executive has said, "there's no bad plan -- it's always a matter of execution" and execution is all about energy.  So when you think you've lost your energy, take a break, do something different, and give your mind a chance to re-energize.  Because the worst thing you can do is to try to execute without it.

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