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November 7, 2012 SUBSCRIBE

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New York and New Jersey order evacuations ahead of new storm New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg closed parks and beaches and temporarily halted outdoor construction ahead of the storm, which was pelting the Washington area with ice pellets on Wednesday and whipping up seas as high as 7.5 feet about 20 miles off New York's JFK airport. Bloomberg ordered evacuations of low-lying, hard-hit areas such as the Rockaways section of Queens and the south shore of Staten Island. Residents of at least two coastal New Jersey towns were also told to leave. Editorial comment: Another hit and retailers continue their struggle. The real problem for retailers will be moving freight and getting the merchandise to their stores over the next month. With massive port damage and warehouses filled with damaged freight from rising water getting goods to stores may impact holiday sales for everyone. (Source

Superstorm Sandy knocked off nearly $4 billion of retail sales last week in the hard-hit Mid-Atlantic and Northeast region, nearly 20 percent of the usual total, according to figures released Tuesday by a retail data service. MasterCard Advisors' SpendingPulse said Tuesday that the region, which accounts for about 24 percent of retail sales nationwide, typically generates $18.7 billion in sales for the week ended Saturday. But revenue came in at about $15 billion. The figures exclude auto sales. That dragged down the nationwide sales total for the Oct. 28-Nov. 3 period. Nationwide, retailers typically generate $78 billion in sales for that particular week, but McNamara, estimates the total ended up being about $74 billion. (Source Associated Press)

In September there were 3.4 unemployed people competing for each open job, in a healthy economy that ratio is roughly 2 to 1. U.S. employers posted the fewest numbers of jobs in September for the last five months and hiring will remain modest in coming months. The number of available jobs has jumped about 63 percent since July 2009, one month after the recession ended. It remains well below the more than 4 million jobs a month advertised before the recession began in December 2007. (Source Associated Press)

With President Obama elected to second term, NRF pledges to work with him. In a statement released by Matthew Shay, President and CEO of the NRF, Shay states that, "As the industry that supports one out of every four U.S. jobs, retailers look forward to continuing to work with President Obama and the new Congress toward the goal of putting Americans back to work and ensuring that our economy remains the strongest in the world."  (Source

Second year in a row Macy’s stores nationwide to open at midnight on Black Friday, Friday, Nov. 23. A new Black Friday feature on Macy’s mobile app will help customers browse and shop for specials specific to their local store. (Source

World’s first NFC-enabled supermarket to open in France by the Casino Group According to NFC World, this fall, shoppers at the Les Belles Feuilles branch in Paris’s upmarket 16th district will be able to use an NFC phone and the supermarket’s app to scan shelf-edge labels containing NFC tags to get details about any of the items on offer, including lists of ingredients, information on the supplier, videos, pricing and more. Shoppers can also scan items placed into their basket into a virtual shopping cart within the mCasino NFC app, and personalize the app to reflect their preferences, and store their loyalty card and promotional offers. To check out, consumers only need to tap their phone to an NFC reader attached to the store’s cash register. (Source

Top eBay security specialist, other experts to present at TechSec Solutions 2013 Organizers of TechSec Solutions 2013 have announced the educational program for the conference, which will take place Feb. 5-6 at the Westin in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Focusing on new and emerging technology in the physical security industry, the program includes educational sessions such as what’s next with near field communication, deconstructing PSIM, and a debate on whether you should BYOD for security. George Booth, eBay senior manager of global security operations, along with the systems integrator (Pierre Trapanese of Northland Control Systems) and the access control manufacturer (Joe Kirmser of Lenel) who worked on the $58 billion enterprise’s physical security system, will present "Systems Integration: A Contrarian’s View." Beth Brown, manager, corporate command center, Target will also be speaking. Jay Hauhn, chief technology officer, VP of industry relations for Tyco Integrated Security will be moderating a session on NFC. AndSteve Van Till, President & CEO, Brivo Systems and Chairman, SIA Standards Committee will be moderating a session on Security in the Cloud. (Source

California's Proposition 36: Voters overwhelmingly ease Three Strikes law - will it impact retailers? The country's toughest Three Strikes law, did an about-face Tuesday, easing the habitual-offender statute in a vote likely to influence criminal justice policies nationwide. Revising the Three Strikes Law to impose a life sentence only under two circumstances -- when the new felony conviction is "serious or violent,'' or for a minor felony crime if the perpetrator is a murderer, rapist or child molester. Under the existing Three Strikes law, only California, out of 24 states with similar laws, allows the third strike to be any felony. Offenders who have committed such relatively minor third strikes as stealing a pair of socks, attempting to break into a soup kitchen for food, or forging a check for $146 at Nordstrom have been sentenced to life in prison. California is now under a federal court order to relieve prison overcrowding, a predicament that the proponents used to bolster their proposal to send fewer people to prison for life. Editorial comment: A topic at the LAAORCA conference earlier this year that has made law enforcement officials warn retailers that retail crime will increase. (Source

Crime Increases in Sacramento After Deep Cuts to Police Force and here's the first real glimpse of economic impact that will affect retailers. Faced with the biggest budget cuts yet — $12.2 million — Chief Rick Braziel was forced to take drastic action: he laid off sworn officers and civilian employees; eliminated the vice, narcotics, financial crimes and undercover gang squads, sending many detectives back to patrol; and thinned the auto theft, forensics and canine units. Police officers no longer responded to burglaries, misdemeanors or minor traffic accidents. “You reach the point where there is nothing left to cut,” Chief Braziel said. The department has lost more than 300 sworn officers and civilian staff members and more than 30 percent of its budget since 2008. While homicides have remained steady, shootings — a more reliable indicator of gun violence — are up 48 percent this year. Rapes, robberies, aggravated assaults, burglaries and vehicle thefts have also increased, though in smaller increments. Complicating matters, the cutbacks have coincided with a flow of convicted offenders back into the city as California, heeding a Supreme Court ruling, has reduced its prison population. Once released, former inmates have less supervision — the county’s probation department also suffered cuts. Editorial comment: This is one reason law enforcement around the country is reaching out to the retailers and working more in partnership with the ORC groups and programs. They need to utilize the retail industry's resources more now than ever before. (Source

Thieves Use POS to Steal Debit Card PINs, Numbers An increasing number of debit card numbers and personal identification numbers (PINs) are being stolen through skimming, USA Today reports. Thieves are targeting gasoline station pumps as well as department stores, grocery stores, medical offices and other retail point-of-sale devices to capture customer debit card information. NACS Anti-Skimming Solution - We Care is a tamper-evident label that can help retailers identify potential security breaches if skimming devices are inserted at fuel dispensers or other unattended PIN-entry devices. The labels can also help retailers address some of the PCI compliance mandates that are now required. (Source

Resistance is futile: As millennials are forcing a major cultural shift in enterprises "The new generations, they were born into computers," said Pittman. "They've always known mobile computing, the iPhone and now the iPad," he said, making it clear that it's unlikely that this upcoming workforce is ready to tolerate antiquated technology to do their work. "Everyone wants their own device." which is not always a reasonable expectation. "But the millennium generation doesn't see it that way," (Source

There is so much interest in "Cloud" services now that there are capacity issues - a 50-fold growth in its usage by 2020 If you don't know about the cloud and how what it offers to security services it's time you emerge yourself and learn it now. A shared services model that reduces cost and increases services immediately and eliminating the need to have to wait on your internal IT teams schedule. It took a few years to take hold and now it's here in a big way. (Source

Crackdown on counterfeit cigarettes in Ireland. Ireland’s government stated that 85% of the cost of a single pack of cigarettes goes to taxes. The counterfeit (un taxed) cigarettes are believed to account for over 15% smoked in Northern Ireland, costing the country millions in revenue. MP Ian Paisley of Ireland has taken bold new steps to crack down on unregulated and untaxed cigarettes being shipped in and manufactured in his country. (Source

Burglars hit a store in Benicia, California for cigarettes worth $14K. Two thieves cut through the walls of two adjoining businesses in order to gain access to Discount Cigarettes, where the pair was able to steal 250 to 300 cartons of cigarettes. Police were called to the scene by alarm at 2:20 am, but when they arrived they could not see any signs of a break-in and cleared the alarm. The Supercuts store as well as a store called Little Thai’ were the two adjoining businesses. Police believe the burglars first gained access by prying open the rear door of Little Thai’s. (Source


Advanced Auto robbed in Orangeburg, SC and police are seeking one suspect. Store employees were forced to the ground by a masked armed suspect, then the Store Manager was forced to open the register. The suspect grabbed the cash and fled, but removed his mask prior to exiting the store and at least one of the store employees was able to give some important details about the suspect’s identity. (Source

Click here to view video
Stockton jeweler robbed and killed unloading merchandise at a Stockton Flee Market. The grandfather had been selling merchandise at the Stockton Flea Market for the past 10 years; he had been robbed before but never with any type of violence. As the grandfather, his son and grandson were getting merchandise out of the truck they were approached by armed suspects, the nine-year-old grandson witnessed his Grandfather being killed. (Source

Armed robbery suspect will be charged with murder; police shot and killed her accomplice in a 7-Eleven robbery in Florida. The two suspects entered the 7-Eleven in the Tampa area and immediately put a knife to the throat of the cashier. The suspects escaped with the cash. An off-duty police officer witnessed the crime going down and called for back-up. When the officers approached the suspects behind the store, the suspect with a shotgun leveled the weapon and was shot and killed by police. The suspect who was holding the knife, who is a female, was quickly apprehended. Under Florida law she will now be charged with robbery and murder, the charge of murder can be added if any person dies during the commission of the felony. (Source

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An armed man caused a standoff at Travelers Rest, South Carolina Walmart. The man surrendered and was taken into custody after the ordeal that caused three stores to lock down Monday afternoon. At 1:30 pm that day, a caller reported seeing a man with two guns near the store who was threatening to harm himself.  (Source

Repeat offender -Shoplifter stabs Wal-Mart employee with screwdriver According to investigators, Colon stabbed the Wal-Mart employee with a screwdriver as she tried to escape with about $100 worth of merchandise. Last year the suspect dropped an infant in trying to get away from another shoplifting incident. The Walmart employee injured in the attack was treated at an area hospital and should be fine. (Source

Robbery spree hitting in Newport News. VA and this time it's a Dollar General store A man wearing a fake beard police believe has robbed several other retail stores in the city struck again Sunday night at the Dollar General in the 15400 block of Warwick Boulevard. (Source

Kentucky Credit Card thief wanted, Police turn to Social Media for help The Georgetown, Kentucky Police Department was using the social networking site Facebook help to identify someone who used stolen credit cards. On Friday, a Georgetown woman reported that her car had been broken into, and her purse and credit cards were stolen. One of the credit cards was used later that day at a Radio Shack in Lexington. A man was recorded on surveillance cameras using the card at the store, but police did not know who he is. Georgetown police posted his picture on the department's Facebook page with a public plea for help. On Tuesday, police posted another update saying they learned that the man was suspected in "another similar offense" in which the victim's card was used in multiple counties. (Source

Walmart suspects flip a car trying to get away from Police in Maryland. Marketh Willis had a history with the Police. He and Kimberly Smith ran from Police after having stole televisions, electronics, clothing and food from the Walmart store. As the suspects made their escape, they rolled their car in the middle of an intersection. Willis, the driver was able to flee the car and lead police on a foot chase which ended shortly with his arrest. Kimberly Smith was apprehended at the scene of the accident, she also had outstanding warrants. (Source

Wrong man pursued by Ormond Beach Police, Flagler County Deputies and a helicopter in a Walmart shoplifting case. Walmart Loss Prevention notified the police of a shoplifter who stole some DVD’s by placing them down the front of his pants, and then when approached by LP, the suspected waved a knife and escaped. Police believe they trailed the correct car, followed it to the home, the house was surrounded by police, including helicopter support... turned out to be the wrong guy. (Source

Dillard’s shoplifters lead police on a high speed chase in Slidell, Louisiana. Two suspects who were stealing Polo shirts from Dillard’s are now behind bars following a chase that included deploying spike stripes blowing out the four tires, but not stopping the suspects from driving on the sparking rims. The pair of thieves finally came to a stop and were apprehended by police, they now face charges of theft over $500, resisting arrest, reckless operations and flight. (Source

Click here to view video
Update: Video was captured as Motorcycle Thieves rob a UK Mall Jewelry store. As reported yesterday, four suspects riding motorcycles through the Brent Cross Shopping Mall, smash and grabbed thousands of dollars of Cartier and Rolex watches. The short video shot by a mall bystander shows the amazing escape. (Source

Texas Man, Arrested After Allegedly Trying To Buy TV for $1.17 At Walmart. William Keltner, 52 was apprehended by Walmart Loss Prevention for allegedly removing a barcode tag from a hanger worth only $1.17 and placed it on the $228 television and proceeded through the self-checkout. Keltner is charged with state-jail felony theft, destruction of evidence, and misdemeanor destruction of writing. His theft charge was enhanced due to prior theft convictions. (Source

Quarterly Same Store Sales Results

Macy's Q3 up 3.7% with sales up 3.8%
Office Max Q3 North American stores down 4% with revenue down 5%


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Baltimore man pleads guilty to identity theft for $70,000 worth of merchandise - his second conviction for ID theft in 5 yrs. including Hermes sweaters, Gucci bags and electronics. Thirty-one-year-old Lavon Caldwell entered the plea Monday, the third day of his trial. He faces a maximum of 38 years in prison at sentencing Feb. 20. Caldwell was convicted in 2007 of conspiracy to commit bank fraud and aggravated identity theft and was sentenced to 61 months in federal prison. (Source

Young ORC gang of three busted hitting Wal-Mart stores in Idaho Falls Idaho Falls police busted three suspects, a 21 yr.-old, 18 yr.-old, and a 15 yr.-old for stuffing video games in a diaper bag at a Wal-Mart store. All three were also suspects in prior burglary cases at Walmart and other local retailers over the last few weeks. During the investigation, officers learned about the other thefts committed by the 15 yr.-old boy. Around 30 stolen items were recovered from the car driven by Espanoza-Gutierrez and Gutierrez from at least four thefts. (Source

Couple shoplifted more than six dozen pieces of jewelry from Boscov's in Palmer Park Mall in Palmer Twp, PA. A man and a woman were arrested for shoplifting 78 pieces of jewelry from a department store after stuffing the merchandise into his hat, officials said. (Source

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How to Manage People Older Than You More and more people are working past age 65. The Wall Street Journal recently noted that the number of people older than 65 who are still working is up 20% from 2008. Here's five ways to get the best out of workers -- even those who have more experience than you do. (What to recognize)
First Rule of Management: No Whining The reality of life is that all of us whine, complain, blame others, and try to avoid responsibility. It's part of the human condition. Nobody likes to clean up problems caused by others -- or admit that they've created problems themselves. (The buzzword)

Shut Up and Stop Whining Larry Winget bills himself as "The Pitbull of Personal Development" and travels around the world telling corporate audiences to stop complaining and take responsibility for their lot. Hundreds of companies have invited Winget to rant at managers and employees alike, hoping that his aggressive method and blunt message will inspire better performance. This article has edited excerpts of a conversation with Winget. (A waste of time)

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