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News Brief - Sponsored by WG Security Products

Maurice Edwards was promoted to VP of Loss Prevention and Field Operations for Mattress Firm. Maurice has been with Mattress Firm since 2000, holding the title Director of Loss Prevention and Process Development before his recent promotion. He previously worked at Mattress Firm as a Field Audit Manager before spending some time in the loss prevention field at Home Depot. Congrats Maurice!

Wednesday night - 44 million people in 6 million households and businesses still without power - with one our of five cell phone towers out of backup power. 53,000 utility workers from as far away as Minnesota, New Mexico and California have come east to help. Homeowners and businesses are likely to get stuck with the cleanup bill. The process varies from state to state, but typically utilities ask regulators for permission to charge customers for the cleanup through rate increases. But utility regulators also have the power to force the companies and their shareholders to eat all or some of the costs. (Source

Sandy's impact on the Big Apple in two minutes - WOW what a view The time-lapse video covers two days, from the early morning on Oct. 29 until Oct. 30 -- and one very long night of the storm. The clip shows the darkening sky, the intensity of the wind as water becomes choppy with swells, then rain and finally the loss of power to part of the city. Watch the water rise, the lights go out, and the storm go by as if no one is there. (Source

In wake of Hurricane Sandy, Apple plans to provide private shuttles to help employees in New York get to work. Apple is providing a shuttle service for its employees that will get them to the company's flagship store on Fifth Avenue tomorrow. The reason behind the shuttle is that Apple is making plans to start selling its new iPad tomorrow and, with public transportation still not running smoothly in New York, lots of people can't get to work. (Source

The biggest brand fails exploiting Hurricane Sandy. In the wake of the Frankenstorm that left 74 dead and 8 million without power, some retailers are now being criticized for using the storm as a marketing ploy to capitalize in the wake of the hurricane's destruction. From American Apparel to Gap, here are nine of the biggest brand fails. (Source

NYC Mayor Bloomberg: "Looters will be put in internment camps" Mayor Bloomberg shocked reporters when he said that the National Guard would round-up any looters and take them to internment camps in upstate New York. "We have installed a zero tolerance policy for looters. If you loot, you will be put in an internment camp for six months – at the minimum." Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo has also signed-off on the internment camps. Governor Cuomo said he met with the National Guard to review strategy. He has deployed several units to help with the storm, and several more to round-up looters. The Mayor says he will send any "defiant New Yorker" to the internment camps. "Zero tolerance," he repeated. (Source

Fifteen people in Queens and nine in Coney Island charged with burglary and other offenses in connection with looting at stores The four arrests in Rockaway stemmed from the looting of a Radio Shack and some may have even been employees of the store. The New York Post also reported that witnesses saw looters rummaging through Ann Taylor and Brookstone merchandise in Rockaway, and on Long Island four men were arrested and charged with planning to loot a business damaged in the storm. Witnesses of looting near Coney Island told The Wall Street Journal that it was occurring in plain sight, and that police officers did little to stop it. "When I came out at about 8:30 a.m. this morning, there were people coming out of all these stores, guys carrying Hefty bags," Roger McKinon, 40 years old, who lives in Coney Island told the Wall Street Journal. "The crazy thing was, there were cops around but all they were saying is get out of here, go home." (Source

Scranton Police nab two suspects in Staples and Best Buy burglaries during Sandy. At 4 a.m. on Tuesday morning the Scranton Police were inundated with false alarm calls due to the storm. The alarm company never notified police of an alarm at the Staples Store and the two individuals took hours to take what they wanted. Police later caught up to Gilbert Ortiz of New York City and Gregory Mitchell of Scranton when they tried to hit the Best Buy store next to Staples. Police raided their home and found a room full of electronics as well as auto parts stolen from a local car dealership believed to be from a burglary back in August. (Source

Retailers report strong sales gains for October The International Council of Shopping Centers says today that its tally of 21 stores shows a 5 percent gain in sales at stores open at least a year in October, better than the 3.5 percent to 4.5 percent estimate. (Source Associated Press)

Amazon opened its Black Friday deals store this morning. Black Friday is still weeks away, but Amazon's Black Friday Deals Week, a series of sales leading up to the main event that kicks off Nov. 19, can't come soon enough. To offset its own anxiety, the online retailer came up with a clever solution: Celebrate deals week and Black Friday a little bit early by launching a Black Friday Deals store on Thursday. (Source

Woman sues Barnes & Noble for identify theft over PIN pad hacking One of the customers of the Deerfield, Michigan, store says the bookseller did not properly secure her personal information before its PIN pads were hacked. Susan Winstead filed the complaint for herself and "on behalf of others similarly situated," attempting to create a class action lawsuit against Barnes & Noble arising from compromised PIN pads in 63 of the company’s stores throughout the United States. In addition to identity theft, Winstead has accused Barnes & Noble of negligence, violation of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (the Act), and further negligence violating the Act. (Source

Tyco Retail Solutions announces expanded portfolio of Sensormatic EAS Tags  and alarming wraps. The newly available tags address many high theft, high velocity categories and give retailers a broad, comprehensive solution to protect their entire store. (Source

"Shoplifting from American Apparel" - the movie and the experience Is a docudramedy that melds Tao Lin's autobiographical novel about getting arrested with a film crew's misadventures with indie filmmaking. (Source

Turner Broadcasting System Courtroom Television Network Stole Shoplifting Show Idea, Suit Claims Two Los Angeles men on Tuesday accused Turner Broadcasting System Inc.'s Courtroom Television Network LLC of stealing their idea for a show based on investigations and arrests of shoplifters. Harry Dunn and Steven Bloch claim they pitched a show to Courtroom TV, which now operates as TruTV, called "Hands Off The Merchandise" that would detail shoplifting investigations from the perspective of retail store loss prevention employees. In February of this year, the channel ran "Caught Red Handed," a special about shoplifting. TruTV has a series in the works by the same title, set to premiere Nov. 6. (Source

FBI rolls out round-the-clock cyber crime team The FBI has introduced a team of specialists: the "Next Generation Cyber Initiative," which will be on call 24/7 to investigate cyber threats affecting businesses, critical industries and domestic security -- and possibly determine who's behind them. Under the program, investigators now will be able to send findings of suspicious cyber activity to a round-the-clock post for scrutiny. (Source

Group hits Citibank for thousands in 60 seconds, due to technical error. The group would open accounts with 'seed money,' then taking advantage of a computer flaw and using duplicate ATM cards to make simultaneous cash advances using casino terminals in Las Vegas, California, and Laughlin. The Citibank account reconciliation systems treat identical, near-simultaneous withdrawals as duplicates of a single withdrawal from an individual Citi Checking account. (Source

UK's Trading Standards to send $325,000 of counterfeit goods Zambia. Counterfeit goods of named brands will be sent to the struggling nation of Zambia, in an effort to make good of the seized evidence. The Trading Standards Office has passed on the merchandise to the National Police Aid Convoys who delivers clothing and medical aid to nations abroad. The counterfeit merchandise will be de-braded prior to shipping. (Source

UK's Police eCrime Unit and the Serious Organized Crime Unit Cyber take down a large scale Trojan phishing attack. Two Romanians and one Nigerian man have been arrested for what police believe was a large scale operation which had already netted 2,000 bogus bank login pages. Computers were seized and other investigations continue for other individuals associated with this group. (Source

Ex-fraudster predicts Christmas criminal blitz on retail in the UK Tony Sales, who since completing his last prison sentence in 2010 has been advising retailers on how to close theft and fraud loopholes, is predicting that the UK retail sector will be hardest hit in the first half of December as criminals look to have a very merry Christmas. "The first two weeks of December represent a prime time for fraudsters to strike," he says, "as they present an ideal mix of over-stretched staff, special promotional deals and increased customer footfall to hide behind. If they want to have a good Christmas they know they need to hit then." (Source

Cell phones quickly becoming focus of armed robberies A thief sees a smart phone as cash money in your hand. It's a crime wave striking coast to coast, but St. Louis is the first city to try to tackle it on a local level with a new law. A new city law is in the works to require anyone buying and reselling cell phones to take the seller's name, address, photo and thumbprint and to record the phone's unique I.D. number. The information collected from sellers will be loaded into a database to help police catch the criminals. The ordinance goes before the full board of aldermen this month. (Source

Bowie, MD police step up efforts in wake of after-hours mall robberies Bowie police are paying added attention to the Bowie Town Center after two incidents last month in which thieves rammed storefronts to rob stores of their contents. Police are already ramping up their presence at the city's commercial areas to include the Bowie Town Center. "Bowie Town Center has a vigilant and proactive public safety program and works closely with the local authorities to maintain a low incident rate at the property," the center said in a statement. (Source

Pair found guilty in Fashion Valley, Barona robberies Two San Diego men accused in a series of armed robberies, mostly jewelry stores, around the state -- including a pair of brazen heists at Fashion Valley mall and Barona Casino -- were convicted Wednesday of felony charges that will likely send them to prison for life. (Source

Man sentenced to 25 years to life in stabbing death in NY Wal-Mart parking lot Twenty-five years to life sentence for Rodriguez-Flamenco for second-degree murder in the Oct. 30, 2011 stabbing death of Kathleen I. Byham. In July, Rodriguez-Flamenco pleaded guilty to the repeated stabbing, which he blamed on a mixture of drugs and alcohol. (Source

California storm used as an opportunity for burglary at St. Mary's Target. Tuesday morning a lone burglar smashed out a window of the store front at Target in St. Mary's, California as a storm was passing through the area. With no luck, the alarm system worked fine and the police quickly responded, leaving the thief just enough time to escape empty handed. (Source

Burglar takes a 35-foot plunge off old HEB Grocery Store. It was a long way down from the roof of a former H-E-B grocery store for a suspected burglar. San Antonio police said the man plunged 35 to 40 feet in an attempt to get away. He didn't get far after hitting the pavement. Officers said the suspect triggered a rooftop alarm at the building in the 14600 block of Huebner Road just before 4 a.m. Thursday. Responding officers found two men atop the roof. They said one of the men either jumped or fell off the side of the building after he was startled by the officers. He was taken to University Hospital with leg injuries. The second suspect was caught on the roof, police said. He was lowered off the roof with help from the San Antonio Fire Department. Both men face attempted burglary charges. (Source

Pepsi employee steals $180,000 in merchandise. The Pepsi Distribution Center in Atlanta believes that current and former employees are responsible for the theft of nearly $200,000 worth of product. Police have arrested one security guard who actually helped load two pallets of product into another employee's car. Atlanta Police and Private Investigators believe the product was being sold somewhere at a discount. (Source

Terminated truck driver steals his semi-truck from employer. Charlotte County Sheriff's arrested a Cape Coral man on Tuesday for stealing a $40,000 semi-tractor from Port Charlotte. William Reed Arthur is charged with felony grand theft of a motor vehicle. The owner of U.S. Express told investigators a terminated Arthur stole a red 2007 Freightliner from the Gulf Cove area. The owner said he fired Arthur for damaging a tractor trailer. When he discovered the missing truck he suspected Arthur had a spare key. A deputy called Arthur who admitted to taking the truck and driving it to a Pilot gas station in Fort Myers and parking it. The owner went to the station and could not find the truck. Arthur was then arrested and the Florida Highway Patrol found the stolen truck in Labelle. (Source

Just how easy is it to steal a car, Lock 'jammers' can now do it with a click? As you think you are locking your car with your remote, a car thief can be capturing your code with a remote device, then using that same device to hook up to your car's computer and drive away. The jamming device is made in China and costs as little as $75. A car theft ring busted in the UK targeted a parking garage and stole 170 cars. (Source

October Same Store sales Results

Nordstrom up 9.8%
Costco up 5%
Ross Stores up 4%
The Gap up 4%
The Buckle up 3.8%
The Bon Ton up 3.7%
Limited Brands up 3%
Target up 2.4%
Perfumania up 0.8%
Cato flat to last year
Fred's down 0.8%
Rite Aid down 1.1%
Wet Seal down 7.6%

Quarterly Same Store Sales Results

Burlington Coat up 2.1% with net sales up 7.7%

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LAAORCA Leaders - Final Part
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With Captain Bill Williams, Commanding Officer, Commercial Crimes Division, LAPD & LAAORCA Law Enforcement Co-Chair; Kent Oda, LAPD Detective; George Torres, CVS & LAAORCA Retail Co-chair; and Joe LaRocca, Senior retail partner and Senior AP Advisor to the NRF - the group's highly energized discussion serves as a great example of how retail and public law enforcement partnerships can successfully work. A must watch for any retail LP executive who is interested in the national ORC efforts.

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Sledgehammers, cans of pepper spray and less than one minute - four professional crooks swipe $100,000 of jewelry in broad daylight from a San Carlos store Tuesday The men, clad in orange-and-black masks, stormed the Home Consignment Center at about noon and smashed the cases in the San Francisco area. "The only thing that was heard was when one of them yelled three times, ‘Time! Time! Time!’” said sales associate Tom Stout, adding that the man who spoke was the getaway driver. The four men -- described only as white males about 20 years old with tall, thin builds -- could be connected with incidents at two other Home Consignment Center stores in the Bay Area that were robbed during the past two years. "We think it's the same folks," he said. "The style of robbery is the same." (Source

Alleged Spokane theft ring busted for stealing TVs The Spokane Police Department believes it stopped an alleged theft ring responsible for thousands of dollars in stolen property with the arrest of four suspects. Police began receiving reports of stolen LCD TV’s from local Kmart, Walmart and Rite Aid locations a few weeks ago. In each case, the suspects would flee in a black Honda Civic. The break in the case came after a theft at a Shadle Park Rite Aid on Sunday. The clerk told police two men walked out of the store with a TV around 4 p.m. An officer patrolling nearby spotted the Civic near Rockwell and Stevens. (Source

Woman ring leader of ORC gang busted hitting Target stores in Houston for thousands in baby formula A woman suspected of being the ringleader of a large group of thieves stole thousands of dollars worth of baby formula from Houston area Target stores, according to Houston police. Laagunettar Dawn Wilhite, 33, was charged with organized retail theft. Police said more suspects are expected to be charged in the future. (Source

Former State Department employee pleads guilty in an identity theft scheme that led to illegal transactions with credit cards Working in the Passport Office, 26-year-old Rodney Quarles accessed the files of at least 700 people, court papers said. Working with a co-conspirator, a mail sorter for the U.S. Postal Service stole credit cards from envelopes, and the names on these cards were passed along to Quarles. Using his position at the State Department, Quarles used the agency's database to retrieve personal information to activate the credit card accounts. The identity theft ring stole credit cards and used them to obtain about $72,000 worth of ATM withdrawals, jewelry, electronics, gift cards and designer clothing. (Source

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True Theft Deterrence?

by Mark Pikkarainen
General Manager Security Products Div.

With theft on the rise, do cameras alone or EAS tags really deter theft? It sure doesn't appear to be the case. In an average retail setting, cameras are everywhere, yet theft is increasing at an alarming rate from both an internal and external perspective. Is there such a thing as a true theft deterrent solution? Studies show that one big deterrent is employee presence, yet employees are costly. On the other hand, what if the employee is the person stealing? Retailers have gone through great lengths to try to protect goods by locking them in cabinets, using elaborate dispensing systems, attaching EAS tags, or even keeping highly stolen items behind the retail counter. However, thieves have developed elaborate schemes to distract employees, disable tags, or hide stolen items on their person.

Are employees even able to pursue someone who has walked out of a store after setting off the alarm by the entry/exit point? Do the employees really care? True theft deterrence may be better accomplished with a combination of different technologies. Laser scanners for example, are an invisible, eye safe light barrier that can be combined with RFID to protect vulnerable areas within an establishment (i.e. behind a retail counter, jewelry counter, bank tellers, back rooms, server rooms, etc.) from unauthorized entrance. After clearing the read zone, correctly tagged and identified employees are free to move in and out of that space. However, any unauthorized entry can easily trigger an audible alarm (immediately draw attention to a would-be thief), trigger a camera to record incident and send immediately to central monitoring or LP for verification (robbery in process), or simply alert an employee to immediately return to the area. Employees wearing an RFID tag will also allow retailers to know if an employee who is supposed to be working in kids clothing, is for some reason now behind the jewelry counter. In such an instance, the employee's tag will be read and a camera will be triggered to record the event and send off to Loss Prevention. By using a combination of technologies, true theft deterrence is attainable for a number of situations where cameras alone or even EAS tags are prone to failure.


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Vendor Spotlight

Checkpoint - Helping Retailers Gwo Profitably

October 31, 2012

Dear Valued Customer:

We have seen and experienced the devastation Hurricane Sandy has caused to the Northeast and the impact it has had on many of your employees and stores. As you may know, Checkpoint Headquarters are located in New Jersey just outside of Philadelphia. I am pleased to report our employees and families are all safe and our operations back in full swing, shipping and receiving all day today.

As a good community partner, we would like to offer our help wherever possible. As your rapid‐response teams assess the situation at your stores, you will be faced with decisions to keep them closed, fix them and/or re‐open them. Some of your stores might have suffered damage to your loss prevention systems. We may be able to replace them quickly with the same or similar equipment and minimize any exposure in the affected areas.

Our teams are ready to help minimize any downtime at your stores. Please let us know how we can help.

Our thoughts and prayers remain with your employees, families and local communities during the aftermath of this damaging storm. Checkpoint will continue to strive and support your business in all ways possible.

Sincerely Yours,

Farrokh Abadi
President & Chief Operating Officer
Shrink Management Solutions


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Maurice Edwards was promoted to VP of Loss Prevention and Field Operations for Mattress Firm. 

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Is Confidence Among Executives Artificial? At a time when many people are looking to reinvent themselves in their work and life, they should look first at evaluating the most powerful asset they possess: confidence. Confidence is something that cannot be truly tested and/or measured until you have encountered a challenge outside of your comfort zone. (Have confidence to trust yourself)
Managing the C-Suite Lions don't hunt chipmunks. They focus on larger prey. For retail and CPG chief executive officers, appropriately appointing and efficiently managing a company's most important executives -- the so-called c-suite -- should mean setting the big picture instead of micromanaging. (Let go of the reins)

Stop Being a People-Pleaser If you've always felt a compulsion to meet everyone else's needs before your own, it's hard to imagine being different. People-pleasing is not only what you do, but a strong part of who you believe you are. However, this cycle of responsiveness leads to neglect of the most important activities. You need to realize you don't have to be so vulnerable. (Maintain appropriate boundaries)

"Always forgive your enemies. Nothing annoys them more."
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