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October 29, 2012 SUBSCRIBE

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News Brief - Sponsored by WG Security Products
50 million people impacted, 66 already killed, billions in lost retail sales, the damage hasn't even started yet & Loss Prevention teams are leading the way during this crisis Regardless of how powerful it ends up being when it hits land later today Hurricane Sandy is just a terrible way to start the holiday shopping season. Billions in sales will be lost and as Michael Rouleaau, former President & CEO of Michael's taught me in 1992 when he was EVP at Lowe's and starting up their first LP program, when a storm hits and you lose sales you never make it up. You lose every penny. And billions in sales have and will be lost. And that's not even including the damage and possible lives lost. Right now every emergency preparedness team in retail is hard at work and for those in the impacted areas their families won't even see them during the storm. A few years ago Marvin Ellison, EVP of Home Depot and a former LP executive himself, told an NRF LP conference audience that Hurricane Katrina was one of their Asset Protection team's greatest and defining moments. As they led the response and made an incredible difference. In 2011 RILA's Disaster Response and Preparedness Committee members and 250 other volunteers from RILA retail member companies, led by Lisa LaBruno, Vice President, Loss Prevention & Legal Affairs for RILA, traveled to Joplin, Missouri for their "Retailers Rebuilding Joplin" project - a large-scale cleanup and rebuilding effort following the F5 tornado that ripped through the small Midwestern town. This is a defining moment for Loss Prevention executives and thousands of them are hard at work trying to help their stores, their employees, and their customers get through this as safely as possible and at the same time trying to minimize loss of property. Good Luck to all of you and your families.

Wal-Mart prepares for Hurricane Sandy Wal-Mart Stores Inc. is sitting on go with respect to Hurricane Sandy – deemed Frankenstorm – with 800 stores in the path of destruction. "We’ve been monitoring the storm for the past week and have teams on the ground in those states in the path of the storm. We try and keep our stores open as long as possible to allow residents to get the supplies they need. But when a mandatory evacuation order issued we close them in time to allow our associates to seek safe shelter for them and their families," said Wal-Mart spokeswoman Dianna Gee. Gee said the loss of power is a major threat and generators have been staged within a safe distance of the storm so they can moved into needed areas as quickly as possible after the storm. reports more than 6,800 flights have been canceled as of Sunday evening. There were 1,251 flights canceled Sunday, another 5,559 flights have been scratched for Monday (Oct. 30). (Source

Rite Aid Stores Stock Additional Emergency Supplies to Help Residents Prepare for Hurricane Sandy As Hurricane Sandy takes aim at the East Coast, Rite Aid stores in anticipated areas of impact have stocked up on supplies to help residents get ready and urge them to plan ahead. (Source

Hurricane Sandy could cause big mess in cyber space too Cyber crooks are likely to take advantage of the historic storm to make a quick buck or steal personal information from the unsuspecting. "If the past repeats itself, Facebook postings, tweets, emails, and websites claiming to have exclusive video or pleading for donations for disaster relief efforts will appear shortly after the storm hits," security company Avast warned in a Monday blog post. (Source

Good Morning America's Saturday edition - Extreme Shoplifting Caught on Tape: Organic Foods Targeted Saturday the industry got some coverage about ORC and the extent of the shoplifting problem in the U.S. With Rich Mellor, VP of LP for the National Retail Federation talking to the cost and consumers consequences of higher prices. (Source

Orchard Supply Stores doesn’t back fill their VP of LP position. Recently spun off from Sears HC Orchard Supply’s former VP of LP joined Gordman’s, a very strong growth Midwest retailer, and Orchard didn’t back fill the role.

State of South Carolina facing Security breach of 3.6 million Social Security Numbers. The unencrypted Social Security numbers along with 16,000 credit card numbers were hacked from the South Carolina’s State Tax computers first discovered on October 10, the news was released to the public 16 days later. Political finger pointing has already begun with SC State Senator calling out Governor Haley for withholding the information from the public for so long, then releasing the information late on a Friday afternoon. Investigators believe the hackers were able to access the information five times from August to mid October. There have been more than 30 hacks into government computers in the US this year alone. (Source

Average value of Cargo thefts rises in 3Q FreightWatch recorded a total of 225 thefts in the U.S. with an average loss value per incident of $172,403, a 23% increase from the previous quarter. 78 thefts in July, 71 in August, and 76 in September. (Source

Armored car pick up at Cricket Communications store in Takoma Park, MD turns into robbery & "wild shootout" at busy shopping center & innocent man carjacked and shot a few blocks away Two armed and masked suspects attacked an armored car driver as he was making a delivery to a Cricket phone store Friday evening and opened fire with the guard firing back at them. Fleeing the scene in a stolen bullet "riddled" car the suspects then a few blocks away carjacked a man on his way home from work and shot him. That vehicle was later found a blaze and abandoned in an alley. Police say they were two black males in their early 20s. One was wearing dark clothing. (Source
Wrentham Village Premium Outlets Active shooter drill - a well planned drill The drill at the outlet mall conducted between Wrentham police, firefighters and a regional SWAT team called MetroStar was conducted Sunday night to train local first responders with the skills they would need in the event of an actual shooting incident at the busy mall. The purpose of the training was to help his officers develop "muscle memory" of the tactics that would be needed for any type of incident that were to develop at the outlet mall. The police chief said not only has his department developed emergency plans for the outlet mall, but for all of the town's schools as well. This may be something worth pursuing with other police departments covering your stores. (Source

Greenville SC retail shop employee kills armed robber A Greenville retail shop worker shot and killed one of the men who tried to rob the store Thursday afternoon, according to Greenville County deputies. Master Deputy Laura Campbell said that two men walked into the shop, and at least one of them pointed a gun at a worker and demanded money. She said the worker then pulled his own gun and shot the armed man, killing him. The second man, identified as 21-year-old Ernest Dennis Jr., of Greenville, was arrested at the scene. (Source

Ohio Men Plead Guilty In Upstate multi-million dollar Counterfeit Trafficking Ring selling their goods in two c-stores in Columbus Ohio Agents seized four tractor trailer loads of counterfeit athletic shoes, jeans, watches, and other items as a result of the 15 month undercover investigation conducted by the FBI. The knock-offs were sold in two convenience stores in Columbus. Three men have plead guilty and agreed to pay $1M in restitution to the to the trademark holders. (Source

Seizures of counterfeit and pirated goods in Ohio have skyrocketed in recent years Customs officials in the state were responsible for 1,767 intellectual property rights seizures in fiscal year 2012, 52 times as many as in 2008, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection. The retail value of the goods was $13 million, up from $1.1 million four years earlier. 34 seizures of $1.1 million in goods in fiscal year 2008, and 55 seizures of $519,554 in goods in 2009. The number of seizures in the state rose dramatically starting in 2010. (Source

Keller, Texas Kohl's shoppers reflect on shooting of shoplifting suspect People shopping at Kohl's on Friday were abuzz about a fatal shooting the day before in the busy department store. Officer Johnathan Hicks fatally shot the shoplifting suspect inside the store late Thursday afternoon. It's the first time that a Keller police officer has fatally shot someone in the 57 years the city has been incorporated, officials said Friday. As store workers put up Christmas decorations Friday, Burkhart said it must have been hard on employees to have to return to work Friday after witnessing the shooting. (Source

400 TSA employees fired for stealing from passengers from 2002 to 2011 ABC News recently reported that the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) fired almost 400 employees for alleged theft from travelers. (Source

Olympia, WA female shoplifter hits Target for 152 items in a storage bin the day after reaching a deal on previous storage bin thefts from Fred Meyer Madorin-McGregor also has a felony conviction from 2010, for second-degree identity theft and possession of stolen property. (Source

Serial shoplifter busted hitting Kohl's store in St. Louis Wayne Lee Waller was caught on surveillance video on five separate occasions, stealing almost $2,500 worth of merchandise from the store. A Minneapolis man with almost 50 previous theft convictions has been charged with shoplifting almost $2,500 worth of merchandise from a store in St. Louis Park. Waller remains in the Hennepin County Jail on a $5,000 bond. (Source

Click here to view videoTeen arrested after crash-and-grab burglaries across Greeley, Colorado. A drunken teen was arrested after finally crashing into a telephone poll following a short police chase. The suspect had crashed his stolen vehicle through a Sears Auto Center, stealing tools, smashed through a liquor store and then drove through a bank, in the east doors trough the lobby and out the west side doors. Robert Eugene Sandoval, 19, was being treated at a hospital for a back injury and broken bones, he will face charges of criminal mischief, auto theft, destruction of property, burglary and drunken driving. (Source

Spirit Halloween store robbed in Amarillo, Texas. An armed gunman approached two employees as they were locking the front doors of the Spirit Halloween at 12:40 am Sunday morning, forcing the two employees back inside the store. The suspect fled with an undetermined amount of money, police are investigating, and no one was injured. Spirit Halloween operates over 1000 stores in the US and Canada. (Source

Advanced Auto armed robbery in Hamilton, NJ, second time in 8 days. On October 20, the Advanced Auto store was robbed by two armed suspects who got away with $2500 in cash; yesterday’s robbery went down almost exactly the same way. Two armed suspects entered the store at 6:30 pm took the cell phones and manger’s identification and fled with an undetermined amount of cash. (Source

Army Surplus Store in Tennessee busted for selling $300,000 in Meth Materials. The US Government is seeking to seize the building, land and cash of $300,000, believed to be profits of a criminal empire. The Army Surplus store has been owned by the family since 1972, the owner turned it over to his son who has managed the store for several years. The government was successful in the seizement of another company in Chattanooga in 2006, also charged with selling Meth Equipment. (Source

Trio charged with armed robberies at La Cibaena grocery stores and a Sunoco A Plus Store in Reading, PA The defendants robbed the Sunoco A Plus store, and La Cibaena grocery store at gunpoint while wearing masks and gloves. They also robbed the stores’ employees. The indictment further alleges that the three defendants then carjacked the owner of a 2000 Toyota Avalon. (Source

Quarterly Same Store Sales Results

Weis Markets Q3 up 1.7% with sales down 1.5%

Last week's most popular news article --

Barnes and Noble PIN Pads Hacked in Nine States Barnes & Noble Inc. says devices customers use to swipe credit and debit cards have been tampered with in 63 of its stores in nine states. Only one of the devices, known as PIN pads, was tampered with in each of the 63 stores. The stores are in California, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island. The company says it disconnected all the PIN pads in its nearly 700 stores nationwide on Sept. 14 after learning of the tampering. Federal authorities are helping in its investigation.  (Source



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eBay News

eBay Investigators Assist Law Enforcement on Forged Signatures Case Leads to Conviction

eBay Global Asset Protection group assisted law enforcement with identifying antique dealer selling forged signatures leads to conviction. The registered antiques dealer from Hampshire was found guilty of duping unsuspecting collectors by forging the signatures in books of famous writers like Winston Churchill and Robert Louis Stevenson. The suspect found the books and magazines in car boot sales and a recycling centers, added the signature and then sold them on eBay as the real thing, the Court heard. He made thousands defrauding collectors from as far afield as Texas after also lying about the provenance of the items, the court was told. The suspect denied 15 counts of fraud from 2009 to 2011 but was found guilty of ten counts. He was acquitted of two counts and the jury could not decide on a further three counts. Following the verdict, prosecutor Simon Edwards said: "His fraudulent scheme consisted of him forging signatures in books by historic authors such as Winston Churchill and Robert Louis Stevenson to dupe unsuspecting collectors into buying what they thought were genuine historic items, but were in fact false".  Click here for full article.

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Disney now the happiest AND safety place on Earth. During an executive forum at the 2012 National Safety Council in Orlando, Florida, Disney VP of Operations Dan Cockerell explained how empowering employees to be safe and demonstrating a commitment to safety are keys to creating a safe organization. "We influence everything. We tell our leaders that 80 percent of the incidents at Disney World are caused by behaviors," Cockerell said. "People need to own safety and own their behaviors." (Source

Safety Incentives: Can you create an OSHA compliant safety incentive program
? The free live webinar will be presented by Jim Barr, VP Sales for C.A. Short; Lori Irvin, Senior Account Manager for C.A. Short; and Candace Flanagan, President of My Safe & Sound Home Inc. The webinar will take place Thursday, November 8 at 2 p.m. ET/11 a.m. PT. Click the link to register today. (Source

Planning Your EHS Budget for 2013? The Regulatory Trends That Might Impact Your Company and Budget As a global EHS manager, you may be tasked with planning for your entire corporate EHS program. Although most companies believe that environmental, health and safety issues are a top priority, resources assigned to managing compliance vary by company. (Source

How to measure and strengthen your work's safety culture. Rosanne Danner, managing director of global productivity at DuPon, spoke at the recent NSC 2012. In her October 22 session, Danner outlined different culture types and how to measure and strengthen your safety culture. (Source

Minor occupational injuries may be on a downward spiral but that's not the case for serious and fatal work injuries. According to Colin Duncan, CEO of BST and keynote speaker at the NSC 2012, EHS professionals need to start looking at fatalities and serious injuries differently. Duncan encouraged EHS professionals to look at the underlying causes as well as the influencing factors that specifically surround serious incidents. (Source

Click here to view videoJoint partnership in Canada uses zombies to raise young workers awareness. SAFE Work Manitoba is a joint partnership between the Workplace Safety and Health Division (WSHD) and the Workers Compensations Board of Manitoba (WCB). The group's SAFE Work youth campaign is an initiative targeted at young workers aged 15-24. Combining the Halloween season with the new popular obsession with zombies, the campaign is spreading the messages of workplace safety by releasing brief televisions ads, as well as a video on their website (Source

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LPNN - Loss Prevention News Network

LAAORCA Leaders - Part One
Filmed in Los Angeles the week of LAAORCA's 3rd annual conference the LAAORCA leaders were gracious enough to take the time to sit down and talk with LPNN and share how they developed their association, how it works, and what's involved. In this four part series they talk about exactly how their model operates and give some great advice on how a city or group of retail LP executives can come together and form their own association.

With Captain Bill Williams, Commanding Officer, Commercial Crimes Division, LAPD & LAAORCA Law Enforcement Co-Chair; Kent Oda, LAPD Detective; George Torres, CVS & LAAORCA Retail Co-chair; and Joe LaRocca, Senior retail partner and Senior AP Advisor to the NRF - the group's highly energized discussion serves as a great example of how retail and public law enforcement partnerships can successfully work. A must watch for any retail LP executive who is interested in the national ORC efforts. Stayed tuned tomorrow for part two.

Organized Retail Crime Series

The LP News Network

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ORC News - Sponsored by Universal Survellience Systems

ID crime ring boss gets 25 years in prison for stealing thousands of personal identities and counterfeiting credit cards to buy high-end goods to be resold on Craigslist and eBay. Christopher Aragon, the ring leader, hired a crew of primarily women to make purchases for him. These women traveled throughout California and to Las Vegas to purchase high-end goods. Christopher Aragon and his co-defendants resold the merchandise on eBay and Craigslist. Clara Aragon hired an employee solely to sell stolen goods on eBay. On May 12, 2007, Aragon and Shitrit entered Bloomingdale's at Fashion Island, Newport Beach, and used fake and fraudulent American Express and Visa cards to make purchases totaling over $13,000. They purchased Coach handbags, men's and women's clothing, and watches. Newport Beach police officers were alerted when the scan of the magnetic encoding on the back of a credit card did not match the imprint of the card. Christopher Aragon and Shitrit were arrested in the parking lot and a search of Christopher Aragon's vehicle led to over 50 forged credit and gift cards, and fraudulent California driver's licenses bearing various names with Christopher Aragon's photo. During the investigation, hundreds of forged credit and gift cards and fraudulent California driver's licenses were discovered at Christopher Aragon's home and high-end goods were found at his and his wife's business office. Similar items were found at other co-defendants' homes when searched. At Shirit's Aliso Viejo apartment, investigators found a forgery lab designed to encode credit cards in the process of being set up, and credit card writers, and thumb drives with thousands of hacked and stolen credit card numbers. (Source

Novi, Michigan Eye care store hit for $25,000 in merchandise by burglars. The Town & Country Eye Care store in Novi was burglarized, door pried open and the power was cut. Stolen were 40 pairs of Maui Jim sunglasses, and Gucci frames. Several other burglaries in the area were reported during the same time frame. (Source

An organized shoplifting crew made off with high-end handbags worth more than $5,000 on Oct. 21 at Nordstrom in Pleasanton, Calif. Police say a similar crime was reported recently in Los Altos. (Source

Yuba City, California suspects nailed at The Home Depot; Theft, Fraudulent identities and Mail theft. The three suspects were arrested for loading up an ice chest with merchandise and purchasing the chest at a Oroville Home Depot. When Police stopped the vehicle, inside was evidence of identity theft, credit card information, stolen personal and business checks and stolen US mail from at least 25 Yuba City Residents. (Source

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Vendor Spotlight

Vector Security
Vector Security® Wins 2012 Salvation Army Nehemiah Award
for Long-Term Support

Award recognizes more than 10 years of partnership

PITTSBURGH – Vector Security® is the winner of the 2012 Salvation Army Nehemiah Award, recognizing the electronic security leader for its sustained and continued efforts to support the organization.

Since it began its involvement with the Salvation Army in 2001, Vector Security has contributed to and volunteered at numerous events, including:

•The Red Kettle Campaign, the Salvation Army's signature effort to raise donations during the holiday season. Vector Security volunteers have manned the kettles annually at various locations in the Pittsburgh area since 2002.
•Project Bundle Up, where employees have volunteered to shop for coats, jackets and other cold-weather gear for those in need. The Vector Security Pittsburgh branch donates a security system to the Project Bundle Up Telethon auction every year.
•Treasures for Children, by donating toys to children during the holidays. Vector Security has also worked with trucking companies in Pittsburgh to donate trucks that pick up and deliver toys to the Salvation Army's warehouse for sorting.
•Sponsorship of Hartwood Acres Festival of Lights, benefiting the Salvation Army.
•Participation in the Red Kettle Annual Golf Tournament, Project Bundle Up Kick Off Dinner and Doing the Most Good Award Dinner.

Additionally, Michael Grady, Executive Vice President at Vector Security, has served on the Greater Pittsburgh Advisory Board for the Salvation Army since 2002. He remains an active Board member and attends local chapter meetings annually.

The Nehemiah Award will be presented to Vector Security at the Doing the Most Good Dinner celebration on December 4 at the Pittsburgh Sheraton Station Square.

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Regional AP Sr. Mgr Sam's Club Denver, CO Walmart
Market AP Mgr Walmart Montrose, CO Walmart
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Dee Brown was promoted to District Loss Prevention/Safety Manager for the Navy Exchange.
Kevin Rowan was named District Loss Prevention/Safety Manager for the Navy Exchange.
Brian Clifton was promoted to District Loss Prevention/Safety Manager for the Navy Exchange.
Terry Martin was named District Loss Prevention/Safety Manager for the Navy Exchange.
Eric Miller was promoted to Loss Prevention/Safety Manager for the Navy Exchange.
Alesa Ramseier was promoted to Loss Prevention/Safety Manager for the Navy Exchange.
Tom Mulhall was promoted to Loss Prevention/Safety Manager for the Navy Exchange.
Lee Adams was promoted to Loss Prevention/Safety Manager for the Navy Exchange.
Kimberly Futch was promoted to Loss Prevention/Safety Manager for the Navy Exchange.
Thomas Martinez was promoted to Loss Prevention/Safety Manager for the Navy Exchange.
Timothy Larson was named Loss Prevention/Safety Manager for the Navy Exchange.
Noah Spevak was named Loss Prevention/Safety Supervisor for the Navy Exchange.
Randy Graham was named Loss Prevention/Safety Supervisor for the Navy Exchange.
Jason McKinney was named Loss Prevention/Safety Supervisor for the Navy Exchange.
Steve Dean was named Loss Prevention/Safety Supervisor for the Navy Exchange.

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Your Career - Sponsored by 3VR
6 Things You Can Do to Ramp Up Your Job Search (This Week!) Do you live for the weekends? Do you despise Monday mornings? Are you majorly stuck in a rut or in a job you hate -- or think there's got to be something better than what you're doing right now? Or perhaps you live a double life -- working all day at a job you hate, then coming home and being a "job applicant" after work and on the weekends. You're stuck and you don't know how to get out. (Need a change)

The Dos and Don'ts of Job Searching While You're Still Employed Ready for a new job? Most career experts would tell you to start looking while you're still employed. And when you do -- you must tread carefully. "When you're working, your professional network is working for you because you're constantly interacting with your industry contacts. They can inform you about jobs you may not be aware of. If you're not working, you're out of sight and out of mind." (Check the slideshow)
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The Presentation Mistake You Don't Know You're Making During an interview, your potential new boss asks you to briefly describe your qualifications. You begin to rattle off your list of accomplishments. "Oh," you add. "And I took two semesters of Spanish in college." Not technically an impressive accomplishment, but since the company does a lot of business in Latin America, you figure some Spanish is better than none. (Or is it?)

Survive Your First Video Interview In today's world, Skype and other forms of video chats and conferences are becoming more mainstream. Because of this, it is not ridiculous to expect things such as interviews to be done via video as well. There is one thing important to note, however. A video interview can be very different from an in-person interview.  (Keep it classy)

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