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October 26, 2012 SUBSCRIBE

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News Brief - Sponsored by WG Security Products

Congrats to Kroger's Corporate Loss Prevention Team

In order to provide better support to the divisions and closer align with our other Corporate Retail Operations partners, Kroger is pleased to announce the following roles & responsibilities changes for the Corporate Loss Prevention team:

Wally Walker was promoted to Corporate Sr. Manager Loss Prevention Operations. Wally’s expanded role will continue to include the development of enterprise loss prevention training & investigations programs in addition to assuming the direct LP operational support role for the Dillons, F4L CA , Fred Meyer, Fry’s, King Soopers, QFC, Ralphs, Smith’s & Southwest divisions. Additionally, Wally will now assume the indirect reporting responsibilities for the Loss Prevention Managers in the divisions noted. Wally will also serve in the Corporate LP operational support role for FM Jewelry as well as Quik Stop, Loaf’n Jug and Kwik Shop C store divisions.

Kevin Larson was promoted to Corporate Sr. Manager Loss Prevention Operations. Kevin’s expanded role will continue to include the development of enterprise loss prevention training & investigations programs in addition to assuming the direct LP operational support role for the Atlanta, Central, Cincinnati, Columbus, Delta, F4L Chicago, Jay C, Michigan, Mid-Atlantic and Mid-South divisions. Additionally, Kevin will now assume the indirect reporting responsibilities for the Loss Prevention Managers in the divisions noted. Kevin will also serve in the Corporate LP operational support role for the Tom Thumb & Turkey Hill C store divisions.

Denny Dansak
was promoted to Corporate Sr. Manager Organized Retail Crime. The scope of organized retail crime investigations continues to expand in our company with the most recent example being the addition of a Financial Crimes Investigator position. Denny will continue to have the responsibility for the indirect reporting relationship of the division ORC Investigators as well as further development & oversight of the enterprise ORC investigative efforts.

Sandy is coming to the Northeast and every retailer will be impacted. Are you ready? The system poses a major threat to the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast. Hurricane Sandy raged through the Bahamas early Friday after leaving 21 people dead across the Caribbean, following a path that could see it blend with a winter storm and reach the U.S. East Coast as a super-storm next week. Forecasters warned that the monster storm's effects will be felt along the entire Atlantic Coast from Florida to Maine and inland to Ohio. The latest forecast guidance is showing that the Northeast and the Mid-Atlantic will see major impacts from Sandy potentially beginning as early as Sunday and continuing into Monday and Tuesday. (Source

With giant storm on the way, NY begins to prep Forecasters say there's a 90 percent chance that the East will get high winds, heavy rain, flooding and maybe snow starting Sunday. While it's too early for precise forecasts, New York City and New Jersey could get the worst of it. (Source Associated Press)

Pilot Flying J activates Emergency Preparedness Team and getting ready for Hurricane Sandy The travel center chain plans to move generators into the area so it can quickly deploy them to affected locations as the storm makes landfall. (Source

Amazon's impact goes well beyond just brick & mortars and now has the two biggest publishing houses looking to merge because of e-books The U.S. book business, battered by the transition to e-books and a struggle with retailing giant, appears to be finally moving toward consolidation. Pearson, parent company of Penguin, confirmed Thursday that it was in talks with Random House parent Bertelsmann about "a possible combination" of the two book publishing giants. In 2011, Manhattan-based Random House had $2.3 billion in sales, and London's Penguin had roughly $1.7 billion in revenue. (Source

Best Buy told Wall Street analysts third quarter comparable-store sales would fall from 3.2% to 5.3% - scheduled to be released Nov. 20. Declining "at a rate consistent with the range of results for the first two quarters of fiscal 2013," the retailer says. (Source

Radio Shack beats most other retailers at one goal, Telephone Customer Service. When a customer calls a local retailer with a question or concern, they hope that the call will be taken quickly and professionally. A study conducted by the firm lfbyphone, believes Radio Shack had the best overall performance. Radio Shack stores were able to answer the call in 3 seconds, compared to Apple who callers finally got to a live person in over 3 minutes. Dillard’s lead Department Stores in the survey answering in 3 seconds, Macy took nearly 2 minutes. (Source

'GameStop Kids' stores to open in 80 locations for the holidays. The new concept stores announced this morning will open in temporary mall spaces around the country. GameStop Kids stores will feature an assortment of the most popular video games and accessories, toy brands and collectibles. The first GameStop Kids location opened today at the Grapevine Mills Mall in Grapevine, Texas, with all other locations opening in the coming days and weeks. (Source

More on the Barnes & Noble PIN pad data breach at 63 locations in nine states The hackers placed bugs to collect information on one PIN pad at each of the 63 affected stores, and only customers who used those specific PIN pads (less than 1 percent) are at risk, Barnes & Noble says. As a precaution, Barnes & Noble has halted PIN pad use at each of its 700 locations nationwide. Customers can still make credit card purchases via cash registers. See the article for a complete store listing. Editorial comment - One would have to think that this could be tied to the same group or remnants of the group that hit Michaels stores last year. We believe that one suspect in that specific case was in fact apprehended and tied to a group in Eastern Europe. (Source

Narrowly avoiding a strike at East Coast and Gulf Coast ports over the holidays Fed. mediators say labor & management are moving forward and making "good progress" now Their goal is to have a new contract in place by the end of the year. (Source

California Alarm Association honors Patty Hartman, former president of the CAA and president of the Sacramento Alarm Association, with the Weinstock Award For more than a decade, the California Alarm Association each year has honored a member of the security industry with the George A. Weinstock Award for lifetime achievement and service. But this year particularly stands out because—for the first time—the prestigious honor is going to a woman. Hartman was president of the CAA from 2001 to 2004, and in 2004 won "Best President of the Year" recognition from the Electronic Security Association for her work for the state association. Hartman told Security Systems News she is "ecstatic" to be chosen for the award and hopes the recognition helps draw more women to the industry. (Source

Women take major leap in retail Loss Prevention industry As reported in the recently released 2011 National Retail Security Survey, the percentage of women in participating chain's retail Loss Prevention management teams made up 22.7%, a significant increase over 2008 when women made up only 18.8%. Now taking into consideration the overall retail Loss Prevention population decrease, that resulted from recession, that number  is actually greater and shows how the industry is responding to the need. Regretfully, on the other side, the slight decrease in the percentage of African-American LP managers, which dropped from 8.6% in 2008 to 7.2% in 2011, is concerning and needs to become a focus of the recruiting efforts.

Russian Prime Minister doesn’t see the need for forming a body to oversee anti-counterfeiting activity. Prime Minister Medvedev believes increasing the civil penalty is the route the government should take, stating that, “the government and civil society must uphold the protection of intellectual property rights on the one hand while stimulating competition and eliminating unreasonable barriers in the market on the other." A study conducted stated that the value of the Russian counterfeit market is $29 Billion. (Source

Two Bulgarian nationals face prison or deportation for ATM skimming in Chicago. The judge set the bond at $15,000 for Ivanov and Despodov, accused of using counterfeited credit cards to skim funds from ATM’s. Police observed the two using several different cards in the same ATM machine. When stopped and questioned, police recovered six Starbuck’s gift cards that were reprogramed, with a white label indicating the pin code for each card. (Source

UK warehouse manager kidnapped to steal Samsung phones, $322,000 reward offered. The insurer of the Samsung Galaxy S# phones is willing to pay a reward of $322,000 for the safe return of the merchandise and the conviction of those responsible. A 47-year-old man was run off the road, then tied up and thrown into a van by six suspects. Once inside the warehouse, the suspects stole a truckload of Samsung phones. The victim was released after the robbery and left at the side of the road. (Source

Kohl's shoplifter shot four times by police and killed in Keller, Texas The shoplifter, described only as a 40-year-old man, had been detained by a loss prevention security guard trying to leave the Kohl’s. After struggling with one of the responding police officers, the suspect reportedly tried to grab the officer’s weapon. "The suspect began to struggle with the officer, trying to gain the officer’s weapon from him, threatening that officer that he was going to kill him," said Keller police chief Mark Hafner. The officer, identified as Jonathan Hicks, told superiors on scene he feared for his life and shot the suspect, discharging his weapon four times. The suspect died on the operating table. (Source

Cell phone smash-n-grab near Castleton Square Mall at The Phone Recycling Centers of America in Indianapolis, IN "We're hearing these stores get hit all over town, not just me, major cell phone companies like Sprint, Verizon, AT&T. They're just bashing in the windows and taking their phones too, brand new in box." Police said they are working every lead. Just three weeks ago, a Sprint store was his on the east side and the thieves got away with about $25,000 worth of phones. (Source

Click here to view video
Family Dollar store hit by three armed robbers in Tampa, Florida. All three men were armed as they entered the Tampa area Family Dollar store at closing time. No associates were injured; police are searching for leads in the investigation. (Source

Quarterly Same Store Sales Results

Cabela's Q3 up 3.9% with revenue up 9%

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American retailers have sued the province of Quebec for language laws. The province is insisting that the six American retailers; Walmart, Best Buy, Old Navy, Guess, Gap, and Costco; add French to their global trademarks, but the retailers are claiming it will make them lose their brand identity. The lawsuit was filed on October 9 and will be heard by a Superior Court judge.  (Source

Target poised to steal significant share from Canadian retailer
s. In a partnership with TNS Canada, Kantar Retail asked over 1,000 Canadians about their shopping habits. The study found that 3/4 of Canadians were aware of Target Canada and just less than 50% indicated that they were "likely" to shop there.  (Source

The Canadian Booksellers Association decides to "explore becoming a division" of the Retail Council of Canada
. The decision came at the group's annual general meeting in Toronto last Thursday. According to Vice President Christopher Smith, until an official communication has been sent out to members that weren't in attendance, board members can't say any more on the matter.  (Source

It's time to give Canadian border agents the power to seize counterfeit goods Canada is one of the only countries in the world right now that does not allow its border patrol that ex officio power. And Canada's Canada Goose company is helping lead the charge for their Parliament to tighten the borders and strengthen the counterfeiting laws. As their jackets have been targeted by counterfeiters and may indeed be filling these world-wide popular coats with bird parts, feces, and with feather mulch, so that could be anything on the factory floor, from dust to feathers to bird parts. The Office of the United States Trade Representative, in a special report last year, makes the same recommendation, saying "Canada should provide its Customs officials with ex officio authority to effectively stop the transit of counterfeit...products through its territory." (Source

Canada Goose wins landmark counterfeit case. A Swedish court has awarded outwear maker Canada Goose more than $100,000 in damages and convicted five people of selling fake coats. The District Court of Stockholm found five individuals guilty of felony fraud, trademark infringement and customs offences. Two defendants were sentenced to time in prison. The Swedish nationals used aliases and a fake business name to sell thousands of counterfeit Canada Goose jackets in Sweden between 2009 and 2012. Purchased in Thailand, the coats had inferior fabric and used raccoon dog fur instead of coyote around the hoods. (Source

Ottawa, Canada man facing 21 charges after string of retail robberies Police said the charges stem from four fast food restaurant or retail food business robberies in Ottawa’s south end. The incidents happened at Billings Bridge Mall. (Source

Click here to view video
Aspiring journalist teen arrested for filming security apprehension at Metrotown Mall. Jakub Markiewicz, 16, felt his rights were violated when the security guard asked him to delete the picture. Markiewicz couldn’t because it was a film camera. RCMP and Mall Security arrested Markiewicz, but never formally charged him. He was told he was being arrested for causing a disturbance. Markiewicz has been banned from the mall for 6 months. (Source

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Retail crime ring stealing laundry detergent, diapers in Puyallup, Wash. The group sends in two women who stuff their shopping carts with nearly a dozen bottles of Tide detergent and diapers, then put rolls of toilet paper on top. After looking around to make sure nobody is watching, they walk out of the store. Another man acts as their look-out, decoy and driver. It’s all been caught on surveillance video. Two of the recent burglaries happened close to midnight, just before one of the two Safeway doors are locked for the night. Three people have been arrested. (Source

ORC ring leader who hit 70 Home Depots in New Jersey & New York admits to over $100,000 in theft - more information on this case - The investigation determined that Suarez led a ring that committed thefts at multiple Home Depot stores per day, stealing hundreds of dollars in merchandise by "under-ringing" items through self-checkout areas, Chiesa said. Three additional members of the ring pleaded guilty earlier this month and face jail time, while one member of the group remains at large, he said. Targeting approximately 70 Home Depot stores primarily in New Jersey, but also in New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland and Virginia, the ring members allegedly stole items that were relatively expensive from the Home Depot stores by going through the self-checkout areas and not properly scanning the items, Chiesa said. Group members allegedly used various tactics to hide their "under-ringing" activity in the self-checkout area from security cameras and employees, including the use of a second ring member to distract store employees, he said. The ring members, who are from Central and South America, were based in Hudson County. (Source

Multi-state ORC ring of two women hitting Walmart stores Fed Ex'ing stolen goods to Los Angeles busted in Minnesota. Two women are now accused of stealing nearly $100,000 of DVD’s from Walmarts in Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin and Minnesota. The two women used an $80 suitcase to steal over 200 DVDs at a time, with one of the women distracting an employee while the other filled the suitcase. When the suspects left the store in Mankato, MN, they were stopped two hours later by State Police, but most of the merchandise had already been shipped off via FedEx to a home in Los Angles. Police asked FedEx to reroute the three boxes of merchandise back to Minnesota, where it arrived and is being held as evidence. (Source

Potential ORC ring of three men operating in Marion, IL hit Dillard's store Police are asking for the public's help in identifying three suspects in a retail theft at the Marion Dillard's in the Illinois Star Mall at around 8:30 p.m. on October 6th, 2012. Three men grabbed numerous Michael Kors handbags from the display counters before running. The suspects entered a vehicle described as a newer model, silver Chevrolet Malibu. Anyone with information is asked to please contact the Marion Police Department at (618)-993-2124. (Source

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In response to the article written by Gus Downing, Crunching the Data, Establishing the Industry ORC Number.

By Christopher Giunta
Sr. Analyst - AP Operations

I think standardization, across a number of levels, is the key to solving this issue you bring up, Gus. We all have incredibly different definitions for ORC. Is it someone who steals for the purpose of resale? Is it only something that is dynamic when a group of individuals is involved? Does a tool, such as a booster bag or wire cutters need to be involved? Is a habitual shoplifter an element of ORC? Is it based on price point? Do we include Cargo theft in this? What about financial crimes? Return fraud?

We can’t begin to address the problem without having a simple, concise and measurable definition of ORC. I’d really love to see RILA and the NRF partner up to create a standard unit of measure for ORC. I immediately imagine a definition involving a unit count for this because: we will rarely know what someone does with the articles stolen after they’ve exited the store; it can be difficult for employees to identify tools or true booster bags; price points differ considerably across vertical markets; and often times financial crimes are not easily identifiable.

Another opportunity would be to expand the questioning in the NRSS and/or incorporate additional questioning in the NRF’s annual ORC survey. In order to persuade local organizations of the scope of the problem, we need solid quantitative data. We can’t ask for opinions, as we do with percentage of Internal/External/Administrative/Vendor shrink.

I would imagine at this point that most every retailer has some form of incident based reporting that their stores can utilize should an event occur. Being as such, though our definitions of ORC may differ, we can absolutely quantify the reported known theft that has been classed as ORC from our stores. You may bring up the argument of error in reporting, either in missing the theft or correct classifications. Due to the moderate correlations I’ve seen amongst some retailers and their reported known theft, I think many stores are accurately capturing their known loss to a degree and believe the data would still yield a statistically significant result. In terms of classification errors, I think you’d be hard pressed to find LP folks who would say that they are not effectively training their teams in what constitutes ORC.

Another option could be to collect all details around shoplifting cases amongst responding stores and run a regression against sales. Though I’m sure Dr. Hollinger would agree that bi-variate regression isn’t the most objective way to use the formula, it could still potentially give us some beneficial insight into the problem – or create a baseline for comparison against these incident reports and/or an estimated dollar loss of ORC.

But before we can begin to get buy-in from state and federal governments, we need to get our own industry on-board. Professor Hollinger consistently talks about the low response rate in his study, which is a common challenge in survey research. I think we all understand the importance of proprietary information and can understand why some may forgo contributing their data. However, anonymity can be as simple as doing a “find and replace” for the store numbers or any other field that would identify the retailer. Truth be told, as I’m sure Dr. Hollinger would agree, researchers don’t want to know which data is yours. In a world dependent on objectivity and peer-review, confidentiality keeps a researcher from drawing incorrect conclusions and propagating bias in the analysis of the results.

Though the suggestions I’m making will undoubtedly create a tedious process in order to aggregate and standardize the data, I for one would happily volunteer my time to assist Dr. Hollinger with the process in the perpetual search for creating objective research.

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Retailer's Alert

Sophisticated Credit Card Fraud ring operating in
Southern California presently

Update: Over 10 retailers are now involved in the investigation since yesterday's posting.

A retailer has reported to the Daily that there's a sophisticated credit card ring currently operating in Southern California hitting a number of retailers for thousands each day. The stolen or counterfeit cards are valid customers that are reporting the fraudulent charges once they appear on their statements to the card companies. One retailer has been hit for over $50,000 in the last month alone and they have video of the suspects.

The retailers being hit by this credit card fraud ring have been experiencing charge backs due to the payment centers stating it was manually keyed credit card transactions. Upon video review, they're seeing the employees swiping the credit card. At this time, they're assuming that the mag stripe has been encoded in a way that will swipe through the POS system but is possibly lacking data elements so when it’s sent to the payment processor, it’s showing a manual key. If this is similar to the other retailers please feel free to contact us to help facilitate communications and hopefully add to the investigation. All correspondence will be handled confidentially.

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Wally Walker was promoted to Corporate Sr. Manager Loss Prevention Operations for Kroger.
Kevin Larson was promoted to Corporate Sr. Manager Loss Prevention Operations for Kroger.
Denny Dansak was promoted to Corporate Sr. Manager Organized Retail Crime fro Kroger.

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In today's world, Skype and other forms of video chats and conferences are becoming more mainstream. Because of this, it is not ridiculous to expect things such as interviews to be done via video as well. In fact, with the way the economy currently is, the cost of doing a video interview versus an in-person interview is much cheaper, especially since the company doesn't have to pay for the candidate to travel. Video and web conferencing have opened up many new ways of interviewing for employers and candidates. While the video interview has not replaced in-person interviews, it is rapidly becoming a hot technology trend and it's sure to continue gaining further adoption by employers.

There is one thing important to note, however. A video interview can be very different from an in-person interview. This can be very daunting, but there are ways to make sure you not only ace your first video interview, but get invited back for another. Here are nine tips on what you can do to help make your first (or second, or third) video interview a success.  (Keep it classy)

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When anyone goes for an interview you’ve got to play to win. You should not allow: any outside variable, any future promotion thoughts or promises, your guilt feelings towards your current employer or boss, your preconceived opinions of the possible future employer, or any miss-step in the process on the part of the future employer disrupt or impact your performance. All interviews have long range implications on your career. The executives interviewing you are part of a community and you'll run into them again at another company. So if you do get involved and go for an interview, commit yourself all the way and play to win. It doesn’t mean you’ve got to take the job. It just means you have to perform at 100%.

Just a Thought,
Gus Downing

Gus Downing

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