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October 15, 2012 SUBSCRIBE

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News Brief - Sponsored by WG Security Products

Jason Jones
Jason Jones
was named Director of Loss Prevention - Operations for Dick's Sporting Goods. Previously Jason was the Director of Loss Prevention & Risk Management for Vans/7 for all mankind/Splendid/Ella Moss. Jason was also a Regional LP Manager for Hot Topic and a District LP Investigator for Kmart. Congrats Jason!

"Mobile commerce has the potential to improve security, improve our relationship with our customers and improve the convenience factor of shopping in our stores," said Mark Williams, president of financial services for Best Buy. Mobile commerce "provides a once-in-a-generation opportunity to bring merchants and their customers closer together in mutually beneficial ways, and will dramatically improve the status quo in payment security." "The fact is, mobile-payments can incorporate PINs and other technology (EMV) that will make payments far more secure than they are today, when we are relying on 1950s technology to protect our financial data, and are so accustomed to paying constantly for its imperfections that we forget how poor the current system is." (Source

US retail sales jumped 1.1 percent in September Sales rose last month in most major categories. Electronics and appliances surged 4.5 percent, in part because of iPhone sales. Sales at auto dealers increased 1.3 percent. Building materials and garden supplies, furniture and clothing sales all gained, too. "We expect growth to accelerate in the final quarter of the year and are supported in this view by the strong showing in retail sales," said James Marple, senior economist at TD Economics. (Source Associated Press)

Chinese shoppers power global luxury sales Chinese shoppers at home and abroad are pushing global sales of luxury items to new heights, helping the sector post its third straight year of strong growth since the global recession. A new study by Bain & Company released Monday forecasts the global luxury goods market for clothing, accessories, jewelry, cosmetics and art will grow 10 percent this year to $274 billion. (Source Associated Press)

10 of the 19 plaintiffs who brought the suit against Visa & Master Card credit card swipe fees now oppose the proposed $7.5B settlement. They include all six trade associations and four individual retailers. Lawyers representing the remaining plaintiffs were expected to file a revised version of the settlement. "Rather than reforming the anticompetitive and illegal practices engaged in by the credit card industry, it will allow that industry to continue to take advantage of merchants and their customers while blocking competition and choice," the groups said in a statement issued this morning. "In addition to the challenges for merchants, consumers struggling to pay for the basics need relief." The proposal does nothing to disclose the hidden fees or otherwise create transparency that would encourage competition. And retailers would face a long-term ban on future lawsuits over swipe fees, effectively allowing card industry practices to continue unchallenged. (Source

With Best Buy's slumping revenue down nearly $1B in Q ending August 4 they're fighting back & will match Amazon's prices this holiday season & offer free home delivery for out-of-stocks according to a Wall Street Journal article. Wal-Mart announced that it too was taking the fight to companies like Amazon by testing a same-day delivery service. Dubbed Wal-Mart To Go, the initiative will allow customers to order certain items and gifts, and then have them delivered to their homes and offices that day. Later Friday Best Buy announced it has authorized its store staffers to match online prices of competitors in some cases, as it ramps up for the all-important holiday season. (Source

Higher wages for retail workers can cut down on employee theft study appears in today's Smart Brief The study conducted by two professors at the University of Illinois and the University of Southern California was released back in July and was recently published in the Journal of Accounting Research. It concluded that employees earning $1 more in hourly wages, for doing the same job at different companies, stole significantly less. One reason the authors advance is that employees who are earning more relative to their peers in the region could be highly motivated to keep their job and demonstrate loyalty to the company. The Daily reported on this study's findings in July, received several comments from our readers, and thinks it is important enough to republish. Click here to read the entire article. (Source

Merely one reason CarMax has built a best in class LP program = A multi-million dollar multi-state auto theft ring based out of Illinois busted and they may have been selling them on Craigslist One man, the ring leader, is wanted in a multi-state investigation that busted more than 20 suspects in the $4 million stolen car ring. According to authorities in Chicago, more than 200 luxury cars were stolen by the group from Illinois dealerships and sold on various websites including "Auto theft has increasingly become a sophisticated part of organized crime that involves not just theft of a vehicle but other types of fraud," said Illinois authorities. (Source

Two Private Equity firms walk away from Billabong. Bain Capital and TPG Capital are the latest to perform weeks of due diligence on the company and walk away. It is unknown what exactly was uncovered to scare both firms off in recent weeks. (Source

ASIS International proposes for a new International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standard focused on quality management for private security companies The proposal seeks the adoption of American National Standard ANSI/ASIS.PSC.1:2012, Management System for Quality of Private Security Company Operations - Requirements with Guidance, as an ISO management system standard. It emphasizes establishing auditable criteria and meeting relevant local laws and international human rights agreements. ASIS prepared a justification study for the proposal that says the demand for and use of private security companies is growing. (Source

IT security executives population hits all time high of 48,500 in Q3 2012 - up from 44,750 in Q2 with zero unemployment since 2011, when the gov't began tracking it. In fact the shortage of qualified IT security executives is driving up salaries and having an adverse impact on business. And companies are being forced to take non-security IT executives and teach them the security business. With retention being a real problem long term. As witnessed in retail with many of the analysts coming from the IT arena outside of LP and only staying in the job for a few years and then moving on. And while the Department of Labor recognizes them individually as their own "protective services" group we in retail loss prevention are still not recognized as an industry group. Which is one reason academia hasn't really offered more higher-educational programs specializing in it. Certainly Northern Michigan University and the University of Florida are leading the way but more are needed. (Source

Forget Robo-Cop, Here Comes Robo-Security Guard The security robot from Vigilant Robots doesn’t get tired, doesn’t get bored, doesn’t constantly check Facebook while guarding a company’s assets. What Vigilus did do was perform so well it took home the 'Security’s Best' award at this year’s American Society for Industrial Security conference. After being given a digital map of their location, Vigilus will patrol autonomously for up to ten hours, the life of its battery. A suite of IP-ready devices provides clients with high-definition cameras, access control devices, different types of sensors including infrared, and other monitoring tools that a client would need. If it encounters an incident such as an intruder in a restricted area, it sends an alert over encrypted Wi-Fi so its human colleagues can mobilize to the scene. (Source

Feds charge 40 in ID theft-tax fraud takedown in South Florida Federal authorities Wednesday escalated their assault on the double-barreled crime of identity theft and tax fraud, arresting 30 South Florida suspects, including a Miami Gardens man facing a murder trial, on charges of filing fake returns totaling millions of dollars. One defendant obtained the Social Security numbers of 26,000 people by searching a public database, according to court records. A separate group of defendants filed phony returns in the names of 5,000 people, nearly all of whom were dead, and received $6 million in IRS refunds. "Identity theft and tax-refund scams are nothing less than a tsunami of fraud that is barreling toward us," U.S. Attorney Wifredo Ferrer said at a news conference, pointing out that gang members, drug traffickers and violent criminals have become the face of "one of the fastest-growing and most pervasive problems in the United States." (Source

China reports results of months-long crackdown on online crime. More than 3,500 websites in China have been punished in a campaign against online crime that began in August, the Ministry of Public Security said Sunday. Police have since investigated more than 4,400 cases, arresting more than 8,900 suspects, breaking up some 700 criminal gangs and deleting 1.88 million online posts. The online crimes include firearms trafficking, fraud, hacker attacks and the selling of counterfeit products. (Source

Hells Angel suing Toys "R" Us and a Yo-Yo Maker for Trademark. The Hells Angel Motorcycle gang is labeled by the Department of Justice as an infamous criminal organization, has its legal sight placed on Yo-Yo Manufacturer Yomega and retailer Toys "R" Us. The 'Raider' yo-yo is available exclusively at Toys "R" Us, and both sides an image of the trademark 'death head' that the Hells Angel have been fighting to protect from mass merchandising for years. Other retailers including Saks Fifth Avenue and Disney have also been involved in the same trademark issue. (Source

Daring airplane heist of newly minted $100 bills not to be released until 2013 stolen Agent Frank Burton Jr. says the cash was stolen from a plane that arrived at Philadelphia International Airport from Dallas late last week. The FBI said a "large amount" of bills were stolen, but agents aren't giving specifics. The new bills have sophisticated elements to thwart counterfeiters, such as a disappearing Liberty Bell in an orange inkwell and a bright blue security ribbon. (Source

NYC Madison Ave. Tourneau store hit with smash, enter and grab theft for $150,000 to $200,000 of high-priced watches Sunday morning. After trying to smash through the front door of the store, the six-feet-tall man managed to break a window and then crawled into the store, grabbing handfuls of Breitling and Rolex watches. His most expensive find in the cache of 20 - 30 watches is thought to be a Gold Prince Rolex, which retails for about $17,000, police said. Police said it is unlikely that this burglary is connected to the Madison Jewelers robbery on Sept. 28, in which two well-dressed men entered a store in the afternoon and then held employees at gunpoint and used pepper spray to make off with about $36,00 worth of Rolex watches and jewelry. However, the investigation "is still in the works." (Source

Buck-N-Bass gun shop smash-and-grab hit a second time for 32 guns in Atlanta among them were assault rifles, including AK-47s. Investigators with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives are concerned saying that stolen firearms are often used in drug and gang-related activities. The owner believes the two incidents are connected. (Source

Atlanta area SWAT called to a cell phone store robbery. Three suspects attempted to hold up a Wireless World store, but the triggering of a silent alarm brought Police and a hostage standoff began. One suspect ran and is still at large; the two other suspects hide in the ceiling of the store, until being talked out by the Police Swat team. The one employee who was tied up was not injured. (Source

5 security officers die in 24hrs this weekend ST. LOUIS, MO., A St. Louis County security officer who was employed by the police department was murdered before her apartment was set on fire. DEWEY, OK., An on duty security officer employed by ConocoPhillips Oil Company has been found dead at the business. JACKSON, MS., A security officer was stabbed to death overnight at a nightclub police say has been plagued by violence. DALLAS, TX., An armed security officer was killed Friday night while working at an apartment complex in Southeast Oak Cliff, police said. LAUDERHILL, FLA., A 73-year-old security officer died in the hospital on Thursday after being wounded in a police-involved shooting two weeks earlier. (Source

San Diego CVS store hit by early morning robbery. Police exchanged gunfire with a single suspect who fired several shots at Police. The suspect is believed to have been hit once by a gunshot to the knee, but managed to escape. The robber entered the store around 1:30 am and pulled a gun on the store’s pharmacist, the suspect was approached by Police right outside the front of the store. (Source

Shoplifting leads to wild crime spree, deputies say A man fleeing after shoplifting at an Office Max, carjacked a nearby vehicle, invaded a nearby home and led deputies on a foot chase before finally being arrested last Thursday night. Office Max employees gave chase after observing Freeman take the items, reports noted. Freeman then jumped into the back of a car, whose occupants were heard yelling "He’s got a gun!" (Source

Last week's most popular news article --

Dallas police chief says so far they've shut down 70 fencing operations this year using the ORC law passed in 2008 and their goal is to shut down 100 this year! With Dallas showing shoplifting incidents down this year and the Dallas Morning News claiming yesterday it was the change in not responding to the under $50 thefts, the Dallas Chief yesterday spoke to City Council in this taped video - A MUST WATCH! He claims they've cracked down on retail thieves and busted 30% more and using the 2008 ORC law they established a new major crime unit that has focused on fencing operations and have busted 70 of them this year alone with 100 as their objective. (Source

Washington State ORC Alliance Annual Training Conference - Burien, Washington - October 18, 2012 - Click here to register


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eBay News

eBay PROACT Team Supported Theft Case Leads to Federal Jail Sentence

eBay Global Asset Protection group, specifically the retail relationship team PROACT actively supported retail theft case involving stolen arts paint. The woman was sentenced to federal prison after she pleaded guilty earlier to stealing art paints from Hobby Lobby stores and reselling the merchandise on eBay. U.S. District Judge Walter S. Smith sentenced the female suspect to 30 months in prison, to be followed by 3 years supervised release and ordered her to pay $22K in restitution and a $100 special assessment to the court. A federal court document says, beginning in January 2011, the suspect stole fine art paints from Hobby Lobby stores in Temple and Killeen, Texas and then resold them on eBay. The government presented evidence that she used the Internet, in interstate commerce, to sell and later facilitate shipping the paints across the country. Click here for full article.

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As food recalls mount and the death toll increases, the White House still lingering over new safety rules and it's all about the money and how they get it in the budget. Families who've lost loved ones to food-borne illnesses have watched with alarm in recent months as producers have recalled mangoes, cantaloupe, ricotta cheese, dog food and peanut butter after people were sickened by the tainted goods. A landmark food safety law passed nearly two years ago was supposed to help curtail such outbreaks. But the Obama administration has yet to issue the final rules that will give the Food and Drug Administration more authority over food producers. As the rules have stalled at OMB, outbreaks have worsened. Pew Health Group's Food Safety Campaign estimates it will cost $200 million to apply the law. (Source

Flu in the Workplace: Why Should You Care? $20B reasons annually The flu not only costs employees money, but employers should be aware of what the flu means to business. The more employees there are in a work area, the greater the chance they will come in contact with the virus through the air or shared surfaces. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the average employee is off work 2.8 days with a case of the flu. If 15 million workers get the flu in a winter, that translates into a cost of nearly $20 billion for U.S. employees. And it is estimated that flu alone can result in as much as $10 billion in lost productivity. (Source

Good communication can help with handling on-the-job injuries. Do your employees know what is the first thing to do when someone gets injured? If you don't communicate with your employees the process for reporting injuries, you may end up paying more in workers' compensation coverage.  (Source

Bullying in the workplace is a debilitating chronic disease
. Thousands of employees in the US are miserable because of workplace bullying and, with the exception of sexual harassment and other specific cases, there are no legal repercussions for non-physical bullying.  (Source

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ORC News - Sponsored by Universal Survellience Systems

Taking a bite out of organized retail crime

By Katie Tuttle
Content Manager

Founded in 2009, the Los Angeles Area Organized Retail Crimes Association (LAAORCA) was one of the first ORCAs, designed to stop and disrupt organized retail crime through networking. LAAORCA is a public-private business sector partnership that is currently co-chaired by Captain Bill Williams of the LAPD and Debbie Ho of the Target Corporation, with Sr. Advisors to the Co-Chairs, George Torres and retired LAPD Detective Kent Oda.

Although LAAORCA was officially established in 2010, work on it began back in December of 2008 when LAPD Chief William Bratton decided he wanted to work and foster better relations with some of the retailers in the area. Los Angeles is made up of 21 police districts and of those, Target Corp. has stores in at least three. Because of this, the LAPD started working with Target first, having meetings every quarter to identify problems specific to each of the locations. After the specific problems were discussed, they came up with strategies to fix the problems, as well as reporting any successes or failures from the previous quarters. This plan was very successful for them and statistics showed that crime was decreasing.

After the success of their meetings with Target, the group invited representatives from JC Penney, Lowe’s, CVS, Gap, and Safeway. With the entire group together, it became clear that the specific problem they were all having was organized retail crime. The group began to look at the program the Albuquerque Retail Assets Protection Association (ARAPA) was using. Along with deciding to create a similar website, the group also got some good ideas from ARAPA, bringing them back to be used in LA. The group knew it didn’t want to only include the LAPD, but also other law enforcement agencies in the area, along with Federal authorities. And thus LAAORCA was born.

LAAORCA now boasts 140-150 different organizations and 70 law enforcement agencies. Members include representatives from Home Depot, Wal-Mart, AMEX, UPS, Sephora, TJMaxx, Toys "R" Us, Limited Brands, Kroger Co, Rite Aid and Saks 5th Avenue. In addition, the law enforcement representation spans wide to include Los Angeles County Sheriffs, Ventura County Sheriffs, Santa Barbara Sheriffs, San Diego P.D, and includes smaller departments such as Seal Beach P.D, Cypress P.D. In 2011, the L.A. office of the United States Secret Service also partnered with LAAORCA to help combat organized financial crimes committed in the area.

Currently, LAAORCA meets every six weeks. A regular meeting agenda includes discussion of any internal issues, as well as a time to talk about cases. Members are given a week before each meeting to get information on any open cases to a LAAORCA representative. The rep then puts a PowerPoint together and the individuals are allowed to give a presentation on their case. It is not unusual in a meeting for someone from another retailer to identify someone or something in the case. In fact, recently a retailer was presenting on a team that had been heavily hitting their stores and a Sephora agent was able to identify exactly who one of the members was, along with providing their name and information. The next meeting will be held October 18 and more information can be found on the website.

Along with discussing cases at the meetings, members of LAAORCA are also encouraged to discuss any thefts or cases on the organization’s database, a webmaster that’s independently monitored by Detective Lloyd Scott, Coordinator for LAAORCA. Anytime a member inputs information on the website regarding crimes, every member gets an automatic email alerting them.

Also on the meeting agenda is usually a small training component for members. Examples of these include how to properly prepare arrest reports, how gang activity impacts retail theft, and how retail partners can assist others partners with investigations. Along with the training components at the meetings, another large part of training is the yearly conference. LAAORCA has had three conferences since its establishment, and attendance has grown steadily every year. At its first conference in 2010, 645 people attended. At their most recent conference this year, over 1000 people attended. The ratio of retail LP personnel to law enforcement was 60-40 and in terms of law enforcement representation, they had people present from local, state and federal, as well as people from outside of California. Some even came from as far away as New York.

As far as the partnership of LAAORCA goes, it’s apparent that it’s working. An example of this is in 2011, when Sephora reported that $4 million worth of cargo had been stolen from its distribution center. When the merchandise began making an appearance at a fencing store in downtown LA, the retailer contacted the LAPD. With the partnership Sephora and the LAPD created, through the help of LAAORCA, they were able to recover around $2 million worth of merchandise.

Marc Zavala, a detective with the LAPD, said he doesn’t think these cases would have ended similarly without the partnerships through LAAORCA.

"I know that in this type of stuff people get the run around because they don’t have the right contacts," he said. With LAAORCA, you know who to call in this situation. "You have a contact person."

Richard Escandon, District Loss Prevention Manager at Sephora said his whole loss prevention team attends LAAORCA meetings.

"Meeting at LAAROCA was probably one of the best networking decisions we made," he said. "Without LAAORCA, none of us would be able to partner and share real time information."

While some people may be hesitant to join an ORCA group and give full disclosure, members of LAAORCA think it’s worth it.

"It works and I can attest to it," said Escandon. "It’s helped our company, not just with shrink, but overall it’s a message that if you steal from these retailers participating in LAAORCA, we’re going do what we have to do to have you arrested."

New ORC group ALERT, Area Law Enforcement and Retailers Team task force, established in Tri-Cities area (Bristol, VA and  Johnson City, TN) hosted by K-VA-T Food Stores The newly formed ALERT, or Area Law Enforcement and Retailers Team task force, is a group of area law enforcement officers from several agencies, retail loss prevention officers and local prosecutors. They will communicate via a mass email system to share information related to big shoplifting cases and other instances in which a suspect might travel to several jurisdictions and perpetrate a similar crime. The group met Friday to discuss and sign up for the email alert system, which is now up and running. Daniel Sluss, district loss prevention supervisor for Food City, said the system will work in instances where there is a large shoplifting incident – several hundred dollars worth of merchandise – and the retail folks can immediately email information about the suspects, as well as photos or videos of the shoplifting. Then, someone else within the group might be able to identify the people, or at least be aware it happened in case something similar happens in another store. (Source

Springfield man pleads guilty to elaborate check fraud scheme hitting various retailers By pleading guilty, Maurice Sayles, 35, admitted he led a criminal conspiracy involving at least five participants. Acquiring stolen checks from an unidentified person in the Kansas City, Mo., area. Martinus and Maurice Sayles then altered the checks by cutting out digits from the routing and account numbers, and replacing them with other digits using glue and a hammer. They passed the forged checks at various retailers in the Springfield area and recruited others to pass the forged checks for them. The actual loss attributable to this scheme is $5,000 to $10,000, the release said. Sometimes the Sayles brothers and their recruits used false identification to pass the forged checks. Maurice Sayles created the false identifications using a label maker to alter the existing identification card or driver’s license of the individual passing the check to match the name of the account holder on the check. The Sayles brothers, with the assistance of others they recruited, returned the merchandise they purchased for a cash refund. (Source

ORC gang of four charged in theft of $38,000 from East Syracuse Home Depot DeWitt Police charged the four people Friday after a two-month investigation conducted by Officer Christopher Fuller and Home Depot Loss Prevention personnel. The investigation began in early August when Home Depot personnel identified what they believed to be fraudulent returns. Lotan G. Mitchell, 30, Sundai T. Tyler, 29, Shaunell Hammonds, 37, Everton Mitchell, 59. They were routinely stealing large quantities of merchandise from Home Depot, starting in late 2011. The investigation found that Mitchell had several different people return the stolen merchandise to various Home Depots throughout Central New York in an attempt to circumvent Home Depot’s fraudulent return prevention system. The arrests resulted from recent combined efforts between law enforcement, the district attorney’s office and the retail industry to aggressively combat the growing problem of organized retail crime. (Source

ORC gang of four females busted for shoplifting hitting Walmart stores at Moncks Corner, SC Officers say they caught the suspects a mile and half away from Walmart and found a sport utility vehicle filled with merchandise. The officers who arrested them don't know how they got in there themselves. The suspects were identified as 36-year-old Christina Bryant, 26-year-old Pauline Pou, 18-year-old Keiada Mathis and a 15-year-old girl. They admitted to hitting the store four to seven times. (Source

Mesa, AZ man busted selling 45 electronics items stolen from Walmart stores to pawn shops Brian Ellsworth, 27, reportedly sold several unopened Blu-ray players to pawn shops in Mesa, police said. Through running a "pawn history" on Ellsworth, Mesa police discovered he also had also reportedly sold Blu-ray players to pawnshops in Tempe, Phoenix and Chandler between Aug. 14 and Aug. 29. Police said Ellsworth would take the stolen merchandise to pawn shops where he would sell them within the hour of allegedly stealing them. (Source

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Jason Jones was named Director of Loss Prevention - Operations for Dick's Sporting Goods.

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6 Ways to Delegate More Effectively "The surest way for an executive to kill himself is to refuse to learn how, and when, and to whom to delegate work," said James Cash Penney, founder of the JC Penney retail chain. When you grow, you have to know when to let go. You have to know when to delegate down so you can rise up. People will seldom let you down if they understand that your destiny is in their hands, and vice versa. (Let go)

Smart Ways to Deal When Your Boss is a Bully Growing up, bullies were everywhere. They pulled your hair on the playground, they made fun of your name in high school, they were even people you called "friends." But now you're an adult, so all of that should be behind you, right? You'd think so. Unfortunately, many bullies don't grow out of whatever it is that compels them to pick on others, and when they graduate from the schoolyard, they move on to the office. And sometimes, they even become your boss. (3 types of boss-bullies)
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The Most Ridiculous Excuses for Calling In Sick In honor of today being Friday, the last day of the work week and the start of the weekend, here is a slideshow of some of the best (or worst) excuses people have used to call in sick from work. Mischievous teenagers aren't the only ones playing hooky these days. Which ones have you used? (Colorful excuses)

Toot Your Own Horn Bigger, Better, and Louder - How to Self-Promote Better For many, self-promotion feels awkward and sounds like bragging. No one wants to hear someone talk endlessly about how awesome they are, but if no one knows about your skills or abilities, you could miss out on several important opportunities. Here are ways you can effectively self-promote without sounding like a loud mouth. (Speak up!)

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