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October 11, 2012 SUBSCRIBE

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News Brief - Sponsored by WG Security Products

U.S. Secret Service Director Mark Sullivan spoke to dozens of federal, state and local law enforcement officials based in South Florida to kick off National Cyber Security Awareness Month - impacting retailers as well. The region has earned the distinction of being a motherboard of sorts in electronic crimes, leading the nation in identity thefts and ranking high on other forms of cyber crimes such as child pornography and credit- and debit-card information thefts. The nationwide campaign, organized by the Department of Homeland Security, is designed to teach the public and private companies about the rapidly increasing number of cyber-related crimes. "Sophisticated cyber-criminals pose a great threat to our economy and national security," Sullivan told the crowd. "They have exploited the vulnerability in cyberspace to steal money and information." South Florida has experienced a dramatic jump in reported identity theft incidents to the Federal Trade Commission — from 8,317 cases in 2007 to 17,668 in 2011. In addition to identity theft, South Florida has also made headlines for recent spikes in credit- and debit-card information theft through the use of illegal devices known as skimmers. (Source

Wal-Mart's labor protests - A threat to strike on Black Friday The latest news in the Wal-Mart labor protests -- which have included walkouts and marches in Dallas, San Diego, Chicago and Los Angeles -- is the threat of a strike on Black Friday. Some 200 angry protesters showed up at a meeting of investors and analysts earlier Wednesday at Wal-Mart's headquarters in Bentonville and last week 70 employees walked off the job in nine LA stores for one day- the first walk-out in Wal-Mart's history. On a conference call Wednesday, leaders of Our Wal-Mart, the National Consumers League and other labor groups said they will join Wal-Mart workers outside stores on Black Friday if their demands are not met. NOW president Terry O'Neill said her organization would join in the action on Black Friday, it was reported in the Guardian. "We are standing in solidarity with the workers who are walking off the job," said the National Organization of Women's president. (Source

Wal-Mart to open 500 Neighborhood Market stores and 12 Express stores by 2016 Accelerating the expansion of small stores, particularly its Neighborhood Market stores, as it looks to compete with a variety of rivals from dollar stores to drug chains. Wal-Mart's small stores, which range from 10,000 square feet to about 55,000 square feet, have become a hybrid and compete well with a broad variety of merchants. That means new LP jobs. (Source

Target CEO Gregg Steinhafel speaks to motivate his team of 365,000 associates. Steinhafel firmly believes there is no 'I' in team, his job as a leader/ coach is to "design the playbook, but implement it at the same time". Steinhafel understands the staff in his stores, he started with Target in 1979 and worked his way up to the position of President. (Source

Payless announces new CEO, Jones former CEO of Shopko. Retail veteran W. Paul Jones has resigned as president and chief executive officer of Shopko Stores to join Payless Holdings as CEO. Jones, 51, is a seasoned and distinguished industry leader with more than 25 years of management experience in the value retail segment. At Shopko, Jones spearheaded the brand's successful repositioning, the acquisition and conversion of Pamida. (Source

Seven brands are testing Facebook's 'want' button. Earlier this week, Facebook announced it would be testing a new feature that allows users to "Like," "Collect," and "Want" a product. The test will be with seven different companies: Pottery Barn, Wayfair, Victoria's Secret, Michael Kors, Neiman Marcus, Smith Optics, and (Source

Costco Wholesale to accelerate warehouse openings next year to 27 to 30 — its biggest expansion since 2007. "After several years of under-opening locations, we feel very good about this coming year," Richard Galanti, EVP & CFO said. Good news for retailing in general actually. Both big boxes picking up new store openings. That's a great sign for all of us. (Source

Big Box retailers aren't dead yet; Costco is proof
. The bulk-buying retailer raised sales by a whopping 21 percent last quarter, overcoming rising merchandise costs and cautious customers. This great result proved that big box stores aren't doomed. (Source

Nordstrom the latest major company to support marriage equality. The company's leadership sent an email out to employees this morning, informing them of their support. "It is our belief that our gay and lesbian employees are entitled to the same rights and protections marriage provides under the law as all other employees. We also believe supporting freedom to marry will help us create a more attractive and inclusive workplace for our current and prospective employees." (Source

Virtual shopping hits Arkansas
. This new format of shopping comes just in time for the busy holiday season. The virtual store concept is being launched at McCain Mall in North Little Rock. It will present a wall graphic with products, services, and other offers displayed as items on store shelves. Each product has a QR code and price tag and the user can buy the product using a credit card or PayPal. (Source

CA judge: Rite Aid must pay $800,000 settlement for false advertising A San Diego judge ordered Rite Aid Corp. and its California subsidiary Thrifty PayLess Inc. to pay $800,000 to settle a complaint alleging false advertising. Prosecutors say Rite Aid led consumers to believe they would pay less for items bought using the company's Wellness Card but instead were given a coupon and told it was for a future purchase that would expire and was subject to other restrictions. Prosecutors say the stores also refused to redeem gift cards with a balance of less than $10 for cash, as required by California law. (Source

Cisco is rebooting their video surveillance business Cisco has unquestionably become the best company in video surveillance... for people to laugh at. What started out in 2006 with great hopes for industry domination by the company and even its security rivals has never come close to fruition. Now, Cisco is making its strongest and, in our view, best decisions to reboot their approach to video surveillance and provide a real competitive foundation. (Source

Samsung goes with FaceFirst As part of its new strategic partner initiative, Samsung Techwin America is integrating megapixel cameras with facial recognition provider FaceFirst. FaceFirst "features cloud-ready software and offers functionality that is affordable, scalable and can be custom-configured to specific business requirements," according to Samsung. The system can match "client records at the rate of millions of comparisons per second." When a biometric facial image is matched with a watch list photograph, alerts are sent to "pre-provisioned computers, cellphones or cash registers," according to Samsung. Here's a big step for facial recognition in the retail world as FaceFirst has been making a real push in the retail market place the last year. (Source

Identity theft continues to be one of the largest crime issues in America, in both number of victims and money lost. Georgia is second in the nation in the number of Identity Theft crimes reported, with Florida being number one. You might think credit card fraud is the largest Identity Theft Crime, but now it's the theft of government documents and benefits. 27% of the identity theft crimes now are crimes like fraudulent tax returns, using your name to steal a large tax refund. (Source
cfiWicklander & Zulawski and their CFI program offer free scholarship in honor of Fred Wilson an industry pioneer who helped form the CFI program and the former VP, Store Administration for CarMax and a pioneer of the Loss Prevention industry who recently passed away this year. Fred was part of the Advisory Board for CFI from its inception. Potential recipients will need to be nominated from a current CFI by filling out the application found when you sign into the CFI Site and clicking the CFI Community Tools Tab. Fill out the application explaining why they should be chosen to receive the scholarship. They will then select the winners and announce them for the next issue the CFInsider due out in December, 2012. The winners will be previewed in the next issue of the CFInsider. Please make sure all areas are covered in the letter for the person being nominated. Go out and find someone you think deserves this honor. Please forward all letters to Wayne Hoover at by November 16th, 2012. visit for more information.

South Korea battles with Costco over being open on Sundays and raids 3 stores. Costco would like to keep its eight South Korean stores open on Sunday, but the South Korean Government officials are attempting to voice their displeasure. Nearly 40 Seoul council officials raided three Costco stores in the capital on Wednesday to crack down on minor parking and safety violations, in apparent reprisal for the retailer's non-adherence to Sunday closing rules. (Source

Three NYPD Officers sentenced for operating a ring selling untaxed cigarettes, slot machines, counterfeit goods and guns. The investigation concluded last October with the arrests of eight active or retired officers, a New Jersey Corrections Officer, a Sanitation Police officer and two others. The investigation took several turns, the FBI investigated the Ring selling 20 M16’s to undercover agents, the sale of slot machines and an operation to stamp cigarettes with a phony tax stamp of a Native American reservation, selling the cigarettes to small convenience stores. (Source

Click here to view video
Man with assault rifle robs Houston-area Tiffany's, pepper spraying customers and employees. Investigators say a man with an assault rifle has robbed a Houston-area Tiffany & Co. store and fled with some expensive jewelry. The Montgomery County Sheriff's Office on Thursday worked to identify the suspect, whose image has been captured on store surveillance video. Police say the man sprayed several Tiffany's workers with a chemical irritant before stealing some items and running out the door. No serious injuries were reported. (Source

South Carolina couple with register key hits a Walmart register. Holding up an item of clothing to block the view, the other suspect opens the unattended register with a key and removed $640. Deputies say the duo made an effort to open several other registers, but were unsuccessful. (Source

Defense Attorney asks for mental examination of the Apple Store thief. Equonne Howard faces felony burglary, vandalism and gang charges for his alleged involvement in the Sept. 6 burglary at The Promenade store. You may recall, Howard is the guy who drove his BMW SUV into the store. Howard was stopped hours after the burglary, walking around The Promenade. (Source

Trio of Jewelry Thieves in Texas hit the wrong store, Mother and Son fight back. The Conroe Police Department has arrested two people and is looking for a third person wanted for an attempted armed robbery Wednesday morning at Wilkins Jewelers in Conroe. While at gunpoint, the store owner got into a fight with one of the men, and several shots were fired, Smart said. The owner was able to gain control of a handgun and fired at the suspects, who fled. (Source

Three Columbus, OH area Family Dollar Stores robbed in the same day. Columbus Police are working together with Blendon Township Police to see if the three incidents are related. The descriptions given by Family Dollar employees appear to be very close. (Source

Greenwich woman shot during armed robbery at Norwalk Super Stop & Shop grocery store. A 50-year-old Greenwich woman is recovering after a gunman shot her multiple times during an apparent robbery attempt at a Connecticut Avenue supermarket Wednesday afternoon. Police used K-9 teams to track the robber, described as a man in his 20s or 30s wearing a hooded sweatshirt, but were unable to locate him. (Source

Click here to view video

Does this count as something borrowed? A woman was caught on video surveillance stealing a $5,000 bridal gown from a Fanwood, NJ dress shop two weeks ago. The thief was assisted by eight phony customers who tried on gowns in the fitting room and distracted the store employees. The thief also had a toddler with her.  (Source


8th Annual Impact Workshop. Join other retail executives interesed in LP research on ORC prevention, packaging innovation, video analytics, benefit denial, plus much more. LPRC: October 15-17, 2012. University of Florida Campus. Gainesville, FL


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by Lisa LaBruno
Vice President, Loss Prevention & Legal Affairs, RILA

It was great to read in yesterday’s D&D about Bill Titus and his team visiting with college freshman at Northern Michigan University. RILA and our LP Steering Committee share Bill’s passion for introducing undergraduates to a career in retail loss prevention. It’s that same passion that – in part – led to RILA launching the college student program two years ago.

One primary objective of RILA’s Student Program is to expose top collegiate talent to the loss prevention industry. We want to get the word out that a career in retail LP can serve as a framework for a bright future for a young person driven to success. That’s the "what’s in it for them" component to the program.

There’s also a "what’s in it for me" component to the program. Through their participation as student mentors, retailers and industry solution providers are exposed to top collegiate talent. It serves as a recruiting tool for retailers looking for emerging talent and tomorrow’s leaders. Participating companies are optimistic that their next top recruit may come out of the RILA Student Program!

Despite the program’s infancy, we are accomplishing our objectives. After last year’s conference, nearly all of the participating students had completed their LPQ and/or landed a position with a retailer. Several of the students were enrolled at Northern Michigan University, where Bill and his team recently visited.

This year, we’ve expanded the student pool to include master’s level students working toward an advanced degree in Finance. This is part of RILA’s and the steering committee’s objective to attract individuals having varied skills sets into the industry. That way, we can develop individuals into LP professionals who possess a broad based business acumen and, in doing so, help move the industry forward.

This year’s student mentors include 7-Eleven, Abercrombie & Fitch, Big Lots, Cabela’s, jcpenney, Lowe’s, The Home Depot, Walmart, Axis Communications, Hart Systems, Loss Prevention Foundation and Verisk Crime Analytics. Participating students are assigned projects that align with key priorities/challenges facing retail AP executives. For several months leading up to the 2013 RAP Conference, students will conduct interviews, complete research, walk retail locations and utilize other methodologies to meet the project deliverables, all with guidance from their mentors. The project culminates in a presentation by the students during a breakout session at RAP 2013. In addition to sharing their project and showcasing their presentation skills, the students have an unprecedented opportunity to network with hundreds of industry leaders all under one roof and - in some cases – impress AP executives who make hiring decisions.

It’s a win-win for everyone!

Editorial Comments:

Would we get a passing grade as an industry for our college recruiting programs? Probably not! The college recruiting model has never been one that the LP industry has taken seriously or really gotten involved with. Quite frankly most leave it to the HR departments to do. It's great to see Bill Titus, VP LP Sears HC; Northern Michigan University; and RILA actively involved and if there's any other successful programs out there, we at the Daily would enjoy being able to share those stories with the industry as well. Because our industry is facing a significant problem with a huge decrease in the population group of 18 to 25 year olds that normally populate the entry level positions in retail. This problem, which has been forecasted for quite some time, is now a reality, as evidenced in the recent survey that pointed out the decreasing numbers in applicants for this year's seasonal help in the retail industry. This problem is not going away and it will get worse. The issue is on an individual basis, that each LP executive take it upon themselves to get involved in their local college programs and actively recruit young college students to our industry. It's a subject we all talk about and hear about at the conferences but at the end of the day are we doing anything about it? Are you involved?

Just a Thought,
Gus Downing
Gus Downing

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The  Metropolitan Security Council of Greater New York

The next meeting of The  Metropolitan Security Council of Greater New York is Tuesday, October 24, 2012 at 12:00 pm at Koenig's Restaurant in Floral Park, NY. The featured guest is New York Senator Lee M. Zeldin, Chairman of the Senate Consumer Protection Committee. Senator Zeldin will be updating the group on his fight against organized retail crime. The State Senate passed a package of five bills (S.6956-A, S.6958-C, S.6954-B, S.6957-B, and S.7370) introduced by Senator Zeldin.

Also presenting on ORC will be TJ Flynn, CFI. TJ is the Investigations Sr. Manager J.C. Penney. He will give a presentation on "Interviewing ORC Subjects". TJ will also show a video that JCP has put together called, "Organized Retail Crime on Patrol." It is an 8 minute training video for Law Enforcement use to educate patrol officers to the understanding of ORC.

Paid members are free to attend. For all others the fee is $40. RSVP is required to

ORC gang of three busted hitting Walmart stores in Oakland, Livingston and Macomb Counties in Michigan. Livingston County deputies arrested three people Monday they say may be responsible for numerous retail frauds at Walmart stores in Oakland, Livingston and Macomb counties. Detective Sgt. Gary Childers of the Livingston County Sheriff's Department said the men are believed to have stolen tens of thousands of dollars worth of high-end electronic items, including iPads. Police from multiple agencies are interviewing the three suspects, who remained jailed Tuesday in Livingston County on suspicion of possession of burglary tools and conspiracy to commit retail fraud. (Source
Click here to view video

Earlier this week we published an article stating that Las Vegas had made the Top 10 list for retail theft, including Organized Retail Crime. In this video, Metro Las Vegas Police are fighting back against ORC. Las Vegas Police have a plan of attacking back, with $14,000 recently recovered from just one bust. (Source

Serial Shoplifter nabbed in Wisconsin. Police believe Bervis D. Sallis has been hitting many of the area retailers in Racine County for a long time. Sallis was apprehended at Pick n Save stealing razor blades, the staff at Pick n Save believe he is responsible for multiple thefts at several locations. Police were also called by Kmart Loss Prevention when Sallis hit their store on Oct. 9th , getting away with over $100 in merchandise. If convicted Sallis could face 45 months in prison. (Source

Five female suspects hit Saks Outlet near Cincinnati for a large quantity of perfumes. Police in Monroe are looking for information on the identity of five female suspects who bagged a large quantity of perfumes and fled the Saks Outlet store in the Monroe Outlet Center. (Source

Idaho Falls man arrested for theft and fraud from Home Depot. Idaho Falls Police arrested 23-year-old Tyler Coon for burglary and grand theft for stealing more than $2,400 in property from Home Depot. According to reports, Idaho Falls Detectives began investigating Coon in June after Home Depot reported possible thefts and fraudulent returns of merchandise by Coon between February and June. (Source

Burlington, Mass., Police search for a trio hitting Best Buy. Maybe not the most sophisticated group of thieves, simply draping a jacket over an item and walking out of the Best Buy store in Burlington. One of the suspects dropped a Bose Soundlock valued at $269.00 when she believed Loss Prevention was on to her. All three suspects are still at large. (Source

Two suspects arrested after hitting Abercrombie stores in Peabody and Braintree. Christian Arroyos and Celso Aragon-Mina, both from New York, were apprehended outside the mall in Peabody, being charged with various crimes according to police. The pairs pattern of behavior matched an incident form September when A/F lost over $11,000 in merchandise. (Source

Convenience store theft ring broken up in Limerick. A group allegedly using stolen information on more than two dozen credit cards was arrested Tuesday night after alert employees at a Limerick Wawa notified police. They uncovered tens of thousands of dollars in thefts as part of a long-term investigation. Two Philadelphia women were arrested and stand accused of using stolen information on a variety of credit cards to buy items at several convenience stores. (Source

Third member of ORC gang in Danbury Conn. turns herself in. A 32-year-old Hartford woman became the third person charged in a series of thefts from an Eagle Road home improvement store last year when she surrendered to police Tuesday morning. Lauren Ursitti was arrested on a warrant accusing her of organized retail theft and conspiracy. According to police, a ring comprising Ursitti and two alleged accomplices, Christine Early, 39, of New Fairfield, and Jason Kocenko, 35, of New Milford, targeted the Lowe's store in Danbury during July and August 2011. Police said the three, working in varying combinations, would enter the store empty-handed, load tools and other items, and bring them directly to the service desk for returns. (Source

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David Broom was promoted to Senior Regional Loss Prevention Manager for T-Mobile.
Dan Johnston, CFI was named Regional Loss Prevention Manager for PetSmart.

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The Simplest Way For Leaders to Gain Lasting Loyalty There are of course a number of ways for leaders to gain loyalty that involve variations around compensating your employees, running a sound ship and producing strong results for your organization. These are all naturally true, but there’s one other method that’s simpler and more fundamental and will serve you well in good economic times and bad. (Good behavior)

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