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October 8, 2012 SUBSCRIBE

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ADT Rings the Opening Bell at the New York Stock Exchange The ADT Corporation (ADT) will ring The Opening Bell(SM) today at the New York Stock Exchange. ADT began trading on the public equity markets on October 1, 2012. With 200 locations across the U.S. and Canada, ADT maintains the industry’s largest sales, installation and service field force. Its six fully redundant alarm monitoring centers comprise the industry’s most robust monitoring network. ADT serves one-fourth of the North American residential and small-business monitored security market. (Source

September's applications for retail jobs hits the lowest level on record The Kronos Retail Labor Index also showed the highest hire rate per 100 resumes at 4.5% in September. Meaning that there's reduced competition out there and retailers are forced to hire more based on applications completed. For years now the younger population group that traditionally takes these jobs has been decreasing and we may now be seeing the beginning of that problem. Which was predicted 10 years ago. Can we find the 650,000+ we need to staff the stores for the holidays? And you'll see a lot older group out there as well. (Source

Wet Seal - management changes - board changes and sales still down. For months now Wet Seal has had double digit sales decreases and now their chief merchant leaves after one year in her job to join True Religion. Well if your merchandise isn't selling you've got to bring in management who can find what they want. (Source

A&P grocery stores has additional layoffs Friday The Bergen Record newspaper, citing an unnamed employee, said around 40 workers were dismissed including a senior vice president, a vice president and five department directors. A&P earlier this year said it would eliminate some accounting jobs as a result of outsourcing that department. (Source

Alarming retail crime drop stat in Dallas started the very day their retail shoplifting policy changed making it harder for Dallas storeowners to report shoplifting cases under $50 This past Jan. Dallas police stopped responding to shoplifting cases under $50 and required storeowners to merely print an online form and mail it to police. And recently Dallas Police Chief David Brown claimed overall crime in Dallas had dropped 12% and also claimed the drop was due to crackdowns on fencing stolen goods. But the News found the drop in shoplifting cases occurred the same day the policy took effect and before a police focus on fencing began. Under the policy, minor shoplifting offenses have fallen from about 10 per day to under three. Looks like retailers don't have the support from the police. (Source

Las Vegas makes the Top 10 list for retail theft which includes ORC. As the Daily reported last week Metro PD started their retail crime effort with staffing a unit designed to address retail theft - their RAPP team. (Source

How about this threat for a Monday morning - A Cyber gang "Hangup Team" is recruiting 100 "botmasters" to launch an attack against 30 major U.S. banks to steal millions and will begin in a "couple of months." A cyber gang thought to be based in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union is recruiting dozens of people to participate in a scheme to steal millions of dollars from 30 major U.S. banks. The gang, believed to have at least a half dozen members, hopes to recruit 100 "botmasters" through the criminal underground and could launch the attack within a couple of months. The accomplices would be in charge of managing the compromised PCs of banking customers to steal user IDs and passwords and transfer money to bank accounts set up by the gang. And we know it's coming. (Source

Pennsylvania to enact a tougher stance on Gangs. The Pennsylvania Senate is taking a final look at a bill passed by the House of Representatives 45 to 3 last week, hoping the new bill will be passed in mid-October. The new bill lays out stiffer sentencing guidelines, hoping that law enforcement can drive the gang activity out of the state. (Source

H&M opens its first store in Bangkok, Thailand. This will be the first of three stores H&M is opening in the area, directly competing with other European fashion giants such as Zara and MNG. Currently, H&M products come from 16 production outlets, and 80% of its clothing is manufactured in Asia including Thailand, with the rest made in Europe. (Source

WOW! Stuff, popular UK toy company, spends $40 Million to stop counterfeiting. WOW! Stuff is planning to go after suppliers and retailers in Europe rather than going after the counterfeit manufactures believed to be in China. (Source

CVS & Golden Pantry robber gets caught driving the wrong way down one-way street Armed with a knife, a man robbed a CVS and a Golden Pantry convenience store Sunday before police caught him driving the wrong way down a one-way street. (Source

Southern California pharmacy's are getting hit with a rash of burglaries targeting OxyContin since June A rash of burglaries targeting pain killers at pharmacies in La Cañada Flintridge, Burbank and other foothill areas has authorities pushing for stores to find more secure ways to stock drugs. (Source

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Gas prices jump in California; Sacramento Shell Station hit by thieves for $4500 in gasoline in 3 days. In several trips over three days 1,100 gallons of gasoline were pumped directly into a 300 gallon tank in the back of a truck. Police believe thieves are equipped with high pressure pumps and sophisticated equipment to override anti-theft technology at the pumps. (Source

Cherry Hill, NJ Police already geared up for Shoplifting Season. Cherry Hill Police announced they arrested 8 shoplifters in a 5 day period; the largest was a $1300 apprehension from Express. The eight apprehensions netted a recovery of over $3500 and local area Police know the trend will now continue through the holiday season. (Source
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London Pawn Shop tests its new Security device. Anyone who has visited a Loss Prevention trade show over the years has seen the SMOKE technology booth, a heavy cloud of white smoke is release when trigger by an alarm making it impossible for the perpetrators from seeing. (Source

Brazilian student’s shoplifting taser death in New South Wales under investigation. Roberto Laudisio Curti died following being tasered 14 times by Police while being apprehended for shoplifting/ robbery at a convenience store. Police stated that Curti was on LSD and possessed 'super human strength' during the battle to subdue him. (Source

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Shoplifter steals $150 worth of beef from Tucson, AZ Walmart and gets into a physical confrontation with the store's security guard. The incident happened just after 9 p.m. last Wednesday when the store manager saw the suspect load up a shopping basket with meat and then try to leave the store. The security manager confronted him and a brief physical altercation ensued before a vehicle pulled up and the driver got out to help the suspect. The two men both escaped in the car. Anyone who has any information is asked to contact the Pima County Sheriff's Department.  (Source

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OSHA Offers Employers Improved Insight Into the Variance Process OSHA has clarified its variance process to offer employers additional information surrounding variance qualification guidelines and application procedures. OSHA, employers can request a variance for many reasons, including not being able to fully comply on time with a new safety or health standard because of a shortage of personnel, materials, or equipment. (Source

Distracted drivers are deadlier than drunk drivers. Are Your Employees the Latest Distracted Driving Threat? High-impact collisions are on the rise because more drivers than ever before are diverting their eyes from the road for many seconds at a time while they operate texting devices and smart phone applications. Recent multi-million-dollar judgments against corporations whose adult employees killed or injured other drivers and/or their passengers while using cell phones or smart phones show that adults can be just as distracted when using hand-held communication devices as younger, less experienced drivers." (Source

9 Keys to a Successful Safety Process Using Milliken & Co., a two-time America’s Safest Companies winner, as an example, Phil McIntyre discussed the nine keys to a successful safety process at the 2012 America’s Safest Companies Conference in Chicago recently. 1. Leadership expectations and communication, 2. Measurements and review, 3. Organization structure, 4. Reporting, 5. Standardization, 6. Time and dollar commitment, 7. Education, 8. Case management, & 9. Awareness activities. (Source

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Suspicious shoppers are caught for burglary and possession of stolen property. Four people were arrested in Capitola, California by Police on Saturday for burglary, possession of stolen property, conspiracy and traffic violations. Police believe the four individuals were part of a scheme to steal, then return the items for gift cards. Twenty gifts cards were recovered. The group is being investigated for connection to other known thefts throughout the Bay Area. (Source

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California becomes third state to pass law protecting social media users. Last week the state signed Bills 1349 and 1844 into law, prohibiting businesses and schools from asking employees and students for social media credentials, such as usernames, passwords, and any other information related to social media accounts. The laws also protect employees from being fired or disciplined for not giving up this information. However, these laws only cover the private aspects of social media. If an employee's profile is public, what they post isn't protected by the laws. The laws also don't provide protection if the employee is accessing personal social media accounts on employer-issued electronic devices. The two laws go into effect Jan. 1, 2013.

Maryland and Illinois have similar legislation but their laws only protect employees. Delaware has a social media privacy law that only protects students. California is the first state to issue legislature protecting both employees and students. On top of those, Congress is reviewing a federal level social media privacy bill titled SNOPA
(Source (Source

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Regional LP Mgr Schneider National Dallas, TX Monster
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Successful Leadership Requires The Right Order of Operation Ever heard the following statement? "Focus on the what, not the how." While this may appear to be safe advice, it's actually quite the opposite. First, it's a horribly incorrect and incomplete message. Second, far too many people in leadership positions seem perfectly content to follow this bad advice. ('What' as a leadership driver)
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Be Happier at Work: 10 Ways to Turn Around a Bad Day Are you having a bad day, or have you had a series of them this week? If so, join the club. At least occasionally we all have "one of those days" when everything seems to be going wrong. Often the cause of it is completely outside of our control. Depending on what’s causing your bad day, here are some steps to take. (Don't write it off)

3 Leadership Lessons from the Idiot Who Stops Ever been on a crowded elevator, have the doors open at your floor, and been blocked from getting off because some idiot stopped inches after he exited the elevator, completely obstructing your own egress? So what are the 3 Leadership Lessons from the Idiot Who Stops? (Every office has one)

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