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October 3, 2011

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Regional LP Mgr Ann Taylor West Coast Ann Inc.

Doug Marker
Vice President
LP, Risk and Audit
Michael Stores, Inc.

Stephen O'Keefe
Loss Prevention and
Risk Management
Wal-Mart Canada

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ORC Conferences
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Universal Surveillance Systems

CLEAR/Coalition of Law Enforcement and Retail

2nd Annual Training Conference

October 4-6, 2011
Peppermill Resort/Casino
Reno Nevada




North Carolina ORC Conference

Friday, October7, 2011
8:00am - 4:30pm
2801 W. Tyvola Road
Charlotte, NC 28217





Albuquerque Retail Assets Protection Association (ARAPA)

is hosting their

2nd Annual
Southwest ORC Conference

Albuquerque Convention Center

October 13, 2011

and the cost is free

Additional information including conference topics can be found at the
link below



Washington State ORC ALLIANCE


1st Annual
Training Conference

Wed, November 2, 2011

Training Site:
WA State Criminal Justice Training Commission Auditorium

19010 1st Avenue South
Burien, WA




LPRC 2011 Impact Conference

October 10-12, 2011

Office Depot Headquarters
Boca Raton, FL



Former Hooters Executive Vice President is alleged to have stolen "mounds of documents to help an upstart competitor that plans to expand the Twin Peaks franchise."  The lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court in Atlanta on Wednesday said former Hooters vice president Joseph Hummel downloaded reams of "sensitive and highly confidential business information" to help La Cima Restaurants, an Atlanta-based firm that he is CEO of now, that plans to help build 35 Twin Peaks stores across the Southeast.  Both chains are known for scantily clad women serving casual food, but there's nothing sexy about the documents that Hooters claimed Hummel took. The lawsuit claims that Hummel downloaded marketing plans, contract agreements, recruiting tools and sales figures before and after he left the company to join La Cima on July 22.  La Cima is a sore spot for Hooters managers. The company was formed in June by former Hooters chief executive Coby Brooks, who lured Hummel and other ex-Hooters officials to the startup within weeks, the lawsuit said.  (Source

PriceGrabber survey shows 45% plan to spend less this holiday season with 49% spending the same, with 68% saying the economic outlook does in fact affect their overall spending.  (Source

Swipe fee reform starts today and should save $7B and "Retail Industry Leaders Association president Sandy Kennedy called the swipe-fee reform a major step toward fairness and relief of a broken system."  But the banks are retaliating by increases fees elsewhere.  (Source

BJ's Wholesale officially goes private for $2.8B.  (Source

32% of smartphone owners want to buy products on their smartphone this holiday season with 21% saying they don't feel comfortable buying on their devices yet.  56% want to find product info – targeted coupons and sale info.  (Source

Retailers find tablet consumers "much more likely to pull the trigger on purchases than other online shoppers."  (Source

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has unveiled a Retail Food Safety Action Plan that seeks to promote food safety in retail stores, restaurants, schools and other foodservice operations.  They also recommend that retail food establishments employ at least one certified food protection manager – NEW JOBS!  They made a number of recommendations that are noteworthy and should be read by all concerned.  (Source

A&P continues monthly loss with the four weeks ending August 13 losing $34.4M (Source

AE Ventures, the management company that produces the annual Electronic Security Expo for the Central Station Alarm Association and the Electronic Security Association, announced that the show had reached a milestone with the 2011 show and had raised more than $1 million in profits since its launch in 2008. The best part, according to association leaders, is that the money went right back into the industry.  The funds generated by ESX have allowed ESA to greatly expand services to our members and the security industry as a whole. We've used this money to develop important new National Training School courses. From it we’ve also funded the start-up of our National Apprenticeship Program and created and hosted events for our new professional group programs – Young Security Professionals, Installation & Services Professionals and Sales & Marketing Professionals," ESA president Dom D'Ascoli told Security Systems News. "Part of the money has gone to the implementation of new technology as evidenced by our recently-launched member website, And we've been able to finance groundbreaking industry research such as the recent residential trends survey that was presented during ESX this past June. This money has been put to very good use for the benefit of everyone in the security industry."  (Source

Will Maryland be the next state to collect online sales tax?  Led by Del. Sheila Hixson, D-Montgomery County, the group has initiated a letter-writing campaign to U.S. Rep. Chis Van Hollen, D-Md., to press for the closing of a loophole it says allows online retailers like and to avoid collecting sales tax.  The group is lobbying Van Hollen because he is a member of the Congressional supercommittee charged with trying to trim $1.5 trillion from the federal budget over the next decade. In lieu of new taxes, the group seeks the collection of sales taxes to help cut the budget.  (Source

Google opened its first pop-up store in London that's 285 sq. ft. that only sells Google's Chromebook laptop and a handful of accessories.  If successful, you could see Google opening permanent "bricks and mortar shops."  (Source

Target will sell Barnes & Noble's Nook e-reader. (Source Associated Press)

U.S. Supreme Court won't hear a case that blocks an online merchant from selling unopened secondhand software.  The first-sale doctrine does not apply to licensees.  How this impacts secondhand sellers online isn't clear yet.  However the legal tide is mounting.  (Source Associated Press)




eBay Supports Investigation into Counterfeit Disney Pins

eBay Global Asset Protection investigators support long-standing criminal investigation leading to a one year jail sentence for suspect after he pleaded guilty to importing $2M worth of counterfeit Disney pins from China that he and a co-conspirator planned to sell online as genuine collectibles. The suspect pled to felony manufacturing & sale of counterfeit goods, according to court records. In addition to jail time, Judge Nicholas Thompson sentenced him to three years of probation and ordered him to pay restitution. His co-defendant is still awaiting trial. The case was investigated by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement's Homeland Security Investigations & the Anaheim Police Department. According to the DA's office the suspects sent legitimate collectible pins to a manufacturer in China to be replicated and had the fake pins shipped back to them and they were accused of receiving approximately 80 shipments of counterfeit pins.  Click here for full article

For further information on PROACT email inquiries to;

eBay Direct - Click Here  -  (notify - info - questions)



Law Enforcement Sweep uncovers ORC Ring in Kansas City Kansas City Missouri Police joined forces with several local, state and federal agencies to sweep across the suburbs, confiscating drugs and guns, making dozens of arrests and even breaking up an organized shoplifting ring - all in an effort to show criminals that it doesn't matter where you are in the city, police will be coming for you.  (Source


Organized retail crime rings have become a serious issue in southern Colorado. "It's absolutely a growing problem. We're hearing from our local retailers that they are really struggling with what to do about it," Cafasso said.  Cafasso said the criminals are called "boosters," and usually go into big box retailers, grocery and department stores with a list of items to steal.  "They know what stores to hit for what products they want. They go in time after time after time, and they make a living doing it," said Cafasso, who added that stores are hit daily by thieves in southern Colorado.  Cafasso said the district attorney's office is urging the retailers to join a network through which the retailers can exchange information regarding the recent rash of thefts.   "With our office working with the retailers and the loss prevention officers from the stores that are being hit the most, we're hoping to be able to work out some kind of system or networking that will lead to better investigations and increased investigations so that we can put cases together for more successful prosecution," said Cafasso.   Cafasso said she will be attending a meeting next month that will be comprised of task force officials from across the country in hopes of learning what southern Colorado can do to prevent more thefts from occurring.   (Source

Target ORC Investigators bust metrowide string of shoplifting thefts in four cities in Dakota County MN. and 8 other cities, that had been operating since June.   One suspect allegedly stole a magnetic key from a Target employee who worked at a store near the Minnesota/Wisconsin border.  The stolen merchandise would be turned over to one leader for cash.  (Source

St. Petersburg, FL police arrested the suspect in three armed robberies in five days when the man tried to hold up a fourth Family Dollar store last Wednesday.  They credit the surveillance video shot of the suspect taken while robbing the Ace Hardware store a few nights earlier. 


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Submitted by Fran Clark, V.P. Business Development, Profitech, Inc.

Comments on Friday's Thought Challenge from Mark McClain, Wal-Mart:

I think surveys are not very accurate as they are often opinion related and as you suggest Mark, different companies account for thing differently. Why isn't ALL LOSS OF PROFIT considered in these surveys? Certainly, it's a number we can all get even if it is mark downs, waste, damage and even if you get a credit allowance. Hopefully, everyone is checking those and not assuming they are within tolerance.


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Director of Asset Protection Confidential NYC, NY Downing & Downing
District Loss Prevention Mgr Sears Holdings Corp. Honolulu, HI Sears Holdings Corp.
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Loss Prevention Mgr Orchard Supply Hardware Tracy, CA Sears Holdings Corp

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Charming Shoppes Detroit, MI Charming Shoppes
Regional LP Mgr Charming Shoppes Dallas, TX Charming Shoppes
Regional LP Mgr Charming Shoppes Boston, MA Charming Shoppes
Loss Prevention Mgr The Ritz-Carlton Freehold, NJ Marriott
Asset Protection Mgr Sam's Club G1 Plattsburgh, NY Wal-Mart
Asset Protection Mgr Sam's Club G1 Holland, OH Wal-Mart
Asset Protection Mgr Sam's Club G1 Cocoa, FL Wal-Mart
Asset Protection Mgr Sam's Club Glendora, CA Wal-Mart
Asset Protection Mgr Sam's Club G1 Fern Park, FL Wal-Mart
Loss Prevention Mgr Macy's Westfield Oakridge San Jose, CA Macy's


Randy Byram
has been named Regional Loss Prevention Manager - Dollar General.
Matt Dowling has been named Territory Loss Prevention Manager - Sears Holdings Corporation.

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As many of us speed thru our days and work hard to accomplish our objectives, oftentimes the one thing that suffers is our active listening skills. These skills are important if we expect to truly change behavior or direction as quickly as today's pace requires. Active listening is difficult for some and requires an individual to hear things they may not be open to hearing or just hearing things that aren't said. Because oftentimes it isn't what's said that's important.  It's what isn't said that can mean the most. Hearing that usually takes place upon reflection because most of us aren't intellectually fast enough to respond instantaneously. Active listening is a tool and a skill that can help an executive every day. It merely requires the thought and the practice.

Good Luck
Gus Downing

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