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News Brief - Sponsored by WG Security Products

$500,000 of Counterfeit Merchandise seized from New Hampshire market. Police say they've seized half a million dollars in alleged counterfeit merchandise and arrested four people as part of an undercover operation at the Deerfield Fair. About a dozen undercover police officers Thursday afternoon purchased wallets, clothing, jewelry and other items that allegedly were knock-offs of name brands with labels such as Gucci and Coach. Authorities say they conducted the investigation after receiving a tip that several vendors were selling counterfeit items at the fair. The vendors are due in court Oct. 17 on charges of counterfeiting and fraud. (Source

Aldi's sales and profits rise as it looks to double UK stores, possibly adding 4,500 UK jobs. Aldi also laid out its plans to potentially double the number of UK stores during the next ten years and said it would invest nearly $300 million in opening 40 new stores by the end of 2013. This will take the total number of stores in the UK to 500 and create 4500 jobs. (Source

Saks opens first Fifth Avenue store in Kazakhstan. Saks Inc opened its first Saks Fifth Avenue store in Kazakhstan on Sunday, as the retailer seeks to tap a growing appetite for luxury in emerging markets. The 91,000 square foot anchor store is located in the Esentai Shopping Mall which is the first of its kind in Kazakhstan. (Source

Retailers making a move to "Made in USA". Calibur11 in Duluth, Minnesota no longer saw the savings of manufacturing its product in China, average wages in China have jumped 10 to 25 percent a year, hitting $4 to $6 an hour in some plants. Add in shipping and high fuel costs, and offshore manufacturing is no longer a bargain. 3M and the Outdoor GreatRoom Co. have also moved manufacturing operations back to Minnesota to control costs and increase the quality of products. (Source

Mattress Wars; Customers are split between low end and high end, leaving the middle guys struggling. Lower end mattresses can be found everywhere from Walmart to Big Lots, the high end stores are just as easy to find with mattresses that cost up to $17,000. Kenny Larson, president of Little Canada-based Slumberland, said it's a classic barbell effect. "It's the middle market that's getting to be more challenging." (Source

Outlet stores are thriving as customers look for bargains. The days of the bulk salvage and overstock stock clearance store are making way for a high end shopping experience in today’s Outlet store. Designer goods and great deals have customers excited about the experience. (Source

Starbucks plans to expand to Norway and Sweden. Amid struggles to stimulate sales in the highest coffee-consumption market in the world, Starbucks announced Thursday it will open the company’s first city-center stores in the pricey Nordic countries, Sweden and Norway. Analysts have long criticized the coffee-shop operator for its slow growth in Europe; Starbucks only has eight stores in the Nordic region so far, located primarily in train stations and at airports. But the company has proposed to increase this small presence with a series of stand-alone stores across Scandinavia. Norwegian firm, Umoe Restaurant Group, has partnered with Starbucks in the expansion. (Source

Target's plan to open stores in Canada won't kill Canadian retail
. While shoppers are excited, retailers are not. However, some say that Target may single-handedly save hundreds of malls and plazas from a slow death by bringing in more shoppers. Also, Target plans to hire over 30,000 Canadian workers.  (Source

Under management of new CEO, American Eagle is beating out every other teen retailer
. AE has posted awesome results since Robert Hansen took over as CEO. While sales can be affected by economic factors, AE's clothing quality is a good example that product is king.  (Source

Facebook now follows you into the supermarket
. Facebook made an interesting announcement today stating that users' accounts are linked to their offline shopping behavior. Using it's partnership with Datalogix, Facebook is able to match aggregated Facebook data with data of offline purchases from stores. The new information will be used to compare sales results from Facebook users who saw a Facebook ad and those who didn't.  (Source

Retailers continue to develop Data Mining to improve Retail Inventories and Customer Experience. Capturing and using data to the retailer’s advantage helps control inventory, marketing and the customer’s experience. The importance is the knowledge of the four R’s of data mining controls; the Kantar Group explains, "Reality (what is happening in the market), Resonance (relating it to what you are doing), Reasons (for why it is happening) and lastly Reaction from consumers." (Source

Bloom Store’s recently purchased by Food Lion may have had the map to a successful shopping experience. (Source

West Virginia county prepares for the ongoing battle of a rise in shoplifting. Mercer County is in the southeastern West Virginia, nearly sharing borders with both Virginia and North Caronia, they also share the most updated shoplifting ring information. (Source

Click here to view videoAttempted abduction of 11-year-old boy in Albertson’s rest room in Seattle. A 32-year-old man was arrested Saturday night after assaulting an 11-year-old boy in a grocery store bathroom in Burien, according to the King County Sheriff's Office. The incident occurred just after noon in the Albertson’s store at South 128th Street and First Avenue South in Burien. The boy went into the bathroom while his family shopped. The suspect entered the bathroom and grabbed the boy by the neck and told him he would “kill him”. An employee heard the boy screaming, entered the restroom and grabbed the boy and pulled him out of the bathroom while trying to block the suspect from leaving. (Source

Police in Oxford, PA damage a robbery case of a Rite Aid, Photo line-up thrown out of court. Janet Caudell and Jessica LePhew told Police they believed they could identify the suspect that almost ran over them as he fled the Rite Aid with stolen prescription medications. The Common Pleas Court judge overseeing the case of William Baillie ruled that Caudell’s identification of a photo of Baillie cannot be used by the prosecution should Baillie’s case come to trial. Caudell, it seems, had been shown the photo line-up as she and LePhew stood together on the porch of LePhew’s Oxford home, according to her testimony at a suppression hearing this spring. As the two women surveyed the rows of photos, LePhew quickly pointed to one of the photos and said, "That’s him." Caudell hesitated briefly, and then agreed. The photo they chose was that of Baillie, who police had focused on as the prime suspect in the case. (Source

Shoplifter banned from every Sainsbury's in the UK gets a job as a Stocker in his local Sainsbury's. The supermarket managers have admitted they mistakenly employed Vishal Patel, 24, as a stocker. Embarrassed, Sainsbury's has now torn up the crook's job offer after he failed to reveal his past convictions on his application form. Patel said he applied because he did not realize the Sainsbury's ban was permanent, and thought it expired after 12 months. (Source

Suspect of three pharmacy robberies leads police on golf course chase in Bangor. A robbery suspect who attempted to elude police by driving onto a municipal golf course and circling the fairways has been arrested. Robberies were reported at three pharmacies in greater Bangor, Maine within a two-hour span Sunday afternoon, and one man was arrested. Emergency calls to police were placed from Rite Aid pharmacies in Bangor and Brewer within minutes of each other, and the pharmacy at the Hannaford grocery store in Bangor. (Source
Click here to view video
Shoplifter running from police jumps in the Connecticut River. There was a stand off along the Connecticut River in West Springfield Sunday morning. A 40-year-old man suspected of shoplifting, reportedly spent 20 minutes in the river trying to escape. West Springfield Police Sgt. Robert Duffy said the man had allegedly shoplifted from the Big Y supermarket on Memorial Avenue. He ran into the river and stayed there for 20 minutes before giving himself up. Springfield police and firefighters were standing by in case they were needed. (Source

Third suspect in Best Buy shooting in Tulsa in July being sought by police. An arrest warrant has been issued for Shania Craven, a witness in the shooting deaths of two men at a Best Buy in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Prosecutors say Craven was a witness to the July 14 shooting that killed Scott Dewayne Norman and Graydon Wesley Brown. Investigators say Norman was the target of the shooting and Brown was hit by a stray bullet as he shopped inside the store with his 10-year-old daughter. Craven was arrested as an accessory to murder, but was released when no charge was filed. (Source

Click here to view video

An Unknown Shoplifter in Dallas steals a $1700 Parrot from Petland, now she is back at the store. Ever see what you really want, till you get it home? Four days after the thief stole the $1700 bird, the parrot was returned to the store by a Good Samaritan. A woman was seen on the store video stealing the bird, but it ended up in the hands of a homeless man who sold it for $100. (Source

Marshall’s in Freeport, Long Island robbed at gunpoint. Sunday evening two men held the store manager and a security agent at gunpoint and asked them to open the safe. No one was injured and the amount of money has not been declared at this time. The two suspects are still at large. (Source

Store employee shot and killed robbery suspect in Indianapolis. This was the second case of an employee shooting and killing the armed suspect in Indianapolis in September. On Sunday, an armed suspect entered a liquor store demanding cash from the cashier, a second employee saw the event unfold and drew and shot the suspect. (Source

Carson Pirie Scott Department Store employees busted for over $11,000 of theft. In two separate cases, two employees were arrest at the Carson Pirie Scott store in Evergreen (Chicago). One suspect was arrested for under ringing over $10,000 of merchandise. The second employee was apprehended attempting to steal 14 bottles of perfume valued at over $1000. (Source

Shoplifter asked Undercover Store Detective, "Are you here stealing too?" Sometimes the thrill of the crime gets the better of people, the younger brother was so thrilled with helping his brother steal cell phones from Walmart, he thought everyone was doing it. The younger brother asked an undercover agent if he was also there to steal from the Walmart in Woodhaven. (Source

Former Police Chief in UK runs up a nearly $100,000 credit card bill on the taxpayers. Joe McCarthy, the former chief executive of Cleveland (UK) Police Authority, as well as two other men, has been arrested in Operation Sacristy. All three were arrested on suspicion of fraud, corruption, misconduct in a public office and money laundering. (Source

Stolen $10 million art collection recovered from a California Auto sound store, owner offer $1.7 million reward. That $10 million art theft at the home of Santa Monica bond trader Jeffrey Gundlach has been solved or at least he has gotten his artwork back and two men have been arrested. I guess rewards work when they are big enough. Gundlach had offered a $1.7-million reward. (Source

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Wal-Mart Asset Protection store detective shot and killed over two packets of undershirts in Margate, Fla. store The shooter fled the scene on foot and went to a nearby neighborhood. Police said a resident reported a gunshot noise in the area. The suspect was later located by police deceased from a self inflicted gunshot wound. (Source


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Michigan House Commerce Committee approves legislation addressing ORC. House bills 5843 and 5902 make it a felony to participate in any aspect of ORC. The bills also state that the criminal must repay the retailer and reimburse the government costs for prosecution if they are convicted. The legislation is sponsored by state Rep. Joseph Graves and is now headed to the full House for consideration.  (Source

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Idaho couple load up shopping carts attempting to shoplift from Walmart. Two suspects from Washington State had a list and investigators believe may be connected to Walmart thefts in several stores. The two were arrested last week on burglary charges. Shawn David Pruitt, 31, and Pauliann Goyne, 36, both admitted to police that they stole items from Walmart and a search of the suspect’s car revealed the crime was much larger then first thought. (Source

A federal investigation in Mobile, AL negotiated guilty pleas from three more people in a multi-state theft ring that was selling fraudulently-obtained electronics on eBay. With the three additions, a total of 10 people have been charged and the U.S. Attorney's Office said the investigation is continuing. (Source

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NanoGate – "Small Gate, Big Protection" -- Now Available in AM Technology

CHARLOTTE, NC, Sept. 28, 2012 – Alpha High Theft Solutions®, a division of Checkpoint Systems, Inc. (NYSE: CKP), today announced the launch of AM (Acousto Magnetic) NanoGate®, an affordable security solution that provides intra-store protection for large retail stores and full store protection for smaller retail boutiques using Alpha’s 3 Alarm® products. AM NanoGate joins the award-winning RF (Radio Frequency) version previously released.

NanoGate is a small gate that offers big protection against shoplifting. It is an innovative, flexible, small security antenna that can be easily installed in unprotected zones within a store where thieves can hide and attempt to remove security devices. NanoGate works exclusively with Alpha’s 3 Alarm technology, extending their reach and enhancing their value as a proven high-theft security solution.

NanoGate is simple to install – six screws and plug-n-play. With an aesthetically pleasing design, NanoGate requires no wires, no tuning and no service contract, and comes with a battery back-up option. NanoGate triggers Alpha’s 3 Alarm technology, preventing thieves from taking retailer’s high-risk merchandise into restrooms, emergency exits, elevators, fitting rooms, and any other zone retailer’s want to prevent their merchandise to go within the store.

The small, attractive NanoGate antennas also provide excellent security in retail boutiques and specialty stores by stopping high-theft merchandise from being stolen via their smaller store entrances and exits.

RF NanoGate recently won the "Best Retail Product" award in the economic efficiency category in Germany. According to Wolfgang Meltzner, store manager of A.T.I., which has installed RF NanoGate in its outlets, "When high-priced motor oils and tools began to disappear from our shelves, we decided to do something about it. We began using NanoGate together with matching 3-Alarm Alpha solutions. From the first day, we not only noticed the deterrent aspect, we also saw a decrease in shoplifting, which is what we hoped for."

According to Larry Yeager, vice president and general manager for Alpha, "For large retailers looking to prevent specific products from being moved to unprotected zones within their stores, NanoGate is the perfect solution. It also provides a cost-effective means for smaller retailers to protect their high-risk merchandise. Beyond shrink benefits, retailers can also count on both RF and AM NanoGate to improve merchandise availability. This in turn leads to increased sales and higher levels of customer satisfaction at the moment of truth."

AM NanoGate is available immediately.

George Cohen (for Checkpoint)
GCC, Inc.

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