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September 30, 2011

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Doug Marker
Vice President
LP, Risk and Audit
Michael Stores, Inc.

Stephen O'Keefe
Loss Prevention and
Risk Management
Wal-Mart Canada

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Kelly Gorman
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National Retail Federation
2011 ORC Survey

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CLEAR/Coalition of Law Enforcement and Retail

2nd Annual Training Conference

October 4-6, 2011
Peppermill Resort/Casino
Reno Nevada




North Carolina ORC Conference

Friday, October7, 2011
8:00am - 4:30pm
2801 W. Tyvola Road
Charlotte, NC 28217





Albuquerque Retail Assets Protection Association (ARAPA)

is hosting their

2nd Annual
Southwest ORC Conference

Albuquerque Convention Center

October 13, 2011

and the cost is free

Additional information including conference topics can be found at the
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Washington State ORC ALLIANCE


1st Annual
Training Conference

Wed, November 2, 2011

Training Site:
WA State Criminal Justice Training Commission Auditorium

19010 1st Avenue South
Burien, WA




LPRC 2011 Impact Conference

October 10-12, 2011

Office Depot Headquarters
Boca Raton, FL





Robert Rice
was named Retail Director - Loss Prevention - Hallmark Cards.  In this role, Robert is responsible for the strategic plan and department Loss Prevention, Asset Management and Risk Management programs for all Corporate Store Group (CSG) stores and independently owned Hallmark Gold Crown stores, managing policies, procedures, awareness, practices and equipment to protect company assets.  Robert is adept at building Security, Risk Management, Safety, and Operations structure and culture that mitigates large operational expenses, optimizes existing and new resources, and protects employees and business continuity.  Robert has also served as a previous member of the Board of Directors for the Office Depot Foundation, a separate non-profit charitable organization, and is a member of the NRF Loss Prevention Advisory Committee since 2002.

Macy's plans to begin using RFID in all stores nationwide to count size-intensive "replenishment goods," items regularly stocked and automatically resupplied as they are sold to customers. This represents about 30% of the Cincinnati-based company's sales.  This could be a game changer for RFID.  (Source

Best Buy cuts holiday staff hiring by 48% vs. last year and increases hours for regular staffers.  "The consumer continues to be cautious. That's not just a blip, that's the new normal."  says their CEO Brian Dunn.  (Source

Top 3 reasons why consumers abandon online purchases found in Postcode Anywhere survey of 1,000 consumers in the UK are; 1) security concerns, 2) forms are too long to fill out, 3) enforced sign-up before checkout.  (Source

U.S. Customs seizes $5.4 million in counterfeit goods at Cincinnati airport, one year after seizing $21 million at the same airport.  "We were a little bit surprised," said Brian Bell, spokesman for U.S. Customs and Border Protection. "We're going to have to look at what else we can do." The seizures at the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport reflect a trend growing nationwide: Last year about $188 million worth of products were confiscated in about 20,000 seizures nationally.  Knockoff baseball caps, clothing, makeup, handbags and other inexpensive goods make up the bulk of the seized products.  (Source

Miniature cameras used at ATM's, skimmers at gas stations, unencrypted Wi-Fi setups in coffee shops or restaurants are the main tools for identity thieves.  (Source

Animal rights activists said they pumped fuel into an Idaho fur and fireworks retailer before setting the place ablaze early Monday at Rocky Mountain Fireworks & Fur Co near Boise, Idaho, and federal agents said they were taking the claim seriously.  (Source

Repeat counterfeit seller arrested again with $1M in counterfeit goods in the same house she was busted in 4 years ago in Palm Beach County, Fl.  (Source

Seven arrested at Raleigh, N.C., flea market with nearly $1 million in counterfeit goods.  There is an increasing awareness that these are not victimless crimes, and that they do in many cases even have ties to organized crime," Secretary of State Elaine F. Marshall said Wednesday.  (Source

Serial shoplifter freed from jail to get a heart transplant was re-sentenced yesterday to more then 2 years in prison for shoplifting again at CVS and with Medicaid not covering inmates she doesn't qualify for a new heart.  (Source

Look for double the mobile exploits this year vs. 2010 and particularly watch out for mobile applications that are really malware, says IBM's X-Force security research team.  "The first half of 2011 saw an increased level of malware activity targeting the latest generation of smart devices, as attackers are finally warming to the opportunities these devices represent."  (Source

Appeals Court upholds damage award to Louis Vuitton against web-hosting company Akanoc for selling counterfeit Louis Vuitton merchandise.  The company had been designed to "shelter illegal online conduct."  (Source




eBay Investigators Provide Support on Steroid Case Leads to Jail Term

eBay & PayPal investigators supported criminal investigation conducted by the UK-based Medicines & Healthcare Regulatory Agency (MHRA) into the illegal sale of steroids leads to 18-month sentence. The suspect was accused of supplying possession with intent to sell class C controlled drugs and prescription only medicines, namely anabolic steroids, as well as prescription only medicines, such as the breast cancer drug Tamoxifen. An independent expert with experience of research into the effects of anabolic steroids indicated that the quantities of oral steroids seized were enough for a 43-year supply for personal use. The transactions were conducted on an external unrelated site allegedly using PayPal as financial means. Click here for full article

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Counterfeit cash gang arrested passing counterfeit $100 bills at Staples in Norwich, ConnPolice believe they had been passing the bills in the area and had passed out flyers on the group.  A heads-up employee at Staples recognized the suspect and called police.  (Source



More on yesterday's 14 indicted, Dallas County ORC bust with TJX Companies taking the lead in the investigation that showed $450,000 in theft that took place over 14 months.  The group returned the stolen merchandise for gift cards and was selling them on line.  (Source


$1 million elaborate ORC scheme where two men would purchase and steal thousands of name-brand ink cartridges - swap them with knock-offs and then return them for cash at Best Buy and Target in Atlanta, Ga., for at least the last two years.  They said once they got their hands on the name brand ink cartridges they'd sell them online.  Police seized more than 3,000 cartridges in one of the suspects homes.  They had tools to reseal packaging and boxes so they looked as good as new.  "All kinds of box cutters, shrink wrap guns, glues for repackaging and all these boxes to make it look professional."  One suspect was arrested outside a Best Buy store in New York.  (Source

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D&D Daily Canadian Push

Retail crime accounts for $3.6 billion in losses in Canada.   A report from the Retail Council of Canada says 87 per cent of retailers were the victim of some form of retail crime in 2007, with the average loss over $12,000 per year.  (Source

Nordstrom and Kohl's are looking into opening stores in Canada as well, though neither have announce plans.  "Many chains see Canada as untapped territory, having nearly run out of promising locations in the United States to open new stores," said retail consultant Wendy Evans.  "Many of them have reached or are about to reach saturation in the U.S.," said Evans, whose firm, Evans and Co, advises companies on cross-border expansion.  Lowe's has even said "Canada is going well," Lowe's Chief Executive Robert Niblock told Reuters last month. "We have got many more stores in the pipeline," to add to their 28 stores already there.  (Source

Target announces that Canada's #2 grocer Sobey's will supply the U.S. chain with frozen, dairy, and packaged foods.  (

Almost two-thirds of Canadians wish they had more information about food safety and how to protect themselves from foods that pose a health risk, suggests a study commissioned by the federal government.  And 30 per cent of respondents think there’s a higher risk of consuming contaminated foods today compared to two years ago.  The Retail Council of Canada has truly taken a leadership role in the safety arena and has developed a number of programs designed to help retailers.  Any U.S. retailer seeking information or assistance should contact them.  (Source

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Submitted by Mark McClain Director, Investigations Asset Protection - Wal-Mart

Do Annual Surveys Tell the Whole Story?

Every year, industry solutions are often driven by survey results from corporate submissions. They continue to illustrate a division of roughly three different categories of shrink; internal, external, and paper/vendor/other. In a simple categorization, we may all agree that these three do somewhat represent a way to break them up, broadly speaking that is. However, allow me to share a different perspective. I will concede that the "paper/vendor/other" category does have an impact on shrink. To what extent is always the million dollar question. Let's focus only on internal vs. external for the sake of time.


From my experience, most companies classify employee theft in the "internal" category. For example, an accounting office employee steals money out of the safe, a worker in a certain department of the store steals merchandise, or a cashier is bagging up merchandise for a friend that was not paid for. Depending on the way you may classify the event in your case management system could determine how the next survey is filled out. Let's break up these events a bit more.

  • Cash from the safe – Does this cause "shrink" or is it a loss of profit and do you measure them the same? If we are going to consider this, then isn't it only fair to measure other profit loss drivers like credit card and check fraud by our external contributors?

  • Merchandise theft – Clearly, I would think we all agree this is inventory shrink defined at its best. Question then becomes how much is a result of professional groups in comparison to shoplifters stealing for personal use.

  • Sweethearting/Under-ringing – This, too, is a good example of inventory shrink, but I believe it begs to argue the following questions: Is it an internal or external case? Who actually stole the merchandise? How are you reporting this when you answer the survey?


Shoplifting is likely the best example that most would say make up the external bucket. This would include incidents of organized retail crime (ORC) as well. More on ORC down the road.  We would likely put the juvenile stealing a candy bar into the same bucket as the professional group of boosters (professional shoplifters). Again, depending on the way you classify the two in your case management system may make a difference in reporting.

Consider the following:

  • Scenario (1): Shoplifter steals a $20 DVD and is apprehended and merchandise is recovered.

  • Scenario (2): Employee steals a $20 DVD and is apprehended and merchandise is recovered.

If this is all that happened the entire year, how would you answer the survey? Which one represents the greater piece of the pie? Did I forget that most interviewing techniques train our investigators to try and gain an admission and develop it? With that said, let me add a few more facts.

  • Scenario (2): Employee now admits to the theft and has worked at the location for five years and provides a written statement that he/she has stolen a DVD every single week for all five years. Total is now $5,200.00.

Does this change the way you answer the question? Key to the answer is did you ask the same question of the shoplifter? If not, then we are not comparing apples to apples and it will certainly skew the results that can affect us all. Even if, should we be reporting a five year admission on an annual survey?


I believe it is imperative to all of us in asset protection/loss prevention to ensure that we demonstrate due diligence in how we complete these annual surveys. They are looked at by senior leadership and create great support for those tough conversations in trying to obtain resources or drive industry change. They can also have the reverse affect if the data does not support your argument.

So when your time comes up again to support the industry by sharing, please think about the following to help ensure that we are all better served with the data.

  • Is it truly internal or external?

  • Do you share internal admission amounts or only known or actual documented amounts?

  • If you capture admission amounts, then are you also doing so for shoplifters?

  • Does your case management system really allow you to break up the data in a way to provide better intelligence so you can report more accurately?

I hope this helps create some thinking. Have a great holiday season and good luck in making it a successful one.

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District Asset Protection Specialist Winn-Dixie Pensacola, FL Winn-Dixie
Sr. Manager of AP Safety Winn-Dixie Jacksonville, FL Winn-Dixie
Corp LPM of Analytics & Exception Reporting Confidential Florida Downing & Downing
Director of Asset Protection Confidential NYC, NY Downing & Downing
District Loss Prevention Mgr Sears Holdings Corp. Honolulu, HI Sears Holdings Corp.
Director of Loss Prevention Confidential Midwest Downing & Downing
National Account Sales Mgr Confidential Chicago, IL Downing & Downing
Asset Protection Manager The Home Depot Phoenix, AZ The Home Depot
Asset Protection Manager The Home Depot Metro Northern NJ The Home Depot
Asset Protection Manager The Home Depot Sacramento, CA The Home Depot
Asset Protection Manager The Home Depot Salem, OR The Home Depot
Corporate Inv. & Training Mgr Confidential Ohio Downing & Downing
Director of Loss Prevention Confidential California Downing & Downing
Regional LP Director Confidential Los Angeles, CA Downing & Downing

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Loss Prevention Mgr Kmart Des Plaines, IL Sears Holdings Corp

District LP Mgr

Lord & Taylor Boston, MA Lord & Taylor
District LP Mgr Dick's Sporting Goods Freehold, NJ Dick's Sporting Goods
Loss Prevention Mgr Kmart Petaluma, CA Sears Holdings Corp
AP Mgr (Rx Only) Wal-Mart Rogers, AR Wal-Mart
Loss Prevention Mgr Price Chopper Operating Co Syracuse/Utica/Oneonta Monster
Store LP and Safety Mgr Lowes Bloomfield Hills, MI Lowes


Robert Rice
was named Retail Director - Loss Prevention - Hallmark Cards.
Bill Davis has been named Area Loss Prevention Manager at Ross Stores.

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