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NRF Loss Prevention - Executive Summit 2012. Sept. 18-19, 2012. Hyatt Regency Schaumburg - Chicago, IL


Sears crisis center ready to react to Isaac

By Cheryl V. Jackson
Chicago Tribune
August 29, 2012

As Hurricane Isaac hung over the New Orleans region Wednesday morning, dozens of Sears Holdings managers were holed up in a high-tech space on the retailer's Hoffman Estates campus planning to react to the storm by reopening its affected stores there and restocking others.

It's a war room of sorts, this Sears Crisis Command Center, where the mission is to have high-demand items in the stores as soon as possible.

Monitors show The Weather Channel, other cable news channels and a local news channel. A map displays red and green dots that represent Sears' and Kmart stores -- with the red noting downed stores. As of Wednesday afternoon, about 40 stores have been closed with another 120 in danger of being affected by the storm.

"We're monitoring all these types of events, but we're all reacting too," said Bill Titus, vice president of loss prevention and safety. "And it's not just people. We're taking advantage of all the technology."

Managers from logistics, transportation, human resources and communications are all on hand for teleconferenced updates from employees on the ground, as well as from federal and state emergency management officials, which have contracts with Sears to vend supplies.

A nominal staff, which is typically on guard, has been watching Isaac for eight days. Wednesday morning, as many as 45 people have been through the crisis room.

The company established the command center two years ago to track and respond to any man-made or natural disaster that threatens the operation of its stores across the country. Such events have ranged from a fugitive running through a Las Vegas store and into a standoff with police nearby, to a bear wandering into an outlet in Pittsburg, Pa.

On Wednesday, it was Isaac, which was lingering, and delaying the team's ability to access damage.

Before the storm, Sears sent additional supplies to stock store shelves after the storm. Trucks stocked with water, generators and cleaning supplies, are stationed just outside the affected areas waiting to follow Isaac's path, Sears said.

"You have to kind of watch and see what's the final impact," said James R. Waldrop, manager of corporate crisis and emergency operations.

In regards to the above article Bill Titus, VP LP, Sears Holdings had this to say:

"The need to have a robust Crisis Management plan and team is critical in the protection of our customers, associates and facilities at Sears Holdings we work hard daily to ensure we have both."


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ASIS International UK Chapter, Autumn Meeting. Sept. 12, 2012 Bank of America, Canary Wharf

NRF Loss Prevention - Executive Summit 2012. Sept. 18-19, 2012. Hyatt Regency Schaumburg - Chicago, IL

New England ORC Symposium & Trade Show - September 20, 2012 Worcester, MA - DCU Center

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CLEAR's 3rd Annual Training Conference, Dallas, TX. Sept. 18-20, 2012. Learn more here.

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Northern Michigan University, located in Michigan’s incredible Upper Peninsula, offers one of the only baccalaureate loss prevention management programs in the United States. It is offered completely online and accepts up to 92 transfer credits. An affordable investment into a dynamic and growing profession. Learn more here

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News Brief - Sponsored by WG Security Products

Retailers given "green light" to track shoppers movements by mobile - within their stores and in neighborhoods near their stores with federal appeals court decision. The Sixth Circuit of the U.S. Court of Appeals ruled that Americans have no right to expect privacy when it comes to their phones' location. The courts decision may make it ever so slightly easier—or potentially a wee bit more legal—for retailers to collect this type of information, even if the consumer doesn’t agree. (Source

CORPORATE ESPIONAGE? Samsung Electronics advanced OLED television sets have gone missing while on their way to the IFA consumer electronics fair in Berlin. Media reports had said it may have been a theft aimed at stealing the advanced TV technology, whose loss could cost the firm billions of dollars. Samsung declined to comment on whether it believed the disappearance could be a case of industrial espionage, or on potential financial damages it could suffer from the loss of the technology. (Source

Everybody is copying Apple - With AT&T opening a 10,000 square-foot flagship store on Chicago's Michigan Ave last weekend and Microsoft opening one right across the street from an Apple store last week in Boston. Yes, the AT&T store borrows heavily from the Apple Store's look, feel, and overall experience. (Sort of like that other retail store from another electronics manufacturer). There are even Genius-wannabes. But hey, it's a proven model! So why not? With its App Tenders, Experience Platform, and Lifestyle Boutiques, the original purveyor of iPhones, AT&T, plots to kill the competition softly. And we're all still waiting to see how J.C. Penney is going to pull their Apple conversion off. (Source (Source

Airlines to face federal trial over negligence claims tied to the hijackings of jetliners used in Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. World Trade Center Properties, which owned the twin towers destroyed in the attacks, sued the airlines in 2008 over negligence in the attacks. Judge Alvin K. Hellerstein of the District Court for the Southern District of New York in Manhattan said a trial was required for the $8.4B lawsuit. (Source

National Safety Survey 2012: The Politics of Safety. "The Democrats will do little. The Republicans will do less." "Democratic administrations typically runs the agency more aggressively, a Republican administration typically runs it to be more of a hands-off agency," said one EHS leader. (Source

August saw the worst sales growth this year in the UK - "There's no evidence here of any Olympic boost to retail sales overall" According to Stephen Robertson, director general of the British Retail Consortium. Sales were down 0.4% over August 2011 in the UK and, incredibly, the Republican National Convention in Tampa also didn't drive any strong retail sales growth given hurricane Isaac's issues. (Source

Saks opens a web fulfillment hub in LaVergne, TN and Macy's opened one recently in West VA. e-commerce facilities are the fastest growing segment of the distribution center industry in the U.S. Macy's center is said to be over 2 million square feet with Saks Fifth Ave's being 564,000. The distribution/e-commerce channel offers a lot of growth for the LP industry and being able to deliver e-commerce Loss Prevention services are incredibly important for every LP executive to learn. (Source

Team spirit and peer pressure motivate employees more than money. A new study shows that in cohesive and cooperative work teams, employees may be more motivated by team spirit and the desire to help their coworkers than by money. Researchers at the University of Iowa found that self-managing teams demonstrated increased performance when those teams were cohesive and cooperative. (Source

Criminals, terrorists often have ties to counterfeit goods. American investigators say anyone buying counterfeit goods could be providing support to other criminal activities. The estimated five hundred billion dollar a year counterfeiting industry is bigger than the drug trade. Street gangs, international organized crime groups and even terrorists are involved with counterfeiting. According to Kris Buckner, "Then you have groups that have ties to Hezbollah, Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas that have engaged in this activity. The problem is it’s a perfect opportunity for these guys to make money. You got to look at the global marketplace. It’s estimated that 10 percent of the goods you’ll see out there are estimated to be counterfeit." (Source

FBI denies theft of laptop from cyber-security agent that had 12.4 million unique device identifiers (UDIDS) for iPhones and iPads. But hackers, who claimed to be from AntiSec, an affiliate of Anonymous, have published 1 million UDIDS on the site Pastebin claiming they came from this agents laptop. But this also implies the FBI can track Apple users. (Source

Counterfeit currency ring of seven in Vermillion, Ohio get prison time for passing fake $20's at retailers Using a color scanner, copier and printer, the ring leader produced fake $20's that his six co-conspirators passed at Walgreens, Wendy's, Burger King, Steak N Shake between Nov. 2010 and Jan. 2011. The ring leader got two years in prison, three of them got one year and one day, one got six months followed by a year of home detention, and the last one got three years of probation and four months of home detention. All were ordered to remain under supervised release for three years after release from prison. (Source

Three Robberies may be connected in Honolulu starting with a Walgreens store August 18th
. In all three incidents, a black, semi-automatic handgun was flashed by the robber, witnesses said. Two retailers were robbed Monday an hour apart. In the Walgreens case, the suspect is described as between 30 and 40 years old, about 6-feet-1, weighing between 160 and 210 ponds, and wearing a black, hooded sweatshirt, blue camouflage long pants, and a baseball cap. (Source

The two members of the $50M twin-Cities fraud ring busted earlier this year, who helped bring down this 30 member ring, get no prison time
. The case grew out of an investigation dubbed "Operation Starburst" by the Minnesota Financial Crimes Task Force. The scheme, which ran from 2006 to 2011, had operations in Minnesota, California, Massachusetts, Arizona, New York and Texas. More than 30 people have either pleaded guilty or been convicted in the case, including six bankers. It was one of the biggest fraud cases in history impacting over 8,700 victims and operating for years with ties to Africa. (Source

Jewelry store robbers in Vacaville, CA., may have also hit Newark mall shop Just before 11 a.m., six suspects entered DeBartolo & Co. Fine Jewelers, in the 500 block of Main Street in Vacaville, armed with hammers and a handgun and used them to smash display cases to reach the loot, police said. Three men were arrested and three remain at large. Meanwhile, Newark detectives were looking into whether the suspects were the same robbers who stormed Zena Jewelers International in a crowded shopping mall July 26, smashed display cases with a pistol, grabbed jewelry and fired shots in the shop. Four suspects were involved in that incident. (Source

Three robbers burst into c-store and shot and killed three workers-all relatives at Hustle Mart convenience store in Farmville, N.C. Sunday night
. Cash was scattered throughout the store and in the parking lot, and there were no signs of a struggle, according to Christy Wallace, a sheriff's office spokeswoman. There are no suspects. The town held a candlelight vigil Monday evening. (Source

More owners are reporting lost or stolen pets than ever, but the online nation is coming to the rescue. Nearly 70 percent more dogs were stolen across the country in 2011 than a year earlier. Digital services like, and are growing, too. Each year, there are 10 to 15 percent more callers to, said founder Mark Jakubczak. For a fee (starting at $99.95), the service will call neighbors with a computer-generated message and fax posters to pet-related businesses. Jakubczak said recovery ranges from 62 to 84 percent. (Source

Quarterly Same Store Sales Results

Dollar General Q2 up 5.1% with sales up 10.4% - opening 600 new stores this year
Children's Place Q2 up 3.4% with total sales up 5% and e-commerce up 21.1%

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ORC News - Sponsored by Universal Survellience Systems

ORC ring busted at Lowe's in Florida had inside help stealing tens of thousands of dollars For months, deputies say they saw workers checking out with big money items, but paying only small ticket prices to their co-conspirator co-workers. Shopping carts full of expensive drills and saws and electrical equipment, all totaling $70,000, were all allegedly part of a carefully constructed scam that five employees had a hand in. "We had three accomplices that were cashiers, two that worked out on floor and the two that worked out on the floor would obviously fill their carts with high priced merchandise and look for their accomplices in order to go and check out through the register," said Concepcion. They then sold the items on CraigsList. Lowes itself eventually knew and helped build the case against its workers, and helped install them behind some well-constructed bars. (Source

Two men busted stealing iPods at Wal-Mart store in Houston - to sell online Houston police said the pair was captured on surveillance video stealing iPods from a southeast Houston Walmart store on July 12 and July 20. The two were seen on surveillance video walking to another area of the store to remove security tags, police said. They then walked out of the store with the iPods, bypassing the cash registers. The motive was to sell the iPods on Craigslist and Facebook to make quick cash, police said. (Source

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Thought Challenge

Submitted by Adam Smith, CFE, CFI
Senior Regional Asset Protection Manager
Winn Dixie Stores

It’s a dangerous world we live in. At least that is what we hear in the news media. Reports of shootings and violence consume news broadcasts. Recently, we’ve added a new form of terrorism in the "lone gunman", which represents a single attacker, like the most recent shootings. These are terrible tragedies, which we should make every effort to prevent. However, is this a dangerous time period for humans?

Looking at the data; murder, rape, and other violent crimes are at some of the lowest levels in human history. Even casualties per military conflict are dramatically lower than World War II levels. As an American, you have the most political freedom and economic opportunity than any other time period. Simply stated, you are safer from violent crime today than any other time in human history.

At first this can seem difficult to swallow. As a child, you may remember running freely through your neighborhood or being allowed to wander the shopping mall. It just seemed like a simpler, and safer, time to be a child. Today, children are monitored closely by their parents, some resorting to a child leash or GPS tracking. Empirically, this would suggest that these precautions are taken as a result of an increase in violence.

The contradiction can be explained by the zeitgeist, which is defined as "spirit or mood of a particular period of history as shown by the ideas and beliefs of the time." The current zeitgeist of society is a reduced tolerance of violence. A good example of this is our tolerance of military casualties. The United States incurred over 400,000 deaths, or 3% of the entire population, during World War II. By comparison, the Iraq and Afghanistan wars combined have resulted in 6,280 deaths, or .002% of the population of the country. However, there is a far greater public movement to exit the current war, which has claimed only a fraction of the lives as compared to WWII. While these are different wars, our sensitivity towards death has clearly changed. This is most likely why we are more protective of our children.

Now that we have established that our overprotectiveness is unfounded and probably a product of increased media coverage, are we overreacting?

Even though there are statistically few violent deaths, the pain and mourning for those affected by them are very real. As a society, a single death represents a fraction of a percent of the population, but to an individual, the death can be a significant percentage of their immediate family. For example, a childless woman losing a husband could be losing 100% of her immediate family. Thinking back to the example of the overprotective parent, even one abduction is unacceptable if it is your child.

Security is just as important as ever. Our society has progressed to cherish life more than ever, have smaller families, and grieve longer. In the retail environment, it is the Loss Prevention professional's responsibility to make sure our stores provide the safety that our customers demand.

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Vendor Spotlight
Axis Communications

Axis Introduces a Series of Miniature HDTV Cameras for
Exceptionally Discreet and Covert Surveillance

Indoor and outdoor-ready models in AXIS P12 Series provide HDTV-quality video,
Power over Ethernet and edge storage support with a thumb-sized camera head


CHELMSFORD, Mass. – ASIS International Booth #2622 – September 4, 2012 – Axis Communications, the world leader in network video, introduces the exceptionally small AXIS P12 Network Camera Series of uniquely designed indoor and outdoor-ready IP cameras for discreet or covert surveillance. The cameras’ miniature sizes, different form factors and specifically designed mounting accessories and enclosures enable easy installation into very tight spaces, making them ideal for discreet surveillance applications in retail stores, banks and ATMs, hotel lobbies and building doorways.

AXIS P12 Series includes three models: the pinhole AXIS P1204 and AXIS P1214 models ideal for indoor environments, and the IP66-rated AXIS P1214-E model suited for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Each camera in the AXIS P12 Series consists of a small sensor unit that includes the camera head and progressive scan image sensor, which is connected up to 26 ft. away from the main unit that contains the camera electronics and additional features. Corresponding mounting accessories are also included with the cameras.

"The AXIS P12 Series will be especially attractive for customers looking for the flexibility to install a camera where there isn’t much space or where they want a clean design – such as inside an ATM for that close-up face shot or a building entranceway for unobtrusive installation," said Fredrik Nilsson, general manager, Axis Communications, Inc. "HDTV video in a covert form factor is a powerful tool."

AXIS P12 Series provides up to HDTV 720p video at full frame rate with multiple, individually configurable video streams in H.264 compression to greatly optimize bandwidth and storage without compromising image quality. Motion JPEG is also supported for increased flexibility.

The cameras can be powered over Ethernet or via an optional external power supply, and edge storage is supported so recordings can be saved to a microSD/microSDHC card or Network Attached Storage (NAS) device. Furthermore, the cameras feature I/O ports for connecting external devices as well as embedded video intelligence like motion detection and tampering alarm, with support for third-party applications running on AXIS Camera Application Platform.

AXIS P12 Series is supported by AXIS Camera Station and the industry’s largest base of video management software through the
Axis Application Development Partner Program and AXIS Camera Station. The cameras include support for AXIS Camera Companion, Hosted Video, and ONVIF for easy camera system integration.

The cameras are expected to be available in October 2012 through Axis’ distribution channels at the suggested retail price of $499.

Matt Flanagan
fama PR, Inc.

Domenic Locapo
Axis Communications Inc.

Axis Communications

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Four Lessons From the Best Bosses I Ever Had Deborah Mills-Scofield has had multiple bosses over the years, but in this article, she discusses the four best bosses she ever had, and the four lessons she learned from them. Whether you have bosses like these, or completely different bosses, these lessons are good ones to learn so that one day, when you're the boss, you'll know exactly what to do. (Trust)

Why I Stopped Firing Everyone and Started Being a Better Boss Indigo Johnson, CEO of Careers in Transition and a former Marine, fired her employees on a regular basis. In fact, she fired employees so regularly that few of them ever lasted longer than a year. Until she realized she was the problem, and started focusing on their strengths instead of their weaknesses. (Drill Instructor)
Set a Remarkable Goal, Then Blow It Away William Roetzheim is not a delusions-of-grandeur kind of guy. He sets an achievable goal, achieves it, then moves on to the next thing. So it was not enough for him to launch Marotz and then sell it for millions. Nor was it enough to launch Cost Xpert Group and sell that for millions either. He wants to do it again and again and then again. (What are your goals?)

6 Steps to Getting More Stuff Done Let's face it: Despite all of the positives associated with today's rapidly changing business environment, technology can also cause distractions and put a strain on our productivity. Whatever your personal distractions may be, following these six simple steps should help you to increase personal productivity and job performance. (Minimize disruptions)

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Education is a broad term usually defined by an individual as a singular focus with an end result that oftentimes stagnates the brain and limits horizons. Reaching milestones is incredibly important, but keeping your curiosity and wonderment is the key to reaching beyond. No singular degree or certification will bring you the success – it merely opens the door to more learning and the realization that if you don't know something, you go find someone who does and learn it from them.

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