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August 17, 2011

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Doug Marker
Vice President
LP, Risk and Audit
Michael Stores, Inc.

Stephen O'Keefe
Loss Prevention and
Risk Management
Wal-Mart Canada

Coming in August

Kelly Gorman
Vice President LP

LP Program Spotlight
eBay's PROACT Team

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co-hosted by
Universal Surveillance Systems


1st Annual One-Day
ORC Conference


Friday, August 19, 2011
7:30am - 4:30pm
Cal State San Marcos





5th Annual
Crime Symposium & Trade Show

Wednesday, Sept 21, 2011
8:30am - 5:00pm

Hilton Garden Inn
35 Major Taylor Blvd
Worcester, MA



October 4-6, 2011

CLEAR/Coalition of Law Enforcement and Retail

2nd Annual Training Conference
Peppermill Resort/Casino
Reno, NV

Albuquerque Retail Assets Protection Association (ARAPA)
is hosting their

2nd Annual
Southwest ORC Conference

Albuquerque Convention Center

October 13, 2011

and the cost is free

Additional information including conference topics can be found at the
link below



Washington State ORC ALLIANCE


1st Annual
Training Conference

Wed, November 2, 2011

Training Site:
WA State Criminal Justice Training Commission Auditorium

19010 1st Avenue South
Burien, WA


LPRC invites
innovative solutions providers to join their

Benefit Denial Working Group (BDWG)

to develop and test leading-edge product protection solutions


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National Retail Federation
2011 ORC Survey

Executive Summary
Full Report

Women in LP Caucus
Mentor Program
Register Here

August 7-10, 2011
National Food Service Security Council
32nd Annual Meeting

Hyatt Grand Champion
Indian Wells, CA

Join Vangent for a

Complimentary 1-day
Advanced Training and
Certification Seminar on their:

Employee Attitude
Inventory (EAI) Tool

That points investigators in the right direction!

at the Chicago Vangent downtown offices

August 22, 2011

Led by
Dr. John "Jack" Jones

To register or for questions, contact
Mike Tancredi
(312) 242-4231

Retail Council of Canada's

2011 Loss Prevention Conference

Going Beyond LP - Partnering for Success

September 14, 2011
7:30am - 5:00pm
International Centre
6900 Airport Road
Mississauga, Ontario




Contact the RCC Events Team at 1(888) 373-8245 or visit


CNN, the John King Show – Flash Mobs

n Case you missed it
Last night's John King CNN show featured the 7-11 1:30 am flash mob incident of over 20 youths with police now saying they have over half of them identified and they will be prosecuted.  Police also say they've had an "overwhelming response" to posting the video.  The end result is that many cities are now considering curfews to help eliminate late night flash mobs.  A must watch video!  (Source

Counterfeiters in China are actually causing price wars and with smartphone prices crashing they're now moving into the tablet computer world.  With one analyst saying in the China Daily "The only thing they do is launch a price war and then everybody is stuck in the mud."   With the writer of this article continuing by writing;  "Right.  So let me get this straight.  Copycat phone makers, doing what they do best, drove the price of mobile phones into the ground, killing their own profits.  What's a shanzhai (knockoff) factory to do but catch the next (profitable) wave, tablets?"  Interesting article about how shanzhai factories actually cause price wars for the branded manufacturers and how it pressures the market share for every distributor.  (Source

The US Department of Justice this week said a woman counterfeiter was sentenced to two years in prison and ordered to pay $441,035 in restitution for selling more than $400,000 worth of counterfeit software.  (Source

Prince George, British Columbia, Canada is being hit with a rash (4) of retail robberies
within a very short period of time and the RCMP believes it's one man.  (Source

The International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) reported that chain store sales fell 1.5% compared to the prior week, the third consecutive decline and the steepest drop in 3 months, while growing 3.5% over the prior-year period during the week ending Aug 13th.  (Source

Raiding your former employer may not be as wise as you might think – Office Max sued A&P last year because the their former CEO, Sam Martin, went over to A&P and recruited "several former OfficeMax executives" over to A&P.  OfficeMax claimed Martin violated the terms of his severance agreement by hiring and "improperly soliciting" several former executives to join A&P.  Yesterday, A&P and OfficeMax reached an agreement to settle the dispute and did not release details.   (Source

Here's a new twist
Abercrombie & Fitch actually pays a "substantial sum"  to reality TV personality Michael Sorrentino, of The Situation from MTV's Jersey Shore, not to wear their clothes.   The reality show's cast of "loud, foul-mouthed, hyper-groomed, spray-tanned, sex-obsessed" Italian-Americans has proven a controversial ratings hit.  However, Abercrombie & Fitch has decided Jersey Shore's cocktail of sex, alcohol, bragging and bad behavior is harming its "aspirational" brand image and "may be distressing to many of our fans."  (Source

Second Quarter Results

Citi Trends same store sales down 11.9%
Target same store sales up 3.9%
Staples same store sales in North America "flat"

2Q Online sales continue to boom

Amazon online sales up 51%
Saks online sales up 50%
Macy's online sales up 40.2%
Nordstrom online sales up 33%

London - Shocking newly released video of looters

Startling new video released of a woman in a retail store holding the doors closed while looters try to kick their way in!  With retail store shelves emptied and looters hitting stores – carrying their loot – windows smashed – and police just standing by!  Flash mobs could happen here anytime! 

In an ironic twist, while it was smartphones that helped the riots grow and become organized, the "dozen or more mobile stores" looted during the riots will stop the looters from using the stolen smartphones within 48 hours of them using them.  (Source csoonline)

A British court sentenced two men, a 20-year-old and a 22-year-old, to 4 years in prison for inciting violence and trying to organize a riot on Facebook and were just charged for it on August 9th and 10th.  A speedy trial and strong message to youths.  (Source 


Join Vangent for a

Complimentary 1-day
Advanced Training and
Certification Seminar on their:

Employee Attitude
Inventory (EAI) Tool

That points investigators in the right direction!

at the Chicago Vangent downtown offices
August 22, 2011

Led by
Dr. John "Jack" Jones

To register or for questions, contact
Mike Tancredi
(312) 242-4231

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eBay Aggressively Supporting Law Enforcement Action on Vehicle Fraud Investigations

The FBI issued a strong warning to the public that online vehicle shoppers are being victimized by fraudulent vehicle sales and false claims of vehicle protection programs (VPP). In fraudulent vehicle sales, criminals attempt to sell vehicles they do not own by creating an attractive deal by advertising vehicles at prices below book value. Often the sellers purport they need to sell because they are moving for work, to include military deployments. To make the deal appear legitimate, the criminals instruct victims to send full or partial payment to a 3rd agent via a wire transfer payment service and to fax the payment receipt to the seller as proof of payment. The criminal pockets the payment, but does not deliver the vehicle. Criminals also attempt to make their scams appear valid by misusing the names of reputable companies and programs. These criminals have no association with these companies, and their schemes give buyers instructions that do not adhere to the rules & restrictions of any legitimate program. For example, eBay Motors' VPP is a legitimate program whose name is commonly misused by these criminals. Criminals often promise eBay Motors VPP coverage for non-eBay Motors purchases and instruct victims to pay via Western Union or MoneyGram. eBay global asset protection continues to support international law enforcement agencies, alleged victims and financial institutions related to this scheme. 
Click here for FBI Press Release)
Click here for FBI article "Buying a Car Online?"

For further information on PROACT email inquiries to;

eBay Direct - Click Here  -  (notify - info - questions)



ORC Ring in Hendersonville, Tenn.

HENDERSONVILLE, Tenn. – Police have arrested two women and are looking for at least one other in connection with an alleged shoplifting ring in Tennessee and Kentucky.

Hendersonville police arrested 39-year-old Condra Medford and
50-year-old Marilyn Musser on theft and drug charges. They are looking for 42-year-old Sherry Huff who is also wanted on theft charges.

Police said they were alerted to the ring when they were called to a shoplifting complaint at the Walmart on North Anderson Lane on Monday. Police said a woman allegedly tried to steal merchandise without paying.

Police said two co-conspirators were discovered in the parking lot. They also discovered several bags of merchandise stolen from numerous retail stores in the vehicle. The contents of these bags included merchandise with affixed tags from several retail stores. The value of the stolen merchandise is over $1,000.

Anyone with information on Huff's location can contact Detective Harrell or Detective Sergeant J.D. Coarsey with the Hendersonville Police Department at (615) 822-1111.  (Source

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Vector Security's Golf Outing

to Benefit the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children

Emphasizes the Plight of Missing Children


MANASSAS, VA (August 16, 2011): Vector Security’s 2011 Technical Service Partners (TSP) golf outing,
held at the Bristow Manor Golf Club in Bristow, VA,
helped again emphasize the needs of missing and
exploited children.

The weekend event brought Vector’s network of
nationwide Technical Service Partners (TSPs) together with Vector staff and select manufacturers and vendors, to help raise funding for the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children® (NCMEC), and to conduct the first in a series of two advisory
council meetings Vector holds with their TSP network each year.

2011 Vector Security TSP Golf Outing Participants

"The support of partners, like Vector Security, that raise both public awareness for the issue and funds to support the search are critical to the safe recovery of missing children," said Ernie Allen, NCMEC president and CEO. "We are grateful for their generosity and partnership."

According to Joseph English, Vice President/General Manager of Vector's National Accounts Division, the TSP advisory council meeting is an important purpose of the golf outing, but the first priority is the money that is raised for NCMEC. "We've been dedicating proceeds from this event to the NCMEC almost from the inception of these gatherings. Since both our company and our TSPs serve the retail industry, it's a great way to support a cause that retail itself has embraced." Since the inception of Vector's golf tournament, the event has raised $35,000 for NCMEC.

Vector Security's TSP advisory council represents the opinions of more than 400 subcontractors who perform Vector's installation and service work. The TSP Advisory Council is made up of representatives from all parts of the country and meets twice a year to discuss improvements we can make in our policies and procedures that can benefit our company, our customers and our TSPs. The advisory council was formed in 2008, and appoints members to one-year terms. The council is an important component of Vector's overall Promises Given, Promises Kept (PGPK) CRM culture. The Technical Service Partners play a front line role in meeting and exceeding the expectations of Vector's customers in two important ways: complying with store opening dates and maintaining the operational integrity of Vector's systems.
L - R: Joseph English, VP/General Manager, National Accounts Division, Vector Security; Susan Culler, VP of Development, NCMEC; Michael Grady, Executive VP, Vector Security.



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Job Opening




Asset Protection Specialist Winn-Dixie Mobile, AL Winn-Dixie
Sr. Manager of AP Safety Winn-Dixie Jacksonville, FL Winn-Dixie
Director of Safety Confidential Chicago, IL Downing & Downing
Director of Loss Prevention Confidential Boston, MA Downing & Downing
Director of Loss Prevention Confidential Dallas, TX Downing & Downing
Corp LPM of Analytics & Exception Reporting Confidential Florida Downing & Downing
Director of Asset Protection Confidential NYC, NY Downing & Downing
District Loss Prevention Mgr Sears Holdings Corp. Honolulu, HI Sears Holdings Corp.
Director of Loss Prevention Confidential Midwest Downing & Downing
National Account Sales Mgr Confidential Chicago, IL Downing & Downing
Asset Protection Manager The Home Depot Phoenix, AZ The Home Depot
Asset Protection Manager The Home Depot Metro Northern NJ The Home Depot
Asset Protection Manager The Home Depot Sacramento, CA The Home Depot
Asset Protection Manager The Home Depot Salem, OR The Home Depot
Corporate Inv. & Training Mgr Confidential Ohio Downing & Downing
Director of Loss Prevention Confidential California Downing & Downing
Regional LP Director Confidential Los Angeles, CA Downing & Downing

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Job Opening




Regional LP Mgr Charming Shoppes Boston, MA Charming Shoppes
Area LP Mgr Family Dollar Jacksonville, FL Family Dollar
Loss Prevention Mgr Sears Holdings/Sears Saginaw, MI Sears Holdings Corp
Loss Prevention Mgr Sears Holdings/Kmart Moon Township, PA Sears Holdings Corp
Retail LP Mgr Bloomingdale's White Plains, NY Macy's
Regional LP Mgr Bloomingdale's Garden City, NY Macy's
Loss Prevention Mgr Sears Holdings/Sears Madison, WI Sears Holdings Corp
Sr Mgr Regl AP/Logistics Wal-Mart Bloomington, MN Wal-Mart

None to report.

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The speed of the day and today's economic pressures often tempts even the most defined professional to take shortcuts and risk exposures that ultimately they have to mentally deal with and occasionally have to face the consequences for. There is no better use of the adage, It's the Tortoise vs. the Hare, and the tortoise always wins, that applies here. Staying grounded in your principals, committed to your mission and being a professional is what should drive every executive every day – remembering that long term actions speak louder than words and the tortoise always wins will hopefully rule the day.

Stay grounded
Gus Downing

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