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13 more New Yorkers indicted in the largest identity theft and credit card scheme in U.S. history in "Operation Swiper" Dismantled last October it now has over 111 defendants and one is employed by the NYPD. This $13M even included crooked retail employees at Best Buy and Loehmann's. The 13 alleged thieves were variously charged with identity theft, grand larceny, criminal possession of a forged instrument, falsifying business records, petty larceny, scheme to defraud and conspiracy. Best Buy employees like Barakat were allegedly caught on camera either using stolen account holders information to purchase goods from the electronic store or made purchases with forged Traveler’s Cheques and returned the items for cash. Since the takedown in the Fall, 75 of the defendants have pled guilty. (Source

Deloitte & Touche accountant pleads guilty to securities fraud after auditing Sears, Walgreen, Best Buy and Motorola. A Chicago-based accountant has pleaded guilty to securities fraud for profiting from information that was not yet public about companies he was auditing. He generated about $420,000 in profits from illegal trades. (Source

Intel employee gets 3 years in prison for stealing secrets worth $200M to $400M after he resigned and went to work for competitor Prosecutors say the 36-year-old Pani downloaded secret documents from Intel in May 2008, shortly after he announced he was leaving his to join Intel rival Advanced Micro Devices. Advanced cooperated with the investigation and denied any knowledge. Intel detected and reported the theft. (Source Associated Press)

Retailers, Industry Experts, and NRF Partner to Launch Integrated Mobile Initiative The National Retail Federation, in partnership with its member companies, today announced the launch of the Integrated Mobile Initiative (IMI), a first-of-its-kind, initiative that will serve as the single source for information about the challenges and opportunities that exist within mobile retailing. The initiative is being led by NRF’s Senior Vice President of Communities and Executive Director of Vicki Cantrell, with cooperative support and involvement from an external task force of retail companies and solution providers. (Source

NLRB Rules That Asking Employee Investigation Witnesses To Keep Quiet Violates Section 7 Of The Act Last week, the National Labor Relations Board fired another shot across the bow of the employer community, finding unlawful the common (if not universal) practice of instructing -- or even asking -- witnesses in an investigation not to discuss the matter with others until after the investigation is completed. So Now What? Employers may wish to modify standard written interview protocols and witness instructions to try to fit the particular instruction to the particular situation and witness. (Source

New Hurricane App Brings American Red Cross Safety Information to Smart Phones The American Red Cross has launched its official Hurricane App, free - putting lifesaving information right in the hands of people who live in or who visit hurricane prone areas. This free app is the second in a series to be created by the American Red Cross, the nation’s leader in emergency preparedness, for use on both iPhone and Android platforms. (Source

NYPD and Microsoft are teaming up to launch the first of its kind crime-tracking system that aggregates & analyzes camera, license plate readers, sensors, and law enforcement databases info. A new crime-tracking system designed jointly by the New York Police Department and Microsoft Corp. will pool existing data from cameras, 911 calls and other technologies to provide crime fighters with a comprehensive view of threats and criminal activity, as well as provide the city with a new revenue source. (Source

A local government in Shenyang, China announced a crackdown on counterfeit goods, 90% of store owners responded by shutting down, creating a veritable ghost town China can't crackdown on counterfeit goods without putting most stores out of business. The Shenyang authorities held an emergency meeting in response to the store closures and announced that they were not conducting a crackdown and asked stores to reopen. (Source

Counterfeiter of $2M in DVD's busted with sophisticated equipment in garage selling to vendors at flea markets in Modesto, Cailf. He had a complete operation set up with over 50 printers, disc-replicating machines, scanners, copy machines and cover art. He now faces 5 years in prison by pleading guilty this week. (Source

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Ottawa cargo theft is on the rise with 5 - 53' foot trailers being stolen this year by organized crime Undercover detectives call it "an emerging trend" of locally based organized crime — "an enormous beast" to investigate. An undercover Ottawa detective sergeant tells the Sun all signs indicate the city is a hotbed of organized criminal members, parts of a vast chain with links in the GTA, Kingston, Cornwall and Montreal. (Source

Chicago area retailer robbed at gunpoint of $8000 worth of ‘True Religion’ merchandise. A man entered the store in Park Forest waving a handgun, then began yelling orders at an associate and one trapped customer to start to bag merchandise, including 27 pairs of True Religion jeans valued at over $6000. The suspect continued to empty the cash register, taking the cell phones and wallets from the customer and associate. (Source

Sprint store burglarized for $63,000 in merchandise in Mount Laurel. Over $63,000 worth of merchandise was stolen early Tuesday during a smash-and-grab burglary at the Sprint store in the Centerton Square shopping center. Investigators said the burglary happened at around 1 a.m. The front window of the store was smashed and various electronic devices were then stolen. The damage from the break-in was estimated at $800. (Source

Gun store owner shoots 3 burglars, killing one following a failed attempt to smash into the store. At 4 am in North Augusta the owner of a gun shop was notified of a silent alarm at his store, upon his arrival he saw the front of his store had been destroyed and three suspects. The owner opened fire on the suspects, hitting one and killing him, the two other were able to get away but later turned themselves in due to injuries from gunshot wounds. (Source

click to watch videoCicero jewelry store robbery caught on tape, Thanks to a really big dog. The Cicero Police Department is seeking four men viewed on a surveillance tape in what a town spokesman called a "brutal beating" during a robbery that netted about $40,000 from a gold exchange store in Cicero. Three of the men distracted the store’s clerk in the front of the store, while the fourth suspect went around back and broke in with a crowbar. The men then allegedly tied the clerk up using a phone line and put a bag over his head before they began beating him. The owner’s 110 pound French Mastiff in the back office of the store was not giving anyone access to the DVR. (Source

Quarterly Results

Cabela's Q2 up 17% in retail revenue
Kohl's Q2 down 2.7% with net sales down 1%
Advanced Auto Q2 same store sales down 2.7% with sales down 1.3%


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The Children's Place - The First Year

"Transitioning to YOur New Job as an LP Director" by Mike Keenan, VP of LP for GAP North America. A Chapter From Retail Crime, Security, and Loss Prevention An Encyclopedic Reference


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A new column for the retailers to provide you with Daily alerts that may be impacting your stores. This column is for you the retailers and while we strive to find the information online we certainly invite your input as well. It can be anonymous or can have your direct contact information to enable the LP community to respond to you directly. Taking into consideration the Daily's broad reaching audience we wanted to provide you with a tool that can help you communicate with the entire industry in one click so to speak, which in turn will help you deliver real-time LP services to your stores.

So if you want to know if stores in a certain area are seeing particular incidents, crimes, or known suspects this column is for you. Also, given the level of the incidents we would also be more than willing to provide you with an individual email alert should there be a critical situation that the industry needs to hear about 24/7. We at the Daily are absolutely committed to providing you with the tools, the information, and the vehicle necessary to deliver real-time solutions nation-wide. Please feel free to contact any of our staff for assistance.

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"Transitioning to Your New Job as an LP Director" b Mike Keenan, VP of LP, Gap North America

Over the next few weeks the Daily will be publishing Mike Keenan's chapter   “Transitioning to Your New Job as an LP Director” from the book Retail Crime, Security, and Loss Prevention, 1st Edition, An Encyclopedic Reference.

Book authors Chuck Sennewald & John Christman
Published and released February 20, 2008.
Imprinted by Butterworth-Heinemann
ISBN: 9780123705297

 "Transitioning to Your New Job as an LP Director"

by Mike Keenan, CPP, CFI
Vice President of Loss Prevention
GAP North America

To stop return fraud, a Refund Control program is absolutely necessary. Without an effective refund control program, your company is at risk. Poor refund control can lead to internal theft (fraudulent returns by employees) and external theft (shoplifting for the specific intent to return.) It can also allow duplicate receipts, counterfeit receipts and the reuse of the same receipt multiple times.

Thieves find ways to circumvent polices at individual stores. The best defense is a corporate wide system to track returns. The main focus should be on non-receipted returns. If your POS system allows a way for cash to be obtained without a receipt, the thieves will find it. A refund control system that stops non-receipted returns works by requesting ID from individuals returning merchandise without receipts. You set the parameters for how many returns you will allow before you shut them down. This is called "velocity." The system should also identify counterfeit receipts and previously used receipts and stop them as well.

Refund control systems can be developed internally or purchased from an outside vendor. Either way, refund control is a must have.

One of the issues that you will face when it comes to the implementation of new company systems is where and when the LP requirements are included in the process. For example, a new POS system needs your involvement to make sure the proper controls are included to prevent losses at the registers and in the cash office. Many times the LP requirements are scheduled to be implemented at a future date. This future date is often called "Phase 2." Be aggressive in having the LP requirements included in "Phase 1." "Phase 2" may be delayed or even cancelled and you will have lost your opportunity to get the LP components you need. Developing an effective partnership with the IT Department will enable you to always be part of "Phase 1."

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Mike Keenan is currently the Vice President of Loss Prevention for GAP North America. His prior experience includes sixteen years with Macy’s West where he started as an LP Manager and worked his way to Vice President of Loss Prevention. He then held similar LP positions with Ross Stores, Longs Drugs and Mervyns. He started his career with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Mike has a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice from California State University, Sacramento. He has served on the NRF LP Advisory Council and was the Chairperson in 2001 and 2002. He is a licensed Private Investigator in the State of California. In addition, he taught Retail and Corporate Loss Prevention classes at Golden Gate University in San Francisco, California.

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Bill Titus, VP LP & Safety, Sears Holdings Corp

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Allied Against ORC - Collaboration, data sharing lead to convictions Organized retail crime has never been as prevalent as it is today. It appears that ORC incidents are also becoming more dangerous. While rates of ORC incidents are on the rise, their growing visibility may ultimately be their undoing. Because ORC can overlap into so many areas of criminal activity and often takes place across multiple jurisdictions, it takes "a long time to investigate ORC and it takes a lot of resources," William says. "So to combine the resources of law enforcement and the private sector to be able to work these cases and share information and expertise is very important." Read the full article at an article by Liz Parks. (Source

Serial shoplifter busted in Lodi, Wisconsin after hitting numerous Madison-area stores Authorities in Columbia County arrested a Lodi man who shoplifted more than $7,000 worth of items from some Madison-area stores, according to a news release. Madison police said Lucas Puterbaugh, 24, was arrested Aug. 3 for shoplifting from retailers like Walmart, Target and Shopko. (Source

click to watch video
Green Bay police are searching for two people who allegedly shoplifted cartloads of electronics from local stores. The surveillance pictures are from a theft that happened at Shopko on E. Mason St. in Green Bay on Friday, August 3. Police say they’ve received numerous tips that have identified the pair and hope to make arrests soon. (Source

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Thought Challenge

Submitted by Tierre Chappel
Regional Director, Asset Protection
Rite Aid Corporation

While we all have a variety of priorities we work on each day, from shrink control, safety compliance, budgets etc. Those are many ways we continue to try to impact shrink and profitability. We as leaders should continue to take a look at the culture within our organization.

One area I review frequently is our own internal customers. I ask myself, do they know their value? Do they feel valued? Is there ownership within the store? Are they engaged? Does everyone drive the one team approach? Do we know how to get there? To have shrink success it's imperative we incorporate engagement as part of our priority. In doing so you will continue to build customer loyalty, increased associate engagement and overall increased profitability.

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More comments on the following article:

Age old study resurfaces; Does paying higher wages decrease employee theft?

Comments by Wayne Ketaily:

I was an investigator for a big box retailer and we experienced a huge loss each year due to internal (employee) theft. These employees feel a sense of entitlement, because (in their mind) the big company won't miss a few items. Most companies don't hire a good employee who then suddenly turns into a thief. They were already a thief prior to their first day at work and have a criminal past prior to being hired. Therefore, companies should perform better background and criminal history checks.

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