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August 01, 2011

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Doug Marker
Vice President
LP, Risk and Audit
Michael Stores, Inc.

Stephen O'Keefe
Loss Prevention and
Risk Management
Wal-Mart Canada

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Kelly Gorman
Vice President LP

LP Program Spotlight
eBay's PROACT Team

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National Retail Federation
2011 ORC Survey

Executive Summary
Full Report

Women in LP Caucus
Mentor Program
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August 7-10, 2011
National Food Service Security Council
32nd Annual Meeting

Hyatt Grand Champion
Indian Wells, CA

Retail Council of Canada's

2011 Loss Prevention Conference

Going Beyond LP - Partnering for Success

September 14, 2011
7:30am - 5:00pm
International Centre
6900 Airport Road
Mississauga, Ontario




Contact the RCC Events Team at 1(888) 373-8245 or visit





1st Annual One-Day
ORC Conference

Friday, August 19, 2011
7:30am - 4:30pm
Cal State San Marcos





5th Annual
Crime Symposium & Trade Show

Wednesday, Sept 21, 2011
8:30am - 5:00pm

Hilton Garden Inn
35 Major Taylor Blvd
Worcester, MA



October 4-6, 2011

CLEAR/Coalition of Law Enforcement and Retail

2nd Annual Training Conference
Peppermill Resort/Casino
Reno, NV


Washington State ORC ALLIANCE


1st Annual
Training Conference

Wed, November 2, 2011

Training Site:
WA State Criminal Justice Training Commission Auditorium

19010 1st Avenue South
Burien, WA


Hayes International just released their 23rd Annual Retail Theft Survey reporting on over 1 million shoplifter and dishonest employee apprehensions in 2010 by just 23 large retail companies. For results & stats please visit:

The Loss Prevention team at Dots
, led by Chris Duke, Dir. of LP, delivered the best inventory results in the companies history.  Congratulations to their entire team!
Congress is getting into the online sales tax issue with Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., is expected to introduce legislation that would require Internet-only retailers to add sales tax to customers bills and Rep. John Conyers, D-Detroit, is expected to introduce the same legislation in the House.  A direct hit on Amazon if it goes thru.  However this opens the door on other online retailers and this will be a heated development.  (Source

The ORC ring leader
. an actual Wal-Mart cashier who allowed 16 people to pass merchandise thru the register line without ringing the merchandise up was sentenced to nine months to 2 years in Lebanon County, Pa., jail for retail theft, theft by deception and Pa's new law – belonging to a corrupt organization.  (Source

Interestingly enough a customer this weekend actually received a call at their home from Apple directly saying the laptop they just purchased a month ago has a Trojan on it and they spent 3 hours on the phone installing a security program which the customer had to purchase.  This is the first time this writer has ever heard of such an action from Apple.  Now the computer runs Windows 7 so there is an increased exposure.  However Apple is now basically claiming that the Trojan malware was on it when it was purchased which connects the story a few weeks ago that claimed malware was now being found on new computers straight out of the manufacturers.

Here's a new ORC twist.  Nashville police are reporting that a group of men dressing as women are hitting Nashville stores and are in fact a professional shoplifting ring.  ORC redifined!  (Source

$900,000 worth of merchandise seized
from a shop owner operating three stores or kiosks in Westfield Downtown Plaza in Sacramento, Calif.  He face 10 years in prison and a $5 million fine.  (Source

Last week an "entrepreneur" in Zhongshan, China, faced trail for running an Abercrombie & Fitch store loaded with fake-counterfeit merchandise while the U.S. company has yet to open a store there.  (Source

Karim Hijazi, CEO of botnet monitoring company Unveillance says, "It is the Russian Mafia running" the large, organized syndicates that have been launching sophisticated attacks against individuals and major corporations for decades resulting in billions of dollars a year and a large ongoing presence in many of our most sensitive systems.  Organized cybercrime is a truly international business with the most advanced attacks coming out of Russia.  After the Iron Curtain lifted in the 1990s, a number of ex-KGB cyberspies realized they could use their expert skills and training to make money off of the hacked information they had previously been retrieving for government espionage purposes.  Former spies grouped together to form the
Russian Business Network, a criminal enterprise that is capable of some truly scary attacks. It's just one of many organized cybercriminal organizations, but it's one of the oldest and the largest.  (Source

Cuba is spreading their private retail service sector
beyond beauty parlors and barbers to include everything from coffee shops to locksmiths.  Basically the service side of retail.  With theft and corruption running rampant and needing to fuel growth Cuba is leaning more towards free-enterprise but still only one step at a time.  (Source

With 7 million square feet of Borders' space hitting the market some of the locations are hot commodities and may be have deals for replacements as early as September.  (Source

Serial burglar with 54 arrests
was arrested for shoplifting in a Kohl's store in Fairfield, Conn., and police believe she had hitting Marshall's and Kohl's before as well.  (Source

The Brazilian Labor Ministry charged 251 employers with keeping workers in slave-like conditions which includes exhausting hours or is forbidding workers to leave because of a debt with the employer.  Is your company manufacturing any goods there?  If so it could represent some very bad press for the company and cause loss to the company not to even mention the corporate responsibility position.  (Source Associated Press)

With Congress passing the new budget bill and agreeing to spending cuts and a new debt-ceiling we may have avoided a disaster.  But the momentum began last week towards concern about the nations debt and with the stock market headed down, the consumer worried, and reports that manufacturing has slowed are we headed towards a consumer slowdown?  July sales results will come in this week.  But the real tell-tale sign will be August results.

Some job cuts are being announced across a broad range of businesses with HSBC announcing today that they'll cut 30,000 globally and sell half of its retail bank branches in the U.S.  A few other job cut announcements appeared last week and we didn't report them because they weren't in the retail sector however we're all tied together.  It is starting to look a little like early and mid 2008 right before the stock crash in October 2008 that sent everything spiraling down including the consumer.  (Source Associated Press)

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eBay Investigators Support Burglary & Money Laundering Inquiry Leads to Conviction

eBay & PayPal Global Asset Protection investigations supported investigation conducted by UK law enforcement into the a burglary and money laundering activity related to the sale of stolen bird skins. The student who stole 299 rare bird skins from the Natural History Museum to fund his studies has been ordered to pay back £125,000 (Greater than about $200K). Edwin Rist, 22, from the USA, was given a suspended jail sentence after admitting to the burglary at the museum in June 2009. He also admitted money laundering and was told to pay back £125,150 police said. A spokeswoman said the amount is estimated to be what he made by selling the bird skins, stolen from a private collections area in the museum on internet sites. Detective Sergeant Joe Quinlivan, from Economic Crime Unit, said today: "This is a very positive result for us and sends a strong message that making money through crime never pays. "My team and I were determined that Rist should not benefit financially from his crime, which robbed this country of part of its heritage, and today's result is testament to the hard work of the Economic Crime Unit." Click here for full article.

For further information on PROACT email inquiries to:

eBay Direct - Click Here  -  (notify - info - questions)



Organized Retail Crime A Threat To Business

DETROIT (WWJ) – They shop with a list and get in and out of a store quickly. But we’re not talking about your Grandma at the grocery store. We’re talking about crooks.

Shoplifting has always been a problem. But now there's something new: organized retail crime. Gangs and individuals target retailers, scooping up thousands of dollars of merchandise in just a few minutes.

They travel in a group – there's a driver, look out person and two or three people who hit up the stores, dumping merchandise into strollers or specially made bags. Then, they just walk out of the store, shove their bounty in a waiting van and drive off to another shopping area.

Most startling is the National Retail Federation reports 95 percent of retailers have had this happen to them.

The final scene in this crime drama? The bad guys turn around and sell or trade the stolen goods. It often ends up on a small retailer's shelf, who buys the items not knowing their history. Consumers can also end up buying the illegally obtained goods on websites. (Source:

South Los Angeles Gangs hit 8 retailers
                         Along Broadway since June

Smash and Grab Video released

Police on Thursday released surveillance video of downtown's latest smash-and-grab robbery.

In the video, three men are seen running into the 21st Century Jewelry store, located at 749 S. Broadway. One of the robbers pepper sprayed the store's employee, while the other two men smash glass jewelry display cases. As the clerk huddles behind the counter, the men grab whatever they can carry and flee the store.

"We think that the word has gotten around that this is somehow easy money, but I'm here to tell everyone, we've put 13 people in jail over the last couple weeks and we'll keep doing that until they realize the pickings aren't so easy," said Lt. Paul Vernon of the LAPD.  We've been seeing these smash-and-grabs occurring for several weeks," said Vernon. "As you can see in the video, the use of pepper spray has become a common tactic."

Anyone with information about the case can contact detectives at 213-972-1251. During non-business hours or weekends, calls may be directed to 1-877-LAPD-24-7. Tipsters can remain anonymous via Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).  (Source

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Sr. Manager of AP Safety Winn-Dixie Jacksonville, FL Winn-Dixie
Director of Safety Confidential Chicago, IL Downing & Downing
Director of Loss Prevention Confidential Boston, MA Downing & Downing
Director of Loss Prevention Confidential Dallas, TX Downing & Downing
Corp LPM of Analytics & Exception Reporting Confidential Florida Downing & Downing
Director of Asset Protection Confidential NYC, NY Downing & Downing
District Loss Prevention Mgr Sears Holdings Corp. Honolulu, HI Sears Holdings Corp.
Director of Loss Prevention Confidential Midwest Downing & Downing
National Account Sales Mgr Confidential Chicago, IL Downing & Downing
Asset Protection Manager The Home Depot Phoenix, AZ The Home Depot
Asset Protection Manager The Home Depot Metro Northern NJ The Home Depot
Asset Protection Manager The Home Depot Sacramento, CA The Home Depot
Asset Protection Manager The Home Depot Salem, OR The Home Depot
Corporate Inv. & Training Mgr Confidential Ohio Downing & Downing
Director of Loss Prevention Confidential California Downing & Downing
Regional LP Director Confidential Los Angeles, CA Downing & Downing

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District LP Mgr TJ Maxx Westborough, MA TJX Companies
Loss Prevention Mgr Sears Holdings Corporation Modesto, CA Sears Holdings Corp.
Loss Prevention Mgr Macy's Cincinnati, OH Macy's
District LP Mgr Sears / Kmart San Juan, PR Sears Holdings Corp.
Director, EH & S Oldcastle Sheffield, OH Beyond
EX SAF & SEC ASST AAFES California, Beale AFB SJobs
EX SAF & SEC ASST AAFES Delaware, Dover AFB SJobs
EHS Supervisor RSA Corp. Saskatchewan,Canada RSA Corp.
Loss Prevention Mgr Hudson's  Bay Co. Edmonton, Canada Hudson's Bay Corp.

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While most shy away from troubled companies and broken departments, some see it as an opportunity to excel and to truly build a new program.  Such is the case with RSA's new Chief Security Officer, Eddie Schwartz, who took the job to be their first CSO after RSA had a major security breach earlier this year.  RSA is the software security firm that many retailers use for secure online payment transactions.

In the face of adversity, some have the courage to take the challenge and rise above it while others view it as too risky.  Fixing large scale problems and becoming known as a "turnaround executive" is daring and smart.  Although at times in a turnaround, speed is of the essence and that factor can have a negative impact on the people side.

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